Celebrate the Stars and Stripes Forever with These Star Spangled 4th of July Craft Projects (Third Edition)


Now we’re on to crafts. You might see with my opening pictures that the 4th of July is often celebrated outdoors with picnics, barbecues, and fireworks. After all, it takes place during the summer. And in some places of America, you’re bound to find towns holding parades and cities staging events like regattas if they’re near a body of water. So it’s only a given you’d see stores across the US brimming with American flag decorations in red, white, and blue galore. Yet, some people might prefer some DIY stuff they can make their own. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of ingenious and fanfare worthy crafts for the 4th of July.

  1. A few flags in your flower patch makes a great centerpiece.

Yet, I’m not sure if the flowers are real or fake. But they go well with the stripes.

2. Don’t want to ruin an American flag? Use a wooden panel instead.

Sure it may not have all the stars and stripes. But our flag is very complicated to replicate.

3. Plant your flowers in these patriotic pots.

Each one has a unique design in red, white, and blue. So feel free to plant your all-American zinnias.

4. Got some cardboard toilet paper and paper towel rolls? Make fireworks out of them.

Make sure they’re all in patriotic red, white, and blue patterns. Also, that they have tops to make them look bursting.

5. Show your love for American with this folksy hanging.

This one has the American flag in the shape of a heart. Ideal for rustic settings.

6. Make your front door star-spangled with this red, white, and blue bauble wreath.

Seems like they have these for every occasion. But this one sure is shiny.

7. Curl up on cool summer nights with this American flag quilt.

Yes, it’s all crumpled up on a couch. But you can see some of the flags and stars on the patchwork.

8. Don your hair with these watermelon clips.

As you see, they’re in red, white, and blue instead of green, pink, and black. Because it’s for a patriotic occasion.

9. This dresser is in the spirit of 1776.

Since it depicts the Betsy Ross flag. Though Betsy Ross didn’t design it since that story was made up by her grandchildren.

10. Red, white, and blue baubles can make any home festive.

These baubles are in glass jars for a display. And yes, they’re quite star-spangled.

11. There’s nothing patriotic on 4th of July like wearing a red, white, and blue tie-dye shirt.

Sure it’s not in a stars or stripes pattern. But it’s quite groovy nonetheless.

12. Show the spirit of 1776 with this American flag tutu.

Of course, this is for a young girl. But it made out of red, white, and blue tulle and ribbons.

13. Grace your front door this 4th of July with this decomesh wreath.

This one has an American flag star and ribbons. So stunning for any door.

14. Feel free to show your love for God and country.

Yes, it’s quite rustic. But at least this one seems to have 50 stars as dots.

15. Dress up your baby this Independence Day in this patriotic onesie.

Yes, the blue in this is a handprint. But it’s quite adorable, don’t you think?

16. Any little all-American girl would love this flag skirt.

Yes, this is from the back with a red bow. But what little girl in the US wouldn’t want this?

17. Rest your head on this American flag pillow.

This one consists of interesting stripes if you ask me. But it makes a great decoration.

18. Nobody can resist these star-spangled centerpieces.

Each of these boxes holds a bouquet of white and blue flowers. And they’re all on red stars.

19. Got empty shotgun shells? Make an American flag out of them.

Perfect if you’re an NRA member and don’t want to give up your AR-15s so kids can go to school without getting shot. But that’s just me.

20. This patriotic cone is filled with all-American goodness.

Consists of a teddy bear and fireworks on the top. Great for any quality all-American home.

21. Kick back and relax in these 4th of July lawn chairs.

These consist of images depicting the Statue of Liberty, fireworks, and a flag. And all in red, white, and blue.

22. For a more festive fanfare, try this American flag rag wreath.

Yes, it kind of looks messy. But it’s rather fit for any homespun American home.

23. Tell time from anywhere in the US with this large American flag clock.

Indeed, this wooden clock is quite huge if you ask me. But you have to admire the craftsmanship. Though you might not want to buy it.

24. A patriotic flower basket should always include a few pinwheels.

As long as they are in American flag patterns, of course. Still, love the red and white flowers.

25. Perhaps an American flag yarn wreath might suit you.

This one has red and white stripes along a blue portion with stars. Perfect for any patriotic front door.

26. Don’t like wreaths? How about a red star in frame?

The frame is laced with American flag patterned ribbon. And yes, it seems easy to make.

27. Let the flag shine bright with these star-spangled jars.

Just put these flags on the jars, use candles, and you’re done. And yes, they do shine quite bright.

28. This American flag panel lets the eagle soar.

Okay, this panel is quite artistically brilliant. Bet it fetches a high price on Etsy.

29. Let freedom shine with this rustic American lantern.

I know it doesn’t have a light inside. But its American flag decor make it worthwhile to put on this post.

30. Perhaps you might prefer a flowery American wreath.

This one consists of red, white, and blue flowers. Includes a red star and ribbons.

31. Got an old window pane? Make an American flag out of it.

Okay, this one uses about 2 panels instead of 6. Yet, you have to admire it in any room.

32. Celebrate the nation with this wooden panel.

Depicts the United States in the American flag. And on a finely varnish wooden board, too.

33. Some may prefer celebrating America in all caps.

Well, bottle caps anyway. Because many of the Stanley Cup winning Washington Capitals are Canadian.

34. Grace your 4th of July table with this flowery wreath.

Yes, some of the flowers may not seem blue. But the wreath appears to make a fine centerpiece.

35. Show your love for America with this wooden patriotic stand.

This one has wooden blocks depicting American sentiments. And each in red, white, or blue.

36. This star-spangled banner is a real patchwork.

This one consists of red, white, and blue squares in different patterns. But it resembles the American flag nonetheless.

37. Make sure you have your stars in a row.

These are decorated in ribbons and other decorations. And yes, they’re in red, white, and blue.

38. A burlap wreath can never have enough American flags.

Indeed, they have to be small. But this goes well on any American front door since it’s quite stunning.

39. Speaking of burlap, some might prefer a patriotic wreath like this.

One side is blue with stars. The other has red and white stripes. And there’s a bow in the middle.

40. Care for a wreath of Dixie cups.

Well, this is a perfect barbecue and picnic decoration. Yet, I wonder how they can find white and blue ones.

41. You can’t celebrate the 4th of July without dear old Uncle Sam.

This one is made of wood with a rag beard. Kind of resembles Santa Claus with a fancy top hat.

42. Hope you don’t light these fireworks.

Because all of these are made out of wood and string. Yet, each one has stars and red ends. Please don’t light them up.

43. Lounge around in your star-spangled lawn chair.

This is painted like the grand old flag. Though it does have a worn out look about it.

44. Feel free to support the USA with this mailbox decoration.

This mostly consist of wooden letters and blue decomesh. Still, how do you manage to decorate a mailbox? Most people don’t bother.

45. Let your patriotic pansies grow in this flower box.

This one just consists of a pallet box painted like an American flag. But it’s perfect for plants.

46. If it’s not Christmas, it’s a patriotic American tree.

Though there are some who do celebrate Christmas in July. Still, this one has all the trimmings and decorations you can think of. Yet, it’s mostly made from cotton balls.

47. Make your 4th of July festive with this star-spangled wreath.

This one seems like an elaborate fireworks show. Yet, I love the large star the best.

48. Make your picnic a blast with these sand filled candle holders.

And yes, they use red, white, and blue sand. So you can make your barbecue all so festive.

49. Ever saw an American flag folded like this?

Okay, I’m don’t think it’s a real American flag. But it sure looks great on the mantle.

50. A star-spangled flower tin can use a few American flags.

After all, this tin has a Betsy Ross design painted on it. So it can use a few flags.

51. Got an old lawn chair? Make an American flag of it.

Though it has to be a certain type of lawn chair. Though this is quite amazing.

52. Make your home stun with this festive 4th of July hanging.

Includes an American flag, ribbons, Uncle Sam hat and other decor. But it’s quite lovely.

53. Ever heard of star trees?

These are red, white, and blue trees with stars all over them. And yes, they’re all in pots.

54. Hope these cloth stars shine bright.

Both of these are made of felt on sticks. Yet, only one is against a doily of lace.

55. This American wreath is all composed of balls.

I’m sure these are mostly either styrofoam and ping pong ones. Yet, I love the stars here.

56. These garden wind decorations blow red, white, and blue.

This one has blue with stars on top and red and white stripes on the bottom. Perfect for a garden tunnel like this.

57. This patriotic wreath is all decked in red, white, and blue.

Consists of baubles, stars, ribbons, and other decorations. Best to use if you plan to shoot fireworks.

58. You can’t go wrong with a wooden Uncle Sam hat.

Has red and white stripes on top. Consists of dotted blue on the brim. And it’s touched with a star and ribbons.

59. With these cans, you can light up the night.

Designs include USA, fireworks, and a star. And all are in red, white. and blue.

60. Show your patriotism with this pin of Old Glory.

This mostly consist of safety pins and beads. So feel free to let the flag fly.

61. Let freedom ring with this 4th of July wreath.

After all, “Freedom Is Not Free” as this wreath says.” Decorated with flags and stars, by the way.

62. You can always light up in this Uncle Sam hat.

Includes some American flags. One of which has a star cut out. Perfect for a table at a barbecue.

63. Make sure the red, white, and blue blocks have stars on them.

And the stars can’t match the blocks in color. Though I like how they used string to tie each one pairing together.

64. A patriotic princess just has to have a billowing red, white, and blue dress.

The dress is mostly made out of tulle with red, white, and blue. But it’s nonetheless adorable.

65. Perhaps this patriotic panel might suit you.

Yes, it’s an interesting piece. Sure it doesn’t resemble the flag. But I don’t mind.

66. Make sure your apothecary jars say, “USA.”

Well, each one has a letter on it with a burlap bow. Perfect for any American home.

67. Sometimes it helps if you wrap a flag around a wreath of straw.

Well, it’s quite a stunning sight to have at one’s front door. Still, love the bow.

68. Then again, your little princess might prefer a striped dress.

The stripes are in zigzag. And the blue consists of dots than stripes.

69. Set your drinks down on this American flag coffee table.

Well, it’s quite rustic looking. But it’s finely varnished with the painted surface. Love it.

70. Rest your ass on this star-spangled bench.

This one consists of red stripes and white stripes along with a blue square. Words inscribed are “My country tis of Thee.”

71. Relax on your deck in these American flag lawn chairs.

By the way, we have a matching pallet set. And yes, they sure do rock.

72. You might like the stars on this wooden flag panel.

Indeed it doesn’t have the stripes and stars as the flag. But the stars are slightly raised for effect.

73. Sometimes you can do with a bit of fencing.

This one has some fence with decorations. Includes an American flag star and blue lantern.

74. Get an Uncle Sam hat bursting with stars.

The stars on these are golden as they sit on similarly golden berries. But it’s a grand patriotic display for a table.

75. Maritime folk might prefer this American flag anchor.

It’s a curl decoration. Yet, you have to love the creative ingenuity on it.

76. Impress your guests with this wood curl American flag wreath.

I know it seems quite feathery. Yet, the wood on this appears quite delicate if you ask me.

77. A 4th of July wreath should brim with flowers.

Though I have a few flower wreaths on this post, they’re not quite vibrant as this. Includes a bow near the bottom.

78. A 4th of July wreath should include a star-spangled star.

Consists of flowers and a large star with stars on it. Also like the American flag ribbon.

79. Make your home more homespun with this American flag milk can and bucket.

Granted these are just for show. But they will certainly go well with the homestead.

80. Keep all your Americana in this Uncle Sam pouch.

Includes an American flag, fireworks, and a bald eagle. Also his hat states “1776.”

81. Stick your American flags in this spindle post.

It’s just a high column painted black. But be free to put as many flags as you want.

82. Grow your flowers in this American flag teacup flower pot.

Yes, it may appear quite small. But these flowers look lovely inside it.

83. Perhaps you might want to drape a flag over an old ladder.

Includes a candle and sunflower, too. Wouldn’t mind having this at my house.

84. Don’t like wreaths? Try a red, white, or blue star.

Each one of these is painted in the colors of Old Glory. Nonetheless, they’re quite beautiful.

85. Feel free to sit on this American flag stool.

Well, it’s a bar stool. Though despite how it’s frowned upon to sit on the flag, this stool was made for sitting.

86. Perhaps you might want 3 stars in one.

They’re all made of sticks and in red, white, and blue. Not sure if I’d want that in my house.

87. Hope you’d like to hang an Old Glory saw on the 4th of July.

It’s painted in red, white, and blue. And it comes with an “Old Glory” bow.

88. If you love majestic mountains, perhaps you’d want this American flag hanging.

Sure it may have a flag in the background. Yet, this woman seems very proud of her creation.

89. Show your love for America with this heart panel.

This one has stars in a near heart shape. Nevertheless, I love this. So pretty.

90. Any American would love this patriotic night stand.

It has a flag on top, a striped drawer, and a blue star on red and white stripes on the bottom. Perfect for any patriotic home.

91. Put your white bread inside this Betsy Ross flag bread box.

The Betsy Ross flag is on the door. And the top is decorated with 3 blue stars.

92. With these blocks are the values our country holds dear.

Well, Americans do value freedom. But some people do have a funny sense of honor.

93. Sit back and relax in this American flag easy chair.

Never thought I’d see a piece of furniture like this before. Yet, I do love the upholstery.

94. You might want to picnic on this Old Glory table.

One plank is red. One plank is blue. The flag is the table.

95. You’ll find plenty of stars on these fireworks.

Well, the stars are yellow for bursts. But the firecrackers are all red, white and blue.

96. There’s nothing more American this 4th of July than a wreath of denim for your door.

This is wrapped by old jeans. Because jeans are an iconic American clothing item.

97. A grand old flower flag makes an ideal 4th of July centerpiece.

Make sure the flowers are fake and in a wooden crate first. So pretty. Love it.

98. Catch the light with this patriotic suncatcher.

This is made of stained glass with a red shield and a blue eagle. Kind of resembles a car logo.

99. If you have small flower pots, use them to make candle holders.

They’re painted in red, white, and blue. And they’re all stacked together. What more can you love?

100. Care for a potted Uncle Sam?

This one has him in striped pants, a blue shirt with stars, and glasses. All in all he’s adorable sitting in a red chair.


The Pastel World of Easter Village Houses (Second Edition)


Though Christmas and Halloween may be far more popular holidays, Easter has its large share of fans. So it’s no surprise that we have plenty of Easter village houses. After all, if you’re a company that sells these houses and accessories, why stop at Christmas when you can sell similarly themed items all year long? Sure these village sets can be very expensive. But they’re popular enough for me to do multiple posts on them. With Easter, you find plenty of houses in pastel colors as well as bunnies, chicks, flowers, butterflies, and sheep. And yes, there’s plenty of cuteness to go around. Though many of these houses may be made out of porcelain, some of these Easter village enthusiasts opt for the putz variety. Sometimes, they make their own putz house which you might see on Etsy. Anyway, for your reading pleasure, I give you another treasury of charming Easter houses and villages. Enjoy.

  1. An Easter putz village should always be all glitter.

Make sure you include bunnies and chicks. Oh, and that the trees have Easter eggs on them.

2. Bunnies always enjoy an Easter egg tree.

Though this more or less resembles a Charlie Brown Tree with Easter eggs. Yet, the house is quite whimsical.

3. Don’t forget to put a bunny peep on the front door.

The bunny peep even has a purple butterfly. The windows are made out of cardboard.

4. Of course, some houses might contain an addition or two.

This one even has an Easter egg tree. And the front roof has stripes.

5. How about set your spring village near a window?

Wonder if they use the same window for a Christmas village. Since it seems familiar to me.

6. A pink should always have matching flowers.

This one also has a fancy roof and tree with purple baubles. Like the silver trim.

7. A chick should always have a pink balcony.

This one has a rather gabled roof and pink stairway. Like the chick and trees.

8. You can put anything on an Easter tree.

Not sure if it’s a DIY or professionally made. But you have to love the collage of decor.

9. Even a pale blue house can have a spring renovation.

This one has bunnies in front of the house with trees. But the pink rose on the roof really stands out.

10. Two chimneys are sometimes better than one.

Helps that it’s pink. Has some berries between the roof and front door.

11. Perhaps a pale pink house can suit your Easter fancy.

It has the bunnies with eggs. Though the window edging appears to resemble seashells.

12. Bunnies and chicks delight in an Easter tree.

This one has a craft tree with pom pom chicks on it. Love the bunny in the basket.

13. Spring birdhouses could use a few flowers.

Well, one of them is supposed to be a church. Yet, both have birds at the high holes.

14. A pink roof can always use a splash of glitter.

This yellow house has blue doors and window trim. Hope the bunny doesn’t mind looking at it.

15. A small blue church makes a lovely Easter addition.

This one has a lamb in front. But you have to admire the tall steeple.

16. A white Easter house can be just as nice.

Has a string of pearls aligning the roof. The trees are decked with Easter eggs.

17. These bunnies love their flowery home.

You’d wonder if whoever made this used wall paper. Yet, certainly has a spring feel.

18. An Easter village looks lovely in the night sky.

Okay, the sky is a board with lights on it. Nonetheless, it’s quite quaint and stunning.

19. A shiny blue church should have a purple steeple.

Has a cross on top and over the doorway. A small chick is near the glitter wall.

20. Birdhouses always shine in glitter.

Well, you put birdseed in these. Yet, one of them looks more like a bird gazebo.

21. Perhaps a quaint white cottage will do.

This one seems straight out of a storybook. And home to a cute little rabbit, too.

22. A paper house should have a certain whimsy.

The house is yellow with lattice work. And it’s topped with a light blue roof.

23. Nothing brings in an Eastery spring like a yellow church.

Has pink trees at the front with a rabbit. Like the wreath near the roof though.

24. An Easter village can always shine under the sky.

This one has a blue sky with cotton ball clouds. And the towering trees are spectacular.

25. Everyone has to love a green house with polka dots.

This one has a blue roof with flowers. Even has a girl emerging from the doorway.

26. Speaking of green houses, check out this one with moss.

This one has white shutters and green and pink Easter eggs. Like the bunny.

27. A blue church should have a couple of pink trees.

This one has a green roof with fancy edging. Though the best part of this are the windows.

28. A sea green house always needs a pink butterfly.

Not sure if I care for the pill green shade. But it makes the decor stand out.

29. Don’t forget to add a chimney.

Okay, the color isn’t the most flattering. But at least it doesn’t remind me of Prozac.

30. A lavender church has a certain Easter charm.

Has a tree with yellow flowers beside it. Great for any spring village.

31. A blue church is wondrous with a silver roof.

Has a purple steeple and a silver cross on top. And yes, it’s covered in glittery splendor.

32. An Easter house can never have too many flowers.

Yes, the flowers are fake. But at least the smoke coming from the chimney is cotton.

33. A bright blue house will bring the Easter spirit.

This one has 2 chimneys and tall windows. Love the wreath and trees though.

34. Bet this is supposed to be a candy factory.

And it’s on a jar of jelly beans, too. Has 3 different colored smokestacks with stripes.

35. An Easter house can be of all kinds of colors.

This one has pink edging with pastels on the walls. If the colors were brighter, it would’ve been an eyesore.

36. Perhaps you might like a white church with flowers.

This one seems to have retro feel to it. Not sure what the angel is here though.

37. Is that carrot supposed to be a chimney?

Well, it sure looks like it. Though I’m not sure whether it goes with the pink house or trees.

38. Even an unconventional Easter house can be like a home.

Has a ridged roof with a butterfly. Yet, the bunny is happy just the same.

39. A pale yellow house can always glimmer.

Okay, I’m not too crazy about this house since it’s color is sloppy. But I do like the tree with purple flowers.

40. Anyone would be pleased to have a white bunny at their chimney.

If it weren’t for the Easter bunny and eggs, you’d almost think it’s a Christmas house. So cute.

41. A small green house is all this bunny needs.

This one even has a little door and an egg tree. Another tree has buttons.

42. Pastel houses always show an Easter spirit.

Well, the colors may seem somewhat faded. But some of these houses retain some Easter charm.

43. A green birdhouse makes a lovely church.

This one has a cross on top with a wreath. And there’s an angel coming out from the doors.

44. A pink house can never have too many flowers.

This one has flowers on the roof and ground. Not sure what to think about the windows though.

45. An Easter house should look as sweet as candy.

This one is in bright blue with peppermints near the roof. Like the door and window decorations though.

46. A pink peppermint house always brings spring in.

Doesn’t have as many candy decorations, but the bunny is adorable. Love it.

47. How about a house brimming with flowers?

Well, this one seems covered in vines. Everything seems to grow wild here.

48. Perhaps a small pink house will do well for the chicks.

This one has a silver roof and a pink flower. But the chicks appear to love it.

49. You may prefer a small blue cottage.

Sure it may not seem like much. But you have to like the bunny and Easter egg in the front.

50. Chicks would certainly dig this white Easter house.

Though I think they’re busier with a shoe at the moment. Still, this is rather quaint.

51. An Easter house like this is bound to make anyone happy.

Well, it says “happy” on the roof. Wonder if it’s part of a set. Like the bunny with a carrot.

52. Easter can’t be Easter without spring flowers.

This one has a girl in a flower dress. There are even flowers above the windows and in a basket.

53. A light blue house always endears chicks.

This one has some vibrant Easter decorations like what’s between the windows. And yes, there are the chicks in a shoe.

54. A silver bunny loves a house with pink flowers.

Let’s hope that’s not a real chocolate bunny. Because that would be a waste of valuable candy.

55. Nothing shows the Easter charm like a pink house.

It even says “Easter” above the door. Though I love the flowers and bow.

56. Flower boxes always give a nice springtime touch.

Each of these is outside the window and filled with flowers in their spring glory. Love it.

57. A purple and blue Easter house can have a whimsical touch.

This one has a rather unique design. But you have to love the flowers and bunnies. So pretty.

58. A purple house has spring in the air.

Even comes iwth a purple tree. Love the chick within the purple fence.

59. Spring is always quaint with a simple blue cottage.

Comes with a little red wagon with a flower wreath. Includes flowers, a bunny, and a basket of eggs.

60. Bunnies and chicks frolic at this purple house.

This one has images of chicks and bunnies taken from cards. Even has flowers between the windows.

61. You can make your garden grown in the early spring time.

The tree has all kinds of white berries. Includes a flower box, too.

62. A slant roof house can have Easterly flair.

Has “Happy Easter” on the roof. And it’s decked with purple bows and a string of purple pearls.

63. A blue house should come with a matching butterfly.

Its roof has blue and yellow trim on the roof. Yet, you got to love the flowers, bunnies, and tree.

64. Green flowers stand out on a yellow house.

This one has green flowers on the roof and the fence. Also comes with chicks.

65. A yellow and green house should come with purple flowers.

This one seems like you’d see in a storybook illustration. Yet, the flowers add a certain spring charm.

66. A purple house ought to have golden window trim.

This one has bunnies and a basket of eggs. Love the wreath and trees.

67. An Easter house needs to have flowers outside the windows.

This one is blue with a yellow roof and front door. Includes bunnies, chicks, and an Easter egg tree.

68. A porcelain shop should shimmer in glitter.

These are painted, by the way. One is a flower shop while the other is a café.

69. A gnome should feel cozy in this Easter trailer.

This one has flowers and a butterfly on top. Love the white tree branch.

70. A blue Easter cottage should brighten any spring day.

This one has a lovely ribbon above the windows. And there’s a little girl near the door.

71. A purple bunny will adore a purple house.

Comes with purple roses on the roof and near the Easter eggs. So pretty.

72. An Easter angel always loves a house of blue and pink.

The angel is even holding a tray of Easter eggs. Also has plenty of flowers just below the roof.

73. Chicks love an Easter house filled with flowers.

This one has daisy above the windows. Though you have to love the chicks in the flower wagon.

74. Sometimes a blue house has a quality spring simplicity.

This one has a blue butterfly and tree. Also contains white bunnies and bows.

75. An Easter egg tree should have its own stand.

This is a purple tree with pastel Easter eggs. And it’s all topped with a golden bow.

76. Bunnies always love to go to a country church.

This one is white with a blue roof. And its front is brimming with flowers.

77. Perhaps bunnies might prefer a simple cottage.

This is a plainer Easter house than most on this post. Has moss on the roof and grass on the ground.

78. A purple house should come with a green roof and flowers.

The flowers are even in boxes. Love the basket and bunny. So lovely.

79. A pink church should always come with pink flowers.

The roof is of golden paint. Comes with pink bunnies and a basket of Easter eggs.

80. A curved roof has a special spring whimsy to it.

Well, it has curved roofs on 2 stories. Yet, it’s decorated with spring flowers.

81. A blue house can make the springtime oh so pleasant.

Has flowers outside the window in boxes and outside the fence. Like the wreath and basket.

82. A pink Easter house has a unique simplicity.

Just has some white and a pink fence. The white tree particularly stands out.

83. Sometimes two roof points are better than one.

This is a pink house with green bows. Love the white deer and flowers.

84. Spring into Easter with this purple glitter house.

Well, it has “Easter” on the yellow roof. Comes with purple flowers and bunnies galore.

85. A yellow curved house always needs spring flowers.

This one has trees with eggs. Like how the flowers are around the base, roof, and chimney.

86. You’d almost think this house was an Easter neighborhood.

Each roof point has flowers on top. But only comes with one door in the middle.

87. A spring house should brim with spring flowers.

This pink house has flowers all over from base to roof. But I like the ones above the windows the best.

88. A pink house brings everything in its spring glory.

Has flowers in the windows along with a basket of eggs. And the chimneys make it especially imposing.

89. A blue house can stun with a purple roof.

This one has a flowers growing from the garden and on a wreath. So pretty.

90. Care for a plaid roof church?

Well, a plaid roof doesn’t look too bad. Also comes with an Easter egg tree.

91. If you love green, this idyllic putz house is for you.

This one even has deer to herald the coming of spring. So lovely.

92. A pink house should be atop of a pink nest.

Even has colorful streamers coming out of the chimney. Quite festive if you ask me.

93. Perhaps you might want to go with a green house with a striped roof.

Okay, that’s pretty tacky. And the striped pattern even lines the chimney. Yikes.

94. A small blue house can bring out small yellow flowers.

Comes with an array of bottle cleaner trees. Includes a girl in a raincoat.

95. It’s always spring when you’re near this yellow house.

Comes with a bejeweled butterfly on the roof. Yet, the chick and pink teddy bear are adorable.

96. A bright blue house always inspires a springtime splendor.

Includes a striped flower and pink butterfly. And you’ll find a girl near the door.

97. Of course, you can always go with a simple white house.

This one has a pink bike against the wall. Yet, I love the flower on top.

98. A small cottage should always stand out with some flowers.

Has a blue and yellow flower on the pink roof. But the bunnies seem to enjoy it.

99. A blue house stands out on Easter with pink decorations.

Has a pink butterfly and bows along with blue flowers. on the ground there are white rabbits and trees.

100. A chick would love to live in this pink coop.

Though the chick seems a bit large for the hole. Though I think it’s quite creative.

Spring Into These Easter Craft Projects (Third Edition)


Now that I’ve gotten the treats over with, it’s on to the craft projects. As you can see, most of these are associated with spring like bunnies, flowers, butterflies, sheep, chicks, and colored eggs. You may even find some outdoor decorations like you see above. Yet, alongside St. Patrick’s Day decorations, Easter decor isn’t out of view since it might fall sometime after March 17. While many people might put some Easter decorations up on their houses, some may prefer to make their own. And for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of Easter craft projects for you to enjoy.

  1. You can’t go wrong with a bunny centerpiece on moss.

Includes a plaster bunny with fancy Easter eggs. Goes well with a daffodil bouquet.

2. Don’t forget to hang your bunnies with your carrots.

The carrots are orange while the bunnies are green and fuzzy. Includes balls of green and orange yarn.

3. Care for a wooden bunny spoon?

Well, she’s made from a wooden spoon. Her arms are made from pipe cleaners while she sports purple bows.

4. Welcome your Easter guests with this egg and flower wreath.

Well, this mostly consists of pastel Easter eggs with small flowers. Perfect for any spring door.

5. Welcome spring with a bird’s nest behind glass.

Don’t worry, the bird’s nest isn’t real. Yet, you have to admire the flowery branches it sits on.

6. Got plastic eggs? Make a wreath out of it.

The eggs come in a variety of colors. And it contains 3 bows in Easter ribbon.

7. This bunny rag wreath can get anyone hopping.

Well, it’s tied with rags of pastel colors. And it certainly looks quite snazzy in a bow tie.

8. To be closer to nature, you might prefer a wreath of moss.

It’s covered in moss as well as consist of a bird’s nest and 3 roses. Lovely.

9. Step out this Easter wearing this ribbon carrot pin.

You may have to use green and orange ribbons. But it seems rather simple to make.

10. Spring into Easter with this lamp.

This one has a bunny with eggs. Love the pink and purple ribbon and flowers.

11. For a more holy Easter, a cross wreath with lilies will do nicely.

It’s a grapevine wreath with lilies and a boy. Simple yet stunning.

12. You’ll find these tiny bunnies snug in their carrots.

All these are made out of felt and are used as bunny sleeping bags. I’m sure kids will love these. So cute.

13. Grace your front door with a green rabbit wreath.

This one has fake foliage with burlap ears and bow. And like all bunny wreaths, it includes a fluffy tail.

14. Nothing makes Easter like a bunny shutter.

This one has a bunny painted on an old shutter. Also has colored eggs on the border.

15. What would Easter be without a fluffy chick?

This fuzzy chickie is made out of pom poms. And yes, it’s so cute.

16. Make your Easter table with this table runner.

Two sides have quilted colored eggs. The middle consists of a grid of pastel squares.

17. Don’t like wreaths? How about a deco mesh carrot?

Yes, it’s mostly in orange with a green top. But you’re sure to dupe any rabbit with a carrot fix.

18. Didn’t know flowers can sprout from eggs.

This is a centerpiece that has flowers rising from bulbs in the eggs. It’s supposed to represent the start of spring.

19. Perhaps you might want a bouquet of purple flowers at your door.

Includes lilacs and tulips in a white vase hung from the top. Sure they’re fake but they’re beautiful.

20. For a more penitent Easter, you might want to go with this panel.

Well, Easter is a religious holiday denoting Christ’s resurrection. So expect a lot of crosses.

21. Sometimes the less Easter egg you have the better.

Well, these are made out of yarn and glue. But you have to admire the creative spirit to create this wreath.

22. Looks like a potted plant just fell victim to a bunny infestation.

Actually no, since it’s an Easter decoration. But it’s nonetheless clever and adorable.

23. You can’t have an egg wreath without some carrots.

The wreath is light blue while eggs are in all kinds of colors and patterns. So lovely.

24. This little chick has some long-eared aspirations.

This is a little crocheted chick dressed in a bunny costume. So cute.

25. Spring always brings the best in all of us with this Easter wreath and panel.

It’s a panel that says “Hope.” The ‘O’ is a wreath of yellow flowers.

26. This bunny says “Feliz Pasca” with a patched up heart.

“Feliz Pasca” is “Happy Easter” in Spanish. But this is quite adorable, no matter what language you speak.

27. Nothing says Easter like a flower basket with lights.

This consists of flowers, eggs, and a bunny. Put it anywhere in the house and people will adore it.

28. Yellow flowers can always enhance a wreath of Easter eggs.

The eggs are mostly plastic. But if you have a lot of these, here’s an idea to consider.

29. This bunny wreath has Easter eggs all over.

This is made out of yarn and you can see the pastel eggs all over. They almost seem to resemble Christmas lights.

30. Instead of a wreath, why not try an Easter basket?

Okay, it’s a decomesh Easter basket wreath. But it nonetheless contains Easter eggs.

31. Seems this little bunny really loves a carrot.

Well, I think it’s a plush bunny and carrot of some sort. Yet, nobody could resist that bunny face.

32. Nothing welcomes spring like a pink tulip wreath.

How else could you welcome spring? And yes, these flowers are gorgeous.

33. The bunny and chick come from the same carrot on this panel.

Well, that’s kind of bizarre. But you have to appreciate the sentiment behind it.

34. No Easter is complete without a bunny doily.

This has white bunnies all around in an Easter egg background. And yes, they’re adorable.

35. You’ll be hard not to resist these little bunny heads.

These are plush figures made from some flowery cloth. And all have bows on their ears. So sweet.

36. You’d swear this Easter egg was all buttons.

Actually it consists of buttons sewn on a cloth. But it has a certain Easter charm.

37. A basket always has room for 2.

However, we all know that in the rabbit world, 1+1 = infinity. Because you know how they produce a lot of young in a short timespan.

38. On an Easter wreath, make sure the flowers really stand out.

This one has pink and purple flowers with matching ribbons. But it’s an Easter wreath since it includes eggs.

39. Light up your Easter with this paper bunny lantern.

You can find a paper lantern at any craft store by the way. But make sure you add some bunny attributes and a bow tie.

40. Care for a red cabbage bouquet?

I’m sure the cabbage and flowers are fake. Since a real cabbage may not make such an elegant vase. So pretty.

41. Seems like we have some eggs on the flowers.

That or it’s rather magnificent bird’s nest. Still, wouldn’t mind having this at my house.

42. Didn’t know you can carry flowers in an umbrella.

Actually, I’ve seen a few of these before. But none were nearly spectacular as this bouquet.

43. For vibrancy, just add a butterfly.

Well, a pink butterfly anyway. But if you like a bright color wreath for Easter, this is for you.

44. Perhaps a shiny egg tree may suit your fancy.

Mostly consists of pink, blue, gold, and green ones. Yet, add some yellow tulle and a pink bow, it stuns.

45. There’s nothing better than an Easter egg decked with buttons.

Make sure the buttons are in pastel colors but shape doesn’t matter. Helps that it’s set atop a flower pot.

46. While we’re in the spring of things, here’s a cabbage tulip bouquet.

The tulips here are in purple, lavender, and orange. And the cabbage is a normal green.

47. To mark this holy occasion, a cross with white flowers is recommended.

Cross consists of sticks tied together. Still, the flowers are really pretty.

48. Everyone would love to see flowers on your Easter table.

Not sure if the flowers are real or fake. But make sure you include some Easter eggs.

49. If you’re not into flowers, perhaps you might like this centerpiece.

It’s a basket with some vases and bunnies. Perfect for any spring Easter celebration.

50. Nobody could resist this festive Easter basket.

Has plenty of flowers and eggs at your desire. And you can’t help but endear yourself to the two bunnies.

51. Enhance your Easter table with this Easter egg table runner.

The quilted eggs are of different colors and patterns. And you got to love the colors on the border.

52. A wooden chocolate bunny is a quality Easter decoration.

Sure you can’t eat it. Yet, what’s Easter without a chocolate bunny?

53. Make sure the bottles on your Easter bouquets match what’s in them.

The bottles are white, blue, and lavender. And each contains purple flowers, reeds, and Easter eggs.

54. You’ll find some colorful birds in this tree.

This is a flowering tree with birds of several different colors. And everything here is made from what you’d find at a craft store.

55. Speaking of trees, bring Easter joy with this tree of Easter eggs.

They have trees like this in Germany, by the way. So I guess this is the small apartment version.

56. A bunny wreath should always have floppy ears and paws.

It’s also decorated with flowers and eggs. And it is touched with a lavender bow.

57. Grace your front door with a floral egg carton wreath.

Didn’t know egg cartons could make such vibrant flowers. Love it.

58. Serve your guests with this Easter egg table runner.

This one has rather fancy eggs in several colors and patterns. It even has chicks around the border.

59. Don’t forget to add a few carrots.

Okay, these aren’t real so don’t try to eat them. But they’re great for a door decoration.

60. You can’t get enough of these clothespin bunnies.

These are painted in pastel colors as well as have eyes and flower on their ears. So cute.

61. You can have a fancy bouquet with Easter eggs.

The eggs are mostly lavender. The flowers are mostly white and pink.

62. You can’t get enough of a bunny in a nest.

Well, it’s a bunny in a large bird’s nest. Also includes a lot of flowers and foliage.

63. You can’t go wrong with a tulle egg wreath in the Easter season.

And it comes with all the Easter touches. Great for welcoming springtime. Love it.

64. You’ll need some eggs for that flower basket.

This is in a metal basket and the eggs are white. But that doesn’t make it less Eastery.

65. An egg and flower wreath is an ideal place for a rabbit.

This one has a bunny in the center. While the eggs and flowers are in pastel colors.

66. Apparently, this little chickie has come out of its shell.

It’s an amigurumi chick that just hatched. And yes, it’s adorably fuzzy.

67. A bunny is at home among the flowers.

Apparently, this looks like a very expensive centerpiece. But the flowers are quite pretty.

68. Anyone would be overjoyed with these Easter egg trees.

The trees may be of different heights. But each is covered in pastel eggs that almost appear sweet as candy.

69. Set your Easter dish on this felt bunny doily.

It’s a green doily with white bunny and fancy eggs. Love the flowers.

70. You’ll chirp for these glittery birdhouses.

Each glittery house has a fuzzy bird or 2. Some are yellow. Some are pink.

71. You’d rejoice to this purple decomesh wreath.

This one is all Easter eggs. Two are in fancy colors. The rest are significantly smaller.

72. You’d almost think these carrots sprouted flowers.

Actually they’re bouquets wrapped in orange cloth. Clever if you look at it.

73. A flower basket should come with its own bunny.

This is a wall hanging with a couple flower baskets. All to celebrate the coming of spring.

74. This hanging basket will bring you some Easter joy.

The flowers are all yellow. The Easter eggs are all in shiny glitter. Love it.

75. A tulip bouquet should always include peeps and grass.

Best part about this bouquet is that everything’s in purple. Wouldn’t mind having it on my Easter table.

76. Looks like a little bunny’s gotten into that purse.

It’s a pink bunny purse for Easter. Great for church or the parade. Comes with bunny ears sticking out in the front pocket.

77. Nothing says happy Easter like a wooden bunny outside your door.

Yes, the wood has a fine texture to it. Love how it has a blue bow around its neck.

78. Didn’t know you’d find bunnies in a candy dispenser.

The bunnies are mostly pink. Yet, I think these are quite clever. So cute.

79. You can always dress a rusty urn with Easter eggs.

It mostly consist of an Easter egg wreath on a plant. Not sure if it’s easy. But it’s quite ingenious.

80. Greet the Easter evening with these Easter egg candles.

You can put them on a table with flowers. Hope some of them come scented.

81. Make sure you keep your bird’s nests in a terrarium jar.

These come in 3 different sizes. Some even have flowers and butterflies.

82. Perhaps you might delight to an Easter egg table spread.

This is made from strips of fabric. And each stripe is in a unique color and pattern.

83. Cuddle up with these sock bunnies.

Each one is stuffed with cotton and tied with a bow. And yes, they’re all irresistibly adorable.

84. Bring in the Easter spirit with a bunny in a box on an urn.

Helps if it includes tulips. Like how the bunny is holding a carrot in its paws.

85. With these amigurumi chick, you’ll chirp with glee.

Each of these chickies is in a flower skirt. But you just want to hold these in your hand and snuggle.

86. Rejoice in the resurrection with this decomesh lavender cross.

Even comes with purple flowers. Wouldn’t mind having this on my door.

87. Nothing makes a better Easter centerpiece like this 3 tiered basket.

Each tier has eggs and bunnies. Really brings spring in the air, doesn’t it?

88. It’s always spring in your home with this Easter basket on your door.

Even has the word “Spring” in eggs. But the red tulips really stand out.

89. Hope you can hang some Easter eggs on your flowers.

Not sure why people do this. But this is a rather stunning bouquet nonetheless.

90. Light up your Easter with this bunny glass block.

This one has fuzzy and sequined ears. Yet, you have the love the pom pom cheeks. So cute.

91. Some may prefer more bedazzling Easter eggs.

Never thought I’d see sparkly Easter eggs before. So shiny. Love these.

92. How about a large peep on your front door?

Yes, peeps aren’t fit for human consumption. But it’s quite adorable nonetheless.

93. Don’t let your little bunny go on an egg hunt without these bunny bags.

Now these are just so great. Each bag has long ears and a fluffy cotton tail.

94. How about an egg in cloth strips?

Each is in pastel strips sewn on a cloth canvas. Perfect for any Easter home.

95. Step out this Easter wearing a ribbon Easter basket pin.

Each is a basket of pink with eggs inside. All of them are in dots patterns.

96. Peep lovers would adore this sign.

All the bunnies are in glitter. Though peeps candy are inedible, this is one awesome sign.

97. Bring spring joy to your home with an Easter tree.

Well, they have trees for every holiday these days. Still, love the lights.

98. A butterfly at the nest is a sign of spring.

Has Easter eggs inside. And the nest is over the branch.

99. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Care Bunnies.

Each of these bunnies are made of pom poms. And each is adorable in its own way.

100. You can’t have Easter without a fuzzy bunny wreath.

This yarn wreath even has fringes on the edges. Great to hang on your front door for the Easter season.

Top of the Morning with These Lucky Saint Patrick’s Day Craft Projects (Third Edition)


Now it’s on to the crafts. Since Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t as big a holiday like Easter. But that doesn’t keep stores from selling green decorations as soon as Valentine’s Day is over. Because there are plenty of people known to go all out on March 17. While green is a predominant color, you also have pots of gold coins, rainbows, shamrocks, and leprechauns. And while it’s typically a holiday associated with parades and heavy drinking, there are plenty of stuff for families to do with the kids. Like do little acts of mischief in the house and pretend it was the work of leprechauns crashing your place. I’m sure your little kids would love it like my sister did when she was 3. Nonetheless, here is another assortment of St. Patrick’s Day crafts for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

  1. You’ll be lucky to have this flashy wreath at your front door.

This one is replete with green shiny vines and gold ribbon. Like the green bow.

2. Perhaps a shamrock bouquet on your table.

Well, at least the shamrock is prominently featured here. Like the gold beads and decomesh.

3. This green tulle wreath has a Irish touch.

Has a shamrock hanging and gold coins. Too bad the coins are plastic as expected.

4. For good luck, grace your door with this wooden shamrock.

Well, it’s a wooden shamrock with some smaller green shamrocks on the side. Also, it even says, “Lucky.”

5. You’d always be top of the morning with this green ribbon wreath.

This one has decomesh ribbons and a shiny shamrock in the middle. Perfect for any St. Paddy’s Day door.

6. A shamrock bouquet always needs a white rose.

And you can use these on tables if you want to. Though make sure they’re fake if you plan to take your St. Paddy’s party outdoors.

7. Curl up on your couch with this Saint Patrick’s Day pillow.

This one uses a 4 leaf clover print. Nevertheless, I’m sure you can find it on Etsy.

8. A St. Patrick’s Day lantern should have yellow flowers.

Okay, it has white flowers, too. Also includes clover and a bow from a shamrock ribbon.

9. Doesn’t hurt to have a shamrock in green zigzags.

It’s touched with a green polka dot ribbon. Great for any door for St. Paddy’s Day.

10. 2 shamrocks is luckier than one.

Well, one is smaller than the other and in a lighter color. But both are bordered with gold and have shiny glitter.

11. Got green baubles? Make a wreath out of them.

This one also contains shiny shamrock vines, small shamrocks, and a shamrock ribbon tied in a bow. Got to love this one.

12. A rainbow rag wreath always needs a pot of gold.

Sure most of it is in felt ties. But you have to admire the creativity on this. So pretty.

13. Nobody can resist this St. Paddy’s Day owl.

It’s even in a green shamrock pattern. And yes, it’s a hoot.

14. How about a green wreath with flowers?

The flowers are made out of tissue paper. And the wreath is atop a white frame with a light green ribbon.

15. Anyone would be lucky to have this pot of gold pot.

Has a gold glitter top and shamrock. And you can put candy in it as you please.

16. Welcome your guests with this leprechaun hat display.

Well, this one has hat over a shamrock in a pot. Love to have it outside my door.

17. A shamrock stands out on a wooden panel.

Well, it’s certainly a nice 4-leaf clover on a panel. And it’s held by sturdy string.

18. A St. Patrick’s Day wreath can never have enough shamrocks.

You have shamrocks on the decomesh as well as on the ribbon. Still, you have to love the bow.

19. How about you punch a few shamrocks out of this hat?

Yet, it’s nonetheless green and worthy to hang on a wall. Like the striped bow, too.

20. You’ll have plenty luck from the Irish with this shamrock.

Though considering Ireland’s history, I’m not sure if you want the luck of the Irish. Because they spent a considerable time under British rule. And went through a famine in the 1840s.

21. Care for a burlap wreath of shamrocks?

This one has a bow on the top and shiny shamrocks on all sides. Quite lovely on any door.

22. A St. Patrick’s Day candle can bring you some luck.

This a mostly decomesh decoration. Includes shamrocks and a leprechaun hat.

23. With this wreath you’ll receive an Irish blessing.

Well, St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday in Ireland. So it’s only natural to include a craft with a cross.

24. Any little leprechaun would love to have this crocheted hat.

Well, it’s a rather small green bowler. But the golden is quite charming.

25. You can’t go wrong with this St. Paddy’s Day display on your table.

This one has 3 metal tiers with shamrock lights, leprechauns, and a pot of chocolate toffees. Got to love the coins surrounding it.

26. Perhaps a simple yarn wreath with shamrocks will do.

It’s mostly green with some gold on one side. Still, you got to admire the shamrocks.

27. If you like flowers, you might want a green hydrangea wreath.

Well, they’re white and in shades of green. And it’s topped with a green ribbon.

28. Hang this leprechaun hat on your lucky wall.

It’s mostly made of felt with shamrocks. Some of these are held by ribbons and buttons.

29. Shamrocks can come in an array of patterns.

Two of these shamrocks are polka dots. One is in plaid. And they’re all different sizes.

30. Perhaps a green shamrock wreath would suit your fancy.

This one is made from burlap. The leaves are made from wire hangers. Love it.

31. For a simple decoration, try some baubles in a glass vase.

Well, it’s quite interesting. And the ornaments are quite green with gold tops.

32. You’ll have plenty of luck in this basket.

Helps that it’s a green basket filled with shamrocks. Though Irish luck isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

33. Wooden shamrocks should come with a few ribbons.

All of these are green with different patterns. Perfect to set on any table.

34. There’s no greener tree than one for St. Patrick’s Day.

Includes shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold, and horseshoes. Perfect for a festive party on March 17.

35.  If you’re into St. Patrick’s Day, you must have an Irish heart.

Lo and behold, I find a heart with a shamrock on top. Love the green stripes.

36. If you love leprechauns, then these flower pot hats are for you.

These seem like something kids would do. But each has a shamrock and glitter gold buckle.

37. Wear your Irish pride with this shamrock pendant.

This one is in a crocheted pattern. While delicate, it goes well on a gold chain.

38. For extra luck, how about a shamrock with horseshoes?

And it’s on a wooden panel. Still, you have to admire the creativity on this one.

39. You’ll find so many shamrocks on this pillow.

The shamrock is in the center with a button. And even the fabric has shamrocks as well.

40. Instead of a wreath, you might want a green square frame.

This one has a couple of fans in the corner. And it contains some shamrocks with an Irish touch.

41. Light up your St. Paddy’s Day with this lantern.

Okay, maybe not since it has a candle inside. This one has ribbons and flowers on top.

42. Show your Irish pride with this St. Patrick’s Day wreath.

This one depicts a painting of shamrocks, leprechaun wreath, and the Irish flag. And all surrounded by decomesh and burlap.

43. Anyone could adore this wooden shamrock on a panel.

This is painted and held by a green ribbon. Great for any wall for Saint Patrick’s Day.

44. Greet visitors with Irish hospitality with this striped wreath.

This is a yarn wreath with some green shamrock flowers. Got to love this.

45. Perhaps you might endear yourself to this green daisy tree.

Well, you have to love the flowers. Even has gold coins on the pot and a bow.

46. Enrich your St. Paddy’s Day with a wreath of flowers and shamrocks.

The flowers are on top. The shamrocks are on the bottom. And almost all are in green.

47. If you need luck, you might want to go with this simple white wreath.

Contains 3 crocheted shamrocks on the bottom. Yet, the middle spells out “luck.”

48. Hope this sign can give you a true Irish welcome.

Includes shamrocks, a leprechaun, a horseshoe, and a pot of gold. And they’re hanging on a green sign.

49. Wear your Irish pride with this shamrock ring.

The shamrock is 4 leaves and is made out of ribbons. And it has a stone for a sparkly touch.

50. Care for a pot of 4-leaf clovers?

The clovers are all fake and inside a white urn. But it seems simple enough to create.

51. You’ll find a wire tree coming from this leprechaun hat.

Contains stars and shamrocks. But it seems to have a certain whimsical charm.

52. Wear your Irish pride with this shamrock pendant.

Well, it’s attached to a chain and seems straight out of Etsy. But it’s nonetheless beautifully painted.

53. Sometimes a leprechaun hat is all a wreath needs.

The hat is made out of felt. The wreath is made from decomesh and is topped with a bow if shamrock ribbon.

54. If you love ribbons, then this is the St. Patrick’s Day wreath is for you.

The ribbons are in shades of green and a variety of patterns. And it has a shamrock hanging in the middle.

55. This planter will give you plenty of luck outside your door.

This one has “luck” in weird letters with green flowers. And it even lights up.

56. How about a shamrock in shamrock prints?

It’s 4 leaves and tied with a bow in plaid ribbons. Perfect for any mantle or table.

57. Hope you can have luck with this burlap display.

Has the word “luck” in burlap against a green wooden panel. But try to find the small shamrock in the “U.”

58. For a more naturalistic decor, go with this wreath.

Sure the foliage on this one is fake. Yet, it’s quite lovely in its own way.

59. You can’t help but be charmed by this rainbow wreath.

This one also contains a pot of gold, clouds, a leprechaun, and lots of shamrocks. Perfect for an Irish door.

60. Grace your St. Patrick’s Day table with this lovely table runner.

This one it has a shamrock pattern on several patches. Would be afraid to spill anything on this though.

61. Light up your table with these St. Patrick’s Day candles.

Both of these are filled with green beans and flowers with ribbons. Yet, they’re quite pretty if you ask me.

62. Nobody could resist this shamrock block.

Has a rather whimsical shamrock. Small but quite lovely.

63. Greet your guests on Saint Patrick’s Day with this green felt wreath.

Has a shiny shamrock near the bottom. And a green ribbon bow on top.

64. Use some St. Patrick’s Day strips for this table runner.

Sure it might have several patterns. But it’s quite whimsical to see.

65. Snuggle up on St. Paddy’s Day with this leprechaun hat pillow.

This one is made from a fuzzy green fabric with a buckle and ribbon. So cute.

66. Perhaps you might want a flower wreath with that green flower tree.

This one has ribbons on top and plastic coins dangling. The flowers are in green and white.

67. Care to put an urn of shamrocks next to your door?

Includes shamrocks and other decorations. And all on top of fake grass.

68. Irish eyes shine on this wreath.

Includes flowers of green, orange, and white. Like the Irish flag.

69. Rock the St. Patrick’s Day parade with this shiny leprechaun hat.

Includes green feathers and gold beads. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or Mardi Gras.

70. You’ll find a lot of green in this leprechaun hat.

Yes, it’s used as a pot where you can grow stuff. Yet, I got to love the shamrocks in a row.

71. Anyone would be lucky to have these St. Patrick’s Day tea lights.

Well, it has shamrock decorations on top. And a soft green base on the bottom.

72. A leprechaun always treasures his pot of gold.

Apparently, the leprechaun has dove into his pot of gold to care. Now his legs stick out.

73.  Always wish Irish blessings with flowers

Has a picture in the middle along with flowers surrounding it. Love the butterfly.

74. If you don’t like wreaths, perhaps a painted shamrock will suit you.

Yes, this one has swirls and a white border. And it’s topped with a light green bow.

75. This rainbow wreath can certainly wow guests on St. Paddy’s Day.

Has gold coins hanging by green ribbons. Love the colors on this one.

76. Go to the St. Patrick’s Day parade with this shamrock headband.

This seems quite simple with gold shamrocks against green. Wouldn’t mind wearing this on March 17.

77. You can’t have too many green flowers on a St. Patrick’s Day wreath.

For some reasons, I find green flowers strange. Love the shamrock on this.

78. Don’t leave for the parade without these lucky pins.

Each pin has a shamrock or two and a band of gold. Wouldn’t mind wearing any of these.

79. Throw your St. Patrick’s Day party with this shamrock wreath.

This one is wrapped in a frame with green cloth. There’s also a fan with a bow in the center.

80. Perhaps a leafy green wreath will make you feel lucky.

This one has green leaves and white berries. But the green and white bow really stands out here. Love it.

81. Show how lucky you are with this wooden sign.

This one “Luck” on green letters on white. Love the shamrock on the horseshoe “U.”

82. Odd to see leprechauns on the candles.

This is a planter with green flowers and candles inside. Has leprechauns on top and shamrocks on the side.

83. Best to say Saint Patrick’s Day with duct tape roses.

The flowers are in green and/or white. And they’re surrounded by green foliage like it’s a St. Paddy’s Day bouquet.

84. You’ll be tickled on St. Paddy’s Day with this feathered wreath.

Includes a green bowler hat with gold coins surrounding it and a pot. So stunning and festive.

85. How about a fancy shamrock for your wall?

This shamrock has 3 leaves in an intricate design. And there’s a 4 leaf shamrock in the center.

86. Anyone would be blessed with this ribbon wreath.

The ribbons are rather thick. Yet, this one also has a green cross with a shamrock.

87. These shamrock mason jars are golden.

These are spray-painted with gold and have shamrocks on them. Simple to make but make sure you use drop cloths first.

88. Use this post to welcome St. Paddy’s Day guests to your humble home.

This is made out of wood with a green shamrock on wires. Lovely.

89. For a more festive St. Patrick’s Day party, may I interest you in this leprechaun wreath?

Has a little leprechaun outfit with flowers, ribbons, and baubles. Available on Etsy.

90. With this St. Patrick’s Day bottle light, you’ll always feel lucky.

This one has shamrocks on the body, green ribbon on the nozzle, and decorations on top. Love this.

91. Show your Irish pride with these pillows.

One pillow says, “lucky.” Another says, “Irish.” Both are white with fringes and shamrocks.

92. Grace your front door on St. Paddy’s day with this shamrock ribbon wreath.

Because the ribbon on this wreath has shamrocks. Though there are some flowers on one of the sides.

93. Wish everyone a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day with this wooden hanging on your door.

Has shamrocks of different shades of green with each word. Kind of whimsical but unique.

94. Care for a green and gold St. Paddy’s Day bouquet?

You’ll find white, green, and gold flowers in this bucket. And it’s all tied with a bow in a shamrock bucket. So pretty.

95. Perhaps you might want to hang a wreath with a leprechaun hat.

This one has a leprechaun hat panel on the grapevine wreath. And it’s tied with a green bow to hang on one’s front door.

96. Impress your St. Patrick’s Day guests with this Emerald City table display.

This one is surely a work of ambition. Not sure what the Emerald City has to do with St. Patrick’s Day. Other than it being green of course.

97. Bring comfort to your Irish guests with this Irish blessing sign.

You probably know this saying. But it’s nonetheless on green with gold shamrocks.

98. You’ll always feel lucky with this rainbow and pot of gold.

This one is painted with the word “lucky” on the gold. So pretty and intricate.

99. Anyone would adore these St. Paddy’s Day trees.

These are white with green baubles and shamrocks. Perfect for any mini St. Paddy’s Day village.

100. You can’t have St. Patrick’s Day without these leprechaun bottles.

Each of these are green with a black belt and gold buckle. Each of these also has a shiny green hat with a shamrock.

Fall in Love with These Valentine’s Day Craft Projects (Third Edition)


When you go into a public place on Valentine’s Day, you’ll find plenty of red, white, and pink heart decorations. This is especially the case in elementary schools where you have children making their own valentine boxes and decorations in art class. Nevertheless, Valentine’s Day can be a holiday some people can go crazy for. Or a holiday people either dread or don’t particularly care about. Yet, any Valentine’s Day die-hard can find plenty of decorations, candy, and other things. But those with a creative streak might prefer to make their own. And you’ll find a lot of examples of such creations on Pinterest or Etsy. Of course, most of the craft projects you’ll see are meant for children. But there are plenty of V-Day crafts for adults. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another collection of Valentine’s Day craft projects for all to love.

  1. Keep your sweets in this candy dispenser.

Well, these have a larger ball on top than the ones I previously shown. But you can put plenty of chocolates in them.

2. Dress your table with this Valentine heart runner.

Contains 3 quilting squares with hearts and flowers. Great for any V-Day home.

3. Greet your guests with this pink rag wreath for Valentine’s Day.

Contains a metal heart in the center. Still, got to love the rags on this one.

4. You can always start a conversation with these hearts on your lawn.

Though to be fair, they can be quite annoying after awhile. But it’s nonetheless a creative set up.

5. May I enchant you with this heart of felt flowers?

Has a tulle bow at the front for additional charm. A wreath for anyone to love on V-Day.

6. Perhaps a wooden heart and arrow might suit you.

So if you’re not a wreath fan, you can always go with this. And if you’re into the whimsy, this is for you.

7. Grace your front door this V-Day with this decomesh heart wreath.

Decomesh on the outside and shiny on the inside. Comes with a polka dot ribbon, by the way.

8. Curl up with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day with this heart pillow.

I guess this is pink on the other side. But you don’t need to sew this one.

9. You can split this Hershey’s Kiss.

Though you can’t eat this one. Mostly because it’s made out of wood. But it’s quite adorable.

10. You can make a wreath with plenty of small berry branches.

Well, this has longer branches than the previous wreath like this I showed. But it’s quite beautiful with a white bow.

11. Anyone would adore a lacy heart doily.

You can put almost anything on this. Except anything that could damage it. Still, it’s quite lovely.

12. You can’t go wrong greeting your valentine with this Cupid wreath.

Well, Cupid here has a heart and is made out of wood. Also, wreath is decorated with fine red ribbons.

13. You can always start a conversation with these hearts.

These are made out of felt with embroidered inscriptions. Great for coasters.

14. Keep yourself warm this V-Day with this quilt of hearts.

These hearts seem like real patchworks. And each one is unique in its own way.

15. Got red ornaments? Make a red heart out of them.

You can see that one of the ornaments was used for a Christmas tree. But some of these are in silver.

16. You’ll find a heart inside this V-Day wreath.

You’ll also find plenty of flowers on it. Great for greeting visitors at your front door.

17. You can always spell out love in blocks.

Each of these blocks is in a different pattern. But “love” is spelled in red letter and a heart.

18. You’ll find that this heart wreath is all ribbons.

Uses ribbons of red, white, and pink. And they take all kindes of patterns.

19. Grace your V-Day table with this berry candle display.

Well, it’s a berry wreath and candle on a doily and red cloth. Great for that romantic candlelight dinner.

20. Sometimes a simple red wreath will do.

Contains flowers and hanging hearts. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know this is a V-Day wreath.

21. Doesn’t hurt to express love with blocks.

Sayings are “love,” “kiss,” and “be mine.” And they’re all painted in red, pink, and white.

22. This V-Day doll comes with her own pocket.

She seems rather cozy in her felt heart pocket. Like she’s in a sleeping bag.

23. You can always hang these hearts on your front door.

This just consists of a V-Day ribbon in a bow along with a few hearts. And yes, it gives a lovely impression.

24. With these candle wraps, you can make any V-Day candle look sweet.

These consist of string wrapped around a candle with a red heart. Great for any romantic evening. Though I’m not sure if you should light these.

25. You can express your love in unique ways with this pallet.

the letters are all in wood pieces. And you’ll find the heart in parts as well.

26. Express your love on Valentine’s Day with this floral heart wreath.

Contains many types of flowers that are white, red, and pink. The twigs on this are also amazing.

27.  It’s easy to please with this pink heart bouquet.

Well, they’re mostly pink roses. But it makes a wonderful centerpiece for a V-Day table.

28. You’ll find all kinds of hearts on this mobile.

And they’re in all kinds of colors and patterns. Keep out of reach of small children and animals.

29. For the sporty types, check out these lovely baseballs.

Yes, these are V-Day baseballs. And each one has a red heart. Perfect for some boys.

30. This flaming heart table is burning for love.

This is made out of wood with fire coming from the surface. The heart makes up the base.

31. There are a couple hearts in this golden frame.

Since two hearts always beat as one. Still, the frame is quite fancy with a red bow.

32. If you don’t like a wreath, how about this heart decoration?

Contains hearts and ribbons. Lovely for any door on V-Day.

33. A bouquet like this can warm anyone’s heart.

Since it depicts a flower arrangement in a heart shape. And in mostly pink flowers, too.

34. Nothing says Valentine’s like the message on this red pallet.

It has “Love” etched in white letters. The heart replaces “o” of course.

35. For a more naturalistic display, try a red pinecone wreath.

Well, red pinecones certainly have a rather stunning effect. Wonderful in any rustic place.

36. You’ll find a lot of hearts all over this grapevine wreath.

They’re all shapes and sizes in white, red, and pink. And it’s touched with a red gingham bow.

37. This festive V-Day centerpiece will warm your heart.

It’s mostly ribbons and decomesh on the bottom. Yet, you see plenty of hearts and berries sticking out.

38. Your valentine might fall for this V-Day bottle lamp.

This one is decorated with hearts and says, “be my love.” Isn’t that sweet?

39. A heart wreath like this can bring out anyone’s wild side.

Now I’m not a big fan of animal prints which I see as tacky. But this is quite unique.

40. You’ll feel warm and fuzzy with this pom pom wreath.

Well, this consists of cyan and blue pom poms besides red. But as long as it’s a heart, it goes on the post.

41. Cuddle up on a couch with your loved one with this hugs and kisses pillow.

Well, they’re marked with “xoxo” which nobody uses anymore. And in red against a pink pattern, too.

42. Put your valentines on this “forget me not” board.

You can even use heart shaped push pins. But it’s nonetheless amazing for any wall.

43. A decomesh V-Day candle holder is perfect for any V-Day table.

Decorated with red hearts, flowers, and bows. Make sure the candle holder is glass.

44. Perhaps this V-Day tree may suit your fancy.

Apparently, trees aren’t just for Christmas. Contains hearts and baubles among pink foliage.

45. You’ll find a few hearts in this burlap sack.

Contains 3 hearts against a plank of wood. Brings in a certain rustic charm so to speak.

46. Care for a crocheted rose?

Well, a crocheted rose with a silk and wire stem and leaves. Not sure if I want to tango with this.

47. A V-Day centerpiece vase can be as elaborate as you want it to be.

This bouquet is on a tiered serving tree. And it’s decorated with heart ornaments. So pretty.

48. How about a V-Day bouquet with gum balls?

Well, the gum balls are inside the vase. And the flowers are touched with red hearts. Perfect V-Day centerpiece.

49. Snuggle with your sweetheart with this striped heart pillow.

Though the heart doesn’t exactly seem symmetrical, it hardly matters. Still, the stripes go well.

50. Welcome your V-Day guests with this yarn heart wreath.

Decorated with red, pink, and white flowers. Perfect for any front door on Valentine’s Day. Love it.

51. Got an urn? Put some angels on it.

This one has the word “love” in gold as well as flowers. Kind of morbid but charming.

52. A Valentine’s Day tree should have two hearts on the top.

So you don’t necessarily need to put away your Christmas tree. Just make it into a V-Day tree.

53. Speaking of trees, check this one of pink roses.

Sure they’re made from tissue paper. And it’s tied with a bow for a more decorative touch.

54. You can find a lot of hearts within this picture frame.

The fancy frame is painted white. There are 20 shiny hearts crammed inside. Pretty.

55. Try to stick pins into this heart.

It’s a felt heart pin cushion, obviously. And you can stick as many pins as you want in it.

56. You’ll start a conversation with this wreath.

Well, at least this puts those candy hearts to good use. Since they usually taste like sugar and chalk.

57. Keep warm this V-Day with this big-hearted quilt.

You can see it’s made out of all kind of red, white, and pink cloth strips. And yes, the heart looks quite amazing.

58. Perhaps a lovely close pin wreath is just as sweet.

Well, this seems like a doable project. Just make sure you find a place that sells red, white, and pink clothespins.

59. Maybe you’d prefer two heart wreaths beating as one.

Both of these have matching bows and flowers. Yet, one is smaller than the other.

60. Perhaps you might prefer a heart on a stick.

Each one is in a different color and pattern. But they’re all held up by skewers.

61. Grace your Valentine’s Day table with this tulip and jelly bean bouquet.

Though tulips don’t bloom until the spring. Then again, roses don’t bloom until summer.

62. A Cupid basket makes a magnificent Valentine’s Day centerpiece.

Cupid is in a shiny gold paint. There are also plenty of beads and cards for a vintage feel.

63. You’ll find love on these coat hooks.

Consists of “love” in big red letters. And they’re all strapped on burlap over a set of hooks.

64. How about a bouquet with marshmallow and candy hearts?

Because you can’t eat either of them. One is inedible sugar covered marshmallow. The other is a chalk heart.

65. Show your love this V-Day with this wreath of pink silk.

Well, it’s certainly in the Valentine’s Day spirit. And it’s quite shiny for all to behold.

66. Anyone would fall in love with these two sweethearts.

Sweethearts, get it? And yes, the blue one is supposed to be a guy with his bow tie.

67. Perhaps a heart centerpiece of flowers may suit you.

This one has bouquets of flowers around some candles. Bet this display looks amazing when lit.

68. On a cold night, you don’t want to do without this Valentine’s Day quilt.

Well, this one is said to have a vintage inspiration. Nevertheless, it’s quite a magnificent sight.

69. Anyone would want to hang this crocheted wreath on their front door.

Yes, all the flowers are crocheted on this. And they come in all kinds. Lovely.

70. How about a V-Day tree on your kitchen counter?

Too bad I can’t do this to my sister’s Christmas tree. Nevertheless, it’s decked with streamers and baubles.

71. This bejeweled crocheted bunny will melt your heart.

Has a bejeweled heart on its head and back. Nonetheless, you’d fall in love with this adorable amigurumi.

72. Cuddle up with this plush Cupid.

Yes, he’s naked. And I’m sure he’s made with no junk. Since he’s meant for children.

73. Perhaps you might prefer these fancy hearts.

Most of these hearts are red. But many have rather interesting patterns.

74. You’ll find red hearts all around this wreath.

It’s a grapevine wreath with hearts of all sizes. And they’re quite sparkly, too.

75. Light up the night with these heart lights.

Seems like all of these are made of paper and wire. Still, these look amazing.

76. Any little girl would love this crocheted V-Day doll.

She’s wearing red and has a heart balloon. Even the string is in the shape of a heart.

77. Anyone would find this plush cup of chocolate hot.

Includes a cookie and marshmallows. And yes, they’re all smiling and adorable.

78. These felt hearts will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Each heart is in a different configuration. On the bottom you’ll find a jingle. What it’s for, I don’t know.

79. A red tulle heart wreath will certainly shimmer.

Is hung with a red ribbon. Has jewels all over the tulle. Lovely.

80. Get a load of pink on this tree.

Yes, you have a lot of pink streamers on this tree along with lights. And yes, it’s absolutely stunning.

81. A red wreath can always do with some ribbons.

This one has a burlap and polka dot ribbon around it. Includes a couple of hearts.

82. There’s so much to love with these two koalas.

Here we have them holding a heart on top of hearts and under an arch. Awwww.

83. Seems like an arrow has struck through this wreath.

Well, a golden arrow on top of the wreath, anyway. By the way, wreath is decked with felt roses.

84. Nobody can resist these two love bugs.

Here they are enjoying a cup of coffee. The guy is blue. The girl is pink with a heart on her torso. Cute.

85. There’s nothing more to love on Valentine’s Day like these cushions.

These come in all shapes and sizes in red and white. And they’re all arranged in a heart.

86. Put valentine’s into this crocheted box.

You can guess this is for a child. But it’s mostly a cover for a cardboard box.

87. You’ll find plenty of flowers on this yarn V-Day wreath.

Flowers are gray, red, and pink. Lovely to put on any front door. So pretty.

88. What would Valentine’s Day be without this Hershey’s kiss?

This has the “xoxo” on the paper. Still, you’d want to give this little guy a kiss any day.

89. Protect your hands in the kitchen with these V-Day potholders.

Each of these has a red heart in the center. Though I’m not sure if I’d want to put burn marks on these.

90. Let your little one pass the time with Cupid’s tic-tac-toe.

It’s a crocheted game with circles and hearts instead of x’s and o’s. Squares are in two shades of pink.

91. Curl up on a cold winter night with this Valentine’s Day quilt.

This one has 4 red hearts directed at the center. And the border is all flowers.

92. Care for a feather on a V-Day wreath?

This is a pink yarn wreath with a feather and the word “love” on it. Got to admire this creation.

93. You can’t go wrong on Valentine’s Day with these heart doilies.

Each one of these is in a different color. But together, they make a grand design.

94. Perhaps a Valentine’s Day tree quilt may suit your fancy.

This is a pink quilt with a patchwork and heart border. Still, the tree is incredibly magnificent to see.

95. Nothing makes Valentine’s Day like these crocheted hearts.

Each one of these comes in a different color. But you can put them all in a circle.

96. Make your home shine with this wooden hanging of hearts.

The hearts are made from wood. And they’re all topped with red and polka dot bows.

97. Share the love in your home with this floral Valentine’s Day heart wreath.

It’s decked with red and white flowers and foliage. The red ribbons add an extra touch.

98. You’d want to snuggle with this Valentine’s Day panda.

Comes with a heart on a stick and on its chest. At any rate, this will melt your heart with its big beady eyes.

99. All these red bears want is your love.

This is crocheted as these bears hold felt hearts. Love the bows on their ears.

100. Spend this Valentine’s Day snuggling with this monkey.

Here is a crocheted monkey hugging a felt heart. And yes, it’s incredibly adorable. So sweet.

The Wonderful World of Scarecrows (Third Edition)


Though fall may be upon us, it still seems too early for Halloween mostly because it’s September. Yet, you might not be able to tell by how the stores see it since it’s a rather profitable holiday. However, there are some decorations you can put in your home or garden right now since they’re generally for fall. One of these are scarecrows. Sure they may not be great for discouraging birds from getting into field crops or garden veggies. Nor do they often seem scary. But if you have straw and some old clothes lying around, you might be able to make one. And you don’t have to be a farmer or gardener either. After all, there are plenty of scarecrow festivals and contests, especially in Great Britain. Though a lot of the British ones usually take place during the spring and summer. But there’s a fall scarecrow festival in the Canadian Nova Scotia involving “pumpkin people” or scarecrows with pumpkin heads. You might also find scarecrow villages such as Nagoro, Japan that consists of 350 of them in a town of 35 people. Or at Joe’s Scarecrow Village in Cape Breton, Canada that’s mainly seen as a roadside attraction. Nevertheless, for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of scarecrows to enjoy.

  1. Apparently, we’ve just experienced a strong gust of wind.

Okay, maybe not since they’re made holding a pole. But they just seem totally blown away.

2. Never thought I’d see a crow in flannels.

Though the crow doesn’t seem right in the head. Still, it’s pretty clever.

3. Sometimes a simple dress is all you need.

This one doesn’t seem to take a lot of effort to make. Just a wooden frame, gloves, a dress, and a potted plant.

4. How about sit back and smell the flowers?

She may be sitting in the shade. But even a gardener needs a break now and then.

5. You’d have to wonder why these old crows keep up their spirits.

I mean one’s riding a wheelbarrow because they had their car repossessed. Don’t believe me? It says so on the sign.

6. If you want to stand out, it pays to dress in pink.

She even has a straw hat and straw braids with pink bows. So lovely.

7. Looks like someone’s afraid of heights.

Well, it’s not going to help looking down. Also, you can easily jump off if you want to.

8. Perhaps you might want to ride a bike in the countryside.

Because there’s nothing like the wind against your back in the fresh country air. Though I’d wear a helmet for safety’s sake.

9. “Go ahead, nip at me all you want.”

For some reason, the crows don’t seem to mind him too much. Then again, his head is a literal pumpkin.

10. This old man is all potted from head to toe.

Seems kind of spiffy with his bow tie and buttons. Yet, has some grass coming out of his head.

11. Surely, you can’t find a more noble knight like this.

Yes, he has a foam sword and can’t fight. But he at least got a ribbon.

12. All this hippie scarecrow wants is peace, man.

Here he sits with his guitar in hand. However, please don’t give him a joint since he’s flammable.

13. You can always keep fit on an exercise bike.

Though it took me awhile to notice what it was. Guess it’s a simpler model.

14. Here comes a milkmaid with her pails.

Sure we don’t have milkmaids anymore. But she doesn’t seem to mind the extra weight on her shoulders.

15. You can tell this bishop’s in a thoughtful mood.

Though he is an Anglican bishop. Yet, you have to admire his fancy attire.

16. The choice is yours: scarecrow or puppet?

Okay, that’s actually pretty scary. But what’s scarier is that 63 million Americans were willing to vote for him.

17. “I ate his stuffing with a fine Chianti and some fava beans.”

Yes, that’s Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs. Sure he’s supposed to be scary, but he kind of has a rather magnetic personality.

18. Ali Baba is always up for adventure.

Though don’t mind what’s in the basket. Really, it’s kind of horrifying.

19. Introducing from Jamaica Usain Bolt.