The Mysterious World of Crop Circles


For years, there has been wide speculation pertaining to some supposedly unexplained phenomenon called crop circles. These are created by flattening a crop in some sort of pattern, usually a cereal grain like wheat, barley, corn, oats, and rice. The earliest records of crop circles have appeared in the 1600s but there’s been a huge surge of such sightings since the 1970s. Though many attribute the formation of crop circles as originating from obscure natural cause and extra terrestrials, it’s not as mysterious as most people think. Because they’re usually considered hoaxes. We know this because there were people who admitted to making such designs. Some of them are pranksters who aim to fool conspiracy theorists and devotees of Ancient Aliens. Some are people who like to express themselves through landscaping as a hobby. Some are working for advertisers. And some do it for whatever. But whatever the reason, this doesn’t mean we can’t have a lot of fun with them. So for your reading pleasure, here I give you an insight into the mysterious world of crop circles.

  1. This one seems to make you go around in circles.

Guess some landscaping inspiring farmer’s kid had too much time on their hands. But yes, there are crop circles like this.

2. Guess the extra-terrestrials left their calling card.


Just kidding about that one. Nevertheless, it does seem like you’d find this as some sort of logo from Star Trek. Or on some corporation.

3. Wonder what these sea creatures are.


Well, assuming they are sea creatures. They could be aliens for all I care. Guess it’s up to what the artist originally intended.

4. Hard to believe that some insects have squared wings.


Didn’t know the wings could be braided either. Still, rather inventive if you ask me.

5. Sometime the field just has to match the barn.


Yes, this one kind of reminds me of a barn design for some reason. But I don’t know why.

6. Hmmm…now that’s a rather strange looking flower.


Not a lot of crop circles have color in them, other than green. But this one is a resounding exception. Nevertheless, it’s lovely.

7. I’m sure anyone would be familiar with what this corn maze is celebrating.


Sure it’s a corn maze but it counts as field art. So it’s on the post. Besides, it’s also a tribute to NASA.

8. Doesn’t hurt to have a crescent in the center of the crop circle.


Yes, I know that plenty of these are in geometric designs. That’s because they’re probably the easiest to do and take the least amount of time.

9. Let’s build a palace on the field.


Well, I know it’s flat but it sure looks pretty. Kind of reminds me of something from a fairy tale for some reason.

10. Seems like a sun always has to be in the center.


Sometimes you have to wonder how these were made. This is especially so when you consider some of the fine details like on this one.

11. A design like this is bound to make you see stars.


This one has two 5 pointed ones with one inside another. But you can’t deny its star power in any case.

12. Guess a crop circle like this might lead to a tunnel of some sort.


Guess 3D illusion art works well in the field medium, too. Nevertheless, aerial photography still has to capture the effect.

13. Sometimes jagged lines can give an extra added effect.


Kind of reminds me of a shield you’d see from Ancient Greece. Of course, such shields are much smaller than this image.

14. You may never know what you might find in an open field.


Now this seems like something you might find in a painting. But I guess it took a lot longer to create. Hope it makes the farmer happy.

15. Did you ever wonder how many circles could fit into a 6 pointed star?


Apparently, quite a lot as far as this design is concerned. Then again, it might depend on the size of the circles.

16. When you need something extra, it helps to add an eye in the center.


Of course, this one is bound to drive conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts wild. I’m sure they’ll have all kinds of explanations for this one.

17. What kind of message is this supposed to be?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thin it’s a column of numbers with dashes. To me, it reads “32-953.” Well, according to my interpretation.

18. Looks like these crop circles are all connected.


And I guess some of these circles are partially filled as far as I could see. Still, pretty neat design if you ask me.

19. Some do crop circles. Others do squiggly lines in the fields.


Yeah, I know that not ever picture I show is necessarily a “crop circle.” Sometimes I’m just trying to show what kind of art stuff people do in the fields.

20. Speaking of squiggly lines, this one seems to take the cake.


Again, I’m not sure how people do these things since they seem to take an awful long time. And you’ll just have to take my word for it.

21. Inside a crop circle, you can put as many circles and other shapes as you like.


This one has several circles and pentagons. Yet, only one star in the center. Seems appropriate enough.

22. At times, crop circles can give some resemblance to a fancy rattle.


Well, seems like whoever made this wanted the 2 circles connected. Not sure how long it took, though.

23. From a field a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


Yes, this is a Star Wars corn maze that any fan might want to see. Sure it’s no crop circle. But I couldn’t pass this one up for obvious reasons.

24. Funny, how this one reminds me of a snowflake.


Guess making crop circles is a group effort. Might explain a lot since it’s said that it doesn’t take long for them to appear. This according to Wikipedia.

25. How about a corn maze to really bring in the magic?


This one is a tribute to Harry Potter. But with two Harry Potters for twice the magic. Don’t think the photo got the whole thing though.

26. Sorry, but I have no idea what can produce a giant footprint like that.


Now that’s a huge footprint. Not sure if it was made by the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk or the Jolly Green Giant.

27. Guess people might suspect the Illuminati nearby if they see this.


By the way, this is in a field in Highclere, the place where Highclere Castle is located. You know, the one that serves as Downton Abbey. Not sure what the Crawleys will think about this.

28. As far as lines go, this one has a little bit of everything.


Seems like this has only a circle and a bunch of line designs for the fun of it. Like the swirl on this one though.

29. Apparently, Klingon warriors take well to the Earth’s countryside.


That, or whoever created this is very into Star Trek. Because that really resembles a Klingon logo.

30. Of course, some fields can always go Mesoamerican.


This is said to be an Aztec eagle design. But I highly doubt it. Because to me, it seems to resemble an eagle from the Nazca lines.

31. As far as I know, the designs on this circle are squared.


Guess this was either a group effort or someone having too much time on their hands. Perhaps we’ll never know for sure.

32. Seems like the aliens have sent us a message we could understand.


And it somehow doesn’t seem like much by the looks of it. Okay, I was just kidding about that one.

33. Don’t look now, but I think there’s a giant bug on the loose.


Or so it looks like it. Then again, it can be an abstract design for all I care. Sometimes you don’t know what these crop circles are supposed to be.

34. Seems like this was made entirely from circles.


Let me see, it appears that they did the design first. Then filled all the spaces they wanted to fill. Or so it seems.

35. Now that is one crazy looking mushroom.


Never seen a shroom like that before. Then again, it might resemble one that’s close up. Or not.

36. For crop circles, some can range from dark and light.


Man, that really stands out in the field. That, or the plane was very close to it while taking a picture.

37. How about try a figure eight?


Yes, that’s a figure 8 all right. Wonder how long it took to make that. Love the design with the circles.

38. Guess some guy finally got the nerve to pop the question.


Let’s hope Laura says yes to this guy. Otherwise, all that time and energy to make this crop circle would be wasted.

39. “It’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A! It’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A!”


To be fair, this is an organization that has a youth athletics facility. Nevertheless, when I hear about the YMCA, I think about that song. Almost every time.

40. Perhaps a line of crop circles is more like it.


Okay, one of them is a heart. And another is an eye. But you get the idea as I described.

41. Sometimes fields are great for 3 dimensional shapes.


This one appears to be of an 8 point star made from triangles entangled with each other. Well, as far as I see it.

42. You can always do a good eagle on the field with a circle.


Okay, I know it’s supposed to resemble an eagle. But to me it seems like it has ears and a beak that’s askew. Wonder if this image is used for a band.

43. Before you make a crop design, make sure it’s on the field that’s all one color.


Because apparently, while this design is of a nice looking flower, it doesn’t look right when it’s partly green and partly golden brown. Not sure how that came to be.

44. Not sure what conspiracy theorists might think about this design.


This one seems quite intricate if you ask me. Probably stands for nothing of significance, but you never know.

45. Seems like the palace I showed earlier had something else above it.


And it has a lot color, too as it appears to be. Then again, it might be photoshopped in. Not that it makes a difference.

46. Sometimes there’s no limit to going around in circles.


Now this is a lovely crop circle design. Love the flower in the center. Not sure how long it took to make that.

47. Guess the aliens were for Obama the whole time.


Okay, I was just kidding. But still, this is a crop image of an iconic picture so it goes on this post.

48. Some designs seem to float on a field like jellyfish in the ocean.


Hey, this one looks like a jellyfish, which looks pretty cool. Yes, crop circles can be quite amazing, indeed.

49. Looks like a caterpillar came out of a worm hole.

Alien Wormhole Crop Circle  at Boreham Woods, near Lockeridge, Wiltshire  5th July 2012

Hate to say this but this little caterpillar kind of looks a bit mean. Still, I think this one is pretty clever.

50. So I guess aliens are among us after all.


Okay, I’m sure it’s a prank because most of these crop circles are hoaxes. But this is pretty good.

51. Of course, crop circles don’t just make worms or caterpillars.


I may not like ants. But I think this is pretty creative if you ask me.

52. Seems like there’s a large dragonfly on the field.


Seems like this dragonfly has a lot of crop circles. Yet, it has 2 pairs of green wings.

53. When it comes to crop circles, you can’t go wrong with Yin Yang signs.


For some reason, you see a lot of Yin Yang signs on these crop circles. It’s a Chinese symbol. Yet, that doesn’t stop UFO enthusiasts from thinking these things were created by aliens.

54. If you’ve got a friend in Jesus, check out this crop circle cross.


Yes, this is a braided Christian crop circle cross. And it’s amazing. Yet, that doesn’t stop people from thinking that they’re made by the devil. Newsflash: they’re not.

55. If you’re into Ancient Egyptian lore, this scarab crop circle might suit your fancy.


Now I’m sure if the Egyptians had surplus crops, they’d do something like this. Then again, probably not. But this is cool.

56. Those into the cryptid scene, might enjoy this crop image of Mothman.


Wonder what the conspiracy theorists might be thinking about this. Of course, the movie about the mothman prophecies is pretty stupid. And I’ve seen it.

57. “West Virginia, mountain mama, take me home, country roads…”


Yes, I know it’s a corn maze of West Virginia, a state I tend to make fun of at times. But there are times you have to take what you can get.

58. If you like NASA, you can’t do better with a Mars Rover.


Yes, this is another NASA corn maze. But it’s one of the Mars Rover. And who doesn’t like the Mars Rover?

59. Sometimes when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Crop circle skytracker_1404958736170_6744320_ver1.0_640_480

Of course, sometimes you might need to go at the most inconvenient time. Like when you’re waiting for your ride and there’s no bathroom in sight.

60. Okay, seems like the aliens are just screwing with us.

crop circle

Yes, they have crop circles like these. Just so to let you know, I have one of these on this post.

61. Not sure if it’s right to have a cow in the fields.


This one’s from Germany, believe it or not. Still, I think it’s quite charming.

62. Looks like someone’s playing a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

crop circles_4b05c7a31552e_hires

And it seems someone got 3 in a row in 3 x’s. The o’s never seemed to have a chance.

63. How about a nice, big tree?


Hey, that’s not half-bad. In fact, that’s better than what I could even draw on paper, let alone do a crop circle of it.

64. Sometimes a sun needs a few surroundings.


Man, you have to wonder how they managed to do this design. Still, it’s very lovely from a view like this.

65. Looks as if a flock of birds just flew in.


Birds tend to have a significant presence in crop circles as well. Nevertheless, these seem like they’re flying straight toward you.

66. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”


Yes, this is another NASA corn maze. But it’s one that pays tribute to the moon landing, which was a proud moment for mankind. Goes on post.

67. On that note, say hello to the International Space Station.


I know it’s my 4th NASA corn maze. But this is the International Space Station we’re talking about. And it wasn’t just built by NASA either.

68. Sometimes it helps if you put all the crop circles in a spiral.


Now this looks like a rather stunning display. Wonder how long it took to pull this off.

69. As far as birds go, a hummingbird is as good as any.


Okay. I’m sure this is in the style of Nazca line art by the looks of it. Yet, it’s still pretty awesome.

70. When it comes to putting a face on the moon, it helps to put a spiral along with it.


This looks pretty charming. Of course, the moon and the spiral are encased in a crop circle sun.

71. Occasionally, there may be times you need to use a lighter shade.


And this one is meant to have a shadow effect of some sorts. Nevertheless, I think it’s pretty cool.

72. It appears to me that this alien is on something at the moment.


Apparently, when an alien gets high, circles seem to appear from around it. Nevertheless, this is pretty clever.

73. Looks like this guy might want to watch where he sits.


Yeah, you don’t want to sit where there’s an explosive. It won’t end well, I guarantee it.

74. Seems like a few aliens might have a few things to say about Earth.


Well, the message is indecipherable since it was probably written by some prankster with too much time on their hands. Yet, this is a very intricate design.

75. Okay, an alien just had to be here.


However, keep in mind that when you see this sign, you might come home to your whole hometown leveled. Believe me, I’ve seen Man of Steel.

76. Now this seems like a weird looking shape.


Well, this is a 4 point star. And a rather funky looking one at that. Notice its squiggly points.

77. Seems like Olympic fever spans out of this world.


I think this one was made for the 2012 Olympics when London hosted. By the way, a lot of these are done in Britain, just so you know.

78. Of course, it’s not just people on earth who like Hello Kitty.


Yeah, you get images like that with crop circles. I’m sure aliens would certainly be aware of Hello Kitty. Probably not.

79. I guess there are female silhouette figures out there.


Well, at least one with boobs. Anyway, this one is supposed to be a goddess figure, which kind of makes sense.

80. Seems like this one has an owl coming out of it.


Well, it has an owl face at any rate. Nevertheless, I think it’s nice to look at from a bird’s eye view.

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  1. Pretty cool crop circles. I wonder how much they cost- with the crops that get flattened and probably can’t be used.

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