God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen on These Christmas Treats (Sixth Edition)


As with most holidays, food plays a prominent role in Christmas, especially since it involves relatives coming over. After all, you can’t celebrate a major holiday without receiving a big feast. That many will put down weight loss for their New Year’s resolution and join a gym that they’ll only use a few times in January. Of course, you’ll find plenty of desserts that show Christmas motifs like Christmas trees, Santas, snowmen, candy canes, gingerbread men, reindeer, and more. Anyway, for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of delectable Christmas treats. Enjoy.

  1. Treat your guests this Christmas to some reindeer cake.

Comes with holly edging at the bottom. Topped with a red nose and antlers.

2. Drink hot chocolate by the fire with some gingerbread marshmallows.


Hope they don’t taste like gingerbread. Because that would be rather disgusting.

3. Anyone would love this reindeer candy.


You can see it’s made from a Reese’s cup. Love the face and bow. So cute.

4. Snowman cookies will always belong on your Christmas dessert platter.


These have 3 dough balls and pretzel sticks. Decorated by icing.

5. Hate Christmas? Try these Grinch cookies.


These just show the Grinch’s hand holding an ornament. But it’s a picture with icing.

6. Snow globe cookies are the treat of the season.


These are made from gingerbread. While the globes have Christmas trees inside.

7. Want a gingerbread cookie on a stick?


Okay, these are sugar cookies iwth gingerbread faces. They even wear bows to indicate gender.

8. Care for some gingerbread fudge?


Funny, that it doesn’t look brown. Wonder if it tastes like gingerbread. Hope not.

9. Feast your eyes on some Rudolph snacks.


Each of these consists of those bread crackers with chocolate antlers. The eyes and nose are made from candy.

10. Wake up this Christmas to some Santa pancakes.


Has a beard of whipped cream and a hat of strawberries. Also has banana ears and candy facial features.

11. These snowman cookies will melt in your mouth.


Each of them has white icing with chocolate chips. The carrot noses are made out of candy.

12. These snowman truffles come with their own Oreo hats.


And they seem like they’re minding their own business or about to do some kind of song and dance routine. So adorable.

13. Send an edible arrangement with this apple slice Christmas tree.


Well, the apple slices consists of the bows. Though you got plenty of fruity stars.

14. These snowmen cookies are all melted.


They’re basically 2 cookies stacked on top of each other. And they’re both covered in white icing.

15. A broccoli wreath makes a perfect Christmas veggie platter.


The stars are made from cheese. The ornaments and bow are made from tomato.

16. For a more rustic Christmas, try these cookies.


Yes, these are professionally made onto gingerbread. But at least they have a more naturalistic feel.

17. Door cookies will always have you begging for more.


These have wreaths on them. And some may not have edible decorations like the bows.

18. Want a slice of holly wreath cake?


Each of these is in a diamond slice with berries and a leaf etched icing. Love how it’s chocolate.

19. Stick your cracker into this snowman cheese ball.


This one has asparagus arms and a pea pod scarf. It even wears a wreath on its head.

20. Anyone would get shivers for this penguin cake.


This one has a red and green party hat. Love how it waves its wings. So cute.

21. Reindeer Oreos are a grand Christmas treat.


Each of these is covered in white icing. Sport red antlers and M&M eyes and nose.

22. Get a load of these Christmas tree pretzels.


These are made from pretzel sticks and drizzle. Each is in a bright color and decorated with sprinkles.

23. You have trouble with these tree and wreath cookies.


These are decorated with green and red icing. And they’re not very complicated to make.

24. Grace your Christmas dessert platter with some snow globe cupcakes.


Yet, each seems to feature scenes in Florida for some reason. Even the ones including snowmen next to palm trees, which isn’t realistically plausible.

25. Hope these ornament cookies make your mouth water.


Each of them has a hole for a gel filling that’s covered in candy sugar. Not sure how that’s possible.

26. These Rudolph cookies are filled with chocolate chip goodness.


Each has a Reese’s cup in the center. Antlers are made from pretzel bits.

27. Kids can’t resist these Rice Krispie treat reindeer.


Both are on sticks and have chocolate antlers. But they’re nonetheless adorable.

28. You’ll have peace on earth with this angel cake.


Sure, it’s not incredibly elegant. But you have to admire the wings and halo.

29. Perhaps your Christmas veggie platter can use some elegance.


This one contains olives and cherry tomatoes. Perfect for more formal Christmas parties.

30. You’ll find these Christmas tree fudge cookies minty fresh.


Since they contain candy cane bits on them. While the bottoms are chocolate.

31. This gingerbread chef cake is king of the kitchen.


Has a cute little chef’s hat. While a bow appears around its neck for effect. So cute.

32. Nothing can top these North Pole cupcakes.


This one is covered in white icing with a stick and a marshmallow on top. Real simple to make.

33. These snowman peanut cookies won’t receive any frosty reception.


Each of these has M&M buttons. Perfect for leaving out for Santa.

34. Care to put some holly on your log cake.


The holly on this cake is chocolate by the way. Berries are probably cherries or fake.

35. Put this Christmas tree on your fruit platter.


Mostly consists of grapes because they’re green. The garlands are orange slices while the star is a starfruit.

36. Pull a bun off some Christmas tree bread.


This one has a lot of toppings on them. Can see some cheese and basil leaves.

37. You may delight in this kiwi Christmas tree.


This one only has strawberry ornaments. A rather minimalistic approach.

38. You’ll fall over for this polar bear cake.


The polar bear’s just been through a skiing accident. Also wears a Santa hat.

39. Decorate your Christmas dessert platter with these ornament cake pops.


Each one of these is covered with icing. Green ones have snowflakes. Red ones have holly.

40. You’ll feel at home with these Christmas cookies.


Each of these is decorated for Christmas. Some of the wreaths have sprinkles, too.

41. Mouse king cheese fudge slices make an ideal Christmas dessert.


Though remember he’s a character from The Nutcracker. And he’s kind of vicious enough to give you nightmares.

42. You can’t go wrong with reindeer marshmallow pops.


Has chocolate pretzel antlers. Perfect for gift bags.

43. Holly and leaf gingerbread cookies are just what you need for the season.


They’re glazed in shiny icing too. Also made out of gingerbread. But berries and leaves come separately.

44. Perhaps you can use some candy cane dessert.


This mostly consists of sweetbread wrapped into a candy cane. Not sure if it contains any fruit.

45. There’s nothing frosty about these snowmen cake pops.


This mostly consists of sweetbread wrapped into a candy cane. Not sure if it contains any fruit.

46. These Christmas cake balls will surely delight in the season.


They’re white with red and green icing. Each contains something associated with Christmas like Santa, snowman, stocking, tree, and lights.

47. These Christmas trees cupcakes are rather untamed.


These are just trees made from icing. Perfect for any rustic dessert platter.

48. How about a Christmas tree cookie on a stick?


These are just trees made from icing. Perfect for any rustic dessert platter.

49. These snowman cakepops are great for any snowy day.


Each of these is bundled up in pink. Perfect for any Christmas dessert platter. So cute.

50. Holiday present cookies are full of surprises.


Actually they contain M&Ms. Available in red and green.

51. Care for some Christmas tree brownies?


Actually they contain M&Ms. Available in red and green.

52. Perhaps you can warm up to these Santa cake pops.


Been awhile since I did anything with Santa on this post. Still, each of these is covered in icing. Like the hats.

53. Gingerbread snowflake cookies make for a great winter treat.


Each of these has rather intricate snowflake design. Come in all shapes and sizes.

54. You’ll be jingling with these cake pops.


Yes, they’re made to resemble jingle bells. They’re all made on red cake with white icing.

55. You’ll be aglow for these Rudolph cookie cups.


These have poinsettia pretzel antlers. Wonder where you can get them.

56. You may be in the mood for a holly cheesecake.


Contains berries and holly leaves. The leaves are made out of chocolate.

57. You may adore these reindeer heart cookies.


These are covered in chocolate with chocolate pretzel antlers. And yes, they have gumdrop red noses.

58. Care for a Christmas tree Oreo?


These are doused in chocolate icing with drizzle. Can come in pink or green. But they’re all covered in sprinkles.

59. These gingerbread Rice Krispie treats are a real Christmas delight.


Each of them comes on a stick. Also sport M&M buttons.

60. Any little elf would love a reindeer ice cream cone popcorn treat.


These consist of a chocolate ice ceam cone with popcorn stuffed into them. Also consists of chocolate drizzle.

61. You’ll be lost to go without these Christmas tree cookies.

Christmas food.jpg

These are chocolate and covered in green icing. Also contain shiny ornaments of questionable edibility.

62. Feast your eyes on this Christmas cake.


This one has Santa on top with the words, “Merry Christmas.” Love the snowflakes.

63. These Christmas cupcakes will be a hit on any dessert platter.


Each of these embodies Christmas in its own unique way. One even has bells.

64. You can’t do without a marshmallow snowman in your hot chocolate.


Though you can’t see a snowman sitting in a hot tub. Has a candy corn nose and pretzel stick limbs.

65. You’ll be freezing for these North Pole ice cream cone cakes.


Of course, penguins live in the South Pole. But they’re relying on cuteness here.

66. Help yourself to a Santa Ritz cracker snack.


Each of these has a cream cheese beard and a pepperoni slice hat. They used the holes for eyes.

67. Perhaps you can chill to a polar bear cupcake.


Each of these is covered in sprinkles. Also, they’re so adorable they’ll melt your heart.

68. Anyone would love a piece of this Christmas tree cake.


This one consists of a large triangle decorated with M&Ms. You can’t eat the star on top though.

69. Grace your appetizer platter with this wreath veggie tray.


This one contains broccoli, turnips, carrots, cauliflower, and cherry tomatoes. Perfect for any Christmas party.

70. Treat yourself to a Christmas wreath donut.


These are decorated with icing and sprinkles. Best of all, they’re chocolate.

71. Feel free to take an ornament cupcake.


These are in red, green, and white. Each is uniquely decorated in shiny sprinkles and icing.

72. You might prefer an ornament Oreo or 2.


Each of these are dipped and icing and richly decorated. Like the one with the red and green stripes.

73. Care for a Hershey’s gingerbread house?


This one has chocolate walls and roof. Trimmed with icing and candy canes.

74. Anyone would light up for this reindeer cake.


This one has Santa and holly decor on the top. Still, so cute.

75. Get in the festive mood with this pull apart wreath cake.


Contains flowers, gingerbread men, snowflakes, and Santa. Has a red bow and dog figure on top.

76. Penguin bananas make a nice frosty snack.


These are dipped in chocolate. Also sport M&M beaks and feet.

77. Warm up to some polar bear hot chocolate.


The polar bears are made from marshmallows and whipped cream. And yes, they’ll melt your heart.

78. Grace your appetizer platter with a Christmas tree veggie tray.


Has a broccoli Christmas tree with a starfruit star and cherry tomato ornaments. Also includes cauliflower.

79. Feel free to pop a cocoa cup now and then.


These are chocolate cookie cups with handles. Like the icing and sprinkles on top.

80. Care to try a Yule log snack?


They’re mostly ho-hos with holly decoration. A real easy treat to make.


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