A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Musical – “Baby Sunny”


Meanwhile at Mount Fraught’s summit, Sunny spent her first night sleeping in a casserole dish in Count Olaf’s trunk. She was freezing cold and found it hard to nod off due to her teeth clattering that she bit her lip. Yet as soon as she started to get to sleep, Count Olaf woke her up and demands she make breakfast for him and his entourage. Now this is an impossible task for a baby, even one like Sunny. Besides, she doesn’t want to start a fire because of all the fires she and her siblings have endured before. Besides, her parents died in one. Not to mention, all the food in the trunk froze overnight. Still, being able to insult her captor at least makes the experience bearable. Sure Olaf and his troupe complains she’s not working fast enough. But Sunny does her best. When she has everything ready, she sets a nice table on a blanket covered stone with a centerpiece. Yet, despite preparing breakfast as a mere toddler, no one is impressed. In fact, Olaf rips the blanket off the stone and throws food everywhere as well as berates the little girl for not giving him a hot breakfast. In fact, he’s ready to throw her off the mountain until Esme intercedes saying that if he threw off Sunny, they won’t get the Baudelaire fortune.


The song I picked for this scene is “The Work Song” from Cinderella where her mouse friends are talking about how hard Cinderella has it waiting on her stepmother and stepsisters hand and foot. So they decide to make a dress for her to wear at the ball (though the stepsisters destroy it later). Now despite liking Disney movies, Cinderella has never been any of my favorites. But I use it anyone because it matches Count Olaf’s demanding nature toward Sunny. And in this version, he makes her get breakfast.



“Baby Sunny”

Sung by Count Olaf

Baby Sunny, Baby Sunny
Wake out now, I’m not funny
Make the fire, fix the breakfast
Get right to it, quit complaining
Don’t ask me, quit your babbling
Should I have to keep explaining?

She babbles like a parrot
While she’s very, very busy
Still I holler
Get the breakfast, Baby Sunny!

Why you floss, you don’t need it
Unless your victim has a weak neck
Your hooks and hands fight’s just stupid
There’s nothing to it, really
No one cares about your problems
So you can screw it

We’ll cover this large stone
With this blanket for a table
For God’s sake make us breakfast, Baby Sunny

Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry
Pick the slack up, Baby Sunny
Got no time to dilly-dally
You gotta get a-goin’
Don’t make us wait forever!
What’s with all the slowing
Can you get a fucking move on?
Since we’re all fucking starving

Do you really call this this breakfast, Baby Sunny?
See how you’d like a mountain drop, Baby Sunny

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