The Anthro World of Furry Costumes (Second Edition)


Once again, Pittsburgh has paid host to world’s largest furry convention, Anthrocon. I know many people might see it as a strange fetish. And for many people it is. But as far as Pittsburgh is concerned, as long as these animal costumed fans spend their money for food and lodging. Also, they seem to be a hit with the kids as far as the news reports make it. Still, you have to wonder how they’d put up wearing an animal costume in scorching heat is the question. I mean they’d have to be roasting in these outfits. After all, many of the character costumes at Disney World are equipped with fans for obvious reasons, not the least that the resort is located in central Florida. But still, furry culture can seem quite weird as you see in the picture above. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another treasure trove of furry costumes.

  1. That bighorn yak sure wields an axe.

Though I almost thought it was a bat until I saw the horns. Still, he has a nice suit of armor.

2. Seems like we have a spiked deer in our midst.

Even has a necklace in his likeness. Must be a character from a book he’s read.

3. Bet you’ve never seen a blue dog before.

Yet, he seems to have brown hair on his head. Not sure how to explain that.

4. This blue dog has some fins and a tail to match.

Well, a lot of furries do consist of mix and match critters. This one has a shark fin and tail.

5. You might give a paw to this scruffy animal.

Not sure whether I’d say they’re a fox or a dog. Either way, they must be hot under that thing.

6. Long ears never go out of style.

Helps if you wear a shirt that matches your black and purple fur. Though that might be stretching it.

7. Blue fur is always great at the playground.

Doesn’t hurt if they can show of their long tail. Though what’s with the blue bandanna?

8. This white snow leopard just wants to say hello.

Well, she she surely has a nice coat and tail. Hope she can catch the escalator.

9. Teal and orange never go out of style.

Though I have to admit, the bandanna goes quite nicely. Still, there’s a lot about furries I don’t understand.

10. Seems like nobody expected a white wolf in the city.

Interesting how a lot of these furry costumes depict dogs. Yet, this one is almost all white for some reason.

11. Sometimes natural earth tones are best.

Well, he’s flexing his muscles to look like a tough guy. Not sure if it helps his case.

12. Who are you calling spotted?

This one has orange and black spots on their back. But they really seem quite the character.

13. Don’t mind this horned dog hanging out.

Yes, I know dogs don’t wear horns. But some of these furry costumes are simply fantastical. Also, are those hooves?

14. How about you greet this cool black cat?

Even has their own collar. But don’t worry, they won’t give you bad luck if they cross your path.

15. Anthrocon is always a great place to spread one’s wings.

This guy came dressed as a fuzzy dragon. Though why they have fur instead of scales, I have no idea.

16. Sometimes a wolf may feel content in their own skin.

Bet they’re just waiting for their pack to return. Or they’re just a lonely wolf tired of howling.

17. Might want to check out this kitty’s jet pack.

Well, the flames are mostly made from tissue paper. But the rest of it almost resembles a the real thing.

18. Now this guy is quite the tiger.

Though when they say, “Be a tiger,” they usually don’t mean it literally. But this is a pretty cool costume nonetheless.

19. You can always stand out in red stripes.

This guy even has a red nose to match. Though the fur composition is quite a combination.

20. But you can always use some blue now and then.

Seems to resemble a husky of some sort. Then again, there’s much about furries I don’t understand.

21. You dare not to mess with this horny bobcat.

Well, she has horns. But she’s also dressed as a fantasy character to let you know her animal originally existed in her imagination.

22. These dogs just want to keep things casual for now.

Well, at least their clothes make them seem less freaky. But yes, the furry thing is pretty weird.

23. Seems like someone has their paws out.

Though the fur pattern is quite intricate. But I’m sure it’s not meant for camouflage.

24. This panda bear has left the building.

Not every day you see a panda walking around. Hope he can get plenty of bamboo before he leaves town.

25. You can always wear a scarf with red and gold.

Well, this guy knows how to stand out in a crowd. Yet, I’m sure you’d freak out if you saw a dog like this.

26. Check out this cool dog in black with yellow stripes.

Almost thought this was a horse until I saw thedog nose. But pretty snazzy if you ask me.

27. This perky dog is eager for anything.

Well, she’s wearing a lovely top and jeans. But the bow is kind of bland.

28. Never thought I’d see a minotaur up close before.

Also, I’m more used to seeing a minotaur in a stone Cretan labyrinth. And I heard he’s not great around people outside his family.

29. Perhaps it’s best to leave that fox alone in the woods.

Funny how they’re wearing a leather jacket. Wonder where they got that from.

30. It would be a mistake to ignore these furry girls.

They’re also wearing dresses that come best with their fur. So sweet.

31. Get a load of this red dragon.

Doesn’t hurt he has spikes on his knees. Though I don’t see the practically. Then again, it’s just a costume.

32. Might want to take a look at this horned cat’s long tail.

Yes, mix and match critters is at play here. Still, wonder how this cat gets around dragging that thing.

33. You’ll certainly know it if you ran into this bright tiger.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy sells highlighters when not in his furry costume. Then again, he may wear it on the job.

34. This big horned sheep is all ready for battle.

Then again, this sheep might be some kind of sorcerer or something. But I know what they use those horns for.

35. That goat sure has long horns.

Well, at least this person dresses as a bipedal goat. But I’d sure wouldn’t want to be on the horns’ receiving end.

36. Never thought this snow leopard would whip their sword out.

Bet you wouldn’t want to mess with this furry badass. Else you may learn the hard way.

37. This wadling osprey is slow to take off the ground.

Kind of reminds me of a bird of prey I saw in a cartoon. Was it Fern Gully?

38. How about a jump onto a fluffy bed?

Because any dog likes a nice soft bed. Though a furry in this pose is kind of freaky.

39. This bunny always enjoys a colorful sweater.

Love the hoodie jacket. Very colorful with rainbow sleeves and pockets. That rabbit’s got style.

40. Get a load of this foxy selfie.

Kind of reminds you of the selfies you might see on online dating profiles. Though this girl is more of a vixen.

41. Want to play fetch?

Not sure to drive the point with a ball in your mouth. Seriously, this is just freaky.

42. Nobody could resist purple fur in the winter time.

What the hell is this dog wearing? Is that a swimsuit? Well, at least there’s a fur suit underneath.

43. No dog wants anything more than a large juicy piece of meat.

Well, a plush steak will do. After all, this green dog only plays a role during the furry convention.

44. How about a shirtless leopard pic?

Then again, you can probably get away with this. Looks more freaky but in a different way.

45. Seems like this dog can really strike a pose.

Costume seems like it’s modeled after a real dog. Australian cattle dog, perhaps? Nice fur though.

46. These deer antlers come with white tips.

Bet it’s a reindeer. Though this guy is most likely brown in the back.

47. This blue dog has a star in their hands.

Well, you have to like the blue fur. But as I have to say, furries are a weird bunch.

48. This guy looks a bit husky.

Though chances are you wouldn’t see him pulling a sled. Yet, it won’t stop him from trying.

49. Nothing makes fur fun like some blue designs.

You have to wonder why people dress in animal costumes. It just seems to defy all explanation for me.

50. With this fox, just act casual.

Well, just a fox head and some baggy clothes. What more can you want?

51. This Canadian cat has a pair of high horns.

And this guy has the maple leaf flag on their belt to show nationality. Not sure why the costume includes horns.

52. This bunny knows the way of the samurai.

This one has pants and armor to boot. Too bad he didn’t bring a katana. Bet the convention center has a weapons policy.

53. May I introduce you to Lemonade the Angel Dragon?

Yes, many of these furries have original characters to their costumes. I know it’s weird. But I don’t understand it either.

54. Seems like this vixen can be kinky at Christmas.

Here she is in a Santa dress and leather corset, boots, and gloves. Guess this is for a Christmas card.

55. This black and white dog is jumping for joy.

Well, this guy isn’t as flashy as some of the other dogs. But I hope they don’t hit the water.

56. This blue dog can’t help but show off their long spiky tail.

Also has some yellow spikes on their ears. Looks good in jeans and a shirt.

57. “How do you like my portrait?”

Well, it’s more of a stylized likeness. But it’s better than what I could’ve drawn.

58. Hope you run into this friendly grizzly in the park.

Don’t worry. He won’t steal your picnic basket. Oh, well, if he’s not hungry.

59. With these two dogs, it’s pure puppy love.

One is a green dog holding the bag. The other is a white dog with flowers in her ears and a scarf around her neck.

60. This tough deer is all leathered for action.

Though isn’t leather made from deer. Oh, wait, they make it from cows nowadays. Still, freaky.

61. This vixen steps out in a sexy dress.

Well, she might have a certain type of outfit. But she certainly looks quite fabulous in it, as far as some furries are concerned.

62. Someone has to be top dog around here.

Guess this is a German shepherd. Though you won’t find him sniffing around any time soon.

63. Sonny Pup can’t help himself sometimes.

He even has a nice collar. But outside a furry convention, you’d freak out if you run into him.

64. Cacti never wants to be hugged. So don’t.

You see how freaky this furry subculture can be? Yes, this guy is Cacti. Don’t ask me.

65. This white dog can’t leave without wearing her pink dress.

Okay, that’s kind of strange. I don’t know what to think of this. Seriously, she’s freaking me out.

66. A yellow goat has to carry a red fan.

I bet this guy fancies himself a samurai. Though it just seems a bit creepy to me.

67. It takes a lot to maintain long fur.

And I’m not sure how this person take care of their costume. But some might find it amazing.

68. Looks like this cat has an evil plan.

This guy seems like a character from something. I’m not sure where though.

69. This dark horse always uses the latest Mane and Tail.

And this horse poses for a picture like a model. Show off.

70. These two are just foxing around.

Yes, dance at the water fountain. Then tell me how it was like to fall into the water. Sucks, right?

71. Seems like this dog decided to go casual.

Well, when in doubt, casual is where to go. Though the fur costume makes it a bit more awkward.

72. A zebra always has to know how to dress.

Though the stripes and plaid kind of clash. Seriously, a zebra should just bare it all out.

73. Bet you’d never get a load of this pink dragon.

This costume consists of fur and scales. Like either would go together save on an armadillo.

74. You can always love a dog in bright yellow.

He also has bright green paws and a blue bandanna. Can see him from several miles away.

75. Now that is one funky rabbit.

The bunny even has their ears pierced. But your eyes would be sore looking at this one.

76. This blue feline always enjoys the winter.

Though they don’t seem to be perfectly camouflaged. Though the coat’s kind of cool.

77. Someone’s feeling batty today.

But at least this bat doesn’t suck blood or eat bugs. Also has a nice medal around neck.

78. Ever saw a rainbow dog before?

Neither have I. But you’d probably see a dog playing with a balloon.

79. Rainbow sleeves never go out of style.

Nor do they need to go with a shirt. Because we all need rainbows in our lives.

80. This griffin always wears their heart on their chest.

This one even has small wings to go with their white body. But they stand proud.


The Fastened World of Button Craft


Whether to fasten your clothing or just to make you look sharp, buttons have been made from almost every possible material imaginable. In 1918, the US government made an extensive survey on the international button market listing buttons made of vegetable ivory, metal, glass, galalith, silk, linen, cotton-covered crochet, lead, snap fasteners, glass, enamel, rubber, buckhorn, wood, horn, bone, leather, paper, pressed cardboard, mother-of-pearl, celluloid, porcelain, composition, tin, zinc, xylonite, stone, cloth-covered wooden forms, and papier-mâché. And they’ve been on almost every article of clothing imaginable like shirts, dresses, pants, shoes, jackets, coats, skirts, and even bags, wallets, and purses if you can count the last two. Also, they’ve been around a very long time in history as buttons and button type fasteners have been found in the Indus Valley Civilization, Bronze Age China, and Ancient Rome. But the functional buttons we know today were invented in 13th century Germany. As we all know, buttons can fall off or get lost from time to time. Then there are people who have so many loose buttons that they’re not sure what to do with them. Nevertheless, you’ll find buttons used on Pinterest for almost every known craft project imaginable. Some buttons are used to create pictures. Some to decorate lamps and furniture. However the case, here I bring you an assortment of them for your own reading pleasure.

  1. This buttoned family appears well fastened.

    Well, it’s a familial display like a stick figure family on one’s car. And this one has a bunch of boys.A buttoned garden should have all kinds of flowers.

    2. A buttoned garden should of all kinds of flowers.

Here we have buttoned flowers of all shapes and sizes. Though none seem to have leaves.

3. A buttoned tree is perfect for two lovebirds on as spring.

Though a swing won’t make an adequate nest. Also, it seems like autumn. Shouldn’t these two be flying south?

4. For a tractor, nothing runs like a Deere.

Because a Deere is one of the most recognizable tractors around. But have you ever seen a button version? I think not.

5. A salt shaker makes an excellent fastened bouquet.

I see this one is for a wedding. But you have to admire how these match the pearls.

6. You should see the kind of leaves you’ll find on a buttoned tree.

While most trees have green leaves, this one has leaves of all kinds. Because why not?

7. This button couple is very attached to one another.

Of course, these button sculptures wouldn’t be possible with wires to make them 3 dimensional. Still, I prefer the button pictures anyway.

8. Buttoned flowers look splendid in a vase.

These flowers even have their own petals of various designs. So lovely.

9. Anyone in Paris has to enjoy a buttoned Eiffel Tower.

Because the Eiffel Tower is pretty much the symbol of Paris, France. But they also have other famous landmarks, too.

10. A rainbow of buttons can always give you a smile on a rainy day.

But I’m sure most of these buttons come from a craft store. But it’s still quite beautiful.

11. The most pearly buttons should always be used for a crescent moon.

Well, it’s not exactly a pearly moon. But you have to admire the crescent shape and the stars.

12. A rooster always has to have a well fastened look.

Though you don’t always need to use flashy buttons on it. Still, great for a rustic farm setting.

13. For cloth napkins, may I suggest some well attached fruit decoration?

Well, these napkins don’t use as many buttons. But the concept is quite clever.

14. A painted Christmas tree can be resplendent with button ornaments.

You’d almost think they were painted on. But you’d be wrong. Still, it’s beautiful.

15. With button designs, it doesn’t matter what cloth you use.

Almost makes you think it’s a nebula. But it can be based on some acid trip for all you know.

16. A buttoned cat is always well-fastened.

Though this one uses buttons of all kinds of brown and black. So it’s not exactly a black cat.

17. For you pirate-minded folks, this buttoned skull and crossbones should suit your fancy.

Yes, the buttons may not be all of one size. But at least it bears a good resemblance.

18. Hope you appreciate some flowers from this dinosaur.

Guess this is for a little kid’s room. Yet, not sure how a dino can hold things with its tail. Then again, dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years.

19. If you liked The Very Hungry Caterpillar, then you’ll love this button picture.

Well, it’s a classic children’s book about a caterpillar that eats a lot. Still, the illustration is iconic.

20. For you maritime fans, may this one send you anchors away.

Seems easy to configure and uses all one color. But best if it’s sewn on white canvas.

21. Even unconventional buttons can have their own decorative value.

Never saw buttons like these before. Wonder if they were used solely for the pillow. Because that would make more sense.

22. Seems like this button tree has some degree of greenery.

Yes, but in various shades. Wonder if it’s a birch tree, too. Because the bark seems light.

23. For button flower leaves, may I suggest beads?

Though these don’t seem to be conventional flowers. Then again, it probably shouldn’t matter much.

24. Pastel buttons always go great on white tables.

Well, as long as the buttons are under a glass panel. But it’s lovely and adorable nonetheless.

25. There are plenty of buttons to make a rainbow heart.

Because who doesn’t love rainbows or heart? So pretty you can almost cry.

26. Speaking of rainbows, this circle of colors never seems to end.

Kind of reminds you of the Apple cursor spinner. Though I guess these were glued onto a paper.

27. This buttoned owl will surely give you a hoot.

After all, you have to admire its big eyes that seem all happy to see you. Nevertheless, this is certainly cute as a button.

28. Never thought I’d find a rainbow heart on a rock before.

Yes, it’s another rainbow heart. But this one has a different configuration and it’s on a rock.

29. This button tree has branches representing the 4 seasons.

Though no matter what season the tree is in, the branches seem quite bare to me. Also, the winter one isn’t suppose to have leaves.

30. This cardinal looks dignified perching on a branch.

Helps if its buttons are sewn on a burlap pillow. Perfect for rustic settings.

31. A buttoned bouquet should burst with vibrant color.

Yes, it’s another button flower bouquet. But this one has much more flowers together in a vase. Love it.

32. There’s nothing you can’t love about this metallic heart.

Well, it’s made from metallic buttons of all shapes and sizes. Yet, it certainly will go with any down home kitchen in the countryside.

33. Jasmine always shines in her sea green outfit.

By the way, there are quite of few Disney Princess button pictures you’ll see on this post. But I’m sure any Disney fan would adore it.

34. With pearl buttons you can decorate a wired heart.

Sure it might not look like much. But without the beautiful buttons, this wreath would be nothing.

35. All these cats are as cute as a button.

Actually they’re kind of freaking looking. But they’re made from buttons. So hence the pun.

36. Shakers make great vases for any kind of button bouquet.

They make great centerpieces, you don’t need to water them, and they never go bad you have to throw them out. And unlike some fake flowers, they don’t look tacky.

37. At a certain distance, you’d think this button tree was a painting.

Yes, I know I have a lot of button trees on here. But they’re a common motif. Also, this one has a whole set of leaves.

38. How about a tree with rainbow leaves?

Now that would be something I’d want to see. Unfortunately, trees don’t work that way. But you can always put rainbow buttons as leaves.

39. Button wildflowers look best in a field.

Almost thought these flowers were painted on. But they look fantastic.

40. Now that is a fantastic colored rooster.

Well, more colorful than the last rooster I put on. Love the tail feathers.

41. Hope this buttoned treble brings music to your ears.

I guess the bass clef wasn’t as elegant as this one. But it sure looks magnificent in black and white.

42. Nothing can make you resist this buttoned fox.

Not because it has a bushy tail and a head larger than its body. Still, it’s adorable.

43. A buttoned butterfly should have vibrant wings.

Even if most real butterflies actually don’t. Because why go with a dowdy monarch when you can have this?

44. Nighttime wild flowers are always well fastened near a lake.

Well, it’s a painting that uses buttons in such a scene. Love the button moon and flowers.

45. With these 2 buttoned glasses, please celebrate responsibly.

Yes, there are wine glass motifs for buttons as well. But this seems like it’s between a red and rose.

46. This white button wreath was sewn upon.

Wonder if this was used for a wedding or something. Still, it seems a bit flat.

47. Never thought I’d see buttons on a real wreath before.

Like how it’s also in purple and blue. So pretty I’d might want to put it on my door.

48. You’ll probably need so many pearl buttons to make a dress.

And you’ll probably need a lot of time on your hands to sew them all on. Yeah, I know it’s tedious work.

49. You’d never know what you’d find under this tree.

Well, it surely looks dazzling. Love all the button leaves of so many different colors.

50. This button lampshade really lets the light in.

And it uses buttons of all shapes, sizes, and colors. So pretty and so clever.

51. There’s nothing like this button flag from the US of A.

Though I’m sure most of these are made in China. Because most buttons are.

52. With enough buttons you can decorate a flower pot.

Best if you put them in a mosaic while it’s still clay. Or glue them on if the case may be.

53. A button tree almost sways in the autumn breeze.

And I see that some of them are already falling off. Because that’s what leaves do in a fall gust of wind.

54. Show your sweetheart love with this buttoned red heart.

After all, hearts are usually red aren’t they? I’m sure anyone would appreciate this.

55. This button mosaic is a fastened masterpiece.

Yes, it’s a button mosaic landscape. Not sure where that person got the buttons though I’m thinking craft store.

56. In life, adventure always awaits.

Yes, this is a house from Up. But this couple used this piece as a frame. So cute.

57. Nobody can resist a buttoned down panda.

Because pandas are adorable with their black and white faces. This one is no different.

58. Hope you can accept this buttoned rose.

I think this is part of some kind of collection. Yet, you have to love how they use the large red buttons. So pretty.

59. Never guess you’d find this colorful cat.

Hey, what did you expect? Sure colorful cats don’t exist in real life. But sometimes real life is boring.

60. Perhaps you might want some red flowers over yellow.

Well, this looks pretty nice. Like how the red button flowers really stand out in the white vase and yellow. And they even have leaves.

61. Nothing charms like a purple butterfly.

Even if they’re made from buttons with some resembling flowers. Wouldn’t mind having this one.

62. These button hot air balloons can take you to the sky.

Helps if they’re made from rainbow circles. Love these. So cute.

63. Perhaps a few jewels on a button heart.

Of course, the jewels aren’t real. But it surely makes the heart look more dazzling.

64. A blue button heart truly shines.

Well, it’s an unconventional color. But it certainly looks great on a wall.

65. With a button globe, you’d feel like traveling the world.

But don’t use this one to find countries. Because it’s in black and white and is only for show.

66. As on Up, adventure is out there.

Yes, it’s another Up house button display. But this one has a lot more buttons and it’s not used as a frame.

67. You might want to get a hold of this white owl.

Well, this isn’t the cutesy face owl. More of a shape. But it’s quite lovely in its own way nonetheless.

68. Seems like the colors change with every stripe.

Well, as you see on this heart anyway. But the background and button colors don’t match for a reason.

69. These button princess dresses are a tale as old as time.

Consists of Cinderella, Tiana, Belle, and Aurora. And they’re in blue, green, yellow, and pink respectively.

70. Thought I just saw a pink elephant pass me by.

Okay, it’s a pink button elephant with a small purple butterfly. And yes, it’s meant for a kid. Not a drunken hallucination.

71. Rainbow flowers really show up at night.

Well, sometimes a dark background is better. Though not exactly sure what these flowers are.

72. A button unicorn must always have vibrant colors.

Because unicorns are simply magical creatures. So pretty.

73. Now that’s a glass of real red wine.

Though normal red wine is usually a reddish purple. I know the colors don’t seem exact.

74. With enough buttons you can create a masterpiece.

Not sure what’s this supposed to be. Probably based on some acid trip.

75. Hope you enjoy this button wind chime.

Though I’m not really sure what kind of sound it would make. But at least it looks pretty.

76. There’s nothing like seeing a flamingo on the beach.

Though flamingos are beautiful creatures, they tend to be emblems of tackiness. Thanks to it being immortalized in lawn ornaments.

77. This elephant came with balloons.

This is for a baby, by the way. But yes, it’s quite adorable.

78. Now that’s a very regal fox.

Interesting it has a button with 8 holes. Not sure how that’s even possible.

79. Flowery white buttons always go well in a heart and frame.

That’s an interesting concept. Makes you think of spring for some reason.

80. A button hummingbird has to splash with vibrancy.

Though the hummingbirds you see are normally green and pink. But yes, this is lovely.

81. Get a look at this pretty seahorse.

And its buttons seem to match the background. Ocean lovers will adore this.

82. This seemed to get of by one note.

Well, a half note if you want to get technical. But the music sheet background is fitting.

83. It takes many buttons to make a heart.

And the buttons on this one are of all different colors on a canvas. So lovely.

84. A rubber duckie will but a smile on anyone’s face.

Because even in buttons duckies are so cute. Makes you want to hold it if it wasn’t glued to the paper.

85. With this button hot air balloon, you can dream big.

Well, hot air balloons seem to be a popular motif. Love the colors, too.

86. Sometimes button flowers can do with some real foliage.

Helps if you put them in a flower pot. But at least these will never wilt even when the plant will.

87. Buttons always look great around a mirror frame.

Though I’m not sure how many these are actually buttons. But I wouldn’t mind having this.

88. Now that’s a regal buck.

As with the owl, it’s more of a silhouette. But it’s one of great bearing, especially with the antlers.

89. Nothing should give you a hoot like this buttoned owl.

Yes, owls with large eyes are adorable. Also like the purple wings, too. So cute.

90. With this tree, you can watch the seasons.

Yes, it’s another 4 seasons button tree. And yes, at least the limbs get it right.

91. Make this Disney button portrait part of your world.

I’m sure Little Mermaid would like this one. Though Ariel is certainly not my favorite Disney princess though.

92. This buttoned sunflower is just what you need for summer days.

Well, it’s certainly vibrant with yellow flowers in imitation of the sun. But it’s not in season at the moment.

93. Seems like the sun is peaking from the clouds.

And yes, the sun is always seen as a pleasant image on any day. Except for people who get sun burned easily.

94. Buckeye fans might take to this button tribute.

Yes, it’s the Ohio State logo. And yes, it’s on a zigzag striped background.

95. White button flowers are great for a lampshade.

Well, it certainly matches the lamp. Though you can’t see all of it. Not that it matters.

96. How about some buttons on your bag?

Well, at least this one is rainbow colored. Yet, seems made by someone with too much time on their hands.

97. This peacock gives a dazzling feathery display.

Yes, this is a button peacock. And yes, the buttons are mostly blue and cyan. But it’s quite stunning.

98. Might want to take a look at this button starfish.

Sure it has no face. But the purple buttons certainly shine in all their glory.

99. Guess you’d want to feast your eyes on this buttoned castle.

This is supposed to be a rainbow Cinderella’s castle from Disney World. And yes, it’s certainly dreamy.

100. The moon in the sky always has to be pearly white.

And this one certainly has pearly white buttons in a crescent. Appears quite dreamlike if you get my drift.

The Great Wide Whimsical World of Dr. Seuss Costumes


With their rhyming schemes, illogical logic, fantastical buildings, nonsensical vocabulary, and spectacular illustrations, the works of Dr. Seuss have entertained generations of children for 80 years with And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street. Since then, Dr. Seuss would write more than 60 books which would sell over 600 million copies and be translated into more than 20 languages by the time of his death. They’ve also spawned numerous adaptations such as 11 TV specials, 4 feature films, 2 Broadway musicals, and 4 TV shows. Many of these books have become literary classics for the ages like The Cat in the Hat, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, Green Eggs and Ham, Horton Hears a Who!, If I Ran the Zoo, Fox in Socks, Hop on Pop, I Had Trouble Getting to Solla Sollew, The Lorax, The Battle Butter Book, and Oh, the Places You’ll Go. Born Theodore Seuss Geisel in Springfield, Massachusetts, he adopted the name “Dr. Seuss” during his days at Dartmouth and Oxford, the latter from which he dropped out from to work as an illustrator and cartoonist for Vanity Fair, Life, and other publications. Though to be fair, he adopted the name “Dr. Seuss” during his Dartmouth days in the 1920s so he can continue working as editor-in-chief for The Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern under the administration’s nose. Because they caught him drinking gin in his room with 9 of his buddies and told him to resign from all extracurricular activities, including the magazine. Yet, he also worked as an illustrator for Standard Oil’s advertising campaigns and a political cartoonist for the New York newspaper PM. Nevertheless, Dr. Seuss’s books surely belong to a world of their own. Though he never had kids of his home and kind of hated them, his kids’ books are still being read to this day.


Since Dr. Seuss’s work is so significant in children’s literature, the National Education Association has adopted his birthday March 2, as Read Across the America Day. And it’s not unusual to see many elementary school teachers dress up in Dr. Seuss costumes or decorate their rooms to fit into Dr. Seuss’s world of fantastical whimsy. So for your reading pleasure, I bring you an assortment of Dr. Seuss costumes by his fans of all ages.

  1. As you can see, you’ll find plenty of fish in the sea.

Well, these seem simple enough with One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Unfortunately, the Star Trek version is Gold Shirt, Blue Shirt, Red Shirt Dead Shirt.

2. You can’t stop until you have 10 apples on top.

I’m not familiar with this book. Guess it’s one of the Dr. Seuss’s more obscure works.

3. You can’t celebrate Christmas without looking like the latest thing in Whoville.

Nevertheless, I may not be a fan of fashion magazines. But I’d certainly would love to see what one in Whoville looks like. Also, like the hair.

4. For a simpler costume, may I suggest Daisy Head Mayzie?

Never heard of this book either. Then again, it was originally published in 1995, 4 years after Dr. Seuss died.

5. Horton always insists on keeping his word because an an elephant is always faithful 100%.

This is from Horton Hatches the Egg where he agrees to sit on the egg for an irresponsible bird name Mayzie as she takes a trip to Palm Beach. Yet, the Horton Hears a Who costume is far more common.

6. “I am the Lorax and I speak for the trees.”

Too bad the Once-ler didn’t listen to him and turned the Truffula forest into a wasteland out of greed. Still, this is a cute costume.

7. How about try some green eggs and ham?

Yes, Sam I Am is certainly a popular costume. However, though harmless in the Seuss world, nobody should eat green eggs and ham, which can make you vomit.

8. Nobody can resist this star-bellied Sneetch.

However, know that this sneetch has a star on its belly to exude its racial superiority over the bare-bellied ones. Because star-bellied sneetches are racist.

9. Would you like green eggs and ham?

Yes, it’s another Sam I Am costume. And yes, it has a fork in his green eggs and ham.

10. Looks like she has a wocket in her pocket.

That’s from a book about strange creatures living in a boy’s house. Still, this is adorable.

11. You better listen to the Lorax and not cut Truffula Trees for thneeds.

Because the Lorax doesn’t mess around. Too bad the Oncler is more concerned with growing his business to even care.

12. I bet this little Grinch wants to steal Christmas.

He even has a stuffed dog with reindeer antlers. Love the green fur.

13. Thidwick, the Big-Hearted Moose always has room on his antlers.

Though the creatures residing on his head are basically taking advantage of him. Still, this a Seuss costume you don’t normally see.

14. Even the Grinch can’t resist this little Cindylou Who.

This one just consists of a pink shirt, a cute hairstyle, and black pipe cleaners. So adorable.

15. The Lorax loves hanging out with the Bar-ba-loots and the Once-ler.

Though keep in mind, the Once-ler never shows his face. Still, these are cute.

16. Now this is a literal Cat in the Hat.

Though she’s probably one of the cats who come out of the Cat in the Hat’s hat. Yet, it’s surely an inventive costume.

17. Up on Mount Crumpet, Max the Grinch’s only friend.

Even has an antler on his head. Nevertheless, this is a pretty simple costume to make.

18. As we all know the Cat in the Hat is accompanied by Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Well, I had to put in the Cat in the Hat at some point. After all, it’s Dr. Seuss’s most famous book.

19. There’s something fishy about this little girl.

I have to admit this is quite clever. Like how it just consists of fish on a yellow dress.

20. Horton will always try to preserve Whoville since a person’s a person, no matter how small.

Here’s the Horton Hears a Who costume. This one just consists of ears, T-shirt, and an air vent pipe.

21. The Cat in the Hat never leaves without the Things.

Helps if the Cat in the Hat has his blue umbrella. Still, the things are so sweet.

22. These things were born to teach.

Yes, these are elementary school teachers dressed as Thing 1 and Thing 2. And yes, they didn’t use any blue hair.

23. These Truffula trees will never leave their Lorax or Bar-ba-loot behind.

Well, the Truffala trees look easy for the parents. Hope they don’t see the Oncler any time soon.

24. Have you ever seen a fox in socks?

Nice she has the book with her. Still, Fox in Socks doesn’t really have much of a plot since it’s a beginner book.

25. Hope you enjoy this green eggs and ham.

In the Seuss world, green eggs and ham is mostly harmless. In the real world, such a dish needs thrown out since it can cause trichinosis.

26. Dr. Seuss is always a hit for the whole family.

Consists of the Cat in the Hat, the Grinch, the Lorax, and the Fish in the Bowl. Like how they used the wagon.

27. Wearing socks on your limbs is always foxy.

Yes, it’s another fox in socks. But this one has bigger ears and a shorter tail.

28. My, that’s a beautiful Truffula tree.

This one has a pink tuff and a long striped dress. Hope she doesn’t run into the Oncler anytime soon.

29. Don’t mess with the Lorax or the Truffula trees.

Even has a Truffula tree to carry. Like the fuzzy yellow whiskers. Brilliant.

30. The fish in the bowl is always a voice of reason.

Well, at least in the cartoon. Then again, it might be a different Dr. Seuss fish.

31. Wouldn’t any girl want to have a daisy on her head?

Sure it’s another Daisy Head Mayzie. But I guess it’s an easier costume to do.

32. There’s a lot to love with this Lorax family.

Well, this is more from the CGI movie since a couple of the characters aren’t in the original book. Also, we only see the Once-ler’s hands.

33. You’re never too old for Fox in Socks.

Then again, she’s probably a teacher. But this fox costume doesn’t seem to require much.

34. You’ll find a lot of things in this family.

There’s even a Thing Mom. So who’s the Thing Dad? Maybe I don’t want to think about it.

35. This fuzzy little Lorax just wants you to stop exploiting Truffula trees.

Well, the Lorax is furry and has a fuzzy mustache. So this kind of sticks.

36. Here we have Sam I Am with green eggs and ham.

Helps if the green eggs and ham are on a skillet. Though they wouldn’t pass health inspection.

37. Nothing pleases like a happy star-bellied sneetch.

Except having to integrate with a bare-bellied sneetch. Yet, this is a clever costume.

38. Seems like this family really takes to Dr. Seuss on Halloween.

Consists of the Grinch, a Star-Bellied Sneetch, Cat in the Hat, Cindylou Who, and Things 1 and 2. So sweet.

39. Yertle the Turtle seeks to rule all turtle kind.

By the way, Yertle the Turtle is a stand-in for Adolf Hitler. He makes the other turtles stand up so he can see further and expand his kingdom.

40. The Cat in the Hat always knows where it’s at.

Still, while he might be a fun guy, he can show up without warning. Also, doesn’t seem to care most of the time.

41. How about some green eggs to go with that ham?

That’s a rather inventive costume. Still, kids, don’t eat green eggs and ham. It’s unsanitary and could make you deathly ill.

42. Celebrate Christmas with Cindylou Who and the Grinch.

Well, these are adult costumes. But hope the Grinch doesn’t steal your Christmas. Oh, wait, he can’t.

43. A black cat should always have a long striped hat and a red bow tie.

This is a Cat in the Hat tutu costume for women. Not my cup of tea but not bad.

44. You can always count on Horton to lend a helping hand.

After all, he’ll save Whoville if it’s the last thing he does. By the way, this is a Horton tutu costume.

45. Daisy Head Mayzie can always do with a flower on her head.

Once again, I’m not familiar with Daisy Head Mayzie. But this is kind of cute.

46. You’d almost think this Lorax could scare off a lumberjack.

Though the Lorax didn’t exactly carry a bag with him. Still, this is most likely a kid’s costume.

47. A Cat in the Hat should always stun.

Yet, another tutu Cat in the Hat costume. Because he’s such an iconic Dr. Seuss character.

48. She must be from the punk side of Whoville.

What else could explain that distinctive hair style? Still, I think it’s quite clever.

49. Green eggs should always go with the ham.

And yet some green eggs and ham costumes. But these go together as a group.

50. The family that always reads Dr. Seuss together stays together.

Consists of Cat in the Hat, Sam I Am, a Star-Bellied Sneetch, and Things 1 and 2. Love this.

51. Nobody can ever forget the Cat in the Hat’s sidekicks Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Well, these kids are cute. But the white makeup seems to provide a creepiness to them.

52. Cindylou Who always looks perky in pink.

Well, this is more of a pink Santa dress. But it’s certainly appropriate.

53. The Lorax always feels at home in the woods.

After all, the Lorax speaks for the trees. Hope he doesn’t see any loggers nearby.

54. This cat’s hat really stands out.

Helps if he has a little fish in the bowl as a trick or treat bag. So adorable.

55. There’s something fishy about this guy.

Mostly because he’s the Fish in the Bowl from the Cat in the Hat. And he usually serves as the voice of reason.

56. Thing 1 and Thing 2  always enjoy the classroom.

I suppose these are elementary school teachers. Like the tutus.

57. Cindylou Who surely hopes to join the Christmas festivities.

Well, that’s cute. Love the little red cape and the Who hairstyle.

58. Nobody can resist little Cindylou Who with a large red bauble.

Well, she at least has pigtails and long lines in her hair. So adorable.

59. Seems like we have all kinds of fish in this bowl.

There’s one fish, two fish, red fish, and a blue fish. Just like that Dr. Seuss book.

60. I’m sure you’d want to cuddle this little star-bellied Sneetch.

Of course, this kid probably has no idea what the Sneetches story is about yet. Yet, so cute.

61. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are always at your service.

Don’t tell me that they have sexy costumes of Dr. Seuss characters. Because Dr. Seuss should never be sexy. His books are for children for God’s sake.

62. Yertle is the king of all turtle kind.

However, Yertle is obsessed with expanding his power that he’s willing to exploit his fellow turtles for his own benefit. He’s not a nice guy.

63. Who children are always up for a Christmas parade.

After all, everyone in Whoville loved Christmas a lot. But the Grinch who lived just north of Whoville, did not.

64. These things always get around on all fours.

Yes, these are dog Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes. And yes, I’m sure someone would find them cute.

65. I thought there are only supposed to be 2 Things not 3.

Then again, if you want to dress in the same costume, who’s going to stop you. Still, have to put them on the post.

66. Cindylou Who shine in her candy cane dress.

Sure it’s an adult Christmas costume. But it’s cute nonetheless. Like the hair.

67. We seem to find all kinds of fish here.

Includes, one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, old fish, and new fish. And it seems they’re all teachers.

68. When you’re a thing, you got to have blue hair.

Seems like it to these girls. They even have blue tutus to match.

69. This Lorax family always speaks for the trees.

Consists of the Once-ler, a Truffula tree, the Lorax, and a Bar-ba-loot. Yet, remember we never see the Once-ler’s face.

70. Whos always know how to party.

This is especially during the Christmas season. And these two are going all out.

71. You’ll surely know what kind of fish these are.

Just remember the rhyme of one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, old fish, new fish. Simple as that.

72. What’s a Whoville girl without a crazy hairdo and dress?

I mean we should know how Who women and girls dress. But this is so adorable.

73. Bet you’ve never seen Truffula trees like these.

Sure they may seem pretty now. But as far as the Once-ler is concerned, they’re resources to be shamelessly exploited.

74. Seems like this Lorax is meant for a different forest.

Once again, please don’t make Dr. Seuss sexy. Seriously, his books are for children!

75. A Sneetch should have an ample amount of feathers.

Well, this doesn’t appear to be a difficult costume. Yet, we all know why she wears her star on her torso with pride.

76. What’s with that daisy, Mayzie?

Actually, it’s supposed to grow out of her head. I know it’s crazy. But hey, this is the Seuss verse.

77. The Once-ler is a man with great style.

Well, he certainly rocks in that green, striped suit. Yet, we all know how he got a hold of it.

78. Who can ever forget Gertrude McFuzz and her spectacular tail?

Gertrude McFuzz is a story about a bird who feels inadequate in her tail feathers. So she tries to change herself. This is the result.

79. Hope you can join Cindylou Who and the Grinch for Christmas time.

Though the Grinch would prefer you not to, especially when he’s wearing that humiliating sweater. Though the guy looks pretty cool in his costume.

80. The Once-ler can always rock it with his electric guitar.

Well, this is more from the movie. But yes, he certainly looks great in his green suit, indeed.

81. Perhaps you might like a bite of his green eggs and ham?

I’m sure you can’t resist this little guy as Sam I Am. So sweet.

82. The Once-ler’s quite taken with that Truffula tree.

Hey, Truffula Tree, don’t go near him. He wants to cut you down and make you into a thneed.

83. This little Lorax loves a fuzzy tree.

Doesn’t hurt if his costume is fuzzy either. But he speaks for the trees. So cute.

84. It’s only fair for Thing 1 and Thing 2 to wear red dresses.

Not too bad. But at least it doesn’t look like the sexy version. Like how they’re wearing blue leggings.

85. Of course, Cindylou Who can have yellow hair strands.

Yet, she still wears pink and has a red bauble with her. So sweet.

86. Well, these two Whos are in the Christmas spirit.

Apparently, some people like to dress up as Whos during the Christmas season. But these costumes are at least green and red.

87. Here are some Whoville children in their back to school best.

Funny how the Grinch is wearing a suit. Yet, wonder how long it takes Whoville women to do their hair.

88. Hope this costume reminds you of all the places you’ll go.

It’s from the Dr. Seuss book people get for their graduations. But she certainly resembles the cover.

89. Is that a Noothbrush?

Well, it’s kind of hard to explain since it appears in There’s a Wocket in My Pocket. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting choice.

90. Perhaps you might want to check out this fish suit.

It’s more or less supposed to reflect One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Still, it’s pretty creative.

91. One wonders all the places this little guy goes.

Helps if it’s a box with balloons. Still, this baby is so cute in it.

92. Yertle is always lord of all turtles.

This is a more plain version. But then again, the turtles all looked the same in the story.

93. Nobody could resist a fox in socks.

This one has a girl in a red tutu and furry ears. Yet, she is so irresistibly cute.

94. These things always stick together.

Guess this is the couple’s costume of Thing 1 and Thing 2. And both sport red shirts and blue hair.

95. If you’re a bird in Seuss, it’s best that you’re tickled pink.

Then again, Dr. Seuss’s birds look pretty strange. But you have to admire this girl’s feathers.

96. Now here we have a literal Cat in the Hat.

Well, it is a black cat in the hat. But I don’t think it looks too happy to entertain your kids.

97. Nobody could resist this little yellow Sneetch.

Even has a star on its belly. But let’s hope this kid doesn’t make it a mark of superiority. So cute.

98. I’m sure you’d want to hug this little fox.

Yes, Fox in Socks is a popular costume. But you have to love this one, too.

99. Have to love the red bows on this Cindylou Who.

Yes, Cindylou Who has a strong following, especially during the Christmas season Yet, this costume is adorable.

100. This little Fish in the Bowl has his own container.

Okay, that’s pretty clever. Still, you have to feel very bad for him in Cat in the Hat.

The Second Life of Jewelry


As we all know, jewelry may look pretty when worn, but it doesn’t last forever. Pieces might break while others might get lost. This is especially the case with costume jewelry that’s often made of inferior materials for the mass market designed to look like the real thing. However, while some people may dispose of broken jewelry entirely or donate outdated pieces found at their grandma’s house, some may decide to repurpose it. For instance, they could take old jewelry pieces and uses them in collages, decorative items, bridal bouquets, wreaths, or other jewelry. You will find a lot of these on Pinterest and in Etsy listings. Many of the jewelry collages you might see usually consist of stuff associated with Christmas, particularly trees. And I have shown you a few of these on my Christmas craft posts twice. But they’re not just for Christmas. Not to mention, many of these projects usually consist of the flashy vintage costume jewelry than anything. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a glimpse in to the second life of old jewelry.

  1. With rhinestones, you can make yourself a resplendent bouquet.

You see, these jewelry collages don’t have to be Christmas trees. This one is even in a turned square frame.

2. With a frame like this, a picture would seem glistening in the sea.

You might also find a lot of jewelry decorated picture frames like this one. As you can see, it’s ocean themed with starfish and other sea creatures.

3. Old necklaces can always decorated a fancy cane.

Now this is the kind of cane perfect for Sir Elton John after he ruptures a hip. Yet, at least he normally sits during his performances.

4. A bridal bouquet should always contain sparkly rhinestone pins.

You see a lot of these kind of bouquets on Pinterest. Sure it may sparkle but if they were real diamonds, they’d be very expensive.

5. A holy cross can always sparkle.

Yes, you’ll find plenty of cross collages, too. On one hand, it may seem like an embodiment of Christian hypocrisy and extravagance. But on the other hand, it’s made from cheap jewelry you find at Goodwill.

6. Butterflies prefer to flutter among flowers.

Flowers are a common theme among jewelry collages. Particularly since they can include many different colored and flower shaped pieces.

7. With rhinestones, these hair clips can simply dazzle.

As you can see, each one has a certain theme to it depending on the configuration. Not sure which one to choose.

8. Purple stones can make for a rather regal frame.

There are many of these jeweled frames that come with an old fashioned photo or painting. And I’m sure they’re made just for decoration.

9. Blue stones on frames go well with a black and white portrait.

Some of these pieces use jewels that might be similar in color and style. This one consists primarily of blue rhinestones.

10. Want a flashy picture frame? Use some rhinestone pins.

A lot of pinners usually refer to them as a “brooch” which I don’t normally use because of the word’s weird pronunciation. But yes, this frame does sparkle.

11. Red, green, and gold make a spectacular bouquet.

This might be a Christmas decoration though it’s not listed as such. But you have to like how it gleams.

12. A butterfly shines in rhinestones and blue.

Butterflies are also a common collage motif. This one is decked in blue, rhinestones, and gold.

13. Purple flowers should match a purple frame.

As you can see, this bouquet collage consists of purple jewelry pieces along with others. Love it.

14. There’s nothing like sparkly stones on a pretty box.

Helps if you include some pins in the process. Some may find it tacky, but it sure gives an impression.

15. Blue stones can give anyone a sacred impression.

Well, at least this one has a fine design. Like how it dazzles. Beautiful.

16. This rhinestone bouquet is all sparkle.

Even has a jeweled frame to go with it. But it’s certainly a collage in good taste.

17. A jeweled globe makes the whole world shimmer.

Yes, you can even have pieces like this. However, at least no African blood diamonds were involved.

18. Rhinestone bouquets can be of any shape and size.

This one uses plenty of flower pieces for good measure, too. The frame is very fitting as well.

19. Black stones have a certain elegance to them.

You might find a collage with black and white jewels from time to time. Think this one is particularly snazzy.

20. Doesn’t hurt if a jeweled bouquet contains some gold.

Now this one is quite showy and colorful. Like how it goes with a golden frame.

21. While love and a diamond can last forever, then so can this rhinestone frame.

As fitting, this one features a couple possibly from WWII. Though the frame certainly dazzles.

22. A lady’s portrait should have the right pearls.

From the hat and hairstyle, this is supposed to depict a flapper from the 1920s. Though she has a flower dress. Or is it a bouquet?

23. With a rhinestone tree, you can decorate with just about anything.

While it may not look like a Christmas tree, it’s surely quite colorful nonetheless. Love it.

24. A jeweled peacock never fails to create a dazzling impression.

This one has a dazzling feather train of rhinestone flowers. Like the rhinestone border, too.

25. A jeweled bridal bouquet should contain pieces of all kinds.

This one uses flowers and pins of almost every variety. And they don’t look like the flowers you’d use on a grave.

26. One may say a bejeweled seahorse is stunning underwater.

This one even includes a small conch shell. But it’s mostly made from rhinestones.

27. With enough small pins, you can have a sparkly necklace.

You’ll find a lot of these on Pinterest and Etsy. Though they sparkle, not sure what to make of them.

28. Iridescent rhinestones always shimmer on a cross.

This one even has some white leaves on it as well as a silver frame. Lovely.

29. A bejeweled heart is always one to love.

This one even has a small key to it. Like a key to one’s heart. But I love the jewels on the heart more.

30. A small bouquet can sometimes be sweet.

This one doesn’t use many pins. But it has a certain elegance to it nonetheless.

31. With enough rhinestone pins, you can make a shimmering wreath.

Though many bejeweled wreaths are mainly seen as Christmas decorations. This one really shimmers and grows on you.

32. Pearls and rhinestones often make for a great bouquet.

This is especially since most brides wear white. But you have to admire this though.

33. You can fit so many vintage jewelry on one chest.

I’m not sure where the mannequin chest comes in. But I do have to admire the creativity here.

34. Have a bridal jeweled bouquet that always sparkles.

But make sure the venue doesn’t distribute light in all directions. For it might be an accidental disco ball.

35. Old jewelry looks chic on any mirror frame.

As with seashells, you get the same with old jewelry and mirror frames. Wouldn’t mind having this in my home.

36. A frame for the Virgin Mary should have a radiant star on top.

Well, it’s an old photo of Mary. But the frame is dazzling nonetheless.

37. Bejeweled flowers are always best in the sun.

Each flower has some jewelry on it along with the butterfly. But I really like the gold sun on this.

38. A golden hummingbird always aims for the right bouquet.

This one almost resembles a painting. Not a fan of the green flowers though.

39. A hanging heart is made of many pieces.

As you can see, this one consists of many stones with the turquoise ones standing out. Love the gold bow.

40. A jeweled frame like this should bring music to your ears.

Fittingly, this picture features a woman with a lute. Love the decor on this one.

41. A bridal bouquet always has to drip with rhinestone jewels.

This bouquet includes a lot of shiny rhinestones and pearls over white flowers. Lovely.

42. A bejeweled horse is as colorful as it is graceful.

Helps if it has some shiny legs and a golden mane. Hope some of you horse lovers appreciate it.

43. Sometimes it helps if the frame matches the picture.

As you can see from how the frame matches the woman’s outfit. Love the gold flowers.

44. For jewelry collages, best go with a frame to match.

This one has few jewels on it. But it certainly goes with the golden frame perfectly.

45. Even a small picture frame could be sensational.

This one seems t have a steampunk disposition. Though I’m not sure the photo is in a frame or a pin.

46. Guess a little bottle decor must be in order.

This one has jewels on the top as if it was for some fancy perfume. Not sure what to think of it.

47. Perhaps some rhinestones can make this glass look fancy.

However, I wouldn’t drink from this if I were you. Since it’s more meant for decoration.

48. Here we come to silver flowers tied together by a golden bow.

This one includes a butterfly fluttering about. Though I wish the flowers had more color.

49. A bouquet of silver should come with its own frame.

Well, quite stunning to say the least. But I don’t think silver brings any life into it than gold would.

50. There’s always plenty of room in a bejeweled flower basket.

This one contains all kinds of rhinestone flowers. And they’re all pretty just the same.

51. A jeweled cross can look just as dazzling in gold.

This one has a rather unique design to it. Almost seems Art Deco.

52. A clock frame should shimmer regardless of time of day.

This one seems to have a rather spring feel to it. Could use some more purple.

53. A jeweled swan glimmers on the water.

After all, swans are graceful creatures known to mate for life. However, cross one and expect to fear for dear life.

54. A turquoise frame is simply divine.

Though I wouldn’t say the photo amounts to much. Nevertheless, I do think it’s sensational.

55. A treetop can be home to anything you desire.

This is a lovely and colorful tree. Kind of wish we had ones like that outside.

56. A white heart, should always have some rhinestones and pearls.

Wonder if this is for a wedding or just for show. Either way, love it.

57. Pastel pearls and gold might form one impressive ankh.

Personally, I don’t think Egyptian symbols and pastel colors match. But this isn’t half bad.

58. White and gold almost seem heavenly in one bouquet.

Again, another collage almost resembling a painting. Love the flowers.

59. A rhinestone cross can always uses a little gold leaf.

This one even has a gold frame. Great for any special occasion. Love it.

60. There’s no excuse for a rhinestone bouquet not to shimmer.

Yes, I have a lot of bouquets and crosses on this post. Because it’s Christmas and a lot of these are dazzling.

61. This rhinestone clock always tells when to sparkle.

This one is decked with rhinestone pins. Great for any sparkly mantle. Sensational.

62. A pearl necklace can always uses some pins.

Yet, this one contains pendant pins made from rhinestones and pearls. Looks lovely.

63. An emerald green cross should come with a golden frame.

Might make a rather great Saint Patriclk’s Day decoration. Because it is a religious holiday, especially in Ireland.

64. A mirror box should be decorated with the best taste.

And I think the jewels go well with it. Love the golden bird with the blue stone.

65. You can never find something worth a glimmer like a rhinestone blue bouquet.

Wouldn’t mind having this in my house. Love the flowers and the shiny vase.

66. A flower bouquet should contain all kinds of flowers to shine.

I bet you have to find a lot of pins and earrings to come up with this display. Love it.

67. A mirror back should look as pretty as whatever it’s reflecting.

You have to admire how someone decorated this. Love the pearls.

68. This jeweled bouquet is surely festive.

The flowers surely look pretty in this. It’s almost like a work of art. And in a way, it is.

69. A shiny bouquet of flowers is just as sweet in spring.

All of these are tied with a rhinestone red bow. At least you can look at these for a long time, unlike real flowers.

70. A heart box could always use some decoration.

Doesn’t hurt if it’s red and it’s Valentine’s Day. But make sure it has something nice inside first.

71. With lights and flower pins, you can light up a room.

Yes, these pins may be showy. But they’re perfect for such a large decoration.

72. This mannequin is all decked in all finery.

Again, I really don’t understand this. But it certainly looks like a masterpiece.

73. Flowers and jewels make a unicorn sparkle.

Of course, it’s not My Little Pony. But it’s surely magical to behold. Love it.

74. Nothing makes a bride shimmer like a rhinestone bouquet.

Seems like I have a lot of these on my post for some reason. Then again, they’re all so shiny.

75. Rhinestones should be in a bouquet filled with pearls.

Well, it’s mostly pearls with rhinestone pins. And the pearls seem bigger than what you’d normally find.

76. There’s nothing more resplendent than a jeweled bouquet in purple.

Ah, my favorite color. Like how it shimmers with the rhinestones in gold. Simply beautiful.

77. This jeweled flamingo will have you tickled pink.

Great gift for someone in Florida. Then again, not sure why Florida hasn’t made the flamingo their state bird. Because it’s the first bird you think about as far as the state’s concerned.

78. This cross comes with plenty of cameos.

No, I don’t mean a celebrity slot either. Still, like the pearls on this.

79. This mirror has as side that simply glimmers.

This one has rhinestones on most of its back. Though you might see a pearl or two.

80. This little jeweled dog wants to meet you.

Well, this looks pretty adorable. However, you won’t find a dog like that around every day.

81. With a rhinestone vase, you can have all kinds of flowers.

Yes, it’s a rather large vase. But sometimes you have to admire the roses and all the other flowering beauties.

82. This shimmering cross sure has a sacred shine to it.

You can even hang this one up. Nevertheless, it’s certainly worth taking a look at.

83. Spring flowers can always entice this time of year.

Now this is a more colorful bouquet than some I’ve posted already. So lovely.

84. This jeweled swan is of many colored stones.

Well, this is a lovely picture. Love the purple. Yet, real swans are usually white. At least mute swans are.

85. A pearl butterfly is a heavenly sight.

Well, this isn’t all covered in pearls. But it’s surely magnificent to look at. Besides, who doesn’t love butterflies?

86. Pearls and rhinestones really bring out the bridal glamor.

Yes, bridal bouquets seem to have a lot of both for some reason. But I think it’s simply sensational.

87. With rhinestones, you can create a shining Eiffel Tower.

Well, the Eiffel Tower is a huge symbol of Paris. And I’m sure the City of Lovers is proud of that distinction.

88. A bouquet can also shimmer behind glass.

This one was made on a window panel. Most of these collages have dark backgrounds as you can see. Still, this is quite lovely.

89. Hope you can raise a toast to this fancy glass.

Even more fancy that it’s made with pearls. Quite elegant to say the least.

90. Even a small box has to sparkle sometime.

This one is even topped with a jeweled crown. Wouldn’t mind having this.

91. A circle frame should give you a shining impression.

Though I’d think of a better photo choice. Nevertheless, you can’t help but love it.

92. Bet you’ve never saw a fish like this in the sea.

And it’s quite a colorful one, too. Doesn’t hurt if it has flowers on it.

93. A heart of pearls will always have a key.

Nice how it’s encased in gold and has a golden key. Simply lovely for Valentine’s Day.

94. This glimmering butterfly just has to spread its wings.

You’ll find a lot of rhinestones in this. Some are even pink and black.

95. A rhinestone bouquet is best for walking down the aisle.

Doesn’t hurt if it has some dripping necklaces. All in all, I love it.

96. A bright bouquet can make anyone’s day.

Well, this one certainly uses big bright flowers. Certainly great for a spring day.

97. A swan in purple is a wondrous sight.

Yes, it’s my third swan for this post. And yes, it looks a bit different from the other. But it’s majestic just the same.

98. A rhinestone bottle always glimmers in the snow.

Now unlike the last bottle, this one is fully covered in rhinestones. Best to use for a church Christmas pageant.

99. How about use your old pins to make flowers?

They certainly dazzle, don’t they? Wouldn’t mind having these. So lovely.

100. Nothing can shimmer in your home than a bejeweled wreath.

This one has as many pins and earrings you can think of. Love the flowers and colors. So beautiful.

The Sparkling World of Jewelry


Whenever I go on Pinterest, I like to look at some of the dazzling jewelry featured. Of course, I always know I will never wear any of it since the pieces aren’t in my price range. But sometimes it helps to look at pretty things. Sure they may look like fanciful items of metal and rock as well as other materials. But these decorative ornaments are perhaps among the oldest remnants of human civilization. In fact, it’s one of the oldest types of archaeological artifacts with oldest known jewelry consisting of beads from a  Nassarius shells dating 100,000 years ago. So we’re talking about the Middle Paleolithic era. Jewelry forms may vary between cultures but are extremely long lived, possibly persisting since ancient times. Whenever I wear jewelry, it mostly consists of a pair of earrings, bracelets, pins, and necklaces. Yet, in some cultures, forms may persist like anklets or nose rings. Hell, you can pretty much find jewelry made to adorn nearly every body part from toe rings to hair pins, and even genital jewelry. So if you want to achieve a crazy punk rock look, be my guest. However, I wouldn’t recommend you to get tongue or nipple piercings though. And though adult women have mostly worn jewelry in most cultures, men and children aren’t far behind, especially if they’re rich. Nevertheless, for much of history, jewelry has most often been seen as a status symbol for its material properties, its patterns, or meaningful symbols. Most of the time, the wearers would be rulers, royalty, religious figures, soldiers, and nobility. And it mainly denoted the wearer’s role in society, social rank, or distinction. In any case, while most people perceive jewelry as consisting of precious stones and metals, this isn’t always the case. Now I can go all out in showing some of the prettiest jewels I find on Pinterest. But you’d probably think I was advertising for a large jewelry company and would be bored to tears. So instead I’ll devote my post to jewelry pieces you may not see before, may never wear, or may think they’re kind of crazy and impractical. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a treasure trove of odd jewelry pieces.

  1. A stiff collar necklace should always make a statement.

Not sure if I’d want to have something like that around me all the time. Seems like it could weigh you down.

2. This golden ring will always give you the time of day.

Well, they have watches you wear on your wrist. Still, probably has a very small watch battery.

3. A hairy bracelet is always chic.

Now this bracelet is a piece of mourning jewelry from the 19th century. It was most likely worn at someone’s funeral.

4. A golden shrine should have 2 gem encrusted birds.

This is a ring undoubtedly from India. Lovely, but not exactly my cup of tea.

5. You can always light it up with this ring.

Yes, it’s a lighter ring. No, I’m not sure if it actually works. And no, I don’t want to try.

6. How about some pearls in the chain mail?

Interesting configuration, but I’ll just take the pearls. Chain mail is kind of bulky stuff.

7. It’s not spring without a dandelion ring.

As to why anyone would want one, I don’t have the slightest idea. I mean most people consider dandelions as weeds.

8. A neurosurgeon should always have a pair of brainy cuff links.

Okay, these are pretty gross. Maybe they should be saved for special occasions like Halloween.

9. A crystal necklace should always take its natural form.

Well, let’s just call these diamonds in the rough. Though they aren’t actually diamonds. They’re most likely quartz. But the geologist in your life won’t mind.

10. You really have to put the screws to this ring.

Now that doesn’t look really comfortable. Perhaps it’s of the geometric variety.

11. Fish beads should always come in sections.

When you put the fish pieces together, you make a fancy bracelet. Though you might creep some people out.

12. A ring like this has a stone held within golden hands.

Okay, that’s kind of creepy. Also comes in several variations as I’ve seen on Pinterest.

13. Think of it as a tree on your knuckle.

Well, a tree coming from a rock on a ring. Pretty positive it’s not real. But looks cool.

14. This ring can use some grease, and not the elbow kind.

Yes, it’s an engine ring. Great for showing your mechanic your appreciation all those years.

15. A long lock of hair makes an ideal pendant.

Uh, that’s pretty sick if you really think about it. Seriously, hair necklace pendants? No thanks.

16. Check out this golden neighborhood swimming pool.

Yes, it’s all on a golden ring. Not sure if I’d want to wear it. But I think the design is very creative.

17. A necktie pin can be made of all kinds of things.

I guess these would be more appropriate for science teachers. Considering what they’re made from.

18. A pair of porcelain earrings will certainly inspire sweet relief.

Yes, these are toilet earrings with the seat up. And they’re made from gold. Great for the No. 1 and No. 2 in your life.

19. Disembodied arms can be chic when you wear them as earrings.

Sure you might have lovely jewelry pieces out there. Then you have stuff like this, which is incredibly creepy. Just so you know.

20. This eyeball ring is really out of sight.

I guarantee you’ll see some eye jewelry on this post. This ring also has some silver bony fingers, too. Perfect for Halloween.

21. A galaxy pendant necklace is really out of this world.

Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the wonders of the universe. That is, according to Neil Degrasse Tyson.

22. A Steampunk pendant necklace can always dazzle.

There’s a lot of Steampunk jewelry out there by the way. Much of it uses antique designs as well as gears like this one.

23. If you like animals, then this mouse in a tube necklace is right for you.

On second thought, this doesn’t seem very wearable at all. Besides, it’s creepy for I think that’s a real taxidermied mouse. Eek.

24. If you like the sea, this coral necklace is for you.

By the way, climate change is a major driver in coral bleaching which kills reefs. Another reason to be mad at Trump’s climate change order.

25. With this pendant necklace, behold the beauty of a blue moon.

A blue moon is when there’s a full moon twice a month. The moon isn’t necessarily blue though this one glows as such.

26. A flower branch necklace is best made with beads.

Not really something I could wear. But it’s surely a lovely work of art. Love the flowers and butterfly.

27. Show the urgency of global warming with these polar bear on ice earrings.

This is especially after what Lord Cheetohead did to Obama’s climate policy. Seriously, environmental protections should be a bipartisan issue and climate change is real.

28. With this necklace, it’s either rock, paper, scissors in gold.

Well, that’s how I take it from the hand signs. Yet, one of the great mysteries is why paper beats rock. Because I never understood that.

29. Thought I almost saw a face on this ring.

Okay, that’s pretty creepy. Might be an old piece though I doubt it. Great for Halloween.

30. This lip ring really gives a golden bite.

Comes with golden vampire fangs, too. And comes across as tacky jewelry for Twilight fans.

31. With enough beads, you can make a landscape.

Yes, this is a bead necklace of forest stream. I know it’s very well done. Love it.

32. Check out these necklaces for the homicidal maniac in your life.

Because you’d have to be a psychokiller to think these make great gifts. Seriously, why?

33. Did she just have her throat slit?

Don’t worry, her neck is fine. That’s how the necklace is designed. She’s just trying it on for her Halloween costume.

34. This cat eye necklace really has some crazy colors.

I saw a few of these on Pinterest. This one seems like it’s from a cat on acid.

35. With this ring, you can tell time the old fashioned way.

However, you’d only be able to use this during daylight hours. Since it’s a sundial ring.

36. Anyone slimy would adore a slug ring.

As to why slug rings exist, I don’t have the slightest idea. Because slugs aren’t nice-looking creatures.

37. A goth beach bum should always have a pair of mermaid skeleton earrings.

Also, great for remembering those lost in the Exxon-Valdez and BP oil spills. Or any oil spill that claimed mermaid lives.

38. This hive ring makes any woman a real queen bee.

By the way, the bees aren’t doing well either. And they serve an essential purpose such as pollinating crops that produce the food we eat.

39. How about some ketchup for your fries and rings?

Not a practical design, but quite a clever one. Like the ketchup bottle squirting on top.

40. You’ll always know what moon you’ll see with this ring.

As you can see how this ring depicts the moon phases. Great for werewolves so they’d know their time of the month.

41. You can always wear a bejeweled falcon on your finger.

I think this might come from India. But I’m not sure. But it’s definitely worth more than the Maltese falcon.

42. Care for a pair of chocolate cake earrings?

Of course, you can’t eat them. But you have to admire the detail and sprinkles.

43. This old brooch contains a place to put a lock on dead loved one’s hair.

Another piece of mourning jewelry. Yes, they did this and it’s disturbing just the same.

44. A Steampunk key pendant should always have a flowery touch.

Another piece of Steampunk jewelry. Love the key design and rose. Very artistic.

45. Sometimes you can just put about anything on a necklace.

This one seems to be made from scraps all wielded together with a glue gun. Not necessarily in my taste.

46. This brooch has a real silver cat’s eye.

Yes, Steampunk jewelry has its own unique style. Like rhinestone chains on this though.

47. Looks like someone had an accident with a small cleaver.

Actually, that’s ring for 2 fingers. It’s supposed to look that way. Why it exists, I have no idea.

48. An antler is always great for holding up your hair.

Not sure if it’s a real antler or not. Either way, wouldn’t want it in my hair ever.

49. This jeweled bird always minds its golden nest.

Another lovely bird ring. But doesn’t seem wearable for some reason. Also might scratch something.

50. You can always stun with a pair of goldfish bowl earrings.

You’d think they’d make earrings for almost everything. By the way, goldfish don’t really like living in bowls.

51. An octopus handpiece should always have a pearl on top.

Yes, you’ll find hand jewelry pieces like this. And yes, some can be quite strange.

52. This oyster ring has a pearl in its shell for you to see.

This one has its own unique nautical charm. But I’d be careful to wear it though.

53. Any bird lover would adore these birdhead earrings.

Okay, maybe those with an interest in taxidermy also. Because these are utterly creepy beyond all imagination.

54. With pizza slice earrings, the eyes have it.

Yes, this is an interesting concept design. No, I’m sure it’s not from the world of Bizarro. Okay, it might be.

55. A blue whale pendant necklace is a dazzling sight.

And a lovely piece of artwork it surely is. Like how the blue whale looks so dazzling.

56. You can have a neighborhood street on a necklace.

Though one with a lot of traffic no doubt. Still, an interesting concept.

57. This coffin necklace contains one lovestruck skeleton.

It even has heart eyes and a heart pelvis. The coffin is also magnetic. Yes, it’s morbid. But fun.

58. With these earrings, many might see you as an ass wipe.

The toilet paper on these is made of beads so you can’t wipe with them. But they’re great for any bathroom party.

59. Always cut on the dotted line.

On second thought, don’t. Because this is a necklace designed that way. But you get where it came from.

60. A butterfly hairpiece always make everything flutter in spring.

Though I’d hate to have something like that caught in my hair. Yet, it’s surely stunning.

61. This necklace is all eyes all the time.

Kind of seems like something you’d find on A Series of Unfortunate Events. Though I don’t want to give away anything.

62. This pin of Little Red Riding Hood is almost pure fairy tale.

This is utterly disgusting. Yes, it has Little Red climbing out of the wolf. In the original version, she’s not so lucky.

63. Put your finger through a golden ring of shark jaws.

Guess they might actually have galas during Shark Week. Though this is quite an original design.

64. On a camel ring, the stone goes on the hump.

But it’s covered in jewels just the same. Nevertheless, not sure if it’s old or not.

65. You’ll only find one beat on this ring.

Well, a heartbeat ring. Didn’t imagine that. At least it’s not flat lining so you’re alive.

66. Now that is a very fancy propeller.

It’s a golden propeller ring. Wonder if it spins around. Might want to try.

67. Here’s a necklace you don’t see everywhere anymore.

Unfortunately, phone booth necklaces were replaced by the newer cell phone necklaces. This is among the only few left.

68. Hope you receive this special ring.

Yes, it’s the one you get on the phone. And your finger. Yet, I understand this model is obsolete.

69. With this hand necklace, you can fit all kinds of rings.

On one hand, it’s an interesting design concept. On the other hand, it’s morbid for the disembodied hand part.

70. This ring will always tell you what day it is.

Well, this ring is somewhat useful. As long as each month as 31 days which isn’t true. But it won’t tell you the year.

71. Want a little birdie in your hair.

Of course, it’s a caged canary. But it’s otherwise a charmer or a great conversation piece.

72. In a thimble necklace, always put in some pins.

Since pins make a necklace like this look sew right. Might want to use a little cushion though.

73. The concept of this necklace is rather elemental.

Not sure what that molecular structure is supposed to be. But it has guaranteed chemistry.

74. Always have to get an octopus among a string of pearls.

Because a plain pearl necklace doesn’t capture the nautical spirit. Lovely in its own way though.

75. A butterfly ring, should have all kinds of jewels.

And I certainly love the gems encrusted on this one. Very colorful and very appropriate for springtime.

76. A shell necklace should always have some net.

This one has the shells in the net. Could probably weigh someone down. Not what I want to wear.

77. For bearded men, it helps to bring along a mustache comb.

Luckily there’s such a pendant right here. Hope you can find a lot of use from it.

78. You’d almost think this face was somehow detached.

Guess this some avant garde modern art necklace I don’t understand. And it kind of creeps me out.

79. A lock brooch looks great on anyone’s neck.

And I don’t think this guy is available at the moment. Because his brooch has the lock in place.

80. You can have a real claw into this pendant necklace.

It has a crab claw pendant or so I think. Great for anyone into Stempunk nautical.

81. Open this ring with the right combination.

Though it would just reveal some golden coin. But sometimes the numbers and turns are hard to remember.

82. This gem encrusted owl watch will always give you the time.

It has one eye for time. And another for day. In any case, it’s a sure hoot.

83. This necklace has a lot of lips to it.

According to Pinterest, this was said to be designed by Salvador Dali. And it surely does look surreal to boot.

84. This necklace features a golden switch blade.

There’s also a set of swtichblade earrings to go with it. Though I don’t think it’s as lethal as its real life counterpart.

85. You’re always zipped with this bracelet.

Yet, ti won’t open or close anything since it’s just a bracelet. Cool though.

86. With this ring, time almost stands still.

This one apparently depicts a water drop about to make a splash. Kind of odd but it’s not like you’re used to seeing a moment like this for more than a split second.

87. Any queen of the dead has to have a pair of these skull earrings.

Sure they’re quite morbid with the skull stuff. But they have their own unique charm to them.

88. You’ll find a real tidal wave with this pendant.

Though it sure would remind you of the ocean or the beach. Yet, not something I’d wear.

89. This little ax seems stuck in a stump.

Actually it’s a ring depicting such scene. Great gift for the lumberjack in your life.

90. This mourning brooch features its own unique basket weave.

Yes, mourning jewelry can get quite weird at times. But I guess it helped the Victorians cope with their losses back in the day.

91. This necklace brings the sea to life in encrusted jewels.

Though many might actually prefer a necklace with real shells and starfish. Though I can’t complain about this one.

92. You’ll always find something slithering on a pendant like this.

Reminds me of the kind of jewelry you might find on Game of Thrones. Yet, the snakes seem quite menacing.

93. How about some tea for once?

This necklace has tea pouring into a cup. Odd, but utterly delightful.

94. Bet you thought this pendant was full of candy.

Well, it’s of a gumball machine. But the gumballs aren’t for eating.

95. You can find many of the ocean’s wonders in a seashell.

This snail shell has pearls and jewels inside a wire frame. Very lovely and very creative.

96. Hope you enjoy a little bird in pearls.

This one seems to consist of silver and gold on a ring. Has a lot of poise and perfection. Love it.

97. Any Steampunk fan would think the living daylights out of this bracelet.

A perfect cuff for a lady adventurer. Has all the pearls and gears you’ll need.

98. Two trees can always stand as one.

But this pendant doesn’t seem to depict healthy trees. Rather both seemed to have some branches cut off from them.

99. A Steampunk brooch must include a wing once in a while.

I don’t know about you. But it’s possible that wing could be real. Goes with the bird head earrings.

100. I say you could find a necklace like this rather bubbly.

Yes, it’s a bubble necklace. And I think the bubbles are made from glass which could easily break.

Fun with Easter Bonnets (Third Edition)


Of course, I can’t do my Easter post without including bonnets. Though I like to wear hats outdoors, I don’t usually wear an Easter bonnet because I live out in the country. And if I show up in one of the ones I’ve shown so far at church, well, I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Nor do I know of any local Easter parade in my area. Nevertheless, many do as I’ve seen on Pinterest and in photos of Easter parades across the country, particularly New York. Some of these bonnets might be of straw and have flowers on them. Some of them can be more outlandish which is what you’ve seen in my other posts. And let’s just say you won’t believe the hats I have found on the Internet. Of course, women initially wore them but since it’s such a fun tradition to make one’s own, men and boys have their own, too. Anyway, for your reading pleasure, I give you another installment of weird and wacky Easter bonnets to enjoy.

  1. Welcome in spring with a daffodil Easter bonnet.

Well, it’s mostly made of paper with chicks on the petals. But it’s quite cute.

2. Now your Easter bonnet can be a flower patch for chicks and bunnies.

The bunnies on here are mostly made from eggs. The chicks are made from pom poms.

3. Nothing welcomes spring like a fancy hat of green.

Not sure if I like this one. However, since it’s outlandish enough, I’ll put it on the post for show.

4. You can’t have an Easter bonnet without a bow and rabbit ears.

Helps if it has some Easter eggs and flowers at the brim. So pretty.

5. Chicks always like a tower slide.

Well, it’s a cone shaped Easter bonnet with stars. Initially thought this was a lighthouse. Maybe it is.

6. When you wear an Easter bonnet in New York, you can always go all out.

This woman’s wearing an Easter bonnet consisting of a stack of pillows and decorations. Yes, it’s outrageous and I’m not sure how she keeps her head up.

7. With this Easter bonnet, you will be one with the Force.

Yes, they have Star Wars Easter bonnets. I know it’s crazy. But I’m sure little boys would wear something like this.

8. Celebrate Easter with a bonnet depicting chicks who worshipped the Norse gods.

Still, you have to like the chicks in Viking helmets. And that ship looks pretty cool.

9. Even Spider Man has to have his own pair of bunny ears.

Yes, they also have Spider Man Easter bonnets, too. Though this one has its own unique charm.

10. The Crazy Critters treehouse is always the place to be.

Funny how the brim consists of pom pom chicks and eggs. Though I’m not sure how the turtle got up the ladder.

11. Didn’t know they had colored eggs in prehistoric times.

Of course, they didn’t. But if your son is very into dinosaurs, this is the Easter bonnet for him.

12. An Easter bunny bonnet should always sparkle.

Well, this one has those sparkly stones you get from a craft store. But it’s a hopping sensation.

13. Some Easter bonnets come with a little bit of everything.

And I mean everything. Not sure how this girl can hold her head up. Then again, the decorations probably don’t weigh that much.

14. Nothing makes an Easter bonnet quite like one with the dinosaurs.

Because these Easter chicks are probably descended from them. No, I am not kidding. Hell, there were even chicken sized dinos.

15. An Easter basket should have some egg candy to spare.

This one has an Easter basket dumping the egg candy. And you have bunnies on the brim.

16. Welcome bring with an Easter bonnet of a bunny encased in a fence.

There are a few hats like this. But this one has flowers and dragon flies.

17. An cone Easter bonnet can always make you shine and sparkle.

This one contains shiny Easter eggs and pom poms of every pastel color. Yes, it’s outrageous but it’s doable.

18. This woman couldn’t leave home on Easter without her blue hydrangeas.

So she wore them on her head in a pot. Okay, the flowers are fake. But you can say she’s a real pot head.

19. Nothing captivates an Easter parade like a rubber duck in a tub.

Wouldn’t have thought you can have that as an Easter bonnet. But it certainly works like a charm.

20. Everyone always enjoys a rainbow behind a windmill.

Well, this is certainly a cute pastoral scene. But they should watch out for a crazy old man thinking the mill is a giant.

21. Here comes the Easter bunny king carried by his attendants.

Okay, that’s pretty clever. Love the bunny attendants. Also like the flowers, too.

22. Seems like this egghead aims for the sky.

Well, this plane is somewhat old fashioned. But it works to some extent.

23. Something tells me this woman is a bit cagey.

After all, she’s wearing a birdcage Easter bonnet. And I see she has to hold it up with her arm to keep it from falling.

24. Hope these chicks enjoy a picnic.

Well, this is adorable. Love the little garden on the brim. So cute.

25. I suppose this Wonka hat is perfect for an Easter parade.

Well, it certainly has the Wonka fixtures like candy and a golden ticket. However, Wonka is a pretty creepy dude.

26. Even the most sophisticated can don an Easter hat for the parade.

This one depicts a bunny with chicks and flowers. Not outlandish, but quite showy.

27. A pink castle always looks great on your head.

A castle Easter bonnet, who knew? Like how it has a butterfly on the front. So pretty.

28. A large flower should always make an impression.

This one uses the same pattern fro the bird house. Wonder if you can spin the flower around.

29. A ladybug Easter bonnet will always melt your heart.

I’m sure nobody could resist the cute eyes and smile. So adorable.

30. As we all know, you have to make the dinosaur eggs blend in.

Yes, this is another dino Easter bonnet. But, at least they used earth tone eggs and autumn leaves.

31. Looks like her flowers have grown on her hat.

This one even has butterflies fluttering, around, too. But you probably didn’t see that at first.

32. You’d almost think this Easter bonnet came straight from Jurassic Park.

Even has long leaves for a feathery impression. And a lot of green eggs for an Easter flair.

33. Noah’s ark is always the place for chicks for flood refuge.

Yes, I know there has to be animals coming in 2 by 2. But the ark certainly has an Easter touch. And it’s weird because Noah’s ark happened in Genesis.

34. An Easter bonnet of R2-D2 is always dependable.

Though this one has his dome shaped like an egg for Easter. I know it’s crazy but so is ignoring R2-D2’s contributions to the Star Wars franchise.

35. Her hat consists of nothing but twigs.

That’s because it’s made to look like a nest. And one that uses organic materials.

36. I guess she must be a real nest head for some reason.

Well, spring is a time when you’d find a lot of nests. And I’m sure wearing one isn’t too far fetched.

37. A large egg on your head never brings your Easter spirit in doubt.

Helps if it’s fancy and fits in a basket. Like the flower brim, too.

38. Tall pink Easter bonnets should always match.

Helps if the decor are different colors so you can tell them apart. But yes, these are outrageous.

39. A spring butterfly hat should always be glorious.

Now that’s a really tall fancy hat. Like the pink wings. Wonder what it looks like from the front.

40. Now this guy is a real flower head.

I mean his head is in a fro of flowers. Then again, in New York, he’s probably not the most outrageous guy in the parade.

41. These Easter pirate chicks love life on the high seas.

Yes, they have pirate ones, too. But at least the chicks look adorable with their ship.

42. No bunny can ever resist a large carrot top.

That’s really clever. Makes it look as if the bunny’s going at the carrot. Adorable.

43. How about a bunny popping out of an Easter bonnet to munch a carrot.

Sure it may not be among the fancier bonnets I showed so far. But it’s cute in its own unique way.

44. Nothing makes a great Easter bonnet like flowers and butterflies to hail spring.