A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Musical – “Escape (Supply Closet Song)”


While hiding in the supply closet, Violet wakes up from her coma. Though she’s quite out of it, Klaus and Sunny pressure their sister to do something to help them escape. Since Count Olaf is after them and the building they’re in is literally on fire. Yet, after tying a cloth from a coat Sunny bit for her, Violet to clear her mind. When she gets an idea, she has Klaus get rubber bands to make a rope and Sunny to bite into a tin can of alphabet suit. Violet makes an intercom which she uses imitating Babs’ voice to distract the crowd from outside towards the unfinished part of the hospital. The Baudelaires then take the rubber band rope and jump out the window. Since they now have no place to go amid the smoldering hospital in the night, they decide to hop into Count Olaf’s trunk.


I decided to go with the “Escape (Pina Colada Song)” by one hit wonder Rupert Holmes. Now the original version is about a man who’s bored with his relationship answering to a personal ad for more excitement. Yes, it’s cheating but when he meets the woman in question, it turns out to be his girlfriend or wife. I know it’s a lot to wrap your head around. But in this version, I have it live up to the Baudelaires actually escaping from the burning Heimlich Hospital.


“Escape (Supply Closet Song)”

I’m just tired and hazy, I’ve been knocked out for too long
Not so great at inventing, when the drugs are quite strong
Fire’s consuming the building, Olaf’s guys are in hall
Crowd’s hanging outside, So it’s a really tough call

We hid out in a supply closet, to buy ourselves some spare time
There’s a fire in raging, and a crowd close outside
There’s also Olaf’s big fat scary henchman, pursuing us at the chase
We must do something quickly, to get out and escape

Klaus, can you make out a cord rope, out of those rubber bands?
Thanks for the scrap, Sunny, now sink your teeth into this tin can
Got to create a distraction, make a spurious intercom
Sunny, but down the bottom, so I can address the angry mob

This is Babs from the PA, Mattathis has just resigned
You’ll find the Baudelaires, in the unfinished side
It’s incredibly dangerous, to stay in your place
So please come to your senses, just get out and escape

Sure we’ve tricked people, and we each wore a disguise
We’ve used some deception, not sure we’re justified
But the fire’s come closer, and we don’t want to get fried
Then there’s the androgynist henchmen, so we must go outside

Let’s flee the supply closet, and quickly get outside
Throw this cord out the window, we’ve got nowhere to hide
Yes, we are all scared to shit, but we must get away
So we drop down the window, get outside and escape

Count Olaf:
Couldn’t find the Snicket File, but I know where it might be
Too bad Chris couldn’t make it, but nice there is a spare seat
Get on moving with the costumes, so we’d make a clean get away
Let’s all go find the real V.F.D., get in the damn car and escape

We have to get in the trunk now, there is no place to go
If we want the rest of the file, and we all have to do
If Mom or Dad survive the fateful fire or to clear our own names
Let’s all get hide in Olaf’s trunk for now, get inside and escape

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