The Wonderful World of the Teddy Bear (Third Edition)


One of the more iconic gifts people receive on Valentine’s Day are teddy bears. If you look at the Vermont Teddy Bear website, you’ll find more bears for V-Day than any other holiday. They may be cuddly toys, but they’re not just for kids to play with. In fact, these plushies of cuteness are used for all sorts of occasions and are customized to suit your fancy. You have teddy bears for holidays. You have bears for special occasions. And there are plenty of bears dressed as public figures, occupations, hobbies, fictional characters, and what you will. After all, I did a couple of posts pertaining to them. Still, looking at their beady eyes and fur, you don’t need to wonder why people have loved this toy all over the world. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of teddy bears. Enjoy.

  1. Cuddle this polar bear on cold winter days.

But if you don’t believe in global warming, then explain to this guy why their polar home is disappearing. Still, you want to hug it.

2. Obear wan Kenobi always uses the Force.

Though he doesn’t seem to have a lightsaber. Then again, he can maul Sith with his bear hands.

3. Everyone wants to hug this Panda bear.

Yes, this little guy’s from China. But it’s American made thanks to the Vermont Teddy Bear Company.

4. You’ll never see anything more saintly than this angel.

Well, she’s decked in white and gold. Still, got to love the wings and halo.

5. There is no Jedi bear more powerful and wise than Master Pawda.

Great warrior, Pawda is. Flips during lightsaber battles, Pawda can do.

6. You’d go mad over Mad King Ludwig II and his swan.

Sure he may have been a terrible and crazy king of Bavaria. But at least he gave his people an assortment of great tourist attractions.

7. Even bears hung out at diners during the 1950s.

Though you wouldn’t guess they’d drive muscle cars and wear poodle skirts. Still, this is adorable.

8. Sultan Ali Bearba always sports an amazing mustache.

Yet, he’ll tear any encroachers to shreds with his claws. Love the turban.

9. Someone’s ready for their close up.

Though the camera bear might need to pull up his pants. For his tighty whiteys are showing.

10. This fair lady bear is all ready for the masquerade ball.

She’s dressed in red and has a golden mask in her paws. Wherever she goes, no one can see her face.

11. Joel le Paz loves to give away presents.

He even gives away bears of all sizes. Got to admire his red cape and hood.

12. Gabriella is always in a fairy bloom mood.

Well, she certainly has fairy wings and dress. But she’s nonetheless a heavenly vision.

13. Wonder Wombear empowers girl bears everywhere.

Kind of had to include this one since Wonder Woman came out in 2017. Too bad that film got snubbed for Oscars.

14. Come to the Emerald City for these bears.

Includes Dorothy, her friends, Glinda, the Wicked Witch of the West, and Toto? Don’t get the last one.

15. Michaelangelbear always knew how to capture the moment of creation.

It’s supposed to be a teddy bear rendition of The Creation of Adam. And yes, it’s quite amazing to look at.

16. Care for a Sunday afternoon in the park?

This is based on a painting by George Seurat. And yes, I think they got the whole thing almost perfect with teddy bears.

17. Draculclaws wants to suck your blood.

So you might want to proceed with caution. For he tempts unsuspecting victims with cuddles.

18. Teddy Bears are always up for a spring family picnic.

Though I wonder if this family hijacked some people picnickers. But here they enjoy a nice, quiet day.

19. Lucy Bear is always in the mood for chocolate.

She’s basically a teddy bear Lucille Ball. And yes, she’s always ready to be zany.

20. Ivanka Trump always knows the height of fashion.

However, while she claims to be for women and children, she’s basically her dad in sleeker packaging. Also, she may sell overpriced clothes. But they’re made by sweatshop labor in countries with human rights abuses.

21. Bianca Bear loves to ice skate.

She also has aspirations to become a figure skater. Like her idol Clawnya Harding.

22. Mr. Right is always just around the corner.

However, you didn’t expect him to be covered in fur with a wet nose and ears. But he comes with roses and chocolates.

23. Whatever you wish, its Genie bear’s command.

Comes with a lamp and 3 hearts for wishes. Still, love the turban. So cute.

24. Chef Paw Paws comes highly recommended.

Here he comes with a gingham scarf on his neck. But he always washes his paws before he cooks. His dishes are quite bearable.

25. This teddy bear is great at kung fu fighting.

Sure he may be a white belt. But he can totally karate chop you if he had the chance.

26. Never guess this bear is a real turkey.

Though a Pilgrim or Indian costume would’ve been less outrageous. Still, people will talk about this turkey at Thanksgiving.

27. The Birthday bear loves to wear a cake hat.

Though there are a few candles on top. Any more and his head would be set on fire.

28. This star quarterback is ready for his forward pass.

Well, he’s not wearing a helmet and shoulder pads. Then again, bears are quite resilient.

29. This injured bear’s fallen for you and has the cast to prove it.

He may have an injured leg and crutch. But you can’t help but cuddle him.

30. Beach bear girl never gets too hot on the coast.

She’s in her own swimsuit, sunglasses, and hat. And she’s ready to get in the water.

31. Anyone would want an angel bear on their Christmas tree.

She’s in a white gown trimmed with gold. And her wings give her a heavenly disposition.

32. Sprinting Susie always works out at the trail circuit.

She wears her own sports bra. But you have to like her sweats and sneakers.

33. See Clawnya Harding do a whirl on ice.

But if Nancy Berrigan beats her in the Olympics, she’ll rip her to shreds. Love the outfit though.

34. Sometimes if you want to get a moose, you’d have to dress like one.

Well, I guess this is for the Vermont Teddy Bear Company to promote their state. But I didn’t know any moose lived in Vermont.

35. Though he loves bacon, he loves you more.

I can understand why bears would love bacon. But a bear in a bacon costume is quite hysterical.

36. “Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house…”

“Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.”
Also, this plaid pajama bear comes with a mouse in his pocket.

37. Dr. Claws wants to check your teeth.

He even has a tooth with its own eyes and smile. Also, he insists you brush and floss.

38. Glitter Whimsy Bear is always full of sparkle.

She has a purple jacket and pink skirt. But she shines wherever she goes.

39. Coco Bear always dresses at the height of fashion.

Has her own handbag to accessorize. Still, you have to admire her good taste.

40. Anyone can be a ferocious dragon with effort.

Or he could be dressed as a dinosaur. Either way, he’s adorably scary.

41. Snowshoe Santabear needs no sleigh and reindeer.

Though reindeer can make a nice supplement. Still, this is kind of clever.

42. Spirit will put you in the Winter Olympic mood.

He’s ready to go to South Korea for Team USA. And he wears red, white, blue to prove it.

43. It’s always G’day to this Australian policeman.

Though he doesn’t seem as cuddly as other police bears. That’s because he’s patrolling the Outback.

44. Nobody could resist Papi Chiulo.

With his black outfit and red rose, he can make the ladies swoon. And he likes to cuddle.

45. These bears can always catch the rainbow.

Each one is a different color. And their bows usually match their fur.

46. Even teddy bears must go to school.

Each student has a slate board. Guess this is from a one room schoolhouse.

47. You’d almost say this bear is Leonardo’s masterpiece.

Well, it’s a teddy bear Mona Lisa from the Teddy Bear Museum. And yes, she has hair from her ears.

48. “Make mine a double.”

Yes, it’s a teddy bear bar scene. And yes, that patron will be there for a long time.

49. I’m sure you’ll be impressed by this Asian ceremony.

Looks like a wedding ceremony. Since the girl bear is wearing red. Still, quite amazing to see.

50. These bears seem to have a natty fashion sense.

Well, their outfits are quite colorful. And they surely know how to accessorize.

51. Mr. Darcy Bear is a proper gentleman.

Sure he may be kind of a crank at first. But deep down, he’s warm and fuzzy.

52. Didn’t know they had teddy bears at Normandy.

Yes, this is a teddy bear rendition of D-Day. Saving Private Ryan has never looked more adorable.

53. “Four score, seven bears ago…”

Yes, that’s an Abraham Lincoln teddy bear. And yes, he’s in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

54. Teddy bears even visit the Great Wall of China.

Some of these guys are already exhausted. Of course, walking long distances can do that to you.

55. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Virtruvian Teddy Bear.

It’s based on Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing. And yes, it has all the limb movements.

56. Check out this teddy bear emperor tomb.

This is a rendition of the Chinese Emperor Qin’s tomb. And yes, they have teddy bear soldier statues.

57. “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

Though I’m sure if bears need boxing gloves since they have sharp claws. But this is a fight I wouldn’t mind seeing. Okay, maybe not.

58. China is home to plenty of pandas.

So a Chinese panda display is a no brainer. Still, this is so adorable.

59. Care to see bears in their natural habitat.

Sure it resembles the North American wilderness. Though it’s from a teddy bear museum in Hawaii.

60. Of course, I couldn’t forget the teddy bear’s namesake.

Yes, that’s a teddy bear of Theodore Roosevelt. And yes, he has a big smile on his face in the wilderness.

61. “It’s a small world after all…”

Well, you have to love this Disney teddy bear display. There’s even one dressed as Mickey Mouse.

62. “That’s one small step for a bear, one giant leap of bearkind.”

Neil Bearstrong becomes the first teddy bear to land on the moon. And here he greets everyone on Earth.

63. “Ladies and gentlemen, the Beartles!”

These are the Beatles before Sergeant Pepper. Still, got to like their mop tops.

64. Looks like the natives are roasting somebody.

And they seem to have him on a rotisserie. Yes, it’s derogatory but kind of funny.

65. Shrek and Fiona haven’t been more warm and fuzzy.

And yes, they’re green and their ears are ogrish. Come with 3 blind mice and Puss in Boots.

66. Greetings, Professor Einstein.

This is within the home of Albert Einstein. And I’m sure it’s supposed to be his home with his wife and kids. Who he’d end up leaving.

67. Didn’t know that bears ate in their own cafeteria.

And I guess they go all over with the buffet. Because we all know bears eat anything.

68. A cheerleading bear always cheers for you.

Comes with her own pom poms. And she is ready to roar.

69. Always honor the sacrifice of a service amputee.

He’s only missing a leg. But he’s been a brave soldier on his crutches. We salute you, one legged bear.

70. “Frosty the Snowbear was a jolly, happy soul..”

Yet, this teddy bear snowman is guaranteed to melt your heart. Even with the carrot nose.

71. How about a teddy bear in your Christmas tree?

And the tree is fuzzy as the bear itself. Comes with ornaments and a star.

72. Perhaps you might want to celebrate Thanksgiving with these Pilgrim bears.

Though the Indian bears would beg to differ. Mostly because the Pilgrims eventually drew them out and gave them smallpox.

73. Bearcent Van Gogh admires his sunflowers.

Still, he only has one ear. Since the real Vincent Van Gogh cut his off.

74. You can’t get enough with this Valentine Sweetheart.

She wears a red dress and bow. Nevertheless, she’s so sweet and adorable you want to hug her.

75. Prince Charming has your glass slipper on a purple pillow.

Though to be fair, the prince had to go all over town to find Cinderella. Still, he could’ve just given a physical description.

76. This bear always has a jackhammer ready.

He’s decked out in orange to show it. Comes with a suitcase.

77. Anyone would want to cuddle this little Eskimo.

Wears a blue parka and has their own polar bear. A great friend if you live up north.

78. A refined bear should come in a Baroque pink dress.

She has a heart purse and an ornate hat. But the dress is quite lovely.

79. Spirit will always be for Team USA in the sun or snow.

I bet this is for the Summer Olympics. Hope he had fun in Rio but I highly doubt it.

80. I’m sure nobody can resist this Christmas penguin.

Well, he has a beak and a top hat. But seeing this bear in a penguin tuxedo will melt your heart.

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