Top of the Morning with These Lucky Saint Patrick’s Day Craft Projects (Third Edition)


Now it’s on to the crafts. Since Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t as big a holiday like Easter. But that doesn’t keep stores from selling green decorations as soon as Valentine’s Day is over. Because there are plenty of people known to go all out on March 17. While green is a predominant color, you also have pots of gold coins, rainbows, shamrocks, and leprechauns. And while it’s typically a holiday associated with parades and heavy drinking, there are plenty of stuff for families to do with the kids. Like do little acts of mischief in the house and pretend it was the work of leprechauns crashing your place. I’m sure your little kids would love it like my sister did when she was 3. Nonetheless, here is another assortment of St. Patrick’s Day crafts for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

  1. You’ll be lucky to have this flashy wreath at your front door.

This one is replete with green shiny vines and gold ribbon. Like the green bow.

2. Perhaps a shamrock bouquet on your table.

Well, at least the shamrock is prominently featured here. Like the gold beads and decomesh.

3. This green tulle wreath has a Irish touch.

Has a shamrock hanging and gold coins. Too bad the coins are plastic as expected.

4. For good luck, grace your door with this wooden shamrock.

Well, it’s a wooden shamrock with some smaller green shamrocks on the side. Also, it even says, “Lucky.”

5. You’d always be top of the morning with this green ribbon wreath.

This one has decomesh ribbons and a shiny shamrock in the middle. Perfect for any St. Paddy’s Day door.

6. A shamrock bouquet always needs a white rose.

And you can use these on tables if you want to. Though make sure they’re fake if you plan to take your St. Paddy’s party outdoors.

7. Curl up on your couch with this Saint Patrick’s Day pillow.

This one uses a 4 leaf clover print. Nevertheless, I’m sure you can find it on Etsy.

8. A St. Patrick’s Day lantern should have yellow flowers.

Okay, it has white flowers, too. Also includes clover and a bow from a shamrock ribbon.

9. Doesn’t hurt to have a shamrock in green zigzags.

It’s touched with a green polka dot ribbon. Great for any door for St. Paddy’s Day.

10. 2 shamrocks is luckier than one.

Well, one is smaller than the other and in a lighter color. But both are bordered with gold and have shiny glitter.

11. Got green baubles? Make a wreath out of them.

This one also contains shiny shamrock vines, small shamrocks, and a shamrock ribbon tied in a bow. Got to love this one.

12. A rainbow rag wreath always needs a pot of gold.

Sure most of it is in felt ties. But you have to admire the creativity on this. So pretty.

13. Nobody can resist this St. Paddy’s Day owl.

It’s even in a green shamrock pattern. And yes, it’s a hoot.

14. How about a green wreath with flowers?

The flowers are made out of tissue paper. And the wreath is atop a white frame with a light green ribbon.

15. Anyone would be lucky to have this pot of gold pot.

Has a gold glitter top and shamrock. And you can put candy in it as you please.

16. Welcome your guests with this leprechaun hat display.

Well, this one has hat over a shamrock in a pot. Love to have it outside my door.

17. A shamrock stands out on a wooden panel.

Well, it’s certainly a nice 4-leaf clover on a panel. And it’s held by sturdy string.

18. A St. Patrick’s Day wreath can never have enough shamrocks.

You have shamrocks on the decomesh as well as on the ribbon. Still, you have to love the bow.

19. How about you punch a few shamrocks out of this hat?

Yet, it’s nonetheless green and worthy to hang on a wall. Like the striped bow, too.

20. You’ll have plenty luck from the Irish with this shamrock.

Though considering Ireland’s history, I’m not sure if you want the luck of the Irish. Because they spent a considerable time under British rule. And went through a famine in the 1840s.

21. Care for a burlap wreath of shamrocks?

This one has a bow on the top and shiny shamrocks on all sides. Quite lovely on any door.

22. A St. Patrick’s Day candle can bring you some luck.

This a mostly decomesh decoration. Includes shamrocks and a leprechaun hat.

23. With this wreath you’ll receive an Irish blessing.

Well, St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday in Ireland. So it’s only natural to include a craft with a cross.

24. Any little leprechaun would love to have this crocheted hat.

Well, it’s a rather small green bowler. But the golden is quite charming.

25. You can’t go wrong with this St. Paddy’s Day display on your table.

This one has 3 metal tiers with shamrock lights, leprechauns, and a pot of chocolate toffees. Got to love the coins surrounding it.

26. Perhaps a simple yarn wreath with shamrocks will do.

It’s mostly green with some gold on one side. Still, you got to admire the shamrocks.

27. If you like flowers, you might want a green hydrangea wreath.

Well, they’re white and in shades of green. And it’s topped with a green ribbon.

28. Hang this leprechaun hat on your lucky wall.

It’s mostly made of felt with shamrocks. Some of these are held by ribbons and buttons.

29. Shamrocks can come in an array of patterns.

Two of these shamrocks are polka dots. One is in plaid. And they’re all different sizes.

30. Perhaps a green shamrock wreath would suit your fancy.

This one is made from burlap. The leaves are made from wire hangers. Love it.

31. For a simple decoration, try some baubles in a glass vase.

Well, it’s quite interesting. And the ornaments are quite green with gold tops.

32. You’ll have plenty of luck in this basket.

Helps that it’s a green basket filled with shamrocks. Though Irish luck isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

33. Wooden shamrocks should come with a few ribbons.

All of these are green with different patterns. Perfect to set on any table.

34. There’s no greener tree than one for St. Patrick’s Day.

Includes shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold, and horseshoes. Perfect for a festive party on March 17.

35.  If you’re into St. Patrick’s Day, you must have an Irish heart.

Lo and behold, I find a heart with a shamrock on top. Love the green stripes.

36. If you love leprechauns, then these flower pot hats are for you.

These seem like something kids would do. But each has a shamrock and glitter gold buckle.

37. Wear your Irish pride with this shamrock pendant.

This one is in a crocheted pattern. While delicate, it goes well on a gold chain.

38. For extra luck, how about a shamrock with horseshoes?

And it’s on a wooden panel. Still, you have to admire the creativity on this one.

39. You’ll find so many shamrocks on this pillow.

The shamrock is in the center with a button. And even the fabric has shamrocks as well.

40. Instead of a wreath, you might want a green square frame.

This one has a couple of fans in the corner. And it contains some shamrocks with an Irish touch.

41. Light up your St. Paddy’s Day with this lantern.

Okay, maybe not since it has a candle inside. This one has ribbons and flowers on top.

42. Show your Irish pride with this St. Patrick’s Day wreath.

This one depicts a painting of shamrocks, leprechaun wreath, and the Irish flag. And all surrounded by decomesh and burlap.

43. Anyone could adore this wooden shamrock on a panel.

This is painted and held by a green ribbon. Great for any wall for Saint Patrick’s Day.

44. Greet visitors with Irish hospitality with this striped wreath.

This is a yarn wreath with some green shamrock flowers. Got to love this.

45. Perhaps you might endear yourself to this green daisy tree.

Well, you have to love the flowers. Even has gold coins on the pot and a bow.

46. Enrich your St. Paddy’s Day with a wreath of flowers and shamrocks.

The flowers are on top. The shamrocks are on the bottom. And almost all are in green.

47. If you need luck, you might want to go with this simple white wreath.

Contains 3 crocheted shamrocks on the bottom. Yet, the middle spells out “luck.”

48. Hope this sign can give you a true Irish welcome.

Includes shamrocks, a leprechaun, a horseshoe, and a pot of gold. And they’re hanging on a green sign.

49. Wear your Irish pride with this shamrock ring.

The shamrock is 4 leaves and is made out of ribbons. And it has a stone for a sparkly touch.

50. Care for a pot of 4-leaf clovers?

The clovers are all fake and inside a white urn. But it seems simple enough to create.

51. You’ll find a wire tree coming from this leprechaun hat.

Contains stars and shamrocks. But it seems to have a certain whimsical charm.

52. Wear your Irish pride with this shamrock pendant.

Well, it’s attached to a chain and seems straight out of Etsy. But it’s nonetheless beautifully painted.

53. Sometimes a leprechaun hat is all a wreath needs.

The hat is made out of felt. The wreath is made from decomesh and is topped with a bow if shamrock ribbon.

54. If you love ribbons, then this is the St. Patrick’s Day wreath is for you.

The ribbons are in shades of green and a variety of patterns. And it has a shamrock hanging in the middle.

55. This planter will give you plenty of luck outside your door.

This one has “luck” in weird letters with green flowers. And it even lights up.

56. How about a shamrock in shamrock prints?

It’s 4 leaves and tied with a bow in plaid ribbons. Perfect for any mantle or table.

57. Hope you can have luck with this burlap display.

Has the word “luck” in burlap against a green wooden panel. But try to find the small shamrock in the “U.”

58. For a more naturalistic decor, go with this wreath.

Sure the foliage on this one is fake. Yet, it’s quite lovely in its own way.

59. You can’t help but be charmed by this rainbow wreath.

This one also contains a pot of gold, clouds, a leprechaun, and lots of shamrocks. Perfect for an Irish door.

60. Grace your St. Patrick’s Day table with this lovely table runner.

This one it has a shamrock pattern on several patches. Would be afraid to spill anything on this though.

61. Light up your table with these St. Patrick’s Day candles.

Both of these are filled with green beans and flowers with ribbons. Yet, they’re quite pretty if you ask me.

62. Nobody could resist this shamrock block.

Has a rather whimsical shamrock. Small but quite lovely.

63. Greet your guests on Saint Patrick’s Day with this green felt wreath.

Has a shiny shamrock near the bottom. And a green ribbon bow on top.

64. Use some St. Patrick’s Day strips for this table runner.

Sure it might have several patterns. But it’s quite whimsical to see.

65. Snuggle up on St. Paddy’s Day with this leprechaun hat pillow.

This one is made from a fuzzy green fabric with a buckle and ribbon. So cute.

66. Perhaps you might want a flower wreath with that green flower tree.

This one has ribbons on top and plastic coins dangling. The flowers are in green and white.

67. Care to put an urn of shamrocks next to your door?

Includes shamrocks and other decorations. And all on top of fake grass.

68. Irish eyes shine on this wreath.

Includes flowers of green, orange, and white. Like the Irish flag.

69. Rock the St. Patrick’s Day parade with this shiny leprechaun hat.

Includes green feathers and gold beads. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or Mardi Gras.

70. You’ll find a lot of green in this leprechaun hat.

Yes, it’s used as a pot where you can grow stuff. Yet, I got to love the shamrocks in a row.

71. Anyone would be lucky to have these St. Patrick’s Day tea lights.

Well, it has shamrock decorations on top. And a soft green base on the bottom.

72. A leprechaun always treasures his pot of gold.

Apparently, the leprechaun has dove into his pot of gold to care. Now his legs stick out.

73.  Always wish Irish blessings with flowers

Has a picture in the middle along with flowers surrounding it. Love the butterfly.

74. If you don’t like wreaths, perhaps a painted shamrock will suit you.

Yes, this one has swirls and a white border. And it’s topped with a light green bow.

75. This rainbow wreath can certainly wow guests on St. Paddy’s Day.

Has gold coins hanging by green ribbons. Love the colors on this one.

76. Go to the St. Patrick’s Day parade with this shamrock headband.

This seems quite simple with gold shamrocks against green. Wouldn’t mind wearing this on March 17.

77. You can’t have too many green flowers on a St. Patrick’s Day wreath.

For some reasons, I find green flowers strange. Love the shamrock on this.

78. Don’t leave for the parade without these lucky pins.

Each pin has a shamrock or two and a band of gold. Wouldn’t mind wearing any of these.

79. Throw your St. Patrick’s Day party with this shamrock wreath.

This one is wrapped in a frame with green cloth. There’s also a fan with a bow in the center.

80. Perhaps a leafy green wreath will make you feel lucky.

This one has green leaves and white berries. But the green and white bow really stands out here. Love it.

81. Show how lucky you are with this wooden sign.

This one “Luck” on green letters on white. Love the shamrock on the horseshoe “U.”

82. Odd to see leprechauns on the candles.

This is a planter with green flowers and candles inside. Has leprechauns on top and shamrocks on the side.

83. Best to say Saint Patrick’s Day with duct tape roses.

The flowers are in green and/or white. And they’re surrounded by green foliage like it’s a St. Paddy’s Day bouquet.

84. You’ll be tickled on St. Paddy’s Day with this feathered wreath.

Includes a green bowler hat with gold coins surrounding it and a pot. So stunning and festive.

85. How about a fancy shamrock for your wall?

This shamrock has 3 leaves in an intricate design. And there’s a 4 leaf shamrock in the center.

86. Anyone would be blessed with this ribbon wreath.

The ribbons are rather thick. Yet, this one also has a green cross with a shamrock.

87. These shamrock mason jars are golden.

These are spray-painted with gold and have shamrocks on them. Simple to make but make sure you use drop cloths first.

88. Use this post to welcome St. Paddy’s Day guests to your humble home.

This is made out of wood with a green shamrock on wires. Lovely.

89. For a more festive St. Patrick’s Day party, may I interest you in this leprechaun wreath?

Has a little leprechaun outfit with flowers, ribbons, and baubles. Available on Etsy.

90. With this St. Patrick’s Day bottle light, you’ll always feel lucky.

This one has shamrocks on the body, green ribbon on the nozzle, and decorations on top. Love this.

91. Show your Irish pride with these pillows.

One pillow says, “lucky.” Another says, “Irish.” Both are white with fringes and shamrocks.

92. Grace your front door on St. Paddy’s day with this shamrock ribbon wreath.

Because the ribbon on this wreath has shamrocks. Though there are some flowers on one of the sides.

93. Wish everyone a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day with this wooden hanging on your door.

Has shamrocks of different shades of green with each word. Kind of whimsical but unique.

94. Care for a green and gold St. Paddy’s Day bouquet?

You’ll find white, green, and gold flowers in this bucket. And it’s all tied with a bow in a shamrock bucket. So pretty.

95. Perhaps you might want to hang a wreath with a leprechaun hat.

This one has a leprechaun hat panel on the grapevine wreath. And it’s tied with a green bow to hang on one’s front door.

96. Impress your St. Patrick’s Day guests with this Emerald City table display.

This one is surely a work of ambition. Not sure what the Emerald City has to do with St. Patrick’s Day. Other than it being green of course.

97. Bring comfort to your Irish guests with this Irish blessing sign.

You probably know this saying. But it’s nonetheless on green with gold shamrocks.

98. You’ll always feel lucky with this rainbow and pot of gold.

This one is painted with the word “lucky” on the gold. So pretty and intricate.

99. Anyone would adore these St. Paddy’s Day trees.

These are white with green baubles and shamrocks. Perfect for any mini St. Paddy’s Day village.

100. You can’t have St. Patrick’s Day without these leprechaun bottles.

Each of these are green with a black belt and gold buckle. Each of these also has a shiny green hat with a shamrock.