The Dark Scary World of Vintage Halloween Costumes (Fourth Edition)


I don’t know the reason why that is. But when I look at some old Halloween pictures, it seems that the costumes were incredibly terrifying. And I am never sure why. Could it be the black and white photography? Then again, I find some color phots with terrifying costumes. Could it be the costumes designs? Maybe. Nonetheless, while some of these scary costumes consist of spooky figures, a lot of them aren’t meant to be scary. For instance, For instance, I could find plenty of Disney costumes that would absolutely haunt my dreams. And I don’t think Walt Disney’s intended to traumatize children when he created Mickey Mouse. While some are just downright offensive racial caricatures. Nonetheless, my vintage Halloween costume posts over the years have been quite popular. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another treasure trove of downright spooky Halloween costumes from yesterday.

  1. She comes out in the cover of night.

Yet, the girl’s expression on her face suggests she’s got sinister motives. Best stay away from her.

2. They’re just 3 friends hanging out.


By the way, they’re all women dressed as men. Even the one with the beard in the middle if you look closely enough.

3. Shut your doors when these kids go trick-or-treating.


Indeed, they all seem quite scary in their costumes. But the clown freaks me out the most.

4. Sometimes a simple cat mask will do.


If you look closer, you can see how unsettling her costume is. Seriously, the cat seems so devious.

5. You never know who’s hiding among the corn stalks.


Gives a whole new meaning to Children of the Corn. Though you wouldn’t want to run into this person either.

6. If you’re looking for a witches’ coven, you’ve come to the right place.


One of them even has a ghost costume over her head. Still, wouldn’t want to run into these ladies.

7. You might want to avoid seeing a clown alone in a corner.


This kid would give Pennywise the Clown from IT a run for his money. Kill it, kill it with fire.

8. You’ll never know who’ll show up at your doorstep for trick-or-treat.


Shortly after this picture was taken, Mrs. McGillicuddy was never seen or heard from again. Nobody knows why.

9. Now what is that ungodly creature?


I think this is supposed to be a dog or something. But seems more of a hell hound or monster to me.

10. They’re just taking an afternoon stroll. No need to worry anyone.


Is that a black mask? Looks kind of racist. Nonetheless these two will certainly haunt your dreams.

11. “Want to sit with us?”


No thanks, because I want to get home in one piece. Nothing personal.

12. A monster should always have a devil by his side.


Both seem to wear masks with glitter on it. Kind of makes them more terrifying.

13. “Gather round, it’s time to feed.”


I know the kids are wearing mask. But even the kid in the skull mask seems scared while the beard mask kid stands.

14. You’d think these folks have come from out of this world.


That or it’s footage from one of Lady Gaga’s music videos. Let’s just say old sci-fi costumes are utterly insane.

15. Perhaps you might want to attend a costume party.


Yet, even without masks, they manage to be quite scary. Just blank eyes staring at the camera.

16. “What is this pumpkin I’m holding?”


That mask gives me the creeps. Is that supposed to be a devil? Or some other monster?

17. “EEK! The pumpkin man!”

Pumpkin Visitor

Apparently, the 1925 production of The Nightmare Before Christmas was not a success. Guess audiences weren’t ready for it.

18. Hope you don’t experience any rabbit infestation.


Because these bunnies will haunt your nightmares. So keep your veggies away from their buck teeth.

19. A lone witch doesn’t leave without her broomstick.


But be wary. Since she’ll turn you into a frog if you piss her off. Or worse.

20. There’s never a wrong time to party.


Seems like they’re having a good time. Though this might before the midnight killing spree for all you know.

21. “Won’t you come in and stay awhile?”


I know the guy is supposed to be some kind of cowboy. But the two kids look like a couple of very creepy monkeys.

22. This skeleton always hangs out with the witches.


Though the skeleton monster seems tame compared to the two witches. Now they’ll certainly put you in a cauldron if they could.

23. Not sure what to think about the new neighbors.


Well, they don’t seem like a nice family. More likely they’re people you don’t want to go to their house for trick-or-treating. Then again, maybe I’m wrong.

24. Donald, what the hell happened to you?


Like I said, old Disney costumes are horrifying. But this Donald Duck costume isn’t as nightmarish ad Donald Trump.

25. Beware of the specter of Death.


Yet, you don’t want to go near the girls either. Because they’re bound to haunt your nightmares.

26. Chuckles the Clown invites you to his humble home.


For the love of God, keep away from here at all costs. Or else, Chuckles will get you.

27. While monsters often frequent the streets at night, you’ll some out during the day.


You might want to get your kids inside when you see people like these. For they will go after your little children if they can.

28. Be wary when you run into this cat girl.


She may seem harmless. But keep in mind that she will kill you in your sleep if you let her in.

29. Perhaps this mime may amuse you.


Guess his costume is fastened with duck tape. Yet, let him in and he’ll make you regret it.

30. “Trick or treat.”


Quick, give them candy so they’ll leave you alone. If they don’t like it, they may come back to murder you.

31. Apparently, Bubbles likes to hang around with the cabbage patch.


And he seems rather out of place among the soulless dolls. Not sure which is scarier.

32. A witch needs her ghosts to help in her evil schemes.


The ghosts may be kids in sheets. But the black and white in this photo makes everything seem all so terrifying.

33. Would you give candy to kids like these?


Give the creepy gnome and her friend the Snickers bars and hope they’re satisfied. Because Lord knows what’ll happen to you if they don’t.

34. Perhaps this sailor prefers to hang out with a ghost.


Yet, look into his eyes and you’ll find a soulless void of unrelenting doom. Just look away.

35. When you see Frankenstein monsters in dirty shirts, it’s time to run.


You also see a ghost with a blue face between them. So give them candy and they will disappear if they show up at your doorstep.

36. Want to spend time with these ladies?


One has Native American mask that emits a very negative stereotype. The other has a princess one.

37. On a snowy day, would you let these masked figures in?


One has a black hat and white cloth on the mouth. The other has a black scarf on her head covering her eyes.

38. Sometimes a simple black mask is all you need.


She just wears a mask with her feather hat and dress. Makes you wonder if she has murder on the mind.

39. This vampire wants your blood.


Indeed, it’s a bought costume. But the mask will certainly scare the hell out of you.

40. Nobody should cross Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters.


Funny, how they’re even scarier in the live action version. Like they could give me nightmares.

41. If you’re at a Halloween party, don’t cross this Asian lady.


Okay, that’s pretty racist. But please, don’t tell her that since you may never be seen again.

42. When in doubt, you can always use paper.

These cartoony masks may be creative application. They nonetheless don’t seem to belong for some reason.

43. Want to join this skeleton crew?


Don’t really seem like a lively bunch. Yet, you might want to avoid them like the plague.

44. Someone’s going out of this world.

Though they wear an incomplete spacesuit. Since they live in either California or Florida.

45. What? Never saw a well dressed witch before?


Oh, wait, that woman is supposed to be Mother Goose. Still, she doesn’t inspire wholesome childhood rhymes. More like nightmares.

46. Perhaps this gnome girl will protect your garden.


Though I’d be much more worried about the critters than her. While that grin indicates she has murder on the mind.

47. Don’t forget to wear a mask to the party.


And it seems this party required that a guy had to dress up as an offensive racial stereotype. Yep, that’s really racist.

48. No one dare approach the witch.


Is that mask sewed on? God, that’s so disturbing it’s freaking me out.

49. A devilish clown haunts the local countryside.


And little Bootsie the cat was never seen again. So make that what you will.

50. Best you don’t go near this Indian woman.


Okay, that’s really offensive. Then again, she’s probably a ghost of a woman buried under the house’s foundation.

51. Giggles the clown can be such a delight.


But remember that he moonlights as a serial killer. So if you cross him, he will get you.

52. This ghost has a unique way of carving a pumpkin.


Still, you don’t want to mess with this phantom. For you will live to regret it, if you survive at all.

53. Seems like these 2 are on the Dark Side of the Force.


These old DIY Star Wars costumes seem more appropriate for a horror movie. This is especially since they’re only masks and nothing else.

54. Want to hear some music?


Unfortunately, it was Johnny’s last song. For he was never seen or heard from again afterwards. And that was after he beat the Devil in Georgia.

55. These witches don’t seem to wear much.

Guess this is for a pin-up photo. But you wouldn’t want to wear it in chilly PA during Halloween.

56. Nothing beats a cool fall breeze.


Wonder if these women live in some abandoned house covered in cobwebs. Would really explain a lot.

57. I’m sure you can trust this scarecrow with your children.


I can see why this little girl doesn’t want to be held by this guy. Hope she wasn’t found dead in some dark alley afterwards.

58. How would you like to see these ghosts at your house?


Gladys wasn’t seen again after this. But there are plenty of rumors that she was murdered in a dark alley that night.

59. Someone must be creeping around.


Yet, when you see him in the moonlight, run for your life. Because that’s when he’s in a stabbing mood.

60. Siblings always seem to dress alike.


Yet, both seem to have different mask. Nonetheless, they’re guaranteed to kill you in your sleep.

61. These fairies walk in the garden hand in hand.


Yet, do anything to hurt them and they will lash out. Still, you can bet on them haunting your dreams when you come across them.

62. These two Indians always know how pose for the camera.


Okay, they’re white boys dressed as Native Americans. And yes, it’s certainly cultural appropriation. Though at least they’re not wearing war paint for a Redskins game.

63. Always help a little old lady across the street.


Okay, these are just a couple of kids. But the Groucho Marx glasses doesn’t really help matters with the kid on the left.

64. You won’t see these witches’ faces.


Since they’re wearing black masks. So you won’t know which one turned you into a toad.

65. Someone hasn’t had any luck trick or treating.


I’m sure she’ll be back to get her revenge if she doesn’t get any candy. And whoever lives there won’t be seen or heard again.

66. A dog is a rather tranquil creature.


Dear God, can someone get out their hunting rifle and shoot that thing? I don’t care if it doesn’t have rabies.

67. Be easy on him, he’s just come out of the laboratory.


He’s also been experimented on a lot that he’s a really bad mood. So don’t stand in his way.

68. You may pass by this candelabra in the halls.


So I guess the live action version of Beauty and the Beast wasn’t well received. Not sure why she’s not pictured with a clock.

69. Want to know what’s in the can?


Actually, no. Since this thing scares the hell out of me and will haunt my dreams.

70. There’s a chance you might come across an organ grinder.


However, the monkey seems way too big. And he seems kind of sad in his captivity.

71. Behold the all seeing radar eye.


Man, this is freaky. Seriously, why would anyone wear this for Halloween?

72. Don’t forget to take the stairs.


Those masks are simply frightening. Bound to inspire nightmares.

73. “Is this your cat?”


Kind of feel bad for the cat. Seriously, you’d think this wolf would devour it at some point.

74. Co-join twins always know how to have fun.


Yet, if you go near them, they will try to kill you. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

75. Is that a bear near that house?

vintage halloween costumes Elegant 791 best Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes images on Pinterest

I think so. But I’d rather take my chances in the woods than with this guy.

76. “Come out and play with us, Danny.”


Does one of them have a Native American mask? Either way, these kids look really creepy.

77. Would you want to see a rat like this in your yard?


Seems like it. Yet, it’s especially scary that this photo was taken at night.

78. These women will beg for your attention.


They certainly have my attention. Though how much do I have to pay to make them go away? Also, dressing as a disabled person for Halloween isn’t a great idea.

79. Seems like Satan can’t keep his hands off her.


Well, the devil does have his hands on her breasts. Unlike some men, this doesn’t hurt the Prince of Darkness’ career. Since being an evil bastard is part of his job.

80. You’d almost think this was a real ghost car.


In a way, it kind of is. After all, you have ghosts in the driver and passenger seat.

One response to “The Dark Scary World of Vintage Halloween Costumes (Fourth Edition)

  1. #57 – this one has always reminded me of a primitive Muppet.
    I think these old homemade masks are freaky because of the dubious artistic ability of the makers. Most of the worst commercial masks are proportional (even if it’s comical proportion), but when someone who has never made a mask, or has made very few, tries to make one (most likely with unforgiving and/or unfamiliar materials), things tend to turn out wonky. Add in a less than realistic paint job and you often end up with something unsettling and creepy. I love old homemade Halloween masks.

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