The Hunger Games: The Musical – “President Alma Coin’s Song”



Warning: This song is a sung by a walking spoiler from the series. So if you haven’t read the books or see the movies up to Mockingjay Part 1, you might want to not read this post.


Now President Alma Coin is the leader of District 13, which specializes in graphite, nuclear power, and weapons before the Dark Days war. However, before the Hunger Games this place was a major center of rebellion that managed to take control of a nuclear arsenal. It was supposedly bombed and destroyed before the first annual Hunger Games. But in the last book, it’s confirmed that District 13 just moved underground as a military state with residents living in bunkers with a subterranean livestock and vegetable farms to help them survive when the Capitol destroyed everything above ground. Also, the Capitol and District 13 agreed to leave each other alone under the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction because the latter had more nukes. And the Capitol basically spread the story of District 13’s destruction. However, when you get into Mockingjay, it’s revealed that District 13 is the center of the new rebellion but the residents lead very regimented lives having to wear gray uniforms, sleep in identical living quarters, follow a personalized schedule each day, food rations, and being trained for the military once you hit 14. So, yes, life there basically sucks.


Now for a parody song pertaining to Alma Coin, I went with “King Herod’s Song” that’s also from Jesus Christ Superstar. The original is about King Herod Antipas telling Jesus to demonstrate his divinity in front of him to so he can bail him out of a crucifixion. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the memo that Jesus’s divinity doesn’t work that way. And the great Jesus Christ keeps silent neither admitting nor denying whether he’s God, the Messiah, or has any penchant for miracles. But in the Hunger Games version of the song, I have Alma Coin virtually requesting Katniss Everdeen to help recruit rebels from the other districts as the “Mockingjay” which is the rebellion’s poster child.


“President Alma Coin’s Song”

Sung by President Alma Coin of District 13


Katniss Everdeen, nice to meet you face to face.

You’ve been getting quite a name all around the place.

Defy the Capitol and win the Hunger Games

We might just have a job for you

For our movement just the same.

So, you are the Jay, you’re the great Mockingjay

Do some propos with us please: be our mascot in our scheme.

Help districts rebel, tell Snow go to hell.

Just be the Mockingjay please.

Katniss, you just won’t believe the hit you’ve made around here.

You are all we talk about, the wonder of the year.

Oh what a pity if you don’t comply.

Still, I’m sure that you can rock the cynics if you tried.

So, you are the Jay, you’re the great Mockingjay.

Prove to me that you’re no fool; wear this outfit and we’re cool.

If you do that for me, then I’ll let you go free.

Just be the Mockingjay please.

I only ask things I’d ask any superstar.

What is it that you have got that puts you where you are.

I am waiting, yes I’m a captive fan.

Be the revolutionary symbol that it takes to free Panem.

So, if you are the Jay, yes the great Mockingjay

Tell Snow that he’s good as dead.

You can do it on your head.

Or has something gone wrong? Why do you take so long?

Just be the Mockingjay please.

Hey! Will you work with me, Kat?

Show Snow where it’s at?

Give me a list of your demands.

Yes, we’ll save your victor friends.

Is that all okay?

I’ll let you kill Snow if you say…

C’mon, be the Mocking-

Come be the Mockingjay,

Oh, just be the Mockingjay Please!

C’mon, Katniss,

The rebellion needs you,

Please join us in District 13.


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