Deck the Halls with These Christmas Craft Projects (Third Edition)


No matter where you go during the Christmas season, you’re bound to find places all decked up for the holidays. Hell, you see stores all decorated for the holidays after Halloween in anticipation for Black Friday. Yet, even before then, you’ll see stores selling Christmas decorations. Nevertheless, Christmas decorations come in several varieties according to one’s taste. Some are indeed flashy. Some may be more suited for a rustic cabin. Some are cute and kid friendly. While some might be more appropriate for an ugly sweater party. But there are some people who prefer to make their own decorations for their holiday home. Or they may use decorations they or their kids made in previous years. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of creative Christmas craft projects. Enjoy.

  1. How about a cork Rudolph on your Christmas tree?

Sure it’s quite small. But it’s nonetheless endearing to those who look at it.

2. A Christmas bauble wreath will shine in any holiday home.

This one is more pink and green than red and green. But it works.

3. Nothing smells as sweet on Christmas like peppermint trees.

Comes in 2 sizes. But both have their own pots and red ribbons.

4. Celebrate the season with a wood block nativity scene.

Sure it might look a bit unconventional. But if you have kids, it’s safe for them to play with.

5. Curl up on a winter’s night with this Snowman quilt.

He may not have corn cob pipe. But this Frosty the Snowman is in his Christmas finest.

6. Bring holiday cheer to your Christmas tree with these pearly snowflakes.

Of course, the pearl beads aren’t real. But they’ll go well with a chilly reception.

7. These snowman pail will always plant seeds of joy.

Okay, they’re flower pots with pail handles. But each one has a rather unique expression.

8. Nothing brings the holiday spirit like these pallet candles.

Though don’t put these near the fireplace. Since wood is rather flammable.

9. A rustic Christmas basket is exactly what you need for your holiday home.

This one contains berries, branches, pinecones, and lights. Perfect for any yuletide cabin.

10. There’s nothing that smittens like felt ornament mittens.

Sure they’re probably more decorative. But they nonetheless have their own unique charm.

11. You’ll always be safe with this soldier around.

this one is made out of flower pots as an outdoor decoration. Though I wouldn’t want to put it on my front porch.

12. Light up your home with these snowflake bottle lights.

Available in green, red, and blue. Yet, each one is decorated in a winter theme.

13. Nobody could resist a stocking covered in buttons.

Consists of Christmas trees and yellow stars. A charming addition for any fireplace.

14. Don’t have snow to build a snowman? Use logs instead.

Not exactly in the wintry spirit. But hey, it works. Not to mention, you can use these again next year.

15. Welcome your yuletide guests with a yarn ball winter wreath.

This one has yarn balls of every shade of white, gray, and brown. Along with a few snowflakes, of course.

16. Celebrate the season with a Santa burlap wreath.

This one just consist of white burlap and a Santa hat. Just simple to make as that.

17. Make your home festive with a Christmas chandelier.

Well, if you have a chandelier in your home, why not decorate it? Then again, step ladders aren’t always steady.

18. If you’re old fashioned, you might want to go with some crocheted angels.

Available in pink, yellow, and blue. Great either for centerpieces or tree toppers.

19. Have your little one cuddle with this amigurumi reindeer.

Sure it may not be Rudolph. But it’s nonetheless adorable for the holidays.

20. Light up the season with this light up marquee.

Sure it makes a rather grand impression. But you have to love the candy cane stripes.

21. Dress your little snowflake like Frosty in this tutu costume.

Comes with a crocheted scarf and hat. But she’ll certainly adore this as far as I know.

22. You’ll be transported to a winter wonderland with this wreath.

This one is quite fuzzy. But you have to admire the deer among the trees.

23. You’d find berries a plenty on this wreath.

Even includes a red flower with branches. Wonderful for any holiday home.

24. Got too many gift bows? How about make a wreath?

This one consists of bows in green, red, and white. They may not be essential as gift wrap. But they’re not half bad.

25. Bring tidings of comfort and joy with these Santa baskets.

Each one of these has a Santa face with hat fastener. Perfect for under the tree.

26. Hang your merry mail on this wooden card holder.

Just consists of a wooden board with string and clothespins. If you have many cards, this is the board for you.

27. For a more rustic charm, you can’t do wrong with this sled.

You might not sled with this. But you have to love how it’s painted in red and white.

28. Snuggle during the holidays with these snowflake cushions.

These are in shiny red with a snowflake on it. Not sure if it goes with the chair though.

29. Bring in the season with these holiday sheep.

They’re knitted with a small ornament around their necks. Quite invented and adorable.

30. Keep your home minty fresh with this candy cane wreath.

Consists of mini candy canes and small baubles. Like the ribbon in the front.

31. Grace your coffee table with this log candle holder.

This just consists of a long log with small candles on it. And you have some branches, pinecones, and berries underneath.

32. Place your pot on this crocheted Santa hot pad.

Kind of seems like a flattened Santa for some reason. Though it has a certain charm to it.

33. Make your home a winter wonderland with this yarn wreath.

Decorated with snowflakes and buttons. Contains snowballs and a large snowflake in the center.

34. A wreath with a pair of skates should always go with a sled.

Looks great against the tree. Comes with pinecones and a burlap bow.

35. Perhaps you might want a small nativity scene.

Consists of Mary, Joseph, Jesus, and a sheep. And the figures are all made of felt.

36. Bring in the festive holiday season with this pallet box train under your tree.

Even includes a candy cane smokestack and peppermint wheels. Perfect for outdoors on the porch.

37. For holiday shimmer perhaps add a wire angel to your tree.

Consists of gold wire with shiny beads. And yes, it’s a rather pretty Christmas ornament.

38. A festive holiday home should always have a decomesh bauble wreath at the door.

Consists of baubles and silver string. Certainly shines for the holiday season doesn’t it?

39. Nothing captivates your family like these wooden Christmas figures.

These are made of wooden balls and wear red felt hats. And yes, they’re quite cute.

40. A jewelry Christmas tree will shine on your wall.

Consists of gold and pearls against a white background. Love it.

41. Be a maven in the kitchen in these Christmas aprons.

Comes with a child size snowman one for your favorite little helper. Still, you have to adore the Christmas tree design.

42. You can have a Christmas tree anywhere. Even on your wall.

Well, at least that’s a show of creativity. Just put a bunch of wall stuff in the form of a Christmas tree.

43. Every holiday bouquet should come with pinecones.

Don’t forget the glistening leaves, too. Sure they are no flowers. But what kind of flower do you associate Christmas with anyway? Well, besides the poinsettia.

44. Make your bannister the ultimate penguin slide.

Couldn’t do that at my house. But you have to adore all the penguins having fun. So cute.

45. You won’t get a chilly reception with these snowmen.

Yes, it just consists of their heads. But you have to admire the hat and scarves.

46. Have your guests hang their coat on these hooks.

It’s a wooden sign that says “Merry Christmas.” And it consists of red and green blocks.

47. A Christmas tree dress should come in all the trimmings.

Yes, I’m bringing in these on my post again. Yet, at least this one is rather color coordinated.

48. A jeweled Christmas tree should always have shiny stones.

This one has pairs of earrings on a velvet background. Love the star on top and the belt buckle base.

49. There’s nothing festive on Christmas like a peacock wreath.

Decorated with baubles, feathers, and fake plants. Great for anyone hosting a Christmas party.

50. These pallet trees will always stand out.

Consists of different configurations. Though I like the one with the revers chevrons.

51. A stunning snowflake should always have 6 points.

This one has beads on wires. But it’s perfect for any Christmas tree.

52. Perhaps you’d like these candy cane pillars in your winter wonderland?

The pillars have red and striped baubles of varying size. The planter contains small red and white ones though.

53. Nothing celebrates the Christmas spirit like an evergreen snowflake wreath.

I know you might think it’s strange. But you can almost make anything with an evergreen garland.

54. Always let it snow with this winter wreath.

This one has a sled that says “Let It Snow” along with snowflakes. Like the white ribbon.

55. There’s something minty about this wreath.

Well, it’s a wreath with peppermints on it. Doesn’t mean you can eat these candies though. In fact, you shouldn’t if they have glue on them.

56. Let your little elf cuddle with this crocheted snowman.

He’s clad in a vest, scarf, and Santa hat. Love the snowflakes on his green feet.

57. A snowball wreath is perfect for a winter’s day.

Well, the snowballs are most likely made from styrofoam. But the red ribbon gives a nice holiday touch.

58. Check out this lit up Santa sign.

And yes, it carries Santa’s catchphrase, “Ho, Ho, Ho.” Love the lights.

59. Celebrate the reason for the season with this peg doll nativity scene.

The three kings seem to have tiaras in this one. Still, these are so cute.

60. You’d need a heart of ice to resist this polar bear on the back of this chair.

This one has a Santa hat, holly, and a scarf. But you just want to hug it.

61. Wish everyone a “Merry Christmas” with these pine cone trees.

These just consist of pinecones with stars on them. And each one has its own pot.

62. Don’t forget to decorate your Christmas tree.

This tree is made with baubles within a frame. And yes, they’re all shiny and in different colors.

63. No winter wonderland is complete without a wreath like this.

Contains white berries, pinecones, and frosted branches. Great for any snowy day.

64. Your guests will be delighted with this Christmas window.

Sure the snowmen are painted. But you have to admit who doesn’t want to see these guys?

65. Perhaps a wreath can do with a plaid bow or two.

May look suited for a rustic cabin. Got to love the branches and pine cones.

66. Celebrate the season with this unconventional Advent calendar.

This one consists of pails with a little surprise in each one. The last one has a golden present.

67. You might be charmed with this Christmas pallet.

This one has a snowman and a star along with the words “Do you see what I see?” Great for any home.

68. Your kitchen is a winter wonderland with this muffin tin.

This is painted red with snowmen. Not for actual muffins but cute.

69. A decomesh snowman wreath won’t give you a frosty reception.

You’ll find it has a corn cob pipe, a button nose, and two eyes made out of coal. Though don’t expect it to come alive with a silk hat.

70. Don’t like wreaths? Hang this candy cane on your door.

This one has baubles and ribbons. Made with an evergreen branch.

71. Got old socks? Make snowmen out of them.

Each one has a little sock hat. Love the scarves. So adorable.

72. A ribbon and a couple flowers go well on a grapevine Christmas wreath.

Well, the ribbon and burlap wrap around the grapevine wreath. Includes pine cones and branches.

73. A red ribbon and jeweled belt buckle go well on a glass candle holder.

Well, certainly makes for a flashy Christmas decoration. Goes well on a table.

74. You’d love to be snowed in with these shutters.

All these shutters are white with scarves and black hats. And yes, they’re the most adorable assortment you’ll see.

75. Count down to Christmas with this felt Advent calendar.

Each day has an image related to the yuletide season. And you have Santa for Christmas Eve.

76. Don’t like wreaths? Why not hang some painted skates?

This pair depicts 2 different snowmen. Okay, one has a snowman. The other has a snow woman.

77. A Christmas wreath should always have some bundled branches.

This one contains some berries and pine cones, too. Love the ribbon though.

78. Every holiday kitchen matron should wear her own gingerbread apron.

Has a striped outfit with polka dot bows. Perfect for anyone who cooks Christmas dinner.

79. Perhaps I might interest you with a square Christmas wreath?

Other than the shape, seems to resemble a regular Christmas wreath. The red really stands out on this one.

80. Nothing makes your holidays bright like this painted dining chair.

This one’s painted blue with 3 snowmen. Contains holly leaves and berries on the back.

81. A snowman on a pallet always needs lights.

This one has an evergreen garland along a red pallet. Snowman looks sort of faded near the nose.

82. Dress your fireplace with this garland of baubles.

This is a rather colorful garland. Guaranteed to be a hit for festive Christmas parties.

83. With this branch hanging, you can put your family portraits.

And it seems that this one has 5 immediate members. Yet, you have to admire the baubles on this thing.

84. Care for a Christmas tree sled?

Though don’t use it to slide down a hill in the snow. Still, love the green.

85. You’ll always have a winter wonderland with this snow glass block.

You can even put lights in this like this one. And they certainly make the snowflakes stand out.

86. I’m sure you guests will be pleased with this Santa hanging.

Not sure what this is made of. But it certainly has a rustic feel to go well in any cottage.

87. Instead of a traditional wreath, perhaps go with a large poinsettia flower?

Though poinsettias are only seen during the Christmas season. Nevertheless, you have to love the petals and center.

88. With this Christmas wreath, you’ll find plenty of white berries.

Well, it at least gives an impression of snow. But you have to admire the bow.

89. This Christmas, you might want to hang some baubles to a frame.

And the baubles have snowflakes on them. Comes with a red frame and a green bow.

90. How about a Christmas tree made from twigs?

You’ll find plenty of decorations on here, too. Some of them appear to be small baubles for some reason.

91. You can’t have a Christmas bauble wreath without some snowflakes.

Sure it’s more suited for a winter theme. But it’s perfect for any winter wonderland.

92. You can count the days to Christmas with this Advent calendar.

This one is a simple red board with numbers inscribed. Just use a dry erase when you circle the day.

93. There’s nothing more festive during the holidays like a feathery Christmas tree.

Goes well with the snow. It’s a fine addition to any holiday home. Like the star.

94. For a rustic Christmas, place these wooden candles at the door.

These are just made from plain old logs. And they include matching flames and stars.

95. Bring in the magic of Christmas with a skate filled with evergreen branches and candy canes.

Well, it also contains other leaves and holly berries. And the red plaid bow makes a rather seasonal touch.

96. Store some of Christmas cookies in these flower pot snowman jars.

Though you might want to patch the bottoms. Still, these snowmen have such sweet smiles. Like the hats, too.

97. For those who’ve lost loved ones, you might want this Christmas decoration with an empty chair.

Kind of timely for me since I lost my grandfather in January this year. This year will be my first Christmas without him.

98. A candy cane snowflake could use some bows.

Or rather quite small ones. Still, you have to admire the fine design here. Lovely.

99. Deck your Christmas tree with your set of crocheted ornaments.

Each of these shows an aspect of the Christmas season. Are great for any tree.

100. If you love the wildlife, perhaps a snowy owl might suit you for the holidays.

After all, a snowy owl always blends in with the wintry forest. Love it.

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