Have Yourself a Merry Star Wars Christmas


Of course, this December is a big one for Star Wars fans since this week Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out in theaters. And to many nerds out there, this is indeed better than Christmas, especially if you’ve purchased tickets for the film well in advance. But to me, I’m probably not going to see the movie until at least after Christmas or perhaps later. And yes, I’m sure that Mockingjay Part 2 won’t be top of the box office for long since it can’t compete with the power of the Force. At least in box office dollars, that is. Now I know that Star Wars has a a special place for many nerds out there. But I also know that some neighbors give you pressure on decorating for Christmas. However, don’t worry because there are plenty of stuff you can do to make sure your home is the most Christmasy in the galaxy as well as shows your love for Star Wars, too. Since the series pertains to interstellar war, you’d think Star Wars and Christmas won’t go together. However, Star Wars and Christmas have been together since they released the Star Wars Holiday Special back in the day, but we don’t talk about that. Still, since it’s the Christmas season, this gives me the idea to show some holiday cheer in the Star Wars way of things. So for your reading pleasure, here are some things you can do to bring the Force into your holiday home this Christmas. Merry Christmas and may the Force be with you.

  1. Nothing shows more Christmas cheer than wearing a Yoda Santa hat.

Yes, now you can say, “Merry Christmas, I wish you” and not have people think you have a problem with syntax. Still, clever it is.

2. Instead of a yule log in your fireplace, how about Darth Vader’s burning corpse.


Because nothing says Christmas than having Darth Vader’s body burning in your fireplace. Seriously, this is messed up.

3. Sorry, Santa, but I’m afraid that these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.


Yeah, I don’t think Timmy wanted a protocol droid with a scarf and present. Nor did he want an R2 unit with lighted antlers either.

4. Why use reindeer to pull your sleigh when you have Taun-Tauns and AT-ATs.


I don’t know about you. But I don’t think it’s to scale. Seriously, AT-ATs are way bigger than the Hoth Taun-Tauns. I mean they’re huge freaking tanks. Love Vader on the sleigh.

5. Wake up this Christmas morning in your very own Star Wars Christmas long johns.


Yes, this is pretty tacky with Christmas and Star Wars stuff. But I’m sure it’ll be the kind of Christmas pajamas fit for a Jedi.

6. Unto Darth Vader and Padme Amidala, a son and daughter were born under the Death Star.


I know it didn’t happen that way in Revenge of the Sith. But still, it’s a pretty funny take off on nativity scenes. Love baby Leia’s cinnabun hair.

7. Of course, it’s always C-3PO’s job to put up the Christmas wreath.


Still, it does mean the C-3PO might be decorated in a Santa hat and Christmas lights in the process. Apparently Christmas decorating isn’t one of his strengths.

8. Nothing says Christmas like having your tree decorated in lightsabers.


Now this one has lightsabers of all different colors you can think of. Yeah, I don’t think they had yellow and orange lightsabers either. But it looks pretty cool.

9. The Force is strong in these Star Wars Christmas cookies.


Now these consist of Imperial Stormtroopers dressed as snowmen, Darth Vaders in Santa hats, Yodas with antlers, and Boba Fetts in elf hats. Pretty silly, but I like them.

10. For Christmas Eve, you might want to hang these Star Wars stockings with care.


Now these consist of R2-D2, Darth Vader, and Chewbacca. And yes, you can buy these on Amazon any day of the week.

11. It’s not Christmas until you can hang an ornament on the tree of your favorite Star Wars character.


Includes an Ewok, R2-D2, C-3PO, an Imperial Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, Yoda, Chewbacca, and Boba Fett. Collect them all if you can afford it.

12. Seems like this girl is Ewoking in a winter wonderland.


Well, it says so on her ugly Christmas sweat shirt. Still, I’m not sure if Endor even gets snow in December.

13. Apparently, Darth Vader finds your lack of cheer disturbing.


Of course, despite that Darth Vader was responsible for killing billions of people in the galaxy, he sure seems to like Christmas. And he’d certainly force choke any Grinch who says otherwise.

14. You better watch out/You better not cry/You better not pout, I’m telling you why/ Yoda Claus is coming to town.


Sees you when you’re sleeping he does. When you’re awake, he knows. Bad or good, he knows. So be good for goodness sake. Or else, whip up his lightsaber on your ass, he will.

15. Now you can have the Force in your home this holiday season with this Star Wars aluminum Christmas tree.


Includes a blue tinsel garland and some Star Wars ornaments with white bows on them. Feel free to string it with lights and a tree topper of your choice.

16. Nothing shows your support for the Rebel Alliance than a Christmas sweater of an X-Wing fighter.


Yeah, nothing says Christmas like engaging in an epic space battle in order to blow up a large space station with thousands of people inside. Of course, it’s a Death Star that blew up Alderaan, but still.

17. If you want your Christmas on the Dark Side, here’s a great Galactic Empire wreath to adorn your front door.


Now this includes Darth Vader with his red lightsaber, Stormtroopers, a Death Star, and some black, red, and white baubles. Sure to make your Sithmas complete.

18. Don’t leave out your loved ones on this Galactic Christmas. Send them these Christmas cards so the Force would be with them.


Now these are pretty clever. Includes Yoda with reindeer antlers, Han Solo in an ugly sweater, Chewbacca, Chewbacca with a red nose, Lando Calrissian with a present, and Darth Vader in a Santa hat.

19. And they were visited upon 3 bounty hunters carrying gold, frankincense, and myrrh.


Now this is just a Star Wars nativity scene parody. Okay? Greedo and Boba Fett aren’t wise men at all. They’re bounty hunters after Han Solo. Nor is Darth Vader Saint Joseph in any capacity. But I do love the Ewok and Chewbacca as shepherds.

20. For your Star Wars Christmas, you can’t go wrong with this R2-D2 wreath.


Now this wreath has blue and white poinsettias and silver foliage. Of course, this color scheme pretty much fits for R2-D2.

21. If you don’t think the other Star Wars ornaments were Christmasy, these might suit your fancy.


Includes a red Darth Vader, C-3PO in a Santa suit, R2-D2 with reindeer antlers, Santa Yoda, and Jawa with presents. Of course, not sure why they had to paint Vader red.

22. Nothing captures the magic of Christmas like holding a lightsaber for the first time.


It’s a wonder Luke was careful with that thing. Still, I don’t think Ben Kenobi told him about how he dismembered his dad in their duel in the Mustafar system.

23. String up your Christmas tree this year with this light string of lightsabers.


I might show other Star Wars light strings as well. But if you have a Christmas tree full of lightsabers, you might want to go with this.

24. Darth Vader knows what your getting for Christmas this year. He could feel your presents.


This is a lawn light fixture of Darth Vader with a Christmas present. Wonder what it is or who it’s for? Then again, I better not ask.

25. When working for the Galactic Empire, it’s said that dressing for Christmas is mandatory this time of year.


Now many of these Stormtroopers are dressed as elves. One has a Santa hat on and is carrying a sack of toys. And an Imperial guard has a Christmas wreath and a stick covered in lights. And you thought they were on the Dark Side.

26. Nothing makes Christmas more complete than showing up in an ugly at-at Christmas sweater.


Now that’s sure to commemorate the epic battle on Hoth in Empire Strikes Back. Fortunately, that place is an arctic winter world. But watch out for wampas.

27. Let’s just say that Darth Vader is dreaming of a Death Star for Christmas this year.


I don’t think Santa will give Vader that, this year. I mean Death Stars are very expensive to build as you may see. Also, I’m sure Darth Vader is certainly on the naughty list.

28. This holiday cuddle up for some hot cocoa with your very own R2-D2 Christmas mug.


Now this features R2-D2 with a Santa hat on as you can see. Still, this pretty cute. But I’m not sure if R2 would be fine with the hat though.

29. Use the Force this Christmas season by gracing your tree with this Yoda Christmas tree topper.


Has Yoda wielding a lightsaber in his hands, it does. About to kick some serious Sith ass, he is. Fans, do or do not, there is no try.

30. You’re a mean one, Mr. Maul/ You really are a heel/You’re a cuddly as a rancor/You’re as charming as an eel/Mr. Maul/You’re a bad banana with a greasy black peel.


I know this might bring some copyright infringement claims. But this Darth Maul Grinch action figure is just genius. Seriously. it’s great.

31. Of course, Christmas has to figure into your fighting style as well in that galaxy far, far away.


Now Darth Vader has a green and red candy cane lightsaber, Han Solo has a wreath on his blaster, and Boba Fett has his gun decorated with lights. Not sure if they’re practical but they make great Christmas toy decor.

32. Insulate your Christmas tree this season with your very own R2-D2. tree blanket.


Now this was somebody’s craft project by the looks of it. Still, this is quite adorable if I say so myself. Couldn’t have done one better.

33. This Christmas, this Darth Vader Santa Claus will certainly put your holidays on the Dark Side.


Now this one has Vader in a Santa hat and a bad ass red cape. And he’s holding a lightsaber and a Christmas present.

34. Carry your things this holiday season in this Star Wars bag.


Of course, I don’t think Chewie’s liking being decorated like a Christmas tree one bit. Can’t Luke, Han, and Leia use something else? You don’t want to piss off a wookiee.

35. Nothing makes Sithmas complete than a Darth Vader tree.


Yes, this is the ultimate Star Wars Christmas tree as you may see. It even has an X-Wing and a lightsaber. Someone must be an ardent fan.

36. Light up your home this holiday season with this droid leg lamp.


Has R2-D2’s top and C-3PO’s leg. Based on the leg lamp in A Christmas Story which was way more risque than this. Still, I think it’s genius to say the least.

37. Before morning, you’ll be visited by 3 Jedi ghosts.


Now this is a take off from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Of course, these ghosts have nothing to do with the past, present, or future.

38. If Santa can’t do the job of delivering presents, R2-D2 will certainly rise to the occasion.


After all, R2-D2 basically saves everyone’s ass in the Star Wars movies. And he never seems to get any credit for it. Still, he’s a fiesty little droid if you ask me.

39. Deck your Christmas tree with this R2-D2 string of lights.


Yes, R2-D2 has his own light string. Still, he’s a very adorable character who’s very resourceful. But he can also be a little ornery and zap anyone he doesn’t like.

40. No, I don’t think these are the droids you’re looking for either.


I mean these two are wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. Would any droid in their right mind wear something like that? Probably not.

41. Make your Christmas merry with this ornament of C-3PO at Jabba the Hutt’s mercy.


Because nothing says Christmas like being enslaved into acting as translator for a desert planet crime lord in his dump of a palace. Still, Jabba the Hutt is one of my least favorite characters since he’s just so disgusting.

42. The holiday spirit is strong in this Stormtrooper snowman.


Yes, this is an inflatable of Darth Vader building a snowman of an Imperial Stormtrooper. Not sure if he’d have the time but this is pretty funny.

43. Darth Vader wishes you a merry Sithmas.


Now this is said to be sold at K Mart. Still, like the candy cane lightsabers and Vader in a Santa hat.

44. Looks like Boba Fett has Jabba the Hutt’s Christmas gift ready for him.


Why, he’s giving Jabba Han Solo frozen in carbonite. I would’ve never guessed. Like his candy cane gun and a bow on his jet pack.

45. Seems like Jawa love to receive gadgets and droids for Christmas.


Of course, they traffic droids on Tattooine to sell like they did with C-3PO and R2-D2. Still, they didn’t deserve to be killed by Imperial Stormtroopers.

46. Count the days toward Christmas with this Lego Star Wars advent calendar.


Think of it as a calendar that has Star Wars in the Christmas spirit. Notice that Santa has his transporter pulled by R2-D2.

47. While Santa has his sleigh pulled by reindeer, Vader has his pulled by at-ats.


And the at-ats seem to have reindeer antlers as they travel through space to the Death Star. Also, there’s Darth Vader with a sack of toys as it seems.

48. The Galactic Emperor Palpatine would like to wish everyone a merry Sithmas.


And it seems that his eyes are red to show it. Still, Darth Sidious is a complete monster and incapable of any redemption. Not to mention, he’s pretty darn scary to boot.

49. You can’t have Christmas without having Emperor Palpatine on your Christmas tree.

Emperor Palpatine Christmas ornament by Hallmark

Because nothing says Christmas than an evil Emperor who manipulated his way into power in order to stage a coup so he could kill off the Jedi. Also, can shoot out lightning with his hands.

50. When it snows, some people build snowmen. But Darth Vader builds a snow Death Star.


Of course, let’s hope this snow Death Star isn’t capable of blowing up a planet like Alderaan. Still, it’s kind of disturbing. Like Vader in a Santa hat though.

51. Relive the Return of the Jedi this Christmas with this ornament of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker’s final lightsaber duel.


Because nothing says Christmas than engaging in a lightsaber duel with your arch nemesis Sith Lord dad. Of course, this will end when Luke chops Vader’s hand off.

52. As they say in Star Wars, “Droid to the World.”


Still, I don’t think these are the droids you’re looking for. I mean Santa hats and a string of lights? C’mon.

53. Of course, R2-D2 is just about to deliver your presents.


Seems like little R2-D2 has his work cut out for him this Christmas. Still, not sure how he was able to carry those presents.

54. Relive the Return of the Jedi with this Christmas ornament of Luke Skywalker being grabbed by a rancor.


Because nothing says Christmas than being grabbed by a huge monster who’s about to eat you. Unfortunately, the rancor messed with the wrong Jedi.

55. Of course, some might be dreaming of a droid Christmas.


This inflatable has C-3PO, R2-D2, and Chewbacca decorating a Christmas tree. Also, R2-D2 is wearing a bow on his head.

56. Nothing makes your Star Wars Christmas worthwhile than turning your tree into an Imperial cruiser.


Seems like this guy is ready for Star Wars: the Force Awakens. Even has a Stormtrooper on top in a Santa hat.

57. Relive the dramatic climax of Empire Strikes Back with this ornament of Darth Vader on a balcony.

star wars hallmark

Because nothing says Christmas like cutting off your son’s hand in a lightsaber duel, telling him he’s his father while he’s clinging to life on a pole, and asking him to join the Dark Side. Well played, Vader. Well played.

58. If you loved the prequels, then you’ll want this Christmas ornament of Qui-Gon Jin and Obi Wan Kenobi’s lighsaber duel with Darth Maul.


Of course, we all know that Qui-Gon will soon be Qui-gone not long after this moment. And Obi Wan can do nothing about it.

59. Darth Vader finds your lack of holiday spirit disturbing.


Not sure if it’s store bought or made on someone’s computer. Still, like him in that Santa hat and red sack of presents. Yes, Darth Vader knows what you’re getting for Christmas.

60. As Darth Vader would say, “Merry Sithmas and bah, humbug.”


Yes, this Christmas, make sure your coffee is on the Dark Side. I’m sure this thermal mug will make your holiday season complete.

61. When it comes to the holiday season, Darth Vader always knows the perfect holiday turtleneck for the occasion.


Yes, this is Darth Vader in a quintessential Galactic Empire ugly Christmas sweater. And yes, it’s decorated like you’d expect for a Sith lord.

62. Nothing will help you open bottles faster than this Yoda Claus bottle opener.


Trouble with opening that bottle you have. Fix it, this will. Also talk, it can. For holiday booze parties, you need.

63. For the little ones, have them cuddle up with these Star Wars Itty Bittys from Hallmark.


Consists of C-3PO in a green and red scarf, R2-D2 with reindeer antlers, Chewbacca with a Santa hat and candy cane sash, and Yoda with a Santa hat and candy cane. Still, these are adorable and possibly overpriced.

64. May the Force be with you this Christmas with these light up Star Wars lawn ornaments.


These consists of R2-D2, Yoda, Darth Vader, and a Stormtrooper. All are wearing Santa hats. But Darth Vader has a Santa cape while the Stormtrooper is carrying a candy cane and wearing a green scarf.

65. So what will you choose this holiday season: the Nice Side or the Naughty Side?


Choose Yoda and green to come to the Nice Side. Choose Darth Vader and red to go to the Naughty Side. Either way, Hallmark might hose you.

66. Relive your favorite moments from Return of the Jedi this holiday season with this Slave Leia Christmas tree ornament.


Because nothing says Christmas by being forced into sex slavery for Jabba the Hutt after defrosting Han Solo in disguise. And having to strangle him to death with the chain around your neck.

67. With Star Wars baubles like these, what more can you ask for in a Christmas tree?


Many of these consists of some of your favorite characters from the original trilogy. Also includes the Death Star.

68. On Hoth, Darth Vader dashes through the snow by a Taun Taun sleigh.


This might be a Christmas card image from Lego. But it’s still pretty funny. Apparently Vader has to use a whip as well. And he’s carrying a sack.

69. Light up your Christmas tree with these C-3PO light string.


Of course, C-3PO may whine a lot on missions. Then again, he was made to be a butler droid. But if you land on a planet, his translator skills really come in handy.

70. When it comes to the Christmas decorating, Grand Moff Tarkin is always in charge.


As he said during this holiday season, “You may tinsel when ready.” Of course, everyone tends to forget he was the one who blew up Alderaan, not Darth Vader.

71. Of course, it can’t be Christmas on the Dark Side without a Darth Maul stocking.


Yes, someone made this. And yes, Darth Maul is a popular character despite appearing for a very short time before being chopped in half by Obi Wan Kenobi in the Phantom Menace.

72. Of course, this stocking hook will help you know where Darth Vader’s stocking goes.


Yes, this is a Darth Vader stocking holder. Still, I think as far as Santa’s concerned, Darth Vader’s on the naughty list. I mean the guy did a lot of bad things in order to conquer the galaxy, didn’t he?

73. Support the Galactic Empire this Christmas by wearing this Imperial Stormtrooper ugly sweater.


Of course, wearing this will surely not help you on your hunting skills. Seriously, try to hunt in it and you won’t hit anything.

74. For Darth Vader’s Christmas tree, a Death Star provides the finishing touch.


Of course, it’s only a matter of time until Luke Skywalker comes in and destroys the thing. So Vader should enjoy it while it lasts.

75. This ugly Star Wars Christmas sweatshirt is bound to bring balance to the Force.


Now that has to be one of the ugliest Christmas sweatshirts in the whole galaxy I’ve ever seen. Makes you wonder whether the designer was on some strong brown acid when they came up with this.

76. A Christmas tree decorated like this is sure to make the Empire proud.


Now this is topped with a Stormtrooper and has a Wampa on the bottom. Decorations include at-ats, Darth Vader, and Death Stars.

77. Don’t tell me that your partial Death Star Christmas tree ornament is already operational.


Then again, nothing says Christmas like a large Death Star construction that’s a possible threat to the moon of Endor.

78. When it comes to Star Wars stockings, would you prefer Wampa or Ewok?


One is a large yeti like monster from Hoth that eat Taun Tauns and had its arm sliced off by Luke Skywalker. The other is a cute little teddy bear that is perfectly willing to eat humans. Yet, poses a grave threat for Imperial Stormtroopers.

79. When it comes to Christmas tree ornaments, this Stormtrooper always knows what’s appropriate.


Now this is a nutcracker of a Stormtrooper with a Christmas tree ornament bearing the Galactic Empire logo. Whether he’s a good of a decorator as he’s a shot is anyone’s guess.

80. If you can’t buy a Star Wars Christmas stocking, consider making one instead.


These consist of Yoda, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, and R2-D2. Yes, they’re in stripes and crocheted. But they’re quite adorable, too.

81. Nothing makes a better Sithmas tree topper than a large Death Star.


Because nothing says “Merry Christmas” or “Peace on Earth” than a large space station that blows up a planet. Yeah, I don’t think that’s appropriate for a Christmas tree if you ask me.

82. Of course, Chewbacca has a tendency of getting tangled up in lights.


Seems like Christmas isn’t a great time of year for Chewie. It’s bad enough that Han complains about his hair getting all over them, too.

83. This Christmas, Darth Vader is making a list and checking it twice.


Of course, he doesn’t care who’s naughty or nice. He just wants to make note of which planets have Rebel bases and whether he should blow it up.

84. Of course, R2-D2 has to look his best on Christmas. And that means being covered in lights.


Not sure if R2-D2 would take kindly to this. Might hurt his mechanical capabilities in some way or another. But that remains to be seen.

85. Yoda Claus knows you want to know what you’re getting for Christmas.


Trying to feel your presents, you are. Open them before Christmas, you will not. What part of no peeking understand, do you not?

86. For this Galactic Christmas, grace your mantle with these Star Wars holiday bobbleheads.


These include Yoda Claus, Jawa with presents, Darth Vader in Santa hat and cape, C-3PO in Santa suit, and R2-D2 with presents. Pretty amusing if you think about it. Yet, clever.

87. Grace your front door this Christmas by putting Star Wars figurines in your wreath.


Now this is certainly home to a bonafide Star Wars fan. And I guess their favorite one in the series is Empire Strikes Back as I see it.

88. Of course, a Stormtrooper doesn’t have the Christmas spirit unless they wear reindeer antlers.


And this Christmas sweater is for men and women. Still, Stormtroopers look pretty silly in red antlers. And they make lousy guides, too. Well, at least when it comes to marksmanship.

89. If you loved Empire Strikes Back, then you’ll love this Wampa Christmas tree ornament.


Now I’m sure this Wampa was minding its own business and just wants to eat a Taun Taun. However, I’m not sure if the sight of blood is Christmas appropriate.

90. Sorry, but this isn’t the droid wreath you’re looking for. Move along.


Yes, this is a C-3PO and R2-D2 Christmas wreath. Yes, it contains gold, white, and blue baubles. But still, it’s pretty cool.

91. For you Princess Leia fans out there, this Christmas wreath is just what the doctor ordered.


Now somebody certainly made this. Still, I think the best part of this is that they used rope for Leia’s hair buns.

92. For Christmas treats, you can’t go wrong with a cookie and candy cane Imperial destroyer.


Yes, this destroyer is a little bit on the Dark Side. No, I’m not sure whether you could eat it or if it’s for show. Yet, for a destroyer, it looks tasty.

93. Now this is the Darth Vader wreath of the season that can’t be beat.


Now this consists of a Darth Vader baubles, red berries and string, as well as silver ribbon and black and silver burlap. Still, looks quite festive for the Dark Side.

94. This white R2-D2 Christmas tree is guaranteed to melt your heart.


Now this is a cute Christmas tree. Consists of a white Christmas tree with blue sparkly ribbon, a red bauble, and silver bows.

95. Of course, there’s even an R2-D2 wreath to match.


This one is a white tree wreath with an R2-D2 figure, red, silver, and blue ribbons, and red, blue, and silver baubles. Still, this is so adorable.

96. Celebrate Christmas with the Force by donning your front door with this tulle Santa Yoda wreath.


Marvelous wreath for any door, wall, or mantle it is. Easy to make, it looks. Wow die hard fans, it will.

97. Relive the original Star Wars movie with your very own Leia and R2-D2 ornament.


Because nothing says Christmas than implanting a disc into a droid with information to send to an old man on Tattooine, while being imprisoned by the Empire. Of course, R2-D2 does achieve his mission being the stubborn droid he is.

98. When Yoda walks he uses a cane. When Yoda Claus walks, he uses a candy cane.


Christmas spirit, it is. Enhances look with Santa hat and coat, it does. Lucky if struck with it over lightsaber, you will.

99. For any Jedi Knight on Christmas, a Santa Yoda Advent Calendar is a must have.


Of course, Yoda on the front, need to have. Clad in Santa suit and hat he is. Writing letter to Santa and drinking coffee, he does.

100. For Star Wars fans everywhere, say hello to Vader Claus.


Yes, this is Vader Claus. He’s said to give gifts to all the good girls and boys on Christmas. to the bad ones who go against him or are simply incompetent, he force chokes them. Also is said to conquer the galaxy for the Empire. Still, pretty much is on the Dark Side.

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  1. How did Christmas get so connected with Star Wars? I know that this year a new movie is coming out right before Christmas but this seems to have been going on much longer! Interesting stuff!

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