The Hidden World of Mardi Gras Masks


Another big February holiday that’s coming up is Mardi Gras as Carnival season will soon be in full swing back in Europe. And one of the features in Carnival are these fancy masks. They may give you an impression of what you see in a masquerade ball with dazzling costumes as you might’ve seen in my post on the Venetian Carnival. This year, with Ash Wednesday falling on Valentine’s Day, it’s fair to say that Mardi Gras will fall on the day before. So I might as well get it out of the way if I can. Still, the masks can be as elaborate as the costumes themselves as you can see above. Some have gold. Some have feathers. Some have lovely embroidery. And some even have jewels. But each mask can be beautiful in its own way. So for your reading pleasure, I give you an assortment of unique Mardi Gras masks.

  1. A bejeweled mask always sparkles.

This is a silver and jeweled Mardi Gras mask meant for a wedding. And yes, it probably costs more than some wedding dresses.

2. A jester mask is perfect for a festive occasion.

This one has golden jingles and thread. But the hat is in purple silk.

3. You can always shine in a mask with pearls.

Well, this one mostly has embroidery. But it’s the pearls that really make it shine.

4. A golden mask has a certain kind of elegance.

This one is a metal mask. Looks incredibly delicate. Not sure if I’d want to wear it on my face.

5. Couples’ masks should always be color coordinated.

The golden one with horses is the man’s. The golden one with jewels and embroidery is the woman’s. And I suppose the costumes match as well.

6. A blue mask should come with beats and feathers.

This one has beaded blue flowers, black embroidery, and blue feathers. And you can hold it over your face with a stick.

7. A black jester mask has a certain mystique to it.

Also has some gold on the eyes as well as black fabric with jingles. I guess this one doesn’t come cheap.

8. Sometimes a simple white mask will do.

Has a silk flower and silver trim. Seems as if you can make this one yourself from stuff at a craft store.

9. You can always make a mask sparkle with glitter.

This one has purple and silver glitter all over it. Still, got to love the shape and design.

10. An ornate golden mask should come with a few jewels on it.

This one has an intricate golden design that almost seems antique. Still, love the pearls and jewels on it. Lovely.

11. Perhaps a black mask may suit your fancy.

This one has feathers and jewels with gold embroidery on the edges. And all on black silk.

12. If you don’t like feathers, how about a mask with a butterfly wing?

The butterfly wing is silver with stones encrusted. Still, seems quite delicate to wear.

13. A jester mask can always use a few jingles.

This one is in classic Mardi Gras colors of yellow, green, white, and purple. But it seems more Venetian Carnival than New Orleans.

14. A Mardi Gras masks can come with a special touch.

This one is also in classic Mardi Gras colors. But it has purple flower decoration in silk.

15. Perhaps a mask with a diamond pattern could suit your fancy.

This golden mask has a diamond pattern in black, red, white, and gold. And it has a flower design on the top.

16. A white mask can always use some lace.

This one also contains feathers and beaded flowers. Perfect for a masquerade party.

17. A mask like this comes in all rainbow colors.

And they’re all stacked against each other as if they go together. They also have matching ribbons.

18. A purple mask can always use some fancy feathers.

This one has golden glitter. But the flamboyant purple feathers really make this mask stand out.

19. Speaking of feathers, how about ones in purple and green?

Also has a jewel in the front. Are the feathers fake? Looks like it. But hey, it’s for the festive occasion.

20. Black feathers always give a mask a certain mystique.

This one also has black glitter around the eyes. And it contains a jewel on the top for added elegance.

21. A fancy purple mask should come with a fancy stick.

Bet you can find this one at a masquerade ball. Love the jewel and feathers.

22. A pink mask should come with all the trimmings.

This one comes with a flower, feathers, ribbons, and fringe. And you can hold it with a stick.

23. A jester mask can sometimes intimidate.

This is a joker Venetian mask. And it seems to match the gold diamond one I previously showed. Still, quite exquisite to look at.

24. A green mask can show exquisite taste.

This one seems to be covered in velvet with feathers and ribbons. But it’s nonetheless festive.

25. A joker’s hat can consist of purple triangle strips.

Seems easy enough. Though I think this mask is specially made. Also, the ruff is purple as well.

26. Anyone would die for a mask of encrusted stones.

Though I suspect those aren’t real diamonds. Else it would be very expensive. Still, seems quite delicate.

27. A simple mask can always have some festive decorations.

Yet, from the mask I see here, this one seems like a DIY. Still, love the feathers.

28. A feathered mask should always include one from a peacock.

Well, peacock feathers are always associated with Mardi Gras. But this one is quite festive.

29. For added mystery, you might want a mask of black lace.

Comes with a black feather and red roses. Great for a black lace dress.

30. For more elegance, try a few peacock feathers.

This green one also has purple feathers and ribbons. Nonetheless, it’s quite fancy.

31. Perhaps you might want a small gold hat with your pink mask.

Well, it’s a very tiny hat with a pink feather and flowers. Still, got to love the design.

32. A beaded mask can always stand out at a ball.

Well, this one is encrusted with jewels of all kinds of colors. But you have to admire the detail.

33. With this mask, you can see a golden swan.

Because part of the mask has a swan decoration on it. Seems as graceful as it appears delicate.

34. Couples’ masks should always match.

These are both black and gold. And I guess they go with costumes with similar colors and styles.

35. To stand out, try a mask with long horns.

Yes, this seems quite intimidating and one you can poke someone’s eye out. Still, looks pretty awesome.

36. How about a golden mask trimmed with black?

There are black sequins on the eye slits and borders. But it has a beaded and feathered decoration.

37. Perhaps you might want to wear a black velvet mask with lace.

Well, it has lace along the edges. But it has an ornate strap on the back as well.

38. A black velvet mask could use a few feathers.

This one has golden trim to match. Yet, it’s the feathers that grab my attention.

39. A blue and white mask should include the moon.

Well, it’s blue on one side and white on the other. Yet, the moon on this one is a blue crescent.

40. This blue beak mask comes with some ornate pearls.

Looks quite fancy with silver brocade. Nevertheless, love the pearls on silver chains.

41. A blue and white mask can come with a quality decoration.

This one has blue feathers and a flower. And it’s covered in blue glitter.

42. An ornate black mask can have as many decorations as you want it to.

This one has all kinds of stuff on it like feathers and beads. Not sure how to put this one on.

43. You can shine at carnival with even a partial mask.

This one has a feather decoration with a jewel. Not to mention, some decor on the mask itself.

44. Perhaps you might want to wear a gold and blue mask.

This one is gold with a blue swan in glitter. Includes feathers and a flower.

45. Sparkle at the masquerade ball with this jewel encrusted mask.

This one certainly doesn’t look at all cheap. Wouldn’t be surprised if it costs as much as a car. Comes in a fancy stick.

46. You can always impress in a mask of spectacular feathers.

You might easily wear this one with a fancy dress. Love the gold and jewel decorations, too.

47. This Venetian mask has some small paintings.

I guess this one is an antique museum piece. Still, you have the love the detail.

48. A mask like this is as simple as black and white.

Well, it’s black on one side and white on the other. And each side has its own decorations.

49. Be the envy of the ball with this golden mask of black feathers.

You can see this fancy gold mask has black glitter around the eyes. But the feathers really show.

50. A golden mask should come with golden roses.

Comes with golden tulle under the golden roses. Still, it’s quite lovely.

51. Capture that mysterious elegance with a mask of black metal.

Has jewels at the top. Nonetheless, I’m sure people will recognize you wearing this one.

52. Jewels can even sparkle among gold embroidery.

Well, it’s quite fancy and ornate. Still, got to love the flowery designs.

53. Perhaps you’d want a small butterfly on your mask.

Well, it’s a fancy mask with a small metal butterfly. Looks quite delicate even with the black stone.

54. A red mask should always be fancy.

This one has jewels at the center. Touched off with a feather, bow, and jewel piece.

55. A purple mask should come with a matching purple feather.

This one is covered with glitter and jewels. Still, love the feathers and jewels on the side.

56. A black lace mask with a jewel can cause quite a sensation.

This one has a bow and jewel at the side. Still, this is quite a magnificent sight to see.

57. Sometimes all a mask needs is a jewel on top.

This one has a jewel on top along with smaller stones around the eyes. Heightens the mystique if you get my drift.

58. You might prefer a black metal mask encrusted with pink jewels.

Well, its quite fancy as it’s delicate. Not sure if I’d want to wear it though.

59. Perhaps you might want a jester mask with a velvet hat.

The hat is mostly purple and green with gold embroidery. Also has glitter on the eyes and a gold ball on the nose.

60. How about a Mardi Gras masks of diamonds?

The diamonds are yellow, green, and purple. Has a plume on the side with those same colors.

61. There’s a certain elegance with a macramé gold mask of jewels.

This one is quite fancy. Though the jewels really shimmer on this mask. Love it.

62. Perhaps you might want this beaky mask of diamonds?

This one has gold on the eyes. Nevertheless, it looks kind of creepy to me.

63. You’d almost think this mask brings music to the ears.

This one is white with golden trimmed eyes and gold and white rope on the edge. Still, it’s quite lovely.

64. You’d almost think this mask was meant for the Queen of Diamonds.

Well, it has quite a regal disposition. But you have to love the pattern and design.

65. How about a white mask with a green cloth flower?

This one has gold trim on the edges and eyes. Yet, I really like the decoration on the side.

66. A mysterious black velvet mask should come with some beaded trim.

This one has jewels and bead decorations. Great for any little black dress at a masquerade.

67. A fancy purple mask should always impress with feathers.

This one has yellow and purple ribbons. Also, includes yellow trim around the eyes and edge. So pretty.

68. With this mask, you’ll be shrouded in mystery.

This gold one includes black and gold glitter. Love the sparkly golden rope edging. And it comes on a stick.

69. Sometimes a simple flower is all you need.

This one has gold embroidery on the eyes and edges. And the purple flower is touched with a purple ribbon.

70. You can make a spectacular entrance with this black feathered mask.

This one has jewels around the face. And it has a black stone on the top above the nose.

71. You might see a tune on this black long nosed mask.

Well, along the eyes at least. Still, you have to love the gold decorative detail on it.

72. Perhaps you might want a mask of black feathers and beads.

Not sure what to make about the feathers. Yet, I do like the black sequins around the eyes.

73. A black mask can always use some purple sparkle.

Got to love the glitter on this one. Really brings out the eyes. There’s also purple trim along the edges, too.

74. How about a pink mask with black lace?

This one has black trim around the eyes and edges. Still, love the black jeweled decoration on the sides.

75. You’d almost think this mask was made for a Spanish tango.

This is a red mask covered in black lace. Includes a red rose and feather. Lovely.

76. You’d almost swear these jewels shimmer like the sun.

This one has purple stones on it as far as I can tell. Love the sparkle.

77. Perhaps a sinister jester mask may suit your fancy.

Well, it certainly seems sinister to me. Still, it has plenty of jingles and shiny cloth for the hat and collar.

78. How about a mask with a feather headdress?

Well, this one has black and blue feathers around the face. Quite exquisite if you ask me.

79. A bright blue mask should be brightly decorated.

Well, it’s a feather swan mask anyway. Comes with a blue feather and all kinds of ribbons.

80. If you want to look like Big Bird’s evil twin, this hooked nose mask is for you.

Well, it’s quite ornate with gold covering part of it. Love the detail. Great if you dressed as a plague doctor.

81. A fancy black mask should come with feathers and flowers.

This one has a black swan in glitter on it. Yet, you have to love the feather and rose on the side.

82. A black and gold mask can always impress.

This one has black and gold flowers and black lace edging. Not sure what the branches are for though.

83. A red and gold mask like can brighten a festive occasion.

Has jewels on the top. Includes red tassels on each side. So pretty.

84. Everyone will remember this blue mask with a black swan.

This one is quite ornate that you have to admire the style. Love the decoration on the other

85. You can easily flutter in this black metal butterfly mask.

Well, it’s not entirely black. But you have to like the beautiful design. Not sure if I’d like to wear it though.

86. A fancy red mask should be decked in jewels and lace.

This is quite lovely. Great with a scarlet dress if you want to be that scarlet woman.

87. How about a red mask with feathers and a swan?

Yes, the red and black feathers are quite high. And the swan is made in gold.

88. It really fans out on a mask like this.

This purple one with quite ornate. Love the lace trim and purple tassel.

89. This jester mask contains many tarot pictures.

Indeed, since it makes the mask seem fancy. Though I’m not really sure what to make of it.

90. You’ll find plenty of fans unfolded on a pink mask like this.

This one has lace on the fan edges as well. Still, not sure if I could hold it in front of my face.

91. Perhaps you might want to wear this mask of encrusted stones.

This one has beads on the edges. Kind of shimmers in the right light. Love it.

92. You can always wow a crowd with this elaborate golden mask.

Indeed, it is quite ornate. Love the gold designs and the beaded fringe.

93. How about the tall feathers on this pink mask?

Well, that’s kind of an understatement. Still, if you can wear this at a party, I’d be impressed.

94. A red flower always accentuates a shiny red mask.

This one has a jewel in the center. Got to love the flowers in this as well.

95. A scarlet mask like this can always wow a crowd.

This one has red flowers and feathers. And yes, it’ll go well with any red dress.

96. How about a mask that brings in the light?

Sure it looks pretty tacky. But putting lights on a mask is quite an original idea.

97. You’ll find plenty of jewels on this Mardi Gras mask.

This one is in white with gold and black glitter as well. But it’s the jewels that truly shine.

98. A blue mask has to have gold and jewels to dazzle.

This one is quite fancy. Love the gold design and the encrusted jewels around the eyes.

99. You can’t go wrong wearing a gold mask with feathers.

This one has some lace on the edge. But the feathers are quite a sight.

100. Perhaps a golden mask would shimmer with a rose.

This one has golden branches with berries along with leaves. But it’s nonetheless magnificent.