The Funerary World of Coffins


It is often said that funerals are more meant for the living than the deceased since it involves saying goodbye to a loved one. Of course, this year, I had to attend my grandfather’s funeral on the week of my birthday back in January. Now while it’s hard to deal with his loss for me and anyone else in my family, his death wasn’t much of a shock since he was 89 years old. Nevertheless, funerals are often big business since death is an inevitable part of the human existence. I mean sooner or later we’re all going to die. So we might as well get used to it. Funerals are a ritual in which we celebrate a recently dead person’s life before we send them on their way to the great beyond. Oftentimes this would involve embalming the person’s body and sticking them in a ludicrously expensive box known as a casket or coffin. For the next few days that body is on display for a viewing until just before the funeral in which they’re often shipped away to a place of worship and later the cemetery and six feet under. Normally a coffin is a long rectangular (or hexagonal) wooden (or metal) box which often contains a cloth liner and a pillow. Yet, there are some custom coffins out there which can be a little creative, which is where I come in. So for your reading pleasure, I give you an assortment of crazy coffins you’ll probably never see at anyone’s funeral. Enjoy.

  1. If your late nana always wanted to take a cruise but couldn’t, you might want to bury her in this.

There is a place in Ghana where they make custom made coffins like this. I guess this is for someone who worked on a cruise ship.

2. With a coffin like this, your dead pilot can reach the heavens in no time.

So what if it doesn’t actually fly. It’s just perfect for that one co-pilot on a flight to that great destination in the sky.

3. For a departed ballerina, a slipper casket will do.

Might be for Nina from Black Swan after she fatally stabbed herself. But it’s more likely for a dance teacher or choreographer.

4. Seems like John was a snooker man.

Because the balls here are all one color. Had he played pool, he would’ve been in more trouble a lot earlier.

5. Looks like this casket is bent over.

It’s actually a sitting coffin designed by surrealist Rene Magritte. You know him for his freaky paintings with the guy’s head behind an apple.

6. If you’re in a casket like this, it’s always hammer time.

That or it’s a perfect sendoff for a someone who was a real tool. Still, you don’t want to nail it in too hard.

7. Now this is a perfect send off for a real mother hen.

This is weird looking chicken. But I guess the deceased was a farmer. Though you can’t count them until they hatch.

8. This pink fish coffin is designed for those who let the big one get away.

Well, I guess there are pink fish in Africa. Still, talk about a fish out of water.

9. Of course, these coffins can give you the “fun” in funeral.

These one stand up and have faces on them. Not sure if they help ease the grieving process.

10. Your Uncle Stan may not be able to take his hot rod with him, but this is the next best thing.

I guess this casket didn’t come cheap. Then again, none of these do.

11. I’m guessing this was custom made for a woman.

Because it has boobs on it. Still, women have been buried in regular caskets for like ever.

12. For a funeral in Aspen, may I recommend an Alpine sendoff.

Well, this doesn’t seem too expensive. Just put the corpse in a bag and tie them to a sled with skis.

13. Now poor Charlie is literally in the jaws of death.

Yes, this is a shark coffin. I know what you’re thinking. But come on, I had to include one of these on my post.

14. Seems like this casket is someone’s key for the afterlife.

Though you’d be press to find a door it can unlock. Yet, it’s quite clever and simpler than some of the other designs.

15. A fancy car coffin should send you to that high end club in the sky.

Yes, there are coffins of cars, too. And this one’s windows are lined to give the dead person privacy.

16. There’s nothing like one last smoke before final departure.

Ever want to guess what killed this person. I think I have an idea. I mean it’s shaped like a cigarette so it’s practically obvious.

17. Before you go to the great beyond, remember to give us a call.

Turns out this Blackberry coffin has its own cover. Though the deceased is never calling back.

18. You’d find this casket rather reflective.

Well, it’s made from mirrors. Then again, light might bounce off of it if it’s a particularly sunny day.

19. How about be buried in a fancy eco-coffin?

These are cardboard coffins that disintegrate with the corpse over time. And they come in a variety of patterns.

20. If you’re on the highway to hell, why not have flames on your casket?

Yes, it certainly looks badass. Yet, you’d have to wonder who’d want to be buried in this.

21. Seems like fins are sticking out.

Actually the shark fins are part of the casket. Gives a more badass touch so to speak.

22. A Nintendo fan wouldn’t leave without their controls.

Sure the controls won’t work. But that doesn’t matter where this guy’s going.

23. He always wanted to go out with a bang.

Let’s hope that whatever this coffin looks like didn’t get him there. Because we all know what guns do to people.

24. How about you take your final trip in a convertible?

Well, you may not be able to get dates in it. Unless they happen to be among the choirs of angels.

25. You can say Brad lit up everyone’s lives.

That or he was a renowned electrician. Then again, even electricians will eventually burn out.

26. This eagle casket will certainly send your loved one soaring.

I have to admit, it has really nice feathers. Still, it’s more of a totem figure than anything.

27. For this deceased, it’s all 7s.

I guess this guy never had this much luck at a slot machine. Because no one ever does.

28. I guess who’s ever in there was a real basket case.

This is a wicker coffin and yes, it’s said to be eco friendly. Wonder if the Israelites put a dead Moses in one and sent him down the river. Oh, wait, they were in the desert. But it would’ve been an appropriate funeral for him.

29. If you’re in this coffin, chances are you’ll meet the Doctor at another time.

Well, I’m sure Doctor Who fans would want to be buried in this. Hope they don’t run into any Daleks along the way.

30. Your loved one will be camping forever in this one.

After all, people did camp in such trailers back in the day. And the windows have striped curtains.

31. Guess this woman is doing a solo on someone’s casket.

Well, it’s shaped like a large guitar. Yet, it’s a perfect sendoff for any well-known rock star.

32. Perhaps you might want a perfect picture of the afterlife.

This is a Canon. I’m sure it doesn’t work. But it certainly looks state of the art.

33. Send off your dead loved one in a casket of luxury.

By the way, this is what Michael Jackson’s coffin looked like. I’m sure it didn’t come cheap.

34. A boat motor coffin is perfect for whatever floats your boat.

Why a motor? Doesn’t make sense to me. Also does it float when you put it on the water?

35. A glass coffin always makes death transparent.

For some reason, I find the glass coffin idea kind of creepy. Must be due to Snow White, I guess.

36. If you want to make a statement, get buried in neon.

Now that’s my kind of coffin. Love the metallic stripes on it. So pretty.

37. Seems like a late DJ can drop a few beats.

Yet, I’m sure the club in the sky will have a very good selection. In fact, many of the musicians themselves are there.

38. Who’s said that a coffin should fit one when this fits 3?

There’s actually a sad story behind this one. So I won’t recall it. But yes, these do exist.

39. If you want a custom made coffin, this seems like a good fit.

Seems more like a containment chamber than a coffer. But hey, to each his own.

40. With this coffin, you can play video games for all eternity.

I’m sure plenty of people would want that. Yet, how can you play video games if you’re dead?

41. Instead of just a box, how about add a box kite?

After all, death should be a time when one should fly. Because death is always forever.

42. Perhaps it’s best to bury him the way they found him.

I guess they have a crime scene coffin, too. Not sure if that’s right. But it looks pretty funny.

43. For those who love beer, it’s an honor to be buried in a Pabst blue label.

Hope this person didn’t die from liver cirrhosis. Because alcoholism is a major problem right now.

44. This coffin was made for a real NASCAR sendoff.

Yet, if you want the real thing, make sure it crashes and burns into another coffin just like it. Not sure if that’s possible though.

45. This Twix coffin was built for 2.

Because Twix come in packs of 2. Hope you can get the picture here.

46. Lie in this coffin and nobody will forget you.

This is another Ghana coffin. Notice that it’s more in a traditional style.

47. You’d almost think this coffin was somebody’s dream house.

Well, sort of. But it certainly has a nice roof and porch to it. Love it.

48. This guy must’ve been a real monkey wrench back in his day.

Well, at least that one was easier to make than the hammer. But I wonder how you’d bury it.

49. Nothing makes a great send off than lying in a flamboyant lizard.

Well, if you can’t get buried in a dinosaur, then this must be the next best thing. But it’s still pretty cool.

50. Now this is how you pay tribute to an American hero.

Too bad the military just sticks with regular wooden coffins and draped flags. This seems more appropriate.

51. A dead piano player has to lie in this classy coffin.

This one even has keys on the side. Sure they don’t work, but it’s quite grand.

52. Looks like this coffin has received a lot of signage.

Though signing one’s casket isn’t usually a funerary tradition. Then again, to each his own.

53. An ocean lover would certainly would like to lie in this squid.

Then again, they’s probably prefer fish. But this seems like it can float one’s boat.

54. How about the porcelain treatment?

It’s just a wooden box with porcelain designs. Seems more appropriate for a china closet than 6 feet under.

55. This Nikon coffin is very state of the art.

Even resembles a real camera. May not take pretty pictures. But doesn’t look half bad.

56. Any last concessions?

I mean it’s a concession stand casket. But Quaker is the only brand I recognize.

57. How about a call back with this Nokia coffin?

This one even has a video screen. And I also hear it’s rather indestructible, too.

58. Ever wish you can be buried in your yacht? Now you can.

Well, sort of. Doesn’t quite resemble a yacht. But it’ll probably cost you an arm and a leg.

59. Bet you’re sure where this train car is going to take you.

Well, it more or less resembles a passenger car, not an engine. Because I couldn’t find the train engine. But this works.

60. Wonder how well this coffins projects this person’s life.

Then again, it seems this person worked at a movie theater. Though the reels don’t have film.

61. Seems like the fine wine has gone to vinegar in this casket.

Still, it’s kind of strange to have a bottle in the cask. Like the guy is a bottle.

62. He who’s buried in the remote controls all.

And this is for a Philips DVD player. All right, but you can’t push the buttons.

63. If you can’t be buried in your luxury ride, this luxury coffin will do.

Sure it might be real nice on the inside. But the only trip this thing will take you is 6 feet under.

64. Never thought you could be buried in a vise.

After all, a vise isn’t among the cool tools out there. Still, I wonder if it has any adjustments.

65. Wouldn’t necessarily call it a walkman. More like a lie-man.

Well, it’s in the shape of a walkman which people haven’t used for years. It’s kind of like an obsolete mp3 player.

66. Imagine yourself lying dead inside this scary lobster.

Well, that’s a gruesome lobster coffin. Definitely don’t want to be buried in that.

67. You’ll probably burn being buried in a red hot chili pepper.

You’d think this place in Ghana would make coffins of just about anything. Not surprised by this.

68. If you’re holy, you’d might want a coffin of biblical proportions.

Even has gold leaf on the pages and title. Just like a Bible should. But you’ll only find a body in this one.

69. In this coffin, you can write your own eternity.

Heard they have one that’s specifically for her. As if women haven’t been using these for decades.

70. Perhaps you might opt for a Venetian sendoff.

Because in Venice, they travel through canal boats since a lot of their streets are waterways. Though don’t ask for a gondola to sing for you there.

71. I guess this guy lying here was a bit of an old timer.

After all, it’s the kind of car you’d see on Downton Abbey. Still, whoever’s in that coffin better be old.

72. This gives a whole new meaning to “one foot in the grave.”

And it seems to be a Nike sneaker in this case. Even has its own laces.

73. The iDie brings the latest in funerary technology.

Something tells me that Steve Jobs was buried in this. I mean he invented the thing.

74. Now this coffin appears as pretty as a peacock.

Well, it certainly has a vivid feather train. And the man who made it is very proud of himself.

75. This turtle coffin takes the slow course to the cemetery.

Though you have to admire the shell shades on this one. Colors really go together.

76. How about a beer coffin by the bottle?

Guess this is a Ghana brand. Yet, “Club Beer” is hardly an original name if you ask me.

77. This coffin seems to have money all over it.

Guess this will be Donald Trump’s coffin when he dies. Because money seems to be among the few things that matter to him.

78. Uh, isn’t that bag a bit too large for carry-on luggage.

Caption: “Student Kirsten stands next to a coffin looking like a travel bag in a museum in Kassel, central Germany, Thursday, June 9, 2005. The exhibition called “crazy coffins” contains 16 different coffins and is open from June 9 to September 4.”

79. You’ve heard of rolling in Benjamins. How about lying in them?

Yes, this coffin is a stack of money. Only meant for the 1% who basically take it from the rest of us day in and day out.

80. A fallen deer hunter should always receive this special treatment.

Bet my neighbors will get a kick out of this. It even includes camo coffin liner.

81. May you lie in your final resting spot well grilled to perfection.

Now this’ll make your next summer barbeque an awkward experience. But I think it’s quite amusing.

82. Sometimes one might want to go with a more concept coffin design.

Basically it says that one’s deceased loved one was basically like leftover restaurant food. Come on, that totally is styrofoam.

83. Even in death you should always put your best foot forward.

This one is a more manly shoe. And it has been shine you can see yourself in it.

84. Hop aboard this plane for great luxury seating arrangements.

Too bad it only sits one. But at least the pink lining goes with the blue paint.

85. Perhaps you shouldn’t mind lying exposed sometimes.

Not sure why they have a coffin like this. Still, you can open it behind the boobs.

86. A dead fisherman should be sent off in this big beauty.

Yes, it’s my third fish coffin on this post. And yes, it’s pink. But it a white stripe on its belly.

87. How’d you like to be in this bottle of Coca Cola?

It even stands up on its own, too. Anyway, wouldn’t want to be in there.

88. This Hello Kitty coffin is a rather girly delight.

Actually it’s kind of creepy. I mean Hello Kitty is for little girls. Little girls stuff shouldn’t be on coffins.

89. For a majestic soul, you might want to lie in this lion coffin.

This one seems to take a lot of craftsmanship. Check out the detail on that mane.

90. This coffin was brought to you by Ghana Air.

Yes, I had to include this one. Because that’s where a lot of these outrageous coffins were made.

91. If you’re in Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, try this coffin for size.

Bob must’ve been a die hard Beatles fan to be buried in this coffin. Yet, 2 of the guys on the side are still alive.

92. With this Viking boat coffin, you can give your loved one a send off fit for a warrior.

Just make sure you set it on fire as you set it on the water. Because that’s what happens at a Viking funeral.

93. How’d you like to be buried in a bottle of Jack Daniels?

Bet that would be fine with people who’d eventually die from Jack Daniels. Like Frank Sinatra for instance.

94. Well, since your funeral is a final sendoff, you might as well go with this.

Sure it depicts Da Vinci’s Last Supper. But c’mon, it’s a Renaissance masterpiece for God’s sake.

95. May this Tupperware coffin always keep your remains fresh.

After all, Hannibal Lecter has given these good reviews on Amazon. Okay, I’m getting a little too weird here.

96. This Panasonic coffin can always capture the moment.

Well, it would certainly give you a moment you’d remember. Because most coffins aren’t shaped like cameras at all.

97. Be buried in a way that’s fitting to any Starfleet officer.

Notice that it’s yellow for a command officer. Because redshirt bodies are normally left behind on the planet.

98. Seems like someone was murdered in here.

Actually that’s part of the casket. I know someone has a very sick sense of humor.

99. Seems like this nurse has had her last shot.

And they’re apparently burying her in a hypodermic needle. Quite fitting if you ask me.

100. You can easily sit on this casket if you want to.

It’s made to resemble a bench. Even has a leather lid you can sit on. Imagine that.


The Spouting World of Water Fountains


Whether in a scenic garden, a street, or a public park, you’re bound to find fountains spouting jets of water into the air during the spring and summer months. Though you may often see them as fancy water jets for people to look at and throw pennies in, they originally used for providing water from springs, reservoirs, mountain rivers, and aqueducts to cities, towns, and villages before the days of indoor plumbing. And until the late 19th century, most fountains were operated by gravity and needed a source of water from higher ground. But many also used siphoning to make water spout, too. Though we often think fountains were invented in Ancient Rome along with the aqueduct, both technologies actually come from the Greeks. Ancient Greek fountains were mainly made from stone or marble with water flowing through bronze pipes and emerging from the mouth of a sculpted mask representing a lion’s head or an animal’s muzzle. The most famous fountain in Ancient Greece was the Enneacrounos in Athens’ Agora which had 9 large spouts. But even that isn’t as impressive as the fountains of ancient Rome that contained decorations of bronze or stone masks of animals or heroes. Medieval Islamic as well as European Renaissance and Baroque fountains are often held as artistic masterpieces. Nevertheless, since we now have indoor plumbing, most fountains are now seen as decoration. Well, save for the occasional drinking fountain. Now since they tend to be popular in gardens, you can find many of them sold at any home improvement or garden store. And they come in all different, shapes, sizes, and forms. So for your reading pleasure, I bring you a treasure trove of water fountains to delight in.

  1. You can always make water spout through pipes.

Sure this mostly consist of pipe from the gutter drain. But it certainly works.

2. Even a miniature garden can use its own fountain.

Not sure if a mini garden fountain is quite right. Yet, I can see why someone would want one.

3. A small indoor fountain can bring some watery joy.

Helps if it has a colorful seahorse, coral, and golden shells. Then again, I kind of consider fountains more of an outdoor thing.

4. Sometimes a hollow stone column, a basin, and a metal spout is all you need.

Well, it doesn’t look like much. But it certainly goes with the garden scenery.

5. A watering can makes a wonderful fountain spout.

Well, that’s pretty inventive. Doesn’t hurt to put plants in it either.

6. What do you mean water can spring up from rocks?

This is a more naturalistic fountain for gardens. And yes, you barely notice it except for the water spouting at the top.

7. Even a small ceramic fountain is no less impressive.

Yes, it’s a rather small structure. But its deep blue color will certainly make an impression.

8. With copper pipes and water jets, you can make the water flow anywhere.

This one is shaped in a wheel with holes in the pipes. So the water can trickle down exactly where it’s supposed to.

9. You can go as high as you want with buckets and a watering can.

Yes, you’ll find quite a few DIY varieties on here like this one. Yet, this fountain has a certain kind of charm.

10. In this fountain, it takes a long time for the water to flow down.

This one appears to be made of copper from what I can tell. And are those things shaped like leaves?

11. Though most fountains are made of stone and marble, a tree stump one is always close to nature.

This one is even made with tiers still containing the bark. Great for any rustic garden.

12. Even a simple design can do the trick.

This one just consists of a stone bowl and a small jet. It’s not fancy but it will do.

13. With this fountain, you’ll find water flowing down all the steps.

This one is best suited for a wall as you can see. But it will surely go well with wooden fencing.

14. A mosaic fountain should always boast magnificent tiling.

After all, who doesn’t go for colorful decorations now and then? Love the brilliant blue.

15. A stone basin can sometimes be a lasting feature.

Here’s another mosaic fountain with blue tiling. Yet, this one also has lovely white edging and a stone basin tricking water down once it’s full.

16. A bowl and pitcher can be just as nice.

Even helps if both are intricately decorated. As long as you have the pitcher pouring into the bowl.

17. The larger the water receptacle the better.

This one uses a large stone jar that’s against a stone wall. Perfect for a garden, though I wouldn’t drink the water in it.

18. Sometimes an old bathtub can make the perfect fountain pond.

Well, that’s pretty ingenious. Just put the jet in with a bunch of rocks and you’re done.

19. With a box fountain, you sometimes need to cut corners.

Because if you don’t, where could the water flow like this? Well, it can overflow but that would make a mess.

20. When you have a pump, expect water to flow from buckets.

This one uses 3 buckets and a faucet. Certainly an interesting fountain to see.

21. A long thick log of bamboo is great for making a water wall.

A water wall is a certain type of fountain that has water flowing from the top down like a waterfall. Pretty simple explanation, really.

22. Speaking of water walls, check this one out of a Japanese arch.

This one is made from wood in the Japanese arch style. But it still has water trickling down from it.

23. Sometimes a large stone water jar is all you need.

This fountain has a stone jar tipped to have water spilling over the rocks. Fairly simple concept to apply.

24. Got some old tubas? Make a fountain out of them.

Hey, if the old Sousaphones don’t work, you might as well. Since you can surely have water flowing in them.

25. For a simple but modernist concept, try a fountain of raised metal bowls.

Sure it might not look like much without the water. But it spouts where it should and creates a couple waterfalls, too.

26. Since fountains are water fixtures, I’d say a dolphin motif seems appropriate.

I guess this one is made for indoors or a courtyard. But since everyone likes dolphins, I’ll put it on this post.

27. With 3 large stone jars, who knows what fountain you’d have.

These jars are of all different shapes, sizes, and colors, too. Great to have in any garden.

28. If you want the water to flow somewhere, a trough of brick should do the trick.

Yes, that’s a fountain. And yes, it takes a lot of room. But it’s not too fancy and has a stone basin at the end.

29. Sometimes 3 rock fountains can be better than one.

This one consists of rocks of different shapes and sizes. Wonderful centerpiece for any rock garden.

30. No fountain can be nearly as impressive as one with 3 bronze horses.

And it has water spouting from all their mouths. Yes, they look majestic, but I’m not sure about the spouting part. Well, to each his own.

31. Sometimes a water fountain can leave room for flowers.

This one even has a place for water to fall in a rocky stream. Nevertheless, you can’t help but love it.

32. This fountain head is nothing short of angelic.

This is an impressive bronze fountain that’s probably seen in a park. Yet, it’s nowhere near the ones you’d see in Italy or France.

33. A rocky waterfall always gives a naturalistic charm.

Yes, it almost seems like water is flowing from the ruins. And yet, it’s perfect for a scenic garden that’s most likely near a mansion.

34. A mosaic fountain should always be tiled to impress.

This one even has a white border and a lion’s head. Love the floral design.

35. There’s nothing better than a fountain attached to an urn for flowers.

This might be from some French chateau. Yet, it certainly goes well with the landscape.

36. A wooden bucket and pump fountain is never complete without a washboard.

Well, it certainly has a rustic feel to it. Yet, you don’t need to prime the pump to get any water in this one.

37. A modern black fountain has a certain kind of elegance.

Though I wouldn’t say it goes with a wall of flowers. But you have to like having its spouts together.

38. You can’t have too many teapots with this fountain.

Seems to me this is for an Alice in Wonderland garden. Still, at least it’s original and clever.

39. This stone arch fountain almost resembles ancient ruins.

Though I’m not sure if an arch would have a stone bridge within it. Yet, I understand it works with the waterfall.

40. With enough metal teapots, you can fill a whole cup.

This one even has string holding the pots up. Not sure how that works. But I like it.

41. A square flat fountain can always please.

Well, it’s great among rocks. Love the water coming out of it. So pretty.

42. For a more Southwest feel, this fountain of ceramic pottery is just for you.

Well, large ceramic pottery, anyway. Still, the stand is totally supposed to resemble adobe.

43. A stone enclosed waterfall is always a wondrous sight of beauty.

Almost thought it was from Maymont at first. But then I realized the Maymont one had lions on it. Still, love it.

44. A large fountain should always have a bowl overflowing.

Guess this is supposed to be for a courtyard. Love the blue and purple tiles.

45. How about a fountain with a large wagon wheel?

Not sure if the wheel turns. But I guarantee there’s water coming out of it.

46. Who knows what you can come up with when you have a bunch of empty bottles?

Though only 3 of these spout water. The rest have their bottoms facing.

47. This stone fountain has 4 metal spouts coming from it.

Well, it may be rather plain to some. But I do like how it has a basin to go with the pavement.

48. A metal garden bicycle can fit all kinds of pots.

Well, this is an interesting concept. This one has a pottery pitcher pouring into multiple pots. And a flower pot in the front, too.

49. No fountain is as whimsical is a ferris wheel of buckets.

I know some people might think it strange. But it’s from Pinterest. Of course, you’d probably not see that at a garden store.

50. Glass bowls make great fountain tiers.

Well, whatever works I guess. Though I do love the artistry on this one. So pretty.

51. A blue mosaic fountain almost appears heavenly.

It even has water coming out of the sun which is kind of weird. But it’s nevertheless impressive.

52. Put a wheelbarrow near a pump and watch the water flow.

Helps if the wheelbarrow is quite rusty. And the receptacle is a rock edged pond.

53. When you pour a jar, you can make a waterfall.

Well, if you have something to constantly put the water in the jar first. But it goes well with the plants.

54. Sometimes inspiration can come in the strangest manifestations.

This one has bottles in a bucket like champagne or beer on ice. Yet, instead of ice or alcohol, it’s water.

55. Sometimes you can do with 3 spouts on a wall.

This one must be in the Spanish mission style. Simplistic yet with a certain elegance.

56. When you pour the kettle, water comes out for the flowers.

Sure the kettle is rusty. But at least pouring it in a large bucket makes does wonders. Love it.

57. From this fountain, the water almost resembles sails.

Yes, it’s certainly meant to impress. And it even has a boat bottom to go with it.

58. With the right stonework, a fountain can always have a serene water way.

Well, the fountain is far off in the back in this picture. But it surely appears pleasant as the water flows to the basin.

59. Presenting the vortex fountain.

It’s basically a fountain that creates a whirlpool. And yes, it looks pretty cool.

60. On a mosaic fountain, you can never have enough water jets.

Sure this looks incredibly expensive. But I’m sure many rich people have something like this in their gardens by now.

61. Female nudes appear in all kinds of art and fountains are no exception.

And I guess there’s water spraying from her nipples. Wonder what kind of garden this is supposed to be for.

62. A marble fountain should always have a black sphere on top.

Yet, it sure seems perfect in a courtyard setting. Still, think it’s quite spectacular.

63. What comes in one watering can, comes out in another.

This is more suited for steps. Yet, it certainly has a whimsical touch.

64. You’d almost be stumped to miss this fountain.

And as you can see, it’s within a stump. Helps if you have plants growing around it.

65. Sometimes a small black fountain is in simple elegance.

Well, it’s in an oval shape with a square receptacle. So classy.

66. A Moorish garden is always a spectacular sight.

This is from a botanical garden in Missouri. But yes, it’s in the Moorish style that’s supposed to be close to paradise.

67. Why stick with one waterfall when you can have 3?

Well, seems like the kind of fountain for a patio. Yet, you can’t hate this one.

68. A spherical spout is almost out of this world.

Now that’s interesting. Not necessarily my taste. But unique enough for this post.

69. Best to put some gravel if you have a stone waterfall.

Yes, I know it’s a compact waterfall for a patio. But it’s amazing to see nonetheless.

70. A fountain at a corner patio can always impress.

Still, I’m sure this one doesn’t come cheap. But it sure looks pretty cool.

71. For an old cabin look, a wooden fountain will surely do.

Sure it might somewhat resemble a Jacuzzi. Well, if it weren’t for the jet spout.

72. A wall fountain can be so much simpler if you have bamboo.

Sure bamboo may be cheap. But for some reason I don’t imagine ancient China or Japan having water fountains. Well, at least ones appear like those we’re used to.

73. Sometimes it’s best to go with nature when it comes to waterfalls.

Well, that certainly looks almost naturalistic. Quite lovely if you can get my drift.

74. For a more rustic fountain, a pump and 3 wooden buckets should do.

Well, it’s certainly quite unique to put on this post. Nevertheless, the buckets always overflow.

75. A flowery fountain has water coming from the petals.

Well, when you’re doing a fountain post, you have to go with some unusual examples. This surely takes the cake. Yet, you have to admire it.

76. A colonnade is a fine addition to surround a fountain.

This is from a park in Houston. And though it’s not fancy, it’s surely spectacular.

77. A small fountain in a patio works best when stacked with stone.

After all, everyone has to adore a water jet in a small pool. Stunning to say the least.

78. Well, everything seems square on this fountain.

This one is made from concrete. Not fancy, but not bad.

79. Sometimes concrete and stone have a simple magnificence to them.

This one’s title has the words, “affordable simple design.” Yet, it’s probably the case if your net worth is over $2 million and you run a casino.

80. You can always create wonders with enough stone fountains together.

For some reason, they remind me of steaming rocks. Yet, it’s a lovely garden addition.

81. A mosaic fountain can always use a vase.

This one has a blue one with arms. Also like how the tile is painted. Beautiful.

82. A stone ship should always have a water wheel.

So when the dragon spurts out water, the wheel turns. And it seems like it spilled some from what I could tell from the wet spot.

83. Peacocks look especially grand on a tile fountain.

After all, there’s almost no bird as pretty and with a long feathery train. Love the flowers, too.

84. This fountain boasts a real carnival of animals.

I guess this is for a zoo in California. But you have to admire the animal art on it.

85. This angel fountain boasts a wall of water.

This is a lovely structure. Love how each wing has water raining down.

86. A brick fountain always has a sold foundation.

Of course, it’s not graceful like some of the other fountains here. But it’s certainly interesting to look at.

87. A brick waterfall should always enchant.

Have to admire the brick work on this. Also has a gravel pool for the water.

88. Sometimes you can find a fountain in the most interesting formation.

Not sure what shape it’s supposed to be on the top. But you have to admire the waterfalls.

89. Never thought you’d see water coming out a glass sphere.

The glass ball fountain is supposed to be of a unique design. Not sure if I can understand the concept.

90. A Gothic fountain can always impress in the garden.

Well, it’s more like Gothic Revival. And more suited for old cathedral courtyards than anything.

91. You can’t take the Earth for granted in this fountain.

After all, there’s no other planet like it that we know of. Nevertheless, it’s quite lovely.

92. Didn’t know there were any adobe fountains out there.

Actually, it’s not made from adobe. But it depicts an Pueblo Indian scene as far as I can tell.

93. As water flows, this fountain ignite flames in no time.

Guess you need fire to make a fountain more spectacular. As if water doesn’t accomplish that already.

94. You’d almost swear the water’s coming from the sky.

I know it seems hard to wrap your head around. But there must be a device that makes the water come out from the floating faucet.

95. Things are getting grassy with this fountain.

Well, it’s a grass ball fountain. Makes sure you trim it once in a while though.

96. A dragon fountain is always a splendid sight.

This is from China, by the way. Though you’d probably already guessed that. Yes, it’s a magnificent dragon.

97. A hurricane eye fountain always flows water in a spiral.

It’s meant for a patio, especially one with stone pavement. Yet, it’s quite sublime.

98. It takes a broken large pot with some little ones to really make a splash.

Another fountain in the Southwest patio style. But this one is quite colorful to behold.

99. Here we come to a Japanese scene with its own water wheel.

Yes, it’s a fountain with a small picturesque scene. But you can’t help but love it.

100. It always rains a rainbow with a fountain wall of lights.

Well, at least at night, anyway. But the water and colors are simply spectacular.

The Culinary World of Kitchen Things


Look in any kitchen and you’re bound to find an array of pots, pans, dishes, utensils, and other appliances kept in the cupboards. Of course, many of these exist for making various different kinds of food. Yes, I know cooking can be so complicated sometimes. But tune in to TV and you’ll find at least someone advertising the latest kitchen gadget to make preparing food easier. Same goes when you shop at a store. Nevertheless, whenever you need some kitchen gear, it’s best that you shop for stuff that can be used on as many kinds of food as possible. Or on food you cook the most. Because all that kitchen stuff takes up cupboard space as well as have to be washed. And some of that crap may just not be dishwasher safe. Still, among all those essential kitchen tools, gadgets, and appliances, you’ll come to some contraptions that seem to stand out. Some may be weird gadgets that might make your life easier. Some of them may look utterly ridiculous. And some may have a kind of novelty feel to them. But that’s where I come in. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a glimpse into the culinary world of kitchen crap. Enjoy.

  1. Keep track of your eggs with this egg minder.

This is an egg tray that syncs to your smart phone to tell you how many eggs you have and when they’re going bad. However, with this you’ll never be scrambled over your eggs again.

2. Why use a knife when you have the one-click butter cutter?

Just stick the butter in this contraption, press it over your bread, and you’re done. Easy.

3. With this toaster, you can now get your breakfast in one place.

This toaster is equipped with 4 slots and 2 sets of fryers for egg and ham. Now you don’t have to go between the toaster and stove.

4. Pasta knuckles can determine how much spaghetti you’ll need.

Yes, now you can use knuckles to measure pasta. However, these won’t help you in a fight.

5. There’s a Nessie in my soup.

This Loch Ness Monster soup ladle will create an unforgettable impression. And it even has feet to stand on.

6. In the future, even your liquid measuring cup will eventually go digital.

Includes a digital display to let you know how much is in it. Still, I hope this is waterproof so you can wash it.

7. A taco truck holder is a must for Taco Tuesday.

Now you don’t have to worry about falling tacos again. Though they’re likely to fall apart when you eat them.

8. Portion control pasta baskets only lets you cook with what you need.

Comes in a set of 4. Great for those who can’t seem to agree what kind of pasta to eat. Seriously, pasta is pasta. No matter its shape, its composition is always the same.

9. With this handle you can now pour milk straight from the carton.

Though buying milk by the gallon jug makes much more sense. Besides, they already have handles.

10. These clip on can drainers help get the water out of the can.

Such an amazingly simple device. Though it sometimes looks rather silly. Still, it’s probably essential for some.

11. A clip-on spoon rest will always come in handy.

Just put the clip on the pot and use it to hold your spoon, spatula, or other utensil. Available in many different colors.

12. With this corn scraper, you can have those kernels straight from the cob.

Though most of the time, eating the corn off the cob is preferable. Still, great if you have kids.

13. Never angst about removing strawberry stems and leaves with this huller.

Yeah, I know what it kind of looks like. But it is what it is. And in bright red, too.

14. A double dough rolling pin consists of two rollers for the price of one.

So how are we supposed to roll dough with this. At least a regular rolling pin has handles.

15. Making veggie pasta is always easy with this slicer cone.

Put the veggies in and turn it around until it’s all spirals. Wonder if it can do much else.

16. Be a badass in the kitchen with these shark oven mitts.

Because nothing makes you look badass like having a shark bite off your hand. Available in black and gray.

17. Now you can sharpen your carrots like you sharpen your pencil.

Yes, it’s a giant pencil sharpener for carrots. Don’t ask me why it exists. But it gets the job done.

18. A digital mixing bowl helps you make a cake in the future.

Interestingly, it’s called Smart Mix and comes with a spoon. Hope the timer tells me how long I need to stir and how many times.

19. This cherry chomper will be happy to take your pits.

Yes, I know these already exist. But come on, depicting a smiley face on one is kind of disturbing.

20. Always have ice nearby with this portable ice maker.

Though to be fair, a lot of refrigerators already come with ice makers built in them. So I don’t see why it’s necessary.

21. The juicer bottle is a 1-8 multifunctional kitchen tool.

Comes with all kinds of kitchen tools in a convenient storage arrangement. Wouldn’t mind having this.

22. Even a cutting board should come with a few drawers.

Well, at least that’s convenient. But it only seems to fit 3 at a time. Maybe it has 6 though I doubt it.

23. The oil butter baster makes spreading way easier.

Because it allows you to baste your food without having to dip a brush in something. Great for Thanksgiving.

24. With this pizza cutter, you no longer have to peddle around.

Yes, it’s a bike pizza cutter. Don’t ask me how it got made. But it looks kind of cool.

25. Why risk making a mess when you have these pouring spouts?

Man, these would be perfect for me. After all, though I usually try to avoid making a mess, I sometimes have the occasional accident.

26. A steamship lid always lets out the vapor in tip top shape.

And you can see one of these in action. Available in 3 different sizes and 3 different colors.

27. Mix Stix can always make music in the kitchen with the pots and pans.

They consist of wooden spoons on one end and drum sticks on the other. Great for any kitchen made drum set.

28. Trouble cutting bread? Might need a bread saw.

Because sawing bread should just be like sawing logs. Actually most knife sets come with a bread knife, anyway.

29. With these oven mitts, you’ll always be ready to rock when the timer rings.

Yes, these exist. I don’t know what gave someone the idea to make them. But it’s likely people will buy it.

30. Have your cans open in no time with this toucan can opener.

Or should I say a Toucan Opener? Well, the bird has a very long beak.

31. A knife rack should always create a heroic impression.

And that’s why this one has a guy wielding a sword with knives in his shield. Makes a great conversation piece.

32. In Japan, a man is a samurai in his own kitchen.

So why they treat their kitchen knives the same way as their katanas. Okay, I’m kidding but this samurai knife rack does exist.

33. With this device, coring a pineapple has never been easier.

And here you see the pineapple corer in action. And yes, it removes the core in a corkscrew motion.

34. An adjustable measuring cup will help you check the amount you need.

Because why use multiple cups when you can measure all your liquids at once? Made by Oxo.

35. This non-contact thermometer pen always gives the temperature.

Available in orange so you can see it. Another device I wouldn’t mind having.

36. I call this one the alli-grator.

You can grate cheese on this while holding it over the pizza. Its jaws even make a grippable handle.

37.  When making guacamole, you can’t go without this avocado slicer.

Of course, there are quite a few avocado slicers around. But this one peels it, takes the seed out, and cuts through the pulp.

38. A hollow knife set is just as good as any.

This knife set has layers akin to a nesting doll. But despite being made from silicon, they’re just as sharp.

39. Bear oven mitts are always essential in any den.

Though I guess real bear dens don’t have a kitchen. But these look awesome.

40. A citrus reamer will unleash any juice from the hardest fruits.

Kind of reminds me of some high class club. Still, looking at it alone, I wouldn’t really know what it’s for.

41. Funbite food cutters make any lunch time fun.

Now you can cut up any kiddie sandwich into delightfully bite size pieces. Comes in many configurations.

42. There’s nothing cuter in the kitchen than a duck can opener.

Yes, this is a can opener with a duck on it. Don’t ask me why it exists. Ducks should be more reserved for bath time.

43. Now this has to be a real pot holder.

If you know anyone who owns this, you might want to think twice before eating their brownies. Also, I don’t think their “tomato” plants have any tomatoes on them.

44. Your ice tongs should always contain mittens.

Sure the mittens may not serve such purpose. But they do have a certain charm to them.

45. A real lumberjack cuts pizza with an ax.

Well, this is a real ax to grind. Still, have to remind you it’s used for cutting pizza, not trees.

46. These gloves let you wash dishes like a real rocker.

Even better that they’re in pink depicting tattoos. Though one pair of gloves is as good as any.

47. A knife sharpener should always have some teeth to it.

Though I do think a shark knife sharpener is quite fitting. Hope it makes the kitchen knives razor sharp.

48. Now that’s an interesting kitchen knife holder.

Yes, it has a guy stuck to a knife throwing wheel. Yes, I know you’d have a sick mind to own that. And yes, I think it’s kind of funny.

49. A Pac-Man oven mitt can always stand the heat.

Great for anyone who likes baking and old-time video games from the 1980s. Though it won’t help you through a maze.

50. Some may need this knife rack like they need a hole in the head.

I know only Hannibal Lecter would own a knife rack like this. But I couldn’t pass this one up.

51. You can peel potatoes with the turn of a crank.

Well, that’s an ingenious way to peel veggies. Though perhaps a regular peeler can get the job done better.

52. Nothing starts your morning like a medieval coffee maker.

Okay, they didn’t have coffee in the Middle Ages. Yet, I think this will be perfect for any torture chamber or dungeon.

53. Cutting through pizza should be as simple as sawing wood.

So it’s no wonder there’s a power saw pizza cutter. Not sure if it’s safe to operate though.

54. Why roast marshmallows when you can use this in the microwave?

Yes, this is for smores. Still, wouldn’t mind having this. Wonder if you can use it with other sandwiches.

55. Bunny mixers always make cooking fun.

Each one comes with a digital display and bunny handles. Nevertheless, so cute.

56. Condiment guns are always handy at barbecues.

Comes with 2 canisters for ketchup and mustard. Wonder if they have ones for horse radish and mayonnaise.

57. With this ring, you can always know how much pasta you need.

Sure it’s not as fun as the knuckles. But it’s nonetheless convenient.

58. Store your dinner cutlery on this handy dinner boat.

Crazy enough, it resembles a boat. Though it might only hold enough for a setting or two.

59. This banana slicer seems rather appealing.

Though looking at this, you wouldn’t know it’s a banana slicer. Seems more like a large paper clip.

60. Presenting the ultimate vegetable slicer and dicer.

Comes with so many components for all your salad needs. Yet, you’re probably better off with a conventional mandolin.

61. It’s always easy to chop anything on a file folder.

Though the board is made from silicon. Still, think it’s kind of clever. Wouldn’t mind having this.

62. If you need to baste anything, this highlighter is all you need.

Though this one is using fruit at the moment. Still, don’t use it to highlight special passages in books. It’s a kitchen tool.

63. With this briefcase, grating is taking care of business.

Well, at least it has a nice handle to it that makes it easy to use. Also, its design is quite simple.

64. Your kitchen can’t go wrong with a bouquet of measuring spoons.

When you’re cooking these are used for measuring things. When not, they’re just for decoration.

65. There’s nothing more manly than a cutting board with a small ax.

Not sure if you can detach the ax. But at least it gives anyone in the kitchen a smooth surface.

66. Should you get a rolling pin, have one good at measuring dough.

Even has little adjusters in order to help you. Yet, I’m not sure how they fit on the pin.

67. Sometimes a serated knife can use a little bent.

This one is used to get certain things out of peppers. Still, sure wouldn’t want to wash that.

68. A smart coffee machine always has your brew when you need it.

A smart coffee maker, now I’ve seen everything. Even comes with an app you put on your smart phone.

69. With this spray top, you can now make a room smell like anything.

After all, why use chemicals to freshen up a room when you can use the fruit in your home? It’s cheaper.

70. Introducing Jumping Jack salad tongs.

Yes, it resembles a pair of legs sticking out of a salad. But it’s kind of the point. I know some will desire an explanation.

71. These kitchen tools make cooking fun.

I think these might be for kids. But they’re in bright colors with arms and legs. So strangely delightful.

72. Lid Sid can always hold it over the pot.

Yes, I know what it looks like. But you can basically use Lid Sid to hold up anything, especially in the kitchen.

73. This contraption sharpens knives like magic.

So what if it depicts a woman in a box being sawed in half? It’s just a magic trick illusion. Still, this is sick.

74. With this board, you can chop onions like a real psycho killer.

I’m sure Alfred Hitchcock will be quite pleased with this. Though best not use it in the shower.

75. You can make any kind of noodles with this pasta maker.

Well, you have to hand it to modern technology. Though I guess spaghetti is the easiest for this one.

76. You have the electric kettle and then there’s a smart kettle.

And you can monitor the water in it with your smart phone. Isn’t modern technology great?

77. Get your veggies cut with Spiral Flex.

You can just turn the crank and watch the cucumber be reduced to shreds. Seems quite handy.

78. You can show all the chopping moves with this DJ cutting board.

Well, it’s a different kind of counter top. Doesn’t play music but it’s good enough.

79. A pancake pen gives you loads of breakfast time fun.

Now you can create lots of shapes on the griddle with pancake batter. This one is shaped like a crayon.

80. This robot nutcracker is at your service.

Okay, it’s just a regular nutcracker that looks like a robot. But it’s nevertheless adorable.

81. Serve your dishes with this dustbin tray.

Yes, this is a tray. And yes, it’s for food. I know what you’d think of that.

82. Clothes pin chopsticks are great with Chinese food.

Wonder if it’s easier to hold than regular chopsticks. Because I’m not good eating with them.

83. This Swiss Army Knife set keeps all your measuring spoons in place.

Could really use this. Just flip through to get the spoon you need. Love it.

84. I’m sure a gnome timer will ring whenever your food is ready.

Well, it’s a gnome snow globe. Yes, I know it’s tacky. But garden gnomes have their fans.

85. The towel-a-matic dispenser is at your service.

Of course, a regular paper towel dispenser is just as good. Can’t see why that has to be automated.

86. With a robotic stirrer, you don’t need any hands.

So if you’re tired of stirring your food, this is for you. Wonder if this actually works.

87. Fork? Chopsticks? Or both?

Because why should you have to choose when you eat Chinese food? Though I’d usually go with fork.

88. Shave off corn of the cob with this donut device.

This one at least has a dish to catch the kernels. Yet, best to eat it off the cob.

89. Someone must’ve had a little accident.

Actually it’s a cutting board that resembles a pool of blood. But yes, I know why people would be freaked out.

90. This rocker makes pouring from jugs easier.

After all, a full jug is pretty heavy. So I hope this puts you at ease.

91. Nothing brings the party like a disco ball tumbler set.

No, these aren’t remnants from the 1970s. These are real. But they’re tacky nonetheless.

92. Keep your hands safe with farfalloni pot holders.

These are made from silicone by the way. Wouldn’t mind having them though.

93. Slicing pizza should be as easy as cutting with scissors.

Pizza cutters are normally round. But this one isn’t. Still, wouldn’t mind having this.

94. Now you can have literal beer goggles.

Well, these aren’t the beer goggles you’re thinking about. Sure they’re not useful but they’er quite funny.

95. You can always count on this cube timer.

Not sure how this work. But I kind of like it. Probably has some digital technology to it.

96. From what I see on the oven mitt, someone likes what’s in the oven.

It’s a Facebook Like mitt. Made possible by the impact of social media.

97. These dish gloves have memorable faces.

Well, hand puppet gloves. Handy for distracting yourself when doing the dishes.

98. These salad tongs seem really precise.

These tongs consist of large arrows. Great for grabbing salad and indicating where it is.

99. This pot comes with its own strainer.

These pots would be handy for cooking pasta. Comes in orange and purple.

100. Need to peel veggies? Try this rotary peeler.

Yes, they resemble paper weights. But they’re peelers. Keep them away from children.

The Cushiony World of Pillows


Whether it is to support your head while sleeping or make the couch look good, pillows are a common feature in any home with a bed and living room furniture. Though the ones we see are normally comprised of fabric envelope containing soft stuffing, some cultures have pillows made from wood or stone. Of course, the latter is due to standards of comfort, affordability, material availability. For instance, old Chinese pillows could be made of bamboo, jade, porcelain, wood, ceramic, and bronze. And they mostly didn’t resemble the pillows we’re used to. Now pillows have been around since 7,000 BCE in ancient Mesopotamia. Yet, only the wealthy used pillows which also served as a status symbol. The richer someone was, the more they owned. Aside from providing comfort to the head, they were also used to keep insects out of people’s hair, mouth, nose, and ears while sleeping. In ancient Egypt, wooden and stone pillows were mainly used for the deceased. As for softer pillows, well, they could be stuffed with reeds, feathers, or straw. Today, you’re more likely to find fillers of cotton stuffing, foam, synthetic fibers, latex, or down. As you see above, pillows can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, especially the decorative variety. And that’s where I come in. Some of the ones you’ll see will have a decorative case. Others, a unique shape. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a glimpse into the diverse world of cushiony pillows.

  1. “Life without music would B flat.”

You can say the same for a pillow without stuffing. But who am I kidding?

2. A pillow with peacock feathers should always sparkle.

Well, this is certainly dazzling. Wouldn’t look great on a brown living room couch though.

3. This little unicorn pillow can always make you smile.

It’s even shaped like a unicorn head with a white mane. So adorable.

4. These cushions are perfect for an autumn sofa.

Includes 2 leaves, an acorn, and a pumpkin. Known to give a rustic touch.

5. Nothing gets your couch in the mood for movie night like these pillows.

Sure they may not be as colorful as some of the ones I show. But they’ll do when watching TCM.

6. There’s nothing more peaceful than a quaint country street.

You can tell it’s in the countryside since you find a few sheep near the tree. So lovely.

7. A desert house should always have cacti cushions.

Yet, don’t expect to find any flowers on these. But at least none of them have needles.

8. How about a few macaroons on your couch?

Well, at least they come in several different colors. Hope you’re into pastels.

9. These Oreo pillows are easily stackable.

Sure they may not have any creamy filling in between. But they don’t look half bad.

10. A pineapple pillow has a tropical flair.

And here is a pillow that actually resembles a pineapple. Yet, unlike the real thing, it won’t get rotten after a while.

11. Now that has to be a rather fancy trailer.

Yes, it’s another fancy pillow. Then again, this looks more like a camper than a trailer.

12. This couch cushion comes with all the jewels.

Kind of reminds me of the stuff you’d see on my jewelry post. Not sure if any of the decor is upcycled pieces though.

13. You wouldn’t want to have this pillow in the water.

Seems like sharks have become popular lately. Makes me wonder why. But I think this design is quite charming.

14. “You keep me searching for a heart of gold.”

I guess this is a perfect pillow for any fan of Neil Young. Though you’d be gettin’ old.

15. You’d almost swear this cushion came painted.

I guess it’s a copy of some famous painting. Nevertheless, seems to be a true masterpiece.

16. With these pillows, you can get lost under the sea.

Includes angel fish, starfish, and a sea turtle. And they all come finely painted.

17. Perfume bottle pillows are always high class.

The middle pillow has golden sequins and is made for a true queen. Though the bottle pillows also look nice.

18. Are your sure these are pillows?

Yes, these definitely are without a doubt. They just have a rather unconventional design.

19. With these pillows, the snow capped mountains are in the comforts of your home.

Even includes an evergreen tree. Nevertheless, each mountain pillow comes with 2 peaks to form a range.

20. Might want to check this handbook for the recently deceased.

I’m just kidding about that one. It’s actually a pillow with a book title making you scratch your head.

21. Nothing befits a boat cabin like this nautical cushion.

This one even comes with robe and a pink striped life preserver. Hope it makes guests feel welcome aboard.

22. Deer skin cushions are perfect for any hunting lodge.

Don’t tell me these are made by the skins of fawns shot out of season. Because that’s probably illegal under Pennsylvania state law.

23. Floral beadwork can always impress.

And here we have 3 beaded hibiscus flowers. Like the blue and white one the best.

24. With these floral pillows, the spring flowers are a work of art.

a lot of these appear painted. But each is quite lovely in its own way.

25. Now this little tree is teeming with beautiful red leaves.

Here we have another painted cushion. Not sure if it’s derived from a copy or an original. And in the end, it doesn’t matter much.

26. “Donut Worry. Be Happy.”

And I see that a fried pastry with sprinkles and icing can make anyone’s day. Still, this is clever.

27. It’s not a fiesta without some colorful saguaro cacti.

Come in 4 Mexican style patterns reminding you of the desert. All come with trim.

28. Painted posies always brighten one’s day.

Especially if you can rest your head on them. Still, these are pretty.

29. Starfish and sponges always go well on an easy chair.

Well, they seem quite quaint on a chair. Wouldn’t mind having these.

30. Looks like this pillow’s been out a few times.

Kind of reminds you of the due date list you find in a library book. Yet, this one seems to have all kinds of stamps.

31. How about a cushioned felt hydrangea?

These felt flowers are quite pretty. And love how the pillow is purple as well.

32. Hope you can smile for these cameras.

Still, the cameras may seem a bit old fashioned. But there’s something whimsical about them.

33. You see, bears can find love in the woods.

Yes, but when its all over, the male bear will leave. And the female will give birth during hibernation. Oh, and male bears can kill cubs.

34. A pair of antlers can always come with a few flowers.

Now this is a pillow of beauty. Love the flowers. Wouldn’t mind having this.

35. You’d almost take this pillow for a marble block.

However, you wouldn’t want to carve anything on it. Still, better suited for rain than actual marble.

36. If you liked Birds of North America, then get a hold of these pillow cushions.

They even come in several different colors, too. Though this mostly consists of flying birds on trees.

37. A Victorian pillow should be endowed with flowers and lace.

Though if it’s real, I’d be real delicate with it. Also, wouldn’t want to lay my head on it either.

38. Have one of those crocheted blankets? Well, here are some pillows to match.

Sure they may have smaller squares. But each is unique in its own way.

39. Who can’t resist these two otters holding hands?

Because who doesn’t love otters? Seriously, these animals are adorable.

40. Guess this pillow’s the real ticket.

Though it’s an old-fashioned movie ticket. Yet, hope you can enjoy the show.

41. Feast your eyes on this forest mountain scene.

Guess this is of someplace in the West. Given the tall evergreens and the majestic mountains.

42. A golden peacock always belongs on peacock blue.

Well, peacocks are resplendent creatures. And yes, gold surely suits this one.

43. With these heart pillows, what’s not to love?

After all, hearts can always bring smiles. But these seem more suited for Valentine’s Day.

44. As we all know, the blasters in Star Wars sound like this.

Though if a Storm Trooper is firing one, it won’t hit anything. Because they’re all terrible shots.

45. This smiling egg comes sunny side up.

Though this pillow belongs more on your couch than your plate. But it’s adorable.

46. A seahorse pillow always has its tail curled.

Well, on its back anyway. But I’m sure nobody could resist. So cute.

47. A striped cushion can always boast beautiful flowers.

Have to admire the flowers on this. Love the colors and how they go with the black and white stripes.

48. A fancy pillow should always have a painted flower bouquet.

Yes, it’s another one of those old-fashioned looking pillows. No, I don’t think it’s for your head.

49. These tie dye pillows are where it’s at.

Though owning one of these might lead people to believe you might possess a variant of brown acid. Also, possibly smoke pot.

50. Pancake and butter pillows are part of a complete breakfast.

Though they work well when one’s stacked on top of another. Though don’t put syrup on these.

51. A watermelon pillow can always refresh.

Though I think the slice should be smaller and the half should be bigger. Makes more sense that way.

52. “I donut care.”

Well, that’s pretty clever. Like how the donut has a bite in it. Yes, it’s another pun inspired donut pillow.

53. These princess pillows will bring you royal comfort.

Sure they’re kind of minimalistic with circles and a crown. But they’re adorable.

54. The honey badger is always king.

Because we all know that the honey badger don’t care. Yes, these are very tough animals who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

55. With lashes, you should always have a pair.

And you can say the same for these pillows. Make sure they’re the same thickness though.

56. These pillows go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Sure enough these are pillows of bread slices with peanut butter and jelly. Put them together and you have a sandwich.

57. Would you want fries with that?

Don’t think you can lay your head on these. But at least they come with their own case.

58. Apparently, Godzilla is older than I thought.

Yes, this is Godzilla in an old Japanese tidal wave painting. And yes, there’s a strange awesomeness behind it.

59. How about a smore?

Doesn’t hurt if it has a smile on its face. So adorable. I’m sure anyone would want to eat this one up.

60. Fuzzy pillows are always the best.

Each one comes in a different color. Seem like the outside was made from a truffle tree.

61. I suppose one can’t do without these Batman pillows.

Includes Batman, Robin, Alfred, and the Joker. A must have for any Batman fan.

62. “Come to the nerd side. We have π.”

Yes, they always try to hook you with the mathematics. And then it all comes downhill from there.

63. “I’m kind of a big dill.”

Well, it is a dill pickle. So in a way, it is a big dill. Nevertheless, it’s kind of clever.

64. Hope this pillow will give you direction.

Well, the compass rose is always a nice motif. Though it won’t be reliable if you’re lost in the woods.

65. A golden rose always shines.

Well, this golden rose is made from felt. But it’s nonetheless pretty.

66. “Hello, gorgeous!”

This one just consists of makeup. Nice to have at a salon. Though not sure if I’d buy it.

67. These ice cream pillows always come with a smile.

Come in 4 flavors apparently. Unfortunately, chocolate isn’t one of them.

68. With these pillows, you can come to a rather flowery couch.

These are rose pillows. They’re covered in felt to resemble roses. And yes, they’re quite pretty.

69. With this pillow, you can always rest easy on the world.

This one even has a route between Europe and Australia. So quaint and perfect for any traveler.

70. Apparently, this dog went all plaid.

Actually it’s a pillow depicting a dog. And yes, I’m sure some may find it adorable.

71. Let’s hope the moon, cloud, and star always sleep soundly.

Now these look quite adorable. Perfect for any young child’s bedroom.

72. With this pillow, you can see the wonders of the universe.

I guess Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson must have ones that look like these on his couch. If he doesn’t, I’d be very disappointed.

73. This ferocious shark just wants to say hi.

Well, it does seem to resemble the shark from Jaws. But it’s really friendly if you ignore the razor sharp teeth.

74. Sometimes Mexican pillow designs can get quite festive.

Well, each of these is intricate in its own way. Like the one with the colorful flowers the best.

75. Get a load of this forest scene.

This one includes all the forest creatures with the trees in nature’s splendor. So lovely.

76. Everyone needs a large set of kiss lips now and then.

Of course, you’ve probably seen this before. Yes, it’s a common pillow. But I find it quite tacky for my taste.

77. For your living room, how about cushions that match your antique porcelain?

You see this kind of scheme on old china. So why not have a pillow depicting it?

78. No one’s bed could be complete without some military cat cushions.

Here we have Colonel Whiskers, Captain Paw Paws, and Major Meowy. Yes, I know they’re a cat lover’s dream.

79. A donut pillow can always bring you comfort.

Well, this one is a donut with icing and sprinkles galore. Yet, don’t eat it since it’s just full of stuffing.

80. Cuddle up with this all seeing eye of the ocean.

Well, the eye is kind of like the sun in this. But I kind of think it’s pretty neat.

81. A distinguished Bill Murray will always make your day.

Yes, this is a Bill Murray portrait pillow. Yes, I know he doesn’t dress like that. But can I just have a little fun?

82. A deer pillow should always be on flannel.

Because plaid always mean flannel during hunting season. Though many stick to camo and bright orange.

83. Things can get really webby on your couch with these pillows.

Though these spider web pillows are much more suited for Halloween. Since they have a haunted look about them.

84. Put on the feline charm with these cat pillows.

Come in 3 colors and each is soft and cushy as the other. Sorry, if calico is unavailable.

85. There’s always something quaint about this rural set of pillows.

Well, it certainly seems that way. Though there’s a haunted look to it. Maybe it’s the yellow and white on a brown background.

86. Nothing brightens your day than curling up with some emoji pillows.

Each of theses flowers has rainbow petals, too. So you can enjoy them all you want.

87. This little cupcake pillow seems good enough to eat.

Doesn’t hurt if it’s chocolate either. Still, too bad it’s not even edible.

88. You can play with these video game pillows for hours and hours.

Each one has its own unique game controller. So press the buttons all you want.

89. With these map pillows, you can almost travel the world.

Yes, these contain maps of faraway places. Not sure if it’s best to use them to plan your vacation. But they sure look pretty.

90. Hope these raindrop pillows keep falling on your head.

Seems like they’re all smiling as always. So adorable. Love these.

91. Sometimes it helps to snuggle up with some animal crackers.

Yes, I know animal crackers are cookies. But these come in icing and sprinkles.

92. This little marshmallow will make you feel all toasty inside.

Though you wouldn’t want to make smores with this. Still, it’s so cute.

93. These superhero pillows can always save the day.

Includes heroes from both Marvel and DC. Though collateral damage causation may vary.

94. Stack enough of these pillows and you’ll have your own Christmas tree.

Yes, I know Christmas is months away. But c’mon this is a pretty nifty design. Love it.

95. Here is the world in all its floral glory.

Well, it always seems that flowers can make almost everything better. Even a world map. So pretty.

96. Emoji pillows come in all kinds of expressions.

These are quite popular, by the way. You can find ones of every face, too. Enjoy.

97. With this world map, you can explore anywhere.

This one is more for children. Yet, it gives them some idea what’s on each continent.

98. These sushi pillows will always make you smile.

Helps if they have some smiling faces. Nevertheless, you can’t help but love them. So cute.

99. Whether they are rocks or pillows is for you to decide.

Well, they’re actually pebble pillows. Yet, by looking at them, you wouldn’t want to put them against your head.

100. Nobody could resist a rainbow poop emoji pillow on the couch.

For some reason, it didn’t take me long to find it in a Google search. Must be quite a amusing and popular. But yes, it comes from a unicorn.

The High Flying World of Kites


Since their invention in ancient China, kites have originally been used for measuring distances, testing the wind, lifting people, signaling, and communication for military operations. The earliest Chinese kites were often rectangular and flat as well as decorated with mythological motifs and legendary figures like dragons. Some were fitted with strings and whistles to make music while flying. But it was from China, kites were introduced to Cambodia, Japan, Thailand, India, Korea, the western world, and possibly Oceania. Though originally seen as a mere curiosity in Europe, kites would be used in the western world for scientific discovery and invention. Every American child learns about Ben Franklin and his famous kite experiment leading to the discovery of lightning as electricity and his invention of the lightning rod. Yet, the Wright brothers also used kites when developing the first airplane in the late 1800s. And they were used in for scientific purposes in meteorology, aeronautics, wireless communications, and even photography. But since the Wright brothers made their first flight and WWII, kites have mainly been used in recreation. However, all over the world you’ll find all kinds of kite festivals and competitions, especially in Asia. Nevertheless, despite living in the country, I wouldn’t be able to fly a kite in my back yard. Mostly because of safety issues with power lines. I mean the fact my back yard has a slew of power lines over it led to a bunch of trees being cut down for God’s sake, Anyway, kites come in all types, shapes, and sizes. You’ll find sport kites, power kites, weather kites, man-lifitng kites, fishing kites, underwater kites, and even fighting kites that could kill people. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a glimpse into the high flying world of kites.

  1. Sometimes a kite looks more magnificent on the inside.

Reminds me of one of those paper fortune teller contraptions. But I do love the colors.

2. On this kite, 6 hearts make a rainbow.

Then again, they’re not in rainbow order. But none of that matters to me.

3. Nothing dazzles in the sky like a rainbow 8 pointed star.

Yes, you can even have a kite star like this. Yes, I know the kites I showed so far have similar color schemes.

4. And you thought you’d never see a dragon fly.

Well, a different kind of dragon fly, anyway. But yes, they have kites of dragons. And this one is sensational.

5. Seems like this kite is made from hexagonal proportions.

Seems to be anything barely on this kite. But you have to admire looking at it in the sky.

6. At some festivals, it pays to go big and spectacular.

This kite is from a festival in Guatemala featuring these. Though you’d almost think it’s a parachute.

7. A large star should always get a decent lift.

Yes, these kites can get quite large as you can see. But I really love the colors which I think are perfect for Easter.

8. With a kite, you can send a rainbow soaring.

Yes, rainbows are a common theme in these. But I really like how this dances in the sky.

9. A butterfly kite should always spread its wings.

Because there’s no better spring kite than that of a butterfly. You also have to love the colors and tails.

10. A kite should always fly like a bird.

And there you have a bird kite. But there’s a bird following it. Wonder if it thinks it’s another bird or a decoy.

11. A beautiful kite comes with many layers of color.

Not sure what this kite is supposed to be. But maybe it’s built for function, not aesthetic effect.

12. This rainbow plane always flies high in the sky.

Once again, you see rainbows. This time on a plane kite which is somewhat charming.

13. This large star kite has all kinds of colors and tails.

This one goes by a 2 color diamond pattern as you can see. Some might find it tacky. But I find it wondrous.

14. A colorful ship looks even more magnificent in the air.

Yes, a rainbow ship always ventures seas of skies. Love it.

15. A large kite should be light enough to fly.

I guess this is a kite from the island nations. Looks quite pretty.

16. A rainbow bird is always a colorful sight.

As you might read in my mythical creature series, you might find a rainbow chicken from the Philippines. Though this dazzles wonderfully.

17. You can put in a lot of different pictures in a kite.

You can find everything on here from mythical creatures to pop culture icons. You can even find Jimi Hendrix so excuse him while he kisses the sky.

18. You can fit a lot of triangles in a pyramid kite.

Yes, these kites do exist. Though I kind of wish this one had more color like the others.

19. Swirls always look better when up in the air.

I’ll probably feature many geometrically designed kites on this post. Though I really like the pentagon shape and tail on this.

20. Is that supposed to be a deity or a mythical creature.

Well, the art is squarely from Asia. But it’s also quite dazzling in the sky.

21. Some of these kites in the sky can have very long tails.

As you can see it’s an Asian design. Nevertheless, kite flying is very big in many Asian countries, especially in China and India.

22. Nothing says you can’t have a bunch of sharks on the line.

Well, as long as they’re flown from the air and are of different colors. Because shark hunting shouldn’t be encouraged.

23. A colorful kite should at least have wings and a tail.

Now this is a rather strange design. But I really like the tails and colors. Lovely.

24. With this kite, we can test whether a cow can actually jump over the moon.

Okay, it’s probably not possible. But fly this one in the sky, you might have people questioning their mental state.

25. There’s something strange about this kite.

This may be a traditional kite shape. The crayon face on this is creepy.

26. A blue owl kite is always a hoot.

Of course, owls have to serve as motifs as well. Since they’re birds of prey after all.

27. A Chinese dragon in the sky is a magnificent sight.

By the way, these Chinese dragon kites can be more than 100 feet long. Definitely not something I can fly where I live.

28. Sometimes kites are flown to denote special occasions.

You can easily tell what this kite’s celebrating. Give you a hint, it was held in Rio last summer.

29. Two cranes are sometimes better than one.

One has pink wings while the other has bluish green. But together they fit on a kite banner quite nicely.

30. And I thought I had to worry about sharks on the water.

Best you don’t fly this kite during your trip to Amity Island beach. This is especially when there’s a man eating shark at the shallows.

31. I’m sure nobody could resist a high flying rainbow fish.

Doesn’t hurt if it’s flown in the snow. Though I’d proceed with caution in winter weather.

32. Sometimes a Chinese dragon has to have a rainbow tail.

Yes, these Chinese dragons can be quite elaborate as you can see. Though I really love this one.

33. A kite like this looks quite foxy in the sky.

Guess this is what you’d call a fox kite. Has a nice cute little face to it.

34. A hexagonal design always impresses.

This one has 2 pegasus unicorns with rainbow wings. Love how its rods stick out.

35. Looks like the eyes have it from above.

Sure seeing these eyes might make you feel like you’re being watched. But I’m sure they don’t see anything.

36. This kite is all string and wings.

Yet, I’m sure it’s able to fly. Though I’m not exactly sure how. Love the rainbow design.

37. This diamond kite comes in a few pieces as I recall.

Like some of the others, this is in an Asian design. But it has a nice, red, white, black, and blue pattern.

38. On some kite chains, you’ll find all kinds of shapes put together.

You have 2 diamonds in the front and a few other weird shapes in the back. And they’re all in different colors just the same.

39. Sometimes the sky is home to a monster kite or two.

And I think this one was conceived during a bad acid trip. How else could I explain the eye and fangs?

40. Now that is an interesting box kite.

Normally box kites usually have rectangles on each side. But this one takes the box kite to an artistic dimension.

41. Is this a fancy hypodermic needle or a fishing lure?

Maybe it’s a shape from Asian art or mythology. That can explain a lot.

42. Even a small kite can sport some long tails.

Once again, you see a rainbow pattern on the kite. Guess rainbows on kites are quite popular.

43. Even the sky has its share of scary clowns.

Sure it might look funny now. But as Lon Chaney said, a clown is never funny in the moonlight.

44. 3-D hexagon patterns can always dazzle in the sky.

Each of these consist of different colors and patterns. Still, wonder how someone could fly this.

45. A white bird always makes a graceful presence in flight.

You can see the white bird in a kite like this. Not sure if it’s supposed to be a seagull or a dove.

46. Hexagons can have all kinds of patterns.

You can see this from this hexagon kite chain. Each one features a different color.

47. Almost any work of art can be shown on a kite in the air.

And this kite of a woman is no exception. Of course, on rectangular kites, you can have any image you want.

48. With this kite, you can color your own world.

Helps if the tails resemble pencils. Though I’d guess this design is quite delicate.

49. You’d almost swear this was a rainbow parachute.

Yes, this is a kite. I know people may not agree with me. But it is a kite. Love it.

50. You’d almost swear this kite was a large fancy dart board.

Yes, this is another large Guatemalan kite. I don’t think you can fly it. But it’s quite nice to look at.

51. In Malaysia, you’ll find a very special kind of kite reflecting their national pride.

This is called a wau bulan or Malaysian moon kite. And they can come in all kinds of designs.

52. String diamond kites together and you’ll have high flying spectacle.

By themselves, they wouldn’t amount to much. But together, they’re a worthy sight to see.

53. A rainbow tube can always fly swept by the wind.

You can see these on a beach. Each has their unique pattern blowing in the wind.

54. Nobody could resist an enormous flower in the sky.

Particularly if it’s a colorful one made with turned squares. Love it.

55. Even an octopus can take to the skies.

Saw a lot of these on Pinterest. And yes, they’re widely available. Though an octopus in the air is strange for me.

56. You can never miss a colorful bird in flight.

There are quite a few kits like this. Yet, I chose to post the one I liked best.

57. You can even see fish take to the skies.

These fish kites are all on a line as the wind blows through them. And all of these probably come from Asia.

58. This diamond kite is a perfect prism, indeed.

Well, at least this one has a rainbow on all sides. And it’s in a simple shape.

59. With this kite, you’d find a rainbow in a weave.

Yes, it’s another rainbow kite with an unremarkable shape. But at least its pattern is quite interesting.

60. A flamingo kite can always remain up in the air.

Yes, they have flamingo kites, too. And I’m sure they’re popular in Florida just the same.

61. Is that a kite or a spiked parachute?

It’s actually a kite. Because that’s not an appropriate parachute design. Still, it’s quite stunning.

62. A bird of many colors should always soar.

Apparently, you can’t help but look at this colorful bird. Though it’s actually a kite held by a line.

63. Bet you’d never see a kite of a black puffer fish.

Yes, it might look cute when all puffed up. But remember, puffer fish are poisonous and can kill you.

64. A rainbow kite can always show off its colors.

This one even has clouds and is tied with a string at the center. Lovely.

65. Sometimes a kite can be designed so intricately, you can’t tell what the shape is.

There’s a blue version of this, too, by the way. But as far as I know, I don’t have the slightest idea what it’s supposed to resemble.

66. With this kite, you can color the skies.

Like how the kite is decked with crayons and its tails are squiggles. Wouldn’t mind seeing this in my neighborhood.

67. Never thought I’d ever see a colorful tulip fly.

At first, I didn’t exactly think it was a tulip. And then I saw the stem and leaves.

68. Now this kite is quite an angler.

Well, that’s just the kite shape for a fish design. Helps if the fish has rainbow colors, too.

69. Hope you enjoy some bears from the sky.

No, they’re not the Care Bears. But they’re just as cute and cuddly.

70. Some kites take to the wind better than others.

Guess this is one of those sport kites. Still, when the wind blows, it probably moves in a wondrous way with the air.

71. This blue kite almost blends in with the sky.

That is, unless it’s being flown in a Chinese city. Nevertheless, I think it will fly quite nicely.

72. An 8-pointed star can have its own colorful ring.

Well, it’s a lovely design. Still, it probably makes an impression in the skies just the same.

73. 4th of July kites should be in stars and stripes.

However, it’s best you keep them from fireworks. Or power lines for that matter.

74. This centipede really loves to show off its legs.

Yes, they have insect kites, too. But this centipede’s legs surely stun.

75. You’d almost think this kite is from another world.

If it glows in the dark, you can use it to prank your neighbors. Then again, maybe not.

76. A kite can never have too many propellers.

Then again, it probably can. Nevertheless, since it’s a very unique design, it goes on the post.

77. With all these planes, you’d think there was a whole squadron.

Relax, these are simple made planes all strung together. And they’re all in light blue and lavender.

78. For some reason, seems like I’ve seen a ghost.

Then again, it might be a ghost. Or it might be some other mythical Asian creature. Not sure which.

79. Wonder what this large insect is supposed to be.

Then again, it certainly has very colorful wings. And the bug has a whimsical grin.

80. Stick limbs don’t keep these triangle folks from flying.

Well, these do seem rather aerodynamic. Also, like their outfits.

81. You never know what you’d find on a kite line.

Though these people seem to have a more conceptual design. Nevertheless, each has a unique charm.

82. With this kite, you can spread the love.

Perhaps we should a heart kite in every place. Sure it might seem mushy, but we all need some love in our lives.

83. Intricate designs can go together like birds of a feather.

Each of these is made in a ring with a square center. All in all, they’re lovely.

84. Now this is a whale of a kite you’d find in the air.

Wouldn’t want your kite swallowed in that. Still, it’s kind of a sight to see.

85. Nothing amazes you like a kite ring in the sky.

Yes, it’s certainly spectacular. Like how it’s near other kites as well. Love it.

86. This kite will surely light the way for you.

Yes, I know a lighthouse kite is strange. But so are fish, whale, and shark kites, too.

87. Say hello to a spiked ball in the sky.

Never imagined seeing a kite like this. Though I’m not sure about the rainbow spikes on it.

88. A dragon kite should fly in a fiery blaze.

No wonder people love dragons. Still, looks amazing in the sky.

89. A peacock kite always has a fine feather display.

After all, peacocks are beautiful birds. Though I’d prefer to use a fancier peacock kite for this post.

90. Nobody could resist this little bug.

This one is really cute. Love the beady little eyes and fancy body.

91. A hexagon box kite is as good as any other.

Most box kites are square. But this one is a hexagon since it has all rainbow colors.

92. A rectangular kite can sometimes serve as an artistic canvas.

This one depicts Japanese art as you can see. Nevertheless, it looks amazing in the sky.

93. Butterflies always grace the sky with their presence.

This one has the rainbow colors melting in with it. So beautiful. Love it.

94. A dragonfly kite always delights.

It’s not as glamorous as a butterfly. But you can always do worse.

95. A ghostly Flying Dutchman always haunts the sky.

A Flying Dutchman is a ghost ship that’s doomed to sail the ocean forever and can never make port. Seeing one is an omen of doom.

96. Always helps if a rainbow kite comes with a tail.

I call this design, the sting ray. Mostly because it resembles a ray. And a mere ray doesn’t capture the image for me.

97. Seems like we find ourselves a rather happy manta ray.

Now a manta ray is a larger ray which isn’t poisonous. And they don’t usually come in rainbow colors either.

98. Check out this fancy bird in the skies.

This is a traditional Chinese style kite of a bird of prey. And it’s one of the fanciest bird kites I’ve ever seen.

99. Hope you don’t fly this kite too close to the sun.

This is an Icarus kite based on Greek mythology. Of course, he probably didn’t wear a shirt and a pair of pants.

100. With this kite, you’ll always have lift off.

This kite is of the space shuttle which NASA no longer uses. However, it’s still pretty cool.

The Sparkling World of Jewelry


Whenever I go on Pinterest, I like to look at some of the dazzling jewelry featured. Of course, I always know I will never wear any of it since the pieces aren’t in my price range. But sometimes it helps to look at pretty things. Sure they may look like fanciful items of metal and rock as well as other materials. But these decorative ornaments are perhaps among the oldest remnants of human civilization. In fact, it’s one of the oldest types of archaeological artifacts with oldest known jewelry consisting of beads from a  Nassarius shells dating 100,000 years ago. So we’re talking about the Middle Paleolithic era. Jewelry forms may vary between cultures but are extremely long lived, possibly persisting since ancient times. Whenever I wear jewelry, it mostly consists of a pair of earrings, bracelets, pins, and necklaces. Yet, in some cultures, forms may persist like anklets or nose rings. Hell, you can pretty much find jewelry made to adorn nearly every body part from toe rings to hair pins, and even genital jewelry. So if you want to achieve a crazy punk rock look, be my guest. However, I wouldn’t recommend you to get tongue or nipple piercings though. And though adult women have mostly worn jewelry in most cultures, men and children aren’t far behind, especially if they’re rich. Nevertheless, for much of history, jewelry has most often been seen as a status symbol for its material properties, its patterns, or meaningful symbols. Most of the time, the wearers would be rulers, royalty, religious figures, soldiers, and nobility. And it mainly denoted the wearer’s role in society, social rank, or distinction. In any case, while most people perceive jewelry as consisting of precious stones and metals, this isn’t always the case. Now I can go all out in showing some of the prettiest jewels I find on Pinterest. But you’d probably think I was advertising for a large jewelry company and would be bored to tears. So instead I’ll devote my post to jewelry pieces you may not see before, may never wear, or may think they’re kind of crazy and impractical. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a treasure trove of odd jewelry pieces.

  1. A stiff collar necklace should always make a statement.

Not sure if I’d want to have something like that around me all the time. Seems like it could weigh you down.

2. This golden ring will always give you the time of day.

Well, they have watches you wear on your wrist. Still, probably has a very small watch battery.

3. A hairy bracelet is always chic.

Now this bracelet is a piece of mourning jewelry from the 19th century. It was most likely worn at someone’s funeral.

4. A golden shrine should have 2 gem encrusted birds.

This is a ring undoubtedly from India. Lovely, but not exactly my cup of tea.

5. You can always light it up with this ring.

Yes, it’s a lighter ring. No, I’m not sure if it actually works. And no, I don’t want to try.

6. How about some pearls in the chain mail?

Interesting configuration, but I’ll just take the pearls. Chain mail is kind of bulky stuff.

7. It’s not spring without a dandelion ring.

As to why anyone would want one, I don’t have the slightest idea. I mean most people consider dandelions as weeds.

8. A neurosurgeon should always have a pair of brainy cuff links.

Okay, these are pretty gross. Maybe they should be saved for special occasions like Halloween.

9. A crystal necklace should always take its natural form.

Well, let’s just call these diamonds in the rough. Though they aren’t actually diamonds. They’re most likely quartz. But the geologist in your life won’t mind.

10. You really have to put the screws to this ring.

Now that doesn’t look really comfortable. Perhaps it’s of the geometric variety.

11. Fish beads should always come in sections.

When you put the fish pieces together, you make a fancy bracelet. Though you might creep some people out.

12. A ring like this has a stone held within golden hands.

Okay, that’s kind of creepy. Also comes in several variations as I’ve seen on Pinterest.

13. Think of it as a tree on your knuckle.

Well, a tree coming from a rock on a ring. Pretty positive it’s not real. But looks cool.

14. This ring can use some grease, and not the elbow kind.

Yes, it’s an engine ring. Great for showing your mechanic your appreciation all those years.

15. A long lock of hair makes an ideal pendant.

Uh, that’s pretty sick if you really think about it. Seriously, hair necklace pendants? No thanks.

16. Check out this golden neighborhood swimming pool.

Yes, it’s all on a golden ring. Not sure if I’d want to wear it. But I think the design is very creative.

17. A necktie pin can be made of all kinds of things.

I guess these would be more appropriate for science teachers. Considering what they’re made from.

18. A pair of porcelain earrings will certainly inspire sweet relief.

Yes, these are toilet earrings with the seat up. And they’re made from gold. Great for the No. 1 and No. 2 in your life.

19. Disembodied arms can be chic when you wear them as earrings.

Sure you might have lovely jewelry pieces out there. Then you have stuff like this, which is incredibly creepy. Just so you know.

20. This eyeball ring is really out of sight.

I guarantee you’ll see some eye jewelry on this post. This ring also has some silver bony fingers, too. Perfect for Halloween.

21. A galaxy pendant necklace is really out of this world.

Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the wonders of the universe. That is, according to Neil Degrasse Tyson.

22. A Steampunk pendant necklace can always dazzle.

There’s a lot of Steampunk jewelry out there by the way. Much of it uses antique designs as well as gears like this one.

23. If you like animals, then this mouse in a tube necklace is right for you.

On second thought, this doesn’t seem very wearable at all. Besides, it’s creepy for I think that’s a real taxidermied mouse. Eek.

24. If you like the sea, this coral necklace is for you.

By the way, climate change is a major driver in coral bleaching which kills reefs. Another reason to be mad at Trump’s climate change order.

25. With this pendant necklace, behold the beauty of a blue moon.

A blue moon is when there’s a full moon twice a month. The moon isn’t necessarily blue though this one glows as such.

26. A flower branch necklace is best made with beads.

Not really something I could wear. But it’s surely a lovely work of art. Love the flowers and butterfly.

27. Show the urgency of global warming with these polar bear on ice earrings.