Hop Down the Bunny Trail for These Easter Treats (Fifth Edition)


After Saint Patrick’s Day passes, you’ll see plenty of bunnies, color eggs, chickies, flowers, and pastels just in time for Easter. Now I usually do my Easter post as soon as I complete the ones for Saint Patrick’s Day since the date can fluctuate within March and April. Though this year, it’s in late April. In any respect, given that Easter is a major holiday, many people usually celebrate with big dinners filled with food. Sure it’s not a big holiday like Halloween or Christmas, but it’s a major religious holiday with tons of candy and spring stuff. So it counts. Nonetheless, look on any Easter table and you’ll find plenty of delights like ham and scalloped potatoes. Maybe even a bunny cake. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of Easter treats. Enjoy.

  1. Nobody can resist these marshmallow bunnies.

Each of these even wears their own clothes made out of icing. While they hold a small carrot.

2. Perhaps you’d like a cake with a chick on top.


Has beautiful flowers on the side. And the chick is sitting adorably on the grass.

3. Care for a couple of birds in a nest?


The chicks are made out of Rice Krispies and peanut M&Ms. The nest consists of cornflakes and almonds.

4. Chick cookies should come in different colors.


Each of them as a little beak calling out. And all are in a cute little basket.

5. Bird’s nest cupcakes will always make guests chirp with delight.


These are covered in icing and coconut with pastel blue peanut M&Ms in the middle. And yes, these baby birds are chirping for food.

6. How about a bento bunny in your basket?


This pink bunny seems to be made out of rice. But it’s nonetheless adorable that you can eat up.

7. Don’t forget to put bunnies on Easter egg cookies.


Well, the bunnies are supposed to resemble what you’d see on peeps. But they’re cute.

8. You can never have an Easter dinner without bunny buns.


Each of these has raisin eyes. But you’ll be hopping mad for them.

9. Nobody can refuse these Oreo chicks.


Of course, I meant Oreos made to look like cute little chickies. Have conversation heart beaks, chocolate chick eyes, and pretzel stick legs.

10. Nest cookies make a rather delectable dessert.


This nest is made out of icing with candy eggs. And it’s all on a single cookie.

11. Donut duckies are such a treat.


Each of these are covered in yellow icing Nonetheless, they’re so cute.

12. Easter egg cookies can come in many different colors.


Each of these cookies has stripes of pink, white, orange, green, blue, yellow, and purple. Perfect for any Easter gathering.

13. Skateboard peeps never cease to amaze.


The skateboards are made from life savers. Though the bunnies are totally inedible.

14. Grace your Easter appetizer platter with this cheese carrot.


This one is covered by orange bell pepper bits. While the leafy part consists of green onion.

15. Chickie Rice Krispie treats will always make your kids chirp.


These are all on a stick. But you can’t help but love them.

16. Celebrate your Easter with some of these sugar cookies.


Includes bunnies and Easter eggs. Some of the eggs even have chicks inside.

17. A cheesy carrot can use a few butterfly crackers.


This one is covered in bread crumbs. While the leafy part is made from lettuce.

18. A bunny cake like this should bring some Easter charm.


This bunny has a bow at its ear. While it sits near the eggs. So cute.

19. This Easter, help yourself to a cookie bouquet.


You can find them in their own pots. Or a basket if you prefer.

20. Your little bunnies would crave for these peeps pretzel rods.


Though the purple bunnies aren’t fit for human consumption. But I like the purple icing and sprinkles.

21. This bunny can’t wait to dive in.


This cake is supposed to resemble a basket. Filled with Easter M&Ms and had Twinkies along the edges.

22. Perhaps you might want some strawberry chicks.


These are covered in yellow icing with beaks and M&M eyes. Not as cute as some of the other chicks on this post. But not bad.

23. Nobody can resist these hardboiled chickens.


Yes, they’re made from chicken eggs. But you have to like how they’re all in a row surrounded by spinach.

24. There’s something sheepish about these cupcakes.


Well, these are sheep cupcakes covered in marshmallows. And yes, they are adorable.

25. Chocolate bunny sandwiches are all the rage.


And you an see the creamy filling on them, too. While each one is touched with a bow.

26. No little lamb would refuse a sheep sandwich.


The cookie is covered in mini marshmallows for wool. While the head and legs are chocolate.

27. No kid could say no to a bento bunny lunch.


This one has a bunny wearing a bow tie. And it’s made out of rice.

28. Kids will be hopping mad for this Nutella bunny.


This might be a sandwich. Has cookie and apple feet, blueberry eyes, a marshmallow tail, and apple slice ears.

29. Chocolate egg bunnies will hop into your heart.


These are chocolate eggs with rabbit features. And yes, they’re so adorable that you can eat them up.

30. Got Reese’s Easter eggs? Make bunnies out of them.


Has marshmallow ears and tail. While each holds a little carrot in their candy arms.

31. Hope your little chicks can enjoy these Easter bento lunches.


Thses rice chicks appear in a rich vegetable patch. And yes, they’re so cute.

32. These butterfly cupcakes will make you flutter.


These consist of M&M bodies and pretzel wings. As they all rest on icing grass.

33. Perhaps you might prefer some bunny brownies.


These have bunny peeps on top of brownies. While their bottom halves are covered with chocolate icing and sprinkles.

34. An Easter basket bento lunch is just what you need.


The basket is made out of cheese. I’m not sure what the eggs are made of though.

35. It’s not Easter without some Easter basket graham cracker bark.


Well, graham crackers covered in green icing and sprinkles. The baskets are made out of cookie and pretzel.

36. Grace your Easter appetizer platter with some hard-boiled egg carrots.


Each of these has parsley on top for leaves. I know they’re kind of weird.

37. A cake with flowers should always have a surprise inside.


This one has vanilla and lavender in squares. Since they match the flowers on this cake of yellow icing.

38. This bunny is all up inside this cake.


You can see the feet on the sides. But it’s supposed to be a bunny coming out of its den.

39. Impress your guests with some Easter sheep cookies.


These have swirls for the fleece. Yet, their eyes are quite expressive.

40. No Easter dessert platter is complete without baby chick cupcakes.


These have candy wings and beak. Hope you can resist their chirping faces.

41. Easter is always a time for bird’s nest cake pops.


These are covered in icing and sprinkles with egg candies on top. Perfect to put on a stick.

42. Egg bunny cookies are always easy to stack.


Well, they’re shaped like eggs. Yet, they have bunny features. So cute.

43. Welcome spring with these fancy basket and flower cookies.


The baskets hold flowers of all kinds. The flower cookies are mostly tulips.

44. No little bunny should go without this Easter lunch.


Consists of a bunny sandwich and a deviled egg chick. So cute.

45. Don’t like bunnies? Try these colorful sheep cookies.


Yes, the colors on the fleece are in swirls. And it seems the cookies are gingerbread.

46. No chickie could refuse a lunch like this.


Consists of a pasta nets with chicks and a breaded tree. All featured on a floral paper plate.

47. Pound cake spring chicks will always enrich your Easter.


Each of these has an icing beak and chocolate chip eyes. And yet, they’re incredibly adorable.

48. Perhaps you’d like bunny feet deviled eggs on your appetizer platter.


Well, that’s pretty creative. Though I hope they don’t leave prints.

49. Would you like a bunny butt pudding cup?


Makes them seem like they’re going into the ground for their dens. Yet, each has a pink cotton tail.

50. Anyone at Easter would adore these chocolate bunny cookies.


Each of them even comes with little bows on them. Have jellybean noses and chocolate chip eyes.

51. You can’t celebrate Easter without some Reese’s fudge bunnies.


Each of them has a unique face. Bet they’re as tasty as they are cute.

52. Make your Easter memorable by serving these Easter bonnet cookies.


These are blue with flowers on them. Perfect for any springtime dessert platter.

53. Feel free to take some peeps sushi this Easter.


Each peep is tied with fruit roll up on a Rise Krispie bar. Though just eat the Rice Krispie bar since peeps aren’t fit for human consumption.

54. An Easter egg cake should always be covered with flowers.


The egg cake is pink. While the flowers are in pink and purple. So pretty.

55. You’ll find plenty of chocolate eggs in this basket.


Since the eggs are peanut Easter M&Ms. The basket is in pastel colors to match.

56. These carrot cookies always come stacked.


Since these cookies seemed stacked together with layers of icing. Want to try?

57.  An Easter gingerbread house should have all kinds of flowers.


You can see 2 bunnies fixing it up. Includes flowers and hearts on the roof. So pretty.

58. This Easter, take a lick from some bunny butt ice cream.


Basically depicts a bunny diving into its den. Makes a great frosty springtime treat.

59. This bunny’s got too many carrots in the bath tub.


Still, the bunny doesn’t seem to care since it’s got a feast. Still, folks, don’t eat in your tub.

60. Flower cupcakes make for a great springtime dessert.


These consist of roses, daisies, and other flowers. Professionally made but quite beautiful.

61. Perhaps you’d like a bunny on a train.


The bunny is made from apple slices. The train is comprised of bread, cheese, and crackers.

62. A chocolate cake can always use a few eggs.


In this case, the eggs are peanut Easter M&Ms. Also include bows and flowers on top.

63. Bet you’ve never seen a flower basket like this.


Yes, these are flower cookies on sticks. But they seem like they’re homemade compared to the previous ones I showed on this post.

64. This bunny can’t wait to get into the carrots.


Seems like I got a lot of bunny butts on this treat post. Though there are plenty of loose carrots lying around here, too.

65. Nothing makes your Easter worthwhile like this lamb cake.


Has marshmallow ears and icing swirls for fleece. So adorable.

66. Every chickie would love an Easter lunch like this.


There’s a chick sandwich over lettuce. Includes pretzel sticks, carrot slices, and a chick cookie. Not sure about the last one.

67. Celebrate this Easter with some basket cake pops on your dessert platter.


These are covered with chocolate and sprinkles. The jelly beans represent eggs.

68. Grace your Easter table with a bunny bread veggie platter.


This one even includes asparagus. Yet, you still see the dip tray on the bunny’s body.

69. You can’t have Easter without chick cake pops like these.


All these seem to have bunny ears for Easter. But they’re on different ends of a stick.

70. An Easter cake should boast of pastel colors.


This cake is in 2 tiers with flowers on the bottom and Easter eggs on top. Love the fabulous bow on the top.

71. Any bunny would love to stay at this cookie house.


Even has bunnies with an Easter basket in front. Like the floral wreath on top. So pretty.

72. Spring snack mix is an ideal Easter treat.


Contains eggs, birds, marshmallows, and other goodies. Perfect for any spring day.

73. This peep bunny has broken into the carrot patch.


This is called “Raiding the Carrot Patch Peeps Pudding.” And yes, it includes carrots.

74. Feel free to decorate an Easter bonnet cookie however you like.


Each of these is in a vibrant color and pattern. Yet, none are as ridiculous as the ones you see on my Easter bonnet posts.

75. This Easter, sit down and take some sheep bread.


This is bread shaped like a sheep. And it seems to have cheese in the fleece for some reason.

76. Celebrate your Easter with these square cookies that can fit together.


These cookies have so many aspects with Easter and spring. Yet, Easter is spelled on separate cookies.

77. This Easter egg cookie is easy to pull apart.


The giant cookie cake itself is cut in a variety of different ways. Each slice has a distinctive pattern and decorations.

78. Dip your veggies in this bread bowl bunny.


Then again, it might be a soup bowl. But what’s inside looks quite cheesy.

79. You’ve heard of a bunny cake. How about a bunny pie?


Well, the bunny looks quite crusty. Then again, it’s on a pie wearing a bowtie.

80. Hope you can enjoy this crusty Easter basket.


Well, it’s an Easter basket pie crust. The Easter eggs are covered in colored sugar.

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