Salute the Red, White, and Blue United States of America with These Patriotic 4th of July Treats (Third Edition)


Though now is the winter of my discontent as an American citizen, I understand that I must try to keep the patriotic fervor alive as far as the 4th of July is concerned. Celebrating America’s birthday on the 4th of July is supposed to be a festive and uproarious occasion. But since the 2016 Election, the American spirit we associate with Independence Day isn’t with me at the moment. The fact so many people I knew and cared about voted for such an unrespectable man who’s now in the White House was a profound sense of betrayal for me. It has only gotten worse since the House passed the morally indefensible American Healthcare Act and the Senate is trying to pass their healthcare plan in the most undemocratic way possible. Not to mention, the fact so many people seem to stand by and make excuses for Donald Trump no matter what he does, what longstanding rules he breaks, who he hurts, or how his presidency is becoming an utter disaster. For the first time in my life, I feel ashamed for my country as if Trump’s presidential candidacy has led millions of people to abandon our most cherished American values out racism and their own selfish reasons. But anyway, I must continue with my holiday posts though any pride or faith I have in my country is almost shattered. Well, here’s another assortment of 4th of July treats so you can celebrate your barbecue. Enjoy.

  1. This 4th of July, grace your patriotic dessert table with this sparkling cake.

It’s a cake with sparkler candles and red and blue sprinkles. Make sure the sparklers go out before serving.

2. There’s a lot of explosive energy with these cupcakes.

And since it’s the 4th of July, they have red, white, and blue icing. What can be more patriotic than that?

3. Wake up this 4th of July to an American flag waffle.

Contains strawberries, blueberries, and banana. But you may used whipped cream if you want.

4. A red, white, and blue rose iced cake is a patriotic treat.

Well, you have to admire the icing on this one. Cause I’m sure nobody but a cake decorator can pull this off.

5. Let Old Glory wave with these red, white, and blue cupcakes.

Sure it may not resemble the American flag exactly. But the stars and stripes is a hard one to replicate in food.

6. For your dessert platter, may I suggest these Rice Krispie balls?

Each one is iced with red, white, and blue sprinkles. It’s a simple but patriotic treat.

7. Nothing makes a 4th of July barbecue more American than this 7 layer dip.

Now that’s a work of artisanship here. Not sure if I’d want to dip a nacho in this. Might desecrate a sacred image. Though Trump already has.

8. Or you can go with a pepperoni, cheese, and nacho snack platter.

Though the nachos on this one are blue which is weird. Seriously, why do these things exist?

9. Feast your eyes on these star-spangled cupcakes.

This one has striped and star cupcakes. Sure they’re professionally made. But they’re perfect for an Independence Day barbecue.

10. There’s something crackling about this 4th of July cake.

Yes, it looks like a giant cupcake with a firecracker on it. But it’s one of a kind like America.

11. As we all know, it’s whether you bleed red, white, and blue on the inside that counts.

As you can see, you’ll find the colors in this cupcake. May not see it on the outside at first though.

12. No proud patriotic partier can ever resist these red, white, and blue cupcakes.

This one has red, white, and blue filling and star sprinkles. Hope this can satisfy your star-spangled urges.

13. For a fruity treat, may I suggest red, white, and blue jello?

Well, it looks similar to a previous one I showed a couple years back. But this one has more whipped cream and less cherries.

14. For a simple treat, you might want to go with some patriotic pretzel sticks.

Requires pretzel sticks, icing and sprinkles. But make sure the sprinkles are red, white, and blue.

15. Celebrate the 4th of July with some patriotic pudding pops.

Well, they’re quite small compared to popsicles. But at least they make a cool summer treat.

16. Nothing makes a 4th of July party like strawberry and blueberry trifle.

Because, you know red, white, and blue. Though they didn’t include the whipped cream.

17. For a more sweet disposition, I suppose an M&M flag cake can suit your fancy.

Don’t worry, they do have 4th of July M&Ms for this. Yet, once you bake the cake, decorating should be a breeze.

18. Ice cream cookies are always a tasty treat.

Yes, they’re scoop cookies on ice cream cones with red, white, and blue sprinkles. Say what you want, but at least they won’t melt in your hands.

19. Grace your dessert platter this 4th of July with this American flag peanut butter dip dish.

I know it’s for dessert since it’s covered with sprinkles. You don’t use sprinkles in appetizer platters.

20. For a more patriotic cake, may I recommend iced and sprinkled pretzel sticks?

Helps if you have some red, white, and blue sparkler decorations on top. Gives you a more festive atmosphere doesn’t it?

21. Firework cookies are always an explosive delight.

Sure these are made by a professional. But they’d look good on any American flag paper plate.

22. There is no more American treat than some star spangled brownies.

Well, it’s brownies configured into an American flag. But each one has a red, white, or blue star. Such a statement in chocolaty patriotic goodness.

23. No patriot party is complete without a cake to honor the US of A.

Helps that’s it’s 2 tiered and in red, white, and blue. Love the patterns on it.

24. Now this is a cake reeking of American sentiment.

However, we should say that Trump voters seem to have a funny sense of honor. After all, they elected a man who has absolutely none.

25. A loaf of cake should have layers of raspberries and blueberries.

Well, there’s icing in between along with the berries to get that red, white, and blue. I’m sure it’ll be a hit at some fancy patriotic celebration.

26. Top your 4th of July celebration with this Rice Krispie Uncle Sam hat.

Because an Uncle Sam head is far too creepy. Though it doesn’t exactly resemble his outlandish star-spangled hat. But it’ll do.

27. Red, white, and blue meringue cookies always spin for your pleasure.

Not exactly sure what meringue is. But I love the colors on these that I’ll include them in this post.

28. There’s plenty of this star spangled fruit pizza for everyone.

Toppings mostly consist of strawberries, icing, and blueberries. So decorating it shouldn’t be a problem.

29. Or perhaps a star pie may suit you.

Like the previous one, this also consist of strawberries and blueberries. Though something else poses as the filling.

30. This star spangled cake is one showing patriotic love.

This is for a wedding. But I like the star union being draped on it. A very American cake.

31. Nothing makes a quality patriotic snack like red, white, and blue pretzel bites.

You just need pretzels, icing, and 4th of July M&Ms. And you’re all set. Easy.

32. For a more festive and explosive flair, try these Rice Krispie firecrackers for size.

These consist of Rice Krispies, chocolate, licorice, and sprinkles. The rest is just decoration.

33. If you want to please, go with a flag candy bar treat.

Each one is decorated with M&Ms like some of the others on this post. Yet, all these look delicious.

34. For added fluff, try some red, white, and blue marshmallow sticks.

Yes, this is another sugary snack. But Pinterest often shows desserts for holidays anyway.

35. This patriotic cookie cake is great for fireworks celebrations.

Though this is certainly covered in candy. And why do they have white chocolate Kit Kat bars on there? That’s insane.

36. There’s nothing more patriotic at a 4th of July than this American flag pizza.

Yes, they used leafy greens for the blue. But there’s not a lot of blue food around. Still, looks tasty.

37. These red velvet cupcakes make a quality patriotic dessert.

Helps if they have white icing and blueberries on top. Still, these are pretty.

38. Celebrate your 4th of July with these red, white and blue cheesecakes.

Each layer on this is red and white with white icing and blueberries on top. Will sure make your party a hit.

39. For a more sophisticated treat, may I suggest some American flag cheesecake squares?

Each has cherry sauce and blueberries on top. Though I’m not a cheesecake fan, I assure your guests may enjoy these.

40. Hope you can find a slice of Old Glory within this cake.

I showed a similar one years ago. But this one seems to take less layers and stars.

41. You can’t have anything more star spangled at your 4th of July party like these stained glass stars.

Yes, they’re cookies with jello in the center. Not sure how it works. But they look quite tasty.

42. Feast your eyes on this star spangled patriotic pie.

Yes, it’s another American flag pie. But this one is in a neater fashion than a previous one I showed.

43. It’s not a patriotic fruit salad without stars and flags.

Well, if you can’t eke out an American flag on a watermelon, stars will do. The American flags aren’t a bad touch either.

44. Uncle Sam sends his love to the US of A.

Well, that’s a nice cookie image. But you’ll bet it’ll be eaten somehow. Like the flag though.

45. If you want a more healthy option, you might want to go with American flag fruit kabobs.

Includes strawberries, banana slices, and blueberries. Seems like you can do a lot with these 3 fruits.

46. If you like roll cakes, I suppose this red, white, and blue one will suit your fancy.

Sure it may not look remarkable on the outside. But the inside is amazing.

47. With this cake, you can show your love for the US of A.

Yes, it’s a cake of the United States. Yet, you have to love the red icing and blueberries on it.

48. These star-spangled cookies have a flowery disposition.

If you look closely at the stars, you’ll see that the tiny stars are flowers. They may be professionally made but I’ll take them.

49. Fruit tacos can always wake you up for the 4th of July.

Each consists of strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream wrapped in a pancake. A great combination for a patriotic morning.

50. Wake up this 4th of July morning with some fruity fireworks.

This one also has strawberries and blueberries. Though to be fair, they’re less likely to kill you than the ones at IHOP.

51. Nobody could resist some American flag fruit kabobs with raspberries and marshmallows.

Though the fruit kabobs like these I showed last year were also drizzled. These are not.

52. Well, this American flag cake is certainly cherry.

Never featured an American flag cake with cherries on it before. Maybe because cherries need to get the pits out of them.

53. Hold a toast to America’s birthday with these Rice Krispie shot cups.

I guess these cups are made for adults. Don’t ask me where this Pinterest idea came from. Then again, it might depend on whether the drink has any alcohol.

54. If you think fruit kabobs should have an even distribution of red, white, and blue, these will do nice for you.

Includes strawberries, banana slices, and blueberries. And you can pick up each one on a stick.

55. For fun in the sun, these 4th of July flip flop nutter butter cookies are a tasty treat.

Now that’s an ingenious idea. Love how they each have a pair. So creative.

56. These small fruit kabobs will nicely on a watermelon shell.

Kabobs consist of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. And there are 2 American flags to give the platter a patriotic look.

57. This star spangled cookie pizza goes nicely on any 4th of July dessert platter.

Decorated with strawberry stripes and a blackberry union. Though I’m more impressed by the use of blackberries since you often don’t see them on such treats.

58. You’ll always have an explosive night with these firework cookies.

Helps if each one of them has red, white, and blue. Love them.

59. How about a fruit pizza of the Star-Spangled Banner?

Contains raspberries and blueberries on it. But it seems rather easy to decorate once it’s covered in icing.

60. There’s no patriotic platter like an American flag of pretzels.

Each one is dipped in some red, white, or blue chocolate. But only the blue ones have sprinkles.

61. Nothing emphasizes America like a dipped Oreo American flag.

Some of these were dipped in red and white chocolate. Some were dipped in blue chocolate and have stars on them.

62. This star-spangled cake is perfect for any 4th of July barbecue.

It’s blue with stars on the top. And it has red and white stripes on the sides. Makes a great centerpiece on a dessert platter.

63. A patriotic cake should always have a bald eagle on top.

This one was for a 90th birthday. Comes in 3 tiers with stripes on the bottom, stars in the middle, and an eagle on top.

64. You’d almost think these firework cupcakes would explode in your mouth.

I know these are fireworks but they kind of resemble bombs. Though at least they’re red and blue.

65. You can make a 4th of July cake look stunning with candy canes.

Well, candy canes do have red and white stripes. But where are you ever going to find them this time of year?

66. If you like chocolate chip cookies, may I suggest these stars?

Also, has some strawberries and blueberries on top of white icing. From a Nestle Toll House recipe.

67. Nothing entices 4th of July partygoers like shiny red, white, and blue candy apples.

Or should I say red, white, and silver? Then again, these seem professionally made.

68. As we all know red and blue orange slices bring all the fun.

However, there’s a chance they might contain alcohol. So you might want to keep out of reach of those under 21. Or at least until you consult the host.

69. For a more patriotic cheesecake, you might want to add some food coloring.

Well, red and blue coloring anyway. Though this looks absolutely stunning.

70. For a healthy 4th of July, perhaps a Captain America fruit platter may suit you.

Yes, he may not be your favorite Avenger. But he’s a patriotic superhero. So his emblematic shield on a fruit platter goes on this post.

71. Enjoy watching fireworks while chomping down on some patriotic popcorn.

Has some blue and red in it to match the bowl. Not sure how that works out.

72. There’s something fishy about these red, white, and blue goldfish pretzel bites.

Seems like red, white, and blue goldfish crackers exist. Yet, these are quite easy to make as you see.

73. These 4th of July cookies have been well put together.

Well, these are cookies of the USA. Includes some wood panel cookies as well.

74. Check out these star-spangled Oreos on a stick.

Each one is dipped in red and blue chocolate with white stars on them. Still, they must be delicious.

75. If you like frozen treats, you might want some of these patriotic ice cream sandwiches.

Each one has some strawberry and vanilla ice cream between graham crackers as well as blue icing and sprinkles. Great for any hot day.

76. There is nothing more delectable for the 4th of July than some cheesecake stars.

And they’re in red, white, and blue layers, too. Also like the whipped cream and sprinkles.

77. Hope this American flag waffle is brought to your patriotic breakfast.

Well, this is a circular waffle, anyway. But it contains strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream.

78. Celebrate America’s birthday with these American flag cake pops.

All of them are also covered in white sprinkles. At any rate, enjoy.

79. You can never go wrong with a patriotic fruit platter like this.

This one is mostly made from watermelon. But it sure rings a patriotic show.

80. For  a real American flag pie, perhaps rectangular is best.

The stripe filling is cherry and the stars one is blueberry. But it will certainly serve everyone.