A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Musical – “Do It Again”


When Jerome and the Baudelaires return to 667 Dark Avenue that night, the doorman tells them that Gunther didn’t return and that they can’t leave the lobby until he shows up. But Jerome figures that since it takes a long time to go downstairs and is on his way out so he ignores the doorman. Yet, when they reach the penthouse, Esme claimed that Gunther left a long time ago. So how did he leave without anyone seeing him? Obviously, this has the Baudelaires very worried since this means that Count Olaf could be anywhere in the building, which is a very scary prospect for them. So the next morning while the Squalors are out, the Baudelaires search for their dreaded enemy. They first search the penthouse using a trail of breadcrumbs to keep track of the rooms they looked in since it’s a ridiculously large place. When there’s no sign of Olaf found, they turn to the other apartments in the 66 story building, thinking they could listen in. When that proves fruitless, they ask the doorman in the lobby. But he gives them the same answer and keeps them there until the Squalors show up. Yet, as they wait, the doorman slips something that gives Klaus an idea about the second elevator at the penthouse that’s not at the other apartments.


The song I chose for this is Steely Dan’s “Do It Again,” which was their breakthrough hit. The original version is said to be about some combination of addiction, second chances, and the inevitability of fate. Though many also have their interpretation such as the corruption and destruction pertaining to violence, sex, and money. In this version, I have the Baudelaires searching for Count Olaf at 667 Dark Avenue.


“Do It Again” (ASOUE Version)

Sung by Violet and Klaus Baudelaire

“Do It Again” (ASOUE Version)
(Based on the song by Steely Dan)
Sung by Violet and Klaus Baudelaire

In the morning Jerome goes shopping
To stock up on parsley soda
Esme’s out to go hobnobbing
With the king of Arizona
Doorman thinks Olaf’s still here
While Esme claims he left
He might be inside the building
Or the penthouse apartment

We go back Jack do it again
Use breadcrumbs to check rooms
We go back Jack do it again

He may be in one of the apartments
Perhaps rented by a henchman
Did he hijack a compartment
And have tied up the hapless tenant?
Though it’s not right to go prying
Count Olaf can be anywhere
We don’t know where he his hiding
But must check the building here

We go back Jack do it again
Listen through doors and walls
We go back Jack do it again

Doorman still insists Gunther’s still here
Now we’re stuck back in the lobby
Wonder how he gets some sleep here
Says he drinks a lot of coffee
He says sometimes all the answers
Can be right under our noses
We must check the spare shaft elevator
Though I’m not sure what he knows

We go back Jack do it again
Let’s check that spare elevator
We go back Jack do it again

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