Deck the Halls with These Christmas Craft Projects


Yes, it’s that time of year again when people start putting up their Christmas decorations. You have the tree, the lights, the nativity scenes, the wreaths, the stockings, and what not. And all not only to make your home a source for holiday cheer and delight, but also to be the envy of your neighbors. Of course, most people tend to buy certain decorations at the local store. But for a long time many people just simply made their own since it’s cheaper and it reuses old stuff lying around the house. Also, most schoolkids usually create at least one Christmas creation in art class. The one I remember most was of a nutcracker soldier I made in fifth grade but a bit of the shiny paper folded while it was being laminated. Nevertheless, my parents still hang it up on the back of the front door. Still, you can see plenty of yuletide craft projects on Pinterest as you might be aware of. But while many people see Christmas craft projects as kids’ stuff, Pinterest will make you beg to differ and I didn’t have to look far and wide to tell you so. Believe me, I didn’t have to look very hard and it’s pretty difficult for me to know which decorations to put on and which to leave out. So for your reading pleasure, I present you some of the wide multitude of Christmas craft projects you might find charming for your Christmas home.

  1. Grace your front door with this festive candy cane decoration.

Yes, it might look straight out of a Dr. Seuss story. But I’m sure you and your family will love it.

2. Snowflakes always show up well if they’re made of wood and covered in lights.


Now these were created from pallet wood like you’d see from old crates. Of course, with a little assembly and white paint, they are pure Christmas magic when hung outside with the lights.

3. For only a nickel, you can buy a snowball from this snowman.


Okay, not really because most people either can make their own snowballs for free or don’t have snow on the ground as we speak. Still, this is just so adorable I had to put it on my post.

4. Keep your silverware in order for guests this Christmas with these stockings.


Yes, these are stockings for holding silverware for the holiday guests. And they only hold 3 a piece. But still kind of clever to say the least.

5. Make your own little Christmas tree this year with small flower pots and button ornaments.


Now you can buy the little flower pots at any craft store before painting them green. Still, this is just a very adorable little Christmas tree if you ask me.

6. Have burned out Christmas bulbs lying around? Dip them in glitter and put them in glass block.


Glitter: giving new life to burned out Christmas light bulbs as decorations so you won’t have to throw them away. Now this is so pretty to say the least.

7. You don’t have a great candy cane unless you have one of ribbon and crocheted lace.


Yes, that doesn’t seem to go with a proper candy cane twisty color scheme. But it looks like something that you can hang from a tree. Besides, it’s clever.

8. Want to spread some holiday cheer? Well, these wine glass will certainly make great candle holders.


Now these consist of a gingerbread man, penguin, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, an elf, Santa, the Grinch, and a snowman. And I see a lot of these have glitter.

9. Got little kids and pets but love baubles? Then I supposed these crocheted ones will be perfect for the bottom of your Christmas tree.


And they seem to come in several different colors in a box. Nevertheless, they’re likely all stuffed so you won’t have to worry about your kids or animals breaking them.

10. If you want to let it snow, then this crocheted snowman wreath is perfect for your front door.


Of course, in my area the most snow you’ll get this time of year is perhaps a few inches that will melt away as the day goes on. Yeah, my area doesn’t get a lot of snow during the holiday season.

11. Make a Christmas tree ornament with wire and beads.


Now I wouldn’t recommend this for little kids. However, it does look quite nice, doesn’t it?

12. To make your Christmas tree baubles look more festive, cover them with bead covers like this.


Now you might see decorations like these on older Christmas decorations. Still, this looks quite neat and best of all it’s purple to match.

13. Love woodland creatures? Perhaps this owl tree topper will go well for your Christmas tree.


Because nothing makes a Christmas tree look more alive in nature than with an owl on top. Sure it won’t light up like other tree toppers would. But it’s so cute you won’t care.

14. Nothing says Christmas than a large candy cane hanging from your front door.


Of course, you’ll know it’s Christmas if you see this on somebody’s front door. Yeah, bright white and red really stands out.

15. Bring in the ho, ho, ho, Christmas spirit with these Santa Claus wine bottle decorations.


Now if you have old wine bottles lying around, painting Santas on them is a clever idea. Wonder what they used to make the tops.

16. Count down the days till Christmas with this felt Christmas tree advent calendar.


Now this would be a great advent calendar if you’re a religion class teacher. I mean the ornaments on this are teeming with biblical imagery here. However, whether you’re a Christian or not, this does look pretty cool if you ask me.

17. Or you can go with the advent calendar wreath option, of course.


Wonder what’s inside these tissue wrappers for the days. Is it candy, Christmas messages, or something else?

18. For those who don’t have a taxidermied deer head for a reindeer, perhaps you should try making one instead.


Now this cute, cardboard deer is a clever and festive decoration. But unlike taxidermy, it won’t creep out the kids.

19. Nothing says Christmas better than a crocheted Christmas tree.


Now this is something kids can play with. And it’s just so adorable. Still, wonder how they got the ornaments on the tree though.

20. Nothing brings holiday cheer to your family than these Santa cone hats.


And yes, these are certainly bedazzling indeed. However, when seeing these, I can’t help thinking you’d expect to see these hats in Dr. Seuss.

21. Tired of assembling a nativity scene? Why not hang one up from the wall?


Now one has the 3 wise men following a star. One has Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus. And one has the shepherds watching their flocks by night.

22. This reindeer ornament will be a great addition for any Christmas tree.


Okay, it’s not really a reindeer. But seriously, our pop culture usually gets it wrong when we show reindeer on Christmas specials, anyway. Still, its antlers are covered in glitter.

23. Blow some tissues this year with this Santa Claus tissue dispenser.


Now this is a cute decorative idea. Still, that buckle and belt are clearly embroidered and it’s trimmed by fake fur.

24. This snowman kettle will surely make a fine centerpiece at any Christmas table.


Yes, the snowman is painted on, possibly by a repressed art major. And yes, the foliage is fake. Still, you have to love this.

25. Live in the desert, well, this Saguaro Christmas cactus ornament will go fine with your Christmas tree or Christmas cactus.


Now we should remember that the Saguaro cactus is only available on the Southwest US and Mexican deserts. Still, it’s a clever twist for a Christmas tradition.

26. Light up a shadow nativity scene this year with glass blocks and lights.


Yes, it’s another nativity scene pertaining to cut outs. Still, I think it’s quite amazing, especially when lit up at night.

27. Make you home a Christmas candy palace with this gingerbread, candy cane, and lollipop Christmas wreath.


Now this wreath contains felt candies and goodies of your own delights. And it’s so adorable to put on any door.

28. If you love decorating for the holiday season with penguins, then you’ll love these flower pot waddlers.


Of course, most penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere which is nowhere near the north pole. But they’re so cute that nobody cares whether they’re used for Christmas decorations or not.

29. Make your home a holiday winter wonderland with this snowflake feather wreath.


Now this is covered in feathers and craft snowflakes you’d buy at a craft store. Nevertheless, wouldn’t mind having this on my door if you ask me.

30. Make your holiday season jolly with these Santa Claus paint brushes.


Yes, I know paint brushes aren’t often used as decorative items. Still, these are so clever and adorable if you ask me. Whoever thought of these was a genius.

31. Wow your holiday guests with this Christmas hat stand.


Yes, it’s a literal Christmas hat stand with funky red and green hats. And yes, I’m sure your guests will love it, especially if they’re fans of Dr. Seuss.

32. Want to build a small Christmas village display? Get a wreath.


Now I find a Christmas village wreath a particularly charming idea. Doesn’t hurt that it goes with the village below on the table.

33. Bring the holiday spirit into your home with this Christmas wreath.


Now this has a candy cane design with a little green, And it includes a snowman, bow, berries, a branch, and “Merry Christmas” in tags.

34. For a wintry spirit on your Christmas tree, it helps if your felt skates have paper clip blades.


Now the paper clip ice skate idea is quite clever for ornaments. However, as far as the Christmas season goes, it hasn’t been too icy from where I live.

35. Be in the festive spirit this Christmas by wearing these Christmas tree earrings.


Now these are made from beads and wire. However, they’re not as kitschy as some of the other Christmas jewelry you’d probably see.

36. For a more advent calendar design, may I suggest you go with a snowman?


Now this is made like a clock. Yet, you use the carrot to count down the days of December.

37. Have some old jewelry? Well, you can always make a Christmas tree collage out of it.


Now I’ve seen a lot of these on Pinterest and many are said to be vintage. Yet, this one sure looks pretty if you ask me.

38. This Christmas make your home a winter wonderland with a snowman Christmas tree.


Now this is a small Christmas tree that’s made to look like a cute snowman. And yes, it looks like each part is surrounded by wreath garlands, too.

39. I don’t know about you, but I think there’s a Grinch in that Christmas tree.


Actually that’s part of the tree decor. Somehow , the resident had some bright green tights and some red fabric. Still, it’s pretty funny.

40. I’m sure this pot soldier would make a great sentry for your holiday home.


No, not that kind of pot soldier. This one is a toy soldier made from flower pots stacked against each other and painted accordingly.

41. With beads and wire, you can make a snowflake ornament that glimmers on the tree.


Now the bead work on this is quite intricate if you ask me. But it sure looks pretty.

42. Seems like this snowman is busy with knitting this season.


Now this is a knitted snowman with a hat, scarf, and knitting to boot in sub zero temperatures. Then again why it feels to do this, I don’t have the slightest idea.

43. Nothing emphasizes the spirit of giving than a wreath made of gifts.


Now a wreath made of little presents can be as colorful as you like. And this one even comes with a tag.

44. If you love winter, then you’ll certainly adore this snowflake glass block.


Yes, it’s quite pretty and intricate as you might see. But you have to love it and admire the craftsmanship.

45. Nothing says, “Merry Christmas” this holiday season than a candy cane wreath.


Now in order to have a candy cane wreath, it just has to have red and white stripes of some variation. Still, I like the snowflake on this.

46. Grace your Christmas home with a wooden panel with a red ribbon star.


Now this just has a long ribbon on some screws in order to make a bright star. Some might scratch their heads on this, but I like it.

47. A wooden reindeer will certainly bring the Christmas spirit from the great outdoors.


Now this one uses logs for the body and twigs for the antlers. To some it’s ingenious but to others, it looks like a waste of firewood.

48. If you’re not the most jolly during the Christmas season, you can always go with a Grinch wreath.


Not sure what that material is but reminds me of moss. However, this is pretty clever if you ask me. Like the eyes and the Santa hat.

49. If you have kids but not a lot of space, then this felt nativity hanging will do quite nicely.


Now this one includes King Herod and the innkeeper, who aren’t the better characters in the story. Still, though Herod probably didn’t order a baby massacre around Jesus’s birth, he wasn’t a nice guy and executed several members of his own family.

50. Grace your home this Christmas with a red and green wooden sleigh with a snowman.


Now my family has a painted Christmas sled. But it doesn’t look like this one at all. Still, I think it’s adorable.

51. Of course, nothing says Christmas than a painted rock nativity scene.


Now this is an interesting twist on the nativity scene as you see here. Still, like how they used the burlap sack as the stable.

52. For a jolly holiday season, this Santa wreath is a great bet.


Now this has a belt and “ho, ho, ho” on the top. It also seems to be covered in red feathers for festive emphasis.

53. For those spending Christmas near the beach, you might appreciate these shell Christmas trees.


Yes, the iridescence may not make it look like shell. But it is. It’s just the underside. These are also topped with a starfish, too.

54. For your little one this Christmas, this crocheted snowman cap will keep them warm and snug.


Now most of the crocheted caps I’ve seen on Pinterest pertaining to Christmas seem to be for children. This didn’t seem to be the case when it came to Star Wars.

55. Nothing says Christmas like a button collage of a Christmas tree.


Well, it’s not all buttons. But I’m not sure which ones are part of the tree and which ones are supposed to be ornaments. Then again, maybe that’s the point.

56. Add some heart to your Christmas tree with this amigurumi ornaments.


Now this has all kinds of woodland creatures, a gingerbread house, Santa, a mushroom, an acorn, a reindeer, and a lady with a babuska. And yes, they’re quite cute to say the least.

57. Nothing makes a better tree topper this Christmas than a crocheted angel.


Now crocheted angels are pretty common vintage decorations, as I’ve seen at my grandparents’ house. Yet, I think this one is much less creepy than ones with doll heads.

58. Greet winter this holiday season with a snowman wreath at your front door.


Now I like how they have scarves in so many different colors. Also like their bead eyes and buttons as well. So cute.

59. I’m sure using old jewelry would make a great star to top your Christmas tree.


Yes, it looks like a wire star with jewelry all over it. But I think it looks quite pretty nonetheless.

60. Flowers in a candy cane vase make an excellent Christmas centerpiece.


Of course, the flowers are fake for obvious reasons. But still, you have to like the candy cane decor on this and the red bow.

61. Nothing makes a cuter Christmas tree than a pine cone.


Now I’ve seen quite a few pine cone Christmas trees on Pinterest. This one is supposed to give the impression of a tree covered in snow.

62. Get in the festive spirit this year with this Christmas tree advent calendar.


Now this is similar with the religious symbol Christmas tree advent calendar I put on earlier. Yet this one has more conventional symbols.

63. Got old socks with holes in them or missing partners? Make snowmen out of them.


Now each of these has their own winter gear to stand out. Not sure which one I like the best out of this bunch.

64. Of course, who knew that polar bears could climb trees?


Actually Polar bears don’t climb trees because they don’t live where there’s many of them. However, this is cute if you ask me.

65. Remember some ornaments don’t always have to be on the tree. You can even hang some from inside the window.


Now this looks pretty clever. However, I wouldn’t recommend this for cat owners. Or parents with little kids.

66. Think red and green is too boring? You can always do a wreath with baubles.


Now I think they used wire to keep the baubles in place. However, I think this might be a delicate process since baubles are easily breakable by design.

67. For Christmas candle holders, I suggest you go with a more rustic feel.


Now these holders come from logs as far as I know. And they’re in a tray with some fake berries and evergreen branches.

68. Grace your front door this Christmas with a large decorative poinsettia.


And the best part is, you don’t have to toss it after New Years. And yes, that sure looks so pretty.

69. Got candy canes? Make a wreath out of them.


Well, I’ve shown some candy cane stuff earlier. But this is just unbelievably intricate. Like the snowflake though.

70. When it comes to lights, my I suggest you go with some crocheted options?


Now they might not light up your tree. But they’ll look great nevertheless.

71. If you like horses, then you’ll love this decoration for your front door.


Now this is pretty cool. Like how the mane has long pine needles and a flower.

72. With a vinyl record and coffee can, you can make a snowman hat.


Yes, this is a snowman hat. No, this isn’t intended to be used on real snowmen. It’s just a decorative item.

73. When it comes to decorating the tree, you can’t go wrong with these mitten ornaments.


Now these are red with bows of holly and pine branches. Still, these are adorable.

74. Not sure whether a candy cane covered candle smells like peppermint.


Now this is a candle covered with candy canes as well as fastened with a bow and holly. Of course, you don’t want a fire hazard in this which is why the wick is further down.

75. Keep warm this holiday season with this Christmas holly afghan.


Now this is quite pretty. Love the holly design on this.

76. If you love angels, then this angel in lace is for you to cherish on your Christmas mantel.


Yes, it’s an angel all covered in lace. But it sure looks so pretty and goes well with the cloth.

77. A pine cone Christmas tree isn’t festive without bead ornaments.


Yes, this is another pine cone Christmas tree. However, this one is decorated in glitter and beads to create a better festive look.

78. For a more rustic home, these stick snowflakes will do quite nicely.


Now these snowflakes may not be white. But I’m sure they would if it was easier to paint them. Still pretty intricate.

79. Greet visitors this Christmas with a stocking on your door.


Yes, it’s quite festive and looks like it’s straight out of Dr. Seuss. Yet, if you don’t care for wreaths, go for it.

80. During Christmas, it’s “Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men” with this ornament.


Now this is made from felt. Nevertheless, I think it’s an ornament because it seems freely hanging. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a wreath.

81. When it comes to Christmas wreaths, the baubles can come in many colors.


Now this is a great wreath if you ask me. Love how they have a rainbow of colors with this. Sure would like to have that on my front door.

82. Greet winter this holiday season with this flower pot snowman.


Now this looks quite rustic if you ask me. Like how it has a flower pot coat and a flower pot hat. Also like the broom and scarf.

83. If you live in Hawaii, a hula skirt gingerbread man will sure go well on your Christmas tree.


So I guess it uses buttons as a coconut shell bra. And embroidery floss is used for the skirt. Still, pretty clever.

84. Experience the nativity like you never had before with this nativity cross.


Yes, this is a nativity cross of carved wood. But still, I think it’s pretty cool how they have the wise men and shepherds.

85. Nothing makes your Christmas brighter than a crystal rainbow angel.


Yes, this is a crystal rainbow angel ornament. And yes, it looks a bit weird. But I like it and I think you will, too.

86. Bring the spirit of Christmas into your home with this large candy cane star.


And yet, I have another candy cane decoration that you can hang from your door. Also contains peppermints and carries the smell.

87. Keep warm in December with your very own snowflake afghan.


Now the snowflakes are so pretty on this one. I also like the blue background, too.

88. Keep your guests’ cutlery in order with this Santa silverware pouch.


Now this is made from felt and only carries a spoon, fork, and knife. But nevertheless, it’s adorable.

89. Await the coming of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with this nativity scene advent calendar.


Got to love the nativity scenes on this. Now this looks very adorable and nice for kids to play with.

90. Enjoy the holiday season with these light bulb penguin Christmas tree ornaments.


Seems to come in 4 different colors. But each one is so cute when you see them. Love their little outfits.

91. Have the nativity at your disposal this Christmas with this nativity scene wood impression garland.


Now you can see that the Holy family is at the center. The livestock and shepherds are on the left. And the wise men and camels are on the right. Well, mostly.

92. Grace your table this Christmas with these snowmen candlesticks.


Now these are adorable. Still, it’s kind of ironic to have snowman candle holders for some reason. Maybe it’s because fire generates heat which makes snow melt.

93. Make spirits bright this holiday season with this Christmas tree glass block.


Well, a stained glass Christmas tree mosaic block. Still, I think it’s just so pretty and creative if you ask me.

94. Nothing captures the magic of Christmas like a crystal Christmas tree.


I know it’s made from wire and beads. But still, It looks so glimmering and beautiful in the sunlit snow. I like it.

95. Got some old jewelry? Make a Christmas tree out of it.


Yes, this is a Christmas tree decorated with jewelry. You might think it’s a bit askew but I think it’s quite shiny and brilliant.

96. Nothing says Christmas like a wooden peg people nativity scene.


Now since I had peg people Hunger Games and Star Wars, I had to go with this. Also like the simple stable design as well. Yes, this is cute.

97. Give your home a rustic feel during the holidays with this reindeer sled.


Now this is a beautiful sled. However, it’s just for decoration, not for actual sledding.

98. If you love the countryside, then you’ll like this rustic window wreath.


Think of it as a wreath but it has a wooden window pane as well as berries and pine cones all over it. Also like the bird.

99. Grace your Christmas table this year with these Pom Pom Branches in a vase.


Yes, these are branches covered in all sorts of different colored pom poms. Yes, it looks straight out of Dr. Seuss. Don’t ask me what it has to do with Christmas but I think it’s festive.

100. Stumped on outdoor Christmas decor this year? Then go with these Santas.


Yes, these are Santa faces painted on logs and come in 3 different sizes bound together. And yes, it’s adorable. Can also be used indoors, too.