A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Musical – “Sunny”


Still, none of what Sunny said about her ability to spy on Count Olaf convinces Violet. For one, she doesn’t think the Baudelaires should be separated. But considering that Klaus is still at the foot of the mountain, this seems rather moot. Second and more importantly, Sunny is only a baby. However, Sunny rebukes her sister with her longest sentence yet, “I’m not a baby.” Of course, the youngest Baudelaire has grown up quite a bit during the last several books. She’s learned to walk, talk more intelligently, and even cook. Thus, Sunny wished to be seen as a young girl. But all the same, you still wouldn’t want to leave her with Count Olaf and his crew. Nonetheless, Violet and Quigley reluctantly leave her and go down the mountain, but not without puncturing one of Count Olaf’s tires.


The song I decided to go with is “Gigi” from the eponymous musical. In the original, Gaston sings by how Gigi has grown and how she has feelings for him. And he might feel the same. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be a love song but considering Gaston is a grown man and Gigi is a teenager (despite being trained as a prostitute), this kind of comes of as, well, creepy. In this version, I just have Violet singing on how much Sunny has grown from a baby to a young girl.



Sung by Violet Baudelaire

There’s a self-assurance in her eyes, isn’t there?
A different stride within her small feet, isn’t there?
Could I be wrong, could it be so?
Oh where oh where did Sunny go?
Sunny, am I a fool without a mind?
Or have I merely been too blind?
To realize.
Oh, Sunny!
Why, you’ve been growing up before my eyes
You’re not at all that helpless
Tiny baby girl I knew
Oh Sunny!
Overnight, there’s been a breathless change
In you.
Oh, Sunny!
While you were kidnapped by the Count
Klaus and I were down below
Blinking at a star?
Oh, Sunny!
Have I been watching you too little?
Or gone too far?
When did your crying turn to cunning?
And your fear become resolve?
Oh what miracle has made you the way you are?
Oh no!
I was mad not to have seen the change
In you.
Oh Sunny!
While you were standing…are?

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