God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen on These Christmas Treats (Fourth Edition)


Naturally, a particular staple of Christmas is all the food. You may have ham or turkey as the main course for Christmas dinner along with potatoes, veggies, and other sides. For desserts, you may have all kinds of cakes, pies, cookies, and others. And yes, I’m sure plenty of people tend to gorge themselves on Christmas goodies that they might hit the gym come January as losing weight might be on their New Years’ resolutions. Still, plenty of people just can’t resist what’s on this Christmas table. Still, on this post, you’re more likely to find Christmas treats with yuletide motifs like snowflakes, Santas, wreaths, trees, snowmen, nativity scenes, and the like. And you might even see a penguin or two, since they’re cute creatures in the ice and snow though they don’t live at the North Pole. Nevertheless, for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of Christmas goodies.

  1. Wake up on Christmas morning with this pancake Santa Claus.

Well, this is on a muffin tin. But you have to admire the hat and beard.

2. You can’t have Christmas dinner with some cheesy Christmas tree buns.

Sure I’ve showed buns before in previous treat posts. But these have cheese on them.

3. A Christmas tree cupcake should always have 3 tiers.

Yes, that’s a lot of cupcake. But the tiers are all different sizes for the shape. Though it looks straight out of Dr. Seuss.

4. Nothing beats your Christmas dessert platter like a Santa cake.

Well, this only uses half of Santa. But it’s nevertheless adorable for any dessert platter.

5. This Christmas, you can’t go wrong with chocolate trees.

Yes, I had treats like these on posts before. But this one has sprinkles.

6. Instead of a gingerbread house, go with a pretzel stick one.

Yes, it’s quite rustic looking. And the roof is made of Chex. Love the windows.

7. I’m sure your elves would adore these Christmas tree Rice Krispie treats.

Yes, I had a Christmas tree treat like this before. But this one uses M&M minis for decor.

8. Speaking of Rice Krispies, how about a Rice Krispie wreath?

This mostly uses red M&Ms and you can’t eat the bow. But it makes a nice yuletide touch.

9. Impress your Christmas guests with this Christmas tree appetizer tray.

You’ll find plenty of grapes, carrots, cucumbers, and cheeses on this. Only thing you can’t eat is the star.

10. Nothing makes a delightful winter treat like snowman cupcakes.

Each of these is in blue and white winter gear. And yes, they all have adorable faces.

11. Make your holiday season sparkle with some Christmas light treats.

Available in several different colors. Great for party favors or dessert platter.

12. Give your peanut butter fudge has a gingery touch.

Sure they may not taste like gingerbread men. But they’re certainly in some gingerly shape.

13. You’ll find plenty of veggies on this Christmas tree appetizer tray.

Consists of broccoli, carrots, olives, cherry tomatoes, pretzels, and cheese. Great for any party platter.

14. Make your Christmas Eve so bright with some reindeer cupcakes.

Each one has pretzel antlers, chocolate ears, along with icing eyes and an M&M and wafer nose. And yes, Rudolph is always in the lead.

15. No cold night should be without these North Pole bites.

Each one is covered in red and white icing with a candy cane on top. Perfect for a dessert platter near you.

16. For an easy Christmas treat, try making some of these pinwheel cookies.

Each of these is rolled in dough of white, red, and green. Enjoy.

17. Grace your dessert platter with a Christmas wreath cake.

Yes, it’s a square cake that’s professionally made. But you have to admire the icing ribbon.

18. You can’t resist these snowflake cookies for a wintry treat.

Each of these has a unique shape and size. And each is covered in either flower or sugar.

19. For Christmas, you can do no wrong with this fruity wreath.

Consists of berries, kiwi, and apples. Great for parties if you want more healthy options.

20. Keep your Christmas party cozy with this Yule log cake.

Yes, it gives a rather Christmasy impression. Of course, you can see only part of it.

21. No Christmas party can be complete without some yuletide bites.

I know these are either cake bites or chocolates. But let’s hope they didn’t come from a chocolate box.

22. Keep your Christmas candy in a gingerbread train.

And it’s painted in red, blue, and white icing. Also, consists of a set of wheels.

23. For a festive Christmas, grace your appetizer platter with a Christmas tree cheese.

Goes well with crackers. Covered with horse radish and pepper pieces.

24. Snowman pancakes are perfect for any chilly morning.

Has a bacon scarf and is on top some marshmallows. So cute.

25. These snowman cookies come in so many layers.

Then again, they might have cakes on top. But they’re certainly an adorable treat for a cold day.

26. Make it a festive Christmas with some Oreo ornaments.

Amazing what you can do with Oreos. Some of them have sprinkles. Others have Christmas M&Ms.

27. North Pole bites always make a quality winter treat.

These are different from the ones I had on earlier. For they’re in a different shape with a candy cane stick.

28. Christmas tree cake pops always look nice in snowy white.

Though it mostly doesn’t snow where I live on Christmas. Also, these are covered in sprinkles.

29. You could view these Christmas gingerbread cookies as ornate.

Definitely professionally made and rather expensive. But I do like the roses on the sleigh.

30. For a frosty treat, you can’t go wrong with an ice cream snowman.

And yes, this snowman is certainly frosty. Best served on a cold winter day.

31. Deck your halls with these Rice Krispie ornaments.

Are either in red and green. Has licorice and a lifesaver on top.

32. Impress your guests with some bruschetta on a Christmas wreath.

Toppings mostly consist of broccoli and cherry tomatoes. Perfect as an appetizer.

33. Keep your veggies in line with your very own edible Christmas train.

Each train car is made of a bell pepper and cucumber slices. Dips are in the center though. You have to admire the creativity on this one.

34. Every green bite like these should always have Christmas lights.

Well, anything resembling Christmas lights. Still, these are kind of clever.

35. Every appetizer platter should have a present made of cheese.

This one has pepper bits and celery ribbon. Goes great with crackers.

36. Gingerbread Christmas trees could always do with a little frosting.

Yes, I know Christmas trees are green. But you don’t have to do much decorating with these.

37. Wish your guests “Happy Holidays,” with these cakes.

These cakes have cookie frames with sayings inscribed. What they say, is up to you.

38. You can’t go wrong with these reindeer cookies in Santa’s sleigh.

Yes, these are professionally made. but you can tell which one of these is Rudolph.

39. Please your guests with this Christmas tree veggie platter.

This one consists of peppers, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, and pretzels. And it has a square dip tray on the side.

40. For those with ugly Christmas sweaters, use these cookies.

People will always love their ugly Christmas sweaters. These may be professionally made. But once you have the cookie cutter for them, you can decorate each one however you want.

41. For those celebrating Christmas in Hawaii, you might want to go with cookies like these.

Though I can’t really see a Christmas without snow and ice. But whatever.

42. On this Rice Krispie treat, this mouse is snug in its bed.

Now this is quite creative. Really Like the candy cane bed posts. So cute.

43. Out in the country, you can’t go without this Christmas cabin.

This one even has a reindeer head on the front. Also perfect for deer hunting season.

44. No Seuss fan can ever resist this Grinchy cake.

And this one just uses a simple round cake painted green with a Santa hat. Still, love the smile.

45. You’ll find this Christmas tree appetizer platter especially cheesy.

The pickles on these are the only green on this one. But it’s mostly cheese.

46. You can always tear away a cupcake in this wreath.

Includes some holly and a bow. But at least you don’t have to cut it since it’s made of cupcakes.

47. Have a frosty dessert with these snowman cake pops.

Each of these has a red scarf and Santa hat. Oh, and they have a stick coming out of their heads.

48. Should you have a chilly Christmas, how about an igloo cheese ball?

You can even put penguins beside it. Sure they may not be from the North Pole. But they’re adorable and are often associated with winter.

49. Grace your dessert platter with this fancy Christmas tree cake.

This one has plenty of trimmings in white, green, and red. And it’s all topped with a bow.

50. Christmas tree sandwiches make a great yuletide lunch.

These all have cucumber slices and pepper tree stars. Not sure if they’re exactly in my taste.

51. Children will delight in these penguin cookies.

These are peanut cookies decorated with chocolate icing. And yes, they’re so cute you could eat them up.

52. You can’t go wrong waking up to this Santa pancake.

His eyes are made of banana slices and chocolate chip. His hat consists of strawberries. and his beard is mostly whipped cream.

53. A Christmas cake always makes an ideal Christmas present.

Ironically this is a present cake. Not sure what I think about the green spots. But I like the red ribbon.

54. If you love Christmas, then you’ll adore this Grinch cake.

Well, I had a similar cake in a previous post. But it’s nevertheless, in the Seussical fashion.

55. You’d swear this Christmas tree was all celery.

Well, almost. It’s more of a Christmas tree veggie tray with other veggies as decorations.

56. Welcome the winter magic with these snowflake cookies.

Okay, you might have a few Christmas trees here. But each of these gives you holiday cheer.

57. You can’t have a Christmas party without a treat train.

And yes, it consists of Twinkies and Rice Krispie treats along with candy canes. Love the trees in the background.

58. No yuletide dessert platter is complete without a Christmas tree cupcake cake.

The ornaments on this mainly consist of peanut M&Ms. Still, be free to tear away.

59. Perhaps a Christmas wreath can give you some tasty buns.

And there’s even some dip in the middle. Nevertheless, while a wreath is green, these buns are golden brown.

60. Warm yourself by the fire with some melting snowmen smores.

Strange, since you can’t roast smores in cold weather. But these are quite clever.

61. If you don’t like Christmas tree veggie trays, may I suggest one of Santa?

Consists of peppers, cauliflower, cucumber slices, olives, and cherry tomatoes. The fuzz ball is the dip by the way.

62. A Christmas cake with candy cane is just as sweet.

Well, the candy canes are used for a Christmas tree. Also has peppermints on the base.

63. A Christmas pizza should always have a few Santa hats.

Well, the hats are made of pepperoni and cheese. But yes, they’re a grand yuletide touch.

64. Though you’ve heard of a gingerbread house, you probably haven’t seen a gingerbread castle.

Well, it more or less looks like a candy fort. But it seems like something you’d see in a Mario game.

65. Nothing could make you resist these penguin Oreos.

These have M&M ear muffs. As to why penguins would need them, I’m not so sure. But they’re cute.

66. This Christmas candle cake will light up your holidays.

Sure the flames may be fake. But you’d almost think these were real.

67. For a simple treat, how about some reindeer pretzels?

Requires regular and waffle pretzels, Hershey’s kisses, and M&Ms. And yes, they all have a red nose.

68. Instead of poinsettias, give your sweetheart a poinsettia cupcake bouquet.

I’m sure anyone would enjoy that more. Because poinsettias are usually thrown away after the Christmas season. But cupcakes are usually eaten by that time.

69. You can tear away at this candy cane cake.

Since these are mostly cupcakes. But each is in its own stripe.

70. Get up on Christmas morning to some Christmas tree pancakes.

They just consist of smaller pancakes as you go up. And this one is topped by a candle star.

71. You’d have to be the Grinch to hate these Christmas pups.

However, I must tell you not to buy a puppy or any other animal for Christmas. Seriously, owning a pet is a commitment and responsibility which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Nevertheless, these are cute.

72. Nightmare Before Christmas fans will enjoy these Jack Skellington cookies.

These ones have him with a Santa hat. Perfect for Tim Burton fans.

73. You can’t find anything colorful like these Santa truffles.

Each Santa on these has a different color suit. And each Santa has a sign.

74. Help yourself to some of these hot chocolate cups.

The cups are made of marshmallows and candy canes. And yes, each have red sprinkles on them.

75. With cookies like these you’ll certainly have a festive Christmas.

Yes, it’s a plate of sugar cookies from a bakery. But they’re all richly decorated with icing.

76. You’ll find Santa sleeping on this cake.

Hopefully, not on Christmas Eve. But you never know. Still, this is cute.

77. Light up the holidays with these Christmas cookies.

And yes, these bulbs seem rather cheery. Until one of them burns out.

78. There’s something out of place with this Christmas cake house.

Seems like it’s straight from a Dr. Seuss story. But unlike some of the houses I see, this has some degree of character.

79. Cheer yourself to some floating polar bear cookies.

Yes, these have polar bears just lounging around. But yes, they’re adorable.

80. There’s nothing delightful on Christmas than Santa at the fire.

And yes, the tree is quite sentient on this cake. But you have to adore this. So lovely.

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