The Sparkling World of Jewelry


Whenever I go on Pinterest, I like to look at some of the dazzling jewelry featured. Of course, I always know I will never wear any of it since the pieces aren’t in my price range. But sometimes it helps to look at pretty things. Sure they may look like fanciful items of metal and rock as well as other materials. But these decorative ornaments are perhaps among the oldest remnants of human civilization. In fact, it’s one of the oldest types of archaeological artifacts with oldest known jewelry consisting of beads from a¬† Nassarius shells dating 100,000 years ago. So we’re talking about the Middle Paleolithic era. Jewelry forms may vary between cultures but are extremely long lived, possibly persisting since ancient times. Whenever I wear jewelry, it mostly consists of a pair of earrings, bracelets, pins, and necklaces. Yet, in some cultures, forms may persist like anklets or nose rings. Hell, you can pretty much find jewelry made to adorn nearly every body part from toe rings to hair pins, and even genital jewelry. So if you want to achieve a crazy punk rock look, be my guest. However, I wouldn’t recommend you to get tongue or nipple piercings though. And though adult women have mostly worn jewelry in most cultures, men and children aren’t far behind, especially if they’re rich. Nevertheless, for much of history, jewelry has most often been seen as a status symbol for its material properties, its patterns, or meaningful symbols. Most of the time, the wearers would be rulers, royalty, religious figures, soldiers, and nobility. And it mainly denoted the wearer’s role in society, social rank, or distinction. In any case, while most people perceive jewelry as consisting of precious stones and metals, this isn’t always the case. Now I can go all out in showing some of the prettiest jewels I find on Pinterest. But you’d probably think I was advertising for a large jewelry company and would be bored to tears. So instead I’ll devote my post to jewelry pieces you may not see before, may never wear, or may think they’re kind of crazy and impractical. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a treasure trove of odd jewelry pieces.

  1. A stiff collar necklace should always make a statement.

Not sure if I’d want to have something like that around me all the time. Seems like it could weigh you down.

2. This golden ring will always give you the time of day.

Well, they have watches you wear on your wrist. Still, probably has a very small watch battery.

3. A hairy bracelet is always chic.

Now this bracelet is a piece of mourning jewelry from the 19th century. It was most likely worn at someone’s funeral.

4. A golden shrine should have 2 gem encrusted birds.

This is a ring undoubtedly from India. Lovely, but not exactly my cup of tea.

5. You can always light it up with this ring.

Yes, it’s a lighter ring. No, I’m not sure if it actually works. And no, I don’t want to try.

6. How about some pearls in the chain mail?

Interesting configuration, but I’ll just take the pearls. Chain mail is kind of bulky stuff.

7. It’s not spring without a dandelion ring.

As to why anyone would want one, I don’t have the slightest idea. I mean most people consider dandelions as weeds.

8. A neurosurgeon should always have a pair of brainy cuff links.

Okay, these are pretty gross. Maybe they should be saved for special occasions like Halloween.

9. A crystal necklace should always take its natural form.

Well, let’s just call these diamonds in the rough. Though they aren’t actually diamonds. They’re most likely quartz. But the geologist in your life won’t mind.

10. You really have to put the screws to this ring.

Now that doesn’t look really comfortable. Perhaps it’s of the geometric variety.

11. Fish beads should always come in sections.

When you put the fish pieces together, you make a fancy bracelet. Though you might creep some people out.

12. A ring like this has a stone held within golden hands.

Okay, that’s kind of creepy. Also comes in several variations as I’ve seen on Pinterest.

13. Think of it as a tree on your knuckle.

Well, a tree coming from a rock on a ring. Pretty positive it’s not real. But looks cool.

14. This ring can use some grease, and not the elbow kind.

Yes, it’s an engine ring. Great for showing your mechanic your appreciation all those years.

15. A long lock of hair makes an ideal pendant.

Uh, that’s pretty sick if you really think about it. Seriously, hair necklace pendants? No thanks.

16. Check out this golden neighborhood swimming pool.

Yes, it’s all on a golden ring. Not sure if I’d want to wear it. But I think the design is very creative.

17. A necktie pin can be made of all kinds of things.

I guess these would be more appropriate for science teachers. Considering what they’re made from.

18. A pair of porcelain earrings will certainly inspire sweet relief.

Yes, these are toilet earrings with the seat up. And they’re made from gold. Great for the No. 1 and No. 2 in your life.

19. Disembodied arms can be chic when you wear them as earrings.

Sure you might have lovely jewelry pieces out there. Then you have stuff like this, which is incredibly creepy. Just so you know.

20. This eyeball ring is really out of sight.

I guarantee you’ll see some eye jewelry on this post. This ring also has some silver bony fingers, too. Perfect for Halloween.

21. A galaxy pendant necklace is really out of this world.

Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the wonders of the universe. That is, according to Neil Degrasse Tyson.

22. A Steampunk pendant necklace can always dazzle.

There’s a lot of Steampunk jewelry out there by the way. Much of it uses antique designs as well as gears like this one.

23. If you like animals, then this mouse in a tube necklace is right for you.

On second thought, this doesn’t seem very wearable at all. Besides, it’s creepy for I think that’s a real taxidermied mouse. Eek.

24. If you like the sea, this coral necklace is for you.

By the way, climate change is a major driver in coral bleaching which kills reefs. Another reason to be mad at Trump’s climate change order.

25. With this pendant necklace, behold the beauty of a blue moon.

A blue moon is when there’s a full moon twice a month. The moon isn’t necessarily blue though this one glows as such.

26. A flower branch necklace is best made with beads.

Not really something I could wear. But it’s surely a lovely work of art. Love the flowers and butterfly.

27. Show the urgency of global warming with these polar bear on ice earrings.

This is especially after what Lord Cheetohead did to Obama’s climate policy. Seriously, environmental protections should be a bipartisan issue and climate change is real.

28. With this necklace, it’s either rock, paper, scissors in gold.

Well, that’s how I take it from the hand signs. Yet, one of the great mysteries is why paper beats rock. Because I never understood that.

29. Thought I almost saw a face on this ring.

Okay, that’s pretty creepy. Might be an old piece though I doubt it. Great for Halloween.

30. This lip ring really gives a golden bite.

Comes with golden vampire fangs, too. And comes across as tacky jewelry for Twilight fans.

31. With enough beads, you can make a landscape.

Yes, this is a bead necklace of forest stream. I know it’s very well done. Love it.

32. Check out these necklaces for the homicidal maniac in your life.

Because you’d have to be a psychokiller to think these make great gifts. Seriously, why?

33. Did she just have her throat slit?

Don’t worry, her neck is fine. That’s how the necklace is designed. She’s just trying it on for her Halloween costume.

34. This cat eye necklace really has some crazy colors.

I saw a few of these on Pinterest. This one seems like it’s from a cat on acid.

35. With this ring, you can tell time the old fashioned way.

However, you’d only be able to use this during daylight hours. Since it’s a sundial ring.

36. Anyone slimy would adore a slug ring.

As to why slug rings exist, I don’t have the slightest idea. Because slugs aren’t nice-looking creatures.

37. A goth beach bum should always have a pair of mermaid skeleton earrings.

Also, great for remembering those lost in the Exxon-Valdez and BP oil spills. Or any oil spill that claimed mermaid lives.

38. This hive ring makes any woman a real queen bee.

By the way, the bees aren’t doing well either. And they serve an essential purpose such as pollinating crops that produce the food we eat.

39. How about some ketchup for your fries and rings?

Not a practical design, but quite a clever one. Like the ketchup bottle squirting on top.

40. You’ll always know what moon you’ll see with this ring.

As you can see how this ring depicts the moon phases. Great for werewolves so they’d know their time of the month.

41. You can always wear a bejeweled falcon on your finger.

I think this might come from India. But I’m not sure. But it’s definitely worth more than the Maltese falcon.

42. Care for a pair of chocolate cake earrings?

Of course, you can’t eat them. But you have to admire the detail and sprinkles.

43. This old brooch contains a place to put a lock on dead loved one’s hair.

Another piece of mourning jewelry. Yes, they did this and it’s disturbing just the same.

44. A Steampunk key pendant should always have a flowery touch.

Another piece of Steampunk jewelry. Love the key design and rose. Very artistic.

45. Sometimes you can just put about anything on a necklace.

This one seems to be made from scraps all wielded together with a glue gun. Not necessarily in my taste.

46. This brooch has a real silver cat’s eye.

Yes, Steampunk jewelry has its own unique style. Like rhinestone chains on this though.

47. Looks like someone had an accident with a small cleaver.

Actually, that’s ring for 2 fingers. It’s supposed to look that way. Why it exists, I have no idea.

48. An antler is always great for holding up your hair.

Not sure if it’s a real antler or not. Either way, wouldn’t want it in my hair ever.

49. This jeweled bird always minds its golden nest.

Another lovely bird ring. But doesn’t seem wearable for some reason. Also might scratch something.

50. You can always stun with a pair of goldfish bowl earrings.

You’d think they’d make earrings for almost everything. By the way, goldfish don’t really like living in bowls.

51. An octopus handpiece should always have a pearl on top.

Yes, you’ll find hand jewelry pieces like this. And yes, some can be quite strange.

52. This oyster ring has a pearl in its shell for you to see.

This one has its own unique nautical charm. But I’d be careful to wear it though.

53. Any bird lover would adore these birdhead earrings.

Okay, maybe those with an interest in taxidermy also. Because these are utterly creepy beyond all imagination.

54. With pizza slice earrings, the eyes have it.

Yes, this is an interesting concept design. No, I’m sure it’s not from the world of Bizarro. Okay, it might be.

55. A blue whale pendant necklace is a dazzling sight.

And a lovely piece of artwork it surely is. Like how the blue whale looks so dazzling.

56. You can have a neighborhood street on a necklace.

Though one with a lot of traffic no doubt. Still, an interesting concept.

57. This coffin necklace contains one lovestruck skeleton.

It even has heart eyes and a heart pelvis. The coffin is also magnetic. Yes, it’s morbid. But fun.

58. With these earrings, many might see you as an ass wipe.

The toilet paper on these is made of beads so you can’t wipe with them. But they’re great for any bathroom party.

59. Always cut on the dotted line.

On second thought, don’t. Because this is a necklace designed that way. But you get where it came from.

60. A butterfly hairpiece always make everything flutter in spring.

Though I’d hate to have something like that caught in my hair. Yet, it’s surely stunning.

61. This necklace is all eyes all the time.

Kind of seems like something you’d find on A Series of Unfortunate Events. Though I don’t want to give away anything.

62. This pin of Little Red Riding Hood is almost pure fairy tale.

This is utterly disgusting. Yes, it has Little Red climbing out of the wolf. In the original version, she’s not so lucky.

63. Put your finger through a golden ring of shark jaws.

Guess they might actually have galas during Shark Week. Though this is quite an original design.

64. On a camel ring, the stone goes on the hump.

But it’s covered in jewels just the same. Nevertheless, not sure if it’s old or not.

65. You’ll only find one beat on this ring.

Well, a heartbeat ring. Didn’t imagine that. At least it’s not flat lining so you’re alive.

66. Now that is a very fancy propeller.

It’s a golden propeller ring. Wonder if it spins around. Might want to try.

67. Here’s a necklace you don’t see everywhere anymore.

Unfortunately, phone booth necklaces were replaced by the newer cell phone necklaces. This is among the only few left.

68. Hope you receive this special ring.

Yes, it’s the one you get on the phone. And your finger. Yet, I understand this model is obsolete.

69. With this hand necklace, you can fit all kinds of rings.

On one hand, it’s an interesting design concept. On the other hand, it’s morbid for the disembodied hand part.

70. This ring will always tell you what day it is.

Well, this ring is somewhat useful. As long as each month as 31 days which isn’t true. But it won’t tell you the year.

71. Want a little birdie in your hair.

Of course, it’s a caged canary. But it’s otherwise a charmer or a great conversation piece.

72. In a thimble necklace, always put in some pins.

Since pins make a necklace like this look sew right. Might want to use a little cushion though.

73. The concept of this necklace is rather elemental.

Not sure what that molecular structure is supposed to be. But it has guaranteed chemistry.

74. Always have to get an octopus among a string of pearls.

Because a plain pearl necklace doesn’t capture the nautical spirit. Lovely in its own way though.

75. A butterfly ring, should have all kinds of jewels.

And I certainly love the gems encrusted on this one. Very colorful and very appropriate for springtime.

76. A shell necklace should always have some net.

This one has the shells in the net. Could probably weigh someone down. Not what I want to wear.

77. For bearded men, it helps to bring along a mustache comb.

Luckily there’s such a pendant right here. Hope you can find a lot of use from it.

78. You’d almost think this face was somehow detached.

Guess this some avant garde modern art necklace I don’t understand. And it kind of creeps me out.

79. A lock brooch looks great on anyone’s neck.

And I don’t think this guy is available at the moment. Because his brooch has the lock in place.

80. You can have a real claw into this pendant necklace.

It has a crab claw pendant or so I think. Great for anyone into Stempunk nautical.

81. Open this ring with the right combination.

Though it would just reveal some golden coin. But sometimes the numbers and turns are hard to remember.

82. This gem encrusted owl watch will always give you the time.

It has one eye for time. And another for day. In any case, it’s a sure hoot.

83. This necklace has a lot of lips to it.

According to Pinterest, this was said to be designed by Salvador Dali. And it surely does look surreal to boot.

84. This necklace features a golden switch blade.

There’s also a set of swtichblade earrings to go with it. Though I don’t think it’s as lethal as its real life counterpart.

85. You’re always zipped with this bracelet.

Yet, ti won’t open or close anything since it’s just a bracelet. Cool though.

86. With this ring, time almost stands still.

This one apparently depicts a water drop about to make a splash. Kind of odd but it’s not like you’re used to seeing a moment like this for more than a split second.

87. Any queen of the dead has to have a pair of these skull earrings.

Sure they’re quite morbid with the skull stuff. But they have their own unique charm to them.

88. You’ll find a real tidal wave with this pendant.

Though it sure would remind you of the ocean or the beach. Yet, not something I’d wear.

89. This little ax seems stuck in a stump.

Actually it’s a ring depicting such scene. Great gift for the lumberjack in your life.

90. This mourning brooch features its own unique basket weave.

Yes, mourning jewelry can get quite weird at times. But I guess it helped the Victorians cope with their losses back in the day.

91. This necklace brings the sea to life in encrusted jewels.

Though many might actually prefer a necklace with real shells and starfish. Though I can’t complain about this one.

92. You’ll always find something slithering on a pendant like this.

Reminds me of the kind of jewelry you might find on Game of Thrones. Yet, the snakes seem quite menacing.

93. How about some tea for once?

This necklace has tea pouring into a cup. Odd, but utterly delightful.

94. Bet you thought this pendant was full of candy.

Well, it’s of a gumball machine. But the gumballs aren’t for eating.

95. You can find many of the ocean’s wonders in a seashell.

This snail shell has pearls and jewels inside a wire frame. Very lovely and very creative.

96. Hope you enjoy a little bird in pearls.

This one seems to consist of silver and gold on a ring. Has a lot of poise and perfection. Love it.

97. Any Steampunk fan would think the living daylights out of this bracelet.

A perfect cuff for a lady adventurer. Has all the pearls and gears you’ll need.

98. Two trees can always stand as one.

But this pendant doesn’t seem to depict healthy trees. Rather both seemed to have some branches cut off from them.

99. A Steampunk brooch must include a wing once in a while.

I don’t know about you. But it’s possible that wing could be real. Goes with the bird head earrings.

100. I say you could find a necklace like this rather bubbly.

Yes, it’s a bubble necklace. And I think the bubbles are made from glass which could easily break.


The Floral World of Flower Arrangements


As we all know, spring is always a time of flowers. Even though the flowers may not be out at this point since it’s late March. Nevertheless, as you see from my Easter posts, flowers always signal spring since it’s a time when everything becomes green again. Yet, while flowers are symbols of spring, they’re used for all kinds of occasions. A man may give flowers to his sweetheart on a date to express his love. A person may give flowers to any other woman in their lives or an actor for a great performance. You might see flowers in a bridal bouquet and at a wedding. Or you might find flowers at a funeral. Sometimes you might see flowers as mere decoration which don’t have anything to do with a celebration at all. Think of garden flowers in a vase on a table. Yet, no matter what the occasion may be, you’re bound to see flowers arranged in a variety of different ways and bouquets. Some may just be a vase of flowers while some could be in the realm of art. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a treasure trove of floral arrangements to bring in the spring.

  1. For gifts, may I suggest a puppy in a basket?

There’s a company that does flower puppies according to Pinterest. But I have to admit, it’s better than giving the real thing.

2. When you open a book, you’ll find beautiful things inside.

Love how the roses pour out and spill. Though I guess this book isn’t for reading.

3. These yellow and orange flowers will have you over the moon.

Well, it’s supposed to be shaped like a crescent moon. But you can see how it has 2 types of flowers.

4. You’d almost swear these flowers came from another world.

I think this is part of an art museum exhibit. Yes, they do these with flowers. But I think most of these are artificial blooms.

5. Since people love flowers and teddy bears, how about a flowery teddy bear?

Sure you may not be able to cuddle it. But it will nevertheless melt your heart.

6. I think I see a lion among these carnations.

Well, that’s an interesting floral display. Like the little lion face. So adorable.

7. Who knows how many flowers you can fit in a box.

I’ve seen a lot of these on Pinterest. Not sure if the flowers are real or not. But it’s nevertheless beautiful.

8. A heart of flowers is always for the one worth remembering.

This heart flower arrangement is mainly for funerals. But you have to admire the roses.

9. Flowers always go well with a grassy hairdo.

Though I wouldn’t want to show up in that. By the way, it’s more for decoration anyway.

10. Nothing could welcome spring like a flowery dress.

Of course, this is a dress you don’t wear. Kind like the ones I showed in my Christmas craft posts.

11. A purple flower bouquet can do with some peacock feathers.

This is a bridal bouquet as you notice. But the peacock feathers give a nice feathery touch.

12. Sometimes all you need is a simple spring bouquet.

Still, someone better put these in water before they start dying off. Since flowers don’t last long this way.

13. These flowers represent truth, justice, and the American way.

However, they’re very terrible to give to anyone whose town has been destroyed by superheroes. Just watch Man of Steel.

14. As we all know, spring is a time for flowers and butterflies.

And here we come to a butterfly made from flowers. What can be better than that?

15. Don’t know about you, but this dress is especially succulent.

Well, it’s made from succulent plants, anyway. Not really flowery. But not bad.

16. A flowery dog always sits pretty.

Here is another dog of flowers. This one is bigger and sits down though.

17. White flowers make for a rather resplendent dress.

Guess this is for a wedding from what I can tell. Why a floral decoration like this, I have no idea.

18. Now that’s what I call a floral chair cushion.

But it’s best not to sit on it. Since flowers are delicate and can be easily smushed.

19. Pink and red roses make 2 halves of a heart.

What a unique bouquet to send to your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, that was last month. Still, it’s lovely.

20. A spring flower wreath can give you all the colors of the rainbow.

Nice that it’s among lit candles. Really like the effect. Love how the colors run into each other.

21. There’s nothing stunning like a flower chandelier with lit candles.

Remember just because it might look great on Pinterest, doesn’t mean you should try it. And it certainly applies with this because lit candles are a fire hazard.

22. A heart of roses always shows love even in the spring.

Yes, you might see some wreaths which frequently use flowers. But this one is absolutely beautiful.

23. A flowery dress is a perfect springtime look for the season.

Actually flowery dresses are worn by fashion models and aren’t practical at all. But they’re certainly pretty.

24. A moss picture can use a few roses.

This one has 3 red roses that stand out from the foliage. Though I wish you can see more flowers though.

25. An old birdhouse without a roof is just as good for a flower box.

Well, that’s a clever way of storing flowers. And I do love how it emanates the springtime atmosphere, too.

26. Purple mountain majesties should always be put with amber waves of grain.

Of course, by “purple mountain majesties” I mean these beauties. So pretty.

27. It’s not every day you see a woman in a flowery white dress.

Another concept flower dress you probably can’t wear. But it’s nice to look at anyway.

28. A floral heart should have plenty of color.

Though it’s mostly in the pink. However, it’s a lovely springtime sight to me.

29. Sometimes flowers can imitate a masterpiece.

As you can see this flower sculpture is meant to imitate this painting. Though I’m not sure if it does a good job.

30. Flowers will bloom on any showy fan.

Helps if the fan is so large it calls for both hands. Still, such a beautiful display.

31. I see a floral storm coming in our midst.

Caption: “Annika Horgan won Gold with her entry in the floral art section at Ellerslie International Flower Show, the only gold medal winner.” Yes, they have flower shows like this. And yes, this is sensational.

32. How about sending some lilies of the valley from this envelope?

On the other hand, if you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, you might see this a lot differently. Because they’re poisonous.

33. White flowers always make for fine columns.

Though if the Ancient Greeks and Romans had these, you wouldn’t know it. Because they didn’t have plastic and organic matter disintegrates quickly.

34. You can’t find anything more chic than a mossy handbag.

However, the only thing that should go in here is water. If it’s even made by plants at all. Though I love the purple ribbon.

35. Always try to enhance a flowery look during the spring.

Actually, this is a fashion photo so I don’t encourage this. But you have to like her skirt.

36. Hope you want your purse to be carnation white.

I guess this might be either for a wedding or a funeral. Not sure which. But it’s very chic.

37. A bouquet should contain a wide range of colors.

This one contains all your spring favorites and then some. And in a unique bouquet design.

38. This floral parasol will give you a lot of cover.

Though it might not do much to keep you dry in the rain. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly beautiful.

39. A floral elephant is always talked about in the room.

I think this might be from India for a wedding. Or maybe it’s for a flower show. Not sure which.

40. You can always wonder at seeing flowers from the ceiling.

Well, it’s an interesting hanging of peonies. But at least it doesn’t include candles.

41. An urn can make a viable vase from time to time.

I suppose the bouquet is far more festive than its container. Love the flowers on these.

42. Take a look at this floral creature from under the sea.

A floral fish? Now that’s interesting. Not sure about the colors though.

43. A flower skirt should have a dazzling array of variety and color.

Yet, the white flower top isn’t so much to look at. Still, the purple flowers are the best.

44. This floral butterfly is a vibrant sight to see.

You can see how its wings have bright flowers with lilies on the ends. Love it.

45. A leafy heart can have a few white flowers to spare.

This looks simple but nonetheless elegant. So pretty, yet so naturalistic.

46. I suppose this bouquet is ready to rock.

Can guess that this is for a funeral. And it’s not hooked up to anything. So you can’t really play it.

47. Floral archways should come dripping with jewels.

By the way, this is a wedding archway. Yet, it’s a very showy display. Love how it’s purple.

48. This floral cross is one of holy remembrance.

You’d probably see something like this at funerals. But I had to put this on for the roses.

49. A showy pink dress is always perfect for spring.

Though you wouldn’t be able to wear it. Yet, you can admire the flowery skirt and top.

50. Allow this wise little owl to congratulate you on your graduation.

Yes, they have graduation flowers, too. But this cute little owl is a real hoot.

51. The gate of heaven is paved with flowers divine.

Well, at least it’s more unique than a cross display. Love the roses.

52. I guess this flower ship is smooth sailing.

Hey, at least it’s better to have than a real wooden ship. And it’s just as majestic.

53. With this Easter basket, you can welcome the sights of spring.

Not sure if the flowers are real on this one. But you have to admire the spring flowers. So lovely.

54. A floral swan is a creature of graceful beauty.

Yes, this is absolutely stunning. But remember, piss off a swan, you’ll live to regret it.

55. Roses and cantililies always show how love is stronger than death.

Helps that it’s all arranged in a heart. Though it’s likely to be on someone’s grave or in a funeral home.

56. In the springtime, you can have all kinds of flowers raining upon you.

This is part of a museum display since it wouldn’t be possible outdoors. But I think any florist would go crazy over it.

57. Want lovelier spring flowers? Put some in a bucket of water.

Though this one includes a candle. And many seem straight from the garden or on the roadsides.

58. You can fit an entire bouquet in one large mug.

As long as the mug is specially made as far as I know. Yet, it’s perfect for the spring time.

59. Bet you don’t see a flower display like this every day.

Well, it’s made like a spring time tree. Though it’s interesting to look at, whether it’s beautiful may be a matter of taste.

60. A flower box contains its own earthly paradise.

Well, it’s more of a crate. But it surely gives you a rustic impression, especially with the flowers.

61. This flower sculpture is as pretty as a picture.

As you can see, it’s a museum display made to embody the painting behind it. Nevertheless, it’s lovely and perfect.

62. Some bouquets tend to have a rather modernist edge.

You might find some of these on Pinterest. Really don’t know what to make of them.

63. It takes a lot of colors in order to paint a pretty picture.

But in this case, it took a garden of flowers to make this painting. Love it.

64. Black flowers certainly make a stunning black purse.

Though there aren’t a lot of black flowers in nature though. Nevertheless, you can’t resist its beauty.

65. Would you want 2 scoops or 2 light pink peonies?

You probably can’t eat these. But you can admire them from a distance if you want to.

66. A golden urn is a great vase for a vibrant display.

Great for table centerpieces or decoration. Love the vibrant flowers on this. Beautiful.

67. You can’t wear a golden crown without roses.

Sure this is a model wearing flowers. But it’s supremely stunning to behold.

68. Seems like she’s taking the flowers in her hair thing a bit overboard.

Yes, flower headdresses aren’t practical but lovely just the same. Though I’m sure these flowers aren’t real at all.

69. Flowers should always stand out from any work of art.

And yet another flower display with a painting. Not sure how it configures. But the flower look is better.

70. A floral star always shines bright among petals.

This one has white in the background along with some multicolor flowers in the center. All in all, it’s simply stunning.

71. You’d almost think it was anything different from a landscape.

That’s because it’s supposed to be a take off from a landscape painting. But it requires a stem for the flowers at the higher plane.

72. Purple carnations usually go on the vase’s edge.

Yes, it’s another concept art bouquet. But this one is somewhat prettier than the last. But not by much.

73. Purple orchids, a flowery headdress they do make.

Well, at least they used a mannequin head. And I do find the purple orchids particularly magnificent to behold in my eyes.

74. Nothing makes a canopy like a curtain of purple flowers.

I guess this is for a wedding though I think it’s incredibly beautiful. Of course, purple is my favorite color as you can see.

75. There is nothing as magnificent in the spring like a vibrant floral rug.

This is from the flower festival in Antwerp, Belgium. But I’m sure it took more flowers than you’d find on a float at the Rose Bowl parade.

76. For a better bouquet, add a few feathers.

However, the feathers might get in some people’s way. Though you can’t deny the effects.

77. How about a few roses in your umbrella?

Love how they match the purple cover. Though I wouldn’t take it out in the rain.

78. Vibrant flowers can always make vibrant bouquets.

This is the Japanese ikebana style of flower arranging. You don’t hear about it a lot. But it’s rather well known outside Japan.

79. Sometimes you’ll come to a flower sculpture of the geometric variety.

Guess this is a take off of an ultra-modern painting. Though it has fine definition.

80. Bet you never had flowers in a frame like this.

I know you might not understand this form of floral art. But neither do I. Yet, somehow this museum likes it.

81. A flower display like this reminds you of a fresh spring garden.

Wonder what they used to achieve an effect like this. Nevertheless, the mechanics aren’t always as glamorous as the result.

82. Nothing shows love like a heart made from roses.

Sure the roses may not be real. But you have to love how it makes it look like a flowery chocolate box.

83. Nobody could ever resist this little floral panda bear.

After all, everyone loves Panda Bears and flowers. So why not combine the two? So cute.

84. A dress like this will make one look like a real wildflower.

Once again, you probably wouldn’t want to wear a flower dress. But it’s nevertheless lovely to look at.

85. This floral butterfly can always make your day.

Butterflies are always pretty, especially in the floral variety. Love the wings.

86. How about some flowers in your tea?

Actually they’re in a teapot and teacups. So you can’t get much tea from these.

87. Now I think this flower woman is a real grande dame.

If it weren’t for the green body, she’d almost be an exact likeness to the painting behind her. Like the stick hair.

88. As we all know, the flowers should go beneath the candles.

Well, at least they’re not beside the candles. But such display is great for a romantic dinner in the spring.

89. An artist’s pallet should always contain a lot of colors.

Each paint slot has flowers from a different color ranging from red to white. Black, pink, and brown not included.

90. The roses should always be in front of the golden fan.

Though there aren’t a lot of them on here. But that’s okay. Sometimes less is more.

91. How about you come sit right down on this floral chair?

On second thought, that’s probably not a good idea. But it’s still a nice piece of furniture.

92. A dove in flowers is a sign of peace.

After all, white doves are peaceful birds that shit everywhere. Too bad it doesn’t have an olive branch. Oh, wait, it does.

93. You’d almost think this bouquet has leafy wings.

This is another Ikebana piece. Though it consists of less flowers and more bamboo leaves.

94. There is no more beautiful sight than a floral peacock.

You might see these a lot at Indian weddings. After all, peacocks are from there. At least the Indian peacock we’re familiar with.

95. A showy bouquet makes a grand impression.

This is said to be for a more autumn wedding as you can tell by the colors. Yet, as we know, in autumn the flowers usually die.

96. When you see floral concept art, it doesn’t get stranger than this.

Helps that this one consists of pink flowers, too. Though it looks kind of strange.

97. Leaves and white flowers make a rather snazzy handbag.

Though don’t expect to put anything in this. Because it’s for display purposes only.

98. A long flower dress should have a festive variety of color.

As you can see, this one fits the bill perfectly. The flowers on here come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and kinds.

99. This heart wreath is as lovely as nature intended.

Helps that it’s laid out in the snow for all to see. Love the flowers.

100. Once in awhile, a flower display needs a very good frame.

This one has some flowers in the frame. But the ones on the bottom are more stunning.

The Pastel World of Easter Village Houses


You may have noticed that my Easter posts so far have mostly been later editions of ones I’ve written in years past. Nevertheless, I also like to do Easter posts of items that I haven’t tried before. Village houses would be among them because I already did 2 of Christmas and one of Halloween. Yet, though Easter isn’t nearly as popular as either, it’s up there even if John Oliver calls it, “shitty Christmas” which may be borderline offensive but nonetheless accurate as far as commercialism is concerned. Though as far as my blog is concerned, I have little complaint since it gives me plenty of material. Anyway, the notion of Easter village houses is part of a phenomenon, I like to call Christmasfication, a word that might be my own invention. Now Christmasfication is what happens when one holiday’s tradition becomes part of another’s. Easter has been very much a product of this since it’s a religious holiday subject to a lot of commercialization since there are gifts involved bestowed by a mythical gift giver. However, it’s not to the extend Christmas is and has a greater focus on candy. Nevertheless, Christmasifcation doesn’t always have to involve integrating Christmas traditions, but it often does. Yet, with village houses, it kind of makes sense even on Easter. After all, pastel colors and cute critters are perfect for any spring towns. So for your reading pleasure I give you a treasure trove of pastel and springy Easter village houses.

  1. A spring house brings joyous Easter greetings.

This one has some imagery from vintage cards and silk flowers. Gives one a spring time feel.

2. A pastel house can use a white picket fence.

Doesn’t hurt it has a glittery base as well as a tree with Easter eggs. Like the flowers on the roof.

3. Cottontails Candy is always the place for sweets.

Not a big fan of light green and yellow together. But at least the name is clever.

4. A pink church with spring decorations always has the Easter spirit.

Though you wouldn’t see such a display until after Good Friday. Mostly because Lent is a penitential season.

5. Perhaps some greenery can suit your fancy.

Helps if you decorate the trees with Easter eggs. Though I’m not sure about the light pastel colors on this one.

6. Two chicks are often better than one.

Let me guess, the chickies are made from pom poms. Still, this is quaint.

7. A small gazebo doesn’t hurt.

Be sure to include different colored bunnies. Like how they included Easter eggs on this.

8. A yellow glitter house should always have a heart.

I often use putz houses because they look less manufactured. This is no exception. Like the bunny.

9. An Easter village always looks magnificent under a bauble egg wreath.

After all, pastel houses look great on a mantle meant to extenuate spring. Love the flowers.

10. Here we come to a simple white church with a pink roof and lamb.

Like I said, churches usually don’t bask in the Easter decorations until after Good Friday. But they do in these village sets in order to set an Easter feel.

11. The more color tiles the house has, the better.

You can also put an Easter egg in the doorway. Though I wouldn’t advise a green and yellow one.

12. A house of lavender is particularly springy for chicks.

This one seems all dolled up for Easter. Like the wreath at the top window.

13. How about a peep bunny above the front door?

Adding a flower to its ear and a yellow bow helps a lot. So cute.

14. A small pink church is always nice.

Helps if it glitters in the spring morning light. Though not sure about the roof.

15. A plaid yellow roof can sometimes be quite snazzy.

Okay, that’s pretty tacky. But at least it brings spring into the air.

16. It’s not spring without a little pink.

Yes, it might seem a bit feminine and sickeningly sweet. but at least it’s well made with some bunnies to spare.

17. Never saw an Easter egg fence before.

Though I don’t care for the house much. However, the fence is a rather unique idea.

18. An Easter church always has to stand out.

Each one has their own unique decorations. Some are more showy than others. Like the purple ones.

19. There’s nothing against having a fancy roof.

This canary yellow Easter abode has blue diamond lines. Not a fan of the color.

20. A church should always be fancy with flowers for Easter.

Now this one really gets into spring with its roof lined with pearls. Lovely.

21. An egg house is a perfect Easter dwelling.

Though I kind of wish it was a little fancier like an Easter egg. Though it certainly fits with the holiday.

22. Sometimes it’s best to go with holy simplicity.

This one just has trees with Easter eggs on them and little else. Well, it does have some pink window trim.

23. A candy house is always springtime fun.

After all, Easter is a huge holiday for candy. So such a house is quite fitting.

24. Now that’s what I call a carrot orange Victorian.

Reason why we have orange as an Easter color at all has to do with carrots. Though I think it’s a loud color to put on an Easter house.

25. A small Easter home should always shine with distinction.

Like the bushes and flower decor on this. So simple and small. But yet, so elegant.

26. Some a blue roof can bring a solace of spring charm.

This one has pink doors and windows and Easter egg trees. All surrounded by a white fence.

27. Pastel roof tiles often give a house an Easter touch.

Even has some Easter eggs and flowers. Like the bows on the windows.

28. An Easter village can often look lovely at night.

Because most of the Easter village houses light up. But the scene is nonetheless pretty.

29. Seems like this house has high carrot patch.

Now this is a house a bunny can love. Then again, bunnies aren’t as into carrots than we think.

30. An Easter candy house always has a sweet disposition.

This one has a candy tree with other decorations. It’s an adorable Easter home anyone can love.

31. Sometimes it helps to dress a plain Easter house with fancy decorations.

I showed this house earlier. Yet, this one has some jewels, lace trim, and more decor to the trees.

32. An egg house can even have 2 stories.

Like how it’s purple and has a chimney. So pretty even when lit.

33. A blue house with yellow trees can be a springtime haven.

Though I’d much prefer purple and pink. And perhaps more flowers than Easter eggs.

34. Is this supposed to be a house or a church?

Looks more like a house with 2 windows. Though I’m not thrilled with the pink roof.

35. Nothing entices an Easter bunny like a multicolor carrot fence.

Another clever fence concept. Like the little chick and bunny, too.

36. A purple Easter cottage should come with all the trimmings.

Now this is quite fancy. Like the little eggs and bunnies on here. So cute.

37. This little cottage has a flowery disposition.

Because it has only 3 of them at the facade. But the bunny seems quite happy.

38. Lattice always makes a home more quaint.

So does an outdoor staircase. Like the cute little chickies out front with the Easter egg decorated trees.

39. This little blue bird house has some colorful sights of spring.

The tree out front is decorated with Easter eggs. And you can see a nest of colored eggs.

40. This little orange cottage comes with an Easter egg fence.

They’re even decorated with rich detail. Not sure about the orange house though.

41. A purple cottage must have an Easter egg door and a pastel candy roof.

Helps if the doorway has carrots side by side. Like the green leafy tree, too.

42. You can always put a little spring in an Easter house.

You can even see some Easter eggs and flowers. Even on the lavender roof.

43. Why settle down in a burrow when you can have a purple house of your own?

Though I think these bunnies might have trouble fitting in the doorway. However, sometimes these houses aren’t made to scale.

44. This small spring home is a lamb paradise.

It’s a rather simple abode with colorful trees. But is all encrusted with glitter.

45. An Easter church should always be in a festive mood to celebrate.

Now this is quite fancy for Easter. But it’s surely lovely with a pink wreath, Easter eggs, and bunnies.

46. An Easter beach house always needs to be pastel blue.

You can tell it’s a beach house due to the shell motifs on the windows. Also, it has a fish shape somewhere.

47. This blue cottage includes a shiny wreath.

Well, if it weren’t for the decor, this would be a normal blue house. Like the Easter egg tree, by the way.

48. A pink ribbon on a cottage is a fine Easter touch.

Helps that it goes with the house. And the Easter bunny and egg decorations.

49. A purple spring house should always be the place for flowers.

There’s even a green bunny in the doorway. Though I like how the flowers go with the house.

50. Gumdrops make great Easter decoration.

You can also include peppermints and Easter style candy canes. Yes, they have them.

51. Now this is a candy decorated house any little chick would love.

Includes some Easter eggs with trees. And the chick is covered in pink cotton candy.

52. This yellow house brings in a beautiful blue butterfly.

By the way, I didn’t find as many Easter village houses as I would’ve wished. So a lot of them come from Etsy.

53. Seems like this bluebird has its eggs in a hanging basket.

Though I don’t think it’s the best place for them. Because that basket can fall.

54. A pink fence is always great for a humble blue home.

Doesn’t matter if you have chicks, birds, and bunnies living there either. Like the flower wreath.

55. I guess you can sometimes go with a rustic blue for Easter.

Helps you have a little chick on a nest near the roof. So cute.

56. Spring flowers are always grand for April showers.

Helps that Easter is in April, too. Then again, March can also be a rainy month.

57. A light pastel house with candy can be a sweet home, indeed.

This one has an interesting looking tree and a bunny clad in pastel garb. Nevertheless, I think it’s lovely.

58. Flowers and eggs can always make an Easter house a home.

Doesn’t hurt if it’s purple either. Like the lovely tree with Easter eggs on it.

59. Sometimes you can even find a whole Easter village in one basket.

This was part of a putz house kit. But I show it anyway since it’s so unique to behold.

60. This home really makes an Easterly impression.

Even has the word “Easter” in front with block lettering. And a purple ribbon, too.

61. This pink abode even has a pen for the chickies.

Well, it’s a purple pen, but still. Doesn’t endear me to the Easter bunny residing here.

62. A plain lavender house can bring pure Easter joy.

Only need a bunny and an Easter egg tree and you’re all set. Though the flowery wallpaper roof goes quite nicely.

63. A shrub door can sometimes give a home a naturalistic charm.

Well, this one has some flowers and a brown rabbit. But it’s a rather ingenious design.

64. There’s nothing that could make a candy cottage ever sweeter.

This one looks similar to a candy house I showed you earlier. But this one has 2 candy roof tops instead of one.

65. How about a plaid roof on a lavender church?

Well, purple is the color of Lent. Just not in that kind of shade though.

66. The Easter Bunny always likes to furnish his home with flowers.

However, I find this pipe cleaner Easter Bunny kind of creeper. But I really love the glittery roof.

67. A pink house should have a roof that really stands out.

Helps if it has 2 chimneys to give a small town charm. Like the decor on the picket fence.

68. Sometimes it helps if you go all out on an Easter house.

This one boasts bolder colors than what you’d usually see. But it’s set for spring so it goes on this post.

69. A glittery Easter house always shimmers in the spring time.

For some reason you see a lot of glitter on these putz houses. Like the flower on the roof.

70. Wonder what’s with hanging eggs on a tree.

Okay, I understand it’s an Easter tradition. But you have to like the bunnies and the roof in this one.

71. So the top window is a little askew on this house.

You can at least see how it enhances this spring Easter scene. So cute.

72. I sure hope this little blossom shoppe is open.

After all, spring has always been a prime time for flowers. And lovely blossoms, this store does boast.

73. Sometimes it helps if you let some things grow on the roof.

This one almost looks real with the grass on the roof. The well is nice, too.

74. Sometimes, the more colorful eggs, the better.

Once again, pipe cleaner bunny strikes on this one. And I think he looks really weird with his arms and legs.

75. I guess this pink Easter house goes for the mint impression.

Like how it has a chocolate bunny and colorful stripes. Lovely.

76. Of course, this pink Easter house is a real candy sensation.

What the hell does gingerbread have to do with Easter? That’s Christmas food.

77. Colorful butterflies prefer the smaller cottages.

Nice how it has a lot of flowers surrounding it. Also, like the little chickie.

78. An Easter egg tree should always show its true colors.

See how well it goes nice with the small cottage? Charming.

79. A purple butterfly always brings a needed springtime touch.

Yet, butterflies aren’t often represented in Easter. Not sure why. But I think it’s lovely.

80. When in doubt, try some lighter shade.

Then again, pastel colors are normally associated with Easter, anyway. But you have to see the bushes in front.

81. Sometimes a green house always works best.

I’m not too crazy about that pill green shade. But it somehow works.

82. This little purple cottage is a hopping Easter haven.

Well, this is kind of charming if you look at it from this angle. Not sure about the yellow awning though.

83. Multicolor roofs seem all the rage these days.

I guess this one was shaded in. Like the tree and the chicks.

84. Seems like these 2 bunnies just got hitched.

I guess this is a church since it has stained glass windows. But I’m sure the bunnies will be fruitful and multiply. Because rabbits reproduce like crazy.

85. A pink glitter house is just the Easter ticket.

Nice to have a sweet quiet home to go to. Like the jeweled butterfly the best.

86. An Easter tree house is a fine home for bunnies.

This one was brought to you by the magic of paper mache. Yet, you have to love this.

87. A green Easter house needs a flowery ribbon.

Helps if it’s purple with daisies, too. And it’s matched by a similarly decorated tree.

88. My, this tall pink church has a high steeple.

And I see a little birdie has made itself at home. So lovely.

89. An Easter house can stand out if it’s blue and yellow.

Helps if it has a bunny on the roof. Like the little bunnies and chickies.

90. With this purple house, spring has finally sprung.

Sure it’s similar to a few others. But it’s nonetheless stunning to behold.

91. A striped roof is always fitting with a cyan glitter house.

This is lovely. Like the Easter egg tree with the columns.

92. A yellow house with flowers is always rather sunny.

And I see this bunny’s really looking forward to Easter. Like how the flowers are purple, too.

93. It’s Easter time at this little pink cottage.

This home boasts pastel tiles and Easter eggs galore. Even an Easter egg at the door.

94. Looks like this Easter bunny has smoke up the chimney.

Sure it’s not as flashy as some of the other houses on here. But it has a nice homey appearance to it.

95. Chicks will always find a home in this glittery purple house.

The door on this is incredibly beautiful to behold. Also like the chickies.

96. A small Easter cottage only needs a few flowers.

Well, you might have flowers on the roof and chimney. But this is nonetheless quaint.

97. Chicks always appreciate a house with striped columns.

Well, those that are little balls of fludd anyway. But the candy cane striped columns on this are amazing.

98. With this little blue house, you’d find a pink bird on a chimney.

Even has a tree and flowers outside. Not sure about the windows though.

99. You can’t miss a bright orange house on Easter, no matter how small.

This little cottage is done in some unique style you’d see on Etsy. Nevertheless, it’s amazing.

100. Are those bricks or clouds on that house facade?

Another specially designed house. But one that brings in the spring. Love it.

Fun with Easter Bonnets (Third Edition)


Of course, I can’t do my Easter post without including bonnets. Though I like to wear hats outdoors, I don’t usually wear an Easter bonnet because I live out in the country. And if I show up in one of the ones I’ve shown so far at church, well, I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Nor do I know of any local Easter parade in my area. Nevertheless, many do as I’ve seen on Pinterest and in photos of Easter parades across the country, particularly New York. Some of these bonnets might be of straw and have flowers on them. Some of them can be more outlandish which is what you’ve seen in my other posts. And let’s just say you won’t believe the hats I have found on the Internet. Of course, women initially wore them but since it’s such a fun tradition to make one’s own, men and boys have their own, too. Anyway, for your reading pleasure, I give you another installment of weird and wacky Easter bonnets to enjoy.

  1. Welcome in spring with a daffodil Easter bonnet.

Well, it’s mostly made of paper with chicks on the petals. But it’s quite cute.

2. Now your Easter bonnet can be a flower patch for chicks and bunnies.

The bunnies on here are mostly made from eggs. The chicks are made from pom poms.

3. Nothing welcomes spring like a fancy hat of green.

Not sure if I like this one. However, since it’s outlandish enough, I’ll put it on the post for show.

4. You can’t have an Easter bonnet without a bow and rabbit ears.

Helps if it has some Easter eggs and flowers at the brim. So pretty.

5. Chicks always like a tower slide.

Well, it’s a cone shaped Easter bonnet with stars. Initially thought this was a lighthouse. Maybe it is.

6. When you wear an Easter bonnet in New York, you can always go all out.

This woman’s wearing an Easter bonnet consisting of a stack of pillows and decorations. Yes, it’s outrageous and I’m not sure how she keeps her head up.

7. With this Easter bonnet, you will be one with the Force.

Yes, they have Star Wars Easter bonnets. I know it’s crazy. But I’m sure little boys would wear something like this.

8. Celebrate Easter with a bonnet depicting chicks who worshipped the Norse gods.

Still, you have to like the chicks in Viking helmets. And that ship looks pretty cool.

9. Even Spider Man has to have his own pair of bunny ears.

Yes, they also have Spider Man Easter bonnets, too. Though this one has its own unique charm.

10. The Crazy Critters treehouse is always the place to be.

Funny how the brim consists of pom pom chicks and eggs. Though I’m not sure how the turtle got up the ladder.

11. Didn’t know they had colored eggs in prehistoric times.

Of course, they didn’t. But if your son is very into dinosaurs, this is the Easter bonnet for him.

12. An Easter bunny bonnet should always sparkle.

Well, this one has those sparkly stones you get from a craft store. But it’s a hopping sensation.

13. Some Easter bonnets come with a little bit of everything.

And I mean everything. Not sure how this girl can hold her head up. Then again, the decorations probably don’t weigh that much.

14. Nothing makes an Easter bonnet quite like one with the dinosaurs.

Because these Easter chicks are probably descended from them. No, I am not kidding. Hell, there were even chicken sized dinos.

15. An Easter basket should have some egg candy to spare.

This one has an Easter basket dumping the egg candy. And you have bunnies on the brim.

16. Welcome bring with an Easter bonnet of a bunny encased in a fence.

There are a few hats like this. But this one has flowers and dragon flies.

17. An cone Easter bonnet can always make you shine and sparkle.

This one contains shiny Easter eggs and pom poms of every pastel color. Yes, it’s outrageous but it’s doable.

18. This woman couldn’t leave home on Easter without her blue hydrangeas.

So she wore them on her head in a pot. Okay, the flowers are fake. But you can say she’s a real pot head.

19. Nothing captivates an Easter parade like a rubber duck in a tub.

Wouldn’t have thought you can have that as an Easter bonnet. But it certainly works like a charm.

20. Everyone always enjoys a rainbow behind a windmill.

Well, this is certainly a cute pastoral scene. But they should watch out for a crazy old man thinking the mill is a giant.

21. Here comes the Easter bunny king carried by his attendants.

Okay, that’s pretty clever. Love the bunny attendants. Also like the flowers, too.

22. Seems like this egghead aims for the sky.

Well, this plane is somewhat old fashioned. But it works to some extent.

23. Something tells me this woman is a bit cagey.

After all, she’s wearing a birdcage Easter bonnet. And I see she has to hold it up with her arm to keep it from falling.

24. Hope these chicks enjoy a picnic.

Well, this is adorable. Love the little garden on the brim. So cute.

25. I suppose this Wonka hat is perfect for an Easter parade.

Well, it certainly has the Wonka fixtures like candy and a golden ticket. However, Wonka is a pretty creepy dude.

26. Even the most sophisticated can don an Easter hat for the parade.

This one depicts a bunny with chicks and flowers. Not outlandish, but quite showy.

27. A pink castle always looks great on your head.

A castle Easter bonnet, who knew? Like how it has a butterfly on the front. So pretty.

28. A large flower should always make an impression.

This one uses the same pattern fro the bird house. Wonder if you can spin the flower around.

29. A ladybug Easter bonnet will always melt your heart.

I’m sure nobody could resist the cute eyes and smile. So adorable.

30. As we all know, you have to make the dinosaur eggs blend in.

Yes, this is another dino Easter bonnet. But, at least they used earth tone eggs and autumn leaves.

31. Looks like her flowers have grown on her hat.

This one even has butterflies fluttering, around, too. But you probably didn’t see that at first.

32. You’d almost think this Easter bonnet came straight from Jurassic Park.

Even has long leaves for a feathery impression. And a lot of green eggs for an Easter flair.

33. Noah’s ark is always the place for chicks for flood refuge.

Yes, I know there has to be animals coming in 2 by 2. But the ark certainly has an Easter touch. And it’s weird because Noah’s ark happened in Genesis.

34. An Easter bonnet of R2-D2 is always dependable.

Though this one has his dome shaped like an egg for Easter. I know it’s crazy but so is ignoring R2-D2’s contributions to the Star Wars franchise.

35. Her hat consists of nothing but twigs.

That’s because it’s made to look like a nest. And one that uses organic materials.

36. I guess she must be a real nest head for some reason.

Well, spring is a time when you’d find a lot of nests. And I’m sure wearing one isn’t too far fetched.

37. A large egg on your head never brings your Easter spirit in doubt.

Helps if it’s fancy and fits in a basket. Like the flower brim, too.

38. Tall pink Easter bonnets should always match.

Helps if the decor are different colors so you can tell them apart. But yes, these are outrageous.

39. A spring butterfly hat should always be glorious.

Now that’s a really tall fancy hat. Like the pink wings. Wonder what it looks like from the front.

40. Now this guy is a real flower head.

I mean his head is in a fro of flowers. Then again, in New York, he’s probably not the most outrageous guy in the parade.

41. These Easter pirate chicks love life on the high seas.

Yes, they have pirate ones, too. But at least the chicks look adorable with their ship.

42. No bunny can ever resist a large carrot top.

That’s really clever. Makes it look as if the bunny’s going at the carrot. Adorable.

43. How about a bunny popping out of an Easter bonnet to munch a carrot.

Sure it may not be among the fancier bonnets I showed so far. But it’s cute in its own unique way.

44. Nothing makes a great Easter bonnet like flowers and butterflies to hail spring.

You probably remember this woman from my other Easter bonnet posts. Though this one doesn’t settle on a particular color.

45. Almost thought this Easter bonnet was full of hot air.

Well, it’s a hot air balloon Easter bonnet. Even has chicks in its little basket.

46. A Rapunzel Easter bonnet is perfect for those who prefer letting their hair down.

Well, it’s more based on Tangled. But at least the hair goes nicely on the tower.

47. You’d never guess to find something hatching on this woman.

Vintage Easter bonnets can be just as crazy. Though I think the chick is quite creepy.

48. Sometimes all you need is a large feathered chick.

She certainly has the feathers nailed down. And you can see the large chick for miles.

49. For a great Easter bonnet, it helps if you can put everything springy in it.

I’m sure she’ll certainly stand out in a crowd with that hat. Wonder how she can stand without holding it.

50. This Easter bonnet was made courtesy of KFC.

On one hand, this is pretty clever. On the other hand, you know what the words KFC stands for. And why tying it in to Easter is kind of disturbing.

51. This woman prefers her Easter bonnet to be sunny side up.

Well, at least it’s clever and simple. Though at least she didn’t include any chickies.

52. A large nest Easter bonnet always has to include flowers.

She can even fit 2 other people under it. Yet, you have to admire the pink bird on top.

53. There’s no better Easter bonnet than one of purple butterflies.

Purple butterflies surely make an impression. Though I’m not sure if any exist in North America.

54. When going to the parade, it helps if your Easter bonnets match with your friends.

After all, these do. Wonder why they were able to come up with the same Easter bonnet design.

55. Remember how the bunny always belongs in the basket.

Another vintage Easter bonnet. At least the bunny is cute in this even though it looks ridiculous.

56. When all else fails, you can always try colorful Easter baskets.

Like how they’re wearing dresses to match. But yes, these are hilarious.

57. On a bright sunny day, all you need is some shade.

And you thought contemporary Easter bonnets were outrageous. This one almost takes the cake.

58. Instead of one bunny, this woman’s hat has 3.

Another outrageous vintage Easter bonnet. But at least the bunnies are cute.

59. A flowery hat should always come with a sunny dress.

Unfortunately, you’d have to hold it up with both hands so it won’t fall off. But yes, this is pretty outrageous.

60. Sometimes you just have to show up to the parade in large rabbit ears.

And their Easter bonnets certainly boast loudly, too. But at least they seem simple.

61. An Easter bonnet with a bunny and flowers is always well matched.

Helps that they have the same bunny. Also, like the flowers at the brim.

62. This kid’s hat boasts a tall tower like no other.

I guess this girl really likes castles and fairy tales. Like the chicks and ivy.

63. This flowery Easter bonnet really brings in the sun.

The red flowers and orange brim can do that. Not sure if I’d want to get in her way.

64. Sometimes whenever someone wears an Easter bonnet, so does the dog.

But at least the dog has to wear rabbit ears and be in a basket. And the hat isn’t too bad either.

65. Someone likes to tiptoe through the tulips.

Well, tulips are certainly in season around Easter, if it’s in April. If not, it’s a nice touch.

66. A birdhouse is a welcome spring sight.

Helps if it’s in light blue and pink. The birds are also a nice spring touch.

67. That hat must have a real chick face.

And it does. Guess it didn’t take long to make, assuming the hat had the other stuff to begin with. So adorable.

68. An Easter basket bonnet should spring into action.

And this basket has almost everything you’d associate with Easter and more. Quite colorful, I’ll say.

69. This bunny is quite boxy if you ask me.

Well, that’s an easy Easter bonnet idea. Just stick the bunny ears to a hollowed out box and you’re done.

70. This man comes in with a whole ferris wheel.

Well, it certainly has a charm to it. But he’s not at the parade for your amusement.

71. If you like The Wizard of Oz, then this is the Easter bonnet for you.

Unfortunately, the Emerald City resembles a green phallic metropolis. But it’s a worthy effort.

72. Sometimes Easter bonnets can be as mutant as they come.

This one features Storm from the X-Men. What she has to do with Easter, I don’t know.

73. These girls must be real eggheads.

They even have little chicks coming out of their Easter eggs. So cute.

74. Sometimes it helps if you wear the same watering cans.

Also helps if they contain flowers as well. I really like these for some reason.

75. With Easter bonnets, you can’t go wrong with a large yellow butterfly.

And that would certainly stand out in a crowd on any given day. Not sure about the yellow feathers though.

76. Sometimes you can’t have an Easter bonnet without the proper frame.

You can either go with moss or ornate fancy flowers. Can’t do both.

77. A pirate Easter bonnet should have a large share of booty.

Helps if you can include a parrot, too. This guy even dyed his beard funky colors.

78. Nothing makes an Easter bonnet quite like beer cans.

Well, I guess that might work at some point. But I’m sure if the cans go with the Easter decor.

79. Fans of Shea Stadium and the Yankees might like this one.

I guess this was made with an inflated inner tube and baseball cards. Not bad, but not my favorite.

80. I guess this guy is a New York Jets fan.

Even has Pooh with bunny ears on a jet. And that is as Easter as he gets.

Easter Greetings from the Days of Yesteryear (Third Edition)


Now that I have peep dioramas down, it’s onto vintage Easter greeting cards. Now the card above is from Russia depicting a bus or carriage filled with spring flowers. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful card. Anyway, greeting cards have always been a staple of holidays, especially during the olden days. And Easter is no exception. As I said before in my greeting card posts, we tend to view a lot of the past with rose colored glasses as well as imagine it as a more wholesome and refined time than it actually was. With Easter greeting cards, vintage ones might include cutesy imagery to melt your heart or beautiful illustrations like you see above. However, like my other greeting card posts, if you want the sweet vintage Easter cards with cute little bunnies, chicks, lambs, and any other animals all living in harmony, well, you’ve come to the wrong place. Because the Easter greeting cards I show here will either creep you out or have you scratching your head. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another collection of Easter cards your grandparents don’t want you to see.

  1. “So how much will it be for the yellow egg, ma’am?”

Notice the hen selling eggs. Remember that chickens lay them and hatch from them. So she’s most likely selling her own children, assuming they’re fertilized.

2. In Russia, it’s a tradition for children to kiss each other on the lips during the Easter season.

Uh, aren’t they’re a bit young for that? Then again, Russia has always been a miserable place.

3. “Now when these girls approach us, we throw these eggs right at them.”

Seems likes the last time these women will wear their spring dresses for a long time. So remember to watch out for egg wielding rabbits while outside.

4. On second thought, Tommy should’ve used plush rabbits for his Easter basket instead.

Using live bunnies for Easter baskets are never a good idea. Also, these bunnies are like, “We’re free! We’re free! Let’s get out of here before they kill us.”

5. On Easter, it’s well-known for chicks to compete in rowing contests.

Though I’m not sure about the water content here. Looks really brown. Also, what the hell?

6. Spring always marks the time for chicks to come out of their eggshells.

Okay, not those chicks. Even the feathery chickies are like, “What the fuck?” Seeing it’s from France, I guess absinthe had something to do with this design.

7. Apparently, these children decided to see chicks hatching a the wrong henhouse.

Then again, if I were the rooster, I’d charge at the boy, too. Because he seems to have a future as a budding serial killer.

8. You can’t have some Easter greetings without some circus dogs.

And I’m not kidding. But you have to be impressed by how Rover juggles eggs. Amazing.

9. There’s nothing more delightful on Easter than a jack-in-the-box bunny.

On second thought, that thing is absolutely terrifying. From how I see it, the chicks don’t have long to live.

10. Nothing melts your heart like seeing a child snuggling with a bunny and holding chicks.

Or as I see it the child’s like, “I’ll hug ’em, and squeeze ’em, and keep ’em forever and ever.” The bunny on the other hand, is thinking, “Oh, God help me!”

11. Easter greetings from the garden gnomes riding chickens.

And it seems like they don’t treat the chickens very well. Because they don’t seem very happy.

12. I guess this family comes hardboiled.

For God’s sake, egg people? Now that’s just really fucked up if you asked me. Seriously, why?

13. All happiness for Easter from the chicks in in the car.

Apparently, there’s that one chick who’s not enjoying the ride. Then again, having to sit on the floor isn’t much fun either.

14. Instead of the Chicken dance, chicks prefer the congo line.

Why the kids form an arch as the chicks come in, I have no idea. Nor do the chicks, apparently.

15. For an injured chick, a Jewish egg bar is always the place to go.

This just looks so wrong on so many levels. Seriously, a Jewish egg bar? Come on.

16. Nothing says best wishes on Easter like rooster riding bunnies about to slaughter each other on the battlefield.

I guess this goes along the lines of “With best Easter wishes that you may die an honorable death in battle.” Because these bunnies are at all out war for God’s sake.

17. Perhaps a romantic bunny dinner can’t be without some flowers from a chick.

However, I think Peter Cottontail just wants to have sex with Flopsy and not much else. And I think Flopsy is thinking about getting the hell out and dodge.

18. “Hey, a bunny walking chicks on a leash.”

The rabbit is like, “Listen, sweetie. Pretend this never happened.” Also, what’s with the Easter eggs growing on trees?

19. For rabbits, there’s nothing like a nice quiet morning with the family.

Except with Mopsy and Cottontail fighting each other the carrot and lettuce. Meanwhile, everyone else pretends not to notice.

20. “Look, everyone, no hands.”

Meanwhile, Hutch’s friends are taking bets on when the egg basket will fall on his head. And they’re watching because they think it’d be hilarious. Hutch is such a show-off.

21. Here we come to a little chick enjoying an egg.

Hate to say this but, that ain’t right. I mean isn’t a chick eating from an egg cannibalism? Disturbing.

22. “Back off, girl, can’t you see I’m closed? Come back later.”

Sorry, but I don’t think the Easter Bunny is in the best mood right now. So if you need eggs, too bad.

23. As an adult Peter Rabbit and his buddies would steal objects from Mr. McGregor’s house and form a band.

They were known as the Jack Rabbits and would revolutionize stomp music forever. Not sure why they have eggs though.

24. Nothing brings a happy Easter like a bunny and chick near an egg.

From Popthomology: “Insane Albino Bunny Lord demands more and more from Slave Chick.” So if Slave Chick brings more clover, will he get his unborn sibling back?

25. There’s nothing more thrilling than a chick bicycle race.

Kind of impressed how their feet can meet the pedals. However, they’re not wearing helmets.

26. If chick bike races aren’t your thing, then you might like a rabbit back race.

So there are chick jockeys riding on rabbits like they’re horses. And I thought the chick bike race was crazy. This is unbelievable.

27. A rooster is always a distinguished gentleman.

Though why it has people hands just freaks me out. Just doesn’t look right on him. Also, why is he using an egg like an accessory?

28. “Happy Easter from our henhouse to yours.”

Okay, this is just even freakier. Why the hell does this chicken family have human faces? That’s just really fucked up.

29. Of course, you can always send a religious Easter card. Usually nothing goes wrong there.

Since Jesus resurrected from the dead on Easter, a child now breaks from an egg and rains Easter eggs for all the children. Okay, that’s just wrong.

30. Easter is always a time of family togetherness.

“I’m sorry, kids, but Daddy’s never coming home for Easter since he stepped on a mine in No Man’s Land. But I’m sure he’s here in spirit watching over us. We just won’t see him.”

31. It’s always a thrill to see a chick and rabbit dance.

Yes, I know it’s kind of strange to see rabbits and chicks dancing with each other. The chick band doesn’t seem impressed.

32. Benjamin Bunny always carries a slate board and pussy willows.

How he manages to draw anything, I have absolutely no idea. But the stash seems carrot shaped.

33. For a rooster to lay eggs with chickens, he must know how to serenade her.

It helps if the rooster knows a musical instrument like a lute. Because his singing might wake up the neighborhood during the night.

34. These bunnies always know some tricks.

And it seems that the rabbit crowd loves it. Had it be a musician, it might’ve started some unstoppable breeding.

35. A child shall lead some sheep pulling an egg on a chariot.

Nevertheless, there’s something really disturbing about this. It seems that after the egg is at its destination, those lambs are mutton.

36. “Ladies and gentlemen, all aboard on the Easter Express.”

Those eggs look huge for some reason. Also, what’s with the bunnies operating a train?

37. “They’re gaining on us! Load the anti-aircraft egg cannon!”

For nothing says Easter like using colored eggs as ammunition. They’re even used to shoot down enemy airplanes.

38. Easter is always a time for eggs to find love.

Except for that one egg at the receptacle. Let’s hope he doesn’t end up like Humpty Dumpty. Also, why?

39. Seems like Jack Frost messed with the wrong herd of rabbits.

Here they have him on an egg and beaten senseless. Because bunnies show no mercy.

40. Happy Easter, compliments of the eggshell boat races.

Wonder how rabbits manage to fit in them. And why are they using on one oar? Shouldn’t they just have oars you use for kayaks?

41. Bunnies always enjoy a nice quiet tea now and then.

However, even Mopsy wants to know why Randall has to smoke his long pipe at the table. It just look strange like a hookah or something.

42. Even chicks like to take a vacation on the high seas.

Though in this case, the crowd at the dock is waiting for arrival at port. And they’re all carrying egg baskets for some reason.

43. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit, it’s a girl.

However, everyone will know she’s adopted since it’s obvious. But I’m sure they’ll treat her like their other children. Though I’m sure they can’t keep track of them all.

44. “How about we go for a swing in an eggshell?”

Susie shouldn’t have taken the eggs with her on her lap. Since they can drop to the rabbit’s dismay.

45. With pussy willows and an eggshell outfit, she is all set for Easter.

A dress would’ve been fine. Wearing an eggshell like that just makes her look stupid. And possibly unable to sit down.

46. The rabbit pulled chick stagecoach has arrived.

Yes, I know it’s crazy using the bunnies as horses. But please, I wasn’t consulted and am just as freaked out as you are.

47. “You know what? Let’s shoot a bunch of eggs in a cannon at once.”

Well, at least they’re not shooting off fireworks. But why are they dressed in skimpy Greek outfits I don’t understand.

48. Unfortunately, Snookums couldn’t resist the temptation.

Let’s hope he escapes this with an injured tail. Because that chicken has a vicious streak a mile wide.

49. Sometimes a rabbit likes to show off in his top hat and tails.

Apparently, the chick maid isn’t impressed by his style. Well, can’t win them all.

50. “As long as we’re on the large egg, the dogs can’t get to us.”

As we all know, dogs kill rabbits. Still, I think these 2 should’ve picked a higher hiding place. Because the dogs can easily get to them.

The Wonderful World of Peep Shows (No, Not that Kind) (Fourth Edition)

Of course, nothing could say Easter on my blog than another post on peep dioramas. As you probably know that peeps are these sugar coated marshmallows in the forms of bunnies and chicks that are unfit for human consumption. Though that doesn’t stop people from trying to pass them off as Easter candy. However, there is a better way to use these inedible marshmallows of cuteness for this Easter season. And that’s where peep dioramas come in. Over the years I’ve done posts of these cuteness scenes mostly mocking pop culture and concepts of every day life. And while kids make them, you can say a lot of these I show aren’t necessarily G-Rated. Though there are plenty of contests, with the most notable being from the Washington Post. But a lot of them are clever while I certainly enjoy them. So as long as there’s Easter, my viewers will have to put up with them. Thus, for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of peep dioramas.

  1. Hope the Finch bunnies come to no harm but I doubt it.

I see little Scout is dressed in her little ham costume. And I see they discovered some of the stuff Boo Radley left in a tree.

2. Apparently, Escher knows how to make bunnies feel at home.

Well, this is supposed to be an optical illusion. But such executions don’t work that well in dioramas.

3. “O say can you peep,/By the bun’s early light…”

Well, that’s a great rendition of the American flag. Though it seems more red, white, and pink.

4. Apparently, these two bunnies just jumped off a cliff.

This is a diorama of Thelma & Louise for those who don’t recognize it. It’s not a movie for kids. But this is pretty funny.

5. The Gary and Mary West Senior Peep Center is the place for elderly chicks and bunnies.

I know plenty wouldn’t get this at first since inedible peeps never age. But this is quite clever.

6. Guess Peep Co. isn’t known for swell service.

Then again, they could just be fixing the power lines after a really bad storm. But I’m not sure the bunny family sees it that way.

7. Peepsus died for our sins so he can rise from the dead.

Yes, it’s another Jesus portrait with chicks. But this one contains a pink sacred heart.

8. The Mythpeepers have experienced a little accident.

Of course, it’s widely said that marshmallows explode in microwaves. And I’m sure these guys will need a new one.

9. In this ark, the peeps come in 2 by 2.

Well, Noah’s Ark seems like a natural choice. Though I do like how some of the bunnies are depicted as animals.

10. With peeps, life can always be a fairy tale.

You can see some of your favorites on this little storybook diorama. Contains some of your favorites. Please, by my guest.

11. Like the rest of us, peeps had to go to school, too.

Though it seems like we have some high school peeps in our midst. The teacher is even using PowerPoint.

12. Now here’s a beauty pageant I’d like to see.

Hope there’s not a real creepy bunny with awful hair looking into them while dressing. Okay, I might’ve went too far with this.

13. “E-Peep phone home.”

Nice how they have the iconic bike scene to pay tribute. Spielberg would be proud.

14. As you can see, peeps come in all kinds in the world.

They also dress quite differently. But this diorama gives a nice image of world peace and harmony.

15. Chemistry lab helps peeps learn about the world through science.

Yes, it’s another classroom diorama. But let’s hope no one resorts to causing explosions.

16. Is this a yoga class or tai chi?

Then again, there’s some bamboo imagery so it seems to be tai chi. But you can’t always tell wit peeps on mats.

17. These bunnies are in the yard doing hard time.

And these bunnies live in a literal cardboard prison. Too bad they couldn’t do a peeps chain gang.

18. Peepsburgh is a hopping place.

I don’t think “Peepsburgh” was a play on Pittsburgh. But I wish it was. Because this seems like a rather small town.

19. “Someday, my peepce will come…”

As you can see, this is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Like the evil bunny queen with her magic mirror.

20. Oh, shit, the FBI just had to stage a pot bust.

Though I know these aren’t anything to laugh about, this peep version is kind of hilarious. I mean you can’t resist laughing at a bunny with a bong.

21. Peepanardo paints his masterpiece the Mona Peepsa.

Though the real Leonardo more likely had her for one sitting with a sketch. Though this is a very iconic image from the historical imagination with peeps.

22. Julius Caesar should’ve beware the Ides of Marshmallow.

Too bad he didn’t listen and got stabbed in the back by his so-called friends in the Senate. Et u, Brute, indeed.

23. Looks like Vincent Van Peep has a very nice place.

Yeah, I know I’ve put peep dioramas of Van Gogh stuff before. But this one is of a different painting entirely.

24. I don’t know about you, but Black Chick looks very creepy to me.

This is a parody of Black Swan, a psycho sexual thriller starring Natalie Portman. Yes, this film very creepy.

25. Even bunnies get into Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Yes, I included a Mardi Gras one last year. But this one includes more beads and bunnies.

26. Let’s be quiet as the king prepares for his speech.

Yes, this is a play on The King’s Speech with 2 scenes. Notice how the therapist and king are sharing earphones.

27. Now these hunky bunnies are about to get naked in Magic Peep XXL.

I saw the original Magic Mike and didn’t care for it. So I didn’t watch the sequel. Still, I think this diorama is better than the movie it’s parodying.

28. Look out, Harry, the peepalisk is right behind you!

I have to admire this diorama of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Though the snake in this isn’t quite scary.

29. In an alternative universe…..

Okay, that’s really sick and twisted. Whoever thought up this must have a very warped imagination.

30. As you probably know, peeps consist of many elements.

A periodic table of peeps. Never saw that before. Guess someone must be very into science.

31. Is this a work of art or an artist’s model?

Well, either way, someone seems to be interested. Maybe she’s one of those living statues.

32. “Today we’re going to explore what’s inside a chocolate bunny.”

This is a take off from the Rembrandt painting, The Anatomy Lesson. Though I don’t think these chicks will find anything inside this chocolate bunny since it’s hollow.

33. “Come with me, and you’ll see in a world of pure imagination…”

Now that’s a very ambitious diorama of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They even have Augustus Gloop in a chocolate tube.

34. Say hello to the newest Disney princess.

Yes, you get to see so many of your favorite Disney princesses as bunnies. Even includes Princess Leia with her sticky bun hair style.

35. Apparently, Pope Julius II and his crew came to see Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel.

I guess the artist doesn’t want to be disturbed. However, having the Creation of Adam in bunny heads is clever.

36. Georgia O’Peeps paints a landscape in the New Mexican desert.

At least they don’t have her doing any flower paintings. Because those aren’t appropriate for children.

37. In Italy, you can’t leave without seeing the Leaning Tower of Peepsa.

They even have chicks sticking out of it. Not sure if that’s even safe.

38. “All we are saying is give peeps a chance…”

This is a parody of John and Yoko’s bed in after their wedding. I know it’s crazy but that was the late 1960s.

39. The Dark Knight always seeks justice for Gotham City.

You can guess this is a peep diorama of Batman. Though this one is more in comic book story mode.

40. Looks like there’s a showing of Star Wars at the Bunny Hi Drive In Theater.

I see they’re at the part when Obi Wan duels with Darth Vader. You can guess what happens from here.

41. Unfortunately, Dr. Who can’t avoid the dalek chicks for long.

I don’t know much about Dr. Who. But I have to admit making chick peeps of daleks is rather funny.

42. On some days, you feel like you’re gonna scream.

As you might know, this is a peep parody of Edvard Munch’s The Scream. Of course, it’s also the most famous painting to come from Norway.

43. Guess the Lincolns didn’t have a good time at the theater that night.

Didn’t know you could find a peep diorama of the Lincoln assassination at Ford’s Theatre. I know it’s kind of crazy, but I’ll put it on the post.

44. Don’t feed the animals at Jurassic Peep.

Then again, the dinosaurs might eat them if they’re not careful. Yeah, perhaps cloning dinosaurs for tourism is a very bad idea.

45. Wonder what trouble Indy has gotten into this time.

I guess whatever trinket he stole, he’s probably justified since it belongs in a museum. Though the bunny heads on stakes is pretty sick.

46. With his squire at his side, Don Peepote  charges at the nefarious giant.

Unfortunately, it’s actually a windmill and he gets severely injured. Still, a great rendition of Miguel Cervantes’ classic novel.

47. “How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a stay puff…”

I had to include one of Hamilton with the cast members singing their lines from the title song. Some of them are quite clever.

48. When these chicks demand the right to vote, they mean business.

Here suffragettes are protesting in front of the White House during the Wilson administration. Eventually their efforts paid off in 1920 with the 19th Amendment.

49. Here we come to the discovery of King Tutankhabun’s tomb.

I even saw a version where it lights up. But I think this photo does much more justice. Like the hieroglyphs and art.

50. Hester Peep will now and forever be branded as an adulteress and doomed to wear the Letter A.

Yes, they even have a peep diorama of the book you had to read in high school. Sure Puritains won’t approve of this but I don’t care.

Spring Into These Easter Craft Projects (Second Edition)


Now it’s on to the Easter craft projects. Last year I did a post like this which received a wonderful reception so I decided to do another. Nevertheless, people love to decorate their homes on Easter with springy adornments like flowers and birds. But you’ll also find a lot of colored eggs, chicks, ducks, sheep, and bunnies. In some religious homes, you might see crosses since it denotes Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection and perhaps a lamb to denote him Lamb of God. Anyway, above you’ll see a spring flower egg shaped wreath with a birdhouse along with two urns filled with matching flowers and colored eggs made from paper. So you get the idea. Yet, while you might see plenty of Easter crafts made by children at school, those made by adults can be used year after year. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another treasure trove of Easter craft projects.

  1. A quilted egg mat is a must have on any Easter table.
Helps you can use strips of cloth of different patterns in the process. Or even ones in order to create a pattern of your own.

Helps you can use strips of cloth of different patterns in the process. Or even ones in order to create a pattern of your own.

2. A coin covered cross is always paid in full.

A great decoration to make with all the worthless currency you have hanging around. Though don't ask Jesus to change any of these into gold.

A great decoration to make with all the worthless currency you have hanging around. Though don’t ask Jesus to change any of these into gold.

3. An Easter wreath should always be decked in eggs.

I've put up plastic egg wreaths before in last year's Easter craft post. But this one has its own unique style.

I’ve put up plastic egg wreaths before in last year’s Easter craft post. But this one has its own unique style.

4. A nest filled with grass and eggs always marks the start of spring.

Though I think most of the foliage here is fake. But at least it inspires you to spring into action.

Though I think most of the foliage here is fake. But at least it inspires you to spring into action.

5. With pussy willows and color eggs, this is an Easter scene to remember.

Yes, I know I often call these stems pussy willows. But that's how I was brought up to call them. Anyway, love the butterflies and eggs.

Yes, I know I often call these stems pussy willows. But that’s how I was brought up to call them. Anyway, love the butterflies and eggs.

6. Yarn carrots are great for drawing the Easter Bunny.

Okay, these aren't real nor are the edible. But you can use them for any Easter decoration you please or put them in a basket.

Okay, these aren’t real nor are the edible. But you can use them for any Easter decoration you please or put them in a basket.

7. Nothing warms your heart like a mother and baby bunny wreath on your front door.

Helps that they both have flowers in their ears and bows on their necks. Like how the baby has other flowers on its body, too.

Helps that they both have flowers in their ears and bows on their necks. Like how the baby has other flowers on its body, too.

8. An Easter Bunny should sit on some ivy and colored eggs.

Well, on top of an old pillar anyway. Nevertheless, it's a great decoration to put in the corner or near your front door.

Well, on top of an old pillar anyway. Nevertheless, it’s a great decoration to put in the corner or near your front door.

9. Small glass stones are always great for painting Easter eggs.

And you can paint so many different designs on them, too. Though it requires a lot of precision and an eye for small details.

And you can paint so many different designs on them, too. Though it requires a lot of precision and an eye for small details.

10. This Easter wreath contains its own basket of eggs.

If you don't like bunnies, this will do just fine. Still, really like the flowers on this.

If you don’t like bunnies, this will do just fine. Still, really like the flowers on this.

11. Here we have a bunny lounging around the flowers.

If you like bright spring flowers, this wreath is certainly for you. But don't mind the bunny who's only passing time.

If you like bright spring flowers, this wreath is certainly for you. But don’t mind the bunny who’s only passing time.

12. With a few flowers and eggs, you can make an Easter bouquet.

But make sure the flowers all match first. After that, you can use whatever fake eggs you want.

But make sure the flowers all match first. After that, you can use whatever fake eggs you want.

13. Spring purple flowers in a basket is always an inviting sight.

And since purple is my favorite color, I especially love it. Makes a great centerpiece.

And since purple is my favorite color, I especially love it. Makes a great centerpiece.

14. Greet your Easter guests with a tulip bouquet hanging at your front door.

Well, it doesn't just have tulips. And the flowers are fake. But it'll certainly give a spring touch. Love the lavender ribbon.

Well, it doesn’t just have tulips. And the flowers are fake. But it’ll certainly give a spring touch. Love the lavender ribbon.

15. A quilt with chicks is perfect for the Easter season.

Each square depicts an Easter scene with chicks and eggs. Many will find it a real treat.

Each square depicts an Easter scene with chicks and eggs. Many will find it a real treat.

16. A spring hat should always contain a few flowers.

These white ones are even crocheted in different sizes. Though it’s just as well because late March and April have rather unpredictable weather.

17. A sign like this always brings the Easter Bunny spirit.

After all, it says “Hippity Hop.” And it includes a colored egg for the “O.”

18. A spring bouquet could use some jellybeans and peeps.

Since these candies aren’t really meant for human consumption. But at least they’re great for decoration. Helps if the flowers match.

19. Greet guests into your Easter home with a magnificent bouquet at your front door.

And you can tell it’s an Easter bouquet because there’s a pink bunny in it. But I love the flowers just the same.

20. For a more rustic touch, you can always leave a wooden wheel for blue flowers and birds.

Even includes a bird in the nest. A nice way to welcome friends and family.

21. An Easter cross should have lilies, violets, and ivy.

Call it a lovely way to decorate an implement of a painful and torturous death. Then again, I might’ve said something sacrilegious here. I apologize.

22. It’s always appropriate to put a cross inside a candle holder centerpiece.

After all, you can’t go wrong with an ornate cross and lilies. Makes a great table centerpiece.

23. If you don’t like wreaths, you can make a bunny hanging from a wide straw hat.

Helps if you add a bow and a few flowers. But all in all, this is adorable.

24. Welcome spring with a festive flair by hanging this butterfly wreath.

And boy, does that butterfly certainly make an impression among the vibrant purple deco mesh and flowers. Love this.

25. A cross wreath should contain Easter lilies.

Because the lilies they toil not but not even Solomon could possess anything as great as these. Also, you have to include the cross because He has risen.

26. Wow your guests this Easter with crocheted Easter egg place mats.

Though both of these have a flat end so you can put silverware. But they nevertheless have the same stripe pattern.

27. There’s nothing more sweet than a crocheted chocolate bunny.

Sure you can’t eat it. But it’s oh so adorable you wouldn’t even care.

28. Of course, we all like to hang out with our peeps.

Sure they may be inedible sugar coated marshmallow candy. But this sign is quite clever.

29. Would you want a white or brown nest stand.

I wanted to put these on last year’s post but didn’t see much point. So I have them on for this year. Sure they’re quite plain but creative.

30. Nothing wows Easter visitors like a cotton tail wreath on your door.

Because rabbits have cotton tails. Nevertheless, you have to admire how fluffy and original it is.

31. A flower bouquet should always have a few butterflies.

Well this looks pretty simple. Just have a vase, fake small white flowers, and some butterflies. Lovely.

32. This Easter, how about some spring flowers and eggs in a wooden box.

Helps that the box has a mirror. though the flowers might have rather short stems.

33. This wooden bunny brings flowers of great joy.

Don’t mind it being blue with burlap ears either. At any rate, it’s adorable with a rustic touch.

34. Bring spring into your home with some pinecone zinnias.

They’re just pinecones painted to resemble zinnias. You can put some in a bowl. Love the purple ones the best.

35. Don’t like wreaths? This butterfly hanging will suit your fancy.

Includes deco mesh and ribbons of all kinds of colors along with yellow flowers. Quite stunning if you ask me.

36. This bunny sack is great for storing eggs.

Sure it’s not as elaborate as a basket. But it’s simple to make and won’t break the bank.

37. With some crosses, you can go all out.

Now this one is certainly in all its glory. Love how the flowers match the deco mesh background.

38. These pastel felt bunnies can melt your heart.

Each of them has a unique ribbon, too. But the buttons on them are all the same.

39. An egg shaped wreath should bring spring in all its glory.

Includes a lot of flowers and yarn eggs. Wonderful to have on your front door. Love it.

40. You should always leave a wooden bucket for the birds.

Like how it has purple flowers and moss. Such a naturalistic scene. And quite original.

41. For religious displays, you can’t go wrong with a white lily, 3 crosses, and a crown of thorns.

Well, this looks quite simple for the paschal season. Like how the crosses are set up.

42. These amigurumi bunnies live in a little carrot cottage.

Each bunny is in a different color. The carrot house even has a door and windows. So cute.

43. An antique metal cage is always great for flowers.