The Second Line World of Mardi Gras Parasols


Before people embark on their 6-week sacrifice of Lent come Ash Wednesday, some areas hold a big party where they can indulge in their own desires. The French and those in New Orleans may call it Mardi Gras. Others like the Venetians call it Carnival. Anyway, while those in Venice often don masks and dress in lavish costumes for masquerade balls, those in New Orleans usually tend to hold costumed parades with jazz music and floats. While the costumes in Venice reflect that of a bygone era, the costumes in New Orleans are incredibly festive that they may include some flamboyant parasols among them. Some can contain flashy sequins. Some might have feathers. While some may consist of fringe. So for your reading pleasure, I give you an assortment of parasols for Mardi Gras. Enjoy.

  1. A gold parasol should always have purple feathers.

Well, the feathers are fake. But it’s also covered in Mardi Gras beads around the folds.

2. There’s so much music on this parasol.


Well, the notes, clefs, and guitars are in pink. Trimmed with red fringe. Touched by black bows and red feathers.

3. A purple parasol should have all the trimmings.


Has Mardi Gras beads and gold fleur de lis on all sides. Love the purple feathers around the rims.

4. This umbrella is trimmed with money.


Okay, they’re plastic gold coins. Though you see some fringe along this parasol as well.

5. Perhaps a paper parasol may suit you.


This one has fleur de lis stenciled and painted in gold, purple, and green. So lovely.

6. Golden fringe always goes with black.


This one has embroidered fleur de lis. Perfect for any Mardi Gras parade or wedding.

7. Sometimes all a Mardi Gras parasol needs is a big festive bow.


This one is made from a gold bordered see through ribbon. Also includes feathers for a more festive touch.

8. This parasol will bring music to the scene.


This one uses a guitar handle for the stem. Includes fringe and feathers.

9. Green and purple always make for a great Mardi Gras parasol.


This one has a purple bow on top with shiny jingles. Covered with crowns and masks.

10. Even Saints fans can use a parasol for Mardi Gras.


This one has a “Who Dat?” bow on top. Also consists of sequin fleur de lis and golden fringe.

11. A black parasol can always use something extra.


This large parasol has fringe on the bottom and a bouquet of roses on top. Though they’re mostly in gold.

12. Your parasol can never have enough pink fringe.


This one has 3 rows of fringe. Like the small mask with feathers.

13. Those at LSU might want a Mardi Gras parasol like this.


Though college football season takes place in the fall. While Mardi Gras is in February or March.

14. Sometimes feathers are all you need.


This one is a fancy white parasol. While the feathers are in lavender.

15. Don’t forget to add some treble.


Well, this one has a golden treble clef. Like the black bow on top and fringe.

16. When in doubt, you might want to go with lace.


This one uses green and purple lace with purple and yellow ribbons. Love it.

17. You can always use shiny beads to decorate.


This one consists of a fleur de lis, a purple treble clef, a mask, and music notes. So pretty.

18. Sometimes a simple white parasol is all you need.


this one has gold tassles on the rim. While a large golden bow sits on top.

19. Perhaps you can use a few fleur de lis.


This one has 4 shiny gold fleur de lis and a ribbon to divide them. Love the bow though.

20. When it comes with Mardi Gras parasols, the more colorful the better.


This one has sides in purple, green, and yellow. Includes sequins, music notes, and masks.

21. There’s nothing more festive on a Mardi Gras parasol than masks.


Well, it has a purple mask. Also consists of pom poms, feathers, crowns, and Mardi Gras beads.

22. A simple white parasol can always use a festive touch.


This one has a blue bow with some green squiggles. Love the white fringe.

23. Perhaps your parasol can use some glitter.


Okay, the images are more or less made out of sequins. Consists of masks and fleur de lis. Love the purple feathers.

24. No parasol can have too many ribbons.


This one has New Orleans Saints ribbons in black and gold. While the fleur de lis is in sequins.

25. A black lace parasol can always use some ornamentation.


This one has crosses, jewels, and ribbons. Perfect for any Mardi Gras funeral.

26. A silver Mardi Gras parasol should always contain blue feathers.


Also contains silver Mardi Gras beads. As a silver fleur de lis sits on top.

27. Salute your LSU Tigers with this Mardi Gras parasol.


Decorated with Tigers insignia encrusted in the fabric. Includes Mardi Gras beads, a gold fleur de lis on top, and purple feathers.

28. You’ll find masks all around this Mardi Gras parasol.


This one has masks embroidered on some of the sides. Love the purple feathers though.

29. A black shiny parasol should always look festive.


Has a gold fleur de lis sitting on top. Includes gold Mardi Gras beads and black feathers.

30. A festive Mardi Gras parasol should always shimmer.


This one has 2 fleur de lis in purple and green. While the feathers are in green, purple, and yellow.

31. A black parasol can always use a feather plume.


This one has fleur de lis on all sides. Also consists of gold decoration.

32. A white parasol can uses some colorful masks.


This one has feather masks of many different colors. Has a crown on top.

33. A black parasol is easy to customize.


Includes masks, crowns, feathers, and Mardi Gras beads. Love the crown on top.

34. Nothing is jazzier on Mardi Gras than a pink parasol.


This one has a saxophone with pink plumes along with lace and roses at the ends. Pink fringe lies along the edges. Great for any Mardi Gras party.

35. A silver parasol should always sparkle.


This one has sparkly fleur de lis. Like the jewels and silver bow. So pretty.

36. A purple parasol should have all the trimmings.


This one his trimmed with lace and fringe. Also contains yellow jewels and ribbons.

37. A large gold bow really stands out on a black parasol.


This one has fleur de lis painted on the sides. While the edges have feathers. Though I love the bow.

38. Perhaps you’d like a golden parasol with pink feathers.


This one is spray-painted gold with a golden fleur de lis. Includes pink Mardi Gras beads as well.

39. Of course, no parasol can’t be complete without a peacock.


Well, the peacock is fake. Yet, the feathers make this parasol sensational.

40. Sometimes two Mardi Gras parasols must match.


One is green with a purple plume and fringe. The other is purple with a green plume and fringe.

41. A purple parasol for Mardi Gras can be quite fancy.


This one has shiny jewels and sequin decorations. But the purple plume really stands out here.

42. Perhaps you might prefer a parasol of blue lace.


This one is said to include LED lights. Bad for a rainy day. Perfect for Mardi Gras.

43. At weddings, you might prefer plain parasols with feathers.


You see a lot of these parasols when you do a Google search. Still, it’s kind of annoying.

44. Wedding parasols must always match.


Each of these has gold coins, feathers, and a fleur de lis. Don’t ask since this is a New Orleans tradition.

45. A pink parasol should have all kinds of jewels.


This one has colorful feathers near the top. Though the jewels make it extra sparkly.

46. A white parasol should always have some decorations.


Has jewels, fleur de lis, and green, yellow, and purple feathers. Though it can use a fancy ornament on top.

47. Fun party decorations can always belong on a parasol.


Yes, I know it kind seems more party store style than the others. But it certainly belongs in a Mardi Gras parade.

48. You can never have too many fleur de lis on a parasol.


And you see them in yellow, green, and purple. The edge is trimmed with lace by the way.

49. A purple parasol can always be a sparkling sight.


This one has Mardi Gras beads and fleur de lis. The bird’s pretty, too.

50. A circular parasol should always be decked out.


Covered with jewels, fleur de lis, and feathers. Love it.

51. A red parasol will always stand out from the music.


This one has a treble clef, crowns, and musical notes. Like the bow on top.

52. A sparkly white parasol must shimmer.


This one is covered in jewels. Like the feathers and plume.

53. The fancier your Mardi Gras parasol, the better.


This one has sequins and is covered with green, purple, white, and gold patches. Love the purple feathers.

54. A gold parasol with yellow feathers can be quite festive.


Includes a shiny fleur de lis on tops. Also comprises of gold Mardi Gras beads, too.

55. When it comes to black parasols, feel free to give it a great impression.


Has 2 fleur de lis and a festive garland. But I love the bow the best.

56. A white parasol should always have a matching plume and feathers.


Has some gold sequin fleur de lis and other decorations. Guess this is a companion for a wedding second line.

57. You can’t go wrong on Mardi Gras with a parasol of black.


This one has coins and fleur de lis all over the sides. Also trimmed with black and gold feathers.

58. A Mardi Gras parasol should be in green, yellow, and purple.


Contains masks, sequins, and crowns. Trimmed with fringe.

59. A lacy black parasol should have black feathers.


Also, not a good one for a rainy day. Includes golden crowns and other decorations.

60. A parasol with rainbow feathers always creates a colorful impression.


Well, it’s black with nothing much on it. Though the feather colors are amazing.

Top of the Morning with These Lucky Saint Patrick’s Day Craft Projects (Fourth Edition)


Now that I have the treats out of the way, let’s make way for the crafts. While Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t nearly a big holiday compared to Valentine’s Day or Easter, there are still people who go all out. They may decorate their house with shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold, and rainbows. When March begins, you’re bound to see plenty of Saint Paddy’s Day decorations at any kind of store. Well, depending when Easter arrives, anyway. Though some may want to make their own. And that’s where I come in. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of lucky Saint Patrick’s Day craft projects. Enjoy.

  1. You’d have a lucky day with this button shamrock.

The buttons are in different shades of green. While it’s amongst a rainbow zigzag background.

2. Perhaps you might want to hang one of these panels.


One says “LUCK” in gold with a green zigzag background. One has a green shamrock. While one has a white shamrock among green.

3. Best to put a shamrock on this wreath.


Well, the wreath consists of branches with green and white berries. While the large wooden shamrock has a bow with a button.

4. This leprechaun hat can use a few shamrocks.


The shamrocks have green stripes on them. While green foliage comes from the top.

5. Put some flowers in a shamrock jar.


The flowers are fake. While the tag says, “Erin go bragh.”

6. With this rainbow, you can catch the wind.


And you’ll have plenty of use with this since it’s very windy in March. Has shamrocks at the bottom.

7. A tulle green wreath will always cause a St. Patrick’s Day sensation.


This one has a green shamrock on top and a white one on the bottom. All in all, it’s quite stunning.

8. Feel free to greet any leprechauns with this wreath.


This one says, “Leprechauns Welcome!” Includes hat and feet as well.

9. A green wreath should always include shamrocks.


The shamrocks are in a lighter green to show. And it’s hung and topped by a green bow.

10. Don’t forget to top your Saint Patrick’s Day home with a leprechaun hat.


This one seems made out of felt with a belt on the top. Not sure if you can wear it. But it makes for a perfect centerpiece.

11. Perhaps you’d like to make your wreath with balls of yarn.


These consist of small balls in green and white. Like the fancy shamrock on the bottom.

12. Show your Irish spirit with this shamrock wreath.


The leaves and stem on this one are made out of wire hangers. Tied together with a brown lace bow.

13. Care for a leprechaun sitting on your ledge.


Hey, at least he’s not Elf on the Shelf. Though he might have a little fun at your expense.

14. Nothing makes a fine Saint Patrick’s Day party than a shamrock bouquet.


This one has shiny shamrocks in a vase filled with green Easter grass. Also touched by a bowl and green baubles.

15. Perhaps a simple white wreath will do.


This one consists of a green, orange, and white flower. All to represent the flag of Ireland.

16. Enjoy the luck of the Irish with this shamrock charm bracelet.


This one has vintage pictures in shamrock shapes. While they’re all linked by a golden chain.

17. Grace your table with some pots full of shamrocks.


Well, there’s a shamrock on top of each of them. While the pot tops have a lace design.

18. Some might prefer a fancier wreath on their front door.


This one has a green pot of gold in the center. Though I love the green bow the best.

19. A green yarn wreath should always have some shamrocks.


The wreath is light green. The shamrocks are dark green with gold beads on them.

20. Best of luck to have a St. Patrick’s Day table runner.


This one has a lot of shamrock patterns on it. Great for any table presentation.

21. A large wooden shamrock will give you lots of luck.


This one his a green 4-leaf clover. Great for any Saint Patrick’s Day home.

22. Even small felt shamrocks can bring in the Irish spirit.


These are felt 4-leaf clovers with pearl beads. You can put these on pretty much anything.

23. This owl has shamrocks on the mind.


You have to love its button eyes and its shamrock plumage. So cute.

24. Greet visitors this Saint Patrick’s Day with this shamrock wreath.


The shamrocks are quite shiny on this one. While the bottom ahs a white and green bow.

25. Make sure there are plenty of coins on the green.


This is for a table setting. And there’s a whole row of candles, too.

26. A striped wreath can be all the rage.


This one has stripes in green and white. While the bottom green section consists of white flowers and a bow.

27. This horseshoe shamrock is guaranteed to bring you luck.


This is just made out of shamrocks and sprayed green. Perfect for any door.

28. Feel free to give your guests a golden time with this Saint Patrick’s Day wreath.


It’s mostly green with a gold section. Includes shamrocks and gold coins. So pretty.

29. A rainbow wreath should always include a few shamrocks.


Though the rainbow here doesn’t include yellow. Also has shamrocks for a lucky touch.

30. This wine bottle is covered in shamrocks.


The shamrocks are black for emphasis. Put it wherever you like. Hell, you can even put lights in it.

31. You should always put in a few shamrocks with flowers.


Well, they’re in a bottle with lights. One of the shamrocks even smiles.

32. Why don’t you let this leprechaun greet you at the door?


this guy has a spotted outfit on with a shamrock. So adorable, don’t you think?

33. Welcome leprechauns with a St. Paddy’s Day wreath like this.


Includes shamrocks and green berries. Festive for any St. Patrick’s Day party.

34. 3 shamrocks are always better than one.


The shamrocks are so shiny on the stick. While each of them has a pattern and a bow.

35. A ribbon wreath should always have a shamrock in the center.


Even the ribbons have shamrocks on them. While the shamrock in the center contains a bow.

36. Got to get plenty of leprechaun hats for the tree.


Well, you have a few of them on here. The garlands are golden. Still, I can spot a shamrock or two.

37. A burlap wreath should include some green ribbon.


Includes 3 shamrocks. Love the ribbon and net. So pretty.

38. A ruffled felt wreath will be just what you need.


This one has a light green shamrock. Perfect for any Saint Patrick’s Day door.

39. Green flowers go well in a lucky potted bouquet.


Includes 3 shiny shamrocks. Makes a perfect centerpiece.

40. You won’t trick this potted leprechaun for his pot of gold.


The leprechaun has felt features and very long limbs. Still, he’s quite cute with his pot of gold.

41. A shamrock wreath belongs in a lucky house.


The shamrocks are in different shades of green. Perfect for any front door on Saint Patrick’s Day.

42. Perhaps a white wreath will suit your Irish fancy.


Has some green flowers on the bottom. Like the green ribbon wrapping around the white yarn.

43. Those who prefer a more naturalistic wreath might like this one.


This one has leaves and berries. Like the green bow though.

44. Feel free to put this runner on your St. Patrick’s Day table.


This is in a quilted stripe patterns. Includes patches of shamrocks and leprechaun hats.

45. A large shamrock should come with some green bows.


This one has a shamrock painted which you can hang on a window. Love it.

46. Capture the Irish spirit in your home with this burlap wreath.


This one has a shamrock bow on the top and a shamrock on the bottom. Great for any rustic cabin.

47. Saint Patrick’s Day won’t be lucky without a rainbow frame.


Has “Lucky” in golden letters where the picture should be. While the rainbow is so shiny.

48. You can’t go wrong with this shamrock wreath at your door.


I’m sure this is made from wire hangers. Though most of the greenery here is felt.

49. A ribbon shamrock might give you extra luck.


This shamrock is woven with ribbons. And it has another shamrock in the center.

50. May the Irish welcome you to this house.


This one has some leaves and berries. While a shamrock graces the middle.

51. You’ll have plenty of luck with this polka dot shamrock brooch.


Well, it’s mostly green with white spots. Perfect to wear with a green shirt.

52. You can’t have too many shamrocks on a wreath.


This one has shamrocks in different shades of green. Like the bow at the bottom.

53. You’ll find plenty of shamrocks on Irish gold.


Well, at least on this wreath. And the shamrocks are in 4-leaf clovers.

54. Don’t leave for the Saint Patrick’s Day parade without this shamrock pin.


This one is made out of a rag with green pipe cleaners. Like the fastening button though.

55. This bud vase will give you a very lucky day.


The vase is an old wine bottle covered in light green yarn. Yet, I like the white flowers and green ribbon.

56. Hope this wreath can give you a warm welcome.


Spells out “Welcome” in shamrocks. Also includes leprechauns and bows.

57. Greet your visitors this Saint Patrick’s Day with this wreath of shamrocks.


This one has lots of leaves and boughs. Like the shamrocks and gold coins. So pretty.

58. A spotty shamrock can be quite whimsical.


So if you don’t like wreaths, you can use this. Hung by a zebra ribbon.

59. Perhaps you might want to welcome your Irish guests with a flower basket.


Consists of green flowers. Has a shamrock on the basket though.

60. A shamrock should be amongst a rainbow.


Well, the rainbow is made from an old sock. But the shamrock is quite sparkly in this frame.

61. Feel free to put your drinks on this St. Paddy’s Day mug rug.


Only one of these is the flag of Ireland. Yet, perfect for any party. As long as there isn’t any alcohol.

62. Check out the shamrocks on this table runner.


The shamrocks are in patchwork patterns. While the green border is quite intricate.

63. Bet you didn’t imagine a St. Patrick’s Day table topper like this.


This one has the shape of an 8 pointed star. And yes, most of the patterns are in shamrocks.

64. Curl up on your couch this Saint Patrick’s Day with this shamrock pillow.


This one just has a shamrock on a white pillow. So feel free to rest your weary head.

65. Even an Irish cat should have a shamrock.


Well shamrocks with yellow flowers. Still, this cat is so cute.

66. Now you can have your own pot of gold bouquet.


These are rainbow roses in a vase with golden rocks. Rocks are spray-painted by the way.

67. Decorate your St. Patrick’s Day home with one of these shamrock panels.


Two are green while one is wooden. And all made with the magic of saws and spray paint.

68. You’ll be rolling with this St. Patrick’s Day VW van.

paddys day camper 2

Though keep in mind that Volkswagen is a German company. Yet, this one is green with a leprechaun hat.

69. You might want to beware the overhanging leprechaun.


He’s hanging with his pot of gold to greet you. Not sure if I’d like that.

70. Perhaps a bauble wreath will make Irish eyes smile.


The baubles are all green as you see. Includes a lot of shiny shamrocks, too.

71. Shamrocks should be on sticks with spirals.


They’re all green with different patterns. Each is even touched with a bow.

72. This lucky wreath may please you.


Includes plastic green hats. Says “Lucky” with shiny shamrocks.

73. Feel free to put anything in these shamrock jars.


One is green with a gold shamrock. The other is spray painted gold with a green shamrock.

74. You can never have too many shamrocks in a bouquet.


Nonetheless, it’s quite green. Makes a great centerpiece.

75. Wonder what’s sprouting from the leprechaun hat.


This one is a fairly simple arrangement. Yet, it has gold coins on the brim. Gold plastic coins.

76. Care to put some flowers in old wine bottles?


One of them has a sequin bowtie since it’s supposed to be a leprechaun outfit. But the flowers are green.

77. Hope you like the garland at the door.


This is mostly decomesh. While you see “Irish” and “Lucky” inscribed.

78. Your little leprechauns will enjoy these little peg dolls.


These are made out of wood and felt. The girl ones wear tall hats.

79. Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with these shamrock blocks.


Two of these are green with white shamrocks. The other is white with a green shamrock.

80. You’ll find plenty of shamrocks sprouting from this shiny leprechaun hat.


This one has a lot of stuff on it. And it’s topped with ribbons, shamrocks, and branches.

81. Got an old wine bottle? Decorate it with shamrocks.


Has a green plaid ribbon. While the shamrock is covered in green glitter.

82. Grace your table this Saint Patrick’s Day with this shamrock table topper.


Each shamrock uses a different pattern. While the border uses squares.

83. This lantern is covered with green flowers.


It’s covered in ribbons and shamrocks. Like the shamrock on the top.

84. Please don’t let this leprechaun out of the cage.


Has green rocks inside while the top has flowers. Let’s hope the leprechaun doesn’t escape.

85. You’ll find the luck of the Irish in this block.


This one has green lights inside. Topped with a shamrock ribbon. So pretty.

86. Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with this vase of green baubles.


Has green baubles with shamrocks. Makes a great centerpiece.

87. You’ll find a lot of gold in these candle holders.


Well, these are mostly spray-painted rocks. But the candles are green.

88. Green ribbons go on top of this lantern.


Includes green foliage and shamrocks as well. Great for rustic settings.

89. Don’t forget to put on the hats to the wine bottles.


These are spray painted wine bottles. Also includes jingles and shamrocks.

90. Everyone will know you’re Irish with this decoration.


This is a mailbox decoration. And yes, it lights up during the night.

91. You’ll find plenty of gold underneath this ribbon tree.


The tree ribbons are green and white with shamrocks on them. Yet, the gold is in the pot and around it.

92. There are plenty of Irish blessings on this tree.


This one has so many Irish stuff for Saint Patrick’s Day. Great for any Irish home.

93. Leprechaun houses always shine bright.


Of course, these are painted in PennDOT green. While the path consists of gold coins.

94. For luck, feel free to hang this Saint Patrick’s Day wreath.


Says “Lucky” across the top. While the bottom consists of green and white flowers.

95. These wire shamrocks are all covered in ribbons.


Well, they’re made from rags. But you can hang them from a drawer.

96. May your luck be painted in green.


The “U” is in a horseshoe as you can see. Great for rustic settings.

97. You’ll fall for these Irish pot figures.


These have flowers coming from the pots. And yes, they’re really adorable. So cute.

98. Perhaps you might prefer a shamrock curtain.


The shamrocks are in different shades of green. While they’re all connected with string.

99. The pot of gold is somewhere over the rainbow.


This is a simple decoration on a wood panel. Kind of pretty as you can see.

100. Would you like a potted leprechaun on a ledge?


This one even has a beard. So cute if you ask me.

Erin Go Bragh with These Lucky Treats on Saint Patrick’s Day (Fifth Edition)


Once again, Valentine’s Day is over and stores are already making way for the green and shamrocks. Many may view Saint Patrick’s Day as a celebration of their Irish heritage or a religious holiday to venerate Saint Patrick. Others see it as an excuse to go on pub crawls and get drunk due to the negative Irish drinking stereotypes. Nonetheless, you can expect a lot of green, shamrocks, leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold. So not surprisingly, many people throw St. Paddy’s Day parties with lots of goodies. And that’s where I come in. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of Saint Patrick’s Day treats. Enjoy.

  1. Nothing makes St. Patrick’s Day like some green cake bars.

Well, these are more like cakes. Minty green goes on top, by the way.

2. Celebrate your Saint Paddy’s Day dinner with a side of green mashed potatoes.


Each of these is within a savory pie crust. Not to mention, topped with a shamrock for good measure.

3. Treat your little leprechauns to this rainbow bento lunch.


Well, the rainbow is a fruit tray. Though the other box has mostly green food with shamrocks.

4. Keep your St. Patrick’s Day colorful with a rainbow trifle.


I guess this one has cake and pudding inside in 6 different colors. Topped with whipped cream.

5. Then again, you might want a St. Paddy’s Day trifle in Oreo mint.


This one has chocolate pudding inside. Love the green mint ice cream on top. Or is it whipped cream?

6. Rainbow pancakes always make for a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast.


Well, these pancakes are very small and stacked up together. Top has whipped cream and Lucky Charms marshmallows.

7. Hope you can get a load of this shamrock cupcake.


Or is it an actual cake. Nonetheless, depicts a belt buckle on the bottom.

8. Treat your St. Pat’s party guests with this rainbow veggie tray.


Of course, there’s no blue vegetable. While peppers make up of red, orange, and yellow.

9. Kids will be thrilled with some Lucky Leprechaun Lunch.


Consists of green Chex mix with Lucky Charms marshmallows. Some of the Chex even have sprinkles.

10. Show your Irish spirit with these shamrock shortbread cookies.


Well, these are pistachio key lime without much green. Yet, they’re at least in shamrock shapes with icing.

11. Grace your dessert platter with these Saint Paddy’s Day cookies.


Includes pots of gold, leprechauns, hats, and shamrocks. And all in green icing.

12. Want some shamrocks on your brownie?


Not sure if the shamrocks are edible. But the brownies seem tasty.

13. For healthier options, check out this rainbow fruit platter.


Includes chocolate coins for the pot of gold. Though the coins won’t taste great once you unwrap them.

14. Perhaps you might want a shamrock nacho lunch.


Well, these consist of shamrock tortilla chips. Salad includes cheese, sour cream, and avocado.

15. Impress your Irish guests with some shamrock pizza.

Shamrock Pizza-2

Well, the shamrocks are basil leaves here. And all seem to have 4 leaves for extra luck.

16. Anyone would be delighted with these shamrock cupcakes.


These seem like they’re made with holders in a special shape. So they can have 3 leaves.

17. Treat yourself on St. Patrick’s Day with these truffles.


Well, these appear to resemble cake pops. Covered in green icing along with white drizzle and chocolate chips.

18. St. Paddy’s Day rice cakes make for a tasty treat.


Actually, they’re salsa rice cakes. Contains cheese and a pepper shamrock on top.

19. Chocolate cupcakes must always have a shamrock on them.


Each of these has shamrock made of gumdrops. Though you might want to peel them off before you eat them.

20. Feast your eyes on some shamrock cheesy bread.

st patricks day cookie cutter g_thumb[1]

Then again, it can be a small pizza. Want to try? Certainly looks tasty.

21. Nobody could resist these St. Paddy’s Day cookies.

St Patricks Day Cookies - Baking in Heels - 5

Consists of coins, pot of gold, shamrocks, and rainbows. Professionally made but so pretty.

22. You’ll be lucky to have a shamrock cupcake or 2.

st patricks day cupcakes

Each of these has a shamrock made out of icing. Some have chocolate icing. Some don’t.

23. Any little leprechaun would be lucky to have a lunch like this.

St. Patrick's Day Bento 3

Consists of a leprechaun sandwich and a veggie hat. Nonetheless, it’s so cute.

24. Perhaps your little one might try this green bento lunch for size.

St.Patricks Day Go Green bento snack

Consists of 2 containers of veggies, one of cheese, and one of bread. Includes shamrocks and pot of gold decorations.

25. For breakfast, you might want a couple of shamrock eggs.


Well, they’re eggs with peppers around it. Easy as that.

26. It’s never St. Patrick’s Day without some shamrock buns.


Well, they’re more like biscuits. Yet, each has a shamrock on top.

27. Might want some Lucky Charms on some cupcakes.


Each of these has a “Lucky You” sign on top. Though these seem quite easy to make.

28. Hope you find a pot of gold in these cupcakes.


Not sure if the pots of gold are edible (probably). While the rest of the cupcakes are covered green icing and sprinkles.

29. Want a piece from this pot of gold cake?


This one has coin and shamrock cookies inside. While the pot is covered with chocolate icing.

30. Would you like a slice of key lime pie?


This one has a shamrock on top. Hope you enjoy it.

31. You’ll find some Lucky Charms in these cupcakes.


Well, marshmallows anyway. You’ll also find some sprinkles as well.

32. A shamrock soft pretzel makes a great St. Patrick’s Day snack.


Comes with green mustard sauce. And it’s in a 4-leaf clover shape.

33. There’s nothing that pleases more than some Irish cream push pops.


I’m sure they come with a minty taste. Has green pudding and chocolate under the whipped cream.

34. Perhaps you’d like a shamrock on a stick.


This one has a marshmallow shamrock on top of a yellow sandwich cookie. Perfect for any St. Paddy’s Day party.

35. Care to eat some shamrock quiche?


This is a Spanish quiche in a 4-leaf clover. And they all have leaves of green.

36. Shamrock chocolates makes a great St. Paddy’s Day treat.


The chocolates are green on a stick. Each has a rainbow decoration.

37. There’s no better St. Patrick’s Day dinner like a pie of corned beef and hash.


This one has a shamrock on top. Though corned beef and hash isn’t my thing.

38. You’ll be lucky to have a pot of gold cookie sandwich.


I’m sure each of these have a minty filling. Also, the chocolate part is covered in sprinkles.

39. Shamrock pretzels make an ideal St. Paddy’s Day snack.


These are covered in green icing. Very simple to make. So pretty.

40. You sure can’t beat these Lucky Charms bars.


These are made from Lucky Charms cereal. While the tops are covered in marshmallow shamrocks and green icing.

41. Mind if I take a chocolate shamrock?


Indeed, these are professionally made with a mold. Perfect for a party on March 17.

42. There’s nothing more lucky to the Irish than these shamrock fudge bars.


Each one has a yellow M&M on top. While the shamrocks are made from green icing.

43. These Irish owl cookies will always be a hoot.


These owls are dressed as leprechauns. So they’re more like owlechauns.

44. Perhaps you’d like to see this little Irish house.


These are graham cracker houses. But his one has candy décor on the roof and around it.

45. No St. Patrick’s Day dessert platter is complete without this leprechaun hat cake.


This one has a flower near the brim. Perfect as a piece de resistance for any dessert platter on St. Paddy’s Day.

46. Perhaps you might prefer some shamrock avocado toast.


You might see the avocado sauce is green. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or parties.

47. These mini ombre cakes may suit your fancy.


These have layers of green cake and white icing. One has a shamrock on top.

48. No appetizer platter is complete on St. Paddy’s Day without some Emerald Isle dip.


This one has a shamrock in the bread bowl. Perfect for veggies and crackers.

49. Any kid would be lucky to have a leprechaun cookie like this.


This one has a red beard and green suit. So adorable you can eat him up.

50. Perhaps you’ll love these peanut butter leprechaun cookies.


These have little red beards and green hats with shamrocks on them. So cute.

51. Care for some green shamrock cupcakes?


Not only do these have green icing, but also green filling. And they’re all covered in green and white sprinkles.

52. A green petal cake is a perfect St. Patrick’s Day dessert.

St. Patrick's Day Green Petal Cake 3 final

This one consists of petals in shades of green. So feel free to take a slice.

53. Put some color in your St. Patrick’s Day party with a rainbow cake roll.


You can see all the colors in one slice. There are even sprinkles in the icing.

54. Wake up this Saint Patrick’s Day to some shamrock breakfast pizza.


It’s more of a calzone. Includes eggs, cheese, and sausage.

55. These shamrock cookie sandwiches are full of surprises.


These are filled with rainbow sprinkles. But they won’t lead you to any pot of gold.

56. Hope you can kiss these Irish lips.


These lip cookies have green shamrocks on them. Yet, please don’t kiss the Blarney Stone.

57. Perhaps these green owls will please you.


These owls have little suits with shamrock buttons. So adorable they’re a hoot.

58. You’ll be lucky to see these Oreo pots of gold on St. Patrick’s Day dessert platter.


Has a fruit roll up rainbow and an M&M shamrock. Said to taste like mint.

59. Hope you got what it takes to eat these shamrock pudding shots.


These have edible shot glasses with shamrocks on them. Hope they’re chocolate.

60. Care to take a shamrock Oreo?


These have shamrocks in candy and sprinkles. Take your pick.

61. Enjoy your Saint Patrick’s Day with some Pot of Gold corn casserole.


A slice of this has some shamrocks on it. Then again, corn casserole isn’t something we eat at my house.

62. Any little Irish lass would love these leprechaun girl cookies.


Each girl is wearing a little green dress with shamrocks and a green hat. So cute.

63. On Saint Patrick’s Day, you’ll be in luck to see these leprechaun cupcakes.


These have little icing beards and green hats. Adorable if you ask me.

64. It’s your lucky day to have a St. Paddy’s marshmallow pop.


This is a bear with shamrock ears and a nose. Even wears a shamrock hat.

65. Serve your guests this Saint Patrick’s Day with some green velvet cake.


This one has 3 layers inside. And it’s topped with a green shamrock in the center.

66. Feel free to try one of these shamrock pops.


These are candies on a stick. While each stick is decorated with a rainbow.

67. Shamrock cinnamon rolls can use some green drizzle.


Well, each of these has 4 leaves and a stem. Wouldn’t mind having one of these.

68. Let your little leprechaun wake up to a lucky rainbow breakfast.


The pot is made from eggs and pancakes. The rainbow and cloud are made of fruit.

69. These chocolate covered strawberries are a St. Paddy’s Day delight.


Each of these is covered in chocolate with sprinkles and drizzle. Some even have shamrocks on them.

70. Get in the Irish spirit with a jello shamrock.


Even has a creamy layer on top. Yet, I think it can use a little whipped cream for good measure.

71. Make your Saint Patrick’s Day special with these lucky cupcakes.


Unlike some of these cupcakes, these have chocolate horseshoes. Yet, the top is sprinkled with green.

72. I’m sure these St. Patrick’s Day brownies can satisfy.


These have little green icing bits on top. And the brownies are filled with chocolatey goodness.

73. Best you get a bite out of these rainbow Rice Krispie treats.


These have layers of color. But they won’t lead to a pot of gold.

74. For Saint Patrick’s Day, you might want some green chocolate chip cookies.

st. patricks day chocolate chip cookiesst. patricks day green desserts st patricks day food ideas st-f89342

Yes, I know they kind of look disgusting. But on Saint Patrick’s Day, green food is practically in.

75. Hope you can find the pot of gold on these cupcakes.


These have M&M decorations with mini marshmallow clouds. So cute.

76. Feast your eyes this Saint Patrick’s Day on these green cheesecake brownies.


I guess the top layer can be quite minty. Love the swirls.

77. Perhaps you might enjoy a thin mint jello shot this Saint Patrick’s Day.


These have chocolate on the bottom with green jello layers. Topped with whipped cream.

78. A Saint Patrick’s Day cake should always sparkle.


This one has 3 tiers consisting of 2 green and one gold. Includes shamrocks and a white rose.

79. There’s always gold in this colorful rainbow cake.


This one has a rainbow on top and on the sides. Love it.

80. Treat your little ones this Saint Patrick’s Day with a Rainbow Buddha bowl.


It’s a salad dish with all kinds of veggies. But it’s great as a St. Patrick’s Day side.

Top of the Morning with These Lucky Saint Patrick’s Day Craft Projects (Third Edition)


Now it’s on to the crafts. Since Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t as big a holiday like Easter. But that doesn’t keep stores from selling green decorations as soon as Valentine’s Day is over. Because there are plenty of people known to go all out on March 17. While green is a predominant color, you also have pots of gold coins, rainbows, shamrocks, and leprechauns. And while it’s typically a holiday associated with parades and heavy drinking, there are plenty of stuff for families to do with the kids. Like do little acts of mischief in the house and pretend it was the work of leprechauns crashing your place. I’m sure your little kids would love it like my sister did when she was 3. Nonetheless, here is another assortment of St. Patrick’s Day crafts for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

  1. You’ll be lucky to have this flashy wreath at your front door.

This one is replete with green shiny vines and gold ribbon. Like the green bow.

2. Perhaps a shamrock bouquet on your table.

Well, at least the shamrock is prominently featured here. Like the gold beads and decomesh.

3. This green tulle wreath has a Irish touch.

Has a shamrock hanging and gold coins. Too bad the coins are plastic as expected.

4. For good luck, grace your door with this wooden shamrock.

Well, it’s a wooden shamrock with some smaller green shamrocks on the side. Also, it even says, “Lucky.”

5. You’d always be top of the morning with this green ribbon wreath.

This one has decomesh ribbons and a shiny shamrock in the middle. Perfect for any St. Paddy’s Day door.

6. A shamrock bouquet always needs a white rose.

And you can use these on tables if you want to. Though make sure they’re fake if you plan to take your St. Paddy’s party outdoors.

7. Curl up on your couch with this Saint Patrick’s Day pillow.

This one uses a 4 leaf clover print. Nevertheless, I’m sure you can find it on Etsy.

8. A St. Patrick’s Day lantern should have yellow flowers.

Okay, it has white flowers, too. Also includes clover and a bow from a shamrock ribbon.

9. Doesn’t hurt to have a shamrock in green zigzags.

It’s touched with a green polka dot ribbon. Great for any door for St. Paddy’s Day.

10. 2 shamrocks is luckier than one.

Well, one is smaller than the other and in a lighter color. But both are bordered with gold and have shiny glitter.

11. Got green baubles? Make a wreath out of them.

This one also contains shiny shamrock vines, small shamrocks, and a shamrock ribbon tied in a bow. Got to love this one.

12. A rainbow rag wreath always needs a pot of gold.

Sure most of it is in felt ties. But you have to admire the creativity on this. So pretty.

13. Nobody can resist this St. Paddy’s Day owl.

It’s even in a green shamrock pattern. And yes, it’s a hoot.

14. How about a green wreath with flowers?

The flowers are made out of tissue paper. And the wreath is atop a white frame with a light green ribbon.

15. Anyone would be lucky to have this pot of gold pot.

Has a gold glitter top and shamrock. And you can put candy in it as you please.

16. Welcome your guests with this leprechaun hat display.

Well, this one has hat over a shamrock in a pot. Love to have it outside my door.

17. A shamrock stands out on a wooden panel.

Well, it’s certainly a nice 4-leaf clover on a panel. And it’s held by sturdy string.

18. A St. Patrick’s Day wreath can never have enough shamrocks.

You have shamrocks on the decomesh as well as on the ribbon. Still, you have to love the bow.

19. How about you punch a few shamrocks out of this hat?

Yet, it’s nonetheless green and worthy to hang on a wall. Like the striped bow, too.

20. You’ll have plenty luck from the Irish with this shamrock.

Though considering Ireland’s history, I’m not sure if you want the luck of the Irish. Because they spent a considerable time under British rule. And went through a famine in the 1840s.

21. Care for a burlap wreath of shamrocks?

This one has a bow on the top and shiny shamrocks on all sides. Quite lovely on any door.

22. A St. Patrick’s Day candle can bring you some luck.

This a mostly decomesh decoration. Includes shamrocks and a leprechaun hat.

23. With this wreath you’ll receive an Irish blessing.

Well, St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday in Ireland. So it’s only natural to include a craft with a cross.

24. Any little leprechaun would love to have this crocheted hat.

Well, it’s a rather small green bowler. But the golden is quite charming.

25. You can’t go wrong with this St. Paddy’s Day display on your table.

This one has 3 metal tiers with shamrock lights, leprechauns, and a pot of chocolate toffees. Got to love the coins surrounding it.

26. Perhaps a simple yarn wreath with shamrocks will do.

It’s mostly green with some gold on one side. Still, you got to admire the shamrocks.

27. If you like flowers, you might want a green hydrangea wreath.

Well, they’re white and in shades of green. And it’s topped with a green ribbon.

28. Hang this leprechaun hat on your lucky wall.

It’s mostly made of felt with shamrocks. Some of these are held by ribbons and buttons.

29. Shamrocks can come in an array of patterns.

Two of these shamrocks are polka dots. One is in plaid. And they’re all different sizes.

30. Perhaps a green shamrock wreath would suit your fancy.

This one is made from burlap. The leaves are made from wire hangers. Love it.

31. For a simple decoration, try some baubles in a glass vase.

Well, it’s quite interesting. And the ornaments are quite green with gold tops.

32. You’ll have plenty of luck in this basket.

Helps that it’s a green basket filled with shamrocks. Though Irish luck isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

33. Wooden shamrocks should come with a few ribbons.

All of these are green with different patterns. Perfect to set on any table.

34. There’s no greener tree than one for St. Patrick’s Day.

Includes shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold, and horseshoes. Perfect for a festive party on March 17.

35.  If you’re into St. Patrick’s Day, you must have an Irish heart.

Lo and behold, I find a heart with a shamrock on top. Love the green stripes.

36. If you love leprechauns, then these flower pot hats are for you.

These seem like something kids would do. But each has a shamrock and glitter gold buckle.

37. Wear your Irish pride with this shamrock pendant.

This one is in a crocheted pattern. While delicate, it goes well on a gold chain.

38. For extra luck, how about a shamrock with horseshoes?

And it’s on a wooden panel. Still, you have to admire the creativity on this one.

39. You’ll find so many shamrocks on this pillow.

The shamrock is in the center with a button. And even the fabric has shamrocks as well.

40. Instead of a wreath, you might want a green square frame.

This one has a couple of fans in the corner. And it contains some shamrocks with an Irish touch.

41. Light up your St. Paddy’s Day with this lantern.

Okay, maybe not since it has a candle inside. This one has ribbons and flowers on top.

42. Show your Irish pride with this St. Patrick’s Day wreath.

This one depicts a painting of shamrocks, leprechaun wreath, and the Irish flag. And all surrounded by decomesh and burlap.

43. Anyone could adore this wooden shamrock on a panel.

This is painted and held by a green ribbon. Great for any wall for Saint Patrick’s Day.

44. Greet visitors with Irish hospitality with this striped wreath.

This is a yarn wreath with some green shamrock flowers. Got to love this.

45. Perhaps you might endear yourself to this green daisy tree.

Well, you have to love the flowers. Even has gold coins on the pot and a bow.

46. Enrich your St. Paddy’s Day with a wreath of flowers and shamrocks.

The flowers are on top. The shamrocks are on the bottom. And almost all are in green.

47. If you need luck, you might want to go with this simple white wreath.

Contains 3 crocheted shamrocks on the bottom. Yet, the middle spells out “luck.”

48. Hope this sign can give you a true Irish welcome.

Includes shamrocks, a leprechaun, a horseshoe, and a pot of gold. And they’re hanging on a green sign.

49. Wear your Irish pride with this shamrock ring.

The shamrock is 4 leaves and is made out of ribbons. And it has a stone for a sparkly touch.

50. Care for a pot of 4-leaf clovers?

The clovers are all fake and inside a white urn. But it seems simple enough to create.

51. You’ll find a wire tree coming from this leprechaun hat.

Contains stars and shamrocks. But it seems to have a certain whimsical charm.

52. Wear your Irish pride with this shamrock pendant.

Well, it’s attached to a chain and seems straight out of Etsy. But it’s nonetheless beautifully painted.

53. Sometimes a leprechaun hat is all a wreath needs.

The hat is made out of felt. The wreath is made from decomesh and is topped with a bow if shamrock ribbon.

54. If you love ribbons, then this is the St. Patrick’s Day wreath is for you.

The ribbons are in shades of green and a variety of patterns. And it has a shamrock hanging in the middle.

55. This planter will give you plenty of luck outside your door.

This one has “luck” in weird letters with green flowers. And it even lights up.

56. How about a shamrock in shamrock prints?

It’s 4 leaves and tied with a bow in plaid ribbons. Perfect for any mantle or table.

57. Hope you can have luck with this burlap display.

Has the word “luck” in burlap against a green wooden panel. But try to find the small shamrock in the “U.”

58. For a more naturalistic decor, go with this wreath.

Sure the foliage on this one is fake. Yet, it’s quite lovely in its own way.

59. You can’t help but be charmed by this rainbow wreath.

This one also contains a pot of gold, clouds, a leprechaun, and lots of shamrocks. Perfect for an Irish door.

60. Grace your St. Patrick’s Day table with this lovely table runner.

This one it has a shamrock pattern on several patches. Would be afraid to spill anything on this though.

61. Light up your table with these St. Patrick’s Day candles.

Both of these are filled with green beans and flowers with ribbons. Yet, they’re quite pretty if you ask me.

62. Nobody could resist this shamrock block.

Has a rather whimsical shamrock. Small but quite lovely.

63. Greet your guests on Saint Patrick’s Day with this green felt wreath.

Has a shiny shamrock near the bottom. And a green ribbon bow on top.

64. Use some St. Patrick’s Day strips for this table runner.

Sure it might have several patterns. But it’s quite whimsical to see.

65. Snuggle up on St. Paddy’s Day with this leprechaun hat pillow.

This one is made from a fuzzy green fabric with a buckle and ribbon. So cute.

66. Perhaps you might want a flower wreath with that green flower tree.

This one has ribbons on top and plastic coins dangling. The flowers are in green and white.

67. Care to put an urn of shamrocks next to your door?

Includes shamrocks and other decorations. And all on top of fake grass.

68. Irish eyes shine on this wreath.

Includes flowers of green, orange, and white. Like the Irish flag.

69. Rock the St. Patrick’s Day parade with this shiny leprechaun hat.

Includes green feathers and gold beads. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or Mardi Gras.

70. You’ll find a lot of green in this leprechaun hat.

Yes, it’s used as a pot where you can grow stuff. Yet, I got to love the shamrocks in a row.

71. Anyone would be lucky to have these St. Patrick’s Day tea lights.

Well, it has shamrock decorations on top. And a soft green base on the bottom.

72. A leprechaun always treasures his pot of gold.

Apparently, the leprechaun has dove into his pot of gold to care. Now his legs stick out.

73.  Always wish Irish blessings with flowers

Has a picture in the middle along with flowers surrounding it. Love the butterfly.

74. If you don’t like wreaths, perhaps a painted shamrock will suit you.

Yes, this one has swirls and a white border. And it’s topped with a light green bow.

75. This rainbow wreath can certainly wow guests on St. Paddy’s Day.

Has gold coins hanging by green ribbons. Love the colors on this one.

76. Go to the St. Patrick’s Day parade with this shamrock headband.

This seems quite simple with gold shamrocks against green. Wouldn’t mind wearing this on March 17.

77. You can’t have too many green flowers on a St. Patrick’s Day wreath.

For some reasons, I find green flowers strange. Love the shamrock on this.

78. Don’t leave for the parade without these lucky pins.

Each pin has a shamrock or two and a band of gold. Wouldn’t mind wearing any of these.

79. Throw your St. Patrick’s Day party with this shamrock wreath.

This one is wrapped in a frame with green cloth. There’s also a fan with a bow in the center.

80. Perhaps a leafy green wreath will make you feel lucky.

This one has green leaves and white berries. But the green and white bow really stands out here. Love it.

81. Show how lucky you are with this wooden sign.

This one “Luck” on green letters on white. Love the shamrock on the horseshoe “U.”

82. Odd to see leprechauns on the candles.

This is a planter with green flowers and candles inside. Has leprechauns on top and shamrocks on the side.

83. Best to say Saint Patrick’s Day with duct tape roses.

The flowers are in green and/or white. And they’re surrounded by green foliage like it’s a St. Paddy’s Day bouquet.

84. You’ll be tickled on St. Paddy’s Day with this feathered wreath.

Includes a green bowler hat with gold coins surrounding it and a pot. So stunning and festive.

85. How about a fancy shamrock for your wall?

This shamrock has 3 leaves in an intricate design. And there’s a 4 leaf shamrock in the center.

86. Anyone would be blessed with this ribbon wreath.

The ribbons are rather thick. Yet, this one also has a green cross with a shamrock.

87. These shamrock mason jars are golden.

These are spray-painted with gold and have shamrocks on them. Simple to make but make sure you use drop cloths first.

88. Use this post to welcome St. Paddy’s Day guests to your humble home.

This is made out of wood with a green shamrock on wires. Lovely.

89. For a more festive St. Patrick’s Day party, may I interest you in this leprechaun wreath?

Has a little leprechaun outfit with flowers, ribbons, and baubles. Available on Etsy.

90. With this St. Patrick’s Day bottle light, you’ll always feel lucky.

This one has shamrocks on the body, green ribbon on the nozzle, and decorations on top. Love this.

91. Show your Irish pride with these pillows.

One pillow says, “lucky.” Another says, “Irish.” Both are white with fringes and shamrocks.

92. Grace your front door on St. Paddy’s day with this shamrock ribbon wreath.

Because the ribbon on this wreath has shamrocks. Though there are some flowers on one of the sides.

93. Wish everyone a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day with this wooden hanging on your door.

Has shamrocks of different shades of green with each word. Kind of whimsical but unique.

94. Care for a green and gold St. Paddy’s Day bouquet?

You’ll find white, green, and gold flowers in this bucket. And it’s all tied with a bow in a shamrock bucket. So pretty.

95. Perhaps you might want to hang a wreath with a leprechaun hat.

This one has a leprechaun hat panel on the grapevine wreath. And it’s tied with a green bow to hang on one’s front door.

96. Impress your St. Patrick’s Day guests with this Emerald City table display.

This one is surely a work of ambition. Not sure what the Emerald City has to do with St. Patrick’s Day. Other than it being green of course.

97. Bring comfort to your Irish guests with this Irish blessing sign.

You probably know this saying. But it’s nonetheless on green with gold shamrocks.

98. You’ll always feel lucky with this rainbow and pot of gold.

This one is painted with the word “lucky” on the gold. So pretty and intricate.

99. Anyone would adore these St. Paddy’s Day trees.

These are white with green baubles and shamrocks. Perfect for any mini St. Paddy’s Day village.

100. You can’t have St. Patrick’s Day without these leprechaun bottles.

Each of these are green with a black belt and gold buckle. Each of these also has a shiny green hat with a shamrock.

Erin Go Bragh with These Lucky Treats on Saint Patrick’s Day (Fourth Edition)


Now that Valentine’s Day is over, feel free to take down the red and pink hearts and put in the green shamrocks, rainbows, and the pots of gold. Though keep in mind that the Irish take the leprechauns as offensive Irish stereotypes. Nonetheless, while some may bask in the parades and pub crawls on March 17, others might find their own way to party. This especially goes in families with kids where getting sloshed in honor of one’s Irish heritage isn’t really an option. Then again, many people around the world celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and they don’t have to be Irish. Or even Christian since Saint Patrick is a patron saint of Ireland. Anyway, for your reading pleasure, I present to you another assortment of St. Paddy’s Day goodies. Expect a lot of green food here, not limited to green eggs and ham. Because that’s Dr. Seuss.

  1. Care for some St. Paddy’s Day chocolates?

Also includes shamrocks with a button on center. I’m sure these are professionally made though.

2. Put some green in your St. Patrick’s Day Chex mix.

Well, they mostly seem to consist of green M&Ms. Also includes Cheeze-It’s and pretzels.

3. You’ll feel lucky with these pot of gold cookie sandwiches.

The colors are together that they resemble flowers. So they’d probably be good for Easter as well.

4. Speaking of rainbows, take a bite out of this wrap.

Contains a different food for each color. And the clouds are sour cream.

5. Dip your shamrock cookies in this rainbow concoction.

Well, this person’s using animal crackers, which is just as well. Just hope you don’t mix the colors together before serving.

6. This veggie leprechaun makes a healthy lunch.

Got to love the baby carrot beard. He also has a hat sandwich.

7. On a cold day in March, warm yourself to some green shamrock soup.

Comes with some shamrock toast. Still, I’m not sure what the green soup is comprised of right now. Perhaps it’s peas, potatoes, or some other veggies.

8. Can’t have Irish stew with some Celtic knot bread.

Not sure how you can get this shape in a bread. But I can understand how it would go well with Irish stew.

9. You’ll find a rainbow surprise in these cupcakes.

Though the rainbow seems a bit pastel colored. Yet, each is topped with a green shamrock.

10. Grace your St. Paddy’s Day dessert platter with this rainbow trifle.

Consists of layers of jello and whipped cream. And you’ll find gold chocolate coins on top.

11. On this Irish flag cheese pizza, add some pepper shamrocks.

I guess the green part has food dye. Because you don’t want to eat actual green cheese since it moldy.

12. These green lip pops seem like they’ve just kissed the Blarney Stone.

I’m sure these are professionally made. Yet, they’re nonetheless a creative dessert.

13. Any little leprechaun would crave for this green lunch.

Includes grapes and peas along with some pizzas. Any kid would be lucky to have this.

14. For a sweet snack, munch on these green pretzel sandwiches.

Each one of these has green cream. Also covered in icing and sprinkles.

15. Have your little leprechauns wake up this Saint Patrick’s Day with some rainbow pancakes.

Each color layer is topped with whipped cream. Top is covered in sprinkles. May be guaranteed to clog your arteries.

16. Nothing makes an Irish dinner like some shamrock meat pies.

Well, they do eat meat pies in Ireland and Great Britain. But these shamrocks aren’t clovers.

17. For a healthy lunch, you can’t go wrong with this veggie rainbow.

The rainbow consists of peppers. The clouds are made of cauliflower. The pot of gold is cheese dip.

18. You’ll be lucky to have some Lucky Charms popcorn as a St. Patrick’s Day snack.

Okay, they just have the Lucky Charms marshmallows. Yet, you have some chocolate popcorn pieces on top.

19. Anyone will feel lucky with these cups.

Each is a sugar cookie filled with white cream. Each has a shamrock on top.

20. Delight your guests to some rainbow fruit salad.

After all, fruits come in all different colors of the rainbow. Comes with cream to dip stuff in.

21. You’ll be green with envy for these cupcakes.

Each of these is covered in green icing with a shamrock on top. Perfect for any St. Patrick’s Day party.

22. Care for some rainbow fruit pie?

Each slice has different fruits for all 6 colors. And all top on white cream.

23. Hope you find a pot of gold with this rainbow cake.

Each slice has all the colors of the rainbow in swirls. Not sure how to make this to keep the colors separate.

24. Sprinkle some Lucky Charms into your St. Paddy’s Day ice cream.

I bet the flavor here is Irish cream, which is booze I think. Still, with the Lucky Charms marshmallows, it’s probably magically delicious.

25. Perhaps you might want to say “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day” on a cookie cake.

Well, this one has shamrocks, rainbow, and a pot of gold in icing. Though it certainly seems professionally made.

26. Whipped cream and Lucky Charms always go well on green pancakes.

Sure it seems like you can get this at IHOP. Yet, it’s said to be a magical part of a complete Saint Patrick’s Day breakfast.

27. It’s never Saint Patrick’s Day without some of these shamrock cracker snacks.

Each of these has corned beef and veggies. Doesn’t sound very appetizing to me when you add the corned beef.

28. Serve guests at your St. Paddy’s Day party with some rainbow pizza.

Sure there’s no blue in it since no blue veggie exist. But each is sliced in a triangle.

29. For a healthy treat, go with a fruit salad flag.

Consists of kiwis, banana slices, and peach slices. Definitely not fruits you’ll find in Ireland.

30. I suppose an egg and rainbow fruit salad makes a great St. Paddy’s Day breakfast.

Not sure what the bread is for. But each color is a different fruit. The egg is the sun.

31. For St. Patrick’s Day dessert, you might want some gold icing on your green cupcakes.

Each cupcake also has green sprinkles. But the icing seems quite orange, too.

32. You’ll be lucky to find these rainbow strawberries in a pot of gold.

Each strawberry is decorated in icing of each rainbow color. But no, they won’t lead you to a pot of gold.

33. How about some fried dough in a Celtic knot?

Not sure how you can pull of that intricate design. But if you can, go for it.

34. Perhaps some St. Patrick’s Day pizza may suit your fancy.

Well, it has plenty of peppers for orange, yellow, and green. Pepperoni goes for the red. Olives are blue and red onion is purple.

35. No St. Patrick’s party can be complete without some Irish cream dip.

I’m sure this is for cookies. Contains chocolate syrup and green sprinkles.

36. A St. Paddy’s Day Rice cereal cake always has to include some Lucky Charms.

And I see that the marshmallows are on top. Mostly since they’re the reason why kids love the cereal in the first place.

37.  Serve Saint Patrick’s Day dinner with some shamrock rolls.

Each roll is tied into a 3 leaf shamrock. Goes well with Irish stew.

38. These iced pretzels always make for a lucky St. Paddy’s Day treat.

Each of these is decorated in unique ways. Some have sprinkles while others have green drizzle.

39. You’ll be in for a lucky surprise with this rainbow cake.

Since it contains some gold chocolate balls inside. Hope you don’t spill out the contents.

40. How about a slice of shamrock pie for dessert?

Seems like a mint chocolate one to me. Even has a chocolate shamrock on a slice.

41. St. Paddy’s Day deviled eggs should always have some green to them.

Seems that the outside have of these has some intricate green design. Luckily it’s all food coloring.

42. No one could resist these rainbow jello cups.

Well, this one only consists of 5 colors since some of the layers are opaque. But make sure it doesn’t contain alcohol before your kids eat it.

43. Shamrock cupcakes are always golden.

Each of these has a green shamrock over gold icing. And they’re chocolate, too.

44. Any little leprechaun would adore these marshmallow hats.

Each of these is on a thin mint with a green marshmallow. Contains an icing buckle and fruit roll up rainbow shamrock.

45. You can’t celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day without some green velvet cupcakes.

Each of these is formed into as shamrock. And they’re all covered in white icing for a decorative touch.

46. It’s always top of the morning with green waffles.

Care to have it topped with chocolate chip mint? Part of this dessert Saint Paddy’s Day breakfast.

47. Though you might be more interested in a healthier breakfast.

Even includes a green omelet. Don’t worry, it’s just food coloring.

48. For a bit of luck, try some shamrock soda bread.

By the way, it has a green shamrock inside. Also, are those raisins? Disgusting.

49. How about some gold coins with your shamrock?

Yes, these are pancakes. Luckily, you won’t need to do anything to the gold coins.

50. As long as the M&Ms are green, you can make a shamrock.

Don’t forget to surround the cake with Kit Kat bars. Got to love that chocolatey goodness.

51. Any little leprechaun would love these rainbow pies.

Each of these comes with a pot of gold. too. Rainbow mostly consists of sprinkles.

52. You’ll taste the rainbow with these fruit tacos.

Each of the fruit represents a rainbow color. And they’re all in small wraps.

53. For dessert, can I interest you in some Irish flag trifle.

Each is in a layer of orange and green jello along with whipped cream. Great for any St. Paddy’s Day dessert platter.

54. You can’t do without some shamrock pizza at a St. Patrick’s Day party.

This one doesn’t have sauce. But it has some peppers as shamrocks.

55. Care for a green ham sandwich?

Yes, it looks disgusting. But at least it’s just the bread that’s green with food coloring.

56. You’ll always feel lucky with these shamrock cookies.

Well, the center cookie is a shamrock. But they’re all covered in green sugar just the same. Part of a gift set.

57. Make your Saint Patrick’s Day a lucky occasion with this magnificent cake.

This is a wedding cake. Yet, it certainly fits the occasion with the shamrocks.

58. A rainbow fruit salad always shines with marshmallow clouds.

Sure it’s not as vibrant as some of the other fruit salad rainbows. Yet, it nonetheless covers the plate.

59. When it’s chilly, feel free to warm yourself with some shamrock cheese and potato soup.

Well, it has some shamrock toast on it for luck. And it’s covered with horseradish for green.

60. Hope you can press your luck to enjoy this Saint Patrick’s Day fudge.

And yes, it’s green. But it’s covered with sprinkle shamrocks to drive the St. Paddy’s Day point.

61. At the end of the rainbow, you’ll find a pot of gold.

Oddly, these coins depict a portrait of John F. Kennedy. Not sure what that’s about.

62. Nothing makes Saint Patrick’s Day like shamrock noodles.

The leaves are made of tortellini in pesto. The stems are celery.

63. Make your guests feel lucky with these green hat cookies.

Sure they may be professionally made. But each one has a black belt with a gold buckle.

64. Shamrocks can come in all kinds of patterns.

Each of these is in green icing and different patterns. Some are plaid and some have dots.

65. Take a lucky bite out of these St. Patrick’s Day Rice Krispie treats.

Each of these has green icing on top with sprinkles. Still, like the shamrocks in the center.

66. Sometimes you might want to make a simple lunch.

The rainbow consists of fruits and veggies. The pot of gold is a sandwich with cheddar coins.

67. You’ll be lucky to find these pot of gold cookies.

The pots are in chocolate icing. And the rainbows are made of fruit roll ups.

68. There are plenty of layers with this rainbow cake.

This one has 5 layers and not in order. Topped with whipped cream and sprinkles.

69. Greet the top of the morning with these rainbow donuts.

Each of the rainbows is made of icing. And the icing only covers half of it.

70. Any leprechaun would cherish this bento lunch.

This one has a leprechaun sandwich and shamrock chips. I’m sure Irish child eyes are shining here.

71. Greet Saint Patrick’s Day with rainbow fruit salad and shamrock toasts.

This one has 2 toasts. And each fruit is a different color.

72. Grace your St. Paddy’s Day dessert platter with this pot of gold and rainbow cake.

This one is on top of a hat with a shamrocks on the rainbow. Love this.

73. For a lucky snack, try these 3 leaf clover pretzel bites.

Consists of green M&Ms on nutella with green icing for a stem. Great for parties.

74. You’ll have a lucky platter with this shamrock cookie cake.

It’s all smothered in green icing and sugar. And it’s piped in white. So pretty. Also covers a whole table.

75. There’s a lot of color to this rainbow trifle.

Each layer is made out of jello. Set it near a pot of gold. Or you could just use coins.

76. For your Saint Patrick’s Day dessert platter, try some of these rainbow palmiers.

Palmiers are a type of cookie. The rainbow inside is made out of sugar.

77. Perhaps a rainbow lollipop cake will suit your fancy.

You can tell by now that I prefer rainbows over leprechauns. Because rainbows are pretty. And I’m part Irish.

78. These rainbow cake squares come bite size.

Each of these has several layers in each color. And you can eat these small squares with a toothpick.

79. You can always put a shamrock on a mint brownie.

I don’t think you can eat the clover unless you’re a rabbit. Yet, it’s pure chocolatey mint goodness.

80. There’s a great many color in this rainbow pound cake.

Each slice has colors in stripes. And the top is covered icing and sprinkles.

The Hidden World of Mardi Gras Masks


Another big February holiday that’s coming up is Mardi Gras as Carnival season will soon be in full swing back in Europe. And one of the features in Carnival are these fancy masks. They may give you an impression of what you see in a masquerade ball with dazzling costumes as you might’ve seen in my post on the Venetian Carnival. This year, with Ash Wednesday falling on Valentine’s Day, it’s fair to say that Mardi Gras will fall on the day before. So I might as well get it out of the way if I can. Still, the masks can be as elaborate as the costumes themselves as you can see above. Some have gold. Some have feathers. Some have lovely embroidery. And some even have jewels. But each mask can be beautiful in its own way. So for your reading pleasure, I give you an assortment of unique Mardi Gras masks.

  1. A bejeweled mask always sparkles.

This is a silver and jeweled Mardi Gras mask meant for a wedding. And yes, it probably costs more than some wedding dresses.

2. A jester mask is perfect for a festive occasion.

This one has golden jingles and thread. But the hat is in purple silk.

3. You can always shine in a mask with pearls.

Well, this one mostly has embroidery. But it’s the pearls that really make it shine.

4. A golden mask has a certain kind of elegance.

This one is a metal mask. Looks incredibly delicate. Not sure if I’d want to wear it on my face.

5. Couples’ masks should always be color coordinated.

The golden one with horses is the man’s. The golden one with jewels and embroidery is the woman’s. And I suppose the costumes match as well.

6. A blue mask should come with beats and feathers.

This one has beaded blue flowers, black embroidery, and blue feathers. And you can hold it over your face with a stick.

7. A black jester mask has a certain mystique to it.

Also has some gold on the eyes as well as black fabric with jingles. I guess this one doesn’t come cheap.

8. Sometimes a simple white mask will do.

Has a silk flower and silver trim. Seems as if you can make this one yourself from stuff at a craft store.

9. You can always make a mask sparkle with glitter.

This one has purple and silver glitter all over it. Still, got to love the shape and design.

10. An ornate golden mask should come with a few jewels on it.

This one has an intricate golden design that almost seems antique. Still, love the pearls and jewels on it. Lovely.

11. Perhaps a black mask may suit your fancy.

This one has feathers and jewels with gold embroidery on the edges. And all on black silk.

12. If you don’t like feathers, how about a mask with a butterfly wing?

The butterfly wing is silver with stones encrusted. Still, seems quite delicate to wear.

13. A jester mask can always use a few jingles.

This one is in classic Mardi Gras colors of yellow, green, white, and purple. But it seems more Venetian Carnival than New Orleans.

14. A Mardi Gras masks can come with a special touch.

This one is also in classic Mardi Gras colors. But it has purple flower decoration in silk.

15. Perhaps a mask with a diamond pattern could suit your fancy.

This golden mask has a diamond pattern in black, red, white, and gold. And it has a flower design on the top.

16. A white mask can always use some lace.

This one also contains feathers and beaded flowers. Perfect for a masquerade party.

17. A mask like this comes in all rainbow colors.

And they’re all stacked against each other as if they go together. They also have matching ribbons.

18. A purple mask can always use some fancy feathers.

This one has golden glitter. But the flamboyant purple feathers really make this mask stand out.

19. Speaking of feathers, how about ones in purple and green?

Also has a jewel in the front. Are the feathers fake? Looks like it. But hey, it’s for the festive occasion.

20. Black feathers always give a mask a certain mystique.

This one also has black glitter around the eyes. And it contains a jewel on the top for added elegance.

21. A fancy purple mask should come with a fancy stick.

Bet you can find this one at a masquerade ball. Love the jewel and feathers.

22. A pink mask should come with all the trimmings.

This one comes with a flower, feathers, ribbons, and fringe. And you can hold it with a stick.

23. A jester mask can sometimes intimidate.

This is a joker Venetian mask. And it seems to match the gold diamond one I previously showed. Still, quite exquisite to look at.

24. A green mask can show exquisite taste.

This one seems to be covered in velvet with feathers and ribbons. But it’s nonetheless festive.

25. A joker’s hat can consist of purple triangle strips.

Seems easy enough. Though I think this mask is specially made. Also, the ruff is purple as well.

26. Anyone would die for a mask of encrusted stones.

Though I suspect those aren’t real diamonds. Else it would be very expensive. Still, seems quite delicate.

27. A simple mask can always have some festive decorations.

Yet, from the mask I see here, this one seems like a DIY. Still, love the feathers.

28. A feathered mask should always include one from a peacock.

Well, peacock feathers are always associated with Mardi Gras. But this one is quite festive.

29. For added mystery, you might want a mask of black lace.

Comes with a black feather and red roses. Great for a black lace dress.

30. For more elegance, try a few peacock feathers.

This green one also has purple feathers and ribbons. Nonetheless, it’s quite fancy.

31. Perhaps you might want a small gold hat with your pink mask.

Well, it’s a very tiny hat with a pink feather and flowers. Still, got to love the design.

32. A beaded mask can always stand out at a ball.

Well, this one is encrusted with jewels of all kinds of colors. But you have to admire the detail.

33. With this mask, you can see a golden swan.

Because part of the mask has a swan decoration on it. Seems as graceful as it appears delicate.

34. Couples’ masks should always match.

These are both black and gold. And I guess they go with costumes with similar colors and styles.

35. To stand out, try a mask with long horns.

Yes, this seems quite intimidating and one you can poke someone’s eye out. Still, looks pretty awesome.

36. How about a golden mask trimmed with black?

There are black sequins on the eye slits and borders. But it has a beaded and feathered decoration.

37. Perhaps you might want to wear a black velvet mask with lace.

Well, it has lace along the edges. But it has an ornate strap on the back as well.

38. A black velvet mask could use a few feathers.

This one has golden trim to match. Yet, it’s the feathers that grab my attention.

39. A blue and white mask should include the moon.

Well, it’s blue on one side and white on the other. Yet, the moon on this one is a blue crescent.

40. This blue beak mask comes with some ornate pearls.

Looks quite fancy with silver brocade. Nevertheless, love the pearls on silver chains.

41. A blue and white mask can come with a quality decoration.

This one has blue feathers and a flower. And it’s covered in blue glitter.

42. An ornate black mask can have as many decorations as you want it to.

This one has all kinds of stuff on it like feathers and beads. Not sure how to put this one on.

43. You can shine at carnival with even a partial mask.

This one has a feather decoration with a jewel. Not to mention, some decor on the mask itself.

44. Perhaps you might want to wear a gold and blue mask.

This one is gold with a blue swan in glitter. Includes feathers and a flower.

45. Sparkle at the masquerade ball with this jewel encrusted mask.

This one certainly doesn’t look at all cheap. Wouldn’t be surprised if it costs as much as a car. Comes in a fancy stick.

46. You can always impress in a mask of spectacular feathers.

You might easily wear this one with a fancy dress. Love the gold and jewel decorations, too.

47. This Venetian mask has some small paintings.

I guess this one is an antique museum piece. Still, you have the love the detail.

48. A mask like this is as simple as black and white.

Well, it’s black on one side and white on the other. And each side has its own decorations.

49. Be the envy of the ball with this golden mask of black feathers.

You can see this fancy gold mask has black glitter around the eyes. But the feathers really show.

50. A golden mask should come with golden roses.

Comes with golden tulle under the golden roses. Still, it’s quite lovely.

51. Capture that mysterious elegance with a mask of black metal.

Has jewels at the top. Nonetheless, I’m sure people will recognize you wearing this one.

52. Jewels can even sparkle among gold embroidery.

Well, it’s quite fancy and ornate. Still, got to love the flowery designs.

53. Perhaps you’d want a small butterfly on your mask.

Well, it’s a fancy mask with a small metal butterfly. Looks quite delicate even with the black stone.

54. A red mask should always be fancy.

This one has jewels at the center. Touched off with a feather, bow, and jewel piece.

55. A purple mask should come with a matching purple feather.

This one is covered with glitter and jewels. Still, love the feathers and jewels on the side.

56. A black lace mask with a jewel can cause quite a sensation.

This one has a bow and jewel at the side. Still, this is quite a magnificent sight to see.

57. Sometimes all a mask needs is a jewel on top.

This one has a jewel on top along with smaller stones around the eyes. Heightens the mystique if you get my drift.

58. You might prefer a black metal mask encrusted with pink jewels.

Well, its quite fancy as it’s delicate. Not sure if I’d want to wear it though.

59. Perhaps you might want a jester mask with a velvet hat.