A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Musical – “Dear Hector”


At dawn, Hector comes to the Deluxe Cell in the prison to visit the Baudelaires right before they’re due to be burned at the stake. Of course, he’s not able to help them get out of the jail since he’s too much of a wuss to speak in front of the Council of Elders. Though he still planned to help as he’s getting ready to leave in the self-sustaining hot air mobile home that afternoon, just in case they escape and need a fast getaway. He also gives them the final Isadora couplet reading: “Inside these letters the eye will see,/Nearby are your friends and V.F.D.” which is the most useful thing he’s done in this scene.


The song I went with here is Bob Dylan’s “Dear Landlord” which appeared in the John Wesley Harding album. As with most of his songs, we’re not sure if the financially embattled narrator’s asking his landlord to give him some slack on his rent during a dispute. Though he understands his landlord is suffering as well. He can also be about working through his cathartic emotions after falling out with his manager Albert Grossman who Dylan came to believe was ripping him off both financially and personally. Some even contend it’s Dylan praying to God to spare his life. In this version, I have the Baudelaires begging Hector to convince the Council of Elders of their innocence. Since Hector is the only adult in the town who knows they didn’t kill anyone.


“Dear Hector”

Sung by Violet and Klaus Baudelaire

Dear Hector
Please don’t throw a towel on our souls
Our burden is heavy
Our fate is beyond control
When that sun rises tomorrow morn
They’re gonna burn us at the stake
And I hope you don’t let us down
Since you know we Baudelaires are innocent.

Dear Hector
Please heed these words that I speak
You know we’ve suffered much
But your words can let us go free
All of us, you know have rock solid alibis
We’re not trying to ask for too much
Cause we’re all not killers
So please grow a pair and find a way to save us.

Dear Hector
Please don’t dismiss our case
I’m not about to argue
We’re not about to move to no other place
You have your hot air home ready to go
Though our school friends still need rescued
And if you don’t underestimate us
We won’t underestimate you.

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