I am a college graduate from rural Western Pennsylvania who likes subjects ranging from history, old movies, culture, progressive politics, classic rock music, books, writing, and other high minded things. I’m an Irish Catholic girl who’s not afraid to speak her mind or march to the beat of her own drummer and doesn’t care what people think about her. Yet, I try to be as nice a girl as I can even though I don’t have a high tolerance for BS if you know what I mean.

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  1. Yours is an interesting blog. I like seeing what famous people looked like when they were young. I found your blog from a search about President Harding’s illegitimate daughter, Ann. What keeps you blogging in this age of Facebook? I have found so many abandoned blogs on the Web, I am hesitant to make one of my own.

  2. Hi! I happen to be interested in a lot of the topics you mentioned (progressive politics, classic rock, old movies, sports, history, etc.) myself as well as of Irish descent. Just asking, what inspired you to start this blog to begin with and do you perhaps have some advice for those wishing to start their own blog who feel like they have something holding them back from doing it?

  3. regarding comment on “The Lone Girl in a Crowd” that says “While Jean Crain striven to be a serious actress …” your English is incorrect – it should be STROVE; there isn’t even such a word as striven; thank you

  4. I found your blog while researching the Seneca (Haudenosaunee) Nation. I linked to this blog from my FB page, because your research is outstanding. Thank you. I would be glad to give you full credit by name if you share it–maybe add your name to the comments below the post (3/31/17)? BTW–you’re Irish, you say? I visited Ireland last fall and wrote about here (not tooting my own horn, just thought you might be interested–nice pix, too, if I do say so myself):

  5. Hi Lone Girl,
    Do you sell your salt and pepper shakers? I’d love to have #40, the Shark and Dolphin ones.
    Thanks, Nurse Mary

  6. I found your blog googling towhee. Interesting thoughts. You definitely sound like a true western pa girl.
    Good luck with your endeavors.

  7. I actually came across your blog upon Googling the question, “Is it disrespectful to wear a (United States) flag lapel pin?”

    I still haven’t found information, anywhere, explaining why wearing a United States flag lapel pin is not disrespectful, while wearing a United States flag T-shirt is.

    That said, I have never seen such disrespectful treatment of the United States Flag, as I have seen since 9/11.

    Ironic, isn’t it?

    I love America, but I hate Americans—at least the smartphone-addicted, self-absorbed Americans of this diabolical Digital Age.

  8. Hi, I found you site googling to familiarize with lands of Westeros. The geography of Game of thrones # were just what I needed; So thanks for your beautiful summarizing, such revelation, bonus, I enjoyed your healthy amount of coolness.

  9. Hi my name is Jennifer I live in Virginia I came across your blog as I was looking at ideas for the DIY stain glass storm doors and I saw that large panel Stainglass of the rainbow flower I am absolutely obsessed with that I want to have that more than anything I am having A hard time finding out if that is just a one-of-a-kind piece or if that something I can buy online do you have any information are you the artist do you know who the artist is do you know if it’s for sale I am very new to Pinterest so I have no idea how this stuff works but please please please let me know if you have any info if it’s not Outrageously expensive and something in my price range I am ready with a credit card right now LOL thank you for any help you can give me and like I said it’s that very large glass panel of the rainbow sunflower almost is what it looks like

  10. So #77 on your headstone list shows you’re pretty judgmental. To say he wasn’t too bright because he died at 16 just shows you have probably lived a life without loss and pain. Micah was a boy who was diagnosed with leukemia at 15 and he fought as hard as he could and the cancer won. Micahs favorite thing to do in the hospital while he was hooked up to a pole through a port in his chest was to roll that pole everywhere with him and to put on witty tshirts and especially a t shirt that read “ I see dumb people” and then he’d walk into the shift change meetings for the doctors and just point at his shirt and laugh and walk away. He found humor in the little things and appreciated everyday he was given. If he were alive today I can promise you he wouldn’t be wasting life writing horrible things like you’ve written about him. Maybe you should find a better hobby than tearing apart people who died in horrific ways…hopefully you never experience what Micah had to experience.

  11. I am tryoing to find the source of a picture you shared here for cossack vodka “clean uo the office party” Do you know the source of this photo??

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