The Picnic World of Pies


As we all know, summer is the season for picnics and special occasions whether it be graduations, weddings, family reunions, 4th of July, county fairs, local festivals, or what have you. And it goes without saying that many of these occasions feature a table of dessert of some sort like pie. Before he passed away in January, my grandfather was well-known for baking his pies with apple and cherry being his specialty. Still, though usually circular with pastry crust, pies can come in all different flavors from the traditional apple, cherry, and blueberry to even Millie’s chocolate shit pie from The Help. And let’s not get into what’s in Mrs. Lovett’s famous meat pies in Sweeny Todd. Though keep in mind that not all pies are used for dessert either since we have savory pies like chicken pot pie, meat pasties, and others. Then there’s the practice of pie throwing in people’s faces as slapstick comedy which usually involves one with cream. But there’s a recent trend of pieing becoming an act of political protest, though I’d reconsider throwing a cream pie in a politico’s face which can land you in a lot of trouble. Anyway, there are plenty of people who make pies with their own personal touch. So for your reading pleasure I bring you an oven load of unique pies to enjoy.

  1. Hope you find it in your heart to eat this pie.

This one has a crust of hearts, weavings, and flowers. Bet it took a long time to make it.

2. Perhaps it might be best if you enjoy your dessert.

So this isn’t the kind of pie you’d bring at a family reunion. Though I kind of find it funny.

3. Bet you’ve never seen an octopus pie before.

Don’t worry, I don’t think it has actual octopus in it. It’s just the crust. But yes, there are people who do eat octopus.

4. How about a pie with flowers and leaves?

Seems like some people take more time on the crust than others. Not exactly sure what this pie is.

5. For the holidays, try this Christmas crust.

Includes snowmen, snowflakes, Christmas trees, reindeer, and a couple of braids. And yes, it’s probably made by either a professional or someone with too much time on their hands.

6. I suppose this is a grape pie.

Well, it has grapes on the crust. Though the file name has Italian apple tart which is confusing.

7. Now I don’t have the slightest idea how to solve that problem.

It’s not that I’m bad at math. It’s just that I’m not good at solving complex math problems like this.

8. Floral designs always go well on the right crust.

Seems like floral motifs are a common crust motif. But such artistry would take forever to produce for most pies made in the kitchen.

9. I’m sure a stargazy pie may be worth your appetite.

It’s a pie from Cornwall in England. Though to me, the fish heads make the whole thing unappetizing to me.

10. For seaside picnics, a lobster pie will do.

Though it’s more or less a pie with a lobster on it. And no, it doesn’t have lobster in it. Though lobster pies do exist.

11. For a prettier apple pie, may I suggest your apples be roses?

Sure the apple roses are golden brown. But baked apples normally are that color. Got to like the leafed crust, too.

12. Fans of Game of Thrones might adore this Stark pumpkin pie.

Yes, Game of Thrones pies exist. I am not making this up. Though you wouldn’t want to bring this to a wedding.

13. If you want to find the circumference of this pie, this one has all you need.

Yes, it’s a pie with pi on it. Bet it’s used for Pi Day which is March 14 since the first 3 digits are 3.14.

14. A pie in the fall should have a tree with autumn leaves.

Bet this is an apple one given the crust. Though I’ve never seen leaves turn pink during the fall.

15. Speaking of tree pies, I hope this can suit your fancy.

Well, this one is a more elaborate design. Includes leaves on the edge as well as crusted fruit.

16. If you like roses, then you might like a bouquet of them in pastry dough.

Well, considering the detail, pastry roses must take long to make. But they’re nevertheless pretty.

17. For winter days, treat yourself to a nice, warm snowflake pie.

Though I have to admit, the crust was probably made with a snowflake mold. Or by a professional. Not sure which.

18. I suppose this is a chicken pot pie of some sort.

Well, it seems to be a chick in a pie. How else could I tell? Still, it’s kind of sick if you think about it too hard.

19. Help yourself to a slice of some flowery blueberry.

Guess flowers are a common crust motif. Still, it’s not bad to look at.

20. Leaves and berries make a fine pumpkin pie crust.

Bet this is for Thanksgiving since it has autumn motifs on it. Not sure what I think about the berries.

21. Make sure you use all the dough for a flowery crust.

After all, a floral crust is always sweet, especially in the spring and summer. Love the flower holes.

22. Perhaps you prefer your pie braided.

Guess this is another fall pie. Though the braids seem to give it a rustic touch.

23. Speaking of braids, this one comes with waves.

Yes, I understand braids are easy in dough. But this one makes it seem like an art form.

24. This strawberry rhubarb pie can use some flowers and leaves.

Well, you can’t hate the floral touches on this. But I’m sure you wouldn’t be making some of these pies in the kitchen.

25. This strawberry pie was made with nothing but love.

Because it has hearts all over it as you see. Then again, it was probably made for Valentine’s Day.

26. This crust is giving me butterflies.

Hey, it’s not always about hearts, flowers, and leaves, you know. But I kind of wish the butterflies had more color to them.

27. How about a knitted crust to keep your filling nice and warm?

Yes, this is a knitted crust, all right. How someone managed to achieve this, I’ll never know.

28. Seems like this ship is headed toward dangerous waters.

Hmm.. a pirate ship and a sea monster pie. Very interesting. Not something I’d think of serving at a family reunion.

29. This apple pie’s flowery crust is full of vivid color.

Hey, not all floral pies can have plain dough on them. Love the colors. So pretty.

30. For a dark night, you can’t get better than a pie like this.

Because we all know that Alfred has to make Bruce his special pie after a night beating the crap out of the Joker. Wonder what his recipe is.

31. Care for a Venn piagram?

Nor sure where I can get a pan like that. But at least this can serve more people than a regular pie. Just ask whether someone wants cherry or blueberry.

32. Hope you enjoy this new Apple iPie.

It’s a new concept in apple pie technology. With its rounded square crust, it’s a great marvel of the 21st century.

33. With this pie, you might want to have some peace.

As you can see it’s a peace sign with flowers and doves. And in Colorado, it might have a secret ingredient that gives you the munchies.

34. Care for a pie with an ivy crust?

It’s a strawberry one. But it sure shows more filling than some of the others.

35. I suppose a blackberry pie should come with a tree.

Then again, it might be vine with flowers. Apparently, this baker had too much time on their hands.

36. Making a crust like this should be easy as pie.

However, I’d beg to differ. But it’s suppose to kind of imply a pun, no less.

37. Perhaps you might have an easy time weaving your crust to keep in the filling.

Well, it certainly looks easier than some of the others. But sometimes weaving can be a pain in the ass.

38. If you can’t say something nice, say it with pie.

Though I wouldn’t go with a cherry filling if I made a pie like that. Might want go by Millie’s recipe.

39. An autumn pie should have leaves of many colors.

Yet, here each one of them is covered in sugar. Not sure if it improves the taste.

40. Apparently, a pie can also have Pac Man fever.

Yes, this is a Pac-Man pie. Sure it’s not completely round. But that’s kind of the point.

41. Something tells me that this is a rectangular apple pie.

Mostly because of what it says on the crust. That’s kind of a dead giveaway.

42. With a crust like this, this pie smells as fresh as a daisy.

Well, it has a daisy crust, anyway. Then again, there are a lot of flowers look like that.

43. For a tree crust, there has to be a lot of leaves.

Well, you’d probably have never seen a pie like this. Love the leaves on the branches.

44. Would you like your pie to be a little bit on the Dark Side?

Though judging from this one, it’s only a matter of time when it’s fully operational. Also, the heart doesn’t make this cherry pie really clashes with the Dark Side vibe.

45. If you’re into Lovecraftian delights, may I suggest a Cthulhu pie?

That way, I’m sure your fellow cultists will be impressed during your summer picnic. Enjoy.

46. It’s not Thanksgiving unless you have a cornucopia on a pumpkin pie.

Well, that’s certainly the ultimate Thanksgiving pie. Hate to slice it up and destroy it.

47. Speaking of pumpkin pies, this one might as well feed a whole town.

Yes, that’s a big pie which most likely required a massive oven. Not sure how they’ll cut that up.

48. You’d swear this Hellboy pie came from the fiery depths.

Too bad Hellboy wasn’t from either DC or Marvel. Or I would’ve featured him in related post last year.

49. This bank robber pie is surely worth a steal.

Actually I’m not sure what that’s supposed to be. In fact, it kind of reminds me of Walter White. But he doesn’t wear that hat.

50. Don’t forget to add sails to this pierate ship.

Still, the sails are only decoration. But I’m sure this will get you all hands on deck.

51. When in doubt, try a bacon crust.

Sure it might be good for your tastebuds. But it’s also bad for arteries.

52. When it’s pizza night at the Vatican, His Holiness goes for a different kind of pie.

By the way, this was from a New York pizzeria when Pope Francis came to the US in 2015. And I say, the guy did a great job.

53. Hope you can’t eat this Millennium Falcon pie in less than 12 parsecs.

Make sure you can Chewie your food. Almost resembles an exact replica of the ship.

54. These Hello Kitty hand pies are great for the road.

Well, it’s said everything is smaller in Japan. But these are adorable.

55. Now you’d almost want to hang this pie design on a wall.

This is a mutton pie design. Nevertheless, is a true work of art.

56. If you want a fiery impression, try a pie depicting a fire breathing dragon.

Even has some cheese and bacon on top. Yes, pies can look pretty awesome.

57. For a more beach picnic, this sea monster on ship pie is perfect.

Though you only see the sea monster’s tentacles. Then again, living on a wooden ship isn’t as glamorous as they make it out to be in the movies.

58. I’m sure you’ll be hooting for a pie like this.

Has a couple of owls on a perch. One is green and one is purple. So cute.

59. If you like Super Mario Brothers, you’ll like this mushroom pie.

Well, it’s not exactly Mario and Luigi. But I’m sure geeks will adore it.

60. There’s something ghostly about this pie.

Well, this is a great pie for Halloween. Though the ghost is nowhere near scary.

61. Never thought I’d see a centaur with a rainbow mane and tail.

Even has rainbows around the crust. But the centaur stands proud and tall.

62. Ewww, are those fingers?

Don’t worry, the fingers aren’t real. So the only one who should be disappointed is Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

63. With this pumpkin pie, you can track pi to hundreds of place.

Yes, the value of pi is certainly infinite. But don’t take my word for it. Just look around the crust.

64. A pierate always has to have a black crust.

Instead of a skull and cross bones, this one has a pie with crossed cutlery. Pretty clever if you think about it.

65. For a painted pie, this seems to have springly mood.

I think this is for Easter from what I can tell from the colors. But this is sure a very pretty picture.

66. Seems like there was a only room for a few pi digits on this crust.

Guess it has to do with the size of the numbers. But it’s certainly a mathematical blueberry.

67. Of course, you can have the pi constant iced.

Caption: “We celebrated Pi Day 24 hours late 😦 As the roll of the cosmic dice would have it, March 14 (3.14) is also Einstein’s birthday.
What’s not to love about that?”

68. A crust with swans is perfect for a summer night.

Well, swans are seen as graceful and romantic birds. But the pie sure is pretty.

69. Seems like this pie is a real enabler.

Of course, any crust would want you to eat more pie. Still, like how it has a fork.

70. Sometimes it all comes down to either live free or pie hard.

After all, you can’t serve a pie like this unless you have explosions everywhere. Like on the 4th of July.

71. How about a woven pie with braids?

Well, if you want braids and a weave, why not go with both? Then again, you can do worse.

72. For all you science types, does a Tesla pie suit you?

Even has Tesla with his death ray. About time the noted inventor receives his own pie tribute.

73. James Bond stars in his new movie Piefinger.

Well, a chocolate Oreo cream is perfect for this 007 tribute. Almost looks like the real theme.

74. Set phasers to blackberry and sugar rocks.

Because you can’t beat a pie going where no pie has gone before. Though I wouldn’t want to eat a Klingnon steak and kidney.

75. Hope this pie can bring a smile on your face.

Well, it’s a pie with a smiley face. Guaranteed to bring you joy on your saddest days. Then again, it might bring joy without the smile.

76. With strawberries and cherries, perhaps you might want to try some pinwheels.

If you added some blueberries, it would be perfect for the 4th of July. Still, the pinwheels are cute.

77. If you love pie, then you’ll adore this one of hearts.

I’m sure you can’t help but love these hearts on a cherry pie. So pretty.

78. This crust seems a bit leafy if you ask me.

Though I think it can do with a few flowers. But this doesn’t seem to look that bad among blueberries.

79. You can’t celebrate Pi Day without a pizza like this.

Helps if it’s in pepperoni. Though if you want to know how much you want to put on just multiply pi x radius x 2.

80. For playing D&D, I suppose you need a pie like this.

It’s a pie of a D&D dice. Yes, it appears difficult to make. But it’s said to take a top level wizard chef.

81. How about some flowers for your strawberry pie?

Well, it’s not what you’d see on a summer picnic. But it’s a lovely work of art.

82. With this apple pie, you’ll find a rose inside.

And as I said with the last rose apple pie, it’s golden brown. Though many might think it’s fit to put on a table.

83. If you’re Minnesota Vikings fan, you can’t beat a pie like this.

It has a Minnesota Vikings logo with a background of berries. I’m sure fans will eat it up.

84. With a pumpkin pie like this, you’d just want to gobble it up.

Even has a turkey on it. Perfect for a Thanksgiving dessert platter your family will treasure.

85. A snowflake pie will be just your taste for cold, snowy days.

Well, there are a few of these. But it seems more doable than the previous one I showed.

86. So I guess this is a cherry pie.

It says “Mon Cherry” a play on the French phrase “mon cherie.” And it even has cherries on it.

87. The fact pi is infinite is a textbook case.

And here is a textbook pie of pi. There’s even a layered crust to drive the point.

88. As we all know that a flag pie is as a American as well, pie.

It’s a cherry and blueberry pie. Though it doesn’t contain apples, it’s still quite American nonetheless.

89. A cherry Christmas pie should always have stenciled holly.

Sure nobody would have a pie like this on their Christmas table. But it sure looks lovely to behold.

90. An American pie like this is perfect for a patriotic picnic.

This one depicts a flag and the words, “God Bless America.” Around the edge you’d find part of a crown of thorns and a couple roses.

91. Heard of honey pie? How about a honey comb pie?

Even has a bee on it. So quaint and adorable in its own way.

92. A Thanksgiving berry pie should be one of turkeys and acorns.

Because if there are turkeys and acorns, it has to be for Thanksgiving. Though the filling doesn’t have to be pumpkin.

93. If they can’t have cake, then let them eat pie.

Well, you can say that for some people. Of course, whenever Agent J says, “You need pie,” he doesn’t just mean pie.

94. For some it’s either bros before hos or chicks before dicks. But for this person, it’s a different story entirely.

Someone must really like pie. Though if I was into piemakers, I’d go with the nice looking one who wakes the dead.

95. What’s better on a pumpkin pie than an actual pumpkin on it?

By the way, the pumpkin in the pumpkin pie isn’t really pumpkin. It’s butternut squash. Sorry.

96. There’s something batty about this pie.

Well, it has bats all over the apple filling. And they’re covered in yellow and purple sugar.

97. For this baker, pie is love.

As far as the person who made this is concerned. Like the hearts and doves.

98. On this blueberry pie, pi runs in so many places.

Well, it has pie numbers on the crust. Yes, Pi Day is a thing.

99. Nobody could resist a pie of BB8.

As anyone knows, BB8 is the droid from The Force Awakens. Yet, he’s so adorable.

100. For some, it seems to be eat pie, love.

It’s a play on a book called Eat, Pray, Love. But for some people, pie is a big part of their lives.

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