Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours, on Christmas Memories (Second Edition)


Here is a picture of me and my sister Molly at KDKA during my first Hometown Hi-Q match in my junior year of 2006. My parents later used it for their family Christmas card that year.

Last year, I did a post on Christmas family photos people might find a bit awkward. And since it was quite popular this year and don’t have much else to do right now, I decided to do another. Now some Christmas photos are ones for families to cherish or put on a Christmas card. This picture of my sister and I at KDKA is a good example. And yes, my parents put it in their Christmas card. But for other photos, this isn’t the case. Sometimes a perfect picture is hard to shoot, particularly when little kids are involved because their potential for entropy is quite astronomical. This means that little kids don’t have a great tendency to cooperate in photo ops, particularly if they have to sit in again and again. Then there are photos that just happen to be taken at the wrong place and at the wrong time. I can think of plenty of those when it comes to my family. Still, without further adieu, here is a treasure trove of family photos of Christmas gone awry courtesy of Awkward Family Photos.

  1. Since Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in theaters right now, let’s star with a family photo op from a galaxy, far, far away.

Apparently, Chewbacca doesn’t care for being in family photos that much. Still, I’d be worried about Darth Vader force choking him for ruining it.

2. Of course, we all had to do a Christmas art project in elementary school.


Now that is just so unintentionally inappropriate to put on a Christmas tree. Yeah, “Merry Christmas, Ho” how that got passed the school’s code of decency, I’ll never know.

3. Seems like Grandma has been drinking too much eggnog.


But luckily, she passed out near the Christmas tree. So it could’ve been worse like what happened to the old lady who got run over by Santa’s sleigh that someone wrote a song about.

4. “I saw Mommy killing Santa Claus/Underneath the mistletoe last night…”


Now that’s going to traumatize the little kids seeing this picture. Of course, the dog’s face is just priceless. Wonder what it’s thinking.

5. When it comes to ugly Christmas sweaters, sometimes they could border on the funny to unwittingly inappropriate.


What astounds me is how they have a Christmas sweater like this in a child’s size. Then again, I don’t consider bathroom humor as anything inappropriate for young children. I think most kids would get the joke.

6. Sometimes a Christmas photo op can seem more inappropriate than it actually is.


I’m sure the girl’s just wearing a costume. But her being next to a boy with sunglasses just makes it seem like she’s a Russian child bride of some sorts. Yeah, this has some pretty unfortunate implications.

7. “Hey, little boy, allow me to introduce you to my assistant, Charlie.”


Okay, I know that I make fun of Elf on the Shelf on the account of how creepy it is. But this photo makes me feel like I owe Elf on the Shelf an apology. And I don’t blame the little kid getting scared of that nightmare inducing dummy.

8. “Christmas Wishes” from your tackiest neighbors.


Now that has to be one of the tackiest figure skating poses I’ve ever seen. It’s like Edith Bunker skating with a young Roger Ebert. Don’t have time to explain the references to my younger viewers but you get the idea.

9. When it comes to looking for a Christmas tree, perhaps it’s best not to bring the dogs along.


Now that is just an unfortunate thing in a photo op that can’t be helped. Yeah, everyone seems to be paying more attention to the two dogs humping than anything.

10. When it comes to Christmas family photo ops, some can be quite strange.


And it seems everyone is going along with the idea except Norman who can’t help but wonder how being pictured from the outside is. He has a very valid point.

11. Of course, family togetherness brings joy, love, and the squabbles associated with it.


Now this one has a girl posing for the photo but Mom and her little brother are engaged in some kind of argument in the background. Yes, family togetherness at its finest.

12. Christmas is always the time of year when family members get together to bask in joy and good cheer.


Apparently, the merry Christmas spirit was surprisingly absent in this family. Yeah, let everyone know how you really feel this holiday season.

13. Sibling rivalry: Sometimes it starts way earlier than you think.


And to think these two would grow up together to be such great friends. Then baby sister pins her big brother to the floor during a photo shoot.

14. “Wear this Santa suit, they said. It’ll be fine they said. What do you mean, I look like a freaking idiot!”


Now this little baby really didn’t want to do its first Christmas picture. Still, that look is just so priceless.

15. Seems like someone really doesn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap.


It’s even funnier that, this isn’t a very sketchy Santa Claus either. Then again, there are a lot of kids who are scared of Santa so let’s give this boy some slack.

16. When it comes to photo ops, some things may not be what they seem.


Yes, I know what you’re thinking. That baby has his hand in a very awkward position. But sometimes you can’t help that.

17. Season’s Greetings from Alaska.


Of course, let’s hope that none of their friends or family have any connection to PETA. And that this family is actually in Alaska. Because it would be silly if they’re not.

18. Apparently, Sally received the bike she wanted from Santa. Unfortunately, it happened to be from IKEA.


Of course, I don’t think IKEA sells bikes or bike parts. But if IKEA did sell bikes, they wouldn’t be great presents for Christmas since there’s some assembly required.

19. If you can’t afford to see a mall Santa, then Liquor Store Santa will do just as well.


Yeah, having Santa near the booze in thick glasses. That’s a great idea (sarcasm). Still, this photo looks pretty sad if you think about it.

20. Apparently, it seems that Santa takes his lunch at Subway.


Of course, I wouldn’t expect Santa Claus to prefer Subway sandwiches, after how the chain’s famous spokesman was revealed to do very naughty things. Still, this is a pretty funny picture and yes, I would try to pose with Santa on his break.

21. Sometimes dealing with crying little kids at the mall is somewhat more bearable, if one of their mothers just happens to be a MILF.


Seems like Santa seems to like young mothers sitting on his lap. Doesn’t seem to pay much attention to the kid. Yeah, don’t show this picture to the Mrs. Claus.

22. To all the men out there, there could be more embarrassing types of underwear than tidy whiteys.


As to why somebody’s dad would wear that type of underwear, I have no idea. Still, he could’ve used a step ladder to avoid the embarrassment. Also, that girl seems like she’s enjoying this.

23. No, Mom and Dad, you can’t French kiss in your family photo. That’s embarrassing to the kids.


Still, despite how the kids think their parents making out is disgusting, at least they can be happy that Mommy and Daddy aren’t getting a divorce. Nevertheless, this photo was probably staged, anyway.

24. You’ve heard of Santa Claus. But have you heard of the Christmas chicken?


Apparently, it probably was a Christmas tradition back in the day. But somehow it never caught on. Then again, this chicken seems to look as if Big Bird has just escaped from a mental ward.

25. When it comes to making Christmas cookies, some dads should stay out of the process altogether.


I don’t know about you. But these Christmas cookies don’t seem fit for family consumption if you ask me. But I’m sure the people at Hooters might think them a godsend.

26. Remember when you’re out in public, a wardrobe malfunction can happen at any time.


Of course, it’s apparent that this mother suffered a little accident and now part of her bra and cleavage are showing. And Santa seems well aware of it.

27. Of course, parents would want their kids to sit with a nice mall Santa. But sometimes shopping malls have to make due with what Santas they got. And some are nicer than others.


Seems like this Santa has spent too much time partying last night that he’s got a really bad hangover. So go easy on him, kids. Because Santa isn’t in his best mood today.

28. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And look at all the moose we killed.


Yes, Millers, enjoy your moose kill photo op while it lasts. Because Bullwinkle is really not going to be pleased when he finds out about what you’ve done the male members of his family.

29. Apparently, the brothers had decided to form their own hair band.


Now this is such a terrible picture on so many levels. And what the hell is is with that background? That’s just creep shit, man.

30. Christmas has always been a season of great joy.


Unfortunately, the “Joy” sign in this picture is probably the closest thing we’ll come to it her. Yeah, little kids are cute, but sometimes they just don’t like taking pictures.

31. “A taxidermy of Bambi’s mom? You shouldn’t have.”


Is it just me, or does the dog seem like the voice of reason in this picture? Yeah, the presence of the taxidermied deer kind of makes this room a bit creepier. And I know that’s taxidermy because you can see the seam.

32. Nothing makes a great Christmas card worthy photo than having the whole family sitting in a Jacuzzi.


Now it seems that the parents thought it was a good idea at the time. However, Ralph’s smile couldn’t conceal the fact he felt this hot tub photo op was stupid.

33. This year’s Christmas dinner entree is none other than Head o’ Dad.


Now this photo was probably done as a joke as you can see. Still, this dad must have a wonderful sense of humor around the holiday season.

34. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays or so long, suckers.


This is a recent family Christmas picture from a congresswoman from Nevada. It was to support her stance against gun control. Yeah, nothing says “Peace on Earth” this Christmas than having your family armed to the teeth. What a bunch of NRAssholes.

35. When it comes to Christmas, some people tend to pose in their yuletide pajamas.


Now this baby seems like: “Thanks a lot, Mom and Dad. Now I’m going to pretend that I don’t even know you anymore.”

36. Merry Christmas from the family, the pets, and Dad’s new hunting trophy.


Yeah, Dad, just rub it in to your deer hunting friends who didn’t even get one this season. And it seems like some of these dogs want the hog the camera. As for the cats, not so much.

37. Nothing says Christmas like sharing a glass of wine with your family in your hot tub.


Let’s hope what’s ever in those glasses is just grape juice. Because I think the parents could risk arrest for serving alcohol to minors. And I’m sure there’s at least one person in here who’s under 21. The candles make the scene even more disturbing.

38. Seems like Grandma and Grandpa are doing Elf on the Shelf this year.


Now Elf on the Shelf is pretty creepy enough. But seniors thinking it as a good Christmas photo op idea? Now that’s just plain freaky. Still, they probably did it as a joke.

39. Apparently, during the photo op, Santa was a little busy listening to what Billy wanted for Christmas.


“Well, I want a Ninja Turtle, some jet skis, some Hot Wheels racing cars, a new baseball bat, a model airplane, a lightsaber…” You get the idea.

40. When it comes to Christmas pajamas, it helps if they match the furniture.


Seems like Mom and baby just blend right into the upholstery. Still, I think that checkered pattern may be fine for a recliner. Not so much for pajamas.

41. Seems like Aunt Debbie has some of her special Christmas cookies.


Now this picture seems to be the epitome of all Christmas tackiness in the 1980s. Also, the woman looks a bit tipsy and the cookies don’t seem the most appetizing.

42. Of course, sometimes Santa can’t express his contempt for sitting at the mall all day.


Something tells me that this Santa really doesn’t like his gig so much. And he’s not afraid to express in what’s supposed to be a wholesome family photo.

43. While some grandmothers are lauded for their culinary skills, there are some where it’s not the case.


Girl: “Grandma, what a disgusting dish you have.” Grandma: “The better to poison you with, my dear.”

44. Merry Christmas courtesy of Incest! the musical.


I think this photo op is staged as a joke. Still, you have to wonder what kind of responses this family received. And it appears one of the brothers is like, “My girlfriend is totally going to break up with me when she sees this.”

45. Merry Christmas from the Power family.


Now I have nothing against cross dressing or how someone expresses their gender identity. I have nothing against RuPaul either. However, I just don’t think RuPaul’s Drag Race makes a good theme for your family Christmas card. That’s just me.

46. It doesn’t feel like Christmas until you receive your annual spank from Santa.


Of course, this picture is obviously photoshopped. But yeah, it really doesn’t present a wholesome idea when you look more closely.

47. Merry Christmas from Frosty the Snowman and family.


Yeah, I couldn’t avoid a ridiculous family costume photo op in this post. And it seems this family is dressed up as snowmen. Still, I wonder what the kids think of it now.

48. “Uh, how much longer should I remain on the roof for this picture? Anyone?”


Apparently, doing a live nativity scene has it’s own unique set of challenges. Still, having an angel on a barn roof is kind of ridiculous. Let’s hope there’s a ladder somewhere so she could get down.

49. Nothing makes Christmas better than catching Mom and Dad in the hot tub.


I don’t know about you. But I don’t think a Jacuzzi is an ideal place for a family photo op. But that’s my opinion.

50. This holiday season, do your best to spread the love.


Unfortunately, the sight of crying children in a Christmas photo doesn’t really inspire love for me. Then there’s the baby wondering what the hell is going on here.

51. When it comes to bringing your pets for the holidays, make sure they’re spayed or neutered.


Because there’s a strong chance something like this might happen. And yes, everyone in this photo seems to be enjoying themselves over it, too.

52. Sometimes there’s that one member of the family who doesn’t seem to keen to smile.


“Smile? Why do I have to smile for this? No, I won’t smile for the camera. Smiling’s stupid.”

53. “Don’t worry, we’ll find some way to fit Granny on this couch.”


Seems like Granny wasn’t previously consulted about the arrangement. Now she’s screaming for dear life to the glee of everyone else.

54. Of course, when it comes to raising daughters, some dads might take embarrassment to the next level.


Yeah, everyone seems to think Daddy looks a bit funny in a dress that’s way too short for him. Still, if it was my dad, I wouldn’t find it so amusing.

55. Merry Christmas from the Lobster family.


Now these people seem like they can be related to the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Could they possibly be from another planet? I wonder if MIB knows about this.

56. Not surprisingly, everyone hated Mom’s choice of Christmas sweater that year.


Of course, only Peter was able to smile. The rest look like, “I really hope nobody at school sees this when it gets put on a Christmas card.”

57. Nothing brings in the Christmas spirit more than having your sons dress up for their holiday photo in bacon suits.


Now I can totally understand dressing into candy cane suits. But what the hell does bacon have to do with Christmas? Also, they kind of remind me of the time when Lady Gaga wore her meat dress to the Grammys.

58. When it comes to building a snowman, nobody does the job better than 3 guys in their trunks.


I suppose these men are members of the Polar Bear Club. Because they probably live in a place where there’s lots of snow (which isn’t my neck of the woods) and they’re not in appropriate winter clothing. Still, the shirtlessness could’ve been worse.

59. This Christmas, the Hendersons decided to pose for their Christmas photo in their red shirts. Only Elliot wasn’t pleased.


“If this was Star Trek, then I’m sure all of us would be murdered if Kirk decided to take us to beam us down to the planet. Still, if you want me to smile, then I’m not going along with it. It’s lame.”

60. Merry Christmas from Norman and Helen Finklestein.


Ever since Helen married Norman, her family couldn’t help but wonder whether he was a perfectly nice guy with no fashion sense or something more sinister behind a harmless facade. It was hard to say.

61. Looks like baby got a little distracted.


Apparently, he was so excited by the fountain that he had absolutely no idea that he was supposed to pose for a photo op. Yeah, seems baby is a little occupied by watching water spout from the pond.

62. Merry Christmas from the family, dogs, and falcons.


Seems that the boy in this picture thinks was expecting things to go worse than they did in this photo shoot. Of course, for him, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

63. The family that decorates the tree together stays together.


Not sure about climbing the tree to put the star on top. And it seems that Scruffy is loaning his support. Still, it’s totally photoshopped.

64. When your dog has had an operation, sometimes it’s nice for the owners to show solidarity.


Of course, I’m not sure if wearing a cone on your heads is one of them. Still, the dog seems like, “I know you want to show support for me. But please, can’t you just not try anything embarrassing? This is going too far.”

65. Seems like little Cindy made her first Christmas course – a baked puppy.


Yes, I know this is staged. But still, a puppy out of the oven is kind of disturbing. Even more so that it’s being pulled out by a happy little girl in a Santa hat. Yeah, that’s messed up.

66. Now this seems like Santa has this family’s situation all under wraps.


Or in this case, literally under Christmas wrapping paper. Yes, it appears that Santa has now taken Kelly Clarkson and her family hostage.

67. Nothing says Christmas like posing for a photo as 3 little pigs.


Now is it just me who has no idea what the hell pigs have to do with Christmas? And it doesn’t help that these piggies are in bows and tutus for God’s sake. Yeah, this is kind of strange.

68. Sometimes even Santa can have the stress get to him on certain days.


“How many of these screaming kids do I have to put up today? Can’t my shift just be over already? I’m already getting tired with it all.”

69. Merry Christmas from the Pinelli family.


Now this is the kind of Christmas photo I’d expect from some mad scientist who married his lovely assistant and had kids. Still, he continues to attract a rather creepy vibe as you can see.

70. Merry Christmas from Dwight Schrute and his cats.


Sure he may not look quite like Rainn Wilson’s character from The Office. And I know Dwight doesn’t like cats. But looking at this, he just reminds me of the guy for some reason.

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