Halloween Party Tricks or Treats (But Mostly Treats, Sort of) (Fifth Edition)


Amid the scary times of the Trump administration and potentially catastrophic global warming, Halloween is coming up. To many it’s their favorite time of year when they can dress in a costume, go trick or treating, and decorate their homes as their own haunted houses. Some may even throw Halloween parties which may entail all kinds of witchy delights. Over the years, I’ve worked on 4 posts on these Halloween treats  where I’ve featured all kinds of wicked fare. Some of these are cute treats suited for kids’ parties with smiling faces. Others are rather gruesome and able to turn your stomach. So for your reading pleasure, I begin my Halloween season with another treasury of haunted delectable for any spooky night.

  1. Entertain your spooky guests with some spiderweb taco dip.

Contains salsa, cheese, and guacamole. However, you can’t eat the plastic orange spider.

2. Treat your little goblins to these mummy buckeyes.


They’re just little bites with drizzle and chocolate chip eyes. Perfect for any dessert platter.

3. Nobody will get scared by these spider cupcakes.


These have a special kind of cupcake holder for the spider legs. Yet, they can also be monster cupcakes without them.

4. You’d be howling over this werewolf cupcake.


Uses gumdrops for its nose and ears. And its fur uses chocolate icing. More cute than scary though.

5. Want to have some crunchy fingers?


Wonder if they’re chicken fingers or breadsticks. The world may never know.

6. A cemetery cake like this is a rather haunted treat.


Consists of 3 tiers. Contains tombstones, pumpkins, and bats. Like the pumpkin pretzel fencing.

7. Someone’s peeking through the asparagus.


Proof you can make any dish. And spice it up for Halloween by adding eyes. Simple but clever.

8. No Halloween party should go without this haunted gingerbread house.


Though I don’t think this house will be meant for eating. Still, you have to love the skull and ghost decorations.

9. Who wouldn’t want any of these ghostly apples?


They’re just candy apples in white icing. Just add the eyes and mouth for more haunted emphasis.

10. For marshmallow goodness, try this smores trifle.


Though it includes some Halloween peeps as you can see. To know anyone who enjoys them is a scary prospect.

11. Don’t worry, these brownies don’t bite.

These easy mint Vampire Brownies make a fun Halloween treat!

Yes, these are spider brownies. No, they don’t seem to have any legs.

12. Want a piece of this skull cake?


This one has cherry eyes. Love the red gummy worms surrounding it.

13. A Frankenstein monster cupcake will sate your monstrous appetite.


Sure it looks more cute than terrifying. Yet, it’s great for any monster mash dessert platter.

14. Care for a banana ghost?


They’re just banana tops with chocolate chips on them. Easy to make for any child.

15. Seems like these cookies have spider infestations.


Don’t worry, they’re chocolate chips with icing legs. But they’re great for freaking out your friends.

16. Wet your appetite with these hardboiled spiders.


These are hardboiled spider eggs. The heads are made out of olives. The legs from toothpicks.

17. No little imp can resist these marshmallow monsters.


Each one has a Frankenstein monster, jack-o’-lantern, and a vampire. And let’s hope they’re not covered in sugar.

18. Nobody will mind this witch’s cauldron bubbling.


This is a cake with icing bubbles. Love the wood and flames.

19. These cake pops are an especially spooky treat.


Consists of a ghost, jack-o’-lantern, and black cats. And yes, they’re more adorable than scary.

20. Get a bite out of these candies.


They’re vampire lips. Yet, they seem to bite down on chocolate bars instead of human flesh.

21. You’ll be all webby over this spiderweb cake.


It’s just a round cake covered in chocolate icing with a spider web design. Don’t forget to include the spider.

22. You’ll find English muffins under these wraps.


These are English muffin mummies. And they’re all wrapped in cheesy strips.

23. Hope you’re open for a spidery dessert.


Yes, it’s a spider cake. And the spider is made out of black sugar. Want to try?

24. Don’t forget to add sauce to your bones.


Well, these are bone breadsticks. While the tomato sauce represents blood, I think.

25. Unfortunately, the witches melted in the oven.


Well, these are melted witch cookies. Includes an Oreo and Hershey’s Kiss hat and broomstick with a Reese’s cup and pretzel.

26. These jack-o’-lantern pies are haunted delights.


Well, these are pumpkin hand pies. And they’re all spiced with cinnamon.

27. All these skeletons are snug in their graves.


Yet, we only know one of their names. Though they all seem delicious to me.

28. Care for a marshmallow jack-o’-lantern?


This one just entails 3 colors of icing and a pretzel stick. You see, very easy to make.

29. Who can resist these monster cookies?


These are made of cookie dough covered in sugar with an eye and spikes on it. So scarily adorable.

30. Feel free to dip your pumpkin chips in this cauldron.


The cauldron is made out of pumpernickel bread. The dip is primarily artichoke but looks quite green.

31. You’ll find this pizza quite ghostly.


Well, it’s a pizza with cheesy ghosts on it. Hope they don’t haunt your mouth.

32. You’d swear this cake was haunted by marshmallows.


Okay, they’re marshmallow ghosts on an orange cake. And yes, it drips with chocolate icing.

33. An owl cupcake like this will surely be a hoot.


This one has almonds as feathers on its plumage. Nonetheless, quite eerily adorable.

34. These chocolate covered Oreos are crawling amok.


These are spider Oreos. And yes, they have fangs that don’t bite.

35. These cookies seem quite witchy to me.


These were made out of Christmas tree cookie cutters. Love the hats.

36. The skeleton is bursting with desserts.


The skeleton is pure plastic. But you can store plenty of goodies in it. Sure it’s disgusting, but this is Halloween.

37. These cookies are crawling with spiders.


Each of these has a cake spider with icing legs. Care to try?

38. Wake up this Halloween to some ghostly pancakes.


Just make sure your pancakes are white and fluffy. And that they have eyes and a mouth.

39. These mummy peppers come under wraps.


These are wrapped with bread strips. Still, they must be quite spicy if you ask me.

40. These ho-ho’s are utterly batty.


All of them seem to have icing wings. So scarily cute.

41. Nobody could resist these jack-o’-lantern Oreos.


Each of these is dipped in orange icing and has a different face. Nonetheless, they’re so creative.

42. Anyone in the mood for a bloody good cheesecake?


It’s basically just a cheesecake soaked in cherry sauce and a large knife stabbing it. You can even use the knife to cut it.

43. Feel free to eat these webby fudge treats.


Sure they may have plastic spiders on them. But you can always remove them if they freak you out.

44. These scary pretzels make a rather spooky snack.


Consists of bats, mummies, pumpkins, and monsters. And yes, they’re quite tasty and scarily adorable.

45. Want to dip your veggies into this snake?


Well, the snake is made out of olives. Yet, the dip can easily resemble sand or dirt.

46. Help yourself to some brains.


You can see this is a brain cake. Fittingly it’s situated inside a skull pan.

47. You’d find a lot of candy on this jack-o’-lantern.


It’s supposed to represent the kind of jack-o’-lantern candy buckets trick or treaters use. So feel free to put on whatever candy you want.

48. For healthier options, try this witch.


Her face consists of pistachios while her hair is made of grapes. Her hat’s made out of raisins while she sports a pickle nose.

49. How would you like some free shots?


Don’t worry, they’re just jello shots. Though they may contain alcohol depending on the host’s discretion.

50. Your monster mash will be a smash with these Frankenstein monster snacks.


They’re green cracker sandwiches with marshmallow bolts. Hope you like yours on a stick.

51. Hope you don’t die over some Butterfinger bark.


Each of these is shaped like a coffin. While they have orange under that chocolate shell.

52. You can really sink your teeth into these vampire cookies.


Each of these all have smiling faces eager to suck your blood. But they’re to die for.

53. Hope you’re well wrapped for some mummy pretzels.


Each of these is dipped in icing, piped with white drizzle, and graced with a pair of eyes. Easy to make and perfect for any Halloween dessert platter.

54. Monstrous brownies should sate your monstrous appetite.


You can put as many eyes and teeth as you want on them. As long as they’re marshmallows and mini M&Ms.

55. Speaking of brownies, these spider bites will satisfy.


Each of these has pretzel legs and icing eyes. Hope they don’t scare you.

56. Perhaps this bloody bat cake may suit you.


The cake is covered in red icing to resemble blood. But you can’t eat the bats.

57. Want an Oreo bat on your cupcake?


Has an Oreo head and wings. Yet, you can’t help but love it. So cute.

58. Some spooky salty pretzel toffee is a great Halloween treat.


All you need to do is make the toffee and add eyes to it. Simple as that.

59. Impress your guests with these monster appetizer snacks.


Each of these has meat and cheese. Though you can use peppers and olives to make a face any way you want.

60. You’d be pleased to death with these spiderweb cupcakes.


Each of these has white and chocolate icing on top. Perfect for any spiderweb cake.

61. Nothing beats a Halloween dessert like a monster parfait.


This one has blue ice cream inside. Yet, the monster does have a neat pair of glasses.

62. You won’t guess what’s wrapped around this mummy cheese ball.


Well, it’s covered by bread. Yet, hope you can dip your cracker in it.

63. No ghoul can resist these Oreo bat truffles.


Includes chocolate wings and chocolate chip ears. Your guests will go batty for them.

64. Care for some mummy pizza?


More like mummy calzones. Given that the top is covered with dough for wraps.

65. Nothing makes your dessert platter like these berry pumpkin tarts.


Each of these has a different jack-o’-lantern face. Goes well with any pie if you care to add one.

66. For healthier options, check out these monster apple slices.


Each of these has a strawberry tongue. Comes with 1-2 eyes.

67. Perhaps you might want eyes in your hot chocolate.


They’re just marshmallows with chocolate chips on them. But some may be freaked out by them.

68. Want some spiderwebs on your pumpkins?


They may be orange on the inside. But they covered with spiderwebs of chocolate and white icing.

69. Grace your dessert platter with this night sky cake.


The night sky may be blue with a white moon. But you have to love all the chocolate bats.

70. Care for a slice of candy corn cake?


They might be covered with sprinkles on their backs. But I’m sure they taste better than the real thing. Because the real candies are just sugar wax.

71. You’ll go batty for these cookies.


They’re even on sticks and come with a full moon. Professionally made but adorable.

72. Perhaps you might want to try some witch’s brew cookies.


Consists of green, black, and purple dough all meshed together. And they all have sprinkles on the edges.

73. You’ll love these raven cookies ever more.


Okay, a few of them may be owls. But you get the idea with the black icing.

74. How about a ghost on your chocolate pie slice.


The ghost is made from whipped cream and chocolate chips. Want to take a bite?

75. Any little goblin would love a monster treat like this.


It’s basically a chocolate monster treat on a stick. And yes, it’s quite charming.

76. You can’t have Halloween night without these black cat cupcakes.


Come with a full moon covered in sugar. They’re also pumpkin spice and pudding.

77. Treat your little ghouls to some Frankenstein monster Rice Krispie treats.


Each one is covered in green with eyes, hair, and crooked mouth. Perfect for any Halloween party.

78. These chocolate cookies really are the shit.


That’s because they’re made to look like shit. Though I guarantee you they won’t smell like it.

79. Send your kid to school with this monster lunch.


One of them even has bloodshot deviled egg eyes. Another a long tongue of ham strips.

80. Help yourself to these jello eyes.


Man, these are really disgusting. Available in green and blue, apparently.

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