The Hunger Games: The Musical – “Be Prepared”


Note: This post may inhabit some real spoilers. So if you hadn’t read Mockingjay or watch Mockingjay Part 2, you probably shouldn’t be reading this post. Seriously, this post gives a lot away, including stuff I can’t even talk about with my parents (since they’ve only seen the movies). But I have it on my blog anyway since it’s a catchy song and parody.


Now as I said before, living in the underground city of District 13 really sucks since it’s so restrictive and everyone pretty much has to wear gray uniforms in civilian life. Still, by Mockingjay, this pretty much the only place where Katniss can go. Of course, she does accept Alma Coin’s offer of becoming the Mockingjay as well as the symbol of the revolution and Coin fulfills all of her demands. However, after Peeta is rescued and tries to strangle Katniss due to being hijacked by the Capitol with tracker jacker venom, courtesy of President Evil Santa Claus, Coin and Katniss’s relationship becomes a little more complicated. I mean they don’t always agree with each other and Coin isn’t very too fond of her. Nevertheless Coin sees her as a valuable tool and does whatever she can to have her on the rebels’ side. At least at first. But then again, there’s a chance Coin might not be as nice as you think she is.


Now for a song parody, I decided to go with “Be Prepared” from the Lion King. In the original Scar reveals his plans to kill Mufasa and Simba so he can become king of the pride lands. And tries to get the hyenas on his side, promising he’ll let them go to the pride lands so they won’t go hungry again. That all the while he scolds them for not killing Simba and taking note of the hyenas’ stupidity. With the Hunger Games version, I went with Coin talking about District 13, her plans to bomb the Capitol as well as overthrow and kill Snow, and possible plans to kill Katniss if she ever decides to go against her. Or before Katniss ever has the opportunity to go against her anyway (I’m not saying that she’s plotting to assassinate her. Don’t want to ruin it). I know this is a villain song. But still, it’s a song for a would be usurper. Coin is at least one of these and she’s not exactly a nice lady. Hell, she may be as bad as Snow and probably even more ruthless.


“Be Prepared” (Hunger Games Edition)

Mostly sung by President Alma Coin


Coin: I never thought Katniss essential

She’s worth more to me dead than alive

But maybe she’s a glimmer of potential

Though I prefer Peeta at my side…


They thought District 13 laid in ruin

But we only moved underground

And when the districts started rebelling

We become the new refuge they’ve found


It’s clear from your vacant expressions

Our conditions are less than ideal

And here stealing bread leads to torture

Might be harsh but it’s part of the deal


So, prepare for the chance of a lifetime

Be prepared for the rebellion at hand

A shining, new era

Is tiptoeing nearer

Boggs: And where do we feature?

Coin: Just listen to me, Sir.


I know it sounds sordid

But we’ll be rewarded

When at last, Old Man Snow will be through

And it will all be deliciously squared

Coin/District 13: Be prepared!



Plutarch: Yeah, be prepared! We’ll be prepared! For what?

Coin: For the death of Snow!

Plutarch: Why? Is he sick?

Coin: No, fool, we’re gonna kill him. And maybe Katniss, too.

Boggs: Great idea! Who needs Snow?

Boggs and Plutarch: Anarchy! Anarchy! La-la-la-la-la-la!

Coin: Idiots! There will be a leader!

Plutarch: Hey, but you said, uh…

Coin: I will be leader! Stick with me, and you’ll never go hungry again!

Boggs and Plutarch (Variously): Yay! All right! Long live Coin!

District 13: Long live Coin! Long live Coin!


District 13: Coin, Coin, Coin, Coin, Coin, Coin!

It’s great that we’re back to rebelling

With a leader who is all time adored

Coin: Of course, with pro quo, you’re expected

To obey certain guidelines on board


We cannot waste our resources

We must ration our food carefully

But if Katniss tries to break orders

I’ll kill her before she assassinates me!!


Coin: So prepare for the coup of the century

Be prepared to free our Panem (District 13: Oooh… la, la, la!)

Meticulous planning (District 13: We’ll have food!)

Tenacity spanning (District 13: Lots of food!)

If Katniss surpassing (District 13: No teen meat!)

I’ll have her killed fast then (District 13: Snow’s defeat!)


I’ll rule, undisputed

Respected, saluted

And seen, for the leader I am

Let the Capitol burn if I care

Coin/District 13: Be prepared!


All: Let the Capitol burn if we care

Be prepared!

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