The Festive World of Pinatas


For honoring Cinco de Mayo this year (or Mexican Saint Patrick’s Day as I call it), I’ve decided that instead of doing a craft and treat post for observing the holiday, I decided to mark the occasion through a post on something we associate with Mexico. That’s right pinatas. Of course, in the US, pinatas are commonly used for children’s birthday parties which they wear a blindfold and try to whack it down with a large stick before everyone scrambles to get candy coming out of it. However, despite its common association with Mexico, the pinata’s origins aren’t just reserved for that country. In fact, the word “pinata” is a Spanish deviation of the Italian word, “pignatta” meaning “earthenware cooking pot.” Not to mention, the idea of breaking a container with treats had existed in Europe since the 14th century. And it’s very likely that Europeans got the idea for it from China where it was used to celebrate the Chinese New Year and depicted as either a cow or ox and filled with seeds. In Europe, it was associated with the Christian observance of Lent. The first Lenten Sunday was called “Pinata Sunday” with a celebration called Dance of the Pinata. The pinata mostly consisted of a clay pottery container decorated with ribbons, tinsel, and colored paper.  Though to be fair, Mesoamerica did have similar traditions such as honoring  Huitzilopochtli’s birthday in mid-December. So the pinata tradition wasn’t quite imported though the Spanish used pinatas for catechism purposes as well to co-opt the Huitzilopochtli ceremony. And the Mayan tradition before that involved something similar to what you see at kids’ birthday parties. Still, in 16th century Mexican Catholicism, the pot represented man’s struggle against temptation. The pot symbolized evil with whatever’s in it the seasonal fruit within. The blindfolded person with the stick represents faith. Anyway, today, you’ll find pinatas in all different shapes and sizes. And it Mexico, you’ll find it used not just for kids’ birthday parties, but also for Christmas, weddings, and other occasions. Nevertheless, for your reading pleasure, I give you a treasure trove of these Mexican containers of goodies.

  1. No hair salon party should do without pinatas like these.

Includes scissors, a hairbrush, shampoo, and a hair dryer. Guess these are filled with shampoo and conditioner samples.

2. You can actually sit under this toadstool pinata.

Now that’s a big pinata you wouldn’t find at kids’ birthday party. Made from paper mache.

3. A cupcake pinata should always have a cherry on top.

And I see it has sprinkles and chocolate icing. Can’t wait to the get to the filling with candy.

4. I’m sure breaking this pinata you’re fishing for something.

Well, I’m sure this one doesn’t contain any fish. But you’d have to be a real angler to hit this one.

5. This pinata was brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Spider Man.

Here we see him in an upside down position before he’s about to be broken apart by a bunch of excited 5-year-olds. Made from paper mache.

6. A minion pinata can always make birthday parties fun.

Of course, regardless what people might think about minions, they might agree on this one. But not always for the same reason. Yes, I know there are some people who don’t like these guys.

7. A lobster pinata makes a rather classic party addition.

However, only rich people can afford to have a lobster pinata at their kids’ birthday parties. Though I do like its tuxedo.

8. A tiki pinata can bring paradise to anywhere.

Though this might be a remnant of Polynesian culture. Because those tiki figures depicted their gods.

9. Nobody could resist this Dalmatian pinata pup.

Great for any firehouse birthday party. Though a German Shepard can do just as nice but they’re more associated with police.

10. If you like Pirates of the Caribbean, then this pinata is for you.

This one even has flaming tissue paper torches. Yet, we have to understand that a pirate’s life wasn’t as cool as these movies show.

11. Wonder what’s in this mysterious box.

According to Super Mario Bros., it can be a spotted mushroom that makes you bigger, a blinking star that allows you to shoot fire balls, or gold coins. Still, this is a pretty simple pinata to make.

12. A disco ball pinata always makes things groovy.

Make sure to use very shiny paper on the outside. But it must be broken to the soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever.

13. This lipstick pinata definitely leaves a mark.

Even has some kiss marks to emphasize. Hope it’s full of candy and not cosmetic samples.

14. A happy butterfly pinata always brings a smile.

This is so cute I’d hate to see it broken open by a bunch of kids. But that’s the crux of a pinata’s existence.

15. This Frida Kahlo pinata is an artistic masterpiece.

After all, I can’t do a pinata post without including one of her. Since she’s an especially iconic Mexican artist.

16. A teepee pinata should have a few floral touches.

Though let’s remember not all of the Native American tribes lived in these things. Yet, they’re often depicted as such.

17. A rocketship pinata can always reach for the stars.

Well, great for any space themed party. And it doesn’t seem hard to make either.

18. You can never go wrong with a sandal pinata.

But remember that the candy is mostly stored in the sole and heel. Love the purple straps though.

19. You can’t deny the chemistry on this pinata.

This one has a flask filled with a purple substance. Nevertheless, I’m sure there won’t be harmful chemicals in this.

20. This happy raindrop sure won’t rain on your parade.

Doesn’t hurt it’s decorated with flowers either. Though looking at it requires a temporary suspension of disbelief.

21. This house fly pinata will never be an ongoing pest.

Okay, this is one of the creepiest pinatas I’ve ever seen. Probably one you’d want to beat open with a stick since it inspires nightmares.

22. Nothing makes a party like a pinata of Mr. Potato Head.

Wonder if it comes with detachable features like the toy. Great for a Toy Story themed party.

23. With this pinata, you can almost see the whole world.

This is a pinata of the globe all right. And yes, it depicts all the continents.

24. Snoopy and Woodstock are always a delight.

Another pinata I wouldn’t want to break down. These two are so adorable with each other. Though I never understand what Woodstock says.

25. This sun pinata can always keep you on the sunny side.

Because nothing makes your day like a bright smiling burst of yellow. And I hear this pinata is filled with sunny delights.

26. You never know what you’d find in a Russian nesting doll pinata.

However, I’m sure there are several nesting doll pinatas inside. So it’ll be a while before you get to the candy.

27. This fish pinata’s proving to be a real angler.

Another great pinata for fishing enthusiasts. Wonder if it’s used for any parties for Field and Stream.

28. A wedding cake pinata should be hoisted on high.

Doesn’t hurt if it comes with white roses. By the way, wedding pinatas are a thing in Mexico.

29. There’s nothing like seeing a rainbow pinata on a spring day.

This one even has rainbow streamers attached to it. So lovely.

30. There’s nothing you can resist about a cute little pink elephant.

By the way, a pink elephant is a euphemism for a drunken hallucination. Though to be fair, this is perfectly acceptable for any little girl’s party.

31. This penguin pinata is all decorated for Christmas cheer.

Yes, pinatas are used for Christmas, too. Still, this little penguin with a Santa hat is adorable.

32. There’s always something magical about a unicorn pinata.

This one even has a glitter neck and hooves along with a rainbow mane and tail. I’m sure any little girl would love it.

33. Nothing makes an impression like a shiny golden lightning bolt.

If you’re throwing a Harry Potter themed party, this is perfect for you. Or a Thor one since he’s the Norse god of thunder.

34. I bet this pinata contains something explosive.

Well, it says TNT on the outside. But I don’t think you’ll find any dynamite in there. Unless the party’s for a pyromaniac.

35. For traditional Mexican pinatas, you can’t go wrong with a 9-pointed star.

Mexicans use this one for Christmas, by the way. And yes, it’s decked in all kinds of different colors.

36. This bee pinata will always keep you buzzing.

And it’s face make it seem as sweet as can be. Made with paper mache.

37. I don’t think this lamp contains a genie.

Sure it won’t contain a genie that could grant you 3 wishes. But, hey, candy is just as good.

38. This Batman pinata never fails to save the party.

This one just consists of the bat logo. Yet, I’m sure it’ll delight fans young and old.

39. A Stay Puft Marshmallow Man pinata always needs busted.

Of course, he’s what everyone remembers best about Ghostbusters. Still, he’s supposed to be a menace storming the city. Not a cute little ghost in a sailor suit.

40. No princess could resist a pinata of Rapunzel’s tower.

Well, it’s certainly a work of art. Love the flowers and roof tiles. Would be a shame to see it hacked open by a stick.

41. Not sure how you hoist up this mounted deer pinata.

But it sure makes a swell decoration on someone’s wall. Until someone breaks it open.

42. With this hanging deer pinata you’re in for a real treat.

Though I recommend it for kid parties for late November and early December. Still, this just cracks me up.

43. This little kitty pinata is certainly the cat’s meow.

Of course, I could include a crude pussy joke here. But I’m not going to even try. Still, this is adorable.

44. There’s nothing buzzing at a party like this little beehive.

Sure it’s perfectly safe for any child to whack open this beehive pinata. But when it comes to real hives and wasp nests, just tell them to stay the hell away.

45. It’s always time to party with a goldfish pinata.

Yet, I’d be deeply disappointed if it didn’t contain any goldfish crackers inside. Love the little thought bubble.

46. A dolphin pinata can always make a splash.

After all, who doesn’t like dolphins besides the food they eat? Great for any ocean themed party.

47. A mermaid pinata can always enchant under the sea.

Though this one is more or less used for a children’s party. But she’s so adorable with her starfish.

48. Bet you’ll find all kinds of candy inside this boat.

Helps if it’s in red, white, and blue. If you like nautical, you’ll certainly like this.

49. If you work at PennDOT, you might want to go with this.

Yes, it’s an orange traffic cone pinata. I’m sure it’s pretty easy to pull off. Though it’s not a pinata I’d have in mind.

50. A purse pinata can contain all kinds of things.

Just like a purse. But I’m sure a pinata purse won’t contain stuff you’d find in a regular one.

51. My Little Pony fans will adore this Rainbow Dash pinata.

Though let’s hope this is used at a little girl’s party. Because from what College Humor says, bronies can be kind of creepy.

52. A doughnut pinata should always come in assorted sprinkles.

Even has some pink frosting to match. Nevertheless, it’s not a hard one to pull off.

53. A crown pinata is always fit for a king or queen.

Helps if the crown is large with gold cardboard and jewels. Though this one almost seems to pretty to smash.

54. This diamond ring pinata seems like a real jewel.

Still, I think it’s definitely for a wedding. Because pinatas are bad places to hide a ring in a marriage proposal.

55. This little chicken pinata is almost impossible to resist.

I mean it’s so white and fluffy. Would be a shame to break this one open with a stick.

56. A cactus pinata can never dry up a party.

As you know, cactus are associated with Mexico and the American Southwest. But at least this one doesn’t have spiky needles.

57. A pinata bread slice should always have sprinkles.

Well, you can’t go wrong with that. Besides, sprinkles always seem to brighten anyone’s day.

58. Now this pinata is just an imitation of a real game controller.

Yet, it bears a rather striking resemblance to the real thing. Must’ve been made by someone with too much time on their hands.

59. This pink owl pinata is certainly a hoot.

Yes, I’ve posted a lot of owl stuff on my blog. But you have to admit, this little owl is simply adorable.

60. These bride and groom pinatas make a perfect match.

Nevertheless, they come in a set. However, chances are they’re probably too big to top a wedding cake.

61. There’s so much to love about this rainbow heart.

Well, everyone loves hearts and rainbows. So it’s understandable why I included this. So pretty.

62. I bet this lollipop pinata contains all the sweets.

Then again, a lollipop pinata seems quite appropriate for parties. Because we all know what they usually have inside.

63. This red high-heel can always be the life of the party.

And I’m sure this one is used for more fashionable occasions. Though I hope there’s candy inside.

64. A flower pinata can always blossom.

Still, don’t see a lot of flower pinatas around. Yet, this pink one is quite lovely.

65. Nobody could ever resist this panda pinata.

After all, pandas are irresistibly cute and cuddly. Yet, remember they’re bears that can kill you.

66. You’ll always know it’s spring with this Easter chick.

Yes, Easter pinatas exist, too. And yes, this little chick hatches from an Easter egg. But it’s so cute.

67. “We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine…”

I guess this one is for a Beatles themed party. Made of paper mache.

68. If you don’t know what this pinata’s supposed to be, then you don’t know jack.

As you can see, it’s a bottle of Jack Daniels. And no, I don’t think it’s for kid parties. Please whack responsibly.

69. Now here’s a pinata of polish.

Well, it’s a bottle of nail polish, anyway. Any bet those words stand for “Oh, my God?”

70. This ice cream cone pinata comes in a festive flavor.

Doesn’t hurt if it comes with lots of decorations. Bet it has some tasty treats inside.

71. Would you want fries with this pinata?

And it seems to have all the toppings on it, too. Still, clever but not my thing.

72. A flamingo pinata will always have you tickled pink.

After all, flamingos are graceful pink birds. Though lawn sculptures of them make them an object of tackiness.

73. I guarantee a pinata like this will make your party yuge.

If not, then it will at least it would make great therapy. Because beating a Trump pinata with a stick should make anyone feel happy in this dark time.

74. A dazzling bull can always make a memorable impression.

This is another traditional Mexican pinata shape. And yes, the bull has stripes of many colors.

75. A frog pinata can always make you jump for joy.

Well, big eyed frogs with a smile, anyway. Nevertheless, you can’t resist it if you tried.

76. It’s always a party with a bucket of Corona.

Well, I like how it has gold bottles and tissue paper as ice. Yet, like the Jack Daniels, it’s not for kids.

77. A chocolate chip cookie pinata always has memorable delights.

It’s also a rather easy pinata to make. But if you use it, make sure you don’t invite Cookie Monster.

78. With this octopus, I’m sure nobody will be disappointed.

The blue octopus even has a sailor hat on and a smiley face. So cute.

79. There’s nothing more fashionable than a pinata of Chanel No. 5.

And I hear it’s quite expensive, too. Can only be used for rich girls’ parties.

80. This white moon pinata always has pleasant dreams.

Not sure if they pertain to being hacked open. But I’m sure that’s what will happen to it.

81. A graduation pinata always shows that you’ve made it.

If it’s for college graduation, make sure it contains checks and cash for paying student loans. Because grads will sure as hell need them.

82. There’s always something pleasant about a sundae pinata.

Even comes with a straw and cherry on top. Any money that’s it’s strawberry flavored.

83. I’m sure a shark pinata is a real bite at parties.

Sure they may be feared as killing swimmers. But sharks seem to have their fans.

84. There’s nothing that delights more than a popcorn pinata.

Yes, it resembles the kind of popcorn you’d see at the movies. But it’s quite charming.

85. Celebrate this Cinco de Mayo with a pinata of Jose Cuervo.

Because there’s no beer like it that’s associated with the holiday. Also, it’s not for kids.

86. This robot pinata’s special talent is melting hearts.

Leave it to the magic of cardboard to create this icon of cuteness. Love it.

87. A pirate ship pinata can always make an impressive entrance.

Yes, someone made this. And yes, it’s certainly a masterpiece. Hate to see it hacked to pieces.

88. Emoji pinatas are always expressive.

These are more used for party favors. But I had them up so you can see as many emoji faces as you can.

89. You can never see a pinata like one of a rainbow zebra.

And please take a look at those stripes. Seems like you can see them for miles.

90. A peacock pinata can always show its feathers.

Helps if it has peacock feathers in its colorful display. Love it.

91. This dinosaur pinata is always so endearing.

Though it’s shaped like a T-Rex, it has spikes on its back. But kids will love it.

92. You can bet this fighter jet pinata takes to the skies.

Though it might take a lot to hoist it up. But yes, pinatas can look cool.

93. A sugar skull pinata can’t just be used for any occasion.

Also, had to include a Day of the Dead pinata like this one. Use sugar skull pinatas at any other time, and it might as well be cultural appropriation.

94. This pinata has a certain spray to it.

That’s because it’s a hairspray can. And yes, it’s in shiny pink to sparkle.

95. There’s something fishy about this sushi pinata.

Well, this sushi contains a fish over it. But sushi doesn’t always have to. And the fish doesn’t always have to be raw.

96. A pencil pinata always has the write stuff.

Well, that’s a rather interesting concept. Best for teachers’ parties in the faculty lounge.

97. Nothing makes a fiesta a hit like a bottle of tequila.

Well, tequila is a Mexican drink. But it has a stronger alcohol content than beer.

98. A bunny pinata always keeps the party hopping.

Yes, look into its eyes. So sweet and innocent. Hate to beat it open with a stick, wouldn’t you?

99. A dragon pinata always sparks a good time.

Sure it may not blow fire. But it looks nonetheless awesome in paper mache.

100. How about trying to break open this Golden Snitch?

Well, golden snitches do contain stuff inside them. But good luck finding a Resurrection Stone in this one.


A Wreath for All Seasons


A lot of my craft posts have featured wreaths at one point or another whether they be for holidays, for fandoms, or other kind of decor like shells or jewelry. Whenever I go on Pinterest, I seem to find wreaths for almost every occasion you can think of. Whatever it is, chances are you’ll find a wreath for it. Nevertheless, I also find a lot of wreaths which don’t seem to fit in any set box. Some may be seasonal. Some might reflect an interest or profession. Some might denote an occasion like a wedding, birthday, or graduation. Some might take on a particular theme. And some might just exist to make the place look pretty. In any case, a lot of these wreaths can be just as memorable as the ones I usually put on posts. Nevertheless, wreaths have a long history and much symbolism associated with them since ancient times, especially around the Mediterranean. Though the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Etruscans usually used them as prizes or crowns. Yet, other ancient Europeans used them as decoration, too. Today, wreaths can denote so many holidays and occasions or possibly none at all. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a treasure trove of wreath for all seasons.

  1. This garden wreath is quite potty.

Well, it has a lot of small flower pots with seeds, tools, and a nest. Great for any green thumb.

2. A peacock wreath should always come with sparkling flowers.

I guess this for a rather festive occasion. Love the flowers and feathers. So pretty.

3. A flower wreath should have a few home and garden touches.

This one includes a birdhouse, watering cans, and a key. Not sure what season this is for though.

4. Even a fall wreath can seem rather festive.

And you can tell since it has a bow in two plaid ribbons. Also, sunflowers usually come around late in the summer and early autumn.

5. A wreath with a pink butterfly can make quite an impression.

Doesn’t hurt if it covers the center wreath. Great for spring.

6. A nautical wreath should always include a lighthouse.

Though a lot of beaches may not have them. Yet, I think it goes great with the shells.

7. Whoever has this wreath shouldn’t return with a story of how the big one got away.

Well, “gone fishin'” is an expression denoting that someone’s gone on vacation. But this is quite clever.

8. Floral china always make a perfect wreath for a tea party.

Though I’m not sure whether the blue one fits in. Then again, sometimes you have to go with what you have.

9. This maritime wreath is well anchored.

Speaking of nautical wreaths, prepare to see quite a few of them. Since it’s a popular theme. Still, love this one.

10. Flowers always look delightful crocheted.

Wouldn’t mind having this on my door or wall. Still, would look out of place on a tombstone.

11. A wreath should be about as colorful as the flowers on them.

This yarn wreath has interesting flowers on it. Though the stripes aren’t bad either.

12. Fancy drink umbrellas can always celebrate the summer.

Let’s hope whoever made this wreath got the small umbrellas from a craft store. Because I know these are often served with drinks.

13. A crayon wreath makes a great present for the teacher.

I bet this is for an elementary school teacher since it consists of a lot of crayons. Like the tape measure ribbon.

14. You can always grow to love a garden hose wreath.

Though this gardener’s wreath doesn’t seem to have any patience. Also, let’s hope the hose used wasn’t stolen or anything.

15. Some flower wreaths can do with a few pearls.

I can see why someone would want to make a wreath more fancy. Yet, I’m not sure if it’s necessary.

16. Apparently, this wreath seems rather brushed off.

Okay, it’s made with paint brushes on it. Great for a garage. Not so much for a living room or front door.

17. You can’t go wrong with a wreath of red roses.

Floral wreaths like these are great for almost any holiday or season. And one with roses is no exception.

18. A lantern goes great with yellow flowers.

Another fall wreath, I believe. The lantern’s a bit rusty but rather fitting.

19. Nothing makes a better fall wreath like one of Indian corn.

Though you’ll probably see more of these in November for Thanksgiving. However, remember this kind of corn isn’t for eating.

20. Felt flowers should be all kinds of colors.

Yet, this one uses fake plastic foliage which I find odd. Nevertheless, I think the flowers are very pretty.

21. Sometimes a yarn flower wreath only has to be simple.

Well, this is rather quaint. Has only a few flowers but I really love the purple.

22. There’s always something sacred about pink flowers at a church.

Nevertheless, the church birdhouse does match the flowers. Love it.

23. The brighter the flowers, the more festive the wreath can be.

I guess this is a summer luau wreath from the looks of it. Still, great for outdoor parties.

24. A rose wreath can sometimes come with an appropriate birdhouse.

Though I’d love the wreath just as much without a bird and its domicile. So pretty.

25. Sunflowers and plaid always go together.

Seems like this was made for a more summery occasion. Perhaps an outdoor picnic or two?

26. You can even make an autumn wreath with purple.

Well, some of the autumn foliage does look a bit dead. But this is nevertheless lovely.

27. The garden tools on this look a bit rusty.

Well, if you’re decorating a rusty garden shed, this is the wreath for you. Otherwise, it doesn’t really bring out anything sunny.

28. There’s nothing to love more than heart of the lily of the valley.

Sure it’s a flower that’s often used at weddings which has a noxious poison that killed someone off Breaking Bad. But there’s nothing you can’t resist about this wreath.

29. Sometimes you’d wish you were sailing on the calm seas.

This maritime wreath is in crochet as you might see. Yet, I really like the lighthouse in the center.

30. Large white flowers always leave an impression.

Not sure what this flower is supposed to be. But it surely does blossom. Yes, I know the flowers on this are fake.

31. Perhaps a steering wheel off a ship can look good in your mess hall?

Not sure if this counts as a wreath. But since it’s listed on Pinterest as such, I’ll take it.

32. There’s something wild about this rose wreath.

Well, it has a few pine cones and foliage on it. Not sure if it’s suited for fall. But seems like it.

33. Nothing says spring like a butterfly and a bee.

And they’re even more quaint in crochet form. Still, the flowers are quite lovely.

34. With a wreath of rope, it’s anchors away on the high seas.

This looks pretty easy. Only has some starfish, a wooden anchor, and rope.

35. There’s nothing lovelier than a spring wreath of peonies.

Just remember these flowers come after the daffodils. And I’ve never really saw them in that color before.

36. A wagon wheel always makes a wreath of hospitality.

Given the cowboy boot, I guess this for a western themed home. Watch out for the spur those. There’s a reason why most cowboy outfits don’t include them.

37. Your flowers will always get a sprinkle on this garden wreath.

I have to admit, this is a rather clever wreath. Though that’s not real water coming from the spigot.

38. Shells and twigs make a great combination.

Well, that’s a colorful shell collection. Great for a beach house. So pretty.

39. There’s something woody about this wreath.

This one has some tree slices on it for a rustic touch. And includes flowers to match.

40. A wreath of feathers is meant for birds flocking together.

Wonder which birds these feathers are from. Because they seem like they could be real given the colors.

41. You can make a stunning flower wreath with a square picture frame.

Well, wreaths don’t always have to be round, you know. But I really love the purple flowers on this.

42. This wreath has swimsuits all on a line.

Goes without saying that it’s a summer wreath. Unless if you’re talking about the Polar Bear Club, then it’s a winter wreath.

43. Sometimes a metal wreath is better than none.

Sure it may not go as well with the flowers. But at least it holds up well.

44. No gardener should go without a wreath of a hose.

Now this is a real gardener’s wreath. Perfect for a spring greenhouse or garden shed.

45. A birdie can always feel at home among scraps.

Well, that’s kind of quaint. Great for any front door and then some. Love it.

46. Navy blue and white goes great on any yacht.

Even includes an anchor and some robe. Yet, if it’s on board, don’t use it as a flotation device.

47. A garden wreath can always include a few flowers.

Well, this seems like you’d see out of a catalog. And it even has a white picket fence.

48. For a great nautical wreath, use some rope and shells.

Now that’s a creative nautical wreath if I’ve ever seen one. And I’ve seen plenty. Yet, the rope is quite tough.

49. A wedding wreath should always match the bride’s dress.

Nice that it has white flowers to match. Though like the white tulle going down the best.

50. Curler wreaths look great at any salon.

Because nothing says, “I fix hair for a living” like this kind of wreath. Looks like a stylist’s dream.

51. A tulle peacock wreath should always contain a few feathers.

After all, you can’t have a peacock wreath without peacock feathers. So lovely.

52. Summer flowers shine in a gingham wreath.

Almost gives you an impression of a summer picnic. Because sunflowers usually bloom during that time of year.

53. Nothing says spring like a wreath of wildflowers.

Okay, maybe not quite. But it surely makes the bird seem right at home.

54. Large colorful flowers can brighten anyone’s day.

This one has lovely flowers of pink and purple. Wouldn’t mind having this on my door. Love it.

55. With a wreath like this, you can welcome anyone aboard.

The decomesh on this makes it seem like the boat’s rolling on the waves. Like how it matches the life preserver.

56. Nothing brings you back home like amber waves of grain.

Guess this is more of a fall wreath due to the color and air of harvest. Still, it’s rather inventive.

57. A rope nautical wreath should always include a few buoys.

Well, you’d find buoys while you’re in the ocean. Still, it’s quite impressive.

58. Butterflies should always be of rainbow colors.

Though nature doesn’t always see it that way. But this wreath really dazzles nonetheless.

59. How about some flowers on that large blue frame?

Doesn’t hurt if it’s fancy either. Brings out a rustic touch on anyone’s door.

60. A groom wreath should always look spiffy.

And here’s the bridal wreath’s companion. But I have to admit, the polka dot pattern gives it a little personality.

61. A wreath should have flowers representing all rainbow colors.

Well, pink’s included, too. But it’s hard not to exclude it if you’re decorating with flowers.

62. As you can see, you can decorate a wreath with anything.

This one is a collage of small stuff you can find anywhere. Quite interesting to look at even if it’s not in my taste.

63. A wine wreath must always have corks and grapes.

Yes, there’s a wreath for wine lovers. Let’s hope the corks used came from a craft store.

64. Sometimes a hose wreath can use its own watering can.

But gloves and flowers are always a must. Nevertheless, this is really pretty.

65. Sometimes a yarn wreath can do with a few decorations.

Well, it has a few flowers and flags on a string. But I think it’s sensational.

66. Nobody could resist a  shore bird decoration.

I know it’s not a sea gull. Might be a plover. Anyway, like the shells.

67. Nothing brings love like a heart of shell casings.

It’s a perfect wreath for gun shows and NRA conventions. Though if I saw someone with one of these, I wouldn’t want to go near them.

68. A wreath of lavender can always look so sweet.

This is especially when it’s in a heart like this one. But you won’t smell the lavender because it’s fake.

69. How about some crocheted flowers on a grapevine?

Not sure if it goes well. But I really can’t complain. I mean the flowers are pretty.

70. A moss wreath is perfect for doves.

After all, moss has a rather naturalistic look to it. And you can’t resist seeing a pair of doves.

71. With this wreath, everything is as easy as ABC.

Yes, it’s another teacher’s wreath. But this one is in decomesh and includes a school bus.

72. A large white center star is always welcoming.

This is more of a rustic wreath of gingham ribbon and burlap. Great for summer picnics.

73. A cowboy wreath like this makes you feel at home on the range.

Not very into cowboy culture. But I’m sure a cowboy boot and stars will enthrall some readers.

74. You can always enjoy a glass of wine with a flat cork wreath.

Yes, it’s another cork wreath with grapes. But this one has corks around the wreath in a neat and orderly fashion.

75. This wreath has an anchor that seems washed ashore.

At least this one has flowers matching it. Love the net.

76. A succulent wreath always looks fresh.

Great for desert and underwater themes. Because they seem like things from another world.

77. A summer wreath can always catch the breeze.

This one comes with a few flip flops and shades. Nice use of a straw hat.

78. You can always make something pretty with a few flops.

Well, this is for a summer occasion like a pool party. Like the flowers and colors.

79. Sometimes two crosses on a wreath are better than one.

After all, these go quite well with the flowers on them. Though this is more for a summer occasion.

80. A moss wreath should always contain a birdhouse.

This one looks pretty simple. Just have to tie down the moss and stick the birdhouse.

81. A spring wreath should always be made with love.

This one seems to be made from all kinds of things. Still, wouldn’t mind hanging it.

82. A corn husk wreath radiates like the sun.

This one is more for autumn with the harvest motifs. Nevertheless, it kind of does resemble a sunny disposition.

83. With this wreath, there’s nothing as pretty as an herb garden.

Though a lot of these flowers on here aren’t really herbs. But they sure are pretty.

84. Bright flowers always make a springtime day.

Yes, these are certainly what you’d see in the month of May. Love the festive colors.

85. You can always make a colorful wreath of dried flowers.

Note that there are only certain flowers that look good dried. Yet, this is incredibly beautiful.

86. There’s nothing prettier on a fall wreath than wild turkey feathers.

Wonder if my neighbors have one like this. I mean they hunt turkeys. So lovely.

87. How about some flowers on a peacock wreath?

This one has some blue roses. Goes well with the feathers. Love it.

88. With pine cones, you can make all kinds of flowers.

I had pine cone wreath for my Easter craft post this year. But this one has more festive flowers.

89. With this wreath, you’ll use antlers in all of your decorating.

Another rustic wreath to denote hunting season. Yes, you can make an antler wreath as seen on Pinterest.

90. Sometimes a peacock wreath should have a simple elegance.

This one might only have a few feathers to it. But it’s simply dazzling nonetheless.

91. With a nautical ship wreath, it’s always smooth sailing.

This one resembles a Chinese junk boat from what I can tell by the sails. And those ships were huge in their day.

92. This compass wreath will help you find your way.

Okay, maybe not. But at least it’s a rather original design for a nautical wreath.

93. There’s nothing you can resist about a wreath of dolphins.

Well, everyone likes dolphins swimming in the ocean. So pretty.

94. This little owl wreath is sure to be a real hoot.

Now this looks pretty doable. Just have some owl eyes, a beak, and a few touches. So cute.

95. This wild cotton wreath is rather fluffy.

Yet, wild cotton may not be as soft as these are. Because harvesting cotton is such hard work that we had such things like slavery.

96. Always pick the right flowers to go with the frame.

And as far as this wreath goes, these flowers are absolutely perfect. So pretty.

97. For this wreath, it’s always fun on the beach.

This one includes a pail with sunglasses and a shovel. Like the flowers though.

98. Sometimes it helps to do with a few shells.

As far as shell wreaths go, this is by far the most manageable for me. And sometimes there’s beauty in simplicity.

99. A heart wreath should always be bursting with flowers.

And I see this one has a colorful display. Great for spring or summer.

100. A dried flower wreath should contain all kinds of color.

Well, this is the kind of dried flower wreath I’d have at my door. Love this.

The Burning World of Candles


Before Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulb paved the way for electric lighting on the mass market, people used candles to light their homes at night. As anyone knows about candles, they don’t light the room nearly as well as sunlight and other light sources. And that they must be handled with caution since open flames are a major fire hazard. Yet, you probably didn’t know that candles were also used for heat and to tell time. Nor were they always made from paraffin wax like nowadays. For there were candles made from tallow (beef or mutton fat which gave off a foul odor when burned), beeswax (which was more expensive than tallow), spermaceti oil (it’s from a sperm whale’s head that’s considered very valuable according to an abridged version of Moby Dick I read), and colza oil (which is an expensive lubricant for machinery derived from a plant). Nevertheless, thanks to electricity, candles are either used as a novelty for a romantic dinner, ceremonies and special occasions (especially in religion), or as light sources during a power outage. Oh, and many people bestow candles as gifts when they couldn’t think of anything better to buy (like in the SNL Christmas Candle sketch). You’d even have scented candles. Of course, while most candles usually consist of a long wax column with a wick, the ones I show don’t fit the mold. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a treasure trove of interesting candles you might not want to burn (or would).

  1. Now these are perfect for the embroidery club meeting.

After all, these are spool candles. What better way to bring light while you sew? Oh, wait, electricity.

2. How about warm yourself to some hot chocolate on a cold day?

Actually this is merely a candle which you can’t eat. But you have to like how it has marshmallows and a graham cracker.

3. Hope these flowery candles smell as fresh as they look.

Though I highly doubt it. But I suppose these only have a short wick to them.

4. No flame could ever melt these lilies of the valley.

As you may know, the lily of the valley is a flower used in weddings that’s been known to kill someone on Breaking Bad. So this candle may be less dangerous in comparison. When it’s not lit though.

5. Pine cone candles can bring the forest into your home.

Hope these smell like pine, too. Or else I’d be very disappointed. Seriously, pine smells so nice. Like floor cleaner.

6. Sorry, folks, but you can’t cut this cheese.

Yes, cheesy candles do exist. And no, it’s not made from real cheese. Like head cheese which is actually meat.

7. Hope you feel lucky with these dice candles.

However, when they’re lit, I’d advise against tossing them. Because doing that can burn a house down.

8. Hand candles have an assortment of gestures and signs.

Helps they come in an assortment of different colors, too. They even include flipping the bird and “Live Long and Prosper.”

9. These little green army men always come with their wicks on top.

Yes, they have green army men candles, too. This set is great for birthday themes like Toy Story or Saving Private Ryan.

10. Wine always goes well with a snack of cheese and grapes.

Sure these are all candles. But it makes a rather sophisticated image regardless.

11. Light this candle and you nearly melt the ocean.

Well, not really. But this one does have a lot of shells inside. Hope they’re not flammable.

12. While flower candles can be pretty, succulent candles are just as sweet.

Because sometimes it’s all about the foliage. Goes great with a desert themed room.

13. These candles all burn like they’re peas in a pod.

I have to admit, this is pretty clever. Perfect for an outdoor garden party.

14. As you burn these, you set some people free.

Well, these are pretty neat. Not sure if I’d want them. But I can’t complain.

15. Hope these rose candles could smell as sweet.

Wonder if these would be perfect for a romantic dinner. Assuming that you or your significant other love flowers and aren’t pyromaniacs. In the latter case, you might want to go with a blow torch.

16. Didn’t know you can light a flame on the ice.

Yes, they have ice candles. And I’m sure they’re not made of ice because that would be impossible. Water has a lower melting point than wax.

17. I guess these pool ball candles come in a triangle frame.

Well, pool seems to be a rather popular pastime. I mean you’re bound to run into a pool table at a bar.

18. I suppose having candles like these will lead do explosive times.

However, I’m sure you can’t have these on you while boarding a plane. Because the reasons are obvious.

19. No, I don’t think these cheesecakes are for eating.

Yes, these are cheesecake candles. And no, you can’t get them from IHOP but good guess.

20. If you want a candle to last, you’ll need a very long wick.

At first I thought this was a long hose candle. Nevertheless, these are supposed to burn for a very long time.

21. You’d almost think they’d light a bunch of rocks.

If it weren’t for the flames, these rock candles would almost look like the real thing. Great for garden parties.

22. If you like Lego, you’ll want this candle brick.

Though I wouldn’t want to put Lego people anywhere near this candle when lit. Because plastic also melts.

23. For Super Bowl parties, you can’t do without Roman candles.

Of course, these aren’t the Roman candles you’re thinking of. Thankfully they only consist of Ls, Xs, Vs, and Is.

24. No garden party should ever go without gnome candles.

I admit, gnomes may be tacky. But they have a certain charm to them. Besides, these come in all shapes and sizes.

25. Some candles can bring music to one’s ears.

Well, these are interesting. Though I don’t see music note or bass clef candles anywhere.

26. Wonder if this purse candle comes with a designer label.

Probably doesn’t. But It sure looks expensive nonetheless. Wouldn’t be able to afford its real life equivalent.

27. These pumpkin and gourd candles can always give a fall glow.

Yet, they’ll most likely be used for Thanksgiving than Halloween. We have creeping looking candles for that holiday.

28. No Halloween party could do without a severed hand candle.

And you can light up all the fingers. Though it’s best for Halloween parties only. Disgusting.

29. These pie candles can always make your day.

Come in key lime, cherry, and chocolate apparently. And all are laced with whip cream.

30. This sundae candle is always a real treat.

Sure it looks tasty. But it probably comes in a waxy flavor. So don’t eat it.

31. You’d swear this cork candle fits on the bottle.

Not sure if lighting one on top of a wine bottle is a good idea. But it’s a rather clever design.

32. Thought these lighter candles lit up all by themselves.

There’s really something strange about this. Also, cigarette lighters aren’t a tasteful sight.

33. You can light this branch candle in many different ways.

Hope they all don’t melt at the same time. Also, if you’re not careful, this can be a serious fire hazard.

34. You’d almost think this candle melted until you look closely.

Seems like this depicts people rock climbing. Probably carved by someone with too much time on their hands.

35. Cupcake candles come with all kinds of toppings.

Sure you can’t eat them. But they sure look good enough to eat.

36. You can make a watermelon candle in pieces.

And I see, this one is sliced in so many different ways. Great for a summer night.

37. You can always share a toast over beer candles.

Nice they come in different glasses and colors. Though I hope none of them are scented. Since smelling beer reminds me of a bar.

38. Would you care for a few tea candles?

Comes with a teapot and 3 cups. Sure it’s not a fancy set. But it’s quaint.

39. With this candle, you’d almost think there’s money to burn.

Don’t worry, it’s not real money. Just a wax imitation. Like most of the stuff on this post.

40. Apparently, bees seem to gravitate toward this hive.

Again, we have another of these long wick candles. But this one depicts a beehive. And appropriately so.

41. A desert night could use a few candles like these.

Helps it consists of 4 in a box. And I hope you can easily touch them without pricking your fingers.

42. Not sure if I can imagine lighting these with a match.

Yes, they’re candle matches. They come in a box. No, I am not making this up.

43. Sushi candles always brighten up the fun.

And you can find all on a sushi tray. Just remember, they don’t come with chopsticks for a reason.

44. When lit, you reduce this fluffy pink cat to its bones.

Yes, that’s how the cat candle is supposed to melt. Yes, it looks freaky. No, I don’t think pink is a good choice color for it.

45. Macaroon candles always come in a package.

Not really a fan of macaroons. But at least they’re colorful. Though these may have a short wick.

46. Never thought you can have candles of underwater scenes.

By the way, these are gel candles. Just so you know. And yes, I think the shells are real in them.

47. Well, this candle comes with champagne on the rocks.

I guess this is used for a wedding. Though I find it quite strange to say the least.

48. If you see candles like these in a haunted house, you better get out of there.

Okay, these are very disgusting since they seem to have blood all over them. But horror movie fans will love these.

49. These feather candles seem lighter than air.

Not sure if they have a lot of wax to them. But they surely look graceful.

50. Apparently, you might want to do with a few icebergs.

Well, they’re iceberg candles. Not sure if they’d be appropriate for a Titanic themed party.

51. If this candle was scented, it would smell like shit.

Yes, it is a dog poop candle. Why anyone would want one, I have absolutely no idea.

52. Hope you don’t aim with this gun candle.

Another candle that makes me scratch my head. Guess this is suited for an NRA sponsored romantic dinner.

53. I’m sure blueberry muffin candles can always brighten your morning.

Though candles have most often been used at night. Since daytime, we already have a light source called the sun.

54. You can’t do anything wrong with a couple corn cob candles.

Well, if it’s fall and it’s almost Thanksgiving. Otherwise, they kind of look a bit lame.

55. There’s always something eerie about decorative skull candles.

Note: I’m sure these are used for the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos. Not Mexican Halloween.

56. Luscious lips can set any night on fire.

Okay, these are kind of tacky and weird. But I’m sure they’d be used at romantic dinners nonetheless.

57. It’s said a Trump scented candle can make America great again.

Because there’s nothing that smells so refreshing like racist pandering, unrestrained greed, treason, constant embarrassment, trigger happy unpredictability, and all out incompetence. That or an all consuming rage that this fucking nightmare is the president. But I do like the bad hair.

58. Didn’t know candles can depict such scenes.

Well, people can sometimes get creative with candles in many different ways. Like the nighttime scene one the best.

59. Now this is the kind of candle for any night owl.

Sure it looks quite small. But with eyes like that, it’ll sure be a hoot.

60. Let’s see if this chocolate chip mint ice cream candle has some minty freshness to it.

Well, it’s worth a try to smell. But unfortunately for me, I can’t even take a bite of it.

61. For some candles, you’d wonder if some might have a spring in them.

Well, they certainly do. Wonder how these burn when they melt to the twisty part.

62. You’d almost think these rock candles have shells to them.

Guess a snail shell candle isn’t easy to make after all. Still, these are pretty.

63. This log candle has some sort of woody disposition to it.

Well, it certainly looks like it came from a tree. But whether it smells like one is anyone’s guess.

64. Well, that’s an interesting set of Easter candles.

After all, they consist of bunnies and birds in pastel colors. So what do you expect?

65. Makeup candles can always sit pretty.

Though I’d think these would be more appropriate in a hair and beauty salon. That is if beauty salons didn’t have all those flammable chemicals in the first place.

66. These orange candles have a citrus glow to them.

Comes in a set of 4. But don’t try to peel, eat, or juice them. Because they’re made from wax.

67. With candles like these, you’ll never be sure how they burn.

Sure lighting them might ignite a spectacular sight. But they’d also pose as a major fire hazard in the process.

68. In the spring, perhaps you might want to tiptoe among the tulips?

Well, they are tulip candles. And they certainly signal spring with their bright petals.

69. This bearded hipster candle is so mainstream.

Okay, maybe not so much. But it’s unique and amusing enough to put on this post.

70. As we all know, candles must melt at some point.

Coincidentally, this candle says, “melt.” Because that’s what candles do when you light them.

71. Napoleon candles always seem smaller than they appear.

Though it won’t help you in Russia or Waterloo. Because Napoleon lost in both.

72. Bear candles are always delightful in black.

Though these bear candles seem a bit scary to me. Not sure why.

73. These chicks are so lit right now.

They even come in different sizes. Great for Easter and so adorable.

74. Let this brain candle really open your mind.

Yes, this is disgusting. But at least it didn’t belong to someone named, “Abby Normal.”

75. These lipstick candles are simply irresistible.

No, these aren’t for smearing on your face. But they sure look lovely.

76. White egg candles may melt into yellow inside.

Well, at least it’s somewhat more realistic. Then again, it looks pretty gross if you ask me.

77. You can always decorate plain candles to suit your fancy.

These are encrusted with jewels to full effect. Though I’d proceed with caution to light them.

78. You can always paint a nature scene on a candle.

That is, if you can master delicate brush strokes to make flowers. Still, it’s quite lovely indeed.

79. With this Advent candle, you can burn your way to the Christmas season.

However, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. Since burning one for days might cause a fire hazard.

80. You can’t celebrate Halloween without this spooky candle set.

Though this seems more suited for children’s celebrations. But I find it rather eerily charming.

81. Crystal shaped candles will always sparkle.

Though contrary to what new agers say, they won’t heal you from anything. Neither would real crystals.

82. Watching Donald Trump melt down makes America great.

At least this Trump candle depicts him in a straitjacket. Since he’s a complete loon who knows nothing about running the federal government.

83. From Starbucks, the coffee candles are the best.

For some reason, Starbucks has been getting ridiculous. Seriously, what’s with the whipped cream?

84. A Margarita candle might remind you of beaches and sunshine.

Or possibly that one song by Jimmy Buffett about being drunk. Though you won’t have to worrying about losing that shaker of salt.

85. Wax candles are always great for floral painting.

Though I really wouldn’t want to light this one. Because the art is so pretty. And I don’t want to tarnish its beauty.

86. Don’t leave without this boot candle on the trail.

Yes, it’s a cowboy boot candle. No, I don’t know if it came with a partner.

87. You can always roast smores on a Stay Puft Marshmallow candle.

Well, it’s said to smell like burning marshmallows. And it’s appropriate for this Ghostbusters villain.

88. Here we come to a box candle with Chinese characters.

Don’t know what these words mean. But I hope they don’t say anything bad.

89. How about some lemon in your tea?

Well, tea can come with cream or sugar, too. But this is tea candle.

90. Hope you don’t run into these candles on a busy day in traffic.

Well, traffic cones always mean construction ahead. Traffic cone candles? Have no idea.

91. A toolbox cake should always have candles like these.

Hey, at least they wouldn’t do as much damage to you as real tools would. But this is a cute set.

92. Origami candles are never paper thin.

Then again, it’s possible they might be. Anyway, come in one shape and several different colors.

93. Looks like someone really cracked this egg.

Don’t worry, it’s supposed to look like this. I know a spilled egg candle right? Who could’ve thought of that?

94. These Buddha candles are here to enlighten you.

And each of them comes sparkly and scented. Don’t ask me why they’re available.

95. Since romance has candles and wine, why not roll it all into one?

Yet, remember this wine bottle candle will give you no wine. So whether it’s a red or white one shouldn’t matter.

96. Light bulb candles are simply illuminating.

Funny, there’s a candle for the very thing that put them out of regular use. Still, the holders are appropriate.

97. Minion candles can always brighten your day.

Yes, minions are everywhere. And yes, they can be irresistibly cute. But for a candle post, these certainly fit.

98. Nothing makes wedding memories like this silver slipper candle.

Well, it’s pretty. But I think conventional wedding candles would do for me. That’s for sure.

99. A box of chocolates can always bring bright smiles.

But receiving a box of chocolate candles would only make me furious. Because how am I supposed to enjoy them if I can’t eat any?

100. A castle candle set is always fit for a king.

Though some assembly is required. It’s a pretty intricate scene. Wouldn’t mind having this.

The High Flying World of Kites


Since their invention in ancient China, kites have originally been used for measuring distances, testing the wind, lifting people, signaling, and communication for military operations. The earliest Chinese kites were often rectangular and flat as well as decorated with mythological motifs and legendary figures like dragons. Some were fitted with strings and whistles to make music while flying. But it was from China, kites were introduced to Cambodia, Japan, Thailand, India, Korea, the western world, and possibly Oceania. Though originally seen as a mere curiosity in Europe, kites would be used in the western world for scientific discovery and invention. Every American child learns about Ben Franklin and his famous kite experiment leading to the discovery of lightning as electricity and his invention of the lightning rod. Yet, the Wright brothers also used kites when developing the first airplane in the late 1800s. And they were used in for scientific purposes in meteorology, aeronautics, wireless communications, and even photography. But since the Wright brothers made their first flight and WWII, kites have mainly been used in recreation. However, all over the world you’ll find all kinds of kite festivals and competitions, especially in Asia. Nevertheless, despite living in the country, I wouldn’t be able to fly a kite in my back yard. Mostly because of safety issues with power lines. I mean the fact my back yard has a slew of power lines over it led to a bunch of trees being cut down for God’s sake, Anyway, kites come in all types, shapes, and sizes. You’ll find sport kites, power kites, weather kites, man-lifitng kites, fishing kites, underwater kites, and even fighting kites that could kill people. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a glimpse into the high flying world of kites.

  1. Sometimes a kite looks more magnificent on the inside.

Reminds me of one of those paper fortune teller contraptions. But I do love the colors.

2. On this kite, 6 hearts make a rainbow.

Then again, they’re not in rainbow order. But none of that matters to me.

3. Nothing dazzles in the sky like a rainbow 8 pointed star.

Yes, you can even have a kite star like this. Yes, I know the kites I showed so far have similar color schemes.

4. And you thought you’d never see a dragon fly.

Well, a different kind of dragon fly, anyway. But yes, they have kites of dragons. And this one is sensational.

5. Seems like this kite is made from hexagonal proportions.

Seems to be anything barely on this kite. But you have to admire looking at it in the sky.

6. At some festivals, it pays to go big and spectacular.

This kite is from a festival in Guatemala featuring these. Though you’d almost think it’s a parachute.

7. A large star should always get a decent lift.

Yes, these kites can get quite large as you can see. But I really love the colors which I think are perfect for Easter.

8. With a kite, you can send a rainbow soaring.

Yes, rainbows are a common theme in these. But I really like how this dances in the sky.

9. A butterfly kite should always spread its wings.

Because there’s no better spring kite than that of a butterfly. You also have to love the colors and tails.

10. A kite should always fly like a bird.

And there you have a bird kite. But there’s a bird following it. Wonder if it thinks it’s another bird or a decoy.

11. A beautiful kite comes with many layers of color.

Not sure what this kite is supposed to be. But maybe it’s built for function, not aesthetic effect.

12. This rainbow plane always flies high in the sky.

Once again, you see rainbows. This time on a plane kite which is somewhat charming.

13. This large star kite has all kinds of colors and tails.

This one goes by a 2 color diamond pattern as you can see. Some might find it tacky. But I find it wondrous.

14. A colorful ship looks even more magnificent in the air.

Yes, a rainbow ship always ventures seas of skies. Love it.

15. A large kite should be light enough to fly.

I guess this is a kite from the island nations. Looks quite pretty.

16. A rainbow bird is always a colorful sight.

As you might read in my mythical creature series, you might find a rainbow chicken from the Philippines. Though this dazzles wonderfully.

17. You can put in a lot of different pictures in a kite.

You can find everything on here from mythical creatures to pop culture icons. You can even find Jimi Hendrix so excuse him while he kisses the sky.

18. You can fit a lot of triangles in a pyramid kite.

Yes, these kites do exist. Though I kind of wish this one had more color like the others.

19. Swirls always look better when up in the air.

I’ll probably feature many geometrically designed kites on this post. Though I really like the pentagon shape and tail on this.

20. Is that supposed to be a deity or a mythical creature.

Well, the art is squarely from Asia. But it’s also quite dazzling in the sky.

21. Some of these kites in the sky can have very long tails.

As you can see it’s an Asian design. Nevertheless, kite flying is very big in many Asian countries, especially in China and India.

22. Nothing says you can’t have a bunch of sharks on the line.

Well, as long as they’re flown from the air and are of different colors. Because shark hunting shouldn’t be encouraged.

23. A colorful kite should at least have wings and a tail.

Now this is a rather strange design. But I really like the tails and colors. Lovely.

24. With this kite, we can test whether a cow can actually jump over the moon.

Okay, it’s probably not possible. But fly this one in the sky, you might have people questioning their mental state.

25. There’s something strange about this kite.

This may be a traditional kite shape. The crayon face on this is creepy.

26. A blue owl kite is always a hoot.

Of course, owls have to serve as motifs as well. Since they’re birds of prey after all.

27. A Chinese dragon in the sky is a magnificent sight.

By the way, these Chinese dragon kites can be more than 100 feet long. Definitely not something I can fly where I live.

28. Sometimes kites are flown to denote special occasions.

You can easily tell what this kite’s celebrating. Give you a hint, it was held in Rio last summer.

29. Two cranes are sometimes better than one.

One has pink wings while the other has bluish green. But together they fit on a kite banner quite nicely.

30. And I thought I had to worry about sharks on the water.

Best you don’t fly this kite during your trip to Amity Island beach. This is especially when there’s a man eating shark at the shallows.

31. I’m sure nobody could resist a high flying rainbow fish.

Doesn’t hurt if it’s flown in the snow. Though I’d proceed with caution in winter weather.

32. Sometimes a Chinese dragon has to have a rainbow tail.

Yes, these Chinese dragons can be quite elaborate as you can see. Though I really love this one.

33. A kite like this looks quite foxy in the sky.

Guess this is what you’d call a fox kite. Has a nice cute little face to it.

34. A hexagonal design always impresses.

This one has 2 pegasus unicorns with rainbow wings. Love how its rods stick out.

35. Looks like the eyes have it from above.

Sure seeing these eyes might make you feel like you’re being watched. But I’m sure they don’t see anything.

36. This kite is all string and wings.

Yet, I’m sure it’s able to fly. Though I’m not exactly sure how. Love the rainbow design.

37. This diamond kite comes in a few pieces as I recall.

Like some of the others, this is in an Asian design. But it has a nice, red, white, black, and blue pattern.

38. On some kite chains, you’ll find all kinds of shapes put together.

You have 2 diamonds in the front and a few other weird shapes in the back. And they’re all in different colors just the same.

39. Sometimes the sky is home to a monster kite or two.

And I think this one was conceived during a bad acid trip. How else could I explain the eye and fangs?

40. Now that is an interesting box kite.

Normally box kites usually have rectangles on each side. But this one takes the box kite to an artistic dimension.

41. Is this a fancy hypodermic needle or a fishing lure?

Maybe it’s a shape from Asian art or mythology. That can explain a lot.

42. Even a small kite can sport some long tails.

Once again, you see a rainbow pattern on the kite. Guess rainbows on kites are quite popular.

43. Even the sky has its share of scary clowns.

Sure it might look funny now. But as Lon Chaney said, a clown is never funny in the moonlight.

44. 3-D hexagon patterns can always dazzle in the sky.

Each of these consist of different colors and patterns. Still, wonder how someone could fly this.

45. A white bird always makes a graceful presence in flight.

You can see the white bird in a kite like this. Not sure if it’s supposed to be a seagull or a dove.

46. Hexagons can have all kinds of patterns.

You can see this from this hexagon kite chain. Each one features a different color.

47. Almost any work of art can be shown on a kite in the air.

And this kite of a woman is no exception. Of course, on rectangular kites, you can have any image you want.

48. With this kite, you can color your own world.

Helps if the tails resemble pencils. Though I’d guess this design is quite delicate.

49. You’d almost swear this was a rainbow parachute.

Yes, this is a kite. I know people may not agree with me. But it is a kite. Love it.

50. You’d almost swear this kite was a large fancy dart board.

Yes, this is another large Guatemalan kite. I don’t think you can fly it. But it’s quite nice to look at.

51. In Malaysia, you’ll find a very special kind of kite reflecting their national pride.

This is called a wau bulan or Malaysian moon kite. And they can come in all kinds of designs.

52. String diamond kites together and you’ll have high flying spectacle.

By themselves, they wouldn’t amount to much. But together, they’re a worthy sight to see.

53. A rainbow tube can always fly swept by the wind.

You can see these on a beach. Each has their unique pattern blowing in the wind.

54. Nobody could resist an enormous flower in the sky.

Particularly if it’s a colorful one made with turned squares. Love it.

55. Even an octopus can take to the skies.

Saw a lot of these on Pinterest. And yes, they’re widely available. Though an octopus in the air is strange for me.

56. You can never miss a colorful bird in flight.

There are quite a few kits like this. Yet, I chose to post the one I liked best.

57. You can even see fish take to the skies.

These fish kites are all on a line as the wind blows through them. And all of these probably come from Asia.

58. This diamond kite is a perfect prism, indeed.

Well, at least this one has a rainbow on all sides. And it’s in a simple shape.

59. With this kite, you’d find a rainbow in a weave.

Yes, it’s another rainbow kite with an unremarkable shape. But at least its pattern is quite interesting.

60. A flamingo kite can always remain up in the air.

Yes, they have flamingo kites, too. And I’m sure they’re popular in Florida just the same.

61. Is that a kite or a spiked parachute?

It’s actually a kite. Because that’s not an appropriate parachute design. Still, it’s quite stunning.

62. A bird of many colors should always soar.

Apparently, you can’t help but look at this colorful bird. Though it’s actually a kite held by a line.

63. Bet you’d never see a kite of a black puffer fish.

Yes, it might look cute when all puffed up. But remember, puffer fish are poisonous and can kill you.

64. A rainbow kite can always show off its colors.

This one even has clouds and is tied with a string at the center. Lovely.

65. Sometimes a kite can be designed so intricately, you can’t tell what the shape is.

There’s a blue version of this, too, by the way. But as far as I know, I don’t have the slightest idea what it’s supposed to resemble.

66. With this kite, you can color the skies.

Like how the kite is decked with crayons and its tails are squiggles. Wouldn’t mind seeing this in my neighborhood.

67. Never thought I’d ever see a colorful tulip fly.

At first, I didn’t exactly think it was a tulip. And then I saw the stem and leaves.

68. Now this kite is quite an angler.

Well, that’s just the kite shape for a fish design. Helps if the fish has rainbow colors, too.

69. Hope you enjoy some bears from the sky.

No, they’re not the Care Bears. But they’re just as cute and cuddly.

70. Some kites take to the wind better than others.

Guess this is one of those sport kites. Still, when the wind blows, it probably moves in a wondrous way with the air.

71. This blue kite almost blends in with the sky.

That is, unless it’s being flown in a Chinese city. Nevertheless, I think it will fly quite nicely.

72. An 8-pointed star can have its own colorful ring.

Well, it’s a lovely design. Still, it probably makes an impression in the skies just the same.

73. 4th of July kites should be in stars and stripes.

However, it’s best you keep them from fireworks. Or power lines for that matter.

74. This centipede really loves to show off its legs.

Yes, they have insect kites, too. But this centipede’s legs surely stun.

75. You’d almost think this kite is from another world.

If it glows in the dark, you can use it to prank your neighbors. Then again, maybe not.

76. A kite can never have too many propellers.

Then again, it probably can. Nevertheless, since it’s a very unique design, it goes on the post.

77. With all these planes, you’d think there was a whole squadron.

Relax, these are simple made planes all strung together. And they’re all in light blue and lavender.

78. For some reason, seems like I’ve seen a ghost.

Then again, it might be a ghost. Or it might be some other mythical Asian creature. Not sure which.

79. Wonder what this large insect is supposed to be.

Then again, it certainly has very colorful wings. And the bug has a whimsical grin.

80. Stick limbs don’t keep these triangle folks from flying.

Well, these do seem rather aerodynamic. Also, like their outfits.

81. You never know what you’d find on a kite line.

Though these people seem to have a more conceptual design. Nevertheless, each has a unique charm.

82. With this kite, you can spread the love.

Perhaps we should a heart kite in every place. Sure it might seem mushy, but we all need some love in our lives.

83. Intricate designs can go together like birds of a feather.

Each of these is made in a ring with a square center. All in all, they’re lovely.

84. Now this is a whale of a kite you’d find in the air.

Wouldn’t want your kite swallowed in that. Still, it’s kind of a sight to see.

85. Nothing amazes you like a kite ring in the sky.

Yes, it’s certainly spectacular. Like how it’s near other kites as well. Love it.

86. This kite will surely light the way for you.

Yes, I know a lighthouse kite is strange. But so are fish, whale, and shark kites, too.

87. Say hello to a spiked ball in the sky.

Never imagined seeing a kite like this. Though I’m not sure about the rainbow spikes on it.

88. A dragon kite should fly in a fiery blaze.

No wonder people love dragons. Still, looks amazing in the sky.

89. A peacock kite always has a fine feather display.

After all, peacocks are beautiful birds. Though I’d prefer to use a fancier peacock kite for this post.

90. Nobody could resist this little bug.

This one is really cute. Love the beady little eyes and fancy body.

91. A hexagon box kite is as good as any other.

Most box kites are square. But this one is a hexagon since it has all rainbow colors.

92. A rectangular kite can sometimes serve as an artistic canvas.

This one depicts Japanese art as you can see. Nevertheless, it looks amazing in the sky.

93. Butterflies always grace the sky with their presence.

This one has the rainbow colors melting in with it. So beautiful. Love it.

94. A dragonfly kite always delights.

It’s not as glamorous as a butterfly. But you can always do worse.

95. A ghostly Flying Dutchman always haunts the sky.

A Flying Dutchman is a ghost ship that’s doomed to sail the ocean forever and can never make port. Seeing one is an omen of doom.

96. Always helps if a rainbow kite comes with a tail.

I call this design, the sting ray. Mostly because it resembles a ray. And a mere ray doesn’t capture the image for me.

97. Seems like we find ourselves a rather happy manta ray.

Now a manta ray is a larger ray which isn’t poisonous. And they don’t usually come in rainbow colors either.

98. Check out this fancy bird in the skies.

This is a traditional Chinese style kite of a bird of prey. And it’s one of the fanciest bird kites I’ve ever seen.

99. Hope you don’t fly this kite too close to the sun.

This is an Icarus kite based on Greek mythology. Of course, he probably didn’t wear a shirt and a pair of pants.

100. With this kite, you’ll always have lift off.

This kite is of the space shuttle which NASA no longer uses. However, it’s still pretty cool.

The Second Life of Jewelry


As we all know, jewelry may look pretty when worn, but it doesn’t last forever. Pieces might break while others might get lost. This is especially the case with costume jewelry that’s often made of inferior materials for the mass market designed to look like the real thing. However, while some people may dispose of broken jewelry entirely or donate outdated pieces found at their grandma’s house, some may decide to repurpose it. For instance, they could take old jewelry pieces and uses them in collages, decorative items, bridal bouquets, wreaths, or other jewelry. You will find a lot of these on Pinterest and in Etsy listings. Many of the jewelry collages you might see usually consist of stuff associated with Christmas, particularly trees. And I have shown you a few of these on my Christmas craft posts twice. But they’re not just for Christmas. Not to mention, many of these projects usually consist of the flashy vintage costume jewelry than anything. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a glimpse in to the second life of old jewelry.

  1. With rhinestones, you can make yourself a resplendent bouquet.

You see, these jewelry collages don’t have to be Christmas trees. This one is even in a turned square frame.

2. With a frame like this, a picture would seem glistening in the sea.

You might also find a lot of jewelry decorated picture frames like this one. As you can see, it’s ocean themed with starfish and other sea creatures.

3. Old necklaces can always decorated a fancy cane.

Now this is the kind of cane perfect for Sir Elton John after he ruptures a hip. Yet, at least he normally sits during his performances.

4. A bridal bouquet should always contain sparkly rhinestone pins.

You see a lot of these kind of bouquets on Pinterest. Sure it may sparkle but if they were real diamonds, they’d be very expensive.

5. A holy cross can always sparkle.

Yes, you’ll find plenty of cross collages, too. On one hand, it may seem like an embodiment of Christian hypocrisy and extravagance. But on the other hand, it’s made from cheap jewelry you find at Goodwill.

6. Butterflies prefer to flutter among flowers.

Flowers are a common theme among jewelry collages. Particularly since they can include many different colored and flower shaped pieces.

7. With rhinestones, these hair clips can simply dazzle.

As you can see, each one has a certain theme to it depending on the configuration. Not sure which one to choose.

8. Purple stones can make for a rather regal frame.

There are many of these jeweled frames that come with an old fashioned photo or painting. And I’m sure they’re made just for decoration.

9. Blue stones on frames go well with a black and white portrait.

Some of these pieces use jewels that might be similar in color and style. This one consists primarily of blue rhinestones.

10. Want a flashy picture frame? Use some rhinestone pins.

A lot of pinners usually refer to them as a “brooch” which I don’t normally use because of the word’s weird pronunciation. But yes, this frame does sparkle.

11. Red, green, and gold make a spectacular bouquet.

This might be a Christmas decoration though it’s not listed as such. But you have to like how it gleams.

12. A butterfly shines in rhinestones and blue.

Butterflies are also a common collage motif. This one is decked in blue, rhinestones, and gold.

13. Purple flowers should match a purple frame.

As you can see, this bouquet collage consists of purple jewelry pieces along with others. Love it.

14. There’s nothing like sparkly stones on a pretty box.

Helps if you include some pins in the process. Some may find it tacky, but it sure gives an impression.

15. Blue stones can give anyone a sacred impression.

Well, at least this one has a fine design. Like how it dazzles. Beautiful.

16. This rhinestone bouquet is all sparkle.

Even has a jeweled frame to go with it. But it’s certainly a collage in good taste.

17. A jeweled globe makes the whole world shimmer.

Yes, you can even have pieces like this. However, at least no African blood diamonds were involved.

18. Rhinestone bouquets can be of any shape and size.

This one uses plenty of flower pieces for good measure, too. The frame is very fitting as well.

19. Black stones have a certain elegance to them.

You might find a collage with black and white jewels from time to time. Think this one is particularly snazzy.

20. Doesn’t hurt if a jeweled bouquet contains some gold.

Now this one is quite showy and colorful. Like how it goes with a golden frame.

21. While love and a diamond can last forever, then so can this rhinestone frame.

As fitting, this one features a couple possibly from WWII. Though the frame certainly dazzles.

22. A lady’s portrait should have the right pearls.

From the hat and hairstyle, this is supposed to depict a flapper from the 1920s. Though she has a flower dress. Or is it a bouquet?

23. With a rhinestone tree, you can decorate with just about anything.

While it may not look like a Christmas tree, it’s surely quite colorful nonetheless. Love it.

24. A jeweled peacock never fails to create a dazzling impression.

This one has a dazzling feather train of rhinestone flowers. Like the rhinestone border, too.

25. A jeweled bridal bouquet should contain pieces of all kinds.

This one uses flowers and pins of almost every variety. And they don’t look like the flowers you’d use on a grave.

26. One may say a bejeweled seahorse is stunning underwater.

This one even includes a small conch shell. But it’s mostly made from rhinestones.

27. With enough small pins, you can have a sparkly necklace.

You’ll find a lot of these on Pinterest and Etsy. Though they sparkle, not sure what to make of them.

28. Iridescent rhinestones always shimmer on a cross.

This one even has some white leaves on it as well as a silver frame. Lovely.

29. A bejeweled heart is always one to love.

This one even has a small key to it. Like a key to one’s heart. But I love the jewels on the heart more.

30. A small bouquet can sometimes be sweet.

This one doesn’t use many pins. But it has a certain elegance to it nonetheless.

31. With enough rhinestone pins, you can make a shimmering wreath.

Though many bejeweled wreaths are mainly seen as Christmas decorations. This one really shimmers and grows on you.

32. Pearls and rhinestones often make for a great bouquet.

This is especially since most brides wear white. But you have to admire this though.

33. You can fit so many vintage jewelry on one chest.

I’m not sure where the mannequin chest comes in. But I do have to admire the creativity here.

34. Have a bridal jeweled bouquet that always sparkles.

But make sure the venue doesn’t distribute light in all directions. For it might be an accidental disco ball.

35. Old jewelry looks chic on any mirror frame.

As with seashells, you get the same with old jewelry and mirror frames. Wouldn’t mind having this in my home.

36. A frame for the Virgin Mary should have a radiant star on top.

Well, it’s an old photo of Mary. But the frame is dazzling nonetheless.

37. Bejeweled flowers are always best in the sun.

Each flower has some jewelry on it along with the butterfly. But I really like the gold sun on this.

38. A golden hummingbird always aims for the right bouquet.

This one almost resembles a painting. Not a fan of the green flowers though.

39. A hanging heart is made of many pieces.

As you can see, this one consists of many stones with the turquoise ones standing out. Love the gold bow.

40. A jeweled frame like this should bring music to your ears.

Fittingly, this picture features a woman with a lute. Love the decor on this one.

41. A bridal bouquet always has to drip with rhinestone jewels.

This bouquet includes a lot of shiny rhinestones and pearls over white flowers. Lovely.

42. A bejeweled horse is as colorful as it is graceful.

Helps if it has some shiny legs and a golden mane. Hope some of you horse lovers appreciate it.

43. Sometimes it helps if the frame matches the picture.

As you can see from how the frame matches the woman’s outfit. Love the gold flowers.

44. For jewelry collages, best go with a frame to match.

This one has few jewels on it. But it certainly goes with the golden frame perfectly.

45. Even a small picture frame could be sensational.

This one seems t have a steampunk disposition. Though I’m not sure the photo is in a frame or a pin.

46. Guess a little bottle decor must be in order.

This one has jewels on the top as if it was for some fancy perfume. Not sure what to think of it.

47. Perhaps some rhinestones can make this glass look fancy.

However, I wouldn’t drink from this if I were you. Since it’s more meant for decoration.

48. Here we come to silver flowers tied together by a golden bow.

This one includes a butterfly fluttering about. Though I wish the flowers had more color.

49. A bouquet of silver should come with its own frame.

Well, quite stunning to say the least. But I don’t think silver brings any life into it than gold would.

50. There’s always plenty of room in a bejeweled flower basket.

This one contains all kinds of rhinestone flowers. And they’re all pretty just the same.

51. A jeweled cross can look just as dazzling in gold.

This one has a rather unique design to it. Almost seems Art Deco.

52. A clock frame should shimmer regardless of time of day.

This one seems to have a rather spring feel to it. Could use some more purple.

53. A jeweled swan glimmers on the water.

After all, swans are graceful creatures known to mate for life. However, cross one and expect to fear for dear life.

54. A turquoise frame is simply divine.

Though I wouldn’t say the photo amounts to much. Nevertheless, I do think it’s sensational.

55. A treetop can be home to anything you desire.

This is a lovely and colorful tree. Kind of wish we had ones like that outside.

56. A white heart, should always have some rhinestones and pearls.

Wonder if this is for a wedding or just for show. Either way, love it.

57. Pastel pearls and gold might form one impressive ankh.

Personally, I don’t think Egyptian symbols and pastel colors match. But this isn’t half bad.

58. White and gold almost seem heavenly in one bouquet.

Again, another collage almost resembling a painting. Love the flowers.

59. A rhinestone cross can always uses a little gold leaf.

This one even has a gold frame. Great for any special occasion. Love it.

60. There’s no excuse for a rhinestone bouquet not to shimmer.

Yes, I have a lot of bouquets and crosses on this post. Because it’s Christmas and a lot of these are dazzling.

61. This rhinestone clock always tells when to sparkle.

This one is decked with rhinestone pins. Great for any sparkly mantle. Sensational.

62. A pearl necklace can always uses some pins.

Yet, this one contains pendant pins made from rhinestones and pearls. Looks lovely.

63. An emerald green cross should come with a golden frame.

Might make a rather great Saint Patriclk’s Day decoration. Because it is a religious holiday, especially in Ireland.

64. A mirror box should be decorated with the best taste.

And I think the jewels go well with it. Love the golden bird with the blue stone.

65. You can never find something worth a glimmer like a rhinestone blue bouquet.

Wouldn’t mind having this in my house. Love the flowers and the shiny vase.

66. A flower bouquet should contain all kinds of flowers to shine.

I bet you have to find a lot of pins and earrings to come up with this display. Love it.

67. A mirror back should look as pretty as whatever it’s reflecting.

You have to admire how someone decorated this. Love the pearls.

68. This jeweled bouquet is surely festive.

The flowers surely look pretty in this. It’s almost like a work of art. And in a way, it is.

69. A shiny bouquet of flowers is just as sweet in spring.

All of these are tied with a rhinestone red bow. At least you can look at these for a long time, unlike real flowers.

70. A heart box could always use some decoration.

Doesn’t hurt if it’s red and it’s Valentine’s Day. But make sure it has something nice inside first.

71. With lights and flower pins, you can light up a room.

Yes, these pins may be showy. But they’re perfect for such a large decoration.

72. This mannequin is all decked in all finery.

Again, I really don’t understand this. But it certainly looks like a masterpiece.

73. Flowers and jewels make a unicorn sparkle.

Of course, it’s not My Little Pony. But it’s surely magical to behold. Love it.

74. Nothing makes a bride shimmer like a rhinestone bouquet.

Seems like I have a lot of these on my post for some reason. Then again, they’re all so shiny.

75. Rhinestones should be in a bouquet filled with pearls.

Well, it’s mostly pearls with rhinestone pins. And the pearls seem bigger than what you’d normally find.

76. There’s nothing more resplendent than a jeweled bouquet in purple.

Ah, my favorite color. Like how it shimmers with the rhinestones in gold. Simply beautiful.

77. This jeweled flamingo will have you tickled pink.

Great gift for someone in Florida. Then again, not sure why Florida hasn’t made the flamingo their state bird. Because it’s the first bird you think about as far as the state’s concerned.

78. This cross comes with plenty of cameos.

No, I don’t mean a celebrity slot either. Still, like the pearls on this.

79. This mirror has as side that simply glimmers.

This one has rhinestones on most of its back. Though you might see a pearl or two.

80. This little jeweled dog wants to meet you.

Well, this looks pretty adorable. However, you won’t find a dog like that around every day.

81. With a rhinestone vase, you can have all kinds of flowers.

Yes, it’s a rather large vase. But sometimes you have to admire the roses and all the other flowering beauties.

82. This shimmering cross sure has a sacred shine to it.

You can even hang this one up. Nevertheless, it’s certainly worth taking a look at.

83. Spring flowers can always entice this time of year.

Now this is a more colorful bouquet than some I’ve posted already. So lovely.

84. This jeweled swan is of many colored stones.

Well, this is a lovely picture. Love the purple. Yet, real swans are usually white. At least mute swans are.

85. A pearl butterfly is a heavenly sight.

Well, this isn’t all covered in pearls. But it’s surely magnificent to look at. Besides, who doesn’t love butterflies?

86. Pearls and rhinestones really bring out the bridal glamor.

Yes, bridal bouquets seem to have a lot of both for some reason. But I think it’s simply sensational.

87. With rhinestones, you can create a shining Eiffel Tower.

Well, the Eiffel Tower is a huge symbol of Paris. And I’m sure the City of Lovers is proud of that distinction.

88. A bouquet can also shimmer behind glass.

This one was made on a window panel. Most of these collages have dark backgrounds as you can see. Still, this is quite lovely.

89. Hope you can raise a toast to this fancy glass.

Even more fancy that it’s made with pearls. Quite elegant to say the least.

90. Even a small box has to sparkle sometime.

This one is even topped with a jeweled crown. Wouldn’t mind having this.

91. A circle frame should give you a shining impression.

Though I’d think of a better photo choice. Nevertheless, you can’t help but love it.

92. Bet you’ve never saw a fish like this in the sea.

And it’s quite a colorful one, too. Doesn’t hurt if it has flowers on it.

93. A heart of pearls will always have a key.

Nice how it’s encased in gold and has a golden key. Simply lovely for Valentine’s Day.

94. This glimmering butterfly just has to spread its wings.

You’ll find a lot of rhinestones in this. Some are even pink and black.

95. A rhinestone bouquet is best for walking down the aisle.

Doesn’t hurt if it has some dripping necklaces. All in all, I love it.

96. A bright bouquet can make anyone’s day.

Well, this one certainly uses big bright flowers. Certainly great for a spring day.

97. A swan in purple is a wondrous sight.

Yes, it’s my third swan for this post. And yes, it looks a bit different from the other. But it’s majestic just the same.

98. A rhinestone bottle always glimmers in the snow.

Now unlike the last bottle, this one is fully covered in rhinestones. Best to use for a church Christmas pageant.

99. How about use your old pins to make flowers?

They certainly dazzle, don’t they? Wouldn’t mind having these. So lovely.

100. Nothing can shimmer in your home than a bejeweled wreath.

This one has as many pins and earrings you can think of. Love the flowers and colors. So beautiful.

The Springtime World of Miniature Easter Gardens


With Easter, spring is in the air  as flowers like daffodils, tulips, and crocuses start blooming from their winter slumber. So it’s only natural that we have flowers and gardens galore. This is especially the case when you’re talking about a smaller capacity when you’re talking about miniature gardens since you don’t need to keep them outdoors. Not to mention, there are plenty of Easter mini garden stuff available. Nevertheless, mini Easter gardens can come in all different kinds of varieties. One notably common variation is a Resurrection garden which is sort of a tradition in Great Britain since I’ve seen plenty of them in English churches (since the Brits are really into gardening). Now a Resurrection garden is called thus because it features an empty tomb indicating that Jesus has risen from the dead. Since the empty tomb can just involve a small flower pot with rocks at the front or a stone turned, it’s relatively easy mini garden to do. You can also do a garden in an Easter basket as well. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a snapshot into a treasury of mini Easter garden scenes.

  1. A natural Easter basket is sometimes best.

This one has a nice little spring flower scene with a nest of eggs and a bunny statue. So lovely.

2. As we see here, Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God.

Jesus’s cross contains the crown of thorns and a white sash. And the crosses are made from twigs.

3. Always go with a couple Easter eggs in a vibrant grotto.

Because that’s the only way I can tell this is an Easter garden. Though I like the statue and columns.

4. Even the fairies wish you a happy Easter.

They also even like to hang out with little bunnies in baskets. Like the flowery trees.

5. I suppose a moss covered tomb would be more appropriate.

Though I normally don’t imagine it as such since the Holy Land is more or less depicted as a desert. Then again, you have to admire the flowers.

6. How about some flowers among the gravel church path?

Helps if the church is small and in a Tudor style. Makes a quaint garden scene if you’ve ever seen one.

7. Doesn’t hurt to plant a few flowers near the empty tomb.

These empty tomb gardens can range from plain to quite elaborate. But I had to include this one with the flowers.

8. Sometimes moss and rocks are all you need.

Because an empty tomb garden doesn’t require much as far as aesthetics go. Also, you can make crosses with just about any stick you find.

9. Pink and purple flowers have a real spring touch.

Yes, it’s another empty tomb garden. But at least this one has pink and purple flowers. You’ll see a lot of these though.

10. “And they brought him to a place called Golgotha (which means the place of the skull).”

Okay, this is a rather morbid rendition with including a skull. But it’s at least accurate in etymology.

11. An empty tomb scene can always do with a few flowers.

This one has a wood chip path from the crosses to the tomb. Though you’d find a few flower patches.

12. These little lambs love to play among the flowers.

After all, lambs are innocent creatures that Moses demanded to be slaughtered so Hebrew families wouldn’t succumb to the plague of the Firstborn son. And that’s how we get Passover.

13. For Easter, you might want to let some bunnies near your caravan.

Well, Easter bunnies, anyway. Though make sure they’re not some human figures in bunny costumes.

14. “He is not here. He is risen.”

As you can see, they even have Resurrection figurines. Though I wouldn’t say they’re necessary.

15. Sometimes a garden more close to nature comes to mind.

This one appears to be set in a plot at some church. But you can see the moss and flowers nonetheless.

16. For Easter scenes, adding some Easter eggs always helps.

Because nothing says Easter like colored eggs. Also helps if you include bunnies and chicks.

17. A bare Easter tree can always use a few ornaments.

Yet, this one has bunnies instead of Easter eggs as would be the case. Like the flowers and butterfly though.

18. For an empty tomb garden, all you need is a hillside plot.

Though most usually use a flower pot and rocks for the empty tomb. But at least it includes planted flowers.

19. When in doubt, you can always try a nature scene.

This one is taken from a show on the Hallmark Channel. I know that network is famous for its saccharine programming but at least this garden is pretty.

20. Apparently, you’ll find the risen Jesus in this garden.

I don’t know about you. But I kind of like it better when resurrection gardens don’t include action figures.

21. Now this is what I call a real Easter free for all.

This one even has a lit candle, which I’d advise against. However, this is as Easter as it gets without the Christian motifs.

22. Sometimes resurrection scenes are better with peg dolls.

Though I’d advise against it. I think a tomb scene with flowers is sufficient enough.

23. An empty tomb can conveniently fit in an Easter basket.

Not sure if the plants are real. But it seems easy enough to do.

24. An Easter garden can always start small.

These are of mini Easter baskets, by the way. Yet, each has a flower and cute critter to love.

25. An Easter garden can’t go without a few spring touches.

Here you come to an assortment of spring decor that’s expensive as hell. All surrounding a glass stone lake.

26. These little chickies find a haven among flowers.

I think this might be from a basket. Though the chicks and the chocolate eggs give it an Easter touch.

27. With church gardens, you can never have enough plants.

A lot of British churches have these gardens around Easter which can get very elaborate. This one really takes the cake.

28. Spring is a time of new life and new beginnings.