It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas with These Village Houses



Another big Christmas tradition pertains to Christmas villages where people make a little yuletide world within their own homes or at some public venue. You see these often with toy trains as well. Now the tradition for these little Christmas villages is rooted in the Moravian Church a Protestant denomination in central Europe that settled in places like Salem, North Carolina and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It mostly started with putting a nativity scene at the base of the Christmas tree called a putz. But these displays soon became more elaborate and by the early 19th century would include scenes from the Bible like Noah’s Ark. By the mid-19th century, the putz began to include more secular elements such as the Christmas village scenes you see today. And they also have villages pertaining to Halloween and Easter as well. Now this can be a rather expensive tradition since many buildings and figures used are usually made from ceramic and porcelain, which might come from sets. However, there are plenty of people who make their own houses with craft store supplies and other stuff lying around. It’s pretty fascinating stuff. So for your reading pleasure, here I give you some miniature houses for these Christmas villages.

  1. Of course, almost every Christmas village needs their own gazebo.

Now this one has a bright blue roof and roses on top. But it has a Christmas tree within its bounds.

2. To light up a Christmas house, a string of pearls will do.


And it appears these pearls are on the roof. Also, the windows seem covered in tinsel. And the figures seem about too tall for the doorway. These things aren’t done to scale.

3. When it comes to Christmas houses, red really stands out.


This one seems to have a wreath at the front door and a snowman. And it’s on a stand. Still, this is quite cute. Love the snow on the roof.

4. Of course, you find plenty of churches among the Christmas villages. Many with steeples.


And this blue one seems to have no glass windows and a lot of snow on the roof. Wonder if the steeple doubles as a lightning rod of some sort.

5. For a lovely Christmas house, it helps to add glitter.


Now a lot of these houses use glitter to capture the effects of the glistening snow. But as we all know, glitter can sometimes make a mess if you aren’t too careful.

6. For the surrounding foliage, the ornaments always have to match the house.


Now most people don’t decorate their trees in their yards. But you see this a lot in Christmas village houses. Nevertheless, I like the wreath on this one.

7. When it comes to Christmas villages, some can be quite elaborate as they may be.


This is meant to be a village near a coastal town, possibly in New England. And yes, it includes a wooden ship near the bay. But yes, someone had too much time on their hands.

8. For roof tiles, you can’t go wrong with using pine cones.


Now this village seems to be built on some miniature garden. But the roofs look fairly realistic thanks to using pine cones. Not sure about the trees.

9. If you can’t light a Christmas house up from the windows, use some wreaths and garlands.


Now this one looks like it was homemade as you can see by what the roof and trees are made from. But I do like the red bows and fake branches. Very Christmasy.

10. If you think Christmas houses are too expensive, just think of what you can do with a small cardboard box and construction paper.


Not sure if lime green is a suitable color for a house of any kind. But I think this one is quite cute to say the least.

11. With this Christmas village, every house and building has its own place.


Now this looks like a cute idea. Love how each little house has its own shelf by the top. I’d like to take a closer look.

12. I don’t know about you, but something tells me this place is toasty inside.


I think those are supposed smoke stacks coming from the chimney. But it kind of looks like they’re windblown trees at another angle.

13. If you don’t want kids getting to your Christmas village, you can always use a cabinet to display it.


Now this is quite elaborate if you ask me. Seems to resemble a little village at night when you look at it. Love how they used a starry background.

14. When it comes to Christmas villages, some can take over a living room floor.


Now this is why a Christmas village can be a rather expensive hobby. And yes, it’s near the tree. Still, if you have kids or pets, please keep them away.

15. Seems like this house has about 3 stories on it.


Now I’m sure you wouldn’t see a whimsical house like that in your neighborhood. But it’s quite charming and you can’t help but love it.

16. I suppose this is what Santa’s home is supposed to look like at the North Pole.


Now Now this looks quite charming. Not sure of the Clauses having a lawn. But I think the house colors and decorations suit them.

17. Glitter and plaid would sure make any little Christmas house festive.


Now this has golden glitter snow and a facade of plaid wrapping paper. Also has a lace ribbon tied in a bow. Like the windows, too.

18. If you like townhouses, you’ll find this especially charming.


Now this consists of 3 houses in pastel colors. Nevertheless, I find such display particularly whimsical and adorable this time of year.

19. Of course, you can add some extra to go with the village display.


Now this is a display pertaining to a skating rink and a hillside. And the icicles are hung to give it more flair. Of course, in my area, you wouldn’t have snow outside.

20. At this country church, Christmas comes but once a year.


Now this is quite pretty. Seems like one of those little churches you see in movies. Like the decorations and the bell tower, too.

21. Still, you always have to put the toy shop right next to the music store.


While the music store has bows and garlands, the toy shop has a Christmas tree. Still, it’s quite charming if you ask me.

22. Seems like Santa has just stopped here or the sleigh is just a decoration.


Now this house has two large decorated Christmas trees, a snowman, and Santa on his sleigh. It also has 2 chimneys and a wreath.

23. Think porcelain and ceramic is too expensive? Try cards and cardboard.


This church uses a lot of elaborate pieces of paper to cover it. And it has paper decorations as well. Still, I like the jingle in its bell tower.

24. Looking for a way to arrange your Christmas village? How about a corner shelf display.


Now this seems like a nifty idea. And I see this area is dolled up with houses, lights, and cotton snow. Still, keep away from small children and animals.

25. Seems like this place is selling cut Christmas trees for $1.


Most of the time Christmas trees cost more than that. But not so at this snowman’s place. Still, it’s pretty cute.

26. While real houses have shabby colors, with a Christmas house you can have a glitter roof.


Now this is a lovely house. Looks so rustic and quaint. But if it were real, it would sure have a large mortgage and heating bill.

27. Now this church certainly has decked the halls this Christmas.


Yes, it’s a pink church with pink tinsel and pin Christmas tree ornaments. But it’s delightful and pretty nonetheless. And it lights up from the inside.

28. When it comes to decorating your Christmas trees, it helps that they match.


Now these Christmas trees are about even. And this place has a reindeer and snowman in front. Love the pink.

29. Nothing brings the spirit of Christmas to your home than a Victorian shabby pink Christmas village.


I’ve seen a lot of such buildings on Pinterest. Not sure if they’re craft or professionally done. However, they are unique so they’ll go on.

30. Who says that you can’t have a church with 2 towers?


Now this is quite intricate. Love the towers and the stained glass window in front. And how it has 3 ways to enter or exit.

31. While most Christmas houses are miniature, there are some rather big ones like this.


Now this one is probably as big as a dollshouse and covered in paper. And yes, it has fairly realistic Christmas decorations. But it does look quite beautiful to say the least.

32. Seems like someone has gotten snowed in around these parts.


Seems a little crowded under this roof. And there seems to be trees under there, too. Then again, not sure if it’s supposed to be made of snow.

33. You might’ve heard of a log cabin village. This one is made from sticks.


Now this looks quite rustic if you agree with me. Not sure if that’s supposed to be a barn or a church. Still, it’s pretty creative.

34. If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, I’m sure this house will suit your fancy.


Now this looks so cute with a little snowman out front. Man, those look like big icicles. Yet, they enhance the house’s look. In real life, this wouldn’t be the case.

35. Of course, it doesn’t hurt when you put ornaments with the decorations.


Now this church certainly looks festive and Christmasy. Like the golden roof. And I also like that tower, too.

36. If you think one wreath isn’t enough, go with 3.

3000541 6.5 white house

Now this is a rather simple design. Just 2 chimneys, 3 wreaths, a few trees, and a garland on the fence.

37. If you want to make a Christmas house with glitter, make sure the foliage matches. Gold house means gold trees.


Yes, I know there aren’t a lot of golden Christmas trees. Well, live ones anyway. Still, this is so pretty and sparkly.

38. When it comes to Christmas decorations, they really show up in beige.


Now the tree is so petite and little. The wreath looks quaint. And the cross is somewhat askew. But it looks rather lovely.

39. On Christmas houses, you can always find ways to make them sparkle.


These 3 houses have some shiny beads, fake gems, and glitter. They also have some snowflakes and jingles.

40. For Christmas villages, nothing brings the holiday spirit than tables and trains.


Now you see a lot of Christmas villages with toy trains. And like this one, they tend to be in circles. Still, this is a lovely display and really lights up.

41. A Christmas village church is never complete without a nativity scene.


How they managed to find a nativity scene that small I’ll never know. Nevertheless, most churches usually have a nativity scene in front this time of year. Like the star on the bell tower, too.

42. When it comes to decorating your Christmas village house, you can go all out if you care.


Now this house has so many decorations on here like tinsel, ornaments, trees, pearls, and a snowflake. Still, like the snow.

43. While many of these Christmas houses are in funky colors some look like any house on the street.


Not sure about the architecture on this one. Kind of looks lopsided to me. But I do like the decorations.

44. Sometimes a church tower is on top. Sometimes it’s on the side.


Now this is one of those Victorian pink shabby putz buildings. But I think it looks pretty with all the decor and cotton glitter snow.

45. You can always make a Christmas village lampost from paper, especially a Dickensian one like this.


Wouldn’t think this was made from paper. But it does look quite quaint. Almost put this one in my craft post but I didn’t think it was appropriate.

46. For a more rustic and simple Christmas village, best go with a colonial.


Now this looks like a Christmas village house that’s not too flashy. Like how they have the wreath and the snowman. Also the windows are cool, too.

47. Of course, some people want their homes to look their best for Santa.


Always has to be someone in the neighborhood who goes all out with the decorating. Luckily, Santa will just come in through the front door.

48. For some churches, a star on the tower has to stand out.


Yes, it has pink decorations. But you have to delight by how the star looks on the tallest tower. Wonder what’s in that present.

49. When you wish for a white Christmas, you can always add a snowflake on your home.


Yes, this is a bright blue winter wonderland house. And yes, there’s a snowflake on the front as well as tinsel at the borders.

50. When it comes to Christmas houses, they can be in as many colors as you like.


Now this one contains red, yellow, blue, and green. But it’s decorated by a wreath and some bottle brush Christmas trees. Like the snow here, too.

51. You may have heard of a Christmas house. But what about a Christmas barn?


Didn’t know people actually decorated their barns for Christmas. Then again, perhaps this barn is more of a public venue for special occasions than anything.

52. If you want a more old-fashioned Christmas, you might like this brownstone.


Seems like most of the snow is on the roof. And every front window has a wreath. Not sure if I like the color.

53. Now this is what I called a really fancy barn.


Yeah, Pinterest says it’s supposed to be a barn. Not sure if barns are supposed to look like that. I mean most I’ve seen don’t have towers.

54. Some homes have chimneys. Some don’t. But those that do, the chimney is usually made from brick.


Now while most chimneys are usually at the side, this one is at the front. And I see cotton is used for smoke. Like the snowman.

55. Some cottages have more elaborate trimmings than others.


Now this might be a little bigger than the other examples. But nevertheless, it has a large wooden ship weather vane and other elaborate stuff near the roof and windows. Tree’s a bit lopsided.

56. Nothing makes a better Christmas house than one of green.


Now a green house with red windows and doors is certainly a Christmasy house, indeed. Doesn’t hurt if it has some decorations.

57. You know that you’re in the North Pole if you see a lamp post like this.


This is another one I was considering for my Christmas craft post. But since it looks like a miniature, I put it in this one.

58. Sometimes smoke is cotton while other times it’s of something covered in glitter.


Now this one really has it all decked out for Christmas. The trees have ornaments and big stars. The roof is edged in tinsel. And there are figures in front.

59. Of course, for the low-income segment of your Christmas village, it doesn’t hurt to have a trailer.


Yeah, I don’t think the lawn ornament is to scale. But a Christmas village trailer is a truly unique idea if you think about it.

60. For any Christmas house, it’s best to go with decorations of green and red.


Now this is quite festive. Has lots of beads and bows. Doesn’t hurt if it has a golden reindeer outside, too.

61. You can tell this is a Christmas house since it has its own balcony.


Of course, if you just saw the tower, you’d think it was a church. No, it’s probably a house for someone of a higher tax bracket. Love the trees on this.

62. While you can decorate a Christmas house with wrapping paper, some can get very crazy with the colors and patterns.


Now this looks like Lady Gaga’s dream house. And it has gold Christmas decorations, too.

63. For a more rustic Christmas, a log cabin brings an old-fashioned touch.


And it doesn’t hurt that it’s accompanied by a sled you’d see on Citizen Kane and a truck reminiscent of 1930s gangster movies. Still. the logs seem kind of flat for some reason.

64. A small wooden church is quite simple yet rather sturdy.


Now this doesn’t have a lot of decorations other than a wreath, lights, nativity scene, and star. But it looks so pretty to say the least.

65. You can set up your Christmas village anywhere, even on a cart.


I think this is from a baking cart. But somehow it looks like the work of someone with way too much time on their hands. Also, those branches look quite big.

66. I suppose this one comes with a separate garage.


Then again, the buildings might be connected. Nevertheless it seems to have a lot of snow splotches on the roof. Like the fence decorations.

67. For a white Christmas, a white church always needs snow.


Now this mostly has snow on the roof and the steeple bell tower. Yet, it sure is pretty.

68. A simple house like this for the holiday season always has to be blue and pink.


Now this doesn’t look like a real house. But I do love it with how the top window resembles a snowflake. Like the trees, too.

69. Of course, when it comes to scale, some figures might be larger than some of the doorways.


Now the cat and the girl really don’t seem to fit through this house’s doorway. Yet, I do love the decor on this such as the tinsel and the wreath.

70. When it comes to Christmas churches, you can’t beat one of glittery blue.


Now this one has a picture taken by an angle. Yet, the only way you can tell it’s a Christmas decoration is how it’s surrounded by 2 bottle brush trees.

71. A bright Christmas house always is of yellow and pink.


Now this is a lovely house. Like the tinsel and tree decorations. Quite ingenious.

72. Nothing makes a Christmas cottage than being decorated in pearls.


Now this looks like a little girl’s dream and it’s quite cute. I really like the purple roof on this.

73. Now this blue Christmas house is sure to stick out for Santa.


I think this might be the biggest blue house in my post. Then again, the picture was taken at close range. Yet, I do like how the roof is covered in a glistening snow.

74. To bring some perk to your Christmas village, go with pink.


Now this includes a house, a church, and a gazebo. And yes, it’s all quite pretty and glittery as you can see. But I like it.

75. Now this Christmas trailer sure looks well decked for the holiday season.


This one has pearl and tinsel decorations. Also, seems like someone just got a Christmas tree. Wonder it will fit.

76. I call this one, “church on the rocks.”


Sort of looks like it’s right beside a mountain or forest. But it has some kind of elegance in simplicity to it for some reason.

77. No Christmas house could ever be more lovely when it is in purple.


Now this has some whimsy to it, especially with the Dr. Seusslike decorations. Still, I think it’s pretty.

78. Of course, a Christmas church always has to be surrounded by trees.


Yes, this has a lot of white trees nearby to make it seem less plain. But I do love the snow near the cross.

79. A pink glitter house always needs a tall smokestack.


Yes, this is another pink glitter house. And yes, it’s cute and adorable. But its smokestack is something that defies so much explanation.

80. Of course, you can’t have a Christmas village without a school house.


Not sure what I think about this building, Doesn’t seem to be bright red and perky. But I do like the trees.

81. Some people dream to have a white Christmas house like this.


As for me, I tend to wish for a white Christmas for once this year. Yet, whether there is, I have no way of knowing. Seriously, winter looks less crappy with snow.

82. Nothing makes a Christmas house better than a nice sloping roof for a change.


Now this is an interesting architectural design. But you have to like the facade on this one. Looks delightful.

83. A house of gold and white will always bring Christmas cheer.


The roof may be gold. But it has some degree of snow on it. Still, while these gold trees look stunning, real trees like that look dead.

84. A teal church like this is sure to stun anyone viewing your Christmas village.


And it’s complete with a nice cobblestone path. Like the matching Christmas trees, too. Wonder what those black things are.

85. Now a pearl on the face gives this house an ideal finishing touch.


This looks so quaint and cute in a baby blue. Like the present, wreath, and tree on this one, too.

86. Let me guess, I suppose this is what the candy store looks like.


Luckily this looks more of a candy cane place than a gingerbread home. So no witches with hot ovens for children here.

87. When it snows, you can always use some Christmas greenery.


Now the roof has garlands and the enclosure has trees with red ornaments. Not sure about the color since the brown doesn’t seem very appealing. The rest is fine.

88. For a Christmas village church, a simple red roof is all you need.


Now this one just has trees for Christmas to be in the spirit of the holiday season. However, it also has a gold bell in the tower. Love the glittery red roof.

89. A white church always has to have a silver roof of glitter.


Now this looks fairly realistic for a church in some picturesque New England village. Nevertheless, it’s quite lovely.

90. Looks like Santa is about to visit this green house with the silvery snow roof.


And it seems that Santa has 6 reindeer. Granted 9 might’ve been a bit too much. Still, I think the house is beautiful with silver snow and a green facade.

91. Of course, Christmas houses don’t always have to have a rustic or old fashion design.


This one has a more post WWII design. Not really into architecture after that period. But this looks quite Chirstmasy to say the least.

92. If you’re into more glass windows, perhaps a frame house may suit you.


Like I said, I’m not a big fan of modern architecture after 1945. But I’m sure the light will definitely shine through this one.

93. This house has some ample room to put the car under the port.


Yes, this is another modern house that looks 1950ish. The poles are of candy cane pattern. But it’s sure to have windows big enough for light.

94. If you like the 1950s, then you’ll love this butterfly ranch house.


Then another modern looking house from the Post War era. Love the color, but the style not so much. Really don’t dig into this type of architecture.

95. If you prefer the Renaissance, I’m sure this Christmas house will suit your fancy.


Now this is quite quaint. But to me, you don’t see a lot of houses like this unless it’s at a Renaissance festive. It’s more a European style.

96. Now this Christmas village seems like it’s all set on a mountainside.


Seems like a lovely village from the looks of it. Still, seems like it takes a hell of a long time to assemble. Yeah, someone has too much time on their hands.

97. This purple house is guaranteed to put you into the holiday spirit this Christmas.


Now this looks quite whimsical and I love the decorations. I also like the fact that it’s purple, too.

98. When it comes to Christmas churches, stained glass windows are must.


Now this one has a pink roof and bell. It also has stained glass windows in the front. Still, it’s quite lovely to say the least.

99. For Christmas you can’t go wrong with a house of candy canes and snowflakes.


Now this house is mostly red and white save for the wreath and trees. Still, love the bow on this since it makes look so charming.

100. Nothing makes a Christmas village better than a simple blue glitter house.


Yes, it’s a little house with a small Christmas wreath on the front door. Yes, it only has one window. Still, I find it adorable.

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