The Wonderful World of Gingerbread Architecture


I’m not sure of how the tradition of gingerbread building got started, but for many years people have used it as a small scale building material for houses and other edifices. Of course, there has always been a gingerbread White House every year since the Carter administration but whether it gave rise to such craze is unknown. Still, since the tale of Hansel and Gretel, people probably have been using gingerbread to build houses and such, especially as a Christmas tradition. And there are even gingerbread house contests. Still, gingerbread houses in many ways are a fine line between decoration and food depending on the material composition. However, I can post pictures of many creative and beautiful gingerbread houses but since beauty is in the eye of the beholder I’m going to post gingerbread pieces that would never ever be seen in a saccharine Thomas Kinkade painting, especially houses that are either hideous or don’t tell a pleasant side of the holidays. So here are some of the not so cutesy sentimental gingerbread houses many of you might not have seen.

1. Gingerbread Crack House- a gingerbread house on the wrong side of the tracks.


The closest thing in gingerbread architecture that ever comes close to The Wire.

2.Zombie House- I don’t like the look of that place.


Sometimes in a zombie apocalypse, the zombies are the last thing to worry about, especially if the house is out to eat you.

3. Wrapper House- hard times have fallen many in Gingerbread Town.


The creator may not have intended for the wrappers to make the house look it’s from a poverty stricken neighborhood. But because he or she used wrappers, it kind of does.

4. Gingerbread Prison Yard- where our gingerbread men do hard time.


Where runaway gingerbread go when they’re caught at least by other gingerbread men.

5. Gingerbread Prison- even Gingerbread Town needs a place to put their shady characters.


Still, with candy cane fences and barred licorice windows, kind of looks too cute to be a jailhouse. Still, kind of dank.

6. Gingerbread Outhouse- because even gingerbread people at one time needed a place to do their business.


I’m not sure if I want to go in there after Shrek’s done with it.

7. CBGB- has seen better days.


It’s actually a renown music club in Manhattan and looks much nicer than its gingerbread version. But anyone looking at this who doesn’t live in New York City wouldn’t have guessed it.

8. These rednecks make the Grinch look like a boy scout.


Say what you want about the Grinch impersonating Santa Claus, breaking in other people’s houses to steal everything in sight. Yet, at least he’s never shot Rudolph and mounted his head or tie Santa to the top of his trailer.

9. This person really doesn’t like people.


Did I just see a foreclosure sign? Might explain a lot.

10. This is probably Lady Gaga’s dream house.


Wouldn’t be surprised if her house actually looked like that.

11. Even gingerbread houses can fall decrepit nowadays.


Sorry, but I don’t think anyone will buy a house in that shape especially an abandoned one in a bad neighborhood.

12. Guess the residents here aren’t having a good day.


“Come out with your hands up!” shouted the toy policemen.

13. Is that a dead body in the dumpster?


Yes, it is, but I wonder if Marcelli’s Waste Management had anything to do with it? Still, dumpsters aren’t great places to dump murder victims since it’s usually one of the first places police will look and then there’s the garbage men.

14. In the snowy cold, this gingerbread trailer may be the only shelter around.


Yet, even if the light inside means it’s inhabited, that doesn’t explain the boarded window.

15. Yes, even some gingerbread houses have hoarders.


Of course, this may just be the garage. You know how some houses are designed.

16. Of course, there always has to be a gingerbread McDonald’s as there’s one everywhere.


I’m not sure if a McDonald’s gingerbread house is a good idea with all its connotations.

17. This building is certainly not one I’d like to go in.


Seedy hangout, abandoned tourist trap, or whatever, I wouldn’t go in there. Seems pretty sleazy to me.

18. Well, even gingerbread people need a check cash and a liquor store.


Of course, you wouldn’t want either in a decent gingerbread neighborhood. Also, “loans” looks a lot like “coons.” Just saying.

19. Gingerbread Trailer Park- for the low income gingerbread folk.


Trailer: home of the stereotypical redneck. Of course, not good with tornadoes.

20. Yet sometimes housing is more elevated in some locations.


I’m not sure if there are homes like that in real life. Probably.

21. A gingerbread whorehouse? Now I’ve seen everything.


I guess the person behind this wanted to be noticed. Still, would’ve passed for an ordinary gingerbread house if it weren’t for the words, “Welcome to the Whore House” and the presence of gingerbread hookers.

22. Just an old abandoned house.


But it may be on fire but seems time has forgotten about it.

23. Didn’t know Santa and his wife lived in a trailer.


Either that or it’s just they tend to resemble the Clauses.

24. The gingerbread hood.


Always known a “Gentleman’s Club” is now a misnomer. Still, I think that guy owns both of them.

25. The witch’s lair where the windows have eyes.


I think the house is staring right at me.

26. Merry Christmas from the gingerbread Roosevelt Hotel.

kcrw party 011

For some reason I don’t see palm trees as anything relating to gingerbread or Christmas but maybe that’s just because I live in Pennsylvania.

27. The modern style gingerbread house.


For some reason, I’m sure if gingerbread and some styles of modern architecture mix well. Also, palm trees.

28. Don’t know if I’d want to go there.


Looks like a bad gingerbread neighborhood from what I see here. Also, are those dead bodies?

29. Of course, even gingerbread folk have their dens of sin.


Has to be one in every town, does there? God, almighty.

30. Is this a house, work building, or medical office?


Seriously, I don’t know what this building’s purpose is. Still, reminds me more of a medical or commercial facility than an actual residence.

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