Celebrate the Stars and Stripes Forever with These Star Spangled 4th of July Craft Projects (Second Edition)


On with the craft projects. As the 4th of July is a celebration of America’s birthday, many people in the country tend to splurge on star spangled decorations. In this picture alone, you have American flags, American flag decorations, and figures of Uncle Sam. Yet, while plenty of party stores and retail outlets are happy to sell patriotic paraphernalia, some people take it a bit further by making their own. Yes, red, white and blue are the dominant colors.  And some of these often depict stars and stripes like you see on the American flag. Of course, many of these might violate the US Flag Code but it’s not that anyone pays attention to it anyone unless someone burns a flag in public protest. But that’s talking about an earlier post I did years ago. Anyway, for your reading pleasure, I give you another treasure trove of 4th of July craft projects for your home and yard.

  1. To mark the 4th, perhaps you might want to go with this.

It’s a wooden 4 that’s blue with white stars. Helps someone used a red and white string to tie it for emphasis.

2. In a more rustic setting, a red berry wreath with a star will do.

But don’t forget topping it with a blue ribbon. Otherwise, someone might mistake it for a Christmas wreath.

3. Nothing brings out one’s love of country like this 4th of July tree.

Yes, I know they do these trees for every holiday now. But at least it’s red, white, and blue.

4. A burlap patriotic wreath brings a homespun American touch.

Includes wooden letters “USA” and red, white, and blue stars. Love the navy blue bow, too.

5. Sometimes all you need is a simple white wreath.

Though be sure to include a red and white striped background and a navy blue ribbon with white stars. And the display should be in a white wooden frame.

6. The stars and stripes should be painted on a large wooden panel.

Because nothing emphasizes America than a flag painted on aged wood. Great for any American home.

7. Welcome guests on the 4th of July with this red, white, and blue deco mesh wreath.

Sure the colors seem to run together. But you have to admire the navy blue ribbon and stars.

8. Or perhaps you prefer a wreath of ribbons.

This one uses several consisting of stripes and stars configurations. Like how the stars give it charm.

9. You can’t set your table at a 4th of July barbecue without burlap cutlery bags with the flag.

Because it’s likely that you might need something to keep the cutlery from blowing off the table. Still, like the painted flag.

10. No American couch should be without this patriotic pillow.

Consists of a red and white striped pillow with a navy blue bow of white stars. Great for any American furniture piece but the dining room table.

11. Welcome your guests this 4th of July by hanging this star spangled wreath.

Like how it has red, white, and blue stars hanging from blue ribbons. Not sure what the wreath material is though.

12. For 4th of July and fun in the sun, may I suggest this star-spangled flip flop wreath?

Though keep in mind that, “flip flop” describes the sandals not senators. Has red flowers and blue sunglasses in the center.

13. A wreath wrapped in a flag can look quite stunning in a window frame.

Though the window frame is much to be desired. But it makes a fine outdoor decoration regardless.

14. If you’re not a fan of wreaths, you might want to try a star.

Well, it’s a rustic 5 pointed star with an American flag and pussy willows tied in a ribbon. Love it.

15. How about an American flag wreath with paper roses?

Well, dried roses anyway. But I know dried roses when I see them. Still, this is quite lovely.

16. A deco mesh wreath should always contain an Uncle Sam hat.

Helps if the deco mesh is lined with silver and the hat is shiny. Great to put on any American door.

17. If you want to use organic materials, this patriotic pine cone wreath is for you.

Well, if you live near an evergreen forest, then the pinecones should be easy to find. If not, there’s always the craft stores. But this wreath is simply stunning.

18. Even flag stands should have stars and stripes on them.

After all, flags need something to stand on besides the ground. Yet, you can always fit a star or 2 on the blue.

19. A 4th of July wreath should always have stars and stripe ribbons.

Though you can also add lace as a finishing touch. Also like the white lace. Very classy.

20. Wooden stars on sticks always belong in a flower pot bouquet.

Includes some red, white, and blue stars as well as a large American flag one. Love it.

21. Celebrate your love for America with these wooden blocks spelling the US of A.

Consists of a blue U, a red S, and an American flag decorated A. Bet the A stands for America and therefore, has to be the fanciest.

22. On this panel, it’s “God Bless America.”

And it’s all painted in the classic red, white, and blue. Great for any American house or porch.

23. No woman should be in the kitchen without this star spangled apron.

I had a few of these aprons on last year’s craft post. But this one mostly consists of navy blue with white stars.

24. Any all-American house should have a set of all-American firecrackers.

Okay, these are made from wood and don’t actually explode. But they all have star spangled designs you can’t resist.

25. How about a star-spangled address block to mark your house?

This one uses tiles of red, white, and blue to give a stars and stripes look. Wonderful for any American garden.

26. Nothing expresses the American spirit like a star spangled wreath of tulle.

Unlike the tulle wreath in last year’s post, it has more stars and more stripes. Also like how it looks on the door.

27. Celebrate the 4th of July in your home with these star-spangled shutters.

Well, they’re recycled shutters. But they’re both painted with stripes and a unique star design on top.

28. Red, white, and blue stars should always stick together.

So you have to tie these up with a burlap and rag ribbon. Still, I’m sure they’re all different sizes.

29. How about a wreath with more stripes and a few stars?

Not sure if the blue on here consists of feathers. But it’s rather an interesting design to have on your door.

30. As we all know, liberty is what Americans hold most sacred.

It even lights up and has an American flag. Yet, the panel of “Liberty” outshines all.

31. Hope you’re fine with 2 flags in one basket.

This one has some berries in it as well. Like the stars on it. So quaint.

32. Perhaps a wall hanging of stars with rag stripes will do.

Well, the stars aren’t in a neat in tidy shape. But they don’t necessarily have to be. After all, it’s the motifs that count.

33. Now your kids can enjoy their 4th of July with star studded chalk.

Available in only red, white, and blue. Because those are the colors of the American flag.

34. Curl up on the couch this 4th of July with this star spangled pillow.

This one has the blue star pattern as star on a striped background. Looks best next to the one with the bow.

35. 1776 should always be enshrined on a berry branch wreath.

Of course, the year itself should be framed amongst a copy of the Declaration of Independence. Just for good measure.

36. A red, white, and blue wreath of yarn is just as nice.

But the wreath appears purple because the strands appear so intertwined. Still, like the red, white, and blue flowers.

37. Care to honor America with flowers?

And as you see, the flowers are red. But you have to adore the fancy ribbons and stars.

38. Step out of your home this 4th of July with a pair of patriotic tennis shoes.

Though the shoes don’t really seem to match. But they have the same stars and stripe patterns if only in different places.

39. Let freedom ring with this American flag wind chime.

It’s mostly made of metal with a small plate of stars. But it’ll sure let freedom sing with the wind.

40. Make your 4th of July barbecue guests feel welcome with this burlap wreath.

This one uses a rather simple design with one star tied to the side. But I’m sure many will want this on their door.

41. These wooden firecrackers can use a few stars on them.

Well, at least the red and blue ones. The white one just gets nothing. Even has a tag saying, “USA.”

42. For a table centerpiece, place some flowers in some star spangled bricks.

This looks easy, assuming that the flowers are fake. Comes with a single blue brick with a white star.

43. Grace your home with this old-fashioned American flag dress display.

Keep in mind, this is a dress meant for decoration. Not for wearing. Still, like the golden stars and flag.

44. Perhaps a flower wreath should come with stars and ribbons.

Well, it may not look like the flower wreath I had on my craft post last year. But it certainly evokes 4th of July fun.

45. Nothing makes your 4th of July worthwhile than a red, white, and blue birdhouse.

Helps if it has a place to put your flower pots. Each birdhouse comes with a stand of the same red, white, and blue configuration.

46. Light up your 4th of July with these mason jar candle holders.

These consist of mason jars filled with different colors of art sand. And each one is tied with a red and white striped bow.

47. Want your fireworks to sparkle and shine? Get some red, white, and blue sequins.

Well, sequin discs you use in craft projects in art class. Still, you can make plenty of patterns with them on these wooden firecrackers.

48. Get yourself clean the American way with some stars and stripes soap.

Okay, most Americans use regular soap. But this is a 4th of July post. So American themed soap is shown here.

49. If you don’t have stars, buttons will do fine.

Well, buttons are just as good as stars for a wreath like this. Kind of gives this rag wreath a certain character.

50. A stars and stripes flower pot is great for a 4th of July bouquet.

Even if they have to consist of red, white, and blue carnations. Yet, it also includes shiny stars for patriotic emphasis.

51. If you love “America the Beautiful,” then you’ll like this wooden panel.

Though to be fair, the song was written by a lesbian who had a partner for 25 years. Bet they didn’t teach you that in history class.

52. If you don’t like wreath, then show your American pride with this American flag star.

Even has some patriotic ribbons to go along with it. Kind of has a whimsical shape to it.

53. Got any corks? Make a flag from them to hang.

I suppose most of these come from a craft store. Or at least I hope they come from one. Still, like the silver stars on it.

54. Nothing says you’re love for America than a shadowbox of paper flowers.

Well, paper flowers configured into an American flag, of course. Sure it has 9 stars but it’s the impression that counts.

55. This dresser is a must have for any American woman.

This one has an American flag painted on it. Hope whoever made this can get used to it all year round.

56. As you can see, this only sings the song of liberty.

Yes, it’s another patriotic wind chime. But it has the blue and stars on top.

57. There’s nothing more patriotic than an American flag made from shotgun shells.

Well, according to some NRA members. But as someone who doesn’t like guns, I beg to differ.

58. With this chair, you can find the Star-Spangled Banner at your seat.

Though many might view sitting on the American flag as desecration. Yet, most Americans would probably buy this anyway.

59. Never thought I’d see a metal flag before.

It’s even on a wavy metal sheet to resemble the American flag flying freely. Great to hang in any American home.

60. You’d almost think the flag was waving in this frame.

It’s actually an old shutter painted as the American flag. But you probably wouldn’t notice that.

61. Perhaps a 4th of July bandanna wreath would suit you.

Though keep in mind, bandanas often have some bad connotations to them since they’ve been banned by school dress codes. Still, you have to admire the stars on this.

62. Cinder block planters always shine in red, white, and blue.

Though they’re also heavy to lift as well. Might want to stick to wood or plastic instead.

63. Sometimes a simple decoration can say it best.

This is just a simple white yarn wreath with blue stars and American flag bows. So simple yet so lovely.

64. Every American couch should have a stars and stripes pillow.

Didn’t know they had a red pattern with white stars. Still, I’ve seen similar ones with different configurations.

65. Celebrate your 4th of July with some American flag china.

These may not be actual crafts. But they’ll sure be perfect for your Independence Day barbecue.

66. May this patriotic mason jar be a beacon of liberty in your home.

It even has a light to illuminate your party during the fireworks. Doesn’t seem quite hard to make.

67. This glass apothecary jar is filled with some of the finest American kidney beans.

As to how they managed to find red, white, and blue ones is a mystery to me. Oh, wait, they used black ones for the blue.

68. No little girl should celebrate the 4th without wearing an American flag dress.

Well, that’s a cute little dress. And it’s sure to make any girl a star-spangled darling.

69. A rustic wreath should have a flag and star.

It also has burlap and a berry wreath around the white star. Love it.

70. A rag wreath like this on the 4th of July is as good as any.

This one seems to have mostly red with white polka dots. But it’s just as patriotic nonetheless.

71. Perhaps you might want to stick a bunch of flags in one basket.

Well, you see a lot of American flag displays like this one. But I’m not sure if that’s overdoing it.

72. These star spangled flower pots make perfect patriotic planters.

These have stripes on the brim and stars on the pot. At any rate, they tend to be stacked together for height.

73. Nothing makes a 4th of July barbecue like a star spangled chair.

This one has a star back and a striped bottom. Hope it goes with a set and a table to match.

74. A 4th of July table should be star studded along the border.

And as a matter of fact, this one definitely is. Love it. So pretty.

75. A navy blue star is always stellar on a striped canvas.

Well, it may not look like the flag. But it’s in red, white, and blue just the same.

76. A glass block of the American flag is always stunning in beads.

This one uses shiny pears as stars. Nevertheless, I adore it and wonder if it lights up.

77.  By painting an American flag, you can turn a crate into a planter.

Just has a few stripes and 9 stars. But as long as it resembles a flag, I’ll take it.

78. Wooden firecrackers should always come with wooden stars.

Each of these has red white and blue to show for it. Yes, I’ve shown several of these but they’re popular 4th of July decorations.

79. A pallet doesn’t always have to resemble an American flag.

But as long as it has the basic stars and stripes, it can work. Wouldn’t mind hanging this on my wall.

80. These star-spangled firecrackers make for a spectacular 4th of July display.

One has stripes. One has stars. And one has both stars and stripes. But all have rope wicks.

81. Looks like these fireworks bring a lot of explosive fun.

This one has shiny stuff coming out of it and patriotic bows. And all on a red wood platform.

82. Let your clothes dry this Fourth of July with these American flag clothes pins.

Yes, these exist. And they just require you painting an American flag on them. Though that might be hard to pull off.

83. It’s always anchors away with this maritime wreath.

Has an anchor at the center and American flags on the sides. And the wreath is covered with rope.

84. There’s nothing more American to carry around with you than an American flag tote bag.

It’s just a tote bag with stars and stripes painted on there. Pretty ingenious if you think about it.

85. No woman can be in her 4th of July best without these star-spangled earrings.

These are probably not meant for my ears. But they’ll surely go well with any red, white, and blue outfit.

86. Show your love for America this 4th of July with this set of wooden blocks.

Consists of a map of the US, the 4th, fireworks, stripes, and a star. Looks great on any American mantle.

87. This patriotic kitty can always make America proud.

Well, is an amigurumi kitty. And she’s even waving an American flag. So cute.

88. With smaller flower pots, you can make some spectacular candle holders.

Well, they’re small pots so the candles can fit in them. But they sure consist of stellar designs.

89. If you don’t have a real flag, a ribbon one will do.

This one has a felt union with sequin stars and ribbon and lace stripes. Great project for those with scraps.

90. You surely can’t be without these flower pots at your 4th of July barbecue.

Each one is designated for forks, knives, and spoons. And each is in a patriotic motif.

91. All these firecrackers need is an American flag.

They’re also on a white wooden platform. Each one has stripes and a star on top.

92. With enough of the right burlap scraps you can make an American flag wreath pin.

Also, has buttons for stars. Kind of nifty idea. Wonder what this will go with.

93. You can even have an American flag on a basket.

Now that’s a funny way to show patriotism. Then again, I kind of prefer the flags be in the basket than on one.

94. Light up your 4th of July with this American flag candle log.

You can put a bunch of candles on it. It’s also painted with stars and stripes.

95. You can’t do wrong hanging red, white, and blue stars.

These are quite stunning. And once you cut out the stars, it’s easy to make.

96. A red, white, and blue star is pure patriotic splendor.

It’s made from wood which is mostly red and white. And it has a blue bar of stars. So lovely.

97. You’d see sparks coming from these dowel fireworks.

Well, the sparks seem to consist of yellow stars. But the blue gingham ribbon ties them all together.

98. Red and white flowers make for a simple 4th of July wreath.

Well, simpler than some of the other wreaths with flowers. Love the navy blue bow.

99. This American flag quilt is a real patchwork.

It’s an especially perfect American quilt for a patchwork nation. Because the US is a nation of diversity. Anyone who doesn’t believe that should get their racist head out of their ass.

100. Drape your American couch with this quality 4th of July quilt.

This is a quality quilt that seemed to win a prize. Anyway, it has an eagle with flag shield. Love it.


Salute the Red, White, and Blue United States of America with These Patriotic 4th of July Treats (Third Edition)


Though now is the winter of my discontent as an American citizen, I understand that I must try to keep the patriotic fervor alive as far as the 4th of July is concerned. Celebrating America’s birthday on the 4th of July is supposed to be a festive and uproarious occasion. But since the 2016 Election, the American spirit we associate with Independence Day isn’t with me at the moment. The fact so many people I knew and cared about voted for such an unrespectable man who’s now in the White House was a profound sense of betrayal for me. It has only gotten worse since the House passed the morally indefensible American Healthcare Act and the Senate is trying to pass their healthcare plan in the most undemocratic way possible. Not to mention, the fact so many people seem to stand by and make excuses for Donald Trump no matter what he does, what longstanding rules he breaks, who he hurts, or how his presidency is becoming an utter disaster. For the first time in my life, I feel ashamed for my country as if Trump’s presidential candidacy has led millions of people to abandon our most cherished American values out racism and their own selfish reasons. But anyway, I must continue with my holiday posts though any pride or faith I have in my country is almost shattered. Well, here’s another assortment of 4th of July treats so you can celebrate your barbecue. Enjoy.

  1. This 4th of July, grace your patriotic dessert table with this sparkling cake.

It’s a cake with sparkler candles and red and blue sprinkles. Make sure the sparklers go out before serving.

2. There’s a lot of explosive energy with these cupcakes.

And since it’s the 4th of July, they have red, white, and blue icing. What can be more patriotic than that?

3. Wake up this 4th of July to an American flag waffle.

Contains strawberries, blueberries, and banana. But you may used whipped cream if you want.

4. A red, white, and blue rose iced cake is a patriotic treat.

Well, you have to admire the icing on this one. Cause I’m sure nobody but a cake decorator can pull this off.

5. Let Old Glory wave with these red, white, and blue cupcakes.

Sure it may not resemble the American flag exactly. But the stars and stripes is a hard one to replicate in food.

6. For your dessert platter, may I suggest these Rice Krispie balls?

Each one is iced with red, white, and blue sprinkles. It’s a simple but patriotic treat.

7. Nothing makes a 4th of July barbecue more American than this 7 layer dip.

Now that’s a work of artisanship here. Not sure if I’d want to dip a nacho in this. Might desecrate a sacred image. Though Trump already has.

8. Or you can go with a pepperoni, cheese, and nacho snack platter.

Though the nachos on this one are blue which is weird. Seriously, why do these things exist?

9. Feast your eyes on these star-spangled cupcakes.

This one has striped and star cupcakes. Sure they’re professionally made. But they’re perfect for an Independence Day barbecue.

10. There’s something crackling about this 4th of July cake.

Yes, it looks like a giant cupcake with a firecracker on it. But it’s one of a kind like America.

11. As we all know, it’s whether you bleed red, white, and blue on the inside that counts.

As you can see, you’ll find the colors in this cupcake. May not see it on the outside at first though.

12. No proud patriotic partier can ever resist these red, white, and blue cupcakes.

This one has red, white, and blue filling and star sprinkles. Hope this can satisfy your star-spangled urges.

13. For a fruity treat, may I suggest red, white, and blue jello?

Well, it looks similar to a previous one I showed a couple years back. But this one has more whipped cream and less cherries.

14. For a simple treat, you might want to go with some patriotic pretzel sticks.

Requires pretzel sticks, icing and sprinkles. But make sure the sprinkles are red, white, and blue.

15. Celebrate the 4th of July with some patriotic pudding pops.

Well, they’re quite small compared to popsicles. But at least they make a cool summer treat.

16. Nothing makes a 4th of July party like strawberry and blueberry trifle.

Because, you know red, white, and blue. Though they didn’t include the whipped cream.

17. For a more sweet disposition, I suppose an M&M flag cake can suit your fancy.

Don’t worry, they do have 4th of July M&Ms for this. Yet, once you bake the cake, decorating should be a breeze.

18. Ice cream cookies are always a tasty treat.

Yes, they’re scoop cookies on ice cream cones with red, white, and blue sprinkles. Say what you want, but at least they won’t melt in your hands.

19. Grace your dessert platter this 4th of July with this American flag peanut butter dip dish.

I know it’s for dessert since it’s covered with sprinkles. You don’t use sprinkles in appetizer platters.

20. For a more patriotic cake, may I recommend iced and sprinkled pretzel sticks?

Helps if you have some red, white, and blue sparkler decorations on top. Gives you a more festive atmosphere doesn’t it?

21. Firework cookies are always an explosive delight.

Sure these are made by a professional. But they’d look good on any American flag paper plate.

22. There is no more American treat than some star spangled brownies.

Well, it’s brownies configured into an American flag. But each one has a red, white, or blue star. Such a statement in chocolaty patriotic goodness.

23. No patriot party is complete without a cake to honor the US of A.

Helps that’s it’s 2 tiered and in red, white, and blue. Love the patterns on it.

24. Now this is a cake reeking of American sentiment.

However, we should say that Trump voters seem to have a funny sense of honor. After all, they elected a man who has absolutely none.

25. A loaf of cake should have layers of raspberries and blueberries.

Well, there’s icing in between along with the berries to get that red, white, and blue. I’m sure it’ll be a hit at some fancy patriotic celebration.

26. Top your 4th of July celebration with this Rice Krispie Uncle Sam hat.

Because an Uncle Sam head is far too creepy. Though it doesn’t exactly resemble his outlandish star-spangled hat. But it’ll do.

27. Red, white, and blue meringue cookies always spin for your pleasure.

Not exactly sure what meringue is. But I love the colors on these that I’ll include them in this post.

28. There’s plenty of this star spangled fruit pizza for everyone.

Toppings mostly consist of strawberries, icing, and blueberries. So decorating it shouldn’t be a problem.

29. Or perhaps a star pie may suit you.

Like the previous one, this also consist of strawberries and blueberries. Though something else poses as the filling.

30. This star spangled cake is one showing patriotic love.

This is for a wedding. But I like the star union being draped on it. A very American cake.

31. Nothing makes a quality patriotic snack like red, white, and blue pretzel bites.

You just need pretzels, icing, and 4th of July M&Ms. And you’re all set. Easy.

32. For a more festive and explosive flair, try these Rice Krispie firecrackers for size.

These consist of Rice Krispies, chocolate, licorice, and sprinkles. The rest is just decoration.

33. If you want to please, go with a flag candy bar treat.

Each one is decorated with M&Ms like some of the others on this post. Yet, all these look delicious.

34. For added fluff, try some red, white, and blue marshmallow sticks.

Yes, this is another sugary snack. But Pinterest often shows desserts for holidays anyway.

35. This patriotic cookie cake is great for fireworks celebrations.

Though this is certainly covered in candy. And why do they have white chocolate Kit Kat bars on there? That’s insane.

36. There’s nothing more patriotic at a 4th of July than this American flag pizza.

Yes, they used leafy greens for the blue. But there’s not a lot of blue food around. Still, looks tasty.

37. These red velvet cupcakes make a quality patriotic dessert.

Helps if they have white icing and blueberries on top. Still, these are pretty.

38. Celebrate your 4th of July with these red, white and blue cheesecakes.

Each layer on this is red and white with white icing and blueberries on top. Will sure make your party a hit.

39. For a more sophisticated treat, may I suggest some American flag cheesecake squares?

Each has cherry sauce and blueberries on top. Though I’m not a cheesecake fan, I assure your guests may enjoy these.

40. Hope you can find a slice of Old Glory within this cake.

I showed a similar one years ago. But this one seems to take less layers and stars.

41. You can’t have anything more star spangled at your 4th of July party like these stained glass stars.

Yes, they’re cookies with jello in the center. Not sure how it works. But they look quite tasty.

42. Feast your eyes on this star spangled patriotic pie.

Yes, it’s another American flag pie. But this one is in a neater fashion than a previous one I showed.

43. It’s not a patriotic fruit salad without stars and flags.

Well, if you can’t eke out an American flag on a watermelon, stars will do. The American flags aren’t a bad touch either.

44. Uncle Sam sends his love to the US of A.

Well, that’s a nice cookie image. But you’ll bet it’ll be eaten somehow. Like the flag though.

45. If you want a more healthy option, you might want to go with American flag fruit kabobs.

Includes strawberries, banana slices, and blueberries. Seems like you can do a lot with these 3 fruits.

46. If you like roll cakes, I suppose this red, white, and blue one will suit your fancy.

Sure it may not look remarkable on the outside. But the inside is amazing.

47. With this cake, you can show your love for the US of A.

Yes, it’s a cake of the United States. Yet, you have to love the red icing and blueberries on it.

48. These star-spangled cookies have a flowery disposition.

If you look closely at the stars, you’ll see that the tiny stars are flowers. They may be professionally made but I’ll take them.

49. Fruit tacos can always wake you up for the 4th of July.

Each consists of strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream wrapped in a pancake. A great combination for a patriotic morning.

50. Wake up this 4th of July morning with some fruity fireworks.

This one also has strawberries and blueberries. Though to be fair, they’re less likely to kill you than the ones at IHOP.

51. Nobody could resist some American flag fruit kabobs with raspberries and marshmallows.

Though the fruit kabobs like these I showed last year were also drizzled. These are not.

52. Well, this American flag cake is certainly cherry.

Never featured an American flag cake with cherries on it before. Maybe because cherries need to get the pits out of them.

53. Hold a toast to America’s birthday with these Rice Krispie shot cups.

I guess these cups are made for adults. Don’t ask me where this Pinterest idea came from. Then again, it might depend on whether the drink has any alcohol.

54. If you think fruit kabobs should have an even distribution of red, white, and blue, these will do nice for you.

Includes strawberries, banana slices, and blueberries. And you can pick up each one on a stick.

55. For fun in the sun, these 4th of July flip flop nutter butter cookies are a tasty treat.

Now that’s an ingenious idea. Love how they each have a pair. So creative.

56. These small fruit kabobs will nicely on a watermelon shell.

Kabobs consist of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. And there are 2 American flags to give the platter a patriotic look.

57. This star spangled cookie pizza goes nicely on any 4th of July dessert platter.

Decorated with strawberry stripes and a blackberry union. Though I’m more impressed by the use of blackberries since you often don’t see them on such treats.

58. You’ll always have an explosive night with these firework cookies.

Helps if each one of them has red, white, and blue. Love them.

59. How about a fruit pizza of the Star-Spangled Banner?

Contains raspberries and blueberries on it. But it seems rather easy to decorate once it’s covered in icing.

60. There’s no patriotic platter like an American flag of pretzels.

Each one is dipped in some red, white, or blue chocolate. But only the blue ones have sprinkles.

61. Nothing emphasizes America like a dipped Oreo American flag.

Some of these were dipped in red and white chocolate. Some were dipped in blue chocolate and have stars on them.

62. This star-spangled cake is perfect for any 4th of July barbecue.

It’s blue with stars on the top. And it has red and white stripes on the sides. Makes a great centerpiece on a dessert platter.

63. A patriotic cake should always have a bald eagle on top.

This one was for a 90th birthday. Comes in 3 tiers with stripes on the bottom, stars in the middle, and an eagle on top.

64. You’d almost think these firework cupcakes would explode in your mouth.

I know these are fireworks but they kind of resemble bombs. Though at least they’re red and blue.

65. You can make a 4th of July cake look stunning with candy canes.

Well, candy canes do have red and white stripes. But where are you ever going to find them this time of year?

66. If you like chocolate chip cookies, may I suggest these stars?

Also, has some strawberries and blueberries on top of white icing. From a Nestle Toll House recipe.

67. Nothing entices 4th of July partygoers like shiny red, white, and blue candy apples.

Or should I say red, white, and silver? Then again, these seem professionally made.

68. As we all know red and blue orange slices bring all the fun.

However, there’s a chance they might contain alcohol. So you might want to keep out of reach of those under 21. Or at least until you consult the host.

69. For a more patriotic cheesecake, you might want to add some food coloring.

Well, red and blue coloring anyway. Though this looks absolutely stunning.

70. For a healthy 4th of July, perhaps a Captain America fruit platter may suit you.

Yes, he may not be your favorite Avenger. But he’s a patriotic superhero. So his emblematic shield on a fruit platter goes on this post.

71. Enjoy watching fireworks while chomping down on some patriotic popcorn.

Has some blue and red in it to match the bowl. Not sure how that works out.

72. There’s something fishy about these red, white, and blue goldfish pretzel bites.

Seems like red, white, and blue goldfish crackers exist. Yet, these are quite easy to make as you see.

73. These 4th of July cookies have been well put together.

Well, these are cookies of the USA. Includes some wood panel cookies as well.

74. Check out these star-spangled Oreos on a stick.

Each one is dipped in red and blue chocolate with white stars on them. Still, they must be delicious.

75. If you like frozen treats, you might want some of these patriotic ice cream sandwiches.

Each one has some strawberry and vanilla ice cream between graham crackers as well as blue icing and sprinkles. Great for any hot day.

76. There is nothing more delectable for the 4th of July than some cheesecake stars.

And they’re in red, white, and blue layers, too. Also like the whipped cream and sprinkles.

77. Hope this American flag waffle is brought to your patriotic breakfast.

Well, this is a circular waffle, anyway. But it contains strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream.

78. Celebrate America’s birthday with these American flag cake pops.

All of them are also covered in white sprinkles. At any rate, enjoy.

79. You can never go wrong with a patriotic fruit platter like this.

This one is mostly made from watermelon. But it sure rings a patriotic show.

80. For  a real American flag pie, perhaps rectangular is best.

The stripe filling is cherry and the stars one is blueberry. But it will certainly serve everyone.

The Springtime World of Miniature Easter Gardens


With Easter, spring is in the air  as flowers like daffodils, tulips, and crocuses start blooming from their winter slumber. So it’s only natural that we have flowers and gardens galore. This is especially the case when you’re talking about a smaller capacity when you’re talking about miniature gardens since you don’t need to keep them outdoors. Not to mention, there are plenty of Easter mini garden stuff available. Nevertheless, mini Easter gardens can come in all different kinds of varieties. One notably common variation is a Resurrection garden which is sort of a tradition in Great Britain since I’ve seen plenty of them in English churches (since the Brits are really into gardening). Now a Resurrection garden is called thus because it features an empty tomb indicating that Jesus has risen from the dead. Since the empty tomb can just involve a small flower pot with rocks at the front or a stone turned, it’s relatively easy mini garden to do. You can also do a garden in an Easter basket as well. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a snapshot into a treasury of mini Easter garden scenes.

  1. A natural Easter basket is sometimes best.

This one has a nice little spring flower scene with a nest of eggs and a bunny statue. So lovely.

2. As we see here, Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God.

Jesus’s cross contains the crown of thorns and a white sash. And the crosses are made from twigs.

3. Always go with a couple Easter eggs in a vibrant grotto.

Because that’s the only way I can tell this is an Easter garden. Though I like the statue and columns.

4. Even the fairies wish you a happy Easter.

They also even like to hang out with little bunnies in baskets. Like the flowery trees.

5. I suppose a moss covered tomb would be more appropriate.

Though I normally don’t imagine it as such since the Holy Land is more or less depicted as a desert. Then again, you have to admire the flowers.

6. How about some flowers among the gravel church path?

Helps if the church is small and in a Tudor style. Makes a quaint garden scene if you’ve ever seen one.

7. Doesn’t hurt to plant a few flowers near the empty tomb.

These empty tomb gardens can range from plain to quite elaborate. But I had to include this one with the flowers.

8. Sometimes moss and rocks are all you need.

Because an empty tomb garden doesn’t require much as far as aesthetics go. Also, you can make crosses with just about any stick you find.

9. Pink and purple flowers have a real spring touch.

Yes, it’s another empty tomb garden. But at least this one has pink and purple flowers. You’ll see a lot of these though.

10. “And they brought him to a place called Golgotha (which means the place of the skull).”

Okay, this is a rather morbid rendition with including a skull. But it’s at least accurate in etymology.

11. An empty tomb scene can always do with a few flowers.

This one has a wood chip path from the crosses to the tomb. Though you’d find a few flower patches.

12. These little lambs love to play among the flowers.

After all, lambs are innocent creatures that Moses demanded to be slaughtered so Hebrew families wouldn’t succumb to the plague of the Firstborn son. And that’s how we get Passover.

13. For Easter, you might want to let some bunnies near your caravan.

Well, Easter bunnies, anyway. Though make sure they’re not some human figures in bunny costumes.

14. “He is not here. He is risen.”

As you can see, they even have Resurrection figurines. Though I wouldn’t say they’re necessary.

15. Sometimes a garden more close to nature comes to mind.

This one appears to be set in a plot at some church. But you can see the moss and flowers nonetheless.

16. For Easter scenes, adding some Easter eggs always helps.

Because nothing says Easter like colored eggs. Also helps if you include bunnies and chicks.

17. A bare Easter tree can always use a few ornaments.

Yet, this one has bunnies instead of Easter eggs as would be the case. Like the flowers and butterfly though.

18. For an empty tomb garden, all you need is a hillside plot.

Though most usually use a flower pot and rocks for the empty tomb. But at least it includes planted flowers.

19. When in doubt, you can always try a nature scene.

This one is taken from a show on the Hallmark Channel. I know that network is famous for its saccharine programming but at least this garden is pretty.

20. Apparently, you’ll find the risen Jesus in this garden.

I don’t know about you. But I kind of like it better when resurrection gardens don’t include action figures.

21. Now this is what I call a real Easter free for all.

This one even has a lit candle, which I’d advise against. However, this is as Easter as it gets without the Christian motifs.

22. Sometimes resurrection scenes are better with peg dolls.

Though I’d advise against it. I think a tomb scene with flowers is sufficient enough.

23. An empty tomb can conveniently fit in an Easter basket.

Not sure if the plants are real. But it seems easy enough to do.

24. An Easter garden can always start small.

These are of mini Easter baskets, by the way. Yet, each has a flower and cute critter to love.

25. An Easter garden can’t go without a few spring touches.

Here you come to an assortment of spring decor that’s expensive as hell. All surrounding a glass stone lake.

26. These little chickies find a haven among flowers.

I think this might be from a basket. Though the chicks and the chocolate eggs give it an Easter touch.

27. With church gardens, you can never have enough plants.

A lot of British churches have these gardens around Easter which can get very elaborate. This one really takes the cake.

28. Spring is a time of new life and new beginnings.

Here we have a lamb and bunny watching some chicks hatch in a nest. So adorable.

29. For English gardens, flowers are all planted in neat and ordered rows.

Not sure if the flowers are real in this. But it nonetheless looks quite stunning to behold.

30. With this garden, it’s Easter eggs galore.

Of course, most of the Easter eggs should be hidden for the kids in the trees. But the ground’s just fine with me.

31. An Easter garden should remind one of an earthly paradise.

Here’s an empty tomb garden with all kinds of flowers in a church. Not sure about the figures here though.

32. A resurrection garden should always be brimming with spring flowers.

As you may see, you can customize a lot of these empty tomb gardens. Yet, the flowers on this one are simply breathtaking.

33. A resurrection garden must lead to much rejoicing.

This one is from a church. And yes, the flowers here certainly bring a smile on your face.

34. A small flower pot makes an ideal empty tomb.

Outside the empty tomb gardens, I found a lot of Easter mini gardens hard to find. So sometimes you have to go with what you can get.

35. If you think flowers are boring, you can always add animals.

Though I don’t think giraffes, tigers, and hippos are native to the Middle East. But to each his own.

36. For outdoor mini gardens, it helps to make a big impression.

This one is from outside a church. And yes, it features an empty tomb of rocks. Love it.

37. Rejoice, for He has risen!

And yet, another resurrection reenactment with peg dolls. Though I think it would be better if we didn’t include Jesus here.

38. For bunnies, Easter is a time of family togetherness.

Still, even in their anthropomorphic outfits, I’d expect there be more bunny family members. Then again, some of them might’ve been eaten already.

39. Nothing says Easter like planting flowers in eggshells.

Not sure how this arrangement can be done. But it seems possible. So pretty.

40. Even Easter bunnies head to church on Easter Sunday.

Well, when you don’t have an empty tomb, a church would do. Though I kind of wish there was a resurrection scene with bunny figures. That would be awesome.

41. Here we come to a fairy near the bunny bench.

Not sure if I’d want to do that. Because bunnies will attack when disturbed.

42. Didn’t know a bunny can live in toadstool house.

Under a toadstool maybe. But inside one, not a chance. Though it’s quite clever.

43. Here we come to 2 bunnies lounging on the patio.

Yet, they somewhat feel drawn to a basket of eggs in an ornate wheelbarrow. Simple yet sublime.

44. These little bunnies just want to enjoy the peaceful meadow.

You can tell this is an Easter garden because it features a cross along with the bunnies. Yet, it’s so adorable.

45. On Easter, I’m sure that Christ will light the way.

You may find candles in these gardens as well. Though I’d advise you to proceed with caution.

46. Perhaps you can spare a dime for a few rabbits.

Because bunnies need to make a living, too. Like the purple flowers though.

47. The Easter Bunny should find this fountain most welcoming.

Might’ve shown this garden before in other mini garden posts. But not with the Easter decorations.

48. In this Easter garden, you’ll find all kinds of eggs.

Even includes a bench with bunnies on it. Though you’d have an easy time finding these eggs in this garden.

49. Sometimes all you need are a couple of Easter bunnies.

This one just uses 2 little bunnies and moss. Adorable, yet so simple.

50. Flowers always mean that the resurrection is upon us.

Kind of makes a great contrast between the solemn Good Friday and the invigorating Easter. Love it.

51. For a resurrection garden, you might want to plant it inside the altar.

Well, that’s a clever way of doing it. The altar makes a nice backdrop. But wonder when they’ll have to clean up once Pentacost is over.

52. Not sure where I can find the tomb on this one.

Though I do admire the flowers and the moss hill of crosses. Then again, maybe we’re not suppose to see the empty tomb on this.

53. Little chicks always belong among the daffodils.

To these chickies, the daffodils almost resemble trees. So cute.

54. For a small patch, an Easter bunny can feel right at home.

You can even put in a few eggs and a bunny statue. Now that’s an Easter garden basket.

55. For Easter, you can’t ask for a more colorful scene like this.

This one includes an Easter house and an Easter egg bridge. But I’m sure the decor doesn’t come cheap.

56. Chicks always like being among the flowers.

Well, they include flowers I’d find at my grandma’s house. But the chickies are simply adorable.

57. With an Easter garden, it helps if you can go all out.

This one is from a Scottish hotel. But I love how it features an Easter egg tree.

58. A resurrection garden should always be outside for all to see.

This one may not have much color. But then again, maybe Easter came early that year.

59. Seems like we’ve come to an Easter garden party.

Perhaps in a forest with cotton candy trees. Though I’m not sure if this uses any real plants.

60. Sometimes there’s nothing like spending Easter on the farm.

This one is part of a set but at least it’s brightly colored and includes bunnies. So cute.

61. You can’t celebrate Easter without including some flowers and butterflies.

This one really gets in the spring of things. Love the beautiful colors.

62. Make sure your empty tomb garden has plenty of moss.

This one doesn’t use a lot. But the stone is certainly turned as it should be.

63. Remember you don’t need crosses to make an empty tomb garden.

After all, they didn’t say Jesus was buried beneath Calvary. Though this resembles more of a hobbit hole.

64. My guess is that you’ll find nothing behind the stone.

As you probably know by now, there’s nothing inside. For Jesus has risen.

65. On some Easter gardens, it’s all about the foliage.

This one has a lot of moss and other plants. But the crosses are of solid wood.

66. For a pond scene, it helps to surround a pool with stones.

Well, at least this one has flowers and succulents. Though this empty tomb garden thing is getting old.

67. An Easter mini garden can never have too many daisies.

This one has a rather sunny disposition. Like the rabbit climbing out of a pot.

68. A large rock can serve as an appropriate tomb.

Helps if it’s hollowed through first. Though at least the rocks match.

69. A fairy garden with Easter eggs and chicks can spring into anything.

Well, this is more of a spring garden than an Easter one. But the chickies and colored eggs are here, anyway.

70. A pixie fairy garden has a pair of pastel houses.

Well, at least it includes bunny on the side. Though the one on the right should’ve had a different color.

71. Leafy plants can really make the garden come alive.

This one uses a square tomb. And the crosses seem rather level for some reason. Doesn’t use too many flowers.

72. As far as I know, this Easter garden is of the zen variety.

Not sure if zen Easter gardens even exist. If they do, this is what they’d look like.

73. I’m sure a carrot house is appropriate rabbit housing.

However, some rabbits might find it hard to resist. Nevertheless, think it’s quite clever.

74. A spring fairy garden must have its own array of flowers.

This one even has its own evergreen tree. Not sure why that’s there. Love the flowers.

75. Sometimes you can make a tomb with just a couple of rocks.

Well, that’s one way of putting it. Still, I doubt the stone is hollow for the emptiness effect.

76. A carrot house is a cozy bunny home, especially on Easter.

This is a cute little Easter garden. Like the little flowers. Think that carrot house is clever.

77. A fairy garden in the spring should be of vibrant color.

Well, this will make a fine Easter garden. Like the little house and stone work.

78. Animals flock to any fairy house.

Well, statue animals anyway. Like the gravel pond of ducks.

79. A spring garden is always meant for the birds.

This is especially if it has a moss roof. Nevertheless, the bluebirds stand out.

80. With these 3 fairy basket gardens, you can make Easter magic.

Okay, maybe they’re not exactly Easter gardens per se. But if you’re no fan of chicks or bunnies, they’ll surely do.

The Pastel World of Easter Village Houses


You may have noticed that my Easter posts so far have mostly been later editions of ones I’ve written in years past. Nevertheless, I also like to do Easter posts of items that I haven’t tried before. Village houses would be among them because I already did 2 of Christmas and one of Halloween. Yet, though Easter isn’t nearly as popular as either, it’s up there even if John Oliver calls it, “shitty Christmas” which may be borderline offensive but nonetheless accurate as far as commercialism is concerned. Though as far as my blog is concerned, I have little complaint since it gives me plenty of material. Anyway, the notion of Easter village houses is part of a phenomenon, I like to call Christmasfication, a word that might be my own invention. Now Christmasfication is what happens when one holiday’s tradition becomes part of another’s. Easter has been very much a product of this since it’s a religious holiday subject to a lot of commercialization since there are gifts involved bestowed by a mythical gift giver. However, it’s not to the extend Christmas is and has a greater focus on candy. Nevertheless, Christmasifcation doesn’t always have to involve integrating Christmas traditions, but it often does. Yet, with village houses, it kind of makes sense even on Easter. After all, pastel colors and cute critters are perfect for any spring towns. So for your reading pleasure I give you a treasure trove of pastel and springy Easter village houses.

  1. A spring house brings joyous Easter greetings.

This one has some imagery from vintage cards and silk flowers. Gives one a spring time feel.

2. A pastel house can use a white picket fence.

Doesn’t hurt it has a glittery base as well as a tree with Easter eggs. Like the flowers on the roof.

3. Cottontails Candy is always the place for sweets.

Not a big fan of light green and yellow together. But at least the name is clever.

4. A pink church with spring decorations always has the Easter spirit.

Though you wouldn’t see such a display until after Good Friday. Mostly because Lent is a penitential season.

5. Perhaps some greenery can suit your fancy.

Helps if you decorate the trees with Easter eggs. Though I’m not sure about the light pastel colors on this one.

6. Two chicks are often better than one.

Let me guess, the chickies are made from pom poms. Still, this is quaint.

7. A small gazebo doesn’t hurt.

Be sure to include different colored bunnies. Like how they included Easter eggs on this.

8. A yellow glitter house should always have a heart.

I often use putz houses because they look less manufactured. This is no exception. Like the bunny.

9. An Easter village always looks magnificent under a bauble egg wreath.

After all, pastel houses look great on a mantle meant to extenuate spring. Love the flowers.

10. Here we come to a simple white church with a pink roof and lamb.

Like I said, churches usually don’t bask in the Easter decorations until after Good Friday. But they do in these village sets in order to set an Easter feel.

11. The more color tiles the house has, the better.

You can also put an Easter egg in the doorway. Though I wouldn’t advise a green and yellow one.

12. A house of lavender is particularly springy for chicks.

This one seems all dolled up for Easter. Like the wreath at the top window.

13. How about a peep bunny above the front door?

Adding a flower to its ear and a yellow bow helps a lot. So cute.

14. A small pink church is always nice.

Helps if it glitters in the spring morning light. Though not sure about the roof.

15. A plaid yellow roof can sometimes be quite snazzy.

Okay, that’s pretty tacky. But at least it brings spring into the air.

16. It’s not spring without a little pink.

Yes, it might seem a bit feminine and sickeningly sweet. but at least it’s well made with some bunnies to spare.

17. Never saw an Easter egg fence before.

Though I don’t care for the house much. However, the fence is a rather unique idea.

18. An Easter church always has to stand out.

Each one has their own unique decorations. Some are more showy than others. Like the purple ones.

19. There’s nothing against having a fancy roof.

This canary yellow Easter abode has blue diamond lines. Not a fan of the color.

20. A church should always be fancy with flowers for Easter.

Now this one really gets into spring with its roof lined with pearls. Lovely.

21. An egg house is a perfect Easter dwelling.

Though I kind of wish it was a little fancier like an Easter egg. Though it certainly fits with the holiday.

22. Sometimes it’s best to go with holy simplicity.

This one just has trees with Easter eggs on them and little else. Well, it does have some pink window trim.

23. A candy house is always springtime fun.

After all, Easter is a huge holiday for candy. So such a house is quite fitting.

24. Now that’s what I call a carrot orange Victorian.

Reason why we have orange as an Easter color at all has to do with carrots. Though I think it’s a loud color to put on an Easter house.

25. A small Easter home should always shine with distinction.

Like the bushes and flower decor on this. So simple and small. But yet, so elegant.

26. Some a blue roof can bring a solace of spring charm.

This one has pink doors and windows and Easter egg trees. All surrounded by a white fence.

27. Pastel roof tiles often give a house an Easter touch.

Even has some Easter eggs and flowers. Like the bows on the windows.

28. An Easter village can often look lovely at night.

Because most of the Easter village houses light up. But the scene is nonetheless pretty.

29. Seems like this house has high carrot patch.

Now this is a house a bunny can love. Then again, bunnies aren’t as into carrots than we think.

30. An Easter candy house always has a sweet disposition.

This one has a candy tree with other decorations. It’s an adorable Easter home anyone can love.

31. Sometimes it helps to dress a plain Easter house with fancy decorations.

I showed this house earlier. Yet, this one has some jewels, lace trim, and more decor to the trees.

32. An egg house can even have 2 stories.

Like how it’s purple and has a chimney. So pretty even when lit.

33. A blue house with yellow trees can be a springtime haven.

Though I’d much prefer purple and pink. And perhaps more flowers than Easter eggs.

34. Is this supposed to be a house or a church?

Looks more like a house with 2 windows. Though I’m not thrilled with the pink roof.

35. Nothing entices an Easter bunny like a multicolor carrot fence.

Another clever fence concept. Like the little chick and bunny, too.

36. A purple Easter cottage should come with all the trimmings.

Now this is quite fancy. Like the little eggs and bunnies on here. So cute.

37. This little cottage has a flowery disposition.

Because it has only 3 of them at the facade. But the bunny seems quite happy.

38. Lattice always makes a home more quaint.

So does an outdoor staircase. Like the cute little chickies out front with the Easter egg decorated trees.

39. This little blue bird house has some colorful sights of spring.

The tree out front is decorated with Easter eggs. And you can see a nest of colored eggs.

40. This little orange cottage comes with an Easter egg fence.

They’re even decorated with rich detail. Not sure about the orange house though.

41. A purple cottage must have an Easter egg door and a pastel candy roof.

Helps if the doorway has carrots side by side. Like the green leafy tree, too.

42. You can always put a little spring in an Easter house.

You can even see some Easter eggs and flowers. Even on the lavender roof.

43. Why settle down in a burrow when you can have a purple house of your own?

Though I think these bunnies might have trouble fitting in the doorway. However, sometimes these houses aren’t made to scale.

44. This small spring home is a lamb paradise.

It’s a rather simple abode with colorful trees. But is all encrusted with glitter.

45. An Easter church should always be in a festive mood to celebrate.

Now this is quite fancy for Easter. But it’s surely lovely with a pink wreath, Easter eggs, and bunnies.

46. An Easter beach house always needs to be pastel blue.

You can tell it’s a beach house due to the shell motifs on the windows. Also, it has a fish shape somewhere.

47. This blue cottage includes a shiny wreath.

Well, if it weren’t for the decor, this would be a normal blue house. Like the Easter egg tree, by the way.

48. A pink ribbon on a cottage is a fine Easter touch.

Helps that it goes with the house. And the Easter bunny and egg decorations.

49. A purple spring house should always be the place for flowers.

There’s even a green bunny in the doorway. Though I like how the flowers go with the house.

50. Gumdrops make great Easter decoration.

You can also include peppermints and Easter style candy canes. Yes, they have them.

51. Now this is a candy decorated house any little chick would love.

Includes some Easter eggs with trees. And the chick is covered in pink cotton candy.

52. This yellow house brings in a beautiful blue butterfly.

By the way, I didn’t find as many Easter village houses as I would’ve wished. So a lot of them come from Etsy.

53. Seems like this bluebird has its eggs in a hanging basket.

Though I don’t think it’s the best place for them. Because that basket can fall.

54. A pink fence is always great for a humble blue home.

Doesn’t matter if you have chicks, birds, and bunnies living there either. Like the flower wreath.

55. I guess you can sometimes go with a rustic blue for Easter.

Helps you have a little chick on a nest near the roof. So cute.

56. Spring flowers are always grand for April showers.

Helps that Easter is in April, too. Then again, March can also be a rainy month.

57. A light pastel house with candy can be a sweet home, indeed.

This one has an interesting looking tree and a bunny clad in pastel garb. Nevertheless, I think it’s lovely.

58. Flowers and eggs can always make an Easter house a home.

Doesn’t hurt if it’s purple either. Like the lovely tree with Easter eggs on it.

59. Sometimes you can even find a whole Easter village in one basket.

This was part of a putz house kit. But I show it anyway since it’s so unique to behold.

60. This home really makes an Easterly impression.

Even has the word “Easter” in front with block lettering. And a purple ribbon, too.

61. This pink abode even has a pen for the chickies.

Well, it’s a purple pen, but still. Doesn’t endear me to the Easter bunny residing here.

62. A plain lavender house can bring pure Easter joy.

Only need a bunny and an Easter egg tree and you’re all set. Though the flowery wallpaper roof goes quite nicely.

63. A shrub door can sometimes give a home a naturalistic charm.

Well, this one has some flowers and a brown rabbit. But it’s a rather ingenious design.

64. There’s nothing that could make a candy cottage ever sweeter.

This one looks similar to a candy house I showed you earlier. But this one has 2 candy roof tops instead of one.

65. How about a plaid roof on a lavender church?

Well, purple is the color of Lent. Just not in that kind of shade though.

66. The Easter Bunny always likes to furnish his home with flowers.

However, I find this pipe cleaner Easter Bunny kind of creeper. But I really love the glittery roof.

67. A pink house should have a roof that really stands out.

Helps if it has 2 chimneys to give a small town charm. Like the decor on the picket fence.

68. Sometimes it helps if you go all out on an Easter house.

This one boasts bolder colors than what you’d usually see. But it’s set for spring so it goes on this post.

69. A glittery Easter house always shimmers in the spring time.

For some reason you see a lot of glitter on these putz houses. Like the flower on the roof.

70. Wonder what’s with hanging eggs on a tree.

Okay, I understand it’s an Easter tradition. But you have to like the bunnies and the roof in this one.

71. So the top window is a little askew on this house.

You can at least see how it enhances this spring Easter scene. So cute.

72. I sure hope this little blossom shoppe is open.

After all, spring has always been a prime time for flowers. And lovely blossoms, this store does boast.

73. Sometimes it helps if you let some things grow on the roof.

This one almost looks real with the grass on the roof. The well is nice, too.

74. Sometimes, the more colorful eggs, the better.

Once again, pipe cleaner bunny strikes on this one. And I think he looks really weird with his arms and legs.

75. I guess this pink Easter house goes for the mint impression.

Like how it has a chocolate bunny and colorful stripes. Lovely.

76. Of course, this pink Easter house is a real candy sensation.

What the hell does gingerbread have to do with Easter? That’s Christmas food.

77. Colorful butterflies prefer the smaller cottages.

Nice how it has a lot of flowers surrounding it. Also, like the little chickie.

78. An Easter egg tree should always show its true colors.

See how well it goes nice with the small cottage? Charming.

79. A purple butterfly always brings a needed springtime touch.

Yet, butterflies aren’t often represented in Easter. Not sure why. But I think it’s lovely.

80. When in doubt, try some lighter shade.

Then again, pastel colors are normally associated with Easter, anyway. But you have to see the bushes in front.

81. Sometimes a green house always works best.

I’m not too crazy about that pill green shade. But it somehow works.

82. This little purple cottage is a hopping Easter haven.

Well, this is kind of charming if you look at it from this angle. Not sure about the yellow awning though.

83. Multicolor roofs seem all the rage these days.

I guess this one was shaded in. Like the tree and the chicks.

84. Seems like these 2 bunnies just got hitched.

I guess this is a church since it has stained glass windows. But I’m sure the bunnies will be fruitful and multiply. Because rabbits reproduce like crazy.

85. A pink glitter house is just the Easter ticket.

Nice to have a sweet quiet home to go to. Like the jeweled butterfly the best.

86. An Easter tree house is a fine home for bunnies.

This one was brought to you by the magic of paper mache. Yet, you have to love this.

87. A green Easter house needs a flowery ribbon.

Helps if it’s purple with daisies, too. And it’s matched by a similarly decorated tree.

88. My, this tall pink church has a high steeple.

And I see a little birdie has made itself at home. So lovely.

89. An Easter house can stand out if it’s blue and yellow.

Helps if it has a bunny on the roof. Like the little bunnies and chickies.

90. With this purple house, spring has finally sprung.

Sure it’s similar to a few others. But it’s nonetheless stunning to behold.

91. A striped roof is always fitting with a cyan glitter house.

This is lovely. Like the Easter egg tree with the columns.

92. A yellow house with flowers is always rather sunny.

And I see this bunny’s really looking forward to Easter. Like how the flowers are purple, too.

93. It’s Easter time at this little pink cottage.

This home boasts pastel tiles and Easter eggs galore. Even an Easter egg at the door.

94. Looks like this Easter bunny has smoke up the chimney.

Sure it’s not as flashy as some of the other houses on here. But it has a nice homey appearance to it.

95. Chicks will always find a home in this glittery purple house.

The door on this is incredibly beautiful to behold. Also like the chickies.

96. A small Easter cottage only needs a few flowers.

Well, you might have flowers on the roof and chimney. But this is nonetheless quaint.

97. Chicks always appreciate a house with striped columns.

Well, those that are little balls of fludd anyway. But the candy cane striped columns on this are amazing.

98. With this little blue house, you’d find a pink bird on a chimney.

Even has a tree and flowers outside. Not sure about the windows though.

99. You can’t miss a bright orange house on Easter, no matter how small.

This little cottage is done in some unique style you’d see on Etsy. Nevertheless, it’s amazing.

100. Are those bricks or clouds on that house facade?

Another specially designed house. But one that brings in the spring. Love it.

Fun with Easter Bonnets (Third Edition)


Of course, I can’t do my Easter post without including bonnets. Though I like to wear hats outdoors, I don’t usually wear an Easter bonnet because I live out in the country. And if I show up in one of the ones I’ve shown so far at church, well, I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Nor do I know of any local Easter parade in my area. Nevertheless, many do as I’ve seen on Pinterest and in photos of Easter parades across the country, particularly New York. Some of these bonnets might be of straw and have flowers on them. Some of them can be more outlandish which is what you’ve seen in my other posts. And let’s just say you won’t believe the hats I have found on the Internet. Of course, women initially wore them but since it’s such a fun tradition to make one’s own, men and boys have their own, too. Anyway, for your reading pleasure, I give you another installment of weird and wacky Easter bonnets to enjoy.

  1. Welcome in spring with a daffodil Easter bonnet.

Well, it’s mostly made of paper with chicks on the petals. But it’s quite cute.

2. Now your Easter bonnet can be a flower patch for chicks and bunnies.

The bunnies on here are mostly made from eggs. The chicks are made from pom poms.

3. Nothing welcomes spring like a fancy hat of green.

Not sure if I like this one. However, since it’s outlandish enough, I’ll put it on the post for show.

4. You can’t have an Easter bonnet without a bow and rabbit ears.

Helps if it has some Easter eggs and flowers at the brim. So pretty.

5. Chicks always like a tower slide.

Well, it’s a cone shaped Easter bonnet with stars. Initially thought this was a lighthouse. Maybe it is.

6. When you wear an Easter bonnet in New York, you can always go all out.

This woman’s wearing an Easter bonnet consisting of a stack of pillows and decorations. Yes, it’s outrageous and I’m not sure how she keeps her head up.

7. With this Easter bonnet, you will be one with the Force.

Yes, they have Star Wars Easter bonnets. I know it’s crazy. But I’m sure little boys would wear something like this.

8. Celebrate Easter with a bonnet depicting chicks who worshipped the Norse gods.

Still, you have to like the chicks in Viking helmets. And that ship looks pretty cool.

9. Even Spider Man has to have his own pair of bunny ears.

Yes, they also have Spider Man Easter bonnets, too. Though this one has its own unique charm.

10. The Crazy Critters treehouse is always the place to be.

Funny how the brim consists of pom pom chicks and eggs. Though I’m not sure how the turtle got up the ladder.

11. Didn’t know they had colored eggs in prehistoric times.

Of course, they didn’t. But if your son is very into dinosaurs, this is the Easter bonnet for him.

12. An Easter bunny bonnet should always sparkle.

Well, this one has those sparkly stones you get from a craft store. But it’s a hopping sensation.

13. Some Easter bonnets come with a little bit of everything.

And I mean everything. Not sure how this girl can hold her head up. Then again, the decorations probably don’t weigh that much.

14. Nothing makes an Easter bonnet quite like one with the dinosaurs.

Because these Easter chicks are probably descended from them. No, I am not kidding. Hell, there were even chicken sized dinos.

15. An Easter basket should have some egg candy to spare.

This one has an Easter basket dumping the egg candy. And you have bunnies on the brim.

16. Welcome bring with an Easter bonnet of a bunny encased in a fence.

There are a few hats like this. But this one has flowers and dragon flies.

17. An cone Easter bonnet can always make you shine and sparkle.

This one contains shiny Easter eggs and pom poms of every pastel color. Yes, it’s outrageous but it’s doable.

18. This woman couldn’t leave home on Easter without her blue hydrangeas.

So she wore them on her head in a pot. Okay, the flowers are fake. But you can say she’s a real pot head.

19. Nothing captivates an Easter parade like a rubber duck in a tub.

Wouldn’t have thought you can have that as an Easter bonnet. But it certainly works like a charm.

20. Everyone always enjoys a rainbow behind a windmill.

Well, this is certainly a cute pastoral scene. But they should watch out for a crazy old man thinking the mill is a giant.

21. Here comes the Easter bunny king carried by his attendants.

Okay, that’s pretty clever. Love the bunny attendants. Also like the flowers, too.

22. Seems like this egghead aims for the sky.

Well, this plane is somewhat old fashioned. But it works to some extent.

23. Something tells me this woman is a bit cagey.

After all, she’s wearing a birdcage Easter bonnet. And I see she has to hold it up with her arm to keep it from falling.

24. Hope these chicks enjoy a picnic.

Well, this is adorable. Love the little garden on the brim. So cute.

25. I suppose this Wonka hat is perfect for an Easter parade.

Well, it certainly has the Wonka fixtures like candy and a golden ticket. However, Wonka is a pretty creepy dude.

26. Even the most sophisticated can don an Easter hat for the parade.

This one depicts a bunny with chicks and flowers. Not outlandish, but quite showy.

27. A pink castle always looks great on your head.

A castle Easter bonnet, who knew? Like how it has a butterfly on the front. So pretty.

28. A large flower should always make an impression.

This one uses the same pattern fro the bird house. Wonder if you can spin the flower around.

29. A ladybug Easter bonnet will always melt your heart.

I’m sure nobody could resist the cute eyes and smile. So adorable.

30. As we all know, you have to make the dinosaur eggs blend in.

Yes, this is another dino Easter bonnet. But, at least they used earth tone eggs and autumn leaves.

31. Looks like her flowers have grown on her hat.

This one even has butterflies fluttering, around, too. But you probably didn’t see that at first.

32. You’d almost think this Easter bonnet came straight from Jurassic Park.

Even has long leaves for a feathery impression. And a lot of green eggs for an Easter flair.

33. Noah’s ark is always the place for chicks for flood refuge.

Yes, I know there has to be animals coming in 2 by 2. But the ark certainly has an Easter touch. And it’s weird because Noah’s ark happened in Genesis.

34. An Easter bonnet of R2-D2 is always dependable.

Though this one has his dome shaped like an egg for Easter. I know it’s crazy but so is ignoring R2-D2’s contributions to the Star Wars franchise.

35. Her hat consists of nothing but twigs.

That’s because it’s made to look like a nest. And one that uses organic materials.

36. I guess she must be a real nest head for some reason.

Well, spring is a time when you’d find a lot of nests. And I’m sure wearing one isn’t too far fetched.

37. A large egg on your head never brings your Easter spirit in doubt.

Helps if it’s fancy and fits in a basket. Like the flower brim, too.

38. Tall pink Easter bonnets should always match.

Helps if the decor are different colors so you can tell them apart. But yes, these are outrageous.

39. A spring butterfly hat should always be glorious.

Now that’s a really tall fancy hat. Like the pink wings. Wonder what it looks like from the front.

40. Now this guy is a real flower head.

I mean his head is in a fro of flowers. Then again, in New York, he’s probably not the most outrageous guy in the parade.

41. These Easter pirate chicks love life on the high seas.

Yes, they have pirate ones, too. But at least the chicks look adorable with their ship.

42. No bunny can ever resist a large carrot top.

That’s really clever. Makes it look as if the bunny’s going at the carrot. Adorable.

43. How about a bunny popping out of an Easter bonnet to munch a carrot.

Sure it may not be among the fancier bonnets I showed so far. But it’s cute in its own unique way.

44. Nothing makes a great Easter bonnet like flowers and butterflies to hail spring.

You probably remember this woman from my other Easter bonnet posts. Though this one doesn’t settle on a particular color.

45. Almost thought this Easter bonnet was full of hot air.

Well, it’s a hot air balloon Easter bonnet. Even has chicks in its little basket.

46. A Rapunzel Easter bonnet is perfect for those who prefer letting their hair down.

Well, it’s more based on Tangled. But at least the hair goes nicely on the tower.

47. You’d never guess to find something hatching on this woman.

Vintage Easter bonnets can be just as crazy. Though I think the chick is quite creepy.

48. Sometimes all you need is a large feathered chick.

She certainly has the feathers nailed down. And you can see the large chick for miles.

49. For a great Easter bonnet, it helps if you can put everything springy in it.

I’m sure she’ll certainly stand out in a crowd with that hat. Wonder how she can stand without holding it.

50. This Easter bonnet was made courtesy of KFC.

On one hand, this is pretty clever. On the other hand, you know what the words KFC stands for. And why tying it in to Easter is kind of disturbing.

51. This woman prefers her Easter bonnet to be sunny side up.

Well, at least it’s clever and simple. Though at least she didn’t include any chickies.

52. A large nest Easter bonnet always has to include flowers.

She can even fit 2 other people under it. Yet, you have to admire the pink bird on top.

53. There’s no better Easter bonnet than one of purple butterflies.

Purple butterflies surely make an impression. Though I’m not sure if any exist in North America.

54. When going to the parade, it helps if your Easter bonnets match with your friends.

After all, these do. Wonder why they were able to come up with the same Easter bonnet design.

55. Remember how the bunny always belongs in the basket.

Another vintage Easter bonnet. At least the bunny is cute in this even though it looks ridiculous.

56. When all else fails, you can always try colorful Easter baskets.

Like how they’re wearing dresses to match. But yes, these are hilarious.

57. On a bright sunny day, all you need is some shade.

And you thought contemporary Easter bonnets were outrageous. This one almost takes the cake.

58. Instead of one bunny, this woman’s hat has 3.

Another outrageous vintage Easter bonnet. But at least the bunnies are cute.

59. A flowery hat should always come with a sunny dress.

Unfortunately, you’d have to hold it up with both hands so it won’t fall off. But yes, this is pretty outrageous.

60. Sometimes you just have to show up to the parade in large rabbit ears.

And their Easter bonnets certainly boast loudly, too. But at least they seem simple.

61. An Easter bonnet with a bunny and flowers is always well matched.

Helps that they have the same bunny. Also, like the flowers at the brim.

62. This kid’s hat boasts a tall tower like no other.

I guess this girl really likes castles and fairy tales. Like the chicks and ivy.

63. This flowery Easter bonnet really brings in the sun.

The red flowers and orange brim can do that. Not sure if I’d want to get in her way.

64. Sometimes whenever someone wears an Easter bonnet, so does the dog.

But at least the dog has to wear rabbit ears and be in a basket. And the hat isn’t too bad either.

65. Someone likes to tiptoe through the tulips.

Well, tulips are certainly in season around Easter, if it’s in April. If not, it’s a nice touch.

66. A birdhouse is a welcome spring sight.

Helps if it’s in light blue and pink. The birds are also a nice spring touch.

67. That hat must have a real chick face.

And it does. Guess it didn’t take long to make, assuming the hat had the other stuff to begin with. So adorable.

68. An Easter basket bonnet should spring into action.

And this basket has almost everything you’d associate with Easter and more. Quite colorful, I’ll say.

69. This bunny is quite boxy if you ask me.

Well, that’s an easy Easter bonnet idea. Just stick the bunny ears to a hollowed out box and you’re done.

70. This man comes in with a whole ferris wheel.

Well, it certainly has a charm to it. But he’s not at the parade for your amusement.

71. If you like The Wizard of Oz, then this is the Easter bonnet for you.

Unfortunately, the Emerald City resembles a green phallic metropolis. But it’s a worthy effort.

72. Sometimes Easter bonnets can be as mutant as they come.

This one features Storm from the X-Men. What she has to do with Easter, I don’t know.

73. These girls must be real eggheads.

They even have little chicks coming out of their Easter eggs. So cute.

74. Sometimes it helps if you wear the same watering cans.

Also helps if they contain flowers as well. I really like these for some reason.

75. With Easter bonnets, you can’t go wrong with a large yellow butterfly.

And that would certainly stand out in a crowd on any given day. Not sure about the yellow feathers though.

76. Sometimes you can’t have an Easter bonnet without the proper frame.

You can either go with moss or ornate fancy flowers. Can’t do both.

77. A pirate Easter bonnet should have a large share of booty.

Helps if you can include a parrot, too. This guy even dyed his beard funky colors.

78. Nothing makes an Easter bonnet quite like beer cans.

Well, I guess that might work at some point. But I’m sure if the cans go with the Easter decor.

79. Fans of Shea Stadium and the Yankees might like this one.

I guess this was made with an inflated inner tube and baseball cards. Not bad, but not my favorite.

80. I guess this guy is a New York Jets fan.

Even has Pooh with bunny ears on a jet. And that is as Easter as he gets.

Easter Greetings from the Days of Yesteryear (Third Edition)


Now that I have peep dioramas down, it’s onto vintage Easter greeting cards. Now the card above is from Russia depicting a bus or carriage filled with spring flowers. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful card. Anyway, greeting cards have always been a staple of holidays, especially during the olden days. And Easter is no exception. As I said before in my greeting card posts, we tend to view a lot of the past with rose colored glasses as well as imagine it as a more wholesome and refined time than it actually was. With Easter greeting cards, vintage ones might include cutesy imagery to melt your heart or beautiful illustrations like you see above. However, like my other greeting card posts, if you want the sweet vintage Easter cards with cute little bunnies, chicks, lambs, and any other animals all living in harmony, well, you’ve come to the wrong place. Because the Easter greeting cards I show here will either creep you out or have you scratching your head. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another collection of Easter cards your grandparents don’t want you to see.

  1. “So how much will it be for the yellow egg, ma’am?”

Notice the hen selling eggs. Remember that chickens lay them and hatch from them. So she’s most likely selling her own children, assuming they’re fertilized.

2. In Russia, it’s a tradition for children to kiss each other on the lips during the Easter season.

Uh, aren’t they’re a bit young for that? Then again, Russia has always been a miserable place.

3. “Now when these girls approach us, we throw these eggs right at them.”

Seems likes the last time these women will wear their spring dresses for a long time. So remember to watch out for egg wielding rabbits while outside.

4. On second thought, Tommy should’ve used plush rabbits for his Easter basket instead.

Using live bunnies for Easter baskets are never a good idea. Also, these bunnies are like, “We’re free! We’re free! Let’s get out of here before they kill us.”

5. On Easter, it’s well-known for chicks to compete in rowing contests.

Though I’m not sure about the water content here. Looks really brown. Also, what the hell?

6. Spring always marks the time for chicks to come out of their eggshells.

Okay, not those chicks. Even the feathery chickies are like, “What the fuck?” Seeing it’s from France, I guess absinthe had something to do with this design.

7. Apparently, these children decided to see chicks hatching a the wrong henhouse.

Then again, if I were the rooster, I’d charge at the boy, too. Because he seems to have a future as a budding serial killer.

8. You can’t have some Easter greetings without some circus dogs.

And I’m not kidding. But you have to be impressed by how Rover juggles eggs. Amazing.

9. There’s nothing more delightful on Easter than a jack-in-the-box bunny.

On second thought, that thing is absolutely terrifying. From how I see it, the chicks don’t have long to live.

10. Nothing melts your heart like seeing a child snuggling with a bunny and holding chicks.

Or as I see it the child’s like, “I’ll hug ’em, and squeeze ’em, and keep ’em forever and ever.” The bunny on the other hand, is thinking, “Oh, God help me!”

11. Easter greetings from the garden gnomes riding chickens.

And it seems like they don’t treat the chickens very well. Because they don’t seem very happy.

12. I guess this family comes hardboiled.

For God’s sake, egg people? Now that’s just really fucked up if you asked me. Seriously, why?

13. All happiness for Easter from the chicks in in the car.

Apparently, there’s that one chick who’s not enjoying the ride. Then again, having to sit on the floor isn’t much fun either.

14. Instead of the Chicken dance, chicks prefer the congo line.

Why the kids form an arch as the chicks come in, I have no idea. Nor do the chicks, apparently.

15. For an injured chick, a Jewish egg bar is always the place to go.

This just looks so wrong on so many levels. Seriously, a Jewish egg bar? Come on.

16. Nothing says best wishes on Easter like rooster riding bunnies about to slaughter each other on the battlefield.

I guess this goes along the lines of “With best Easter wishes that you may die an honorable death in battle.” Because these bunnies are at all out war for God’s sake.

17. Perhaps a romantic bunny dinner can’t be without some flowers from a chick.

However, I think Peter Cottontail just wants to have sex with Flopsy and not much else. And I think Flopsy is thinking about getting the hell out and dodge.

18. “Hey, a bunny walking chicks on a leash.”

The rabbit is like, “Listen, sweetie. Pretend this never happened.” Also, what’s with the Easter eggs growing on trees?

19. For rabbits, there’s nothing like a nice quiet morning with the family.

Except with Mopsy and Cottontail fighting each other the carrot and lettuce. Meanwhile, everyone else pretends not to notice.

20. “Look, everyone, no hands.”

Meanwhile, Hutch’s friends are taking bets on when the egg basket will fall on his head. And they’re watching because they think it’d be hilarious. Hutch is such a show-off.

21. Here we come to a little chick enjoying an egg.

Hate to say this but, that ain’t right. I mean isn’t a chick eating from an egg cannibalism? Disturbing.

22. “Back off, girl, can’t you see I’m closed? Come back later.”

Sorry, but I don’t think the Easter Bunny is in the best mood right now. So if you need eggs, too bad.

23. As an adult Peter Rabbit and his buddies would steal objects from Mr. McGregor’s house and form a band.

They were known as the Jack Rabbits and would revolutionize stomp music forever. Not sure why they have eggs though.

24. Nothing brings a happy Easter like a bunny and chick near an egg.

From Popthomology: “Insane Albino Bunny Lord demands more and more from Slave Chick.” So if Slave Chick brings more clover, will he get his unborn sibling back?

25. There’s nothing more thrilling than a chick bicycle race.

Kind of impressed how their feet can meet the pedals. However, they’re not wearing helmets.

26. If chick bike races aren’t your thing, then you might like a rabbit back race.

So there are chick jockeys riding on rabbits like they’re horses. And I thought the chick bike race was crazy. This is unbelievable.

27. A rooster is always a distinguished gentleman.

Though why it has people hands just freaks me out. Just doesn’t look right on him. Also, why is he using an egg like an accessory?

28. “Happy Easter from our henhouse to yours.”

Okay, this is just even freakier. Why the hell does this chicken family have human faces? That’s just really fucked up.

29. Of course, you can always send a religious Easter card. Usually nothing goes wrong there.

Since Jesus resurrected from the dead on Easter, a child now breaks from an egg and rains Easter eggs for all the children. Okay, that’s just wrong.

30. Easter is always a time of family togetherness.

“I’m sorry, kids, but Daddy’s never coming home for Easter since he stepped on a mine in No Man’s Land. But I’m sure he’s here in spirit watching over us. We just won’t see him.”

31. It’s always a thrill to see a chick and rabbit dance.

Yes, I know it’s kind of strange to see rabbits and chicks dancing with each other. The chick band doesn’t seem impressed.

32. Benjamin Bunny always carries a slate board and pussy willows.

How he manages to draw anything, I have absolutely no idea. But the stash seems carrot shaped.

33. For a rooster to lay eggs with chickens, he must know how to serenade her.

It helps if the rooster knows a musical instrument like a lute. Because his singing might wake up the neighborhood during the night.

34. These bunnies always know some tricks.

And it seems that the rabbit crowd loves it. Had it be a musician, it might’ve started some unstoppable breeding.

35. A child shall lead some sheep pulling an egg on a chariot.

Nevertheless, there’s something really disturbing about this. It seems that after the egg is at its destination, those lambs are mutton.

36. “Ladies and gentlemen, all aboard on the Easter Express.”

Those eggs look huge for some reason. Also, what’s with the bunnies operating a train?

37. “They’re gaining on us! Load the anti-aircraft egg cannon!”

For nothing says Easter like using colored eggs as ammunition. They’re even used to shoot down enemy airplanes.

38. Easter is always a time for eggs to find love.

Except for that one egg at the receptacle. Let’s hope he doesn’t end up like Humpty Dumpty. Also, why?

39. Seems like Jack Frost messed with the wrong herd of rabbits.

Here they have him on an egg and beaten senseless. Because bunnies show no mercy.

40. Happy Easter, compliments of the eggshell boat races.

Wonder how rabbits manage to fit in them. And why are they using on one oar? Shouldn’t they just have oars you use for kayaks?

41. Bunnies always enjoy a nice quiet tea now and then.

However, even Mopsy wants to know why Randall has to smoke his long pipe at the table. It just look strange like a hookah or something.

42. Even chicks like to take a vacation on the high seas.

Though in this case, the crowd at the dock is waiting for arrival at port. And they’re all carrying egg baskets for some reason.

43. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit, it’s a girl.

However, everyone will know she’s adopted since it’s obvious. But I’m sure they’ll treat her like their other children. Though I’m sure they can’t keep track of them all.

44. “How about we go for a swing in an eggshell?”

Susie shouldn’t have taken the eggs with her on her lap. Since they can drop to the rabbit’s dismay.

45. With pussy willows and an eggshell outfit, she is all set for Easter.

A dress would’ve been fine. Wearing an eggshell like that just makes her look stupid. And possibly unable to sit down.

46. The rabbit pulled chick stagecoach has arrived.

Yes, I know it’s crazy using the bunnies as horses. But please, I wasn’t consulted and am just as freaked out as you are.

47. “You know what? Let’s shoot a bunch of eggs in a cannon at once.”

Well, at least they’re not shooting off fireworks. But why are they dressed in skimpy Greek outfits I don’t understand.

48. Unfortunately, Snookums couldn’t resist the temptation.

Let’s hope he escapes this with an injured tail. Because that chicken has a vicious streak a mile wide.

49. Sometimes a rabbit likes to show off in his top hat and tails.

Apparently, the chick maid isn’t impressed by his style. Well, can’t win them all.

50. “As long as we’re on the large egg, the dogs can’t get to us.”

As we all know, dogs kill rabbits. Still, I think these 2 should’ve picked a higher hiding place. Because the dogs can easily get to them.

The Wonderful World of Peep Shows (No, Not that Kind) (Fourth Edition)

Of course, nothing could say Easter on my blog than another post on peep dioramas. As you probably know that peeps are these sugar coated marshmallows in the forms of bunnies and chicks that are unfit for human consumption. Though that doesn’t stop people from trying to pass them off as Easter candy. However, there is a better way to use these inedible marshmallows of cuteness for this Easter season. And that’s where peep dioramas come in. Over the years I’ve done posts of these cuteness scenes mostly mocking pop culture and concepts of every day life. And while kids make them, you can say a lot of these I show aren’t necessarily G-Rated. Though there are plenty of contests, with the most notable being from the Washington Post. But a lot of them are clever while I certainly enjoy them. So as long as there’s Easter, my viewers will have to put up with them. Thus, for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of peep dioramas.

  1. Hope the Finch bunnies come to no harm but I doubt it.

I see little Scout is dressed in her little ham costume. And I see they discovered some of the stuff Boo Radley left in a tree.

2. Apparently, Escher knows how to make bunnies feel at home.

Well, this is supposed to be an optical illusion. But such executions don’t work that well in dioramas.

3. “O say can you peep,/By the bun’s early light…”

Well, that’s a great rendition of the American flag. Though it seems more red, white, and pink.

4. Apparently, these two bunnies just jumped off a cliff.

This is a diorama of Thelma & Louise for those who don’t recognize it. It’s not a movie for kids. But this is pretty funny.

5. The Gary and Mary West Senior Peep Center is the place for elderly chicks and bunnies.

I know plenty wouldn’t get this at first since inedible peeps never age. But this is quite clever.

6. Guess Peep Co. isn’t known for swell service.

Then again, they could just be fixing the power lines after a really bad storm. But I’m not sure the bunny family sees it that way.

7. Peepsus died for our sins so he can rise from the dead.

Yes, it’s another Jesus portrait with chicks. But this one contains a pink sacred heart.

8. The Mythpeepers have experienced a little accident.

Of course, it’s widely said that marshmallows explode in microwaves. And I’m sure these guys will need a new one.

9. In this ark, the peeps come in 2 by 2.

Well, Noah’s Ark seems like a natural choice. Though I do like how some of the bunnies are depicted as animals.

10. With peeps, life can always be a fairy tale.

You can see some of your favorites on this little storybook diorama. Contains some of your favorites. Please, by my guest.

11. Like the rest of us, peeps had to go to school, too.

Though it seems like we have some high school peeps in our midst. The teacher is even using PowerPoint.

12. Now here’s a beauty pageant I’d like to see.

Hope there’s not a real creepy bunny with awful hair looking into them while dressing. Okay, I might’ve went too far with this.

13. “E-Peep phone home.”

Nice how they have the iconic bike scene to pay tribute. Spielberg would be proud.

14. As you can see, peeps come in all kinds in the world.

They also dress quite differently. But this diorama gives a nice image of world peace and harmony.

15. Chemistry lab helps peeps learn about the world through science.

Yes, it’s another classroom diorama. But let’s hope no one resorts to causing explosions.

16. Is this a yoga class or tai chi?

Then again, there’s some bamboo imagery so it seems to be tai chi. But you can’t always tell wit peeps on mats.

17. These bunnies are in the yard doing hard time.

And these bunnies live in a literal cardboard prison. Too bad they couldn’t do a peeps chain gang.

18. Peepsburgh is a hopping place.

I don’t think “Peepsburgh” was a play on Pittsburgh. But I wish it was. Because this seems like a rather small town.

19. “Someday, my peepce will come…”

As you can see, this is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Like the evil bunny queen with her magic mirror.

20. Oh, shit, the FBI just had to stage a pot bust.

Though I know these aren’t anything to laugh about, this peep version is kind of hilarious. I mean you can’t resist laughing at a bunny with a bong.

21. Peepanardo paints his masterpiece the Mona Peepsa.

Though the real Leonardo more likely had her for one sitting with a sketch. Though this is a very iconic image from the historical imagination with peeps.

22. Julius Caesar should’ve beware the Ides of Marshmallow.

Too bad he didn’t listen and got stabbed in the back by his so-called friends in the Senate. Et u, Brute, indeed.

23. Looks like Vincent Van Peep has a very nice place.

Yeah, I know I’ve put peep dioramas of Van Gogh stuff before. But this one is of a different painting entirely.

24. I don’t know about you, but Black Chick looks very creepy to me.

This is a parody of Black Swan, a psycho sexual thriller starring Natalie Portman. Yes, this film very creepy.

25. Even bunnies get into Mardi Gras in New Orleans.