A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Musical – “Hurricane”


On the tidal charts, Fiona and Klaus see interesting locations. There’s Gulag Archipelago, which I think is a penal colony Count Olaf has been to a number of times. There’s the Mediocre Barrier Reef which doesn’t have anything worth seeing. Another location is Anwhistle Aquatics, founded by Aunt Josephine’s brother-in-law Gregor who I’m sure hasn’t seen or spoke to her in years. Not due to any bad blood between them. But that Josephine is afraid of like, everything and went on the deep end after her husband got eaten by the infamous Lachrymose leeches. Then we have the location G.G. which Klaus speculates the Sugar Bowl may be.

5fc6b5081895c61ffadd66c881d88b25The song I picked is “Hurricane” from Hamilton in which the title character describes how one destroyed his town in his Caribbean home and how he wrote his way out of hell for a new life in the colonies. Now that he found himself in the midst of a blackmail and sex scandal, he decides to write his way out of that, too, with the Reynolds Pamphlet. However, this results in the whole thing blowing in Alex’s face. In this version, I have Klaus describe his experience with Hurricane Herman and how he intends to read the maps to find the Sugar Bowl.


“Hurricane” (ASOUE Version)

Sung by Klaus Baudelaire

In the eye of a hurricane
There is quiet
For just a moment
A yellow sky

When at Damocles a hurricane
Destroyed Jo’s house
We didn’t drown
We couldn’t seem to die

I read our way out
Read everything round far as I could see
I read our way out
Went to Curdled Cave to save Josephine

We sailed a boat across
The massive lake
We were worried about Josie
We went through Lake Lachrymose filled with
Fear that we might sure drown…

I read my way out of hell
I read my way to escape Count Olaf
I’m more precise than a ring of a bell
I read in the V.F.D. library after it fell
I read Isadora’s couplets, saved her and Duncan as well
And in the face of ignorance and indifference
I read to save my sister’s own existence
And now our aims to find the Sugar Bowl cause belligerence
I pick up the charts, I read our own deliverance

In the eye of a hurricane
There is quiet
For just a moment
A yellow sky

I was twelve when my parents died
We were at the beach
Our house burned and we were at the beach
We couldn’t seem to die

Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it…

Fiona and Crew:
Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it…
Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, wait…

I’ll read our way out…
Read ev’rything round, far as I can see…
I’ll write our way out…
Overwhelm them with accuracy.

Everyone has their eyes on you.

This is the eye of the hurricane, this is the only
Way I can find the Sugar Bowl…

Crew (save Klaus):
Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, wait…

G.G. on this map.

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