The Cushiony World of Pillows


Whether it is to support your head while sleeping or make the couch look good, pillows are a common feature in any home with a bed and living room furniture. Though the ones we see are normally comprised of fabric envelope containing soft stuffing, some cultures have pillows made from wood or stone. Of course, the latter is due to standards of comfort, affordability, material availability. For instance, old Chinese pillows could be made of bamboo, jade, porcelain, wood, ceramic, and bronze. And they mostly didn’t resemble the pillows we’re used to. Now pillows have been around since 7,000 BCE in ancient Mesopotamia. Yet, only the wealthy used pillows which also served as a status symbol. The richer someone was, the more they owned. Aside from providing comfort to the head, they were also used to keep insects out of people’s hair, mouth, nose, and ears while sleeping. In ancient Egypt, wooden and stone pillows were mainly used for the deceased. As for softer pillows, well, they could be stuffed with reeds, feathers, or straw. Today, you’re more likely to find fillers of cotton stuffing, foam, synthetic fibers, latex, or down. As you see above, pillows can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, especially the decorative variety. And that’s where I come in. Some of the ones you’ll see will have a decorative case. Others, a unique shape. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a glimpse into the diverse world of cushiony pillows.

  1. “Life without music would B flat.”

You can say the same for a pillow without stuffing. But who am I kidding?

2. A pillow with peacock feathers should always sparkle.

Well, this is certainly dazzling. Wouldn’t look great on a brown living room couch though.

3. This little unicorn pillow can always make you smile.

It’s even shaped like a unicorn head with a white mane. So adorable.

4. These cushions are perfect for an autumn sofa.

Includes 2 leaves, an acorn, and a pumpkin. Known to give a rustic touch.

5. Nothing gets your couch in the mood for movie night like these pillows.

Sure they may not be as colorful as some of the ones I show. But they’ll do when watching TCM.

6. There’s nothing more peaceful than a quaint country street.

You can tell it’s in the countryside since you find a few sheep near the tree. So lovely.

7. A desert house should always have cacti cushions.

Yet, don’t expect to find any flowers on these. But at least none of them have needles.

8. How about a few macaroons on your couch?

Well, at least they come in several different colors. Hope you’re into pastels.

9. These Oreo pillows are easily stackable.

Sure they may not have any creamy filling in between. But they don’t look half bad.

10. A pineapple pillow has a tropical flair.

And here is a pillow that actually resembles a pineapple. Yet, unlike the real thing, it won’t get rotten after a while.

11. Now that has to be a rather fancy trailer.

Yes, it’s another fancy pillow. Then again, this looks more like a camper than a trailer.

12. This couch cushion comes with all the jewels.

Kind of reminds me of the stuff you’d see on my jewelry post. Not sure if any of the decor is upcycled pieces though.

13. You wouldn’t want to have this pillow in the water.

Seems like sharks have become popular lately. Makes me wonder why. But I think this design is quite charming.

14. “You keep me searching for a heart of gold.”

I guess this is a perfect pillow for any fan of Neil Young. Though you’d be gettin’ old.

15. You’d almost swear this cushion came painted.

I guess it’s a copy of some famous painting. Nevertheless, seems to be a true masterpiece.

16. With these pillows, you can get lost under the sea.

Includes angel fish, starfish, and a sea turtle. And they all come finely painted.

17. Perfume bottle pillows are always high class.

The middle pillow has golden sequins and is made for a true queen. Though the bottle pillows also look nice.

18. Are your sure these are pillows?

Yes, these definitely are without a doubt. They just have a rather unconventional design.

19. With these pillows, the snow capped mountains are in the comforts of your home.

Even includes an evergreen tree. Nevertheless, each mountain pillow comes with 2 peaks to form a range.

20. Might want to check this handbook for the recently deceased.

I’m just kidding about that one. It’s actually a pillow with a book title making you scratch your head.

21. Nothing befits a boat cabin like this nautical cushion.

This one even comes with robe and a pink striped life preserver. Hope it makes guests feel welcome aboard.

22. Deer skin cushions are perfect for any hunting lodge.

Don’t tell me these are made by the skins of fawns shot out of season. Because that’s probably illegal under Pennsylvania state law.

23. Floral beadwork can always impress.

And here we have 3 beaded hibiscus flowers. Like the blue and white one the best.

24. With these floral pillows, the spring flowers are a work of art.

a lot of these appear painted. But each is quite lovely in its own way.

25. Now this little tree is teeming with beautiful red leaves.

Here we have another painted cushion. Not sure if it’s derived from a copy or an original. And in the end, it doesn’t matter much.

26. “Donut Worry. Be Happy.”

And I see that a fried pastry with sprinkles and icing can make anyone’s day. Still, this is clever.

27. It’s not a fiesta without some colorful saguaro cacti.

Come in 4 Mexican style patterns reminding you of the desert. All come with trim.

28. Painted posies always brighten one’s day.

Especially if you can rest your head on them. Still, these are pretty.

29. Starfish and sponges always go well on an easy chair.

Well, they seem quite quaint on a chair. Wouldn’t mind having these.

30. Looks like this pillow’s been out a few times.

Kind of reminds you of the due date list you find in a library book. Yet, this one seems to have all kinds of stamps.

31. How about a cushioned felt hydrangea?

These felt flowers are quite pretty. And love how the pillow is purple as well.

32. Hope you can smile for these cameras.

Still, the cameras may seem a bit old fashioned. But there’s something whimsical about them.

33. You see, bears can find love in the woods.

Yes, but when its all over, the male bear will leave. And the female will give birth during hibernation. Oh, and male bears can kill cubs.

34. A pair of antlers can always come with a few flowers.

Now this is a pillow of beauty. Love the flowers. Wouldn’t mind having this.

35. You’d almost take this pillow for a marble block.

However, you wouldn’t want to carve anything on it. Still, better suited for rain than actual marble.

36. If you liked Birds of North America, then get a hold of these pillow cushions.

They even come in several different colors, too. Though this mostly consists of flying birds on trees.

37. A Victorian pillow should be endowed with flowers and lace.

Though if it’s real, I’d be real delicate with it. Also, wouldn’t want to lay my head on it either.

38. Have one of those crocheted blankets? Well, here are some pillows to match.

Sure they may have smaller squares. But each is unique in its own way.

39. Who can’t resist these two otters holding hands?

Because who doesn’t love otters? Seriously, these animals are adorable.

40. Guess this pillow’s the real ticket.

Though it’s an old-fashioned movie ticket. Yet, hope you can enjoy the show.

41. Feast your eyes on this forest mountain scene.

Guess this is of someplace in the West. Given the tall evergreens and the majestic mountains.

42. A golden peacock always belongs on peacock blue.

Well, peacocks are resplendent creatures. And yes, gold surely suits this one.

43. With these heart pillows, what’s not to love?

After all, hearts can always bring smiles. But these seem more suited for Valentine’s Day.

44. As we all know, the blasters in Star Wars sound like this.

Though if a Storm Trooper is firing one, it won’t hit anything. Because they’re all terrible shots.

45. This smiling egg comes sunny side up.

Though this pillow belongs more on your couch than your plate. But it’s adorable.

46. A seahorse pillow always has its tail curled.

Well, on its back anyway. But I’m sure nobody could resist. So cute.

47. A striped cushion can always boast beautiful flowers.

Have to admire the flowers on this. Love the colors and how they go with the black and white stripes.

48. A fancy pillow should always have a painted flower bouquet.

Yes, it’s another one of those old-fashioned looking pillows. No, I don’t think it’s for your head.

49. These tie dye pillows are where it’s at.

Though owning one of these might lead people to believe you might possess a variant of brown acid. Also, possibly smoke pot.

50. Pancake and butter pillows are part of a complete breakfast.

Though they work well when one’s stacked on top of another. Though don’t put syrup on these.

51. A watermelon pillow can always refresh.

Though I think the slice should be smaller and the half should be bigger. Makes more sense that way.

52. “I donut care.”

Well, that’s pretty clever. Like how the donut has a bite in it. Yes, it’s another pun inspired donut pillow.

53. These princess pillows will bring you royal comfort.

Sure they’re kind of minimalistic with circles and a crown. But they’re adorable.

54. The honey badger is always king.

Because we all know that the honey badger don’t care. Yes, these are very tough animals who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

55. With lashes, you should always have a pair.

And you can say the same for these pillows. Make sure they’re the same thickness though.

56. These pillows go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Sure enough these are pillows of bread slices with peanut butter and jelly. Put them together and you have a sandwich.

57. Would you want fries with that?

Don’t think you can lay your head on these. But at least they come with their own case.

58. Apparently, Godzilla is older than I thought.

Yes, this is Godzilla in an old Japanese tidal wave painting. And yes, there’s a strange awesomeness behind it.

59. How about a smore?

Doesn’t hurt if it has a smile on its face. So adorable. I’m sure anyone would want to eat this one up.

60. Fuzzy pillows are always the best.

Each one comes in a different color. Seem like the outside was made from a truffle tree.

61. I suppose one can’t do without these Batman pillows.

Includes Batman, Robin, Alfred, and the Joker. A must have for any Batman fan.

62. “Come to the nerd side. We have π.”

Yes, they always try to hook you with the mathematics. And then it all comes downhill from there.

63. “I’m kind of a big dill.”

Well, it is a dill pickle. So in a way, it is a big dill. Nevertheless, it’s kind of clever.

64. Hope this pillow will give you direction.

Well, the compass rose is always a nice motif. Though it won’t be reliable if you’re lost in the woods.

65. A golden rose always shines.

Well, this golden rose is made from felt. But it’s nonetheless pretty.

66. “Hello, gorgeous!”

This one just consists of makeup. Nice to have at a salon. Though not sure if I’d buy it.

67. These ice cream pillows always come with a smile.

Come in 4 flavors apparently. Unfortunately, chocolate isn’t one of them.

68. With these pillows, you can come to a rather flowery couch.

These are rose pillows. They’re covered in felt to resemble roses. And yes, they’re quite pretty.

69. With this pillow, you can always rest easy on the world.

This one even has a route between Europe and Australia. So quaint and perfect for any traveler.

70. Apparently, this dog went all plaid.

Actually it’s a pillow depicting a dog. And yes, I’m sure some may find it adorable.

71. Let’s hope the moon, cloud, and star always sleep soundly.

Now these look quite adorable. Perfect for any young child’s bedroom.

72. With this pillow, you can see the wonders of the universe.

I guess Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson must have ones that look like these on his couch. If he doesn’t, I’d be very disappointed.

73. This ferocious shark just wants to say hi.

Well, it does seem to resemble the shark from Jaws. But it’s really friendly if you ignore the razor sharp teeth.

74. Sometimes Mexican pillow designs can get quite festive.

Well, each of these is intricate in its own way. Like the one with the colorful flowers the best.

75. Get a load of this forest scene.

This one includes all the forest creatures with the trees in nature’s splendor. So lovely.

76. Everyone needs a large set of kiss lips now and then.

Of course, you’ve probably seen this before. Yes, it’s a common pillow. But I find it quite tacky for my taste.

77. For your living room, how about cushions that match your antique porcelain?

You see this kind of scheme on old china. So why not have a pillow depicting it?

78. No one’s bed could be complete without some military cat cushions.

Here we have Colonel Whiskers, Captain Paw Paws, and Major Meowy. Yes, I know they’re a cat lover’s dream.

79. A donut pillow can always bring you comfort.

Well, this one is a donut with icing and sprinkles galore. Yet, don’t eat it since it’s just full of stuffing.

80. Cuddle up with this all seeing eye of the ocean.

Well, the eye is kind of like the sun in this. But I kind of think it’s pretty neat.

81. A distinguished Bill Murray will always make your day.

Yes, this is a Bill Murray portrait pillow. Yes, I know he doesn’t dress like that. But can I just have a little fun?

82. A deer pillow should always be on flannel.

Because plaid always mean flannel during hunting season. Though many stick to camo and bright orange.

83. Things can get really webby on your couch with these pillows.

Though these spider web pillows are much more suited for Halloween. Since they have a haunted look about them.

84. Put on the feline charm with these cat pillows.

Come in 3 colors and each is soft and cushy as the other. Sorry, if calico is unavailable.

85. There’s always something quaint about this rural set of pillows.

Well, it certainly seems that way. Though there’s a haunted look to it. Maybe it’s the yellow and white on a brown background.

86. Nothing brightens your day than curling up with some emoji pillows.

Each of theses flowers has rainbow petals, too. So you can enjoy them all you want.

87. This little cupcake pillow seems good enough to eat.

Doesn’t hurt if it’s chocolate either. Still, too bad it’s not even edible.

88. You can play with these video game pillows for hours and hours.

Each one has its own unique game controller. So press the buttons all you want.

89. With these map pillows, you can almost travel the world.

Yes, these contain maps of faraway places. Not sure if it’s best to use them to plan your vacation. But they sure look pretty.

90. Hope these raindrop pillows keep falling on your head.

Seems like they’re all smiling as always. So adorable. Love these.

91. Sometimes it helps to snuggle up with some animal crackers.

Yes, I know animal crackers are cookies. But these come in icing and sprinkles.

92. This little marshmallow will make you feel all toasty inside.

Though you wouldn’t want to make smores with this. Still, it’s so cute.

93. These superhero pillows can always save the day.

Includes heroes from both Marvel and DC. Though collateral damage causation may vary.

94. Stack enough of these pillows and you’ll have your own Christmas tree.

Yes, I know Christmas is months away. But c’mon this is a pretty nifty design. Love it.

95. Here is the world in all its floral glory.

Well, it always seems that flowers can make almost everything better. Even a world map. So pretty.

96. Emoji pillows come in all kinds of expressions.

These are quite popular, by the way. You can find ones of every face, too. Enjoy.

97. With this world map, you can explore anywhere.

This one is more for children. Yet, it gives them some idea what’s on each continent.

98. These sushi pillows will always make you smile.

Helps if they have some smiling faces. Nevertheless, you can’t help but love them. So cute.

99. Whether they are rocks or pillows is for you to decide.

Well, they’re actually pebble pillows. Yet, by looking at them, you wouldn’t want to put them against your head.

100. Nobody could resist a rainbow poop emoji pillow on the couch.

For some reason, it didn’t take me long to find it in a Google search. Must be quite a amusing and popular. But yes, it comes from a unicorn.

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  1. Very cool pillows! I didn’t realize that they are such an art form. Mine are looking a little bland after seeing those!

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