A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Musical – “He Made Us Run All Night”


The Baudelaires return from their S.O.R.E. training exhausted since they ran laps until sunrise. They are sore with headaches like you’d expect after a long time running. They’re even getting toe aches in the Orphans Shack since they’re too tied to put their tap shoes on. And at lunch, Sunny falls asleep in a salad bowl. While her older siblings have started to slump in class. By contrast, the Quagmires managed to avoid being extremely tired by taking turns sleeping and keeping an eye on the Baudelaires in an effort to see what Count Olaf is up to. Or at least make sure he’s not doing anything dastardly. Well, anything dastardly that falls among kidnapping, murder, or outright theft. Because we all know that Count Olaf is a real sneaky bastard. And then Carmelita sends them a message to go out on the track again.


The song I picked here is “I Could Have Danced All Night” from My Fair Lady. The original version has Eliza Doolittle expressing her exhilaration and excitement after an impromptu dance with Henry Higgins in the small hours of the morning. Meanwhile, his housekeeper Mrs. Pearce and servants urge her to go to bed. In this version, Violet and Klaus are expressing their exhaustion because Count Olaf made them run all night for S.O.R.E.


“He Made Us Run All Night”

Sung by Violet and Klaus Baudelaire

Bed, bed we couldn’t go to bed
My head’s aching and I need to go lie down
Sleep, sleep, he didn’t let us sleep
Not as we were about to pass out

He made us run all night, he made us run all night
And still he begged for more
He made us run many laps but didn’t give us any naps
Now my legs are sore

I’ll never know why I never fainted
Why I didn’t start to spew my lunch
I know Coach Genghis had us run our laps
Which we had to run, run, run all night.

Duncan: It’s after eight now
Don’t you agree now?
We ought to be in class

He made us run all night, he made us run all night
And left me spent and sore
I was all on my feet but couldn’t take a seat
Now in class I snore

Those stupid laps were just plain exhausting
All of my joints began to ache
I only know I need to take a rest, indeed.
Since he had us run, run, run all night

Isadora: I understand, Klaus
It’s all been mad, Klaus
But now it’s time class

Violet and Klaus:
He had us run all night, he had us run all night
We can’t stay up for class
We need to take a nap for we ran a thousand laps
For that dumb ass S.O.R.E.

We can’t believe laps could be such torture
We had no time to even take a shower
Now our own clothes are sweaty as well soaked
Cause he made us run, run, run all night

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