Fall in Love with These Valentine’s Day Craft Projects (Third Edition)


When you go into a public place on Valentine’s Day, you’ll find plenty of red, white, and pink heart decorations. This is especially the case in elementary schools where you have children making their own valentine boxes and decorations in art class. Nevertheless, Valentine’s Day can be a holiday some people can go crazy for. Or a holiday people either dread or don’t particularly care about. Yet, any Valentine’s Day die-hard can find plenty of decorations, candy, and other things. But those with a creative streak might prefer to make their own. And you’ll find a lot of examples of such creations on Pinterest or Etsy. Of course, most of the craft projects you’ll see are meant for children. But there are plenty of V-Day crafts for adults. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another collection of Valentine’s Day craft projects for all to love.

  1. Keep your sweets in this candy dispenser.

Well, these have a larger ball on top than the ones I previously shown. But you can put plenty of chocolates in them.

2. Dress your table with this Valentine heart runner.

Contains 3 quilting squares with hearts and flowers. Great for any V-Day home.

3. Greet your guests with this pink rag wreath for Valentine’s Day.

Contains a metal heart in the center. Still, got to love the rags on this one.

4. You can always start a conversation with these hearts on your lawn.

Though to be fair, they can be quite annoying after awhile. But it’s nonetheless a creative set up.

5. May I enchant you with this heart of felt flowers?

Has a tulle bow at the front for additional charm. A wreath for anyone to love on V-Day.

6. Perhaps a wooden heart and arrow might suit you.

So if you’re not a wreath fan, you can always go with this. And if you’re into the whimsy, this is for you.

7. Grace your front door this V-Day with this decomesh heart wreath.

Decomesh on the outside and shiny on the inside. Comes with a polka dot ribbon, by the way.

8. Curl up with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day with this heart pillow.

I guess this is pink on the other side. But you don’t need to sew this one.

9. You can split this Hershey’s Kiss.

Though you can’t eat this one. Mostly because it’s made out of wood. But it’s quite adorable.

10. You can make a wreath with plenty of small berry branches.

Well, this has longer branches than the previous wreath like this I showed. But it’s quite beautiful with a white bow.

11. Anyone would adore a lacy heart doily.

You can put almost anything on this. Except anything that could damage it. Still, it’s quite lovely.

12. You can’t go wrong greeting your valentine with this Cupid wreath.

Well, Cupid here has a heart and is made out of wood. Also, wreath is decorated with fine red ribbons.

13. You can always start a conversation with these hearts.

These are made out of felt with embroidered inscriptions. Great for coasters.

14. Keep yourself warm this V-Day with this quilt of hearts.

These hearts seem like real patchworks. And each one is unique in its own way.

15. Got red ornaments? Make a red heart out of them.

You can see that one of the ornaments was used for a Christmas tree. But some of these are in silver.

16. You’ll find a heart inside this V-Day wreath.

You’ll also find plenty of flowers on it. Great for greeting visitors at your front door.

17. You can always spell out love in blocks.

Each of these blocks is in a different pattern. But “love” is spelled in red letter and a heart.

18. You’ll find that this heart wreath is all ribbons.

Uses ribbons of red, white, and pink. And they take all kindes of patterns.

19. Grace your V-Day table with this berry candle display.

Well, it’s a berry wreath and candle on a doily and red cloth. Great for that romantic candlelight dinner.

20. Sometimes a simple red wreath will do.

Contains flowers and hanging hearts. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know this is a V-Day wreath.

21. Doesn’t hurt to express love with blocks.

Sayings are “love,” “kiss,” and “be mine.” And they’re all painted in red, pink, and white.

22. This V-Day doll comes with her own pocket.

She seems rather cozy in her felt heart pocket. Like she’s in a sleeping bag.

23. You can always hang these hearts on your front door.

This just consists of a V-Day ribbon in a bow along with a few hearts. And yes, it gives a lovely impression.

24. With these candle wraps, you can make any V-Day candle look sweet.

These consist of string wrapped around a candle with a red heart. Great for any romantic evening. Though I’m not sure if you should light these.

25. You can express your love in unique ways with this pallet.

the letters are all in wood pieces. And you’ll find the heart in parts as well.

26. Express your love on Valentine’s Day with this floral heart wreath.

Contains many types of flowers that are white, red, and pink. The twigs on this are also amazing.

27.  It’s easy to please with this pink heart bouquet.

Well, they’re mostly pink roses. But it makes a wonderful centerpiece for a V-Day table.

28. You’ll find all kinds of hearts on this mobile.

And they’re in all kinds of colors and patterns. Keep out of reach of small children and animals.

29. For the sporty types, check out these lovely baseballs.

Yes, these are V-Day baseballs. And each one has a red heart. Perfect for some boys.

30. This flaming heart table is burning for love.

This is made out of wood with fire coming from the surface. The heart makes up the base.

31. There are a couple hearts in this golden frame.

Since two hearts always beat as one. Still, the frame is quite fancy with a red bow.

32. If you don’t like a wreath, how about this heart decoration?

Contains hearts and ribbons. Lovely for any door on V-Day.

33. A bouquet like this can warm anyone’s heart.

Since it depicts a flower arrangement in a heart shape. And in mostly pink flowers, too.

34. Nothing says Valentine’s like the message on this red pallet.

It has “Love” etched in white letters. The heart replaces “o” of course.

35. For a more naturalistic display, try a red pinecone wreath.

Well, red pinecones certainly have a rather stunning effect. Wonderful in any rustic place.

36. You’ll find a lot of hearts all over this grapevine wreath.

They’re all shapes and sizes in white, red, and pink. And it’s touched with a red gingham bow.

37. This festive V-Day centerpiece will warm your heart.

It’s mostly ribbons and decomesh on the bottom. Yet, you see plenty of hearts and berries sticking out.

38. Your valentine might fall for this V-Day bottle lamp.

This one is decorated with hearts and says, “be my love.” Isn’t that sweet?

39. A heart wreath like this can bring out anyone’s wild side.

Now I’m not a big fan of animal prints which I see as tacky. But this is quite unique.

40. You’ll feel warm and fuzzy with this pom pom wreath.

Well, this consists of cyan and blue pom poms besides red. But as long as it’s a heart, it goes on the post.

41. Cuddle up on a couch with your loved one with this hugs and kisses pillow.

Well, they’re marked with “xoxo” which nobody uses anymore. And in red against a pink pattern, too.

42. Put your valentines on this “forget me not” board.

You can even use heart shaped push pins. But it’s nonetheless amazing for any wall.

43. A decomesh V-Day candle holder is perfect for any V-Day table.

Decorated with red hearts, flowers, and bows. Make sure the candle holder is glass.

44. Perhaps this V-Day tree may suit your fancy.

Apparently, trees aren’t just for Christmas. Contains hearts and baubles among pink foliage.

45. You’ll find a few hearts in this burlap sack.

Contains 3 hearts against a plank of wood. Brings in a certain rustic charm so to speak.

46. Care for a crocheted rose?

Well, a crocheted rose with a silk and wire stem and leaves. Not sure if I want to tango with this.

47. A V-Day centerpiece vase can be as elaborate as you want it to be.

This bouquet is on a tiered serving tree. And it’s decorated with heart ornaments. So pretty.

48. How about a V-Day bouquet with gum balls?

Well, the gum balls are inside the vase. And the flowers are touched with red hearts. Perfect V-Day centerpiece.

49. Snuggle with your sweetheart with this striped heart pillow.

Though the heart doesn’t exactly seem symmetrical, it hardly matters. Still, the stripes go well.

50. Welcome your V-Day guests with this yarn heart wreath.

Decorated with red, pink, and white flowers. Perfect for any front door on Valentine’s Day. Love it.

51. Got an urn? Put some angels on it.

This one has the word “love” in gold as well as flowers. Kind of morbid but charming.

52. A Valentine’s Day tree should have two hearts on the top.

So you don’t necessarily need to put away your Christmas tree. Just make it into a V-Day tree.

53. Speaking of trees, check this one of pink roses.

Sure they’re made from tissue paper. And it’s tied with a bow for a more decorative touch.

54. You can find a lot of hearts within this picture frame.

The fancy frame is painted white. There are 20 shiny hearts crammed inside. Pretty.

55. Try to stick pins into this heart.

It’s a felt heart pin cushion, obviously. And you can stick as many pins as you want in it.

56. You’ll start a conversation with this wreath.

Well, at least this puts those candy hearts to good use. Since they usually taste like sugar and chalk.

57. Keep warm this V-Day with this big-hearted quilt.

You can see it’s made out of all kind of red, white, and pink cloth strips. And yes, the heart looks quite amazing.

58. Perhaps a lovely close pin wreath is just as sweet.

Well, this seems like a doable project. Just make sure you find a place that sells red, white, and pink clothespins.

59. Maybe you’d prefer two heart wreaths beating as one.

Both of these have matching bows and flowers. Yet, one is smaller than the other.

60. Perhaps you might prefer a heart on a stick.

Each one is in a different color and pattern. But they’re all held up by skewers.

61. Grace your Valentine’s Day table with this tulip and jelly bean bouquet.

Though tulips don’t bloom until the spring. Then again, roses don’t bloom until summer.

62. A Cupid basket makes a magnificent Valentine’s Day centerpiece.

Cupid is in a shiny gold paint. There are also plenty of beads and cards for a vintage feel.

63. You’ll find love on these coat hooks.

Consists of “love” in big red letters. And they’re all strapped on burlap over a set of hooks.

64. How about a bouquet with marshmallow and candy hearts?

Because you can’t eat either of them. One is inedible sugar covered marshmallow. The other is a chalk heart.

65. Show your love this V-Day with this wreath of pink silk.

Well, it’s certainly in the Valentine’s Day spirit. And it’s quite shiny for all to behold.

66. Anyone would fall in love with these two sweethearts.

Sweethearts, get it? And yes, the blue one is supposed to be a guy with his bow tie.

67. Perhaps a heart centerpiece of flowers may suit you.

This one has bouquets of flowers around some candles. Bet this display looks amazing when lit.

68. On a cold night, you don’t want to do without this Valentine’s Day quilt.

Well, this one is said to have a vintage inspiration. Nevertheless, it’s quite a magnificent sight.

69. Anyone would want to hang this crocheted wreath on their front door.

Yes, all the flowers are crocheted on this. And they come in all kinds. Lovely.

70. How about a V-Day tree on your kitchen counter?

Too bad I can’t do this to my sister’s Christmas tree. Nevertheless, it’s decked with streamers and baubles.

71. This bejeweled crocheted bunny will melt your heart.

Has a bejeweled heart on its head and back. Nonetheless, you’d fall in love with this adorable amigurumi.

72. Cuddle up with this plush Cupid.

Yes, he’s naked. And I’m sure he’s made with no junk. Since he’s meant for children.

73. Perhaps you might prefer these fancy hearts.

Most of these hearts are red. But many have rather interesting patterns.

74. You’ll find red hearts all around this wreath.

It’s a grapevine wreath with hearts of all sizes. And they’re quite sparkly, too.

75. Light up the night with these heart lights.

Seems like all of these are made of paper and wire. Still, these look amazing.

76. Any little girl would love this crocheted V-Day doll.

She’s wearing red and has a heart balloon. Even the string is in the shape of a heart.

77. Anyone would find this plush cup of chocolate hot.

Includes a cookie and marshmallows. And yes, they’re all smiling and adorable.

78. These felt hearts will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Each heart is in a different configuration. On the bottom you’ll find a jingle. What it’s for, I don’t know.

79. A red tulle heart wreath will certainly shimmer.

Is hung with a red ribbon. Has jewels all over the tulle. Lovely.

80. Get a load of pink on this tree.

Yes, you have a lot of pink streamers on this tree along with lights. And yes, it’s absolutely stunning.

81. A red wreath can always do with some ribbons.

This one has a burlap and polka dot ribbon around it. Includes a couple of hearts.

82. There’s so much to love with these two koalas.

Here we have them holding a heart on top of hearts and under an arch. Awwww.

83. Seems like an arrow has struck through this wreath.

Well, a golden arrow on top of the wreath, anyway. By the way, wreath is decked with felt roses.

84. Nobody can resist these two love bugs.

Here they are enjoying a cup of coffee. The guy is blue. The girl is pink with a heart on her torso. Cute.

85. There’s nothing more to love on Valentine’s Day like these cushions.

These come in all shapes and sizes in red and white. And they’re all arranged in a heart.

86. Put valentine’s into this crocheted box.

You can guess this is for a child. But it’s mostly a cover for a cardboard box.

87. You’ll find plenty of flowers on this yarn V-Day wreath.

Flowers are gray, red, and pink. Lovely to put on any front door. So pretty.

88. What would Valentine’s Day be without this Hershey’s kiss?

This has the “xoxo” on the paper. Still, you’d want to give this little guy a kiss any day.

89. Protect your hands in the kitchen with these V-Day potholders.

Each of these has a red heart in the center. Though I’m not sure if I’d want to put burn marks on these.

90. Let your little one pass the time with Cupid’s tic-tac-toe.

It’s a crocheted game with circles and hearts instead of x’s and o’s. Squares are in two shades of pink.

91. Curl up on a cold winter night with this Valentine’s Day quilt.

This one has 4 red hearts directed at the center. And the border is all flowers.

92. Care for a feather on a V-Day wreath?

This is a pink yarn wreath with a feather and the word “love” on it. Got to admire this creation.

93. You can’t go wrong on Valentine’s Day with these heart doilies.

Each one of these is in a different color. But together, they make a grand design.

94. Perhaps a Valentine’s Day tree quilt may suit your fancy.

This is a pink quilt with a patchwork and heart border. Still, the tree is incredibly magnificent to see.

95. Nothing makes Valentine’s Day like these crocheted hearts.

Each one of these comes in a different color. But you can put them all in a circle.

96. Make your home shine with this wooden hanging of hearts.

The hearts are made from wood. And they’re all topped with red and polka dot bows.

97. Share the love in your home with this floral Valentine’s Day heart wreath.

It’s decked with red and white flowers and foliage. The red ribbons add an extra touch.

98. You’d want to snuggle with this Valentine’s Day panda.

Comes with a heart on a stick and on its chest. At any rate, this will melt your heart with its big beady eyes.

99. All these red bears want is your love.

This is crocheted as these bears hold felt hearts. Love the bows on their ears.

100. Spend this Valentine’s Day snuggling with this monkey.

Here is a crocheted monkey hugging a felt heart. And yes, it’s incredibly adorable. So sweet.