Gather Round All Ye Lords and Ladies to Marvel at These Magnificent Costumes of the Ye Olde Renaissance Festival (Fourth Edition)


When I usually do the NFL posts, I generally move on to the college sports. However, since the Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival opened on August 18 this year, I had to change gears with these costumes. Of course, these Renaissance Festivals have less to do with history and more to do with entertainment. The costumes aren’t authentic since they mainly consist of a mishmash of medieval to Baroque era fashions along with fantasy and mythology. While the festival itself, is about as overpriced and PG oriented that’s fun for the whole family. Indeed, you may have jousting, but it’s not as violent or injury prone as the real thing. A French king died from a jousting accident during the 1500s. Henry VIII suffered a serious injury in one that physically screwed him up for the rest of his life. There’s music and dance as well as period inaccurate food. Seriously, turkey legs weren’t Renaissance era cuisine since turkeys are American animals. So for your reading pleasure, I bring you another treasury of Renaissance Festival costumes.

  1. They say black is rather slimming.

Kind of reminds me of something you’d see from Game of Thrones. Though much of her outfit requires much lacing.

2. Any noble lady would appear stunning in blue at the jousting grounds.

She even has her own mug on her. But you have to admire her amazing sleeves.

3. Someone’s in the mood to play ball.

Though I doubt if it’s made out of rubber. Because they didn’t have much of a way to produce it during Renaissance times.

4. Behold, a lady archer out for the hunt.

She carries a quiver of arrows and wears an elegant blue cape. She also keeps a horn around her belt.

5. A creamy dress should always come with pearls.

I’m sure the pearls are fake. Yet, at least the guy’s outfit matches his boots.

6. Best not to trust this fearsome pirate.

He’s wearing rather exquisite jewelry on his neck and fingers. Plus, he seems to have his eye on some treasure.

7. You don’t want to face this noble sword maiden.

She has a lovely red jacket and leather bodies. But go near her or she’ll rip you to shreds.

8. This lass brought her own ride to the fair.

And she has her horse dressed for the occasion as well. And I’m sure it’ll leave plenty of droppings behind.

9. This old wizard prefers to dress in long green robes.

He also carries a staff and wears an old brown hat. He even sports the beard.

10. You best not mess with these pirate lasses.

And yes, two of them wear corsets. One even has a flowing skirt.

11. Here she entered masked and anonymous.

She carries a bow and arrows as well as all clad in leather. Watch your back.

12. I guess the cleric isn’t paying attention to the jester.

He’s just either quietly at prayer or plotting something. As the jester begins his merriment.

13. A fair maiden brims with radiance in red.

She also has a gold pattern underdress to match. But you have to love the long red sleeves.

14. Peacock blue will always impress.

She wears braids to keep her blonde locks in place. Got to love the gold decoration.

15. When it comes to style, some couples seem to match.

Though I really wouldn’t go for the color and pattern myself. Still, they appear quite fancy.

16. A girl with pointy ears always looks pretty in bright blue.

She’s even had her face painted. Nonetheless, her dress is quite lovely.

17. With his bow and arrow, he’s a huntsman to be reckoned with.

He’s even got a longbow. And yes, it can fire arrows at a longer distance than its conventional counterpart.

18. A lady should have an air of elegance in a long draping dress.

Her collar is even decked in floral gold designs. And indeed, she is magnificent.

19. Seems like we have a rather demonic presence here.

And indeed, you’d have a hell of a time with them. But why risk it?

20. She knows her own way around a sword.

Though you wouldn’t want to be near her rapier. For she could slash you to shreds.

21. My, fancy to run into this pirate lass.

She wears a long white shirt with a leather corset. And yes, she’s decked in jewels.

22. A lady can always carry her own in black.

Her dress has gold trim. And her sleeves drape to her skirt.

23. A lovely wench should always put on the right bodice.

She also wears a wide straw hat to match. And it’s decked in bright feathers.

24. You don’t need to feel small in peasant garb.

She wears a leather belt and makes a toast. Not quite flashy but tasteful.

25. Want to hear a fairy play her song?

Not sure what she sounds like on her flute. But she does have stellar wings.

26. I’m guessing this couple is from Germany.

He’s dressed as a German huntsman. She’s clad as a German barmaid.

27. With peasant kids, always keep it simple.

And yes, they’re clad in smocks and dresses. So cute.

28. These guys are in the autumn spirit.

One even appears to have rock hard abs. Nonetheless, Like the antler and leaf crown.

29. A noble knight never needs to be flashy.

He just wears a mail shirt and a gray tunic. She just dons a chemise and a red dress.

30. A belly dancer relishes in her audience.

She has a red top and a black skirt. Yet, you have to love her belt and jewels.

31. Apparently, this witch is on the prowl.

She has a white face with a staff and tall hat. And yes, she could be quite terrifying.

32. Pirate girls always know how to have fun.

All wear their tricorn hats with their skirts. Please don’t mess with them.

33. Careful if you go near the dreaded pirate captain.

Indeed, he certainly looks smashing. But he’ll make you walk the plank if he could.

34. Even small fairies must be respected.

She has a green bodice and a pink skirt. Almost like she’s a pixie wearing a flower.

35. As this lass wears a mask, no one will know her.

She wears a green mask and a garland of flowers on her head. Yet you have to like her laced corset.

36. Would you trust your child with a creature like this?

I’m sure this monster is harmless. But it does have the potential to scare people who don’t understand.

37. A noble woman should always have a sense of style.

Sure her dress is patterned like one’s drapery. But she flaunts it for all to see.

38. With an outfit like that, you’d think she was picked up from a deserted island.

I’m sure she’s dressed as some raider. Though her outfit is generous with the fringe.

39. When you’re at the Renaissance Festival at 11 and have to go to a Star Wars convention at 3.

Well, I guess Padme’s queen outfit can fit in. Nonetheless, you have to like the kilts on these Stormtroopers.

40. Best you not trust this enchantress in the woods.

She has a horn on her flower garland. And her dress is in a shiny periwinkle.

41. Behold, a seasonal satyr in all his glory.

Okay, he’s probably not a satyr. But get a load of his hat and armor. Not to mention, how he stands in magnificence.

42. A Renaissance dress pattern should always stand out.

Though her dress seems more fitting for a table cloth. Yet, she’s enjoying the parade.

43. You’d wonder where this fairy will fly to next.

She wears a simple dress. While her wings shimmer in the sun.

44. Sometimes you have to go all out with a hat.

And yes, her hat is a giant nest of feathers. Hope you don’t get too close to her.

45. Looks like someone has stumbled into another time.

Well, that’s Dr. Who. But if he actually was in the Renaissance, the streets would smell like crap and everyone would be dirty.

46. Who could guess this fairy hiding in the bushes?

She’s in a green and purple outfit with green wings. But you must watch your back since fairies are unpredictable in fairy stories.

47. Apparently, she’s quite and adventurous lass.

Well, you have a lot of women wearing costumes with short skirts. Yet, in the Renaissance, this would’ve been a fashion no-no.

48. A pirate lass should always sport an impressive hat.

She also wears pants and boots. And her corset is laced with red string.

49. With Scottish kilts, it’s like father, like son.

And they’re both wearing the same family plaid. Hope the kid is potty trained. Because I don’t want to know what they wear underneath.

50. In this outfit, this fairy struts like a peacock.

Her dress has a feathery chest, too. And her wings match the skirt.

51. Care for a stroll around the grounds?

She wears a white and flower dress while carrying a lacy parasol. So best you cover puddles as she goes by.

52. Want to share a pint?

Okay, she’s drinking from a plastic dixie cup. But you have to love the flower garland she’s wearing.

53. All this man wants to do is frolic in the forest.

Here he stands in all his bountiful glory. His crown of antlers also consists of fruits and leaves.

54. Want to see a falconry demonstration?

Falconry is a way of training a bird of prey to find food. Yet, here I think the bird’s wings are clipped.

55. Seems like this fairy is all blue.

She has a blue face with blue wings. She also wears a blue dress.

56. Dressing one’s best must be a top priority.

They’re both wearing beige. Yet, the woman’s hat is quite charming.

57. Purple is always a resplendent color.

However, during the Renaissance, purple was only reserved for royalty. Mostly because the dye for it was so expensive and rare.

58. It always helps to spread your wings.

And spread her wings she certainly does. But don’t expect her to fly with them.

59. A red dress will always make one appear regal.

Helps if she’s wearing a neat hat to match. Yet, her dress is trimmed with gold.

60. Apparently, she went with some animal cultists in the woods and never came back.

Yes, there are furries at Renaissance festivals. But not sure what I think about the tiger with antlers.

61. A small dress doesn’t always have to be plain.

She wears a black smock with a fancy white dress. And she’s quite adorable in it.

62. A black cloak should have the same pattern as the dress.

And she seems quite matronly in it as well. Still, wouldn’t want to be in her way.

63. Behold, the dragon has come for merrymaking.

Well, I guess dragons would want to have a good time once in awhile. But this is just simply ridiculous.

64. A knight should always enjoy a good time with his fair lady.

Though he seems a bit old to be on the battlefield. Yet, I do like the woman’s hat.

65. She may be a warrior woman, but her armor is all mail.

However, I don’t think this outfit would be very practical in fight. And the reasons are obvious.

66. A woman must always travel with her white knight.

I think these are Star Wars mashups. Since one seems like a medieval Stormtrooper. The other resembles one of Jabba’s sex slaves.

67. A huntsman always ventures alone.

He only carries his bow and his quiver of arrows. But he’s all clad in leather for protection.

68. This mermaid is a real fish out of water.

Okay, she’s just wearing a dress. But I see no seashell bra.

69. You’d think this maid serves in a nearby kitchen.

Well, she’s wearing a cap to protect her hair. Though she seems like a pleasant peasant.

70. This warrior always dresses for the weather.

He’s clad in furs for the cold. But has sword and shield in hand.

71. One must always wear a dress fit for a queen.

She wears a simple black dress with a silver stomacher. And topped with a crown to match.

72. This wizard shows up with a camera.

Indeed, a camera is a strange object for an old wizard from the 16th century. So are sunglasses.

73. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth I is back from the dead.

Though she normally wore white makeup like that. Despite that it was based in lead.

74. Care to help a weary traveler?

After all, she’s wearing a wide-brimmed hat and headscarf. She also has her belongings in ye olde fanny pack.

75. Here’s a satyr of the forest.

She has a tall leaf staff and a belt with a leaf. Yet, you don’t want to get under her hooves.

76. This service dog is here to entertain you.

Since it’s dressed as a jester. Though I don’t think it likes wearing that ridiculous hat.

77. Lady pirates should always be well-dressed.

One is in a long dress and a tricorn hat. The other wears a long coat dress and feather hat.

78. Sometimes all you need is the right combination.

She wears a black and white dress and maroon corset. Yet, she can’t complain.

79. This highlander came with his swordsman and fairy.

Well, he’s a dad with kids. But you can’t help but adore this.

80. A man doesn’t need pants to look like a badass.

Here he’s wearing a kilt and wielding a sword. Yet, I wonder how he seems like a brave Scot.