The Adorable World of Funko POP! Vinyl Figures


You see these figures in plenty of stores and online. Distinguished by their square oversized heads, beady eyes, and small plastic bodies, these figures have become popular as collectibles. Founded in 1998 at Snohomish, Washington, Funko has become noted for its pop culture collectibles, particularly its noted plastic figurines and bobbleheads. After all, it was originally conceived as a small project to create various low-tech, nostalgia-themed toys. Their first known bobblehead figurine was the Big Boy restaurant mascot. Although the company also makes plushies, action figures along with electronic items like USB devices, lamps, and headphones. Since its inception, Funko has created 13,642 different products in dozens of toy lines. Their most famous Pop! Vinyl line figurines are modeled in a similar Japanese deformed style which have existed since 2010. So for your reading pleasure, I’ll give you an assortment of these toys. Enjoy.

  1.  King of the North Jon Snow takes the Iron Throne.

Except he doesn’t despite killing Daenerys. Since Drogon melts the Iron Throne shortly afterwards. While he’s sent to exile at the Wall.

2. Thor is about to rock at Ragnarok.


Though he has a skull helmet in his hand. He’ll get a real makeover later.

3. “You want me to paint that Happy Little Tree?”


This is Deadpool dressed up as Bob Ross. Comes with pallet and giant paintbrush.

4. Where would Colonel Sanders be without his bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken?


Here he is in a white suit and glasses. But stay away from the chicken since it will kill you.

5. Geoffrey the Giraffe is always a Toys R’ Us kid.


Unfortunately for him, Toys R’ Us has declared bankruptcy and closed all its stores. Thanks to a greedy vulture capitalist entity known as a private equity firm.

6. Sirius Black cleans himself up nicely.


Tragically, he dies in Book 5 trying to save Harry at the Department of Mysteries. Bellatrix Lestrange made sure of it.

7. Belle always keeps to herself in the village.


This is her from the live-action version. Given that she has towels on her blue apron.

8. Michael Scott sees himself as the world’s best boss.


Despite that Michael has no idea what’s going on at Scranton’s Dunder Mifflin office. Not to mention, he has a tendency to make a fool out of himself.

9. Queen Daenerys Targaryen takes court at Dragonstone.


But please don’t fail her. For she’ll have her dragons burn you to ashes. Lord Varys learned the hard way, but he was right about her.

10. Thanos relishes having the Infinity Gauntlet.


Okay, this can’t be good. Since he intends to annihilate about half of humanity.

11. You’ll have tons of fun with the Cat in the Hat.


But make sure you clean up before your mom comes home. Since the Cat totally trashed it before he left.

12. Bob Ross will show you the joy of painting.


Comes with a brush and palette. Ready to paint some happy little trees and show how in his soothing voice.

13. Batman has received a message from the Riddler.


Wonder how he could read that during the night. As Gotham City is prone to colorful and psychotic supervillains. Still, Batman can do way more good for Gotham by paying his taxes.

14. Spiderman can swing from high skyscrapers.


Here he jumps high that he has a stand. Let’s hope his webs are strong enough.

15. “Wait till my father hears about this.”


This is Draco Malfoy as a Quidditch play for Slytherin as a seeker. Mostly because his dad bought new brooms for the team.

16. Joyce Byers fiddles with Christmas lights.


Because she thinks she can find her son Will this way. So she uses the lights to form an alphabet.

17. Jonathan is always handy with a camera.


Too bad his brother’s missing and his crush is seeing Steve Harrington. Don’t worry, that’s easily resolved by the end of the first season.

18. Big Boy is here to sell some burgers.


Is that restaurant still around? Because I don’t think Big Boy restaurants still exist in my neck of the woods. Besides, I haven’t seen one in a very long time.

19. Dale Cooper just needs his cup of coffee.


Though what goes on at Twin Peaks is at a whole other level. Say hi to the log lady for me.

20. Wonder Woman always knows how to kick ass.


She’s an Amazon demigoddess who can dodge bullets and take on Ares. Sadly, her boyfriend Steve Trevor wasn’t so lucky.

21. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger appear in their Yule Ball best.


Hermione wears a gorgeous pink dress when she appears with her date, Viktor Krum. Ron wears a ghastly hand-me-down dress robe.

22. Tiana looks like a princess during the Mardi Gras party.


Though I wouldn’t kiss that talking frog if I were her. Sure he’s a prince. But she’ll turn into a frog, too.

23. Finally, Aragorn is crowned King of Gondor.


Yet, he takes time to reunite with Arwen and kneel down for the hobbits, particularly Frodo. You won’t see him again.

24. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Superman.


However, make sure you evacuate Metropolis when he takes up with Zod. And don’t go to Smallville either. Seriously, the city was destroyed by the end of Man of Steel.

25. Ginny Weasley knows how to chase that Quaffle.


Well, she’s mostly a chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Though she takes over as Seeker whenever Harry gets into some terrible trouble.

26. Marty McFly shows off his guitar skills in Back to the Future.


“You may not be ready for this. But your kids are going to love it.”

27. Dustin is always eager for an adventure.


But please, don’t keep any critter from the Upside Down as a pet. Seriously, he should know after Season 2.

28. The Beast seems to enjoy the birds outside.


Well, he doesn’t mind holding them in his hand. Wonder why they don’t just fly off in fear.

29. Toothless is all harnessed and ready to go.


Now he’s just waiting for Hiccup to ride him. But I wouldn’t mind if he’s messing around.

30. Harry Potter is the Boy Who Lived.


Though note that a very dark wizard’s after since he killed his parents. Also, he’s incredibly famous in the Wizarding world.

31. Alice finds herself stuck in Wonderland.


However, many have a tendency to see her adventure as an acid trip. Or at least inspired by one.

32. Falcon can fly in his super suit.


He’s Captain America’s sidekick. Of course, he may not have actual super powers beyond what his suit offers.

33. Rapunzel lets down her hair.


Though Mother Gothel won’t let her out of the tower. Since she needs her hair to retain her youth and beauty.

34. Aquaman knows how to wield a trident.


After all, he’s the king of Atlantis. And you must see his underwater kingdom.

35. Tywin Lannister runs Westeros behind the Iron Throne.


Unfortunately, he’s a very terrible parent, especially to Tyrion. Trying to execute him for a crime he didn’t commit would bite his ass hard. Like Tyrion shooting a crossbow while he’s on the toilet hard.

36. Russell is a trained Wilderness explorer.


And he’ll go to great lengths to help the elderly. Even if it means ending up in South America. And whether Carl likes it or not.

37. Make way for Prince Ali.


This is Aladdin as a prince. So he can win over Jasmine. Despite he should’ve just came to the palace as herself.

38. With President Snow, let the Hunger Games begin.


He’s president of Panem and the main villain of The Hunger Games. And he doesn’t want any funny business. Or someone will have to die.

39. Looks like this is a job for Captain Marvel.


And unlike Wonder Woman, she doesn’t need a skimpy outfit to save the world. Also, she can fly in space.

40. Kristoff knows how to mine the ice.


He may not be a prince and prefers hanging out with his reindeer. But he’s a good guy who will go out of his way for Anna. Prince Hans, not so much.

41. Ghost is Jon Snow’s most trusty friend at the Wall.


But if Jon doesn’t pet him before going to King’s Landing, he’ll never hear the end of it. Because all Ghost has done was be a good boy.

42. Agent J would like to deneuralize you.


Comes with Frank the Pug who’s an alien, not a talking dog. Still, you won’t remember anything afterwards.

43. “Mama, just killed a man…”


This is Freddie Mercury during his early career. And yes, he did the “Bohemian Rhapsody” video in that outfit.

44. Bran Stark holds a dagger in his wheelchair.


Funny, how he doesn’t seem to do anything but warg. Yet somehow he ends up king.

45. Is everyone ready for Ellen DeGeneres?


Nice how they depict her figure dancing in a white pantsuit. But no, she’ll no longer have that piece of shit Donald Trump on his show.

46. Mulan is ready to meet the matchmaker.


And that meeting will go down horribly. Mostly due to the cricket messing up everything.

47. Mantis doesn’t always understand certain expressions.


Yet, Drax loves her anyway. Too bad he died in Infinity War thanks to Thanos.

48. Ironman flies in his special suit.


And yes, it has weapons. So if you see him, get out of the way.

49. “What can I say except you’re welcome…”


Too bad Maui stole that heart from the goddess that she turned into a raging volcano. Still, get a load of his large fishhook.

50. When you’ve got a problem, you better call Saul.


Since Saul Goodman is the only kind of lawyer sleazy enough to represent such scumbags like Walter White. Has his own spin-off series on AMC.

51. Nothing makes a better Christmas gift than “Dick in a Box.”


Guys, please don’t do this. Seriously, it’s not going to turn out well. Still, these guys are pretty funny.

52. Peter Quill is the Star Lord.


He wears that mask while he’s in space. Though he should’ve got the memo that he’s not entirely human by the fact he’s still alive when he gets in the space ship.

53. “The night is dark and full of terrors.”


Though Melisandre should’ve known better than to have Stannis sacrifice his own daughter. Seriously, it’s no wonder Davos wanted her dead after that.

54. “Scuse me while I kiss the sky…”


Jimi Hendrix was long considered the greatest guitarist rock music has ever had. Performed the national anthem at Woodstock.

55. “The Dude abides.”


Here the Dude stands in his cardigan with a White Russian in hand. Still, I’m sure you’d want to wear his comfy clothes.

56. Loki is fulfilled by glorious purpose.


Yet, given that Loki has a tendency to backstab whenever he sees fit, don’t trust him. Seriously, he’s a known trickster.

57. Vampire Bob delights in greeting trick-or-treaters.


Too bad he ends up dead at a government facility. Still, he was a very nice guy.

58. Lieutenant Uhura is an exemplary communications officer.


Though I’m not a fan of her relationship with Spock. Seriously, they weren’t a couple in original series.

59. Here’s one clown you don’t want to run into.


The Joker is the most famous Batman villain since he’s utterly insane and a psychopath. Still, he knows how to dress.

60. Carl just wants to go to Paradise Falls.


Well, he wanted to go there with his wife. But she died at the end of the beginning montage.

61. No one dare mess with Walter White.


Since he’s the one who knocks. Though he also wears tidy whities.

62. Dr. Strange can do magic in another dimension.


Though I can’t get used to Benedict Cumberbatch’s American accent. Seriously, I don’t think anyone sounds like that.

63. Princess Kate is a noted royal beauty.


Well, she has 3 kids with Prince William. Though I wouldn’t say he’s aged very well since he’s bald.

64. Michael Corleone is up for the business.


However, he’s surprisingly cruel to his enemies that he eventually drives the people he cares about away from him. Also, he kills his own brother.

65. Ant-Man can always change his size.


This is him in giant mode from Ant-Man and the Wasp. Because him in small mode is just too difficult to make.

66. “Dobby is a free elf.”


Sure Dobby might stir trouble now and then. But he’s so endearing that you can’t help but love him.

67. “What’d up, bitch?”


This is Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. He assists Walt with the meth stuff. But also has a conscience.

68. Eleven likes her Eggo waffles.


But don’t get her mad or she’ll simply hurt you with your mind. Billy learned the hard way.

69. Flash will get it for you fast enough.


Though you’ll have to wait a very long time at the DMV. Because he’s a sloth and moves very slow.

70. It’s time for Logan to get the claws out.


By the way, Wolverine could basically slice and dice you if you piss him off enough. He can also heal himself. Though his luck runs out in Logan.

71. Stan Lee always insists on a cameo.


Sad that he’s gone though. Yet, this is his figure from Guardians of the Galaxy.

72. “I’m a rocket man.”


Here he’s in one of his more flamboyant outfits. This one is probably American flag inspired.

73. “Welcome, welcome, welcome to Last Week Tonight.”


Here John Oliver stands to talk about the latest news and social issues we don’t often talk about. Wins Emmys and is on HBO.

74. Steve Harrington will watch your kids.


He may be a shitty boyfriend to Nancy. But he grows up in Season 2 when he takes in those 4 boys.

75. Sheriff Hopper is on the job.


He also takes in Eleven at around Season 2. But he dies in Season 3 right before he could get together with Joyce. So sad.

76. Hope that Harley Quinn doesn’t strike.


Still, her relationship with the Joker isn’t one of romance. In fact, it’s more on the lines of domestic abuse.

77. Chewbacca is always there to lend a hand.


Though please don’t piss him off while playing board games. Best to let the wookie win. Still, his crossbow is awesome.

78. Make way for the queen.


She’s dressed in one of her brightly colored outfits. Yet, she must make sure her hat matches everything else.

79. Muhammad Ali flies like a butterfly and stings like a bee.


But object to serving in Vietnam over Muslim faith and he gets stripped of his title. While Cheeto Fascist fakes bones spurs and becomes president.

80. Khal Drogo is a fearless badass.


Too bad he dies from an infected boo boo. Wonder why that doesn’t happen more often in Game of Thrones.

81. Gamora is here to save the day.


She basically saves everyone’s ass in Guardians of the Galaxy. Too bad she dies in Infinity War.

82. Maleficent is the Mistress of All Evil.


She’s kind of woman who’d lash out for not being invited to a christening. Can also turn into a dragon.

83. “Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?…”


Sadly, the real Pocahontas’ life was incredibly sad after meeting John Smith. Since she got kidnapped and raped. Before she married John Rolfe, went to England, and died of smallpox at 21.

84. Moana is a wayfarer through and through.


She comes with her little pet pig Pua. Shame she left the little guy behind and the useless rooster stowed away.

85. Mad Max is great in the arcade.


However, her brother’s not so nice. This is especially after the Upside Down got to him.

86. Betty Boop can dance her nights away.


She’s a cartoon character from the 1930s. Comes with her dog, Pudgy.

87. Mera has spent her long days under the sea.


But unlike Ariel, she hooks up with a guy she hardly knows because she doesn’t want to marry his brother. Even though she has every excuse to leave everything she’s known.

88. You don’t want to mess with the Winter Soldier.


He’s Bucky Barnes who’s Captain America’s best friend from World War II. God, you don’t want to know what HYDRA did to him.

89. Sabrina Spellman isn’t your ordinary witch.


Comes with her cat, Salem. Nonetheless, Sabrina’s powers can get out of hand even in the Netflix series.

90. Mowgli has always lived in the jungle.


However, being a feral child doesn’t make him equipped with living in civilization. Perhaps he’s better off with the animals.

91. All hail Queen Elsa of Arendale.


Please, Princess Anna, don’t get engaged to a prince so fast. Because Elsa will erupt and plunge the kingdom into eternal winter.

92. Tyrion Lannister has had enough with his dad.


So he’s going to kill him with a crossbow. And yes Tywin will be on the toilet by then.

93. Boromir will fight to the death.


I’m sure he’s basically a pincushion in the back. Though he’s right that one does not simply walk into Mordor…

94. Weird Al Yankovic’s songs are always better than the originals.


Comes with his own accordion. Still, many of his parodies have stood the test of time.

95. Perhaps you’d want these 3 Ewoks.


Sure they may eat you. But if you’re a golden robot, they’ll worship you as a god and spare you and your friends. Hell, they may even join in the fight.

96. “Phenomenal cosmic powers. Itty-bitty tiny living space.”


The Genie can only grant you 3 wishes. And even then, he has restrictions. RIP Robin Williams.

97. “School’s out for summer.”


Yes, Alice Cooper is in an outlandish costume and everything. But he knows how to rock in a top hat and pimp cane.

98. People can’t get enough of baby Groot.


Got to love him dance in flower pot to the Jackson 5. So cute.

99. Black Panther will always protect Wakanda.


T’challa is king of Wakanda one of the most technologically advanced countries in Africa and the world. And he’s got a lot of strong women behind him.

100. Would you trust this guy with your money?


Actually, to hell with the 1%. Mr. Monopoly and his friends need to pay their taxes and their employees a living wage and benefits.

The Wonderful World of the Teddy Bear (Fourth Edition)


Of course, I couldn’t do Valentine’s Day without including the iconic Teddy Bear. For decades this cuddly toy has been adored by children and adults alike. And you’d often find this little guy as a popular V-Day gift from sweethearts around the world. Since they have movable arms, you often see them dressed in all kinds of little costumes. Since they’re so irresistibly cute, you’d often find them dressed for all kinds of occasions and holiday. But once in awhile, you’ll see a teddy bear dressed as a pop culture icon or culture figure. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of adorable teddy bears. Enjoy.

  1. “One of you will beartray me..”

DaVinci’s The Last Supper with bears. From the Jeju Island teddy bear museum.

2. Mama bear needs a new pair of shoes.


This bear is supposed to frequent a casino. And it seems she’s got all hearts.

3. All bears on deck.


This is from a teddy bear museum, possibly in the UK. Nonetheless, the wooden ship is amazing.

4. Erin has always been an Irish darling.


She’s supposed to resemble an Irish river dancer for Saint Patrick’s Day. Love the shamrock head garland.

5. Seems like our bear archaeologists found something incredible.


These bears have came to the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi. Here they marvel over remains of some terra cotta soldiers.

6. Here they stand on the ruins of war.


These are teddy bear soldiers near ruins in France during WWII. And yes, some hang out in a jeep.

7. The band played on….


This is a teddy bear rendition of the sinking of the Titanic. Cue to the polar bears on the iceberg.

8. A flower dress is perfect for any spring occasion.


She even has a lace handkerchief in her paws. Love her flowery hat.

9. Coco always has to be a fashionista.


She wears a kimono to go with her red handbag and sunglasses. While her bag is from Big Brown Bear.

10. Perhaps you’ll appreciate this birthday bear.


This one has a bikini clad bear coming out of the cake. Kind of amusing and adorable.

11. Bet you’ve never seen a bear in his boxer briefs.


His waist band says it all. And he looks so adorable in that pose.

12. Graduation is always quite an accomplishment.


This graduate is in white for the Class of 2015. So its job prospect might not be great.

13. On Halloween night the pumpkin fairy appears.


It has orange wings and a jack-o’-lantern magic wand. Doesn’t look spooky. But is quite adorable.

14. Mary can always spare a put or two.


She’s supposed to be a female golfer. Here she wears a skirt with her diamond polo.

15. David always knows how to make a goal.


Since he’s got claws, he needs no cleats. But let’s hope they don’t rupture the ball.

16. Ryan will just shoot some hoops.


He also knows how to dribble. So you might not want to play a round of one-on-one with him.

17. Brittany knows how to look chic in pink.


She even wears a camo denim outfit and a pink leather jacket. So cute.

18. Anyone miss Bearack Obearma yet?


Indeed, I sure do miss him and his presidency. Still, he comes with Obearma Care.

19. This your Captain Clawly Clawenberger speaking.


This teddy bear’s supposed to be an airplane pilot. Will fly you to the moon and warm your heart.

20. Watch out for this grizzly pirate.


He’s even got an eyepatch. But back away when he uses his sword.

21. Nancy Bear is on her way to the spa.


She’s in her pink robe with a towel around her head. So she’s good to go.

22. Barry is all ready for the big game.


He’s already got his shoulder pads on. Not sure why he’s not wearing a helmet.

23. Christmas is the time to shine in a Santa dress.


She’s even wearing a Santa hat. So pretty and festive.

24. A bear should always look chic on the town.


she wears a dress with an iconic Vuitton print. Or is it Gucci? Who cares?

25. Ethan is Army strong.


He’s wearing a desert camo uniform. Wonder if he’s served in Afghanistan.

26. Father Christmas is the bearer of great tidings.


He’s the British equivalent to Santa Claus. But check out that cane and kick ass cape.

27. A distinguished Pilgrim always has a goatee.


He’s a Thanksgiving bear. Wait until he takes the land away from the Indians.

28. A Christmas angel wishes peace on earth.


She even has red bird in an intricate design. Love her blue dress.

29. When there’s snow, bring snow shoes.


He’s even all bundled up. Despite that bears usually sleep in during the winter.

30. Tape measure can also double as ribbon.


Though she also uses it to measure sizes. Still, so adorable.

31. This Steiff bear makes his own in his workshop.


Didn’t know he could have his own toy workshop. Includes a sewing machine and wood stove.

32. This alien teddy bear is out of this world.


IT’s red with a little space helmet. It’s also a limited edition Steiff from Japan.

33. A colorful harlequin also needs to know how to juggle.


He’s in red and white. while he wears a cone hat of green and blue.

34. Charlotte always loves to dress in a scary costume for Halloween.


She wears a black bat mask and a black tutu. She’s even got a spider near the skirt.

35. A red dress and tiara makes a bear queen of the ball.


She’s even got a bouquet of roses. So pretty that she stuns.

36. This teddy will be strong for you.


The barbells even have hearts. While he wears a medal for cuteness.

37. A country singer should always have her own guitar.


Trixie’s guitar matches her boots. While she dons a black dress and hat.

38. Say hello to Santa’s newest little helper.


Yes, he’s a Santa elf. Though he doesn’t sport pointy ears.

39. Lindsay always enjoys roasting marshmallows.


She’s dressed for the colder weather, too. Like the scarf and bow.

40. Guess it’s someone’s sleepy time.


He wears his own romper and bear slippers. Though he carries a rather mischievous expression.

41. Even among teddy bears, K-Pop is all the rage.


Well, it’s from Seoul’s teddy bear museum, what do you expect? Guess it’s “Oppa Gangnam Style.”

42. The city is always a bustling place.


This is from a teddy bear museum in Jeju. Yet, all the bears are in street clothes. One’s even checking her smartphone in the street.

43. Anyone in the mood for smores?


He has the graham crackers and chocolate. He wears an orange vest to be seen when going to the bathroom.

44. Ladies and gentlemen, the king.


Here’s bear Elvis in his white jumpsuit and red guitar. Yet, he won’t look so great in his Vegas years.

45. “Me, Pawzan. You, Jane.”


Here he swings with his jungle bear in harms. While the apes look on.

46. “Now let this be a fair fight.”


This can get ugly. But at least they’ll be stuffing leaking out by the end instead of blood.

47. Nobody surpasses this iconic bearsketball player.


This is supposed to be Michael Jordan during the 1990s by the way. He was the Lebron James of his day.

48. It’s always ice and snow in the polar regions.


Sure, polar bears and penguins don’t go together. But it’s a cute display nonetheless.

49. Must be hard to entertain 7 little bears.


This a display of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Here she reads them a bedtime story in the woods.

50. Looks like we have the experts at work.


I think they’re supposed to be archaeologists. Since I saw a few bones and things.

51. Apparently, teddy bears have their own Jurassic Park.


And we come to some bears about to be eaten by a T-Rex. Don’t have much hope for them.

52. This bear has been through so many tissues.


This is a get well bear. Nonetheless, you have to love the pajamas.

53. Japanese bears dress in lavish kimonos.


Wonder if they’re supposed to be a bride and groom or an emperor and empress. Still, they’re adorable.

54. Nobody should miss the Winter Olympics.


I guess they’re watching some of the events. Includes snowboarding and cross country skiing.

55. Don’t think you can scratch this 7-year itch.


This is a teddy bear of Marilyn Monroe from The 7th Year Itch. Here her dress goes up from the air vents.

56. Bears always love their bread.


Here we come to teddy bears baking bread. The bears here also wear chef hats.

57. Everyone seems to love a royal wedding.


This one is of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Let’s just say despite the fairy tale atmosphere, the marriage didn’t last.

58. These bears pay tribute to a Buddhist shrine.


Well, this is from a museum in South Korea. Got to love how the bears bow down to the Buddha.

59. Hera always looks like a queen.


She’s supposed to be the Greek goddess Hera, queen of Mount Olympus. Given that her husband can’t keep it in his pants, she’s got a very vicious streak.

60. Dionysus always knows how to party.


He’s the Greek god of wine and revelry. Still, his parties can get pretty wild.

61. These bears play on the beach.


A mother and daughter build a sandcastle. While a guy goes out surfing.

62. These bears have fallen on hard times.


This is a rendition of a famous painting. Indeed, they’re poor farmers. But it’s kind of cute.

63. Here the king consults with his advisers.


You can tell they’re his advisers due to their tall hats. From South Korea.

64. Seems like a leopard snuck in.


Okay, it’s a teddy bear in a leopard onesy. And it looks adorable in it.

65. This bear lady is rather enterprising.


She’s smartly dressed in a navy blue business suit. Like her scarf.

66. Seems like Gulliver is all tied up.


Here’s a teddy bear rendition of Gulliver’s Travels. Includes one giant bear and a bunch of little ones.

67. On Mount Olympus, Zeus is king.


Yes, that’s Mr. Sex Fiend with the Lightning Bolts himself. As he sits on his golden throne.

68. Beware of the ferocious Minotaur.


He’s supposed to be half-bear and half bull. And he’ll tear people to shreds with his cuteness.

69. This bear means business.


Yes, that teddy bear’s got a knife. So it’s best you stay away.

70. A small red dress can always stun.


This bear wears a sweet little red dress with a bow. Like her jewelry, too.

71. You’d think this was a rainbow bear.


This bear has bright colors all over it. So adorable and colorful.

72. This bear knows how to keep warm.


This is the female version of the Vermont bear. Comes with dog and blond hair.

73. Perhaps you’d want some candy from Lucy.


This is a Lucille Ball teddy bear. Please don’t employ her in any candy factory.

74. When you’re blue, make way for the cheerleading bear.


Comes with pom poms, flag, and megaphone. Like her bows. So adorable.

75. This teddy comes to support Team USA in the Olympics.


This was for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Nonetheless, he seems like quite the avid patriot.

76. This bear dresses in conversation hearts.


Well, it wears that sweater. Though they’re not making these chalk hearts this year.

77. Someone looks spiffy in a sailor outfit.


Well, this is for a little kid. Nonetheless, it’s a colorful get up with a pom pom hat. So cute.

78. This bear’s reading for 2.


Since she’s pregnant. As you can tell by her maternity dress.

79. Wonder if this is for a Korean wedding.


I guess it is, given the groom’s outfit. The bride wears a white dress.

80. No one can resist a bear on a rocking horse.


Indeed, the bear rocks a horse by the fire. So hard to resist. Awww.

The Dollhouse World of Miniatures


When many of us are kids, we may have dollhouses we’d play with from time to time. They may be part of a set or homemade. Yet most will come with a family along with all kinds of furniture and accessories which are sometimes sold separately. However, while dollhouses have primarily been a domain for children, their collection and crafting can also be a hobby for many adults. Think Lester Freamon in The Wire who likes making dollhouse furniture. Nonetheless, today’s dollhouses trace their history back 400 years to the European baby house display cases that showed idealized interiors, which first appeared in the 16th century. These displays mostly consisted of cabinet display cases consisting of individual rooms.  Yet, unlike most dollhouses you’d find at Wal Mart today, these were handmade with architectural details and filled with miniature household items that weren’t made to a uniform scale even within an individual house. These were solely made for adults. And no, the reasons had nothing to do with safety concerns since child labor was rampant back then. But more because these early dollhouses were often status symbols of rich people who could afford them in England, Germany, and the Netherlands. Not to mention, they often cost as much as a house. Smaller houses with more realistic exteriors appeared in Europe during the 18th century. As you’d expect, early dollhouses were all handmade until the Industrial Revolution when they began mass producing toys. Of course, while many of us played with dollhouses as kids, the miniatures I will show on this post are more the work of adult hobbyists. So enjoy for your reading pleasure.

  1. You’d be pressed not to peek into the Palace of Versailles.
Okay, it’s a miniature display. But the detail is quite extraordinary.

2. Perhaps you might want to look in the pantry.

Looks much cleaner than a typical pantry. Yet, contains all the provisions your heat desires.

3. How about we kick back and relax in the music room?

This room even includes a large painting of a woman in a purple dress within a gold frame. Also includes a piano in the corner.

4. Best to put your bookshelves above your bathroom door.

Well, it seems more like an old-fashioned set up. Even includes a spitoon in the corner.

5. Treat yourself to some fine dining.

You’d even see a chandelier on the ceiling. Not sure if it really lights up. Also, love the miniature china.

6. A blue room should always come with considerable taste.

The furniture even matches the wallpaper. Includes painting and a gold chandelier that really lights up.

7. A floral divider always brightens a room.

The dividing wall even contains a bookshelf. Love the windows and chair.

8. Sometimes a small one room trailer is all you need.

This is more of a colorful display you’d find in a Wes Anderson movie. Still, it’s quite quaint.

9. Anyone would want to have this gorgeous kitchen.

This one has pots and pans dangling at the ceiling. Yet, you won’t find a dishwasher, sink, or refrigerator here.

10. This print shop seems quite busy.

You’d almost think Benjamin Franklin would work in such a place. Though there doesn’t seem to be a printing press in sight.

11. Sometimes it helps if the wallpaper matches the floor.

Consists of 2 striped chairs with a painting and chest of drawers between them. The chairs even match the lamps as well.

12. This bakeshop is open for business.

Includes a staircase with open air dining. Tables even have flowers on them.

13. Perhaps a more modern style may suit you.

As you can see, most of these dollhouse styles seem to date before the 1920s. Though this one has zebra rug and antique bust.

14. In a palace, you’ll find plenty of rooms with outrageous extravagance.

I’m sure this room is part of a palace. Includes a chandelier and other lavish decorations.

15. A garden can always bring beauty into a sitting room.

Seems like someone’s having a tea party in here. Yet, the pug has to grab a present.

16. I guess important business is conducted in this palace room.

Apparently, it’s quite gilded from ceiling to floor. Though you’d find fruit on the central table.

17. A white living room doesn’t need to be plain.

This room has a lot of fancy decorations. Guess this was in some lavish mansion.

18. Nobody has been to this laundromat for quite some time.

Seems like this place was built in the 1960s from what I could tell from the furniture. And the machines are all defunct.

19. We all need to relax in a calm room from time to time.

Seems like almost everything in here had to match the china. Though the chaise lounge seems quite comfy.

20. This swanky diner is always a happening place.

Indeed, this place seems straight from the 1950s. And yes, it’s made from a metal box.

21. A sultan would love to have a room like this.

This one has nice pillow seats around the table. Hope the wall is tiled with real mosaic, too.

22. The furniture must always match the wallpaper.

This one even has the curtains match as well. Got to love the pillows though.

23. A lavish throne room is always fit for a king.

This is part of a palace. Indeed, it’s quite lavish. Though I’m not sure about the color.

24. You’ll find all kinds of trinkets in this white room.

I guess the trees are photos for the background. Yet, you have to admire those Greek columns.

25. A Grecian living room should always carry a marble statue.

It’s even lit by a small chandelier. Still, got to love the fireplace.

26. Perhaps you want to lie on a flowery bed.

The floral wallpaper is pretty. Not sure how I feel about the covers.

27. You might prefer to lounge around in a more modern home.

You can see the living room on the bottom floor. And you can peek in the bedroom at the top.

28. You can’t go wrong with blue walls and white furniture.

Well, a couple of chairs aren’t white. But they go well with the white fireplace and shelf.

29. Every girl has to sleep in a pink bedroom once in awhile.

This room is in a little case. And yes, it has pink wallpaper and shelves.

30. Wonder what dresses are in store in this room.

After all, this room has plenty of dress pictures. So it’s not hard to assume it’s a dressing room.

31. A Christmas tree should always brighten a room around the holidays.

This one even includes candles which is a critical fire hazard. Though this display is supposed to reflect the 18th century.

32.  You should do your laundry in this room.

Since the whole laundry room is in a bottle of detergent. Still, got to love the clothesline.

33. Got to put some wood in the stove.

This is an old-fashioned stove with copper crockery. Thank God, we have electric.

34. A desk should have as many of compartments as you desire.

This one keeps books and papers inside the top shelves. Though the green color isn’t for me.

35. A bathroom should have a modern touch.

Sure it only has red walls and a mosaic floor. But are posters necessary?

36. A design studio should have plenty of light.

This one has rather simple and wide windows. Though seems like a great place for crafts.

37. Perhaps you’d like a room with some Asian flair.

Consists of pillow seats and a low table. Yet, they also match the red cushioned sofa.

38. A white bedroom always looks clean.

Includes a shelf for white and floral blankets. Love the flowers though.

39. Any little girl would love a bedroom like this. 

Has floral wallpaper and dolls on the bed. Also, you’ll find some on a shelf.

40. A 21st century kitchen should have some modern flair.

This one has a checkered floor with flowers on the tables. Includes a sleek new fridge, too.

41. Feel free to take the tea you want.

And it seems to be quite a tea party. Judging by how many teapots there are in this dining room.

42. An opulent couch can never have too many cushions.

Indeed, all these pillows come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns. Love the drapes.

43. Perhaps you’d want to sit back to a roaring fire in this rustic cabin.

I bet a fire is fake. Yet, the room seems to have a rather cozy atmosphere.

44. You can spend hours in this cozy living room.

Has a bookshelf beside the couch. While the coffee table contains cacti and a starfish.

45. Seems like there’s a special occasion going on.

This room is in a modern design. Love the fancy Chinese dragon rug.

46. When greeting guests, always make a grand entrance.

Contains a fancy green door with a fancy green ceiling. Oh, and there’s some gold railing.

47. A bathtub should always match the wallpaper.

Looks like an old bathroom given the bowl and pitcher. Yet, there doesn’t seem to be a toilet.

48. Blue cabinets will surely brighten a kitchen.

Even has a fireplace next to the stove. Though you’ll find plenty of blue and white dishes.

49. You’d swear the bed was attached to the wardrobe.

This seems like something you’d find in a Renaissance castle. Yet, the woodwork is quite ornate.

50. You’d swear that you’ve been transported into an old-timey garage.

The cars are definitely Volkswagens. And some will need tires replaced.

51. Hope your kitchen is well tiled.

This is a more old-fashioned kitchen with a wooden ice box in the background. Also, note the blue and white porcelain.

52. Doesn’t hurt to gild your living room if you can afford it.

Indeed, it’s quite an extravagant parlor with flora chairs. Even includes a famous painting or 2.

53.  Want to hear a song in the music room?

You should look inside the piano. It’s quite an ornate work of art.

54. Perhaps you’d like a living room with an extravagant mural.

This mural features imagery from Greek mythology. Also includes exquisite gold columns to match.

55. A luxurious home should have luxurious furniture.

And I see this furniture set includes a bed for the dog. Not sure what to think about that.

56. A royal study should be fit for a king.

Includes a chandelier and a roll-top desk in gold trim. Even has gilded walls and mirror.

57. Sometimes simplicity is best.

Though this one hardly counts as simplicity. And yes, it has a fancy dog bed, too.

58. Guess this an empty theater long after the show is done.

Seems like it’s been abandoned. Yet, the light remains on for you to see the seats.

59. You’ll find whatever you need in this pantry.

Contains all kinds of food and preserves for all your desires. Though I don’t think I’d try the milk.

60. Sometimes a quality kitchen is a fancy kitchen.

This kitchen even contains paintings. Not sure if it belongs in a room where you cook food.

61. With high columns, your home can look like a palace.

Though I think they were actually going for the Roman palace look. And yes, there’s plenty of gild to go around.

62. You’ll have plenty of counter space in this sleek modern kitchen.

Includes an oven and plenty of shelving. Could easily see this in an IKEA catalog.

63. A pantry should have everything well stored.

You’ll find all sorts of things in here. Even a Canadian goose on the table.

64. The scullery will take care of your dirty dishes.

And I see there’s a washboard and tub on the other side. Definitely not a room I’d want to be in.

65. Hope you enjoy a walk down the halls.

And yes, there’s an ornate archway. But feel free to look at the pretty paintings.

66. A stately room should have fine lavender curtains.

Has a big chandelier with fine paintings. The chairs are rather ornate, too.

67. A grand entrance must always impress.

Gas 2 grand staircases coming down the middle. But take a peek at the paintings.

68. In a Tudor room, you always rely on the window light.

Don’t see a lot of furniture here. Yet, I do find a chandelier.

69. If you can’t have cabinets, curtains work just as well.

Counter is filled with food. Yet, you’d always come to a sunny kitchen with that kind of light from the windows.

70. You will always enjoy fine dining in a green room.

You have to admire the fine wooden furnishings. While the chandelier has candles to light up the room.

71. Perhaps you might prefer to dine in a large white room.

Wonder if this is a palace room. Since it sure looks like it. Though I do love the large painting.

72. A blue bedroom can always make you relax.

Has a nice mural on the ceiling to look at. Includes white furniture with blue drapes and cushions.

73. Care to dine in a fancy room?

Has a lot of wooden furniture with a white fireplace. Includes a table filled with culinary delights.

74. Enjoy a recital in this gilded music room.

Even the piano is gilt with gold. And it has a big chandelier from the ceiling.

75. Mirror walls make for a luxurious bathroom.

Has a lovely marble bathtub with sink. Not sure how I feel about the mirrors though.

76. A living room should always have a fine mix of wooden and floral furniture.

The floral couches have gold upholstery. While a large painting sits above the fireplace.

77. You’ll find plenty of tables in this hallway.

Well, it’s more of a social hall. Contains plenty of palm trees near the table areas.

78. At this apothecary, you’ll find a cure for whatever ails you.

Has plenty of jars and boxes in fine packaging. There’s even a witch’s picture near the window.

79. An Art Deco kitchen will always give what you need.

The cabinets are in black and white. While the ice box is in a separate room.

80.  Get all the produce you want from this market stand.

You can see all the fruit and vegetables to your heart’s delight. Wonder what each item costs.

81. Sometimes all you need is a nice, cozy dining room.

Even has a couple of dogs sleeping off from the table. Also has a green fireplace and archway.

82. A quaint entrance always leaves room for flowers.

Sure it’s not extravagant. Yet, seems like a rather quaint front entrance you’d find almost anywhere.

83. Now I would definitely get myself ready in this dressing room.

Mostly because the walls and furniture are purple, which is my favorite color. Love this room.

84. “Grandma, what big teeth  you have?”

This is a miniature rendition of Little Red Riding Hood. And yes, the wolf is up to no good here.

85. This living room is fit for any Renaissance man or woman.

Has high columns with a globe and harp. Even has a wooden ship model.

86. Guess this bedroom belongs to an artist type.

You can see a couple of paintings near the bed. And yes, it’s in a modern design.

87. A bright cyan bedroom will always lift one’s spirits.

Has a white bed inside. While the upholstery is in gold. Yes, lavish indeed.

88. Sometimes a simple kitchen is all you need.

You’d think this was an old kitchen. Until you see a small package of Ritz crackers.

89.  You’ll find plenty of dishes in this cabinet.

The dishes consist of fine china and jugs. Perfect for any old American kitchen.

90. Care to take a holiday reservation?

This seems like a rather swanky restaurant or hotel. Still, love the Christmas tree in the next room.

91. Gold furniture never goes out of style.

Once again, the set includes a luxurious dog bed. Like the gold divider though.

92. Kick back and relax in this rustic bedroom.

Has a deer head aboce the bed. And plaid curtains on each side to match. Great for a weary traveler.

93. A fancy room should always have some fancy furniture.

The walls are quite elaborate with Greek columns and wide windows. Love the chandelier.

94. Perhaps a small house may suit your fancy.

Even has a piano outside for serenades. But where’s the bathroom and the kitchen?

95. Perhaps you might go for a fancy bathroom with an ornate sink.

Comes with a chandelier and a shelf above the tub. Has a stained glass window on the tub ceiling.

96. There’s nothing like a hard day in the garden.

Contains birdhouses and pots. Even includes a rusty wagon.

97. A lovely living room should always give way to large windows.

Has a floral mural above the fireplace. Nonetheless, the pets seem to enjoy this room.

98. Wooden walls always make for a fine dining room.

The woodwork on this dining room is amazing. Love the chairs, too.

99. Blue walls will always make a room more elegant.

Here the dog sits by the wicker chair and ottoman. Love the curtain on the right.

100. A dining room should always look its best to entice guests.

Here the table is all set up and surrounded by paintings. Guess it’s a state dinner at a palace.

The Art of LEGO


They may be indestructible plastic blocks that hurt like hell when you step on them. But these colorful interlocking bricks from Denmark have had a special place in our hearts along with their yellow minifigure figurines. Since 1949, these bricks can be assembled and connected in a variety of ways to construct objects, vehicles, buildings, and even working robots. Anything built can be taken apart for another day. As of 2016, Lego has produced over 600 billion bricks while supporting movies, games, competitions, and 6 Legoland amusement parks have been developed under one of the world’s most powerful brands. And it’s because these bricks are so versatile that several people with too much time on their hands have turned the iconic LEGO into the realm of art with sculptures, models, dioramas, and mosaics. Many of these may imitate existing cultural artifacts and every day objects. Others have their own original design. But each is worth marveling at in its own way. So for your own reading pleasure, I give you a treasure trove of Lego works of art.

  1. You’d almost think Whistler’s mother would come to life in the brick.

Kind of seems a bit life size and 3-dimensional. But almost appears you’re in the room with her.

2. Perhaps a small Lego country church may suit you.

These Lego buildings can be small enough for a table top. While some can be large to take up a whole room. Also, there seems to be a wedding taking place here.

3. Try breaking off a piece of this Kit Kat Bar.

Sure you can’t eat it. Since it’s made out of plastic bricks. But it’s quite interesting to look at.

4. You’ll never have to water a Lego bonsai.

Such a delicate structure that you’d almost mistake it for the real thing. Yet, at least it’s easy to maintain since you don’t have to water it.

5. Feel free to color your world with these crayons.

Actually you can’t do that since they’re made of Legos. But one of them is slightly unwrapped.

6. Looks like Mt. Brick Helens has finally blown its top.

Got to like the Lego clouds. Wonder how the artist managed to keep the whole thing on balance.

7. You’d almost swear that this Lego King Tut façade is straight from Ancient Egypt.

Well, it’s certainly quite colorful. And King Tut seems like he’s smiling at this angle.

8. Perhaps you can use a lawn mower for your grass.

You’d almost think it was a real lawn mower. But it’s mostly made from Lego and can’t actually cut grass.

9. A Concorde jet can travel at supersonic speeds.

Unfortunately, you can’t fly on one of them. But you have to admire this LEGO model.

10. Live on Tape from the Brick Sullivan Theater in New York City, it’s Stephen Colbert.

Can’t get through the Trump Administration without this guy. Still, like how they use a pair of glasses for his Lego bust.

11. Bird lovers will enjoy this perched blue jay.

Indeed, this is a small creation. But it’s nonetheless lovely to look at. So pretty.

12. Take a glance at this Lego sailing ship.

This one has tall sails and a red hull. However, I have to admit it looks great on a shelf.

13. Be careful with this Ming vase.

Actually it’s made from sturdier stuff than porcelain. But you don’t want to drop it either.

14. Behold, the ruins of ancient Greece.

Wonder if this is supposed to be a Lego version of the Athenian acropolis. Nonetheless, it almost seems like the real thing.

15. “Help! There’s a giant gorilla climbing the Empire State Building!”

As we all remember that iconic scene from King Kong. And yes, it’s all in Lego and in a large warehouse.

16. Perhaps this ornate clock will tell you the time of day.

Yes, it’s a Lego cuckoo clock. But unlike what Harry Lime says in The Third Man, it wasn’t invented in Switzerland.

17. How about a bear head on your wall?

Don’t worry, it’s just made out of Lego bricks. Yet, it carries an expression of a bear in the headlights after it shit in the woods.

18. Here’s Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear like you’ve never seen them before.

Since 1995, Woody and Buzz have been close friends and icons at Pixar and Disney. And they’re quite giant size in Lego.

19. If you love Virginia, take some time to see Thomas Jefferson’s beautiful Monticello.

Yes, it’s a scaled down Lego model. But you have to admire the close resemblance.

20. Care to explore this jungle waterfall?

Can’t believe you can make such a landscape with such bricks. Love the waterfall and trees.

21. This Lego moon base is out of this world.

Though it seems more like a galactic metropolis than anything. But it’s amazing to see with its colorful towers.

22. If you’re a fan of The Hobbit, you might enjoy this magnificent village.

It’s the village you see near the dwarf’s mountain city. You know the one that has Smaug and a shitload of treasure.

23. Anyone can admire a graceful Bald Eagle.

And it’s perched on a ledge. Still, it’s the animal symbol of the USA. And it’s no wonder.

24. All aboard to an exotic location on this Lego Cruise Line.

And yes, it’s surprisingly huge. But you really don’t want things going wrong on a cruise ship vacation.

25. If you’re from the Philippines, you’d smile at this Lego map.

It’s a map of the Philippines with some of it’s structures on it. I’m sure anyone from that country would enjoy this work of art.

26. This Lego Cinderella would outshine at any brick ball.

Well, she certainly has the Disney charm in her blue dress. But once she leaves her glass shoe, you’ll be scrambling to search for her.

27. Nobody can resist these Lego penguins.

Comprises of an adult emperor and chick. And yes, they’re just as adorable as the real thing.

28. A Lego Hogwarts castle is certainly a place for magic.

And yes, it’s simply massive as you can see. In some pictures, it even lights up.

29. Any Hobbit would love to live at Lego Bag End in the Shire.

Well, this is a small model. But it’s akin to a lovely hobbit hole in the countryside.

30. Dr. Seuss fans would rejoice with this Lego Sam I Am.

But I would rather not try his green eggs and ham. Because I don’t want to get any bad case of food poisoning.

31. This small Dresden cathedral seems almost heavenly.

Yes, it’s an amazing Lego replica. But I hear the rest of Dresden isn’t quite as picturesque.

32. You will thaw over this Lego polar bear mom with her cubs.

Too bad these beautiful creatures are losing their habitat due to climate change. Since they rely on the ice so much in their Arctic home which is melting at record rates.

33. I guess this is a modest dwelling for a samurai.

Sure it’s not as spectacular as the other Japanese Lego structures. But you have to love the garden and bridge on this.

34. You might gaze at the Washington Mall.

Of course, the Washington Mall is much bigger than that. Yet, this one includes the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.

35. Anyone would marvel at this Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.

This one has a nest of eggs. nearby. Yet, it’s a prehistoric Lego masterpiece.

36. Get a load of this giant Blackberry phone.

He even has his own face in the screen. And it’s all made out of Legos.

37. Check these Lego sculptures from a galaxy far, far away.

These consist of Darth Vader and Chewbacca. And I’m sure the Force is strong with them.

38. Anyone would love to have a moose mounted on their wall.

And it’s all made out of Lego bricks. Perfect for any cozy study or living room.

39. You don’t want to mess with the powerful Maleficent.

Since she can turn into a fire breathing dragon. And here’s a replica of her against Prince Philip.

40. Perhaps you might want to put some Legos under a microscope.

Well, this is a Lego microscope. Not sure if it works. But it’s quite cool to see.

41. Look no further for the seat of British power.

These are the Houses of Parliament and the seat of the British government, which Guy Fawkes tried to blow up. And yes, it includes the famous Big Ben Tower.

42. Care for a Lego Eggo for a complete breakfast?

Actually you don’t want to eat it since it’s made from Legos. But it has butter and syrup on it.

43. Wes Anderson fans would adore this Grand Budapest Hotel.

And yes, the Grand Budapest is in its exquisite 1930s decadent glory. Don’t ask about its concierge Gustave.

44. Didn’t know you can make a globe with plastic blocks.

You have to marvel at the exquisite detail, too. I mean the topography is almost top notch.

45. Had no idea that Santa’s workshop was an underground operation.

Has a whole assembly line and everything. And you’d think it was a lone house with a tree.

46. Explore the wonders of Lego Petra.

This is a replica of a palace that was built into a rock face. And its revelation has made it the stuff of legend.

47. You’d almost think this Starry Night mosaic is the work of a master.

Well, a master Lego artist copying from Van Gogh’s most famous work. And yes, it’s almost spot on in Lego.

48. No need to worry about this offshore oil rig.

Since it’s made of Legos and constructed just for show. So you won’t have to worry about a massive oil spill like Deepwater Horizon.

49. Someone must’ve crashed their plane.

Now they’re stranded in the wilderness and not sure where to go. But at least the plane didn’t explode upon landing in the trees.

50. With this Lego light bulb, you can light up the world.

Though you’d have to use a light bulb inside the light bulb. But it’s nonetheless amazing.

51. Want to drive this Ford Model T?

It’s more of a scaled down model made from Lego. But like the original, only available in black.

52. A rainbow pinwheel flower can always please.

And boy, what a large flower it is. Not sure if can actually turn though. But it’s pretty.

53. All aboard the RMS Titanic.

Actually, I’d rather not since I know what happened. Still, this Lego replica of the doomed ocean liner is immense.

54. You’ll probably have to assemble this one all by yourself.

Since it’s a Lego IKEA. You know the Swedish store for furniture you have to put together yourself.

55. 3, 2, 1, Houston, we have liftoff.

This is a Lego shuttle launch. Looks quite amazing in an indoor setting, doesn’t it?

56. Nobody could imagine this Lego map of the world.

This one includes the Earth’s topography. And yes, you can lay it down flat.

57. Lego American Gothic is a new twist on an iconic masterpiece.

This is in a similar mode as Whistler’s Mother. And yes, it’s quite spot on.

58. Ride along the river with this golden dragon boat.

Guess this is a Lego replica of a royal barge. Not sure where this is supposed to be from.

59. If you’re a Warhol fan, you might appreciate this Lego mosaic.

That’s the iconic Campbell Soup picture if you’re wondering. Had to include this since Warhol was a native of Pittsburgh.

60. Wonder how many are in this nesting doll.

This is a Lego Russian nesting doll. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of smaller ones inside another.

61. Perhaps you might want to live in a treehouse near a waterfall.

Indeed, it gives a rather breathtaking view. But this Lego replica can just as well be a work of art.

62. Please stop and smell the roses or tulips. I’m not sure what these are.

Since Lego flowers can be hard to identify. But they’re nonetheless pretty.

63. “That’s one small step for man..”

Care to salute a Lego astronaut? Wonder if he’s almost life size.

64. A majestic hawk can always spread its wings.

Wonder what kind of hawk this is supposed to be. Since it seems incredibly huge to be life size.

65. If you’re the proper sort, you might like Lego Downton Abbey.

Yes, there’s a Lego Downton Abbey. And I’m sure you’ll be pissed if any of the minifigs die, too.

66. Lego Santa Claus wishes you a Merry Christmas.

And he on a wintry backdrop. Still, he’s quite lifelike and life-size.

67. Lego Captain America is Marvel’s patriotic champion.

Yet, I wonder why he can’t save us from our country’s biggest threat. Like Donald Trump in the White House. Oh, wait, he’s a fictional character.

68. Set your hands on this Greek column.

Well, it’s a Lego column. And yes, it’s quite Ionic if you ask me.

69. You’d almost think you were inside a mummy’s tomb.

However, these are all made out of Legos. But the resemblance is quite close.

70. A Lego Vatican is the answer God has been waiting for.

This was made by a priest, by the way. But it’s nonetheless spectacular.

71. A Moai statue will surely please admirers.

We’re still not sure why the people of Easter Island erected these massive statues. But you can’t help but appreciate this.

72. Even Jabba the Hutt can’t resist this Han Solo in carbonite.

Yes, there’s even a Lego version for that. And yes, it’s almost life size.

73. While Harry isn’t at Hogwarts, he loves spending summers at the Weasley’s Burrow.

The Burrow may not be the most stable place. But it’s home to the Weasleys. Still, this is a great Lego replica.

74. Want to shoot some pool?

And yes, these are all made from Legos. Not sure if you can actually play with these. But they’re quite cool.

75. Travel the Mississippi River on this quaint old steamship.

While it may evoke feelings of nostalgia for a bygone time, these were very dangerous in their day. Seriously, these were prone to fires.

76. Of course, I had to include a Renaissance masterpiece.

This is the Mona Lisa in Lego form. And her smile is as enigmatic as ever.

77. Anyone want to enjoy a turkey dinner?

And yes, it seems to look quite good. Though you wouldn’t want to eat it. Care for a drumstick?

78. You have to admire these colorful parrots.

They’re even on a Lego ledge. But don’t try to get either to talk.

79. Anyone in Paris can appreciate the Arch de Triomphe.

It’s one of the most famous landmarks in Paris. After the Eiffel Tower, the Lourve, and Notre Dame Cathedral, of course.

80. Abu Simbel is a temple fit for a Pharaoh.

The temple was built by Ramses II, by the way. But this is a replica in Legoland.

81. “Someday we’ll find it, the Lego connection…”

Yes, this is Lego Kermit the Frog with a banjo. Built for the lovers, the dreamers, and me.

82. You’d be tickled by this silly old bear.

This is a Lego Winnie the Pooh. Such an inoffensive character yet he’s somehow banned in China.

83. Best you beware of this ferocious Tiger.

This one even has fangs. But it’s harmless since it’s made out of Lego.

84. Indiana Jones has just come from an epic adventure.

Wonder what kind of ancient structure he had to destroy to get that trinket. Yes, I know it belongs in a museum.

85. Care to ride in this rainbow hot air balloon?

However, I’m not sure it can float up in the air. Because hard plastic can be rather dense.

86. This Lego family is just taking a rest.

This is from a Legoland, by the way. But they seem a rather happy family.

87. Try launching this rocket, NASA.

This is a Lego replica of a Saturn V. The rocket used to launch astronauts to the moon.

88. Bet you can’t catch this Roadrunner.

And Wiley Coyote would know more than anything. Since he’s been through hell and back trying to catch this impossible bird.

89. Lo and behold, He has risen!

Here’s Lego Jesus in front of a stained glass window. And yes, he’s glorified within the white brick.

90. Anyone would be mesmerized by this snowy owl.

Don’t worry. It won’t claw or bite you. Nor will it deliver your mail.

91. Even if it leans, the Tower of Pisa will still stand.

This is a Lego version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Since it was built on rather unsteady ground.

92. Nobody could resist this ornery and adorable BB8.

BB8 is basically R2-D2 on steroids. And yes, he’s quite versatile and feisty.

93. Beware of the dreaded monster of the deep.

Yes, the Lego shark is ferocious with its sharp teeth. But it won’t hurt anyone.

94. Feel free to walk around the US Capitol.

This is the Lego US Capitol. Note the lack of protestors. Still, it looks magnificent.

95. At Legoland, your wedding will have a cake like this.

Well, it’s a Lego wedding cake that will only be used for decoration. Because hard plastic isn’t edible.

96. Many Bothams died building this.

Actually, that’s the wrong Death Star. But if you’re building a Lego Alderaan, you might want to stay clear of this guy.

97. With a castle like this, dreams will come true.

This is a Lego replica of Cinderella’s castle at Disney World. It also appears on the Disney logo.

98. Mt. Olympus is reputed to be the home of the gods.

Well, the gods of Ancient Greece. A dysfunctional family of jerks who commit incest and do whatever they damn well please no matter. Just don’t tell them you’re better than them and they will put you through hell.

99. Haiga Sophia is the jewel of Constantinople (now Istanbul).

It’s an architectural marvel known to withstand earthquakes. Nonetheless, you have to love the massive dome and minarets.

100. This painting is well worth a scream.

It’s a Lego version of Edvard Munch’s The Scream. And it’s 3-dimensional, too.

The Wonderful World of the Teddy Bear (Third Edition)


One of the more iconic gifts people receive on Valentine’s Day are teddy bears. If you look at the Vermont Teddy Bear website, you’ll find more bears for V-Day than any other holiday. They may be cuddly toys, but they’re not just for kids to play with. In fact, these plushies of cuteness are used for all sorts of occasions and are customized to suit your fancy. You have teddy bears for holidays. You have bears for special occasions. And there are plenty of bears dressed as public figures, occupations, hobbies, fictional characters, and what you will. After all, I did a couple of posts pertaining to them. Still, looking at their beady eyes and fur, you don’t need to wonder why people have loved this toy all over the world. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of teddy bears. Enjoy.

  1. Cuddle this polar bear on cold winter days.

But if you don’t believe in global warming, then explain to this guy why their polar home is disappearing. Still, you want to hug it.

2. Obear wan Kenobi always uses the Force.

Though he doesn’t seem to have a lightsaber. Then again, he can maul Sith with his bear hands.

3. Everyone wants to hug this Panda bear.

Yes, this little guy’s from China. But it’s American made thanks to the Vermont Teddy Bear Company.

4. You’ll never see anything more saintly than this angel.

Well, she’s decked in white and gold. Still, got to love the wings and halo.

5. There is no Jedi bear more powerful and wise than Master Pawda.

Great warrior, Pawda is. Flips during lightsaber battles, Pawda can do.

6. You’d go mad over Mad King Ludwig II and his swan.

Sure he may have been a terrible and crazy king of Bavaria. But at least he gave his people an assortment of great tourist attractions.

7. Even bears hung out at diners during the 1950s.

Though you wouldn’t guess they’d drive muscle cars and wear poodle skirts. Still, this is adorable.

8. Sultan Ali Bearba always sports an amazing mustache.

Yet, he’ll tear any encroachers to shreds with his claws. Love the turban.

9. Someone’s ready for their close up.

Though the camera bear might need to pull up his pants. For his tighty whiteys are showing.

10. This fair lady bear is all ready for the masquerade ball.

She’s dressed in red and has a golden mask in her paws. Wherever she goes, no one can see her face.

11. Joel le Paz loves to give away presents.

He even gives away bears of all sizes. Got to admire his red cape and hood.

12. Gabriella is always in a fairy bloom mood.

Well, she certainly has fairy wings and dress. But she’s nonetheless a heavenly vision.

13. Wonder Wombear empowers girl bears everywhere.

Kind of had to include this one since Wonder Woman came out in 2017. Too bad that film got snubbed for Oscars.

14. Come to the Emerald City for these bears.

Includes Dorothy, her friends, Glinda, the Wicked Witch of the West, and Toto? Don’t get the last one.

15. Michaelangelbear always knew how to capture the moment of creation.

It’s supposed to be a teddy bear rendition of The Creation of Adam. And yes, it’s quite amazing to look at.

16. Care for a Sunday afternoon in the park?

This is based on a painting by George Seurat. And yes, I think they got the whole thing almost perfect with teddy bears.

17. Draculclaws wants to suck your blood.

So you might want to proceed with caution. For he tempts unsuspecting victims with cuddles.

18. Teddy Bears are always up for a spring family picnic.

Though I wonder if this family hijacked some people picnickers. But here they enjoy a nice, quiet day.

19. Lucy Bear is always in the mood for chocolate.

She’s basically a teddy bear Lucille Ball. And yes, she’s always ready to be zany.

20. Ivanka Trump always knows the height of fashion.

However, while she claims to be for women and children, she’s basically her dad in sleeker packaging. Also, she may sell overpriced clothes. But they’re made by sweatshop labor in countries with human rights abuses.

21. Bianca Bear loves to ice skate.

She also has aspirations to become a figure skater. Like her idol Clawnya Harding.

22. Mr. Right is always just around the corner.

However, you didn’t expect him to be covered in fur with a wet nose and ears. But he comes with roses and chocolates.

23. Whatever you wish, its Genie bear’s command.

Comes with a lamp and 3 hearts for wishes. Still, love the turban. So cute.

24. Chef Paw Paws comes highly recommended.

Here he comes with a gingham scarf on his neck. But he always washes his paws before he cooks. His dishes are quite bearable.

25. This teddy bear is great at kung fu fighting.

Sure he may be a white belt. But he can totally karate chop you if he had the chance.

26. Never guess this bear is a real turkey.

Though a Pilgrim or Indian costume would’ve been less outrageous. Still, people will talk about this turkey at Thanksgiving.

27. The Birthday bear loves to wear a cake hat.

Though there are a few candles on top. Any more and his head would be set on fire.

28. This star quarterback is ready for his forward pass.

Well, he’s not wearing a helmet and shoulder pads. Then again, bears are quite resilient.

29. This injured bear’s fallen for you and has the cast to prove it.

He may have an injured leg and crutch. But you can’t help but cuddle him.

30. Beach bear girl never gets too hot on the coast.

She’s in her own swimsuit, sunglasses, and hat. And she’s ready to get in the water.

31. Anyone would want an angel bear on their Christmas tree.

She’s in a white gown trimmed with gold. And her wings give her a heavenly disposition.

32. Sprinting Susie always works out at the trail circuit.

She wears her own sports bra. But you have to like her sweats and sneakers.

33. See Clawnya Harding do a whirl on ice.

But if Nancy Berrigan beats her in the Olympics, she’ll rip her to shreds. Love the outfit though.

34. Sometimes if you want to get a moose, you’d have to dress like one.

Well, I guess this is for the Vermont Teddy Bear Company to promote their state. But I didn’t know any moose lived in Vermont.

35. Though he loves bacon, he loves you more.

I can understand why bears would love bacon. But a bear in a bacon costume is quite hysterical.

36. “Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house…”

“Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.”
Also, this plaid pajama bear comes with a mouse in his pocket.

37. Dr. Claws wants to check your teeth.

He even has a tooth with its own eyes and smile. Also, he insists you brush and floss.

38. Glitter Whimsy Bear is always full of sparkle.

She has a purple jacket and pink skirt. But she shines wherever she goes.

39. Coco Bear always dresses at the height of fashion.

Has her own handbag to accessorize. Still, you have to admire her good taste.

40. Anyone can be a ferocious dragon with effort.

Or he could be dressed as a dinosaur. Either way, he’s adorably scary.

41. Snowshoe Santabear needs no sleigh and reindeer.

Though reindeer can make a nice supplement. Still, this is kind of clever.

42. Spirit will put you in the Winter Olympic mood.

He’s ready to go to South Korea for Team USA. And he wears red, white, blue to prove it.

43. It’s always G’day to this Australian policeman.

Though he doesn’t seem as cuddly as other police bears. That’s because he’s patrolling the Outback.

44. Nobody could resist Papi Chiulo.

With his black outfit and red rose, he can make the ladies swoon. And he likes to cuddle.

45. These bears can always catch the rainbow.

Each one is a different color. And their bows usually match their fur.

46. Even teddy bears must go to school.

Each student has a slate board. Guess this is from a one room schoolhouse.

47. You’d almost say this bear is Leonardo’s masterpiece.

Well, it’s a teddy bear Mona Lisa from the Teddy Bear Museum. And yes, she has hair from her ears.

48. “Make mine a double.”

Yes, it’s a teddy bear bar scene. And yes, that patron will be there for a long time.

49. I’m sure you’ll be impressed by this Asian ceremony.

Looks like a wedding ceremony. Since the girl bear is wearing red. Still, quite amazing to see.

50. These bears seem to have a natty fashion sense.

Well, their outfits are quite colorful. And they surely know how to accessorize.

51. Mr. Darcy Bear is a proper gentleman.

Sure he may be kind of a crank at first. But deep down, he’s warm and fuzzy.

52. Didn’t know they had teddy bears at Normandy.

Yes, this is a teddy bear rendition of D-Day. Saving Private Ryan has never looked more adorable.

53. “Four score, seven bears ago…”

Yes, that’s an Abraham Lincoln teddy bear. And yes, he’s in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

54. Teddy bears even visit the Great Wall of China.

Some of these guys are already exhausted. Of course, walking long distances can do that to you.

55. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Virtruvian Teddy Bear.

It’s based on Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing. And yes, it has all the limb movements.

56. Check out this teddy bear emperor tomb.

This is a rendition of the Chinese Emperor Qin’s tomb. And yes, they have teddy bear soldier statues.

57. “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

Though I’m sure if bears need boxing gloves since they have sharp claws. But this is a fight I wouldn’t mind seeing. Okay, maybe not.

58. China is home to plenty of pandas.

So a Chinese panda display is a no brainer. Still, this is so adorable.

59. Care to see bears in their natural habitat.

Sure it resembles the North American wilderness. Though it’s from a teddy bear museum in Hawaii.

60. Of course, I couldn’t forget the teddy bear’s namesake.

Yes, that’s a teddy bear of Theodore Roosevelt. And yes, he has a big smile on his face in the wilderness.

61. “It’s a small world after all…”

Well, you have to love this Disney teddy bear display. There’s even one dressed as Mickey Mouse.

62. “That’s one small step for a bear, one giant leap of bearkind.”

Neil Bearstrong becomes the first teddy bear to land on the moon. And here he greets everyone on Earth.

63. “Ladies and gentlemen, the Beartles!”

These are the Beatles before Sergeant Pepper. Still, got to like their mop tops.

64. Looks like the natives are roasting somebody.

And they seem to have him on a rotisserie. Yes, it’s derogatory but kind of funny.

65. Shrek and Fiona haven’t been more warm and fuzzy.

And yes, they’re green and their ears are ogrish. Come with 3 blind mice and Puss in Boots.

66. Greetings, Professor Einstein.

This is within the home of Albert Einstein. And I’m sure it’s supposed to be his home with his wife and kids. Who he’d end up leaving.

67. Didn’t know that bears ate in their own cafeteria.

And I guess they go all over with the buffet. Because we all know bears eat anything.

68. A cheerleading bear always cheers for you.

Comes with her own pom poms. And she is ready to roar.

69. Always honor the sacrifice of a service amputee.

He’s only missing a leg. But he’s been a brave soldier on his crutches. We salute you, one legged bear.

70. “Frosty the Snowbear was a jolly, happy soul..”

Yet, this teddy bear snowman is guaranteed to melt your heart. Even with the carrot nose.

71. How about a teddy bear in your Christmas tree?

And the tree is fuzzy as the bear itself. Comes with ornaments and a star.

72. Perhaps you might want to celebrate Thanksgiving with these Pilgrim bears.

Though the Indian bears would beg to differ. Mostly because the Pilgrims eventually drew them out and gave them smallpox.

73. Bearcent Van Gogh admires his sunflowers.

Still, he only has one ear. Since the real Vincent Van Gogh cut his off.

74. You can’t get enough with this Valentine Sweetheart.

She wears a red dress and bow. Nevertheless, she’s so sweet and adorable you want to hug her.

75. Prince Charming has your glass slipper on a purple pillow.

Though to be fair, the prince had to go all over town to find Cinderella. Still, he could’ve just given a physical description.

76. This bear always has a jackhammer ready.

He’s decked out in orange to show it. Comes with a suitcase.

77. Anyone would want to cuddle this little Eskimo.

Wears a blue parka and has their own polar bear. A great friend if you live up north.

78. A refined bear should come in a Baroque pink dress.

She has a heart purse and an ornate hat. But the dress is quite lovely.

79. Spirit will always be for Team USA in the sun or snow.

I bet this is for the Summer Olympics. Hope he had fun in Rio but I highly doubt it.

80. I’m sure nobody can resist this Christmas penguin.

Well, he has a beak and a top hat. But seeing this bear in a penguin tuxedo will melt your heart.

The Wonderful World of the Teddy Bear (Second Edition)


Two years ago, I did a post on Teddy Bears which many people loved since I got a lot of views on it. But since my country is now in the winter of its discontent and that Valentine’s Day will be around soon, I thought I could do another. After all, we all need some cuteness in our lives now and then. And what toy can be any cuter than a fuzzy, wuzzy teddy bear you can cuddle with? Nevertheless, these are mainly toys for kids and a lot of people may not like receiving them for Valentine’s Day. Yet, at the same time, it’s a highly popular toy that has so many variations from places like Build-A-Bear Workshop, Steiff, Gund, Boyds, and the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. I mean you’ll find all kinds of bears suited for holidays, special occasions, occupations and activities, and even celebrities. Oh, and you have to see the ones of fictional characters. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of these adorable plushies of joy.

  1. Han Solbear shot first.

Wait until his girlfriend's dad freezes him in carbonite and gives him to Bearba Fett to hand him to Jabba. Then he won't look so tough. Also, travels with an alien who resembles a Sasquatch.

Wait until his girlfriend’s dad freezes him in carbonite and gives him to Bearba Fett to hand him to Jabba. Then he won’t look so tough. Also, travels with an alien who resembles a Sasquatch.

2. Lord Furatio Nelson always looks dashing in his naval uniform.

Of course, he should only have one arm in this. But he looks adorable anyway.

Of course, he should only have one arm in this. But he looks adorable anyway. May come with bear of Lady Hamilton.

3. Fuzz Lightyear is always to infinity and beyond.

He even has a cap to show off his own ears. And a suit with his own wings.

He even has a cap to show off his own ears. And a suit with his own wings.

4. Of course, there’s always a cuddly bad boy around town.

This gangster bear has his own machine gun and even that doesn't keep you wanting to hug him. Though he does know how to dress.

This gangster bear has his own machine gun and even that doesn’t keep you wanting to hug him. Though he does know how to dress.

5. A pirate captain bear should always sport a colorful coat for the high seas.

Well, he certainly has a nice jacket. But you wouldn't want to come aboard his ship.

Well, he certainly has a nice jacket. But you wouldn’t want to come aboard his ship.

6. And you thought you wouldn’t want to see a hairy girl on the beach.

Well, at least she knows how to have fun in the sun. And she doesn't seem to show a lot of fur.

Well, at least she knows how to have fun in the sun. And she doesn’t seem to show a lot of fur.

7. Marco Polbear always loves to go on an adventure.

Though we're not sure if his account on China was factual or just made up. But he does look cute with a map and telescope.

Though we’re not sure if his account on China was factual or just made up. But he does look cute with a map and telescope.

8. Wondy Bear is always here to save the day.

Yet, this is her in her more modest attire with the star skirt. Still, she's here to inspire love.

Yet, this is her in her more modest attire with the star skirt. Still, she’s here to inspire love.

9. This festive caroler makes sure to dress for the yuletide season.

Though despite looking adorable, she tends to make people a bit scared at her. Also, can't carry much of a tune.

Though despite looking adorable, she tends to make people a bit scared at her. Also, can’t carry much of a tune.

10. It’s not easy being green in the land of Oz.

Yet, just remember that she has every right to her sister's ruby slippers. And that you don't want her anywhere near water.

Yet, just remember that she has every right to her sister’s ruby slippers. And that you don’t want her anywhere near water.

11. Hear ye, hear ye, comes the town crier bear.

Sure you may find it odd that he's dressed from the 18th century. But his attire suggests a festive spirit at the tavern.

Sure you may find it odd that he’s dressed from the 18th century. But his attire suggests a festive spirit at the tavern.

12. There’s nothing a baby appreciates more at their christening than this little bundle of hugs.

Well, I'm sure this is for a girl. Because having been to a lot of baptisms myself, boy babies usually wear a different outfit.

Well, I’m sure this is for a girl. Because having been to a lot of baptisms myself, boy babies usually wear a different outfit.

13. If you see a bear like this on Christmas Eve, you might be visited by 3 spirits.

Yes, this is a Jacob Marley Bear from A Christmas Carol. Chains not included.

Yes, this is a Jacob Marley Bear from A Christmas Carol. Chains not included.

14. There’s nothing people appreciate more than a teddy bear royal wedding.

Sure it may not be Will and Kate's wedding. But these royal newlyweds look adorable nonetheless.

Sure it may not be Will and Kate’s wedding. But these royal newlyweds look adorable nonetheless.

15. Sometimes you need a furry friend to help you surf the net.

However, please don't mind his broken glasses and bad fashion sense. He's very smart. Honest.

However, please don’t mind his broken glasses and bad fashion sense. He’s very smart. Honest.

16. Unto us, a cub is born.

Yes, this is a teddy bear nativity scene from the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. Shepherds and wise men not included.

Yes, this is a teddy bear nativity scene from the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. Shepherds and wise men not included.

17. He may not be a saint but it’s clear his cuteness is infallible.

Yes, it's another pope bear. Yes, I know I had one on the least teddy bear post. But this one has the funny hat and a different outfit.

Yes, it’s another pope bear. Yes, I know I had one on the least teddy bear post. But this one has the funny hat and a different outfit.

18. Of course, Lucille Bear always had spunk.

Well, this is a Vermont Teddy Bear tribute to I Love Lucy. And they seem to have this bear in Lucy's chocolatier outfit.

Well, this is a Vermont Teddy Bear tribute to I Love Lucy. And they seem to have this bear in Lucy’s chocolatier outfit.

19. Accountant Bear will help you do your taxes.

Okay, not really. But you have to like how he has an initialed briefcase and his own calculator.

Okay, not really. But you have to like how he has an initialed briefcase and his own calculator.

20. This little ball of fur nearly makes it to the finish line.

Yes, this is a marathon bear. And he has on his little number to show for it.

Yes, this is a marathon bear. And he has on his little number to show for it.

21. Optometry bear wants to know if you can see anything.

Comes with an eye chart. Though glasses don't seem to be included.

Comes with an eye chart. Though glasses don’t seem to be included.

22. If you’re Jewish, your kids will delight in this Hanukkah moose.

Sure it's no a Hanukkah tradition. But I couldn't resist leaving it out like I did the last time. Plus, it's adorable.

Sure it’s no a Hanukkah tradition. But I couldn’t resist leaving it out like I did the last time. Plus, it’s adorable.

23. A yoga bear should know how to strike a pose.

Includes a yoga mat with carrier. Not sure what this pose is supposed to be though.

Includes a yoga mat with carrier. Not sure what this pose is supposed to be though.

24. Apparently, this crooked bear is only a prisoner of your heart.

Comes with a heart and chain. Of course, this bear has to wear bright orange as modern prisoners do.

Comes with a heart and chain. Of course, this bear has to wear bright orange as modern prisoners do.

25. Even the bears of Vermont are feeling the Bern.

Love how the Bernie Sanders bear has his hairstyle. Yet, this Vermont teddy bear is always a champion for the working class of all types.

Love how the Bernie Sanders bear has his hairstyle. Yet, this Vermont teddy bear is always a champion for the working class of all types.

26. This zombie sweetheart teddy bear will make you rip your heart out.

Goes with the zombie bear I had in the post from 2 years ago. Like her dress, by the way.

Goes with the zombie bear I had in the post from 2 years ago. Like her dress, by the way.

27. The Obearmas will always have a special place in Americans’ hearts.

I already miss these two so much. They were such a great couple at the White House.

I already miss these two so much. They were such a great couple at the White House.

28. A British bear always wears khaki on his tour of duty.

However, as customary for British war bears, he doesn't wear pants. Yet, he looks dashing in his beige beret.

However, as customary for British war bears, he doesn’t wear pants. Yet, he looks dashing in his beige beret.

29. Dr. Bear will make your little dog better.

So that's what a teddy bear vet looks like. Not sure what to think about the bunny though.

So that’s what a teddy bear vet looks like. Not sure what to think about the dog though.

30. This little bear has now received a distinguished degree.

Well, it's not uncommon to buy teddy bears for graduation either. Also available in white.

Well, it’s not uncommon to buy teddy bears for graduation either. Also available in white.

31. This cuddly burglar is out to steal your heart.

It even has a little mask and sack. Love how it's holding hearts in its paws.

It even has a little mask and sack. Love how it’s holding hearts in its paws.

32. Someone must be cooking something in the kitchen.

Of course, her dress always has to match her oven mitt. And she can'd do without her wooden spoon.

Of course, her dress always has to match her oven mitt. And she can’d do without her wooden spoon.

33. Need a tissue?

I'm sure seeing the sight of this bear will make you feel better. Nice how the robe and slippers match.

I’m sure seeing the sight of this bear will make you feel better. Nice how the robe and slippers match.

34. On St. Paddy’s Day, how about you kiss this Irish bear?

For the record, I don't think there are bears in Ireland. But this guy's adorable anyway.

For the record, I don’t think there are bears in Ireland. But this guy’s adorable anyway.

35. A sewing maven always knows how to stick her pins.

She even has her own pin cushion and tape measure bow. But the dress is similar to the cooking bear.

She even has her own pin cushion and tape measure bow. But the dress is similar to the cooking bear.

36. Granny Bear is always full of wit and wisdom.

Sure most grannies don't wear dresses like that. But this is simply adorable.

Sure most grannies don’t wear dresses like that. But this is simply adorable.

37. Hope this pro can take a swing.

Well, she is quite a tennis pro. Sure she's not a Williams sister. But she's not half bad.

Well, she is quite a tennis pro. Sure she’s not a Williams sister. But she’s not half bad.

38. This trooper is proud to serve in the good old US of A.

Hope he's sure proud to be an American. Because I'm nor sure whether I am at the moment.

Hope he’s sure proud to be an American. Because I’m nor sure whether I am at the moment.

39. Fisher bear has a big catch of the day.

I wanted to put this on the teddy bear post 2 years ago but it was already full. So it goes on this one.

I wanted to put this on the teddy bear post 2 years ago but it was already full. So it goes on this one.

40. A gardening bear can have quite a green thumb.

I guess she likes to water the paw paw patch with her watering can. Nice how it matches her floppy hat.

I guess she likes to water the paw paw patch with her watering can. Nice how it matches her floppy hat.

41. Spa Bear just wants a little R&R.