Deck the Halls with These Christmas Craft Projects (Fourth Edition)


When it comes to decorating for Christmas, you can bet it includes such trappings like an ornamental tree, stockings, poinsettias, wreaths, and more. Though many homes might not include a cozy fireside. Since such yuletide décor can be a serious fire hazard. Nonetheless, walk into any store and you’ll find a wide assortment of Christmas decorations for your home. But there are plenty of people who’d rather make their own holiday trappings. Of course, craft stores are happy to oblige. Not to mention, children also make some of their Christmas decorations in their art class. Still, unlike the treats I just showed you that must be eaten before an expiration date, Christmas craft projects can be used year after year. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another treasury of Christmas crafts for the season. Enjoy.

  1. A place mat should always have a matching coaster.

This is a knitted place mat depicting a Christmas tree. Though the coaster has red bows on it.

2. Hark! The golden angel sing.


This one might’ve been made out of golden paper. Yet, she has golden hair while her golden wings contain stars.

3. May I interest you in a snowman tulle wreath?


This one has a green tulle wreath in between the head and bottom. Includes 3 baubles in the center.

4. Perhaps a small square wreath of wood will suit your fancy.


This one includes a house and stars. Perfect for any rustic holiday home.

5. A red lantern can hold plenty of shiny baubles.


You can even put lights inside. Though make sure they’re electric. Also like the snowflake and ribbon.

6. A glass snowman can shine in the dark.


Because the snowman has lights inside. But unlike a real snowman, it won’t melt in warm weather.

7. Serve your winter dishes on these knitted snowman mats.


They come as a couple with buttons and bows. So adorable.

8. Make your home a winter wonderland with this crocheted snowflake garland.


These are great for decorating the tree with. As long as it doesn’t get tangled in any limbs.

9. You should always include a Christmas ornament that includes pearls.


Of course, the pearls are fake. But if you have a broken pearl necklace you don’t know what to do with, this is for you.

10. A clay Santa will always brighten your holidays.


This clay Santa holds a candy cane while wearing a candy cane scarf. And yes, it’s adorable.

11. Don’t like wreaths? Hang a wooden Christmas tree.


This tree is painted with ornaments and includes a ribbon candy cane. Perfect for any front door.

12. Commemorate your Christmas with a flower pot snowman.


Though hte pots are different sizes. Includes a place to light a candle. So cute.

13. Care for an angel with golden hair?


This one has iridescent wings with feathers and a glittering gown. Love the halo.

14. Perhaps you might like a fancy bauble.


This one is encrusted with jewels and pearls. Wouldn’t mind having this on my Christmas tree.

15. A Christmas angel should always shimmer in a blue gown.


This one has matching bow wings. While she holds a rose in her hands.

16. Honor the birth of Jesus with this wooden nativity panel.


This one has the nativity painted with white. Great to put under the Christmas tree.

17. Grace your front door this winter with a snowflake wreath.


Not sure what these snowflakes are made of. But I have a feeling they’re quite delicate.

18. A jeweled Christmas tree should always include pink roses.


This one even has a jeweled frame. Also includes a dove near the middle. So pretty.

19. Behold the King with this wooden nativity scene.


You can even light a candle inside. As you can see with the star opening.

20. A beaded snowflake makes a fine addition to a Christmas tree.


Consists of blue and pearl beads in a snowflake design. Hope it shines bright on any Christmas tree.

21. This cork Christmas mouse has a present for you.


It has a little green scarf around its neck as well as wire appendages. So adorable.

22. Capture the spirit of the season with this peg nativity scene.


This one depicts the figures in felt robes. While the manger is a basket.

23. A cloth Christmas tree should be well decorated.


These have beads with folded red and green cloth. Though the one with pearl beads stands out much better.

24. A wooden panel of a tree will always do.


This one has snow falling as well. A great Christmas decoration for your holiday home.

25. Ever seen a Christmas tree made out of baubles?


This one has a lot of brightly colored ornaments piled together. Though I’d go with a different topper than a spire.

26. Perhaps a Christmas ornament can use some lace.


It’s basically a ball covered in red silk and lace. Includes pearl and red ribbon decoration.

27. Anyone would adore a snowflake with pearls.


This one has large pearls on its 6 points. Perfect for hanging on any Christmas tree.

28. Celebrate the holiday season with this yuletide box of jars.


These have berries, branches, and pinecones inside. If you want something more naturalistic, this is for you.

29. Greet your guests this Christmas with this quintessential shiny wreath.


This one has baubles and ribbons. If you want a festive Christmas, you’d love this wreath.

30. Get your cat ready for Christmas with its very own reindeer hat.


Well, it’s a crocheted hat for cats. Still, I don’t think Schnookums is impressed.

31. This wooden Santa panel is here to greet you.


He’s got berries and a jingle on his hat. Yet, his mustache is gray.

32. Nothing makes the winter holidays like a snowflake wreath like this.


Yes, this is another snowflake wreath. But this one has smaller snowflakes and is held by a dark red ribbon.

33. Nobody can resist these felt Christmas trees.


These even have button ornaments. Yet, always a yellow star on top. So cute.

34. Make it a holy night with these nativity scene finger puppets.


They’re all made out of felt, including the animals. Though I’m not sure if you wear the animals on your finger.

35. Keep your little ones’ feet warm this year with a pair of reindeer booties.


Both have red noses to indicate Rudolph. Nonetheless, these are adorable.

36. Hang up your Christmas stockings with this hook set.


Reads “All the stockings were hung…” which is straight out of that classic Christmas tale. Love the snowflakes though.

37. A stick Christmas tree is better than none.


Helps that it has a lot of shiny ornaments. If it didn’t, it would just be a bunch of sticks.

38. A cinnamon star ornament can smell just as nice.


Includes pinecones, holly berries, pine branches, flowers, and a jingle. Though I’m not sure if the cinnamon sticks are real.

39. To make spirits bright, may I suggest this pink Christmas tree?


This one is perfect for those who like vintage decorations. And I believe it’s mostly made from tissue paper.

40. Keep your little one’s head warm with this crocheted gingerbread beanie.


Includes button eyes. Yet, this one is made for a girl as you can see by the red bow on the top.

41. The wreath has to match the mittens.


Okay, they’re stuffed ornaments. Yet, while the mittens have pom poms, the wreath has a jingle.

42. Do you want to build a wine cork snowman?


Includes button eyes and smile and a felt carrot nose. Like the fleece hat, by the way.

43. Have a festive holiday season with this bauble Christmas wreath.


This one has baubles of various sizes and colors with gold decoration. Perfect for any front door during the Christmas season.

44. Brighten your holidays with a snowman bottle light.


The outside is painted with a snowman and winter scene. But there are plenty of lights inside.

45. Perhaps this crocheted Christmas wreath will suit your fancy.


Almost thought it was an ornament. Yet, you have to love the yarn wreath in the middle.

46. Love the Grinch? Well, you’ll adore this wooden panel.


However, I’m not sure if I want to see the new Grinch movie. Since I heard he’s not supposed to be like the Grinch I grew up with.

47. You can always have a colorful snowflake.


It’s a clay ornament. Yet, it’s a snowflake consisting of flowers and holly berries for your tree.

48. Care for a pom pom snowman?


Not sure how big this little guy is. But it’s nonetheless adorable and will melt your heart.

49. Since Christmas is no season for flowers, you might want a bouquet of baubles instead.


Unlike poinsettias, you won’t have to throw it out after the Christmas season is over. So you can use it year after year. Makes a great centerpiece.

50. You can keep plenty of candy inside these snowman flower pots.


One holds candy canes. The other holds peppermints. Yet, both are so cute.

51. Nobody could resist these flower pot snowmen.


Both have buttons and fuzzy scarves. Love their hats. So cute.

52. Would you like all your baby penguins in a box?


These are all felt penguins of all sizes and expressions. Yet, the fit in this little case as snug as bugs. And yes, they’re adorable.

53. Perhaps you might prefer birds on a tree slice.


Consists of painted branches and stone birds. So would you go with bundled up birds or owls?

54. Take a tissue from Santa or Frosty?


Both are crocheted Kleenex dispensers. Santa has a wreath. Frosty has a tree.

55. Any little girl would love these Christmas tutus.


These have little Santa belts and fuzz on top. And yes, they loo so cute for a Christmas party with family.

56. Greet your Christmas guests with this wooden tree hanging.


It’s a tree made out of a tree. How crazy is that?

57. Make your Christmas merry with these yuletide finger puppets.


They’re made out of felt. Consists of all your favorite Christmas icons. So adorable.

58. These snowman dowls will warm your winter holidays.


Though they seem to have funny expressions on their faces. Yet I love the scarves and décor around their necks.

59. A Christmas centerpiece should always brighten a room.


Includes a lot of star lights for some reason. Yet, you can put a candle on top. Lovely.

60. A gingerbread house in your tree is a delight.


This is an ornament of a clay gingerbread house. Includes candy canes holding up the roof.

61. Welcome your holiday guests with this rustic frame.


Seems like a flannel ribbon and the word, “JOY.” Includes berries, pinecones, and branches.

62. You’ll get a frosty reception with this holiday wreath.


The snowman wears a glittery blue hat with a matching striped scarf. Includes baubles and snowflakes.

63. Protect your hands in the kitchen with this poinsettia pot holders.


It’s crocheted in its full flower glory. Though I wouldn’t want to do anything to this one.

64. Greet the new born king with this egg carton nativity scene.


This just consists of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. Though the carton seems rather small.

65. Care to see a few Santa hat cones?


These have jewel encrusted belt buckles. And all sit upon a box full of shiny balls.

66. A fancy candy cane wreath will suit your holiday door.


Has a snowflake in the center. Yet, you’ll find plenty of white balls all around.

67. Might you be interested in some little sleds?


They’re all made out of popsicle sticks. While each have a branch and a couple jingles.

68. Impress your neighbors with this Christmas tree with poinsettias.


Sure it’s kind of artificial. But the poinsettias are quite shiny. Love the blue pot, too.

69. Sometimes 2 wreaths are better than one.


Includes berries and flowers along with gold leaves. Perfect for any holiday front door.

70. With this hanging, you’ll be saying “Ho, ho, ho.”


Each of them is stuffed as each “ho” is put in a variety of patterns. Love the bow at the top.

71. This crocheted gingerbread lady seems good enough to eat.


She even wears a dress and apron. Nonetheless, so cute.

72. Anyone want a knitted plush ornament like these?


Consists of Santa, elf, Rudolph, polar bear, and penguin. Just a bunch of cuteness in one place.

73. Nobody could resist this felt snowman with a cardinal.


It also carries a stash of evergreen branches. Yet, you can’t help but love it.

74. Perhaps you might want a dash of nature in your Christmas decorations.


Consists of a tree with berries and pinecones. not sure what those stick things are though.

75. Christmas is always festive with a peacock wreath.


Includes brown and blue baubles. But you have to adore the feathers on this one.

76. Prepare your Christmas feasts in this Santa apron.


Includes a red oven mitt and a Santa’s little helper apron for kids. While each apron has a belt in the middle.

77. These Christmas tree earrings are in the style of the season.


These are made out of green wire with jewel beads. So feel free to wear them with your ugly Christmas sweater.

78. Can I interest you in a button wreath?


Most of the buttons are pearly white. Though the green background is to be desired. Think a darker green one would be more fitting.

79. Always let it snow with these wooden snowmen.


Yes, it’s a whole family of snow people. And each is respectably bundled up.

80. Curl up on your couch this holiday season with these Christmas amigurumi.


Consists of Santa, Mrs. Claus, a reindeer, and Frosty the Snowman. And yes, they’re all adorable.

81. A felt angel should always have pearls.


This is an angel ornament. Yet you have to admire the purple top and wings. So pretty.

82. Of course, you should always cover your Christmas ornaments with jewels.


Includes chains of encrusted jewels and pearls. Love this.

83. We can all use a few falling snowflakes.


Well, it’s more of a hanging with snowflakes on them. But each is unique and beautiful in its own way.

84. Would you like a dove on a Christmas ornament?


Though it does have glitter in its wings. Like the jewel encrusted flowers though.

85. While some top their trees with stars, some top them with angels.


This one has feather wings. Yet, she has a rather lovely dress as she holds a star.

86. Want a couple of skates on your Christmas tree?


These are crocheted with paper clip blades. Love the bows though.

87. Decorate your Christmas tree with some funky stockings.


Indeed, they’re all quite small. But each is in a rather wide array of colors and stripe patterns.

88. All of these snowmen are in the same pot.


Think they might be made out of socks. Still, they’re so adorable they’ll melt your heart.

89. Dress for the season with these beaded Christmas tree earrings.


These are wire earrings with beads on them. While there’s a gold dangling bead on the bottom of each.

90. Some might have a sweet tooth for this gingerbread tree.


Don’t worry it’s crocheted. But it has an assortment of candy ornaments with a peppermint on top.

91. Keep yourself warm this holiday season with this crocheted winter hat.


It’s designed like a Santa hat. Except that it covers both ears.

92. Everyone would love to have this Mrs. Claus ornament on their Christmas tree.


She’s got a wooden head and a tulle dress. While she carries an ornament in her hand.

93. You can always please with a berry wreath.


Includes leaves and pinecones. Still, it’s perfect to have in your dining room if you prefer a rustic setting.

94. You might prefer presents on the stand.


These consist of boxes with ribbons on them. While the stands are also red.

95. A candy cane candle holder is perfect for any Christmas table.


Mostly consists of candy canes tied with a bow. Best for a tall candle like this red one.

96. Don your mailbox for this Christmas season.


Includes berries, pinecones, and evergreen branches. And it’s all topped with a red bow.

97. Countdown to Christmas with this Christmas tree advent calendar.


Each ornament comes goes into a little slot when it gets closer to Christmas. Or is it the other way around?

98. Put your Christmas presents in this Santa tote.


This one has a belt and fuzz fringe characteristic of Santa’s suit. Best when you play Santa Claus.

99. A flower pot Santa will always usher in the Christmas spirit.


This one has Santa carrying a sack and a star. Also like the tree behind him. So cute.

100. A peacock Christmas tree dress should always stun during the holiday season.


It lights up with blue and purple foliage. Love the peacock feathers on the top. So pretty.

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