A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Musical – “It’s Too Late”


When the Baudelaires return to the penthouse, they spend hours heating metal tongs in the stove until they’re scalding before climbing back into the shaft to get their captive Quagmire friends. While the cage remains, the Quagmires aren’t there. While all the children are upset, Violet takes their disappearance particularly hard, throwing her welding torch in despair. But Klaus points out that all is not lost since they know some of Olaf’s plan such as hiding Duncan and Isadora into a large auction item. So he looks to the “In” Auction catalog in the Squalor library. His best guess is the large box inscribed “V.F.D.” with holes.


The song I picked here is Carole King’s “It’s Too Late” which is about a blameless end to a loving relationship. Though the lyrics were written by Toni Stern who based the song on her breakup with James Taylor. On the other hand, this version has Klaus trying to cheer Violet up after her plan to save the Quagmires failed.


“It’s Too Late” (ASOUE Version)

Sung by Violet and Klaus Baudelaire

Stayed at stove with oven at 500 Fahrenheit
Heating metal tongs to free up the Quagmires
The cage still remainin’, but there’s no way to find them.

And it’s too late, Jesus Christ, it’s too late,
Though I really did try to save them.
Olaf’s got guys to hide em’ before our climb
And we just can’t make it, oh, no, no.

You tried to free em,’ but you didn’t come through.
But don’t worry, dear Violet, I know just what to do.
They’ll be at the “In” Auction, we just need to look.

It’s not too late, Violet now, not too late,
Though you really did try to save them.
We need to find where Olaf’s hiding them so I’ll try
The Squalors’ library, oh, no, no.

There’s an “In” Auction catalog in full view,
Though Esme’s set to take us, I know just what to do
It’s got to be Lot #50 V.F.D. box, and I hope we’ll pull through.

It’s not too late, Violet now, not too late,
Though you really did try to save them. (try to save them)
We’ll need to find and buy them where they hide
So we can just take them, oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Not too late, Violet, It’s not too late, Violet,
Not too late.


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