A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Musical – “That Would Be Enough”


Since castaways accept the Baudelaires and don’t treat them like criminals, the children fess up and drink the coconut cordial despite that it’s an alcoholic drink which makes them a bit out of it a.k.a. drunk. And I suppose they wake hungover in the morning, too. But at least the booze doesn’t enable them to reveal the items they kept from Ishmael. They even have jobs, too. Violet works in the laundry. Klaus packs Ishmael’s feet with clay. Sunny works in the kitchen, which is easy for her since the food takes minimal preparation and gives her a lot of free time. Though for an aspiring toddler chef, the work is just plain drudgery.  Though life on the island is bearable since there’s no Count Olaf or V.F.D. battle in sight, things aren’t a bed of roses. Ishmael is anti-books which means he’s a bad man and the Baudelaires miss libraries, especially the book-loving Klaus. Not to mention, they spend a lot of time apart doing boring work with barely anything to look forward to, particularly for the Baudelaire sisters. Sunny can’t experiment with new food combinations. Violet can’t even invent a water filtration system to bring fresh water to the island. And the time they can truly hang out together is in a midst of another storm.


The song I decided to go with is “That Would Be Enough” from Hamilton, in which Eliza tells Alex she’s pregnant and wants him to be alive while her husband is fretting over not being rich enough to provide for her. But Eliza doesn’t mind since she’s married to the man she loves and wants him to stay. However, Alex will eventually have to return to Yorktown. In this version, I have the Baudelaires contemplate about their new lives on the island.


“That Would Be Enough” (ASOUE Version)

Sung by Violet and Klaus Baudelaire

Look around, look around at how lucky we are
To be alive right now
Look around, look around…

How long we’ve been here?

Few days or so

Violet, I miss the libraries

Ish won’t give my good ideas any go


At least Olaf’s not around

Ishmael is forceful

I’m not sorry

Though he just says
He’s not forcing us

But everyone’s happy to accept all of us
Look around, look around at how lucky we are
To be alive right now.

This life’s not

Got a good idea for saltwater filtration
Which Ishmael doesn’t even want

The food has no spice
Look around, look around…

Look at where we are
Look at where we started
The fact that we’re alive is a miracle
Just stay alive, that would be enough

There’s no V.F.D.
Out battling their own enemies
We’re all far from there, on this small island!
That would be enough

I don’t pretend to know
The challenges we’re facing
The thoughts we keep erasing and creating in our minds

But I’m not afraid
We know how we’re living
So long as we come home at the end of the day
That would be enough

We don’t need a legacy
We don’t need money
If we can have some peace of mind
If we could do the things we all love…

Oh, let this be a part of the narrative
In the story they will write someday
Let this moment be a new chapter:
Where we decide to stay
And it could be enough
And we could be enough
That would be enough

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