A Wreath for All Seasons


A lot of my craft posts have featured wreaths at one point or another whether they be for holidays, for fandoms, or other kind of decor like shells or jewelry. Whenever I go on Pinterest, I seem to find wreaths for almost every occasion you can think of. Whatever it is, chances are you’ll find a wreath for it. Nevertheless, I also find a lot of wreaths which don’t seem to fit in any set box. Some may be seasonal. Some might reflect an interest or profession. Some might denote an occasion like a wedding, birthday, or graduation. Some might take on a particular theme. And some might just exist to make the place look pretty. In any case, a lot of these wreaths can be just as memorable as the ones I usually put on posts. Nevertheless, wreaths have a long history and much symbolism associated with them since ancient times, especially around the Mediterranean. Though the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Etruscans usually used them as prizes or crowns. Yet, other ancient Europeans used them as decoration, too. Today, wreaths can denote so many holidays and occasions or possibly none at all. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a treasure trove of wreath for all seasons.

  1. This garden wreath is quite potty.

Well, it has a lot of small flower pots with seeds, tools, and a nest. Great for any green thumb.

2. A peacock wreath should always come with sparkling flowers.

I guess this for a rather festive occasion. Love the flowers and feathers. So pretty.

3. A flower wreath should have a few home and garden touches.

This one includes a birdhouse, watering cans, and a key. Not sure what season this is for though.

4. Even a fall wreath can seem rather festive.

And you can tell since it has a bow in two plaid ribbons. Also, sunflowers usually come around late in the summer and early autumn.

5. A wreath with a pink butterfly can make quite an impression.

Doesn’t hurt if it covers the center wreath. Great for spring.

6. A nautical wreath should always include a lighthouse.

Though a lot of beaches may not have them. Yet, I think it goes great with the shells.

7. Whoever has this wreath shouldn’t return with a story of how the big one got away.

Well, “gone fishin'” is an expression denoting that someone’s gone on vacation. But this is quite clever.

8. Floral china always make a perfect wreath for a tea party.

Though I’m not sure whether the blue one fits in. Then again, sometimes you have to go with what you have.

9. This maritime wreath is well anchored.

Speaking of nautical wreaths, prepare to see quite a few of them. Since it’s a popular theme. Still, love this one.

10. Flowers always look delightful crocheted.

Wouldn’t mind having this on my door or wall. Still, would look out of place on a tombstone.

11. A wreath should be about as colorful as the flowers on them.

This yarn wreath has interesting flowers on it. Though the stripes aren’t bad either.

12. Fancy drink umbrellas can always celebrate the summer.

Let’s hope whoever made this wreath got the small umbrellas from a craft store. Because I know these are often served with drinks.

13. A crayon wreath makes a great present for the teacher.

I bet this is for an elementary school teacher since it consists of a lot of crayons. Like the tape measure ribbon.

14. You can always grow to love a garden hose wreath.

Though this gardener’s wreath doesn’t seem to have any patience. Also, let’s hope the hose used wasn’t stolen or anything.

15. Some flower wreaths can do with a few pearls.

I can see why someone would want to make a wreath more fancy. Yet, I’m not sure if it’s necessary.

16. Apparently, this wreath seems rather brushed off.

Okay, it’s made with paint brushes on it. Great for a garage. Not so much for a living room or front door.

17. You can’t go wrong with a wreath of red roses.

Floral wreaths like these are great for almost any holiday or season. And one with roses is no exception.

18. A lantern goes great with yellow flowers.

Another fall wreath, I believe. The lantern’s a bit rusty but rather fitting.

19. Nothing makes a better fall wreath like one of Indian corn.

Though you’ll probably see more of these in November for Thanksgiving. However, remember this kind of corn isn’t for eating.

20. Felt flowers should be all kinds of colors.

Yet, this one uses fake plastic foliage which I find odd. Nevertheless, I think the flowers are very pretty.

21. Sometimes a yarn flower wreath only has to be simple.

Well, this is rather quaint. Has only a few flowers but I really love the purple.

22. There’s always something sacred about pink flowers at a church.

Nevertheless, the church birdhouse does match the flowers. Love it.

23. The brighter the flowers, the more festive the wreath can be.

I guess this is a summer luau wreath from the looks of it. Still, great for outdoor parties.

24. A rose wreath can sometimes come with an appropriate birdhouse.

Though I’d love the wreath just as much without a bird and its domicile. So pretty.

25. Sunflowers and plaid always go together.

Seems like this was made for a more summery occasion. Perhaps an outdoor picnic or two?

26. You can even make an autumn wreath with purple.

Well, some of the autumn foliage does look a bit dead. But this is nevertheless lovely.

27. The garden tools on this look a bit rusty.

Well, if you’re decorating a rusty garden shed, this is the wreath for you. Otherwise, it doesn’t really bring out anything sunny.

28. There’s nothing to love more than heart of the lily of the valley.

Sure it’s a flower that’s often used at weddings which has a noxious poison that killed someone off Breaking Bad. But there’s nothing you can’t resist about this wreath.

29. Sometimes you’d wish you were sailing on the calm seas.

This maritime wreath is in crochet as you might see. Yet, I really like the lighthouse in the center.

30. Large white flowers always leave an impression.

Not sure what this flower is supposed to be. But it surely does blossom. Yes, I know the flowers on this are fake.

31. Perhaps a steering wheel off a ship can look good in your mess hall?

Not sure if this counts as a wreath. But since it’s listed on Pinterest as such, I’ll take it.

32. There’s something wild about this rose wreath.

Well, it has a few pine cones and foliage on it. Not sure if it’s suited for fall. But seems like it.

33. Nothing says spring like a butterfly and a bee.

And they’re even more quaint in crochet form. Still, the flowers are quite lovely.

34. With a wreath of rope, it’s anchors away on the high seas.

This looks pretty easy. Only has some starfish, a wooden anchor, and rope.

35. There’s nothing lovelier than a spring wreath of peonies.

Just remember these flowers come after the daffodils. And I’ve never really saw them in that color before.

36. A wagon wheel always makes a wreath of hospitality.

Given the cowboy boot, I guess this for a western themed home. Watch out for the spur those. There’s a reason why most cowboy outfits don’t include them.

37. Your flowers will always get a sprinkle on this garden wreath.

I have to admit, this is a rather clever wreath. Though that’s not real water coming from the spigot.

38. Shells and twigs make a great combination.

Well, that’s a colorful shell collection. Great for a beach house. So pretty.

39. There’s something woody about this wreath.

This one has some tree slices on it for a rustic touch. And includes flowers to match.

40. A wreath of feathers is meant for birds flocking together.

Wonder which birds these feathers are from. Because they seem like they could be real given the colors.

41. You can make a stunning flower wreath with a square picture frame.

Well, wreaths don’t always have to be round, you know. But I really love the purple flowers on this.

42. This wreath has swimsuits all on a line.

Goes without saying that it’s a summer wreath. Unless if you’re talking about the Polar Bear Club, then it’s a winter wreath.

43. Sometimes a metal wreath is better than none.

Sure it may not go as well with the flowers. But at least it holds up well.

44. No gardener should go without a wreath of a hose.

Now this is a real gardener’s wreath. Perfect for a spring greenhouse or garden shed.

45. A birdie can always feel at home among scraps.

Well, that’s kind of quaint. Great for any front door and then some. Love it.

46. Navy blue and white goes great on any yacht.

Even includes an anchor and some robe. Yet, if it’s on board, don’t use it as a flotation device.

47. A garden wreath can always include a few flowers.

Well, this seems like you’d see out of a catalog. And it even has a white picket fence.

48. For a great nautical wreath, use some rope and shells.

Now that’s a creative nautical wreath if I’ve ever seen one. And I’ve seen plenty. Yet, the rope is quite tough.

49. A wedding wreath should always match the bride’s dress.

Nice that it has white flowers to match. Though like the white tulle going down the best.

50. Curler wreaths look great at any salon.

Because nothing says, “I fix hair for a living” like this kind of wreath. Looks like a stylist’s dream.

51. A tulle peacock wreath should always contain a few feathers.

After all, you can’t have a peacock wreath without peacock feathers. So lovely.

52. Summer flowers shine in a gingham wreath.

Almost gives you an impression of a summer picnic. Because sunflowers usually bloom during that time of year.

53. Nothing says spring like a wreath of wildflowers.

Okay, maybe not quite. But it surely makes the bird seem right at home.

54. Large colorful flowers can brighten anyone’s day.

This one has lovely flowers of pink and purple. Wouldn’t mind having this on my door. Love it.

55. With a wreath like this, you can welcome anyone aboard.

The decomesh on this makes it seem like the boat’s rolling on the waves. Like how it matches the life preserver.

56. Nothing brings you back home like amber waves of grain.

Guess this is more of a fall wreath due to the color and air of harvest. Still, it’s rather inventive.

57. A rope nautical wreath should always include a few buoys.

Well, you’d find buoys while you’re in the ocean. Still, it’s quite impressive.

58. Butterflies should always be of rainbow colors.

Though nature doesn’t always see it that way. But this wreath really dazzles nonetheless.

59. How about some flowers on that large blue frame?

Doesn’t hurt if it’s fancy either. Brings out a rustic touch on anyone’s door.

60. A groom wreath should always look spiffy.

And here’s the bridal wreath’s companion. But I have to admit, the polka dot pattern gives it a little personality.

61. A wreath should have flowers representing all rainbow colors.

Well, pink’s included, too. But it’s hard not to exclude it if you’re decorating with flowers.

62. As you can see, you can decorate a wreath with anything.

This one is a collage of small stuff you can find anywhere. Quite interesting to look at even if it’s not in my taste.

63. A wine wreath must always have corks and grapes.

Yes, there’s a wreath for wine lovers. Let’s hope the corks used came from a craft store.

64. Sometimes a hose wreath can use its own watering can.

But gloves and flowers are always a must. Nevertheless, this is really pretty.

65. Sometimes a yarn wreath can do with a few decorations.

Well, it has a few flowers and flags on a string. But I think it’s sensational.

66. Nobody could resist a  shore bird decoration.

I know it’s not a sea gull. Might be a plover. Anyway, like the shells.

67. Nothing brings love like a heart of shell casings.

It’s a perfect wreath for gun shows and NRA conventions. Though if I saw someone with one of these, I wouldn’t want to go near them.

68. A wreath of lavender can always look so sweet.

This is especially when it’s in a heart like this one. But you won’t smell the lavender because it’s fake.

69. How about some crocheted flowers on a grapevine?

Not sure if it goes well. But I really can’t complain. I mean the flowers are pretty.

70. A moss wreath is perfect for doves.

After all, moss has a rather naturalistic look to it. And you can’t resist seeing a pair of doves.

71. With this wreath, everything is as easy as ABC.

Yes, it’s another teacher’s wreath. But this one is in decomesh and includes a school bus.

72. A large white center star is always welcoming.

This is more of a rustic wreath of gingham ribbon and burlap. Great for summer picnics.

73. A cowboy wreath like this makes you feel at home on the range.

Not very into cowboy culture. But I’m sure a cowboy boot and stars will enthrall some readers.

74. You can always enjoy a glass of wine with a flat cork wreath.

Yes, it’s another cork wreath with grapes. But this one has corks around the wreath in a neat and orderly fashion.

75. This wreath has an anchor that seems washed ashore.

At least this one has flowers matching it. Love the net.

76. A succulent wreath always looks fresh.

Great for desert and underwater themes. Because they seem like things from another world.

77. A summer wreath can always catch the breeze.

This one comes with a few flip flops and shades. Nice use of a straw hat.

78. You can always make something pretty with a few flops.

Well, this is for a summer occasion like a pool party. Like the flowers and colors.

79. Sometimes two crosses on a wreath are better than one.

After all, these go quite well with the flowers on them. Though this is more for a summer occasion.

80. A moss wreath should always contain a birdhouse.

This one looks pretty simple. Just have to tie down the moss and stick the birdhouse.

81. A spring wreath should always be made with love.

This one seems to be made from all kinds of things. Still, wouldn’t mind hanging it.

82. A corn husk wreath radiates like the sun.

This one is more for autumn with the harvest motifs. Nevertheless, it kind of does resemble a sunny disposition.

83. With this wreath, there’s nothing as pretty as an herb garden.

Though a lot of these flowers on here aren’t really herbs. But they sure are pretty.

84. Bright flowers always make a springtime day.

Yes, these are certainly what you’d see in the month of May. Love the festive colors.

85. You can always make a colorful wreath of dried flowers.

Note that there are only certain flowers that look good dried. Yet, this is incredibly beautiful.

86. There’s nothing prettier on a fall wreath than wild turkey feathers.

Wonder if my neighbors have one like this. I mean they hunt turkeys. So lovely.

87. How about some flowers on a peacock wreath?

This one has some blue roses. Goes well with the feathers. Love it.

88. With pine cones, you can make all kinds of flowers.

I had pine cone wreath for my Easter craft post this year. But this one has more festive flowers.

89. With this wreath, you’ll use antlers in all of your decorating.

Another rustic wreath to denote hunting season. Yes, you can make an antler wreath as seen on Pinterest.

90. Sometimes a peacock wreath should have a simple elegance.

This one might only have a few feathers to it. But it’s simply dazzling nonetheless.

91. With a nautical ship wreath, it’s always smooth sailing.

This one resembles a Chinese junk boat from what I can tell by the sails. And those ships were huge in their day.

92. This compass wreath will help you find your way.

Okay, maybe not. But at least it’s a rather original design for a nautical wreath.

93. There’s nothing you can resist about a wreath of dolphins.

Well, everyone likes dolphins swimming in the ocean. So pretty.

94. This little owl wreath is sure to be a real hoot.

Now this looks pretty doable. Just have some owl eyes, a beak, and a few touches. So cute.

95. This wild cotton wreath is rather fluffy.

Yet, wild cotton may not be as soft as these are. Because harvesting cotton is such hard work that we had such things like slavery.

96. Always pick the right flowers to go with the frame.

And as far as this wreath goes, these flowers are absolutely perfect. So pretty.

97. For this wreath, it’s always fun on the beach.

This one includes a pail with sunglasses and a shovel. Like the flowers though.

98. Sometimes it helps to do with a few shells.

As far as shell wreaths go, this is by far the most manageable for me. And sometimes there’s beauty in simplicity.

99. A heart wreath should always be bursting with flowers.

And I see this one has a colorful display. Great for spring or summer.

100. A dried flower wreath should contain all kinds of color.

Well, this is the kind of dried flower wreath I’d have at my door. Love this.

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