The Hunger Games: The Musical – “The Hob”


In District 12, there’s a place called the Hob which is an old warehouse that serves as a black market. Since hunting is illegal in Panem with stiff penalties, Katniss often sells her game there. Yet, since District 12 is the poorest in Panem with most people struggling to get by or desperately starving, the Peacekeepers are relatively lenient than elsewhere as well as turn a blind eye on poaching and black market trading. Possibly because practically everyone in town does some sort of business at the Hob, including the Peacekeepers. Such arrangement helps Katniss tremendously, since the Peacekeepers are mostly corrupt with their head Cray usually requesting certain favors of a sexual nature. Let’s just say if Katniss didn’t learn to hunt, she would’ve lost her virginity much sooner. Items sold there are poached game, alcohol, and other banned items. Plus, it’s open at times other places won’t be like on Reaping Day or late ate night. Of course, the Capitol can always get new Peacekeepers to torch the place.


For a good song on the Hob, I went with “The Temple” from Jesus Christ Superstar. The original version of this song depicts Jesus chasing out the money lenders and vendors as well as overturning tables in the Temple of Jerusalem. Because you know, these guys turned a house of prayer into a den of thieves which makes Jesus super pissed. In the Hunger Games version, I have it set in Catching Fire in which Gale Hawthorne goes to the Head Peacekeeper’s cabin with a turkey. Unfortunately for him, he finds out the corrupt lecher Cray has been replaced by the hardliner Thread who soon has the Hob torched as well as Gale tied mercilessly whipped on a post that he has to be rescued and treated. I also have the people of District 12 turn to Katniss for help, in which she wants none of that.


“The Hob”



Roll on up District 12

Come on in District 12

Sunday hang out at the Hob

Live in me District 12

Here you live District 12

Here you breathe District 12

While our dear Hob still survives

You at least are still alive

I got things you won’t believe

Name your pleasure I will sell

I can fix your wildest needs

I got heaven and I got hell

Roll on up, for my price is down

Come on in for the best in town

Take your pick of the finest wine

Lay your bets on this bird of mine

What you see is what you get

No one’s been disappointed yet

Don’t be scared give me a try

There is nothing you can’t buy

Name your price, I got everything

Hurry it’s going fast

Borrow cash on the finest terms

Hurry now while stocks still last


Romulus Thread:

Hello, I’m your new chief Romulus Thread

And you’ve made this place a den of thieves

Get out! Get out!

These crooks are almost through

Little left to do

Now let’s go and burn this shithole

Whip the guy trying to sell turkey



What the fuck have they done to Cray?

How the hell could the torch the Hob?

There’s not much dough in mining coal

Now I think I might have to rob

Can’t they leave us in District 12

Why the hell is the Hob aflame?

Now everything has gone to hell

See my purse I’m a poor poor man

Can you help us and save us Kat

Can’t you tell them where it’s at

Please help us and clear us Kat

Won’t you kiss won’t you pay me Kat



There’s too many of you – don’t push me

There’s too little of me – don’t crowd me

Help yourselves!

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