I am a 25 year-old college graduate from rural Western Pennsylvania who likes subjects ranging from history, old movies, culture, progressive politics, classic rock music, books, writing, and other high minded things. I’m an Irish Catholic girl who’s not afraid to speak her mind or march to the beat of her own drummer and doesn’t care what people think about her. Yet, I try to be as nice a girl as I can even though I don’t have a high tolerance for BS if you know what I mean.


5 responses to “About

  1. Yours is an interesting blog. I like seeing what famous people looked like when they were young. I found your blog from a search about President Harding’s illegitimate daughter, Ann. What keeps you blogging in this age of Facebook? I have found so many abandoned blogs on the Web, I am hesitant to make one of my own.

  2. Hi! I happen to be interested in a lot of the topics you mentioned (progressive politics, classic rock, old movies, sports, history, etc.) myself as well as of Irish descent. Just asking, what inspired you to start this blog to begin with and do you perhaps have some advice for those wishing to start their own blog who feel like they have something holding them back from doing it?

  3. regarding comment on “The Lone Girl in a Crowd” that says “While Jean Crain striven to be a serious actress …” your English is incorrect – it should be STROVE; there isn’t even such a word as striven; thank you

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