God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen on These Christmas Treats (Fifth Edition)


Food has always been essential to a Christmas feast since the holidays are a time for friends and family. On any platter you may find turkey or ham as a main course along with so many other delights. While desserts often feature Christmas cookies shaped like Santas, reindeer, trees, and other icons of yuletide yore. In any case, a large Christmas table often leads many to list weight loss on their New Year’s Resolutions which they’ll never fulfill. Anyway, over the years I’ve done an annual Christmas treat post featuring plenty of unique food this holiday season. Though many of these treats are professionally made, some don’t seem hard to make at all. Yet, I’ve found most of them on Pinterest or on Google Images. So for your reading pleasure, I offer another assortment of Christmas delights. Enjoy.

  1. A reindeer cake should always include golden antlers.

It also contains golden ears and red nose to indicate it’s Rudolph. Even has jingles on the collar.

2. Watermelon Christmas trees are a delightful yuletide treat.


This just has Christmas trees cut out from watermelon. May not be green, but they’re simple enough.

3. Nobody could resist this penguin cake.


This guy wears a Santa hat with a bough of holly. While its face is just so adorable you want to eat up.

4. Would you like a train on your plate?


This mostly consists of graham crackers, whipped cream, and M&Ms. Great for kids to make for themselves.

5. Do you want to build a snow tree?


They’re actually cake balls or donut holes. Includes holly boughs as decoration.

6. Bet you’ve never seen a fruit tree like this before.


This is a fruit platter decorated as a Christmas tree. Includes apple slices, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

7. These pretzel reindeer seem rather thin.


Well, these are made out of pretzel sticks of varying thickness. Not sure what the red nose is made out of though.

8. Grace your holiday dessert platter with these Christmas tree peanut butter blossoms.


These mostly consists of peanut butter blossoms decorated like Christmas trees. Includes green icing and sprinkles.

9. These Santa star cookies certainly shine during this holiday season.


Well, they’re just star cookies decorated with Santa faces. Great for any holiday party during the season.

10. A snack platter should always have a Christmas tree cheese ball.


Though it’s all covered in olives with a yellow pepper star. Will certainly shine at any office Christmas party.

11. These melting snowman meringues will melt your heart.


These meringues have snowmen melting to their detriment. Features are made from icing.

12. Christmas tree cupcakes will always make your season bright.


Though the snow is covered with coconut which I don’t like. But I love the pretzel trees.

13. Hope you have an appetite for these chocolate penguin truffles.


Indeed they have raisins but I usually go on looks when I do these food posts. Still, they may not be from the North Pole, but they’re adorable.

14. Please your guests with a slice of peppermint cheesecake.


Well, it’s more of a peppermint pudding cake. Since peppermint is a major flavor during the holidays.

15. Perhaps you might enjoy a bun from a tree.


These buns contain cheese and garlic you can pull apart. Brought to you by Betty Crocker.

16. Two gingerbread men can really get tangled in lights.


The lights consist of icing and candy. And yes, you can put 2 smiling gingerbread men entangled in them. So cute.

17. Snowman Oreos always make for a tasty treat.


The Oreos are dipped in white icing. Eyes and smile are made from chocolate chips. While the carrot nose is candy corn.

18. Take a bite out of these wreath cookies.


Each of these has a feathered wreath of icing. Like the bows, too.

19. Would you like some holly and berry cookies?


Both are covered with red and green icing. While the real life counterparts are nothing to touch and taste at.

20. A holiday cake should always contain tasty treats.


This one includes tree cookies, gingerbread men, and candy canes. And all on a layer of dripping chocolate icing.

21. You’ll find plenty of snowflakes inside this snowman cookie.


Though the snowflakes are made out of sprinkles. Perfect for any dessert platter.

22. You can make a wreath out of holly cookies.


Each leaf is white and green with plenty of patterns. And it’s all topped with a bow.

23. Impress your guests with this fruity Christmas tree.


It’s made mostly of grapes and berries. While kiwi, cantaloupe, and orange slices consist of the decorations.

24. What’s not to love about these reindeer Rice Krispie treats?


Each of these are dipped in chocolate with pretzel antlers, a red gum drop nose, and M&M eyes. So cute.

25. Nothing makes Christmas like a candy cane cupcake.


These are chocolate cupcakes with candy cane icing and some peppermint on top. Wouldn’t mind eating them though.

26. No table is complete without a fruit wreath.


Consists of grapes, raspberries, and orange slices. Great for any holiday party.

27. Care to take a piece of this wreath?


Mostly comprises of green bean pods and cherry tomatoes. Not sure what those white tuffs are.

28. Marshmallow snowmen will always warm your winter days.


They’re on sticks and hold Christmas trees. So adorable you’d want to eat them up.

29. These cucumber Christmas trees are an ideal holiday appetizer.


Each of these are held together by toothpicks. Includes a cherry tomato base and a carrot star.

30. You can decorate an ornament cupcake in however way you want.


Each of these baubles are in green, blue, and red. While they’re decked in unique designs.

31. Nothing warms people like these snowman cake pops.


Each of these has hat made from a Reese’s cup and a Hershey’s Kiss. While each hat has a different color flower on it.

32. These fudge trees will always brighten your winter nights.


Consist of evergreen trees on toothpicks in various shapes, sizes, and shades. While each can fit into a bowl of sugar.

33. Be in the spirit of the season with this Christmas cookie platter.


Each of these have an assortment of winter icons in the holiday spirit. Love the penguins the best.

34. Perhaps you might want a pie with lights.


Actually it’s an apple pie decorated with Christmas lights. They may not be in color but they sure shine bright.

35. Christmas cookies should always come with a box.


These are gingerbread cookies inside a gingerbread box. And most consists of snowflakes in white and light green.

36. Serve your guests this holiday season with reindeer Sloppy Joes.


You’d think these were all part of Santa’s sleigh team. Each has pretzel antlers and an olive nose. Save for Rudolph who has a cherry tomato one.

37. Care for a reindeer treat on a stick?


Each of these is made from a chocolate cake with pretzel antlers along with a candy nose and icing eyes. One even has a holly sprinkle decoration.

38. This gingerbread village cake is pure winter wonderland.


These are covered in pastel icing like a retro Christmas village. Love the snowflakes and trees.

39. You’ll always ring for joy with these jingle bell cake pops.


Each of these is covered with silver icing. But they don’t ring.

40. Bring the holiday spirit with this snowman veggie platter.


This one has a snowman cheeseball. Though it has a cauliflower head and bottom.

41. Make your holiday party festive with this ugly sweater cake.


This is a different design than the one I showed in a previous year. Yet, you have to love the lights on the collar.

42. Perhaps you’d want this graham cracker fireplace as an ideal winter snack.


Consists of 3 fruit-roll up stockings and a cookie hearth. The top mantle consists of holly sprinkles.

43. Grace your Christmas platter with this fruity wreath.


Consists of grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Makes a perfect edible arrangement for the season.

44. Celebrate the season with a pesto stuff Christmas tree.


I don’t think the star is fake. Yet, you have to like the cream cheese and cherry tomato ornaments.

45. Perhaps a Rice Krispie gingerbread house will suit you.


Well, it’s made from chocolate Rice Krispies. Like the icing on the roof. So pretty.

46. Cream cheese Christmas trees are a quintessential yuletide snack.


Wonder how big the crackers are. Yet, each tree consists of a pepper star, green herbs, and bacon.

47. Nobody could resist this Ho Ho reindeer.


Includes a red candy nose, pretzel legs, a Reese’s head, and candy cane antlers. And yes, it’s so cute.

48. Bet you wouldn’t guess what’s in these cookie presents.


You’ll find sprinkles and M&Ms inside. While each present is topped with a red bow.

49. A marshmallow snowman belongs on a sled.


Well, a candy cane sled anyway. Yet, you have to love its pretzel arms. So cute.

50. Care for a reindeer candy cane?


Rather, they’re candy cane cookies dipped in chocolate resembling reindeer. Love the pretzel antlers though.

51. If you like the country, this gingerbread birdhouse will do.


Includes a bird and a more natural wreath. Love that blue roof by the way.

52. Snowman lollipops make a tasty winter treat.


Well, I don’t know how to make candy. Though you have to love the snowman and snowflake sprinkles.

53. Wake up this Christmas morning to some Santa Claus pancakes.


Unlike some other pancake Santas I showed in the past, his beard is made from banana slices. While his hat consists of raspberries.

54. Celebrate the holiday spirit with this chocolate Christmas tree.


Even has chocolate presents under it. Wouldn’t mind eating this as long as it doesn’t contain any cherries or coconut.

55. You’ll have a lot of joy in this veggie platter.


This one mostly consists of a wreath. And yes, the letters spell out “JOY.”

56. Hope you can munch on some Christmas tree bark.


Well, it’s not Christmas tree bark you’re thinking about. Also contains candy cane pieces.

57. It’s possible you might prefer these present sandwiches.


Most of these are ham and cheese sandwiches on white bread. But you can make them however you want.

58. A brownie Christmas tree will always warm your cold winter nights.


Each of these has circular tiers and minty green icing. They’re also decorated with sprinkles for good measure.

59. Treat yourself this holiday season to some snowman cookie sticks.


Though each of them has more than 3 snowballs on the body. Nevertheless, great to have with coffee.

60. Nothing makes the holiday season like a mouse Santa on his sleigh.


Not sure why they have a candy mouse here. But you have to love its little Santa hat and suit. So cute.

61. Perhaps you might like a small cup of cocoa.


These are mostly cookies with chocolate fudge and mini marshmallows. Also have pretzel handles.

62. For a Christmas lunch, serving tree sandwiches will do quite nicely.


These often have red spots for ornaments. While inside, they’re filled with peanut butter and jelly.

63. Holly makes a nice touch to any cake.


Though the cake is covered in coconut. Yet, real or fake, don’t eat the berries or leaves.

64. You’ll go “ho, ho, ho” over this Santa Claus cheese ball.


Mostly consists of red peppers for the suit and hat. And I think cream cheese consists of most of the beard.

65. Feel free to eat from this Christmas tree snack platter.


Most of this consists of bread, crackers, and dry meat. Love the cream cheese star on top.

66. Help yourself to some postage cookies.


All of them seem directed to the North Pole for Santa. But don’t put them on your letter.

67. Perhaps you might want some gift tags.


These are gift tag candies with holly on it. And best of all, you don’t have to write anything on them.

68. Anyone would like to have these reindeer pretzel snacks.


Though none seem to be Rudolph since their noses are black. Nonetheless, they’re dipped in chocolate with pretzel antlers.

69. Oreo angels are nothing less than heavenly.


Both sport rings and a halo. And yet, they seem to sing.

70. On Christmas Eve, it only seems appropriate to leave these cookies for Santa.


These are Christmas pajama bottom cookies. And they’re all in different kinds of styles.

71. If you live in the desert, you might like this Christmas cactus cake.


This one has lights and a star. You can even serve it in a pot like this one.

72. For healthier options, may I suggest these fruit Santas?


These mostly consist of strawberries, Rice Krispies, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. Great for any dessert platter.

73. Impress your holiday visitors with a Christmas tree veggie tray.


The tree mostly consists of broccoli and celery with yellow pepper and cherry tomato ornaments. Even has a star-shaped dip tray with a yellow pepper star.

74. Nothing makes your dessert platter like a marshmallow snowman cookie.


Helps that the cookies are chocolate chip. Love the hats, too.

75. You’ll have peace on earth with this Christmas angel cake.


The angel even has a garland with bells in the night sky. Sure it’s professionally made. But I think it’s cool.

76. Wake up this Christmas morning to some Christmas tree cinnamon rolls.


These are covered by a green drizzle with candy decorations. Hope you get one while they’re hot.

77. A Santa cake will always set the season right.


This one consists of cupcakes you can pull apart. Though this Santa doesn’t seem happy about it.

78. Throwing an ugly sweater party? Try these pizzas.


You can put any toppings you’d like on for extra garishness. Except pineapple because that’s a cardinal sin as far as pizza toppings go.

79. Want to open this Christmas present cake?


This one has a red ribbon and bow along with holly decorations. Hope it’s chocolate inside.

80. Make your Christmas party memorable with this Christmas tree cake.


This one includes presents and a train track at the bottom. Nonetheless, this giant cake is simply spectacular. Love it.


NSFW Elf on the Shelf (a. k. a. the Post I Ruin a Stupid Christmas Tradition) (Fifth Edition)


Over the years, I have done posts showing parents the multiple ways Elves on the Shelves have been quite naughty behind closed doors. Indeed, every year during the Christmas season, Santa sends these red-clad spies to look into whether children are good enough to receive presents. Yet, this doesn’t mean the elves will be good themselves when nobody’s looking. I’ve often seen looking for incidents of elves behaving badly on the internet. And let’s just say a lot of these images aren’t suitable for an innocent child’s eyes. Nonetheless, parents have the responsibility on keeping an eye on the household Elf on the Shelf and report any shenanigans to Santa at 1-800-BAD-ELF1. In the meantime, feel free to look at another assortment of Elves on the Shelves behaving very naughty. By the way, many of these images are unsafe for work and aren’t for kids, naturally.

  1. Dinkler has a confession to make.

Man, that elf is quite devious. Wonder if he was planning to sell these drugs. Then that makes me ponder what Santa’s paying these guys.

2. Grinley is all dressed in black.


Is he planning to rob something? Or is he dressed up as a ninja? Don’t have a great feeling about either scenario.

3. What the hell is Oliver doing with that contraption?


Well, I’m not sure what that thing is. But Oliver seems to use it as a vibrator, apparently. So it’s kind of disturbing.

4. Cringle had to come back for Walking Dead night.


Here he is among the undead. Makes me wonder how he can last before a zombie bites him.

5. “Hello, Clarice.”


Seriously, you don’t want to go near Quincy. For he has a ravenous appetite for human flesh.

6. Twinkie likes to do target practice in his spare time.


Are those dead birds? Looks like it. So how did they get inside in the first place?

7. Rump promises to make Christmas great again.


Though he may not be as scary as Donald Trump, he’s certainly terrifying with his spray tan and horrendous toupee. If your kid has him for their Elf on the Shelf, they’re totally screwed.

8. Rumpy wants to build a wall at the US-Mexico border.


Sorry, but that wall won’t keep undocumented immigrants out of the US anymore than a life-sized version at the border which would be a massive waste of money.

9. What’s bursting from Elliot’s chest?


Oh, God, that’s a xenomorph! Get out of the house and get Ellen Ripley on Line 1.

10. Norman likes to doodle in his spare time.


Is that what I think it is? And I thought graffiti was bad.

11. Got something to say, Rennie?


Is he dressed up as Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs? Indeed, he must be a very sick bastard.

12. Danny wants you to know that Winter is coming.


This is straight from Game of Thrones. And the marshmallow snow figures don’t seem happy about it.

13. Jingler has Woody all tied up at the moment.


And I don’t think this constitutes in kinky stuff. Yet, Woody doesn’t seem to mind, disturbingly.

14. Calvin and the dolls are in for a wild ride.


Are they all in the dryer? This won’t turn out well.

15. Snowball has really gone downhill lately.


He seems passed out on booze and pills. Guess someone’s going to rehab after the holiday season. If the North Pole features a rehab center.

16. Plinko always likes to browse the web.


Hey, at least he’s not looking at porn. Rather, he seems turned on by gorgeous women in sexy Christmas costumes.

17. Wendell and his doll don’t care about the rules.


The sign says: No Horseplay in Hot Tub. Yet, they don’t seem to listen. Though the tub is a glass bowl with marshmallows inside.

18. Tinker is the only player with his clothes on in this strip poker game.


Then again, his clothes are basically sewn onto him. That can’t be said for these dolls.

19. Perry has a knack with a sharpie.


Here he’s put mustaches on the whole family. I know he’s not respecting his welcome to the Hendersons’ home.

20. At least Petey tries to play it safe.


Yet, that doesn’t excuse him from doing a 3 way with a couple of Barbies in a stocking. Also, what are those nooky pills?

21. “Take that, Ken Doll!”


Man, Winkle’s really going to town with him. Hope he doesn’t hurt any onlooking Smurfs.

22. Clinker has a profound confession to make.


So kids can’t touch him due to a court order. If that’s the case, he shouldn’t be an elf on the shelf, period.

23. Daenys is the Mother of Reindeer.


This is a takeoff on Game of Thrones. She’s supposed to be Daenyrs Targaryen who keeps dragons. Yet, the antlers seem to blaze fire for some reason.

24. Tina wants to try on a new face.


Yet, that face seems to come from a Mr. Potatohead Santa. And the spud is certainly not pleased.

25. “Congratulations, it’s a reindeer.”


Look, I have no idea how this is possible. So don’t ask me to explain. Seriously, this is really fucked up.

26. Chinker wants to show that Elf Lives Matter.


Yet, I don’t know whether this policeman is convinced. Though in his defense, the elf is pretty creepy.

27. “This house isn’t big enough for both of us elves.”


So Rinko has to put Gregor Elf into a candy dish. Man, that’s so cold with the “It’s easier if you don’t struggle.”

28. Crumpet has a lot of explaining to do.


Apparently, he’s confessing to running a young girl’s innocence with Princess Jasmine. Guess he doesn’t know the meaning of discretion.

29. Belle’s been distraught over the Beast and Dinkie.


I know it’s so wrong on so many levels. And unlike Belle, I can’t bring myself to look away.

30. Apparently, Brumpet has a bit of a drinking problem.


Perhaps he might want to lay off the wine. I know that spying for Santa is quite a stressful job as it is.

31. Beware of Wembley when he’s in one of his moods.


This is a takeoff on the Saw series which I’m not very familiar with. Yet, you don’t want to see an Elf on the Shelf wielding a bloody ax.

32. Jack Sparrow Elf can’t resist his Southern Comfort.


Though you’d think he’d be more of a fan of Bacardi or Captain Morgan. Still, the Jack Sparrow get up is spot on.

33. Freddy wants to try his talent in the kitchen.


Yet, he seems to enjoy hanging around hte knives for some reason. And no, the sharp end shouldn’t stick out like that.

34. Starky wants everyone to know that Christmas is coming.


Indeed, another parody of Game of Thrones. Like how the iron throne is made out of cutlery.

35. Seems like these 4 elves really let themselves go.


This is a spoof on Duck Dynasty. And yes, it’s kind of strange to see these elves in long beards.

36. Grigsby doesn’t mind losing his head over anything.


Yet, he seemed to spill blood upon decapitation. Still, the smile remains.

37. Roddy loves enjoying company now and then.


Here he is wearing chains with 2 Barbies and a bottle of Smirnoff. Elf thinks he’s gangster doesn’t he?

38. Apparently, Elmer doesn’t have good taste in TV.


Well, maybe he’s homesick for the North Pole. Still, there must be better things to watch than The Real Housewives.

39. “Say your prayers, Blinko!”


Apparently, these figures had put up with his shit way too long. But could you hardly blame them?

40. Frankie loves the gangster life.


Wonder what the hell he’s doing with the British Queen. Still, those who live the gangster life usually go down to a violent end.

41. Trinkler just wants to tinker with the baby’s car seat.


However, I wouldn’t want to put him in the same car as the baby. Since he seems bent on sabotage.

42. What’s Elver and the Abominable Snowman doing in the toilet?


Yet, the yeti spreads Elver’s leg over the bowl for some reason. And I really don’t want to know why.

43. Don’t worry about Axel. He won’t harm anyone anymore.


Seems like he killed an alien, Ham, and a couple Ninja Turtles. Thank God Dexter took care of him when he did.

44. Nicky wants you to put your furs on since winter is coming.


Indeed, this is another takeoff on Game of Thrones. Though the fur doesn’t seem like anything you’d find in Westeros.

45. “Decorate your Christmas tree with this!”


Here Quinkles smashes a bauble like it can’t be easily replaced. But it can since you can find them at almost any store this time of year.

46. Flicker appears like he’s out for blood.


Seeing he’s got fangs, you’d take him for some elf vampire. If he’s in your house, keep him away from your kids.

47. Dingle has been sentenced to death by firing squad.


Here he’s bound and blinded with plastic wrap. As plastic army men are commissioned to do the grisly deed.

48. Somehow Stevie got into some dirty laundry.


Seems like he’s sniggering over what he’s seen among hte clothes. If you want to kill him with fire, be my guest.

49. Looks like Marvin’s ingratiating himself well among the toys.


Yet, they seem to play cards with bottles of booze beside them. I’m sure they’re gambling as well.

50. Flinker is desperate for fast cash these days.


So he’s resorting to raiding Travis’ dino bank. You’d think an elf wouldn’t sink so low to steal money from a child.

51. Gary should know better than get between 2 witches.


Because a love triangle involving witches won’t end well. Gary should be lucky he’s not turned into a toad by this point.

52. Gringy has a penchant for some crazy pranks that go too far.


He’s written “Redrum” on the mirror with lipstick. Cue the family freak out a few minutes later.

53. Ringer wants these tampons to smell better.


Yet, putting candy canes into tampons doesn’t help. Seriously, it’s a very terrible idea for so many reasons.

54. Lexo is always fond of animals.


Is he humping that dog? And what are the plushies doing in front of the elf? Okay, I really don’t want to know.

55. “Draw me like one of your French girls.”


This is straight from Titanic as you can see. But Alvie relishes in drawing nudes.

56. Dare to come under the sidewalk.


This is from IT by the way. Yet, seeing Rinty and the creepy kid, I’ll take my chances with Pennywise.

57. Pinny is watching you.


This is an Elf on the Shelf as Pennywise the Clown. And yes, he’s quite terrifying to incite nightmares.

58. Tinkle always likes to try new things.


So it’s supposed to be like they’re lighting his farts. Let’s hope he doesn’t eat anything from Taco Bell during the month of December.

59. Clickel knows how to make an entrance on his makeshift sleigh.


This mostly consists of a Coors Light box and beer bottle reindeer. So it’s not a wholesome Christmas image meant for a postcard.

60. Chris can’t go back to the North Pole without a souvenir.


Here he seems to get Mrs. Malmsey’s bra. What a dirty elf to come into her house.

61. Jimmy wants to know what’s under the caroler’s skirt.


The caroler even carries an expression of shock. Apparently, this elf has his mind in the gutter when it comes to dolls.

62. Denny knows how to communicate with those trapped in the Upside Down.


This is a takeoff from Stranger Things. Remember when Will’s mom came up with this display to communicate with him?

63. Yulie has been left to the dinosaurs.

tied up

He’s tied up to make a meal out of the dinosaurs. Hope he enjoys this small toy version of Jurassic Park.

64. Tony always needs to get his hit now and then.


In true Scarface fashion, here he is about to sniff some coke while he’s holding a weapon. Don’t mention the mustache and gold chain.

65. I wouldn’t go near Lexie if I were you, Blinkerbells.


She’s been somewhat pale lately. Like she’s an undead zombie who’d infect you with her bite.

66. Tiller prefers to do what he likes on his ride.


Apparently, he’d rather make love to a Barbie against a green screen. Not the safest thing to do on the road.

67. You can’t put Elmie down the drain.


Sure you might have blood everywhere in your kitchen sink. But the elf will always rise again. Terrifying.

68. Santa knows when you’re sleeping. Vinnie knows when you’ll never wake up.


Because if he could get away with it, he’ll try to kill you in your sleep. Sweet dreams.

69. Finley hasn’t been himself lately.


Yeah, he’s kind of been eating the dolls as you can see. Also, he’s been a zombie for awhile. So it’s best to kill him with fire.

70. “Ready, aim, fire.”


Lingle doesn’t like other elves in his premises. So he uses them as target practice. I know he needs to be put away somewhere. But I don’t know the jail situation in the North Pole.

71. Twinkletoes knows what’s pleasing to his eyes.


Here we got him admiring Barbie’s tramp stamp under the Christmas tree. Indeed, he’s quite naughty, isn’t he?

72. Dinkledums wants to show the kids something.


Uh, I don’t think the kids want to see a dead body. Seriously, they don’t want to do that during the holidays.

73. Turns out Teddy bit off more than he can chew.


Now he’s floating in the toilet. It’s going to be a very icky job getting him out of there.

74. “Say goodbye, baby doll.”


I’m sure Hinkle will add some fava beans to the baby stew. God, he’s a very sick elf, indeed. Kill him. Kill him with fire.

75. Dinny just wants you to leave the scissors on the table.


Yet, he likes to watch you sleeping. So it’s best if you don’t trust him with sharp objects.

76. Look at what the Grinch has in his jar.


Seems like he’s going to keep Yinkler in this mason jar for quite some time. And I wouldn’t blame the Grinch doing so.

77. Dinko won’t be deterred by the Grinch.


Here he is tying the Grinch up and standing on it like he’s his trophy. My condolences to the Grinch.

78. Sly and Sleigh Bell always know how to have fun.


Wait, they’re lighting each other’s farts. Seriously, this is a dangerous activity, especially during the holiday season.

79. Don’t look behind the shower curtain.


Because Slinker is inside wielding a knife. Kill him with fire, please.

80. “Any last words, Elmo?”


Apparently, Elmo doesn’t seem to have much to say. Though you can see him screaming as Buddy points a big ass knife at him.

Halloween Party Tricks or Treats (But Mostly Treats, Sort of) (Fifth Edition)


Amid the scary times of the Trump administration and potentially catastrophic global warming, Halloween is coming up. To many it’s their favorite time of year when they can dress in a costume, go trick or treating, and decorate their homes as their own haunted houses. Some may even throw Halloween parties which may entail all kinds of witchy delights. Over the years, I’ve worked on 4 posts on these Halloween treatsĀ  where I’ve featured all kinds of wicked fare. Some of these are cute treats suited for kids’ parties with smiling faces. Others are rather gruesome and able to turn your stomach. So for your reading pleasure, I begin my Halloween season with another treasury of haunted delectable for any spooky night.

  1. Entertain your spooky guests with some spiderweb taco dip.

Contains salsa, cheese, and guacamole. However, you can’t eat the plastic orange spider.

2. Treat your little goblins to these mummy buckeyes.


They’re just little bites with drizzle and chocolate chip eyes. Perfect for any dessert platter.

3. Nobody will get scared by these spider cupcakes.


These have a special kind of cupcake holder for the spider legs. Yet, they can also be monster cupcakes without them.

4. You’d be howling over this werewolf cupcake.


Uses gumdrops for its nose and ears. And its fur uses chocolate icing. More cute than scary though.

5. Want to have some crunchy fingers?


Wonder if they’re chicken fingers or breadsticks. The world may never know.

6. A cemetery cake like this is a rather haunted treat.


Consists of 3 tiers. Contains tombstones, pumpkins, and bats. Like the pumpkin pretzel fencing.

7. Someone’s peeking through the asparagus.


Proof you can make any dish. And spice it up for Halloween by adding eyes. Simple but clever.

8. No Halloween party should go without this haunted gingerbread house.


Though I don’t think this house will be meant for eating. Still, you have to love the skull and ghost decorations.

9. Who wouldn’t want any of these ghostly apples?


They’re just candy apples in white icing. Just add the eyes and mouth for more haunted emphasis.

10. For marshmallow goodness, try this smores trifle.


Though it includes some Halloween peeps as you can see. To know anyone who enjoys them is a scary prospect.

11. Don’t worry, these brownies don’t bite.

These easy mint Vampire Brownies make a fun Halloween treat!

Yes, these are spider brownies. No, they don’t seem to have any legs.

12. Want a piece of this skull cake?


This one has cherry eyes. Love the red gummy worms surrounding it.

13. A Frankenstein monster cupcake will sate your monstrous appetite.


Sure it looks more cute than terrifying. Yet, it’s great for any monster mash dessert platter.

14. Care for a banana ghost?


They’re just banana tops with chocolate chips on them. Easy to make for any child.

15. Seems like these cookies have spider infestations.


Don’t worry, they’re chocolate chips with icing legs. But they’re great for freaking out your friends.

16. Wet your appetite with these hardboiled spiders.


These are hardboiled spider eggs. The heads are made out of olives. The legs from toothpicks.

17. No little imp can resist these marshmallow monsters.


Each one has a Frankenstein monster, jack-o’-lantern, and a vampire. And let’s hope they’re not covered in sugar.

18. Nobody will mind this witch’s cauldron bubbling.


This is a cake with icing bubbles. Love the wood and flames.

19. These cake pops are an especially spooky treat.


Consists of a ghost, jack-o’-lantern, and black cats. And yes, they’re more adorable than scary.

20. Get a bite out of these candies.


They’re vampire lips. Yet, they seem to bite down on chocolate bars instead of human flesh.

21. You’ll be all webby over this spiderweb cake.


It’s just a round cake covered in chocolate icing with a spider web design. Don’t forget to include the spider.

22. You’ll find English muffins under these wraps.


These are English muffin mummies. And they’re all wrapped in cheesy strips.

23. Hope you’re open for a spidery dessert.


Yes, it’s a spider cake. And the spider is made out of black sugar. Want to try?

24. Don’t forget to add sauce to your bones.


Well, these are bone breadsticks. While the tomato sauce represents blood, I think.

25. Unfortunately, the witches melted in the oven.


Well, these are melted witch cookies. Includes an Oreo and Hershey’s Kiss hat and broomstick with a Reese’s cup and pretzel.

26. These jack-o’-lantern pies are haunted delights.


Well, these are pumpkin hand pies. And they’re all spiced with cinnamon.

27. All these skeletons are snug in their graves.


Yet, we only know one of their names. Though they all seem delicious to me.

28. Care for a marshmallow jack-o’-lantern?


This one just entails 3 colors of icing and a pretzel stick. You see, very easy to make.

29. Who can resist these monster cookies?


These are made of cookie dough covered in sugar with an eye and spikes on it. So scarily adorable.

30. Feel free to dip your pumpkin chips in this cauldron.


The cauldron is made out of pumpernickel bread. The dip is primarily artichoke but looks quite green.

31. You’ll find this pizza quite ghostly.


Well, it’s a pizza with cheesy ghosts on it. Hope they don’t haunt your mouth.

32. You’d swear this cake was haunted by marshmallows.


Okay, they’re marshmallow ghosts on an orange cake. And yes, it drips with chocolate icing.

33. An owl cupcake like this will surely be a hoot.


This one has almonds as feathers on its plumage. Nonetheless, quite eerily adorable.

34. These chocolate covered Oreos are crawling amok.


These are spider Oreos. And yes, they have fangs that don’t bite.

35. These cookies seem quite witchy to me.


These were made out of Christmas tree cookie cutters. Love the hats.

36. The skeleton is bursting with desserts.


The skeleton is pure plastic. But you can store plenty of goodies in it. Sure it’s disgusting, but this is Halloween.

37. These cookies are crawling with spiders.


Each of these has a cake spider with icing legs. Care to try?

38. Wake up this Halloween to some ghostly pancakes.


Just make sure your pancakes are white and fluffy. And that they have eyes and a mouth.

39. These mummy peppers come under wraps.


These are wrapped with bread strips. Still, they must be quite spicy if you ask me.

40. These ho-ho’s are utterly batty.


All of them seem to have icing wings. So scarily cute.

41. Nobody could resist these jack-o’-lantern Oreos.


Each of these is dipped in orange icing and has a different face. Nonetheless, they’re so creative.

42. Anyone in the mood for a bloody good cheesecake?


It’s basically just a cheesecake soaked in cherry sauce and a large knife stabbing it. You can even use the knife to cut it.

43. Feel free to eat these webby fudge treats.


Sure they may have plastic spiders on them. But you can always remove them if they freak you out.

44. These scary pretzels make a rather spooky snack.


Consists of bats, mummies, pumpkins, and monsters. And yes, they’re quite tasty and scarily adorable.

45. Want to dip your veggies into this snake?


Well, the snake is made out of olives. Yet, the dip can easily resemble sand or dirt.

46. Help yourself to some brains.


You can see this is a brain cake. Fittingly it’s situated inside a skull pan.

47. You’d find a lot of candy on this jack-o’-lantern.


It’s supposed to represent the kind of jack-o’-lantern candy buckets trick or treaters use. So feel free to put on whatever candy you want.

48. For healthier options, try this witch.


Her face consists of pistachios while her hair is made of grapes. Her hat’s made out of raisins while she sports a pickle nose.

49. How would you like some free shots?


Don’t worry, they’re just jello shots. Though they may contain alcohol depending on the host’s discretion.

50. Your monster mash will be a smash with these Frankenstein monster snacks.


They’re green cracker sandwiches with marshmallow bolts. Hope you like yours on a stick.

51. Hope you don’t die over some Butterfinger bark.


Each of these is shaped like a coffin. While they have orange under that chocolate shell.

52. You can really sink your teeth into these vampire cookies.


Each of these all have smiling faces eager to suck your blood. But they’re to die for.

53. Hope you’re well wrapped for some mummy pretzels.


Each of these is dipped in icing, piped with white drizzle, and graced with a pair of eyes. Easy to make and perfect for any Halloween dessert platter.

54. Monstrous brownies should sate your monstrous appetite.


You can put as many eyes and teeth as you want on them. As long as they’re marshmallows and mini M&Ms.

55. Speaking of brownies, these spider bites will satisfy.


Each of these has pretzel legs and icing eyes. Hope they don’t scare you.

56. Perhaps this bloody bat cake may suit you.


The cake is covered in red icing to resemble blood. But you can’t eat the bats.

57. Want an Oreo bat on your cupcake?


Has an Oreo head and wings. Yet, you can’t help but love it. So cute.

58. Some spooky salty pretzel toffee is a great Halloween treat.


All you need to do is make the toffee and add eyes to it. Simple as that.

59. Impress your guests with these monster appetizer snacks.


Each of these has meat and cheese. Though you can use peppers and olives to make a face any way you want.

60. You’d be pleased to death with these spiderweb cupcakes.


Each of these has white and chocolate icing on top. Perfect for any spiderweb cake.

61. Nothing beats a Halloween dessert like a monster parfait.


This one has blue ice cream inside. Yet, the monster does have a neat pair of glasses.

62. You won’t guess what’s wrapped around this mummy cheese ball.


Well, it’s covered by bread. Yet, hope you can dip your cracker in it.

63. No ghoul can resist these Oreo bat truffles.


Includes chocolate wings and chocolate chip ears. Your guests will go batty for them.

64. Care for some mummy pizza?


More like mummy calzones. Given that the top is covered with dough for wraps.

65. Nothing makes your dessert platter like these berry pumpkin tarts.


Each of these has a different jack-o’-lantern face. Goes well with any pie if you care to add one.

66. For healthier options, check out these monster apple slices.


Each of these has a strawberry tongue. Comes with 1-2 eyes.

67. Perhaps you might want eyes in your hot chocolate.


They’re just marshmallows with chocolate chips on them. But some may be freaked out by them.

68. Want some spiderwebs on your pumpkins?


They may be orange on the inside. But they covered with spiderwebs of chocolate and white icing.

69. Grace your dessert platter with this night sky cake.


The night sky may be blue with a white moon. But you have to love all the chocolate bats.

70. Care for a slice of candy corn cake?


They might be covered with sprinkles on their backs. But I’m sure they taste better than the real thing. Because the real candies are just sugar wax.

71. You’ll go batty for these cookies.


They’re even on sticks and come with a full moon. Professionally made but adorable.

72. Perhaps you might want to try some witch’s brew cookies.


Consists of green, black, and purple dough all meshed together. And they all have sprinkles on the edges.

73. You’ll love these raven cookies ever more.


Okay, a few of them may be owls. But you get the idea with the black icing.

74. How about a ghost on your chocolate pie slice.


The ghost is made from whipped cream and chocolate chips. Want to take a bite?

75. Any little goblin would love a monster treat like this.


It’s basically a chocolate monster treat on a stick. And yes, it’s quite charming.

76. You can’t have Halloween night without these black cat cupcakes.


Come with a full moon covered in sugar. They’re also pumpkin spice and pudding.

77. Treat your little ghouls to some Frankenstein monster Rice Krispie treats.


Each one is covered in green with eyes, hair, and crooked mouth. Perfect for any Halloween party.

78. These chocolate cookies really are the shit.


That’s because they’re made to look like shit. Though I guarantee you they won’t smell like it.

79. Send your kid to school with this monster lunch.


One of them even has bloodshot deviled egg eyes. Another a long tongue of ham strips.

80. Help yourself to these jello eyes.


Man, these are really disgusting. Available in green and blue, apparently.

The School Lunch World of Bento


In many of the food posts I’ve done over the years, I always seem to include a few bento lunches here and there. In Japan, a bento is a single-portion take out or home-cooked meal. Traditional bento may hold rice or noodles, fish or meat, and cooked vegetable in a box. In addition, they’ve been around since the Kamakura period during the Middle Ages. Nowadays, these bento boxes can range from disposable mass-produced to hand-crafted lacquerware. And they’re available everywhere in Japan from convenience stores, railway stations, and department stores. Nonetheless, it’s common for Japanese mothers to make these bentos for their husbands and children that some may prepare the ingredients the night before then pack everything for the morning. Yet, some of these meals can be elaborately arranged into a style called kyaraben, which are typically decorated to resemble from anime, manga, or video games. Another picture style is oekakiben that’s decorated to look like people, animals, buildings and monuments, or items like flowers or plants. And they even have contests for the most aesthetically pleasing arrangements. Recently, bento boxes have captured the western imagination since I’ve seen plenty of them on Pinterest boards and Google Images, especially if it pertains to school lunches for parents. So for your reading pleasure, I give you an assortment of elaborately decorated bento lunches.

  1. Give your little raptor a lunch he’ll remember for 65 million years.

Consists of a spotted egg in a nest along with 2 dinosaur sandwiches. One of which has spines.

2. Perhaps you’d like your cars hard-boiled.

They’re also attached with hotdog slice windows for wheels. Also, have cherry tomatoes on top.

3. A lunchtime mermaid should have ramen hair.

She even has a shrimp tail. But she’s not made out of chicken of the sea.

4. There’s something fruity about this monkey bento.

Well, it mostly consists of monkey sandwich. And those small corn cobs are used as bananas.

5. This bento lunch will satisfy any sleepy bear.

As you can see the bear is made out of rice. Though I’m not quite sure about the blankets.

6. Nobody could resist this rice puppy.

Yes, it’s a little dog made out of rice. And I’m sure some kids will find it good enough to eat.

7. Anyone would be pleased with smiling sushi rolls.

While they may be made out of blue rice, they nonetheless brighten your day. Wonder if they’re made to resemble mountains.

8. A big cat sandwich can satisfy any monstrous appetite.

Even has whiskers along with pepper nose and ears. So adorable.

9. A bento like this can be straight out of the Hundred Acre Wood.

He even has a bee for honey. Yet, nobody could resist Winnie the Pooh’s sweet face.

10. These rice kitties will surely melt your heart.

These rice kitties come in so many colors and patterns. But they’re each cute in their own way.

11. There’s something fishy about these legs.

Well, the legs are made out of fish. While peppers comprise of the skirt and high heels.

12. Among the noodles, the mice get the cheese.

Each of these are made out of hardboiled eggs and hotdog slices. And yes, the cheese is full of holes.

13. With this lunch, your kid will moo until the cows come home.

Wonder if the girls are supposed to be milkmaids. Still, kids will enjoy either the cow sandwich or pizza.

14. Hope you can put your tip on this school lunch.

This back to school lunch comes with a great big pencil sandwich. Yet, the cheese is on top in this case.

15. You’ll find this froggy lunch quite hopping.

Yes, this is a lunch filled with frogs. And yes, the grapes and sandwich have frog eyes.

16. These plastic animals are happy to get on board the sandwich choo-choo train.

And yes, the train’s wheels are decorated with carrot slices. Though you can’t eat the animals.

17. Care to rub this cat’s belly?

Well, the cat is mostly made out of rice and tofu. Yet, I’m sure it took a hell of a time to make.

18. A Snow White lunch is fit for any Disney princess.

Though I wouldn’t eat the apple if I were you. Since its skull makes it seem especially poisonous.

19. These 3 little piggies seem quite eager to feast.

These pigs are made out of rice balls. Yet, they appear sniffing around for, well, anything.

20. There’s nothing more pleasing than a unicorn lunch.

This unicorn is over a background of red cabbage. But it nonetheless stands out.

21. Three little bears come out of their dens.

I’m sure they’re made out of hard-boiled eggs sticking out of rice. But they’re quite adorable.

22. Seems like pandas prefer a warm stew.

Sure the pandas are sushi rolls. But you have to like how they’re munching on the stew. So cute.

23. A nautical lunch is perfect for your little sailor’s voyage.

Consists of a ship sandwich to keep your kid in ship shape. And yes, fruit make up the seas.

24. No little girl could resist this sweet sandwich.

This has a girl made out of cheese in a pink dress. Includes a couple of flowers.

25. No kid could ever go without a bento lunch with Shaun the Sheep.

Shaun the Sheep is a kid’s show in Britain by Aardman. Nonetheless, the Nick Park sheep are quite distinctive.

26. This bento lunch is happy to greet you.

After all, the Japanese tend to be suckers for cuteness. Even in their food for some reason.

27. To celebrate Shark Week, your little shark will love this bento lunch.

Includes a lifesaver and blue dip with a shark in it. Also, don’t forget Goldfish crackers and Sea Snax.

28. The Force is strong in these bento lunches.

Includes Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader. And yes, they’re all on sandwiches.

29. Behold, the Pusheenosaurus.

It’s a combination between a dinosaur and a cat. Includes eggs and bones.

30. Nobody could resist a panda lunch.

Well, the panda is mostly made out of rice. But it doesn’t hesitate to show a smile.

31. Any kid would be nuts to skip this lunch.

Yes, this lunch is covered with squirrels. Even in the orange slices.

32. At times, a bento can be turned into a work of art.

I don’t see this as a kid’s lunch. Seems more like the work of a repressed art major.

33. Anyone would moo over these rice cows.

These cows seem quite peaceful in the pasture. Though they can also easily put you in the emergency room.

34. You’ll find a treasure map on top of this sandwich.

Yet, keep in mind that real pirates never had treasure maps. Mostly because they’d usually spend whatever gold they find like sailors. Since they know they wouldn’t last very long.

35. Best not bother the sleeping fox.

Or is that a dog? At any rate it’s quite adorable to look at.

36. A sandwich like this is out of this world.

Since it’s a rocket sandwich. And its in several layers for lift off.

37. Little Nintendo fans would adore this Mario bento lunch.

Though it doesn’t seem to have many mushrooms for some reason. Then again, safe mushrooms are hard to identify.

38. What’s that frog looking at?

This frog sandwich is made from green tortilla. And it even has a pasta noodle for a tongue.

39. A penguin bento lunch can always make you smile.

Each of these penguins has cute little plastic hats. Nonetheless, these little penguin rice balls will melt your heart.

40. Anyone would fall in love with this lovely water lily lunch.

The flower is made out of Japanese leaves. Includes a Japanese flag on a stick.

41. Your prehistoric pal would love this triceratops sandwich.

And the horns are made out of cheese. While the egg is a bit cracked.

42. Treat your Star Lord to this Guardians of the Galaxy bento lunch.

Includes a Star Lord sandwich, a cupcake, and a bar of Awesome Music. And yes, any kid would love this.

43. This little dog wants to greet you.

Got to love the paws on the edge and ears. So cute you can’t help but love it.

44. You’d find a lot of cheesy faces on this bento.

The faces are made out of cheese. Each of them also come with little attributes like hair and bows.

45. For peaceful picnics give this flowery lunch a try.

Mostly consists of a flower garden path. I’m sure this was made by someone with too much time on their hands.

46. Seems like someone doesn’t want to get eaten.

Too bad they were made for just that. Now who’ll be next for the chopsticks, I don’t know.

47. A budding Dred Pirate Roberts should always have a lunch like this.

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You stole my lunch box, prepare to die.

48. This cat and mouse bento is a mid-day delight.

It has a cat sandwich and a cheesy mouse. Nonetheless, the cat seems happy.

49. Perhaps your little fish might want an under the sea lunch.

Consists of a fruity squid and an octopus sandwich. Don’t forget the goldfish crackers.

50. Any kid would go all buggy over this lunch.

I bet these mostly consist of ladybugs. And they both have cheesy spots.

51. No bento post should be complete without an appearance by Hello Kitty.

This one has her in a dress with hearts. And yes, it’s adorable.

52. You’d want to take a bite out of this rice panda.

This one even has bamboo in the background. Or a vegetable resembling bamboo at least.

53. Once in a while every little robot needs to refuel.

And what do you know, it has a robot sandwich. Yet, this one wears a bow.

54. Want your mouse hard-boiled?

This mouse even has a hotdog flag. Includes a chick and apple cherry tomatoes.

55. Like Angry Birds? Try this lunch.

Well, it doesn’t seem like a big lunch. But I think boys would find it a delight.

56. A lunch like this is perfect for a kid’s first day of school.

Includes applesauce and a math problem sandwich. The cheese has a 4 on it, too.

57. There’s nothing to resist about this koala bento.

Well, it’s a koala made out of rice and veggies. But it’s nonetheless. cute. Also, is that other small rice ball supposed to be a lion?

58. This lunch will sustain your little Ewok in a galaxy far, far, away.

Even includes Chewbacca and Imperial fighters. Yet, the rice seems a bit on the Dark Side.

59. Treat your kid to this lunch when they make the grade.

Of course, this is for preschool graduation. Since you don’t want to give this to an 18 or 22 year old.

60. An owl lunch like this is quite a hoot.

Includes an owl sandwich and hard-boiled eggs. Still, you can’t help but love it.

61. Care for a ramen ocean dish?

Includes a fish sandwich and fruit stars. And yes, the ramen is dyed.

62. You’d swear this bento came all the way from Paris.

The sky and background is made out of rice. But the Eiffel Tower is made of cheese.

63. Care for a couple of fish sandwiches?

Includes rice water, carrot sand, and green seaweed. Nonetheless, seems easy to make.

64. Perhaps you might treat yourself to a lovely maiden.

I’m sure this bento is another artistic piece. Since it doesn’t seem like it’s made for a kid’s school lunch.

65. This guy seems like he’s floating in rice.

After all, he’s in a boat rowing with an asparagus stick. All in a Mickey Mouse bento box.

66. For the solar eclipse, treat your kid to this bento lunch.

Okay, the solar eclipse was last year. Includes a darkened sun and cheese glasses.

67. Don’t send your kid to class without this notebook bento.

Has a notebook sandwich and a cheesy pencil. Wonder what the eraser is though.

68. Perhaps you might want to try some goldfish sushi.

Actually, the fish just cover the rice balls. But they nonetheless give the meal character.

69. Let your little sheriff satisfy his appetite with this Woody lunch.

Yet, this is for Toy Story 3. You know the one when Andy goes to college that makes people cry.

70. Nobody could resist these flowery dogs.

Well, these dogs have flowers on them in a garden. So cute.

71. Perhaps you might want a penguin dish.

The penguin here is mostly made of rice with pepper beak and feet. So cute.

72. Sometimes it helps to bring in a little sunshine.

The sun consists of orange slices and cheese. While there are 2 moon sandwiches.

73. A minion in the garden always brings smiles.

Well, this minion is made out of rice. And it’s surrounded by colorful mushrooms.

74. This bento has an egg sunny side up.

And lo, and behold, it’s a sun. In addition, it’s on rice in a star-shaped box.

75. Care for a cupcake?

Actually it’s a cupcake sandwich with a cherry on top. And yes, it has sprinkles.

76. Seems like some little bear wants to say hello.

This one has a bear greeting from a house of cheese. So cute.

77. With this bento, the eagle has landed.

This lunch depicts the moon landing. One small step for man, indeed.

78. You’ll get a wave out of this lunch.

This is from a famous Japanese painting. And yes, that place can get terrible tsunamis.

79. Every kid should have a cupcake sandwich on their special day.

The sandwich is covered with cheese. Also has sprinkles.

80. If you like Calvin and Hobbes, then this bento is for you.

Well, Calvin and Hobbes was a comic strip from the early 1990s. Yet, it’s nonetheless a classic.

81. Nobody can resist a Pikachu in rice.

And here’s Pikachu with a flower. Fittingly, they made the Pokemon the mascot for the Japanese soccer team.

82. All what these animals need are hats.

I’m sure the hats are made from paper and aren’t edible. And they have all kinds of cute animals on here.

83. Seems like this bento has gone to the dogs.

Yes, they’re made out of rice. But they seem happy. Includes bone.

84. This bento will come in handy in an emergency.

It’s an ambulance bento with the vehicle made of rice. Though it won’t help much with First Aid.

85. An American burger is always a happy burger.

Even has little cheese hands. Not sure what to think of this.

86. Every lunch lion should have a ramen mane.

Well, it’s a lion sandwich. But the mane is all noodles.

87. This bear loves to soak up in a soup.

Indeed, people do find a hot tub relaxing. Yet, this guy soaks up in autumn from what I can tell by the leaves.

88. Xbox fans will adore this bento lunch.

Though you can’t play with the controls. Since they’re made out of rice.

89. Perhaps your kid might want a lunch like this for a rainy day.

Includes a rainbow pasta and a cucumber umbrella. Also don’t forget the goldfish crackers.

90. If you like Sony, you might want to do with a Play Station lunch.

The controller mostly comprises of rice wrapped with seaweed. And no, you can’t play a game with it.

91. A bento like this would inspire envy on Endor.

The Ewok is made out of rice. And yes, it’s adorable.

92. This Peanuts bento will melt your heart.

It has Snoopy and his doghouse in the center. And yes, you’ll find some of the Peanuts kids there.

93. A unicorn sandwich offers a magical lunch.

This one even ahs a rainbow behind it. And it’s made out of veggies.

94. With LEGO, your lunch will just be bricks.

Well, the veggies are carved into Legos. But that doesn’t mean you can play with them.

95. This bento is a feast for little minions.

Well, this one is full of minions. And yes, many will find them adorable.

96. This pig family feels at home in their sty.

Well, these 3 pigs always seem quite happy near the mushrooms. One of them even winks.

97. Even Pac-Man seems hungry for ghosts these days.

Except that Pac Man doesn’t eat ghosts. Since ghosts usually go after him.

98. It’s always a small world with fans.

Bet this is for the World Cup given the international presence. Still, these are cute.

99. The Force is strong with this little pony.

This is a cross between Star Wars and My Little Pony. And yes, one of them wields a lightsaber.

100. Every brave princess should have this Merida bento lunch.

She has hair made out of orange noodles. Even has her brothers as cute bear cubs, too.

Salute the Red, White, and Blue United States of America with These Patriotic 4th of July Treats (Fourth Edition)


Once again, I prepare for the celebration of America with my annual posts of 4th of July treats and craft decorations. Despite that the presidency of the complete monster Donald Trump has very much ruined it for me since he basically goes against everything that my country stands for. And people think he’s a patriotic American? For God’s sake, he’s a fraud who feels more a home enriching himself on the taxpayer dime, breaking political norms, disrespecting the US Constitution and undermining our image in the world without a care. He’s a narcissistic sociopath who cares about nothing but himself. And people want me to unite behind this man or respect him? Sorry, but I’d rather spit in his eye since he has no respect for the United States, its values, or its people. Anyway, I apologize for my little rant but since that unrespectable man got in the White House, patriotic holidays seem to get me railed up since he’s alienated me. Maybe I’ll just take a knee until that authoritarian demagogue fascist is out of office. At least around this time of year. Yet, 4th of July is supposed to be a time of picnics and barbeques where you’d have hotdogs and hamburgers along with some desserts like pies. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of star spangled treats for America’s birthday.

  1. An American cake should always have a bald eagle on top.

Though I don’t think the figure is edible. However, this 2-tier cake is partially covered with an American flag.

2. Grace your patriotic dessert platter with this red, white, and blue trifle.

This one contains strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream. Since you have to have patriotic flair.

3. A 4th of July cake should always be covered with an American flag.

One side has stars. The other has stripes. Sure, it’s professionally made but no matter.

4. Honor our American heroes with this triangle flag cake.

Because when a serviceman dies, this is how the military presents the American flag to their loved ones. And yes, it has to be folded into a triangle.

5. Celebrate the 4th of July at the beach with these cookies.

After all, the 4th of July is a summer holiday. So get your red, white, and blue bikinis and star-spangled flip flops.

6. You can’t celebrate the 4th of July without this spectacularly American flag cake.

One tier has thin red stripes on white. One tier has white stars on blue. And one tier has thick red stripes with white stars on top.

7. Celebrate American with some red, white, and blue nachos in your salsa.

Sure, they’re not arranged like an American flag. Comes with a bowl of salsa and guac.

8. These pancake stacks make a quality 4th of July breakfast.

Yes, they’re considerably smaller than what you’d get at IHOP. But each has strawberries, blueberries, and banana.

9. Grace your 4th of July dessert platter with these star-spangled cookies.

Each of these has a design in stars and stripes. And yes, they’re professionally made.

10. These firework cookies are uniquely explosive.

Because Americans often shoot fireworks on the 4th of July. Except if they live near an area where there’s a high wildfire risk.

11. This mini cupcake flag is especially fruity.

Consists of blueberries, raspberries, and coconut toppings. Yet, they’re all on a tray for good measure.

12. A star cake should have 3 layers.

The layers are in red, white and blue with white icing keeping it together. And it’s covered in a strawberry syrup, I think.

13. If you’re tired or poor, you might enjoy this cake of Lady Liberty.

This especially goes if you live in New York. Since it’s a symbol of NYC. Still, Trump better watch out for her torch.

14. For healthier options, may I suggest an American flag fruit salad?

Consists of blueberries, banana, and watermelon. Yes, it’s similar to other platters but this one is all fruit.

15. Nobody would object to this star-spangled cake.

This one has a star in the American flag. And it’s covered with sprinkles on the edge.

16. Feast your eyes on these fruity red, white, and blue bites.

These consist of strawberries, blueberries, and icing. And you can pop them in your mouth, apparently.

17. These American flag cupcakes make a quality patriotic dessert.

These consist of white icing with a blue star and red stripes. So far, they seem quite doable compared to the other desserts on here.

18. You’ll have an explosive 4th of July with this American flag cake.

Since this one has firework decorations which you can’t eat. But it’s nonetheless festive.

19. For an outdoor picnic, you can’t do without these cake kabobs.

These consist of cakes, fruit, and marshmallows on sticks. Perfect for any 4th of July dessert platter.

20. This sheet cake of the United States is an all-American showstopper.

The US is in the form of an American flag. And it’s surrounded by stars and banners.

21. You’ll get stars with these fruity cheesecakes.

These consist of fruit fillings and cheesecake in jars. At least as far as I can tell.

22. No patriotic American can resist these mini red velvet flag cakes.

Topped with white icing for stripes and blueberries. But be careful as you put them on your plate.

23. You can’t enjoy the 4th of July without a star-spangled pie.

Well, it’s not the first pie flag I’ve had. Yet, it has more blueberries and stars than the others I’ve posted.

24. Nothing makes the 4th of July like an American flag of M&Ms.

The stripes are even separated by paper so they won’t mix together. The blue M&Ms are in a bowl.

25. An American flag cake should wave with fruit.

This one has blueberries on the star section and strawberry slice stripes. Only the icing is white.

26. You’d be bursting for this firework cake.

And the cake is white with red and blue fireworks. Also seems rather easy to make.

27. These pretzel flag bites make a rather patriotic snack.

All you need to make these are waffle pretzels, icing, and M&Ms. Doesn’t seem hard to make, does it?

28. Enjoy your 4th of July party with this Taco salad flag.

Yes, I posted a taco salad flag before. But this one has less stripes and lettuce in the star section. Also, the olives are sliced.

29. Treat yourself to some red, white, and blue jello treats.

These consist of jello on the bottom and fruit on top with whipped cream in between. Red has blueberries. Blue has strawberries.

30. Your beach party can’t be complete without a star-spangled beach ball cake.

Yes, this is professionally made. But it goes nicely with the swimsuit and flip flop cookies.

31. You can’t have a great 4th of July party without a patriotic American slab pie.

This one has strawberry filling in the stripes and 3 rows of stars. And yes, it’s great for any 4th of July picnic.

32. Red, white, and blue frozen bananas are a quality 4th of July treat.

Each one is covered by icing and sprinkles. Some of the sprinkles are even stars.

33. A hotdog cake is perfect for an Independence Day barbecue.

After all, hotdogs and burgers are always classic 4th of July fare. Still, it can’t be as disgusting as real hotdogs.

34. Nothing makes a great 4th of July dinner than an American flag casserole.

This one has a green banner, tomato stripes, and cheese stars. And over a layer of cheese.

35. There’s something flowery about this American flag cake.

Indeed, this is a wedding cake. Consists of buntings and American flags along with a white flower.

36. Perhaps a star American flag cake may interest you.

Yes, I know the flag is in a rectangular shape. But you have to go all yankee doodle dandy on this one.

37. How about a flag draped on a cake?

Sure the flag’s not all on the cake. But it’s draped like you’d lay one on a soldier’s coffin.

38. Any American would be tied for these patriotic cookies.

These are American flag bow cookies. The stripes are on the ends. The stars are on the top.

39. Impress your patriotic guests with this American flag snack tray.

This one has meat and cheese stripes along wit cheesy stars. And all on a wooden platter.

40. Raise a glass to these star-spangled cupcakes.

This one has M&Ms inside a glass with a cupcake on top. And the cupcakes have sprinkles.

41. You can’t go wrong with these spectacular 4th of July cookies.

Includes, flag flip flops, American flags, Statue of Liberty, buntings, and fireworks. Perfect for any picnic and barbecue.

42. With this 4th of July cake, you can support the troops.

Though soldier ribbons are usually yellow. But the flag adds an extra patriotic flair.

43. For your 4th of July lunch, munch on these tortilla stars.

These are covered in cheese and salsa. And seem quite easy to make.

44. If you enjoy beach parties, try these cookies.

Yes, I showed some beach cookies on this post before. But these include starfish and clams.

45. You can’t do wrong with a fruity cake like this.

This one is covered with blueberries and a strawberry star. And yes, it’s rather doable.

46. Care for a flower with stars and stripes?

This one has stars in the blue center and striped petals. Professionally made but creative.

47. Nobody can resist these American flag truffles.

Many of them are made of Oreo cookies. Not to mention, decorated with icing and sprinkles.

48. These red, white, and blue stars are especially cheesy.

After all, they’re cheesecake stars. And each one is decorated with blueberry and strawberry syrup.

49. For outdoor 4th of July parties, top your dessert platter with this gazebo cake.

I’m sure the gazebo isn’t edible. Yet, it’s nonetheless decorated with stars.

50. Feel free to this all-American snack platter.

This one has cheese and cracker stripes, cheese stars, and a pepperoni blue square. Perfect for a barbecue.

51. These Uncle Sam cookies are a patriotic delight.

These consist of a flower beard with hats. Still, at any rate, they’re quite adorable.

52. These treats seem to go out like fireworks.

Because they’re Rice Krispie firecrackers. And each color is separated by marshmallows.

53. Nothing makes a great 4th of a July dessert like a Patriotic Mousse Parfait.

This one has red cakes, whipped cream, blue icing on top, and white chocolate chips. And yes, they sure look tasty.

54. You can’t go wrong with these star-spangled cookies.

These have a blue border and red M&Ms on each point. And I’m sure most won’t have trouble making them.

55. Anyone can enjoy these Oreo pops.

These have red and blue stripes with similar colored stars. Yet, I’m sure anyone would love them.

56. You can let the eagle soar on this patriotic cake.

This one has a bald eagle head on top. The rest is covered with an American flag. Amazing.

57. You’ll find plenty of stars on this cake.

Of course, the stars are around the cake in an American flag fashion. Yet, you have to admire it nonetheless.

58. Anyone can delight in these jello American flags.

Not sure how you get the colors like that. But they’re quite cool to look at.

59. Nothing encapsulates America like a star-spangled baseball cake.

Still, it would’ve been more American to have a football cake. But summer is baseball season. So there.

60. Perhaps a fruity star on a sheet cake may suit you.

This one consists of blueberries and strawberries. Great for any barbecue.

61. How about a 4th of July pizza party?

This one consists of pepperoni and cheese stripes. And I’m sure there are blue chips and cheese for the square.

62. All a cake needs is a star-spangled bow.

This one has a blue bow with stars on top. Yet, most of the cake consists of stripes.

63. These cake squares seem stitched together.

Since it’s supposed to resemble an American quilt. All with stars on blue and stripes.

64. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Yes, they have a moon landing cake. And yes, I’m putting it on my post. Because USA! USA!

65. Care for a berry tart on this 4th of July?

This consists of raspberries and blueberries in stripes. More suited for barbecues that don’t have a lot of flags.

66. Serve up some of this fruity American flag pizza.

Consists of blueberries, banana slices, and strawberries. And yes, you have blueberries on the border.

67. You’ll find the US Constitution on this cake.

Though it’s on a scroll. Still, Donald Trump thinks it’s just a piece of paper which he’s clearly not honoring. Since he’s making money on the presidency.

68. You’re bound to love this cake with red, white, and blue stars on top.

The side of it has an American flag heart. So you can show your love to America on its birthday.

69. You’ll find plenty of cheesy stars on this snack platter.

All of the stars are on top of some meat. And they’re all in different sizes and colors.

70. Make your star-spangled party splash with these bunting cookies.

These are decorations you might see on political podiums. Yet, these cookies seem easy to make though have much more polish.

71. Perhaps a patchwork cake may suit you for this 4th of July.

Well, it’s a circular quilt cake. But you have to admire the seams on the stars and stripes.

72. Celebrate your 4th of July with these American flag candy bars.

These seem more like brownies covered with M&Ms. So you can figure that out yourself.

73. Your 4th of July cake should always reach new heights.

This one has several tiers. One perhaps the words to the Declaration of Independence. Or is it the Constitution?

74. A waving American flag cake can always include star cookies.

This the star cookies are in swirls like an explosion. And the flag cake looks very stunning.

75. Wake up this 4th of July to these open face breakfast sandwiches.

Well, I’ve posted one of these before. But these have jelly on them instead of raspberries.

76. Cool yourself off this 4th of July with this patriotic jello treat.

This one has 3 layers of red, white, and blue in a glass. Still, love the glasses.

77. For healthy snacks, try this American flag veggie tray.

Consists of red pepper and cauliflower stripes. The dip is dyed blue, by the way.

78. A 4th of July cake can always use a few flowers.

As long as they’re red, white, and blue flowers of course. Though I don’t think these are edible.

79. Nothing makes people excited like 4th of July Rice Krispie firecracker treats.

These mostly consist of red, white, and blue bars. But they’re quite easy to make though.

80. Celebrate the 4th of July with these pie crust stars on your dessert platter.

Well, they’re all covered in sugar. Whether you use them as a pie or cookies, people will love them.

Hop Down the Bunny Trail for These Easter Treats (Fourth Edition)


Though it’s still February, the fact St. Patrick’s Day and Easter can be so close to each other some years means I have to do posts with bunnies, colored eggs, chicks, flowers, and pastels after shamrocks and leprechauns. This year is no different since Easter falls on April 1, which is also April Fool’s Day. Nonetheless, it’s a day marked with egg hunts, springtime, and family gatherings. It’s also a religious holiday marking Jesus rising from the dead after his crucifixion on Good Friday. Still, even though I do a lot of posts on Easter, it’s not one of my favorite holidays. Mostly because it’s less fun if you’re an adult and don’t live where there’s an Easter parade. And the peep diorama contests take a lot of work. Anyway, for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of Easter treats.

  1. Care for a bunny peep cup?

    Not sure if these are even edible. But people will feel charmed by these treats.

    2. Treat yourself this Easter to some Oreo sheep.

    These are Oreos covered with icing and marshmallows. And yes, the sheep has a smiley face.

    3. Nothing says Easter like a chocolate bunny candy cake.

    This one has 2 chocolate bunnies in pastel peanut M&M. The Kit Kats fence them in.

    4. Try pulling a bunny out of this hat.

    Yes, it’s a cake of a bunny inside a hat. And the magic wand is a pretzel stick.

    5. These Easter egg cookies go well on any springtime dessert platter.

    This one has Easter peanut M&Ms on icing grass. Make they are in all different colors.

    6. Welcome spring with these fancy floral cookies.

    Yes, they’re undoubtedly professionally made. Yet, they’re nevertheless works of art in their own right.

    7. You’ll be chirping for these chicky cake pops.

    Each of these is on a stick within a pot of grass. So adorable you can eat them up.

    8. These spring flowers make a unique Easter snack.

    Each of these has pastel M&Ms on a waffle pretzel. And all kept together with icing.

    9. No little bunny could resist this Bento Easter lunch.

    This one consists of 2 bunny sandwiches that are rubbing noses with each other. Now isn’t that cute?

    10. You’ll find these chick cookies all packed in an egg carton.

    Each of these is an egg shape depicting a chick hatching. Yes, they’re professionally made. But they’re adorable.

    11. Any mother hen minding her chicks will adore this bento lunch.

    Well, they’re all made of rice and dressed. The chicks even have similar hats.

    12. Check out the chicks from these deviled eggs.

    Okay, that’s kind of disturbing if you really think about it. I mean most of these eggs come from chickens.

    13. Seems like the bunnies made themselves at home on this cake.

    On the top, a couple are having a picnic. On the bottom, a couple are scurrying home.

    14. For an Easter snack, may I suggest some popcorn sheep?

    Actually these consists of 2 sheep and a tree. The fence is made from the waffle sandwich cookies.

    15. Bunny cookies should come in all colors.

    Each of them is in white polka dots. And yes, they’re professionally made.

    16. You’d be a bad egg not to include these chicky deviled eggs.

    These have olive eyes. Makes them seem bloodshot while emerging from their hardboiled eggshells.

    17. Speaking of chicks, you can’t go wrong with these chicky cupcakes.

    Each of these includes a chick hatched from an egg along with flowers on grass. And yes, these are professionally made.

    18. There’s something twisty about these bunny rolls.

    These are rolls made from dough meant to resemble a bunny in twisty fashion. And yes, they include the cotton tail.

    19. Didn’t know bunnies could live in gingerbread houses.

    I’m sure this is used for decoration. But the roof is lined with jelly beans. And you can see a bunny at the window.

    20. Might want to serve these bunny cupcakes with an ice cream cone.

    Well, they’re not as adorable as the ones I showed last year. But you have to like how one cone opening is used for the teeth.

    21. Grace your appetizer platter with a bunny cheese dip snack tray.

    This one even has carrot ears. Not to mention it has jelly bean eyes and buttons.

    22. Care for some peep smores?

    Yes, I know peeps are inedible marshmallows covered in sugar meant to resemble chicks and bunnies. But if it’s Easter, how else will you make a smore?

    23. There’s something sheepish about these cupcakes.

    They even have chocolate horns like a ram. And yes, both have an adorable smile on their faces.

    24. Any girl would love to have a bouquet of daisies.

    Well, a bouquet of daisy cookies that is. Doesn’t hurt if any have ladybugs on them.

    25. Nobody could resist this fuzzy wuzzy bunny cake.

    This one has coconut over it, including its ears and rosy cheeks. And it’s all topped with a purple bow.

    26. You’ll hop for these Rice Krispie bunnies.

    Each one has a cute little face and a bow on their ears. Sure you can’t eat the bow but these are cute nonetheless.

    27. This bunny cake is content among the jelly beans.

    Yes, it’s another bunny cake. But this one has paper ears. Kind of disappointing.

    28. Perhaps you might fancy a bento lunch among the flowers.

    Well, the flowers are purple and are mostly of rice. But they’re quite pretty.

    29. Hope you can have all your egg cookies on one cake.

    All of the Easter egg cookies are on a stick and in one color. And they’re all on top of a basket cake.

    30. Grace your dessert platter with these Easter bites.

    On top they either have colored eggs or a daffodil. And yes, they’re all in lavender as well as professionally made.

    31. Suppose these Easter brownie bites might suit your taste buds.

    Each one has an egg on top with green icing. Feel free to take one and pop into your mouth.

    32. Apparently, these bunnies can scale a giant carrot.

    Actually it’s a cake. Nor sure if it’s carrot cake. But it certainly has a carrot top.

    33. Enchant your guests with these Oreo stick bunnies.

    All the bunnies even have a basket of eggs. So adorable you want to eat these up.

    34. Would you like an egg or bunny sandwich?

    Actually, they’re both cucumber. So it’s the same either way.

    35. Spring into Easter with this flower basket cake.

    Each tier has an arrangement of purple, yellow, and white flowers. And they’re of the flowers you’ll normally see early in the spring.

    36. Instead of a chocolate bunny, how about one in Rice Krispies?

    Sure it’s a lot crunchier than the candy counterpart. Not sure if it’s hollow or filled with cream though.

    37. You’d be chicken to avoid this wrap.

    Not sure what this exactly supposed to be. But it’s nonetheless adorable to see.

    38. Care for some Easter egg cake pops in your garden?

    Each of these is covered in sprinkles or sugar. And they all fit in a planter of grass quite nicely.

    39. Take a bite out of these basket cookie cups.

    Each of these has candy eggs and icing grass. But they sure look quite tasty on any dessert platter.

    40. With spring, it’s best your Easter platter has these floral cupcakes.

    Each of these has pastel icing as well as flowers on it. I don’t think you can eat the flowers but they’re sure pretty.

    41. Wonder what’s in these Easter eggs.

    Okay, they’re cookies with chocolate eggs inside. And each one has a top covered in icing and a pretty design.

    42. Top your basket cake with a chocolate bunny.

    After all, what’s Easter without one of these trademark goodies. And atop a pink basket cake with eggs.

    43. A bread bunny makes a great bowl for spinach and artichoke dip.

    Funny, how the ears are baguettes. Love the cute little face. So sweet.

    44. Speaking of bunnies, can I interest you in a hopping snack tray?

    Well, it’s not an exact likeness of a bunny. But it’s made out of cheese, crackers, and pepperoni.

    45. Bask in the sugary goodness of these peeps cupcakes.

    Just remove the peep before you eat. Because peeps aren’t fit for human consumption.

    46. Nobody could resist this bento bunny.

Oh, look it’s holding a little carrot. So adorable you just want to eat it up.

47. All the peeps seem to feel at home in this patch.

Well, it’s a peep patch cake. Filled with those inedible bunny marshmallows along with icing carrots.

48. Each peep bunny has its own pudding cup.

It’s a variation on dirt pudding. However, in this case, take out the bunny and eat the dirt.

49. Perhaps you might want an Easter basket on top of a cake.

Yes, this may be professionally made. But you have to like the flowers and bunnies on it. So sweet.

50. Hope these butterfly cookies make you soar into the sky.

Each of these is wonderfully painted and decorated. Love these.

51. There’s something ducky in this stew.

Okay, it’s a little duckie floating on the soup. Don’t you want to hold it?

52. Hope you’ll be hopping like a bunny in a bucket full of carrots.

You can guess this cake is professionally made. But the bunny seems oh so happy in it.

53. Everyone would just love these cupcake flowers.

Consist of pink, orange, purple, and blue. Yet each is a picture. So lovely.

54. Any little bunny would crave for this Easter basket bento lunch.

It’s made out of a pita with 2 cheesy eggs. It’s an cheesy egg Easter basket sandwich.

55. The chicks call this Easter gingerbread house a home.

It’s richly decorated with 2 chicks at the door. Wouldn’t mind having this on a dessert platter.

56. Any bunny would be hopping mad for this bento lunch.

One depicts a child dressed as a bunny. Another depicts a carrot patch.

57. Hope you enjoy an egg salad Easter bunny.

Makes you awe by what some people can do with a few hardboiled eggs. While the eggs here are olives. Or are those grapes?

58. With these butterfly cookies, you can certainly spread your wings.

Each butterfly comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. All are in blue, pink, and green.

59. You’ll be chirping for these chick cupcakes.

These seem like they can come straight out of Foodarama. Still, so adorable.

60. Can I interest you in a fancy sheep?

Well, it’s a small sheep cake with chocolate icing. But you can’t resist that face of innocence.

61. For an Easter dinner on the grill, want a few bunnies on your hotdog?

Well, it’s a bento lunch. But the cheesy bunnies give it a nice Easter touch.

62. Wake up Easter morning to the smell of a sticky bun bun.

This little guy is covered with icing and is under a branch. So cute.

63. Serve your guests with some bunny bread.

Unlike the other bunny breads I’ve shown, these are decorated. Got to love the buttons and ears.

64. For healthy options, try this Easter egg fruit pizza.

This one is decked with strawberries, raspberries, black berries, and blueberries. It’s an Easter berry extravaganza.

65. For a fancy Easter dinner, may I suggest this peep cake for dessert?

These have peep chicks on top of flowers. Remove before eating since peeps are disgusting.

66. This cupcake contains an orange surprise.

So much that it gives new meaning to the word carrot cake. Kind of clever if you think about it.

67. You’ll find this bunny cake berry appealing.

Because it’s decorated with berries. But most prolifically, you’ll find strawberries on the ears.

68. When you crack open a chocolate egg, who knows what you’ll find.

Well, plenty of smaller eggs and flowers inside. But no chicks, surprisingly.

69. May your Easter gathering be right as rain with these cookies.

Indeed, these are professionally made. But they include chicks, butterflies, and flowers galore.

70. Maybe you might prefer your veggies in a patch of hummus.

Yes, this is supposed to be a garden patch. But it’ll make a perfect Easter appetizer.

71. On Easter, it helps if you keep your eggs in one basket.

I showed a similar Easter cake a couple years ago. But it had a different handle. Still, the eggs are pretty.

72. On these cookies you’ll find plenty of flowers.

Well, these are certainly fancy. Include several eggs and a bunny. So pretty.

73. On Easter, please don’t forget your sheep sticks.

These are pretzel sticks covered in marshmallows. And yes, they’re so cute as well as perfect for little lambs.

74. For a more sacred bent, you might want to go with these empty tomb donut treats.

For you can’t have Easter without a holy treat. Especially one without including a donut with an actual hole.

75. It’ll always spring with this flowery bento lunch.

You can see the flowers everywhere on this. But the purple one really stands out.

76. For a simple Easter treat, may I recommend bunny paw cookies?

Well, these don’t seem to take much effort. Just use icing on the cookies to make them resemble rabbit footprints.

77. This gingerbread bunny house comes with its own patch.

These have bunnies outside this lovey home. Love the flowers and carrots.

78. Perhaps a birdhouse on a stick might interest you.

These seem quite creative. Just put a