The Hunger Games: The Musical – “I Don’t Know How to Love Him”


Now as in any great musical, you’d have to have a romantic angle. Of course, in the Hunger Games, Katniss doesn’t seem to have much choice in her love life. In fact, if she wanted it, she wouldn’t want to marry and have kids mostly because she doesn’t want to see anyone she loves reaped for the Hunger Games when they’re teenagers. And that did happen to her little sister Prim which is why she volunteered as a tribute. However, Peeta confesses his love for her on national television in order to save her life and under Haymitch’s approval. So this leads to Katniss having to pretend to be in love with him even though they haven’t really interacted much save for the time when he gave her bread and that she’s not sure of her feelings. Not to mention, she thinks Peeta is faking it as well and it doesn’t take until the end when she realizes he wasn’t. In fact, he thought she actually liked him, especially when she was willing to spare his life when she came up with the idea of a joint suicide. And at the end of the first book he’s naturally heartbroken. However, in Catching Fire, Katniss and Peeta now have to fake their romance again for the cameras as well as get married. And they willfully go along with it. Nevertheless, while Peeta certainly loves Katniss and knows it, it’s becomes increasingly apparent that Katniss might actually love Peeta and may not realize it until it’s too late.


Now for the song explaining Katniss’s feelings, I used “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar. The original depicts Mary Magdalene sorting out her feelings for Jesus, a man who while friendly to her, probably has bigger things on his mind like his impending death. So let’s just say Jesus basically has absolutely no time for an intimate relationship at the moment. But that doesn’t mean Mary Magdalene could have romantic feelings for him even if they don’t go reciprocated. In the Hunger Games version, Katniss has spent considerable time with Peeta to the point she basically had a tough time sleeping without him holding her in his arms. Now if that doesn’t give me indication that she’s clearly interested in him, I don’t know what does. However, she’s not the kind of person who’s aware of her own feelings since she spent so much time hunting and providing for her family. Nevertheless, this song fits and I didn’t change the words much.


“I Don’t Know How to Love Him” (Hunger Games Edition)

Sung by Katniss Everdeen


I don’t know how to love him,

What to do, how to move him.

I’ve been changed, yes, really changed.

In these past few months when I’ve seen myself

I seem like someone else.


I don’t know how to take this

I don’t see why he moves me.

I’m a fraud, I’m just a fraud.

And I’ve sworn off men before.

But now I’ve broke his heart

I’m not so sure.


Should I bring him down? Should I scream and shout?

Should I speak of love – let my feelings out?

I never thought I’d come to this – what’s it all about?


Don’t you think it’s rather funny

I should be in this position?

I’m the one who’s always been

So calm, so cool, no lover’s fool

Surviving on my own.

He scares me so.


I never thought I’d come to this – what’s it all about


Yet, now he’s said he loves me

I am lost, I am frightened.

I can’t cope, I just can’t cope.

I’ve turned my head, I’ve backed away,

Not sure I’d want to know –

He scares me so.

I want him so.

I love him so.

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