The Hunger Games: The Musical – “Don’t Cry For Me, District 13”


Note: This post contains major spoilers. So if you haven’t read the books or saw the movies up to Mockingjay Part 2, best not see this. It might ruin it for you.


As president of District 13, Alma Coin was the defacto leader of the rebellion who set herself to unite the other districts against a common enemy. Then again, she was probably the one who assumed leadership of the rebellion once Katniss accidentally sparked one. And it had more to do with the fact she was the leader of a district that the Capitol pretty much left alone due to a mutually assured destruction pact. Nevertheless, throughout the years, Coin has been there for District 13 thick and thin. Yet, as Alma means soul and a coin has two sides, she’s always had a rather two sided nature. At first she might be the kind of strong competent leader who’d bring Panem to an era of peace and prosperity. But as you get to know her, she’s a power hungry woman who’s willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants like bombing children and framing it on Snow. Since Prim was killed in the bombings, Katniss is utterly devastated and heartbroken.


As for a song on Coin relishing in her moment of triumph, I decided to go with “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina,” from Evita. It’s the part in the musical when Eva Peron is bearing farewell to the people of Argentina as the country’s first lady. Nevertheless, the musical portrays her in a very negative light akin to one would be if a musical on Barack Obama was based on his Conservapedia page. For the Hunger Games version, I have Coin give her speech on the balcony saying farewell to the people of District 13 as she assumes the interim presidency of Panem. But little does she know….


“Don’t Cry For Me, District 13”

Sung by President Alma Coin


It won’t be easy

You’ll think it strange

When I try to explain how I feel

That I still need your love

After all that I’ve done

You won’t believe me

All you will see

Is a girl you once knew

Although she’s at the luxurious Capitol

Instead in the old bunker with you


I’ve taken the burden

And honor

Of declaring myself as Panem’s president

As we’ve won a great victory

But at a great cost of our lives

It won’t be easy

Creating a future that’s right at our door

Rebuilding all we have lost

So we can live life anew


Don’t cry for me District 13

The truth is I never left you

All through my wild days

My mad existence

I kept my promise

Don’t keep your distance


I bid you welcome to a new Panem

On the Avenue of Tributes

We’re all gathered to witness

A great moment of justice

Today, our Katniss

Our friend of the revolution

Will fire the shot

To end all wars and tyranny

And usher a new era in bloom


Don’t cry for me District 13


Don’t cry for me District 13

The truth is I never left you

All through my wild days

My mad existence

I kept my promise

Don’t keep your distance



There’s nothing more I can think of to say to you

But all you have to do

As your heart is so pure

So shall your aim be true

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