The Hunger Games: The Musical – “Damned for All Time”


For a long time in Panem, it was supposed that victors of the Hunger Games would never have to go back into the arena again. Katniss thought the same even though the idea of mentoring tributes for the rest of your life isn’t great either. And then there’s the Quarter Quell which takes place every 25 years which is a special  Hunger Games featuring a unique twist to the rules. These were said to be supposedly prescribed at the end of the Dark Days to serve as a reminder of some aspect of the first rebellion. One Quell could have tributes chosen by popular vote from the districts. Another could have twice as many tributes reaped from each district as usual (which was the year Haymitch won his Games, by the way). But who the hell knows what inspires the rule changes anyway? The Capitol could’ve just made such stuff up. Nevertheless, unfortunately for Katniss, the third Quarter Quell rule just happened to state that the tributes of each district that year would be selected among the 59 surviving victors. And Katniss just happened to be the only female victor from District 12, which means she’ll have to go back automatically. You know what that means.


For the song expressing Katniss’s reaction to the news, I decided to go with “Damned for All Time/Blood Money” from Jesus Christ Superstar. The original version depicts Judas Iscariot going to the chief priests and making a deal that he’d rat Jesus out for 30 pieces of silver. For the Hunger Games version, I decided to go with Katniss running to Haymitch’s place after hearing the news of the Quarter Quell rule change as well as the two along with Peeta trying to decide what to do about it. Now I know a scene like this isn’t 100% to the books or the movies, but I hope it just captures the idea.

“Damned for All Time” (Hunger Games Edition)


Katniss: Now they just announced the Quarter Quell

They’re reaping victors and now I don’t feel so well

I’m 12’s only girl victor, I don’t know what to do

I weighed the whole thing up before I came to you

I really think that Snow really wants me dead

I really thought that I wouldn’t be in arena again


Just don’t say I’m

Damned for all time


I came because I need to get a freaking drink

Another Hunger Games I’m just dreading to think

And what about Peeta will he go there, too?

I thought my biggest worry was just saying “I do”

Right now our wedding doesn’t seem so bad

Despite the Capitol is making all the plans


Just don’t say I’m

Damned for all time


{Instrumental Break}


Haymitch, you’re a friend a worldly man and wise

Peeta, my friend I know you sympathize

Why is this year victors? Why are we the ones?

Who have to kill those who’ve previously won

I think I might just have to write my will

Cause I think my survival odds are down the till

Just don’t say I’m damned

For all time


Peeta: Cut the protesting forget the excuses

Let’s see some victors we’re up against


Haymitch: You’re a hunter but your people skills are appalling

We know public relations – you know the bow


Peeta: I’ll volunteer as a tribute if you are selected


Haymitch: Let me handle the victors-I know them well

Not sure if I can kill my friends in the arena


Peeta: But with our charm and connections


Haymitch: Then we can’t fail


Katniss: What the hell are you saying?


Haymitch: Oh, pardon me sweetheart, it’s just talk man-to-man.


Katniss: Please don’t let Peeta in there!


Peeta: But it’s just too late now that you’re going back


Haymitch: Now we need to think about our strategy

I think Peeta has a very good point

We need to do training and we should get started

Don’t worry dear sweetheart, let’s say nothing,

Say nothing, say nothing more


Katniss: I don’t know if I can’t sleep soundly on this night

I just wonder if it’s the only way for Snow to have me dead


Choir: Poor young Katniss

Why screw Katniss

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