A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Musical – “Concert Night”


Now with Count Olaf in their lives, the Baudelaires are obviously worried. They know he has a plan. But they’re aware that it’s pointless to tell Nero about him, especially since he takes a liking to the new gym teacher. That night, they discuss the situation with the Quagmires at Nero’s trainwreck violin recital. As their friends, Duncan and Isadora agree to help the Baudelaires. Yet, they see the whole situation as a fun mystery game, making the Baudelaires apprehensive about their involvement. After all, they’ve had Uncle Monty and Aunt Josephine die on them. And it’s unlikely the Quagmires understand how serious jumping in can be. Because whoever has tried helping the Baudelaires typically doesn’t meet a great fate. And the Quagmires may not be an exception. Anyway, the Baudelaires decide to see Nero the next day though they know he’s a jerk and an idiot at that.


I used “Grovel, Grovel,” from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat since it’s a continuation of “The Brothers Come to Egypt.” In the original version, Joseph’s brothers beg him to give them some food since they’ve been starving in their native Canaan. Yet, Joseph has a trick on his sleeve since he wants to know whether his brothers have learned from what they did to him. In this version, I have the Quagmires express eagerness to help the Baudelaires while the latter worries whether they understand what they’ve signed up for.


“Concert Night”

I know well who Coach Genghis is
I only played his game
Telling Nero’s a waste of time
Since he’d think we’re all insane

We need to know about Olaf’s plan
If he’s got guys with him now

Can you describe each of them
So they can all be found

Duncan and I really want to help you
Five beats out three

We need to go visit Nero
Get him to see

We’ll go visit him tomorrow morning
We just really need to get him
At least to suspect
To make Olaf take off his turban
And kick off his keds

Duncan and Isadora:
Seems like you gave us a fun mystery
With us, you won’t have Count Olaf flee

This is not a fun adventure
He’s a bad guy

Terrible things have really happened
To our key allies
Olaf is a very dangerous man
You have an enormous fortune
That is not good
He may really try to exploit you
I know he would

Duncan and Isadora:
Please don’t mind us, we’re on your case
Don’t you worry, he’ll be out of our base

Do you know what you’re doing?
Not sure you do
He’ll surely try to hurt us
And move on to you

Just ask Monty or Aunt Josie

We do not want you in danger
For you’re our friends
I know you really want to help us
But it could be your end

Duncan and Isadora:
Don’t you worry, we will be fine
We’ll get Olaf, and he will do time.

If you need us, give us a call
We will be there to help you and all

Lemony Snicket:
But while they had a wonderful night
Baudelaires turned out to be right

If you’ve followed our series from the first
You should know things are about to get a whole lot worse

Cause we all know that Count Olaf’s here
And he’s got some design
Which he’ll soon get into gear

Count Olaf:
Oh, Bravo, Nero!

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