The Second Life of Jewelry


As we all know, jewelry may look pretty when worn, but it doesn’t last forever. Pieces might break while others might get lost. This is especially the case with costume jewelry that’s often made of inferior materials for the mass market designed to look like the real thing. However, while some people may dispose of broken jewelry entirely or donate outdated pieces found at their grandma’s house, some may decide to repurpose it. For instance, they could take old jewelry pieces and uses them in collages, decorative items, bridal bouquets, wreaths, or other jewelry. You will find a lot of these on Pinterest and in Etsy listings. Many of the jewelry collages you might see usually consist of stuff associated with Christmas, particularly trees. And I have shown you a few of these on my Christmas craft posts twice. But they’re not just for Christmas. Not to mention, many of these projects usually consist of the flashy vintage costume jewelry than anything. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a glimpse in to the second life of old jewelry.

  1. With rhinestones, you can make yourself a resplendent bouquet.

You see, these jewelry collages don’t have to be Christmas trees. This one is even in a turned square frame.

2. With a frame like this, a picture would seem glistening in the sea.

You might also find a lot of jewelry decorated picture frames like this one. As you can see, it’s ocean themed with starfish and other sea creatures.

3. Old necklaces can always decorated a fancy cane.

Now this is the kind of cane perfect for Sir Elton John after he ruptures a hip. Yet, at least he normally sits during his performances.

4. A bridal bouquet should always contain sparkly rhinestone pins.

You see a lot of these kind of bouquets on Pinterest. Sure it may sparkle but if they were real diamonds, they’d be very expensive.

5. A holy cross can always sparkle.

Yes, you’ll find plenty of cross collages, too. On one hand, it may seem like an embodiment of Christian hypocrisy and extravagance. But on the other hand, it’s made from cheap jewelry you find at Goodwill.

6. Butterflies prefer to flutter among flowers.

Flowers are a common theme among jewelry collages. Particularly since they can include many different colored and flower shaped pieces.

7. With rhinestones, these hair clips can simply dazzle.

As you can see, each one has a certain theme to it depending on the configuration. Not sure which one to choose.

8. Purple stones can make for a rather regal frame.

There are many of these jeweled frames that come with an old fashioned photo or painting. And I’m sure they’re made just for decoration.

9. Blue stones on frames go well with a black and white portrait.

Some of these pieces use jewels that might be similar in color and style. This one consists primarily of blue rhinestones.

10. Want a flashy picture frame? Use some rhinestone pins.

A lot of pinners usually refer to them as a “brooch” which I don’t normally use because of the word’s weird pronunciation. But yes, this frame does sparkle.

11. Red, green, and gold make a spectacular bouquet.

This might be a Christmas decoration though it’s not listed as such. But you have to like how it gleams.

12. A butterfly shines in rhinestones and blue.

Butterflies are also a common collage motif. This one is decked in blue, rhinestones, and gold.

13. Purple flowers should match a purple frame.

As you can see, this bouquet collage consists of purple jewelry pieces along with others. Love it.

14. There’s nothing like sparkly stones on a pretty box.

Helps if you include some pins in the process. Some may find it tacky, but it sure gives an impression.

15. Blue stones can give anyone a sacred impression.

Well, at least this one has a fine design. Like how it dazzles. Beautiful.

16. This rhinestone bouquet is all sparkle.

Even has a jeweled frame to go with it. But it’s certainly a collage in good taste.

17. A jeweled globe makes the whole world shimmer.

Yes, you can even have pieces like this. However, at least no African blood diamonds were involved.

18. Rhinestone bouquets can be of any shape and size.

This one uses plenty of flower pieces for good measure, too. The frame is very fitting as well.

19. Black stones have a certain elegance to them.

You might find a collage with black and white jewels from time to time. Think this one is particularly snazzy.

20. Doesn’t hurt if a jeweled bouquet contains some gold.

Now this one is quite showy and colorful. Like how it goes with a golden frame.

21. While love and a diamond can last forever, then so can this rhinestone frame.

As fitting, this one features a couple possibly from WWII. Though the frame certainly dazzles.

22. A lady’s portrait should have the right pearls.

From the hat and hairstyle, this is supposed to depict a flapper from the 1920s. Though she has a flower dress. Or is it a bouquet?

23. With a rhinestone tree, you can decorate with just about anything.

While it may not look like a Christmas tree, it’s surely quite colorful nonetheless. Love it.

24. A jeweled peacock never fails to create a dazzling impression.

This one has a dazzling feather train of rhinestone flowers. Like the rhinestone border, too.

25. A jeweled bridal bouquet should contain pieces of all kinds.

This one uses flowers and pins of almost every variety. And they don’t look like the flowers you’d use on a grave.

26. One may say a bejeweled seahorse is stunning underwater.

This one even includes a small conch shell. But it’s mostly made from rhinestones.

27. With enough small pins, you can have a sparkly necklace.

You’ll find a lot of these on Pinterest and Etsy. Though they sparkle, not sure what to make of them.

28. Iridescent rhinestones always shimmer on a cross.

This one even has some white leaves on it as well as a silver frame. Lovely.

29. A bejeweled heart is always one to love.

This one even has a small key to it. Like a key to one’s heart. But I love the jewels on the heart more.

30. A small bouquet can sometimes be sweet.

This one doesn’t use many pins. But it has a certain elegance to it nonetheless.

31. With enough rhinestone pins, you can make a shimmering wreath.

Though many bejeweled wreaths are mainly seen as Christmas decorations. This one really shimmers and grows on you.

32. Pearls and rhinestones often make for a great bouquet.

This is especially since most brides wear white. But you have to admire this though.

33. You can fit so many vintage jewelry on one chest.

I’m not sure where the mannequin chest comes in. But I do have to admire the creativity here.

34. Have a bridal jeweled bouquet that always sparkles.

But make sure the venue doesn’t distribute light in all directions. For it might be an accidental disco ball.

35. Old jewelry looks chic on any mirror frame.

As with seashells, you get the same with old jewelry and mirror frames. Wouldn’t mind having this in my home.

36. A frame for the Virgin Mary should have a radiant star on top.

Well, it’s an old photo of Mary. But the frame is dazzling nonetheless.

37. Bejeweled flowers are always best in the sun.

Each flower has some jewelry on it along with the butterfly. But I really like the gold sun on this.

38. A golden hummingbird always aims for the right bouquet.

This one almost resembles a painting. Not a fan of the green flowers though.

39. A hanging heart is made of many pieces.

As you can see, this one consists of many stones with the turquoise ones standing out. Love the gold bow.

40. A jeweled frame like this should bring music to your ears.

Fittingly, this picture features a woman with a lute. Love the decor on this one.

41. A bridal bouquet always has to drip with rhinestone jewels.

This bouquet includes a lot of shiny rhinestones and pearls over white flowers. Lovely.

42. A bejeweled horse is as colorful as it is graceful.

Helps if it has some shiny legs and a golden mane. Hope some of you horse lovers appreciate it.

43. Sometimes it helps if the frame matches the picture.

As you can see from how the frame matches the woman’s outfit. Love the gold flowers.

44. For jewelry collages, best go with a frame to match.

This one has few jewels on it. But it certainly goes with the golden frame perfectly.

45. Even a small picture frame could be sensational.

This one seems t have a steampunk disposition. Though I’m not sure the photo is in a frame or a pin.

46. Guess a little bottle decor must be in order.

This one has jewels on the top as if it was for some fancy perfume. Not sure what to think of it.

47. Perhaps some rhinestones can make this glass look fancy.

However, I wouldn’t drink from this if I were you. Since it’s more meant for decoration.

48. Here we come to silver flowers tied together by a golden bow.

This one includes a butterfly fluttering about. Though I wish the flowers had more color.

49. A bouquet of silver should come with its own frame.

Well, quite stunning to say the least. But I don’t think silver brings any life into it than gold would.

50. There’s always plenty of room in a bejeweled flower basket.

This one contains all kinds of rhinestone flowers. And they’re all pretty just the same.

51. A jeweled cross can look just as dazzling in gold.

This one has a rather unique design to it. Almost seems Art Deco.

52. A clock frame should shimmer regardless of time of day.

This one seems to have a rather spring feel to it. Could use some more purple.

53. A jeweled swan glimmers on the water.

After all, swans are graceful creatures known to mate for life. However, cross one and expect to fear for dear life.

54. A turquoise frame is simply divine.

Though I wouldn’t say the photo amounts to much. Nevertheless, I do think it’s sensational.

55. A treetop can be home to anything you desire.

This is a lovely and colorful tree. Kind of wish we had ones like that outside.

56. A white heart, should always have some rhinestones and pearls.

Wonder if this is for a wedding or just for show. Either way, love it.

57. Pastel pearls and gold might form one impressive ankh.

Personally, I don’t think Egyptian symbols and pastel colors match. But this isn’t half bad.

58. White and gold almost seem heavenly in one bouquet.

Again, another collage almost resembling a painting. Love the flowers.

59. A rhinestone cross can always uses a little gold leaf.

This one even has a gold frame. Great for any special occasion. Love it.

60. There’s no excuse for a rhinestone bouquet not to shimmer.

Yes, I have a lot of bouquets and crosses on this post. Because it’s Christmas and a lot of these are dazzling.

61. This rhinestone clock always tells when to sparkle.

This one is decked with rhinestone pins. Great for any sparkly mantle. Sensational.

62. A pearl necklace can always uses some pins.

Yet, this one contains pendant pins made from rhinestones and pearls. Looks lovely.

63. An emerald green cross should come with a golden frame.

Might make a rather great Saint Patriclk’s Day decoration. Because it is a religious holiday, especially in Ireland.

64. A mirror box should be decorated with the best taste.

And I think the jewels go well with it. Love the golden bird with the blue stone.

65. You can never find something worth a glimmer like a rhinestone blue bouquet.

Wouldn’t mind having this in my house. Love the flowers and the shiny vase.

66. A flower bouquet should contain all kinds of flowers to shine.

I bet you have to find a lot of pins and earrings to come up with this display. Love it.

67. A mirror back should look as pretty as whatever it’s reflecting.

You have to admire how someone decorated this. Love the pearls.

68. This jeweled bouquet is surely festive.

The flowers surely look pretty in this. It’s almost like a work of art. And in a way, it is.

69. A shiny bouquet of flowers is just as sweet in spring.

All of these are tied with a rhinestone red bow. At least you can look at these for a long time, unlike real flowers.

70. A heart box could always use some decoration.

Doesn’t hurt if it’s red and it’s Valentine’s Day. But make sure it has something nice inside first.

71. With lights and flower pins, you can light up a room.

Yes, these pins may be showy. But they’re perfect for such a large decoration.

72. This mannequin is all decked in all finery.

Again, I really don’t understand this. But it certainly looks like a masterpiece.

73. Flowers and jewels make a unicorn sparkle.

Of course, it’s not My Little Pony. But it’s surely magical to behold. Love it.

74. Nothing makes a bride shimmer like a rhinestone bouquet.

Seems like I have a lot of these on my post for some reason. Then again, they’re all so shiny.

75. Rhinestones should be in a bouquet filled with pearls.

Well, it’s mostly pearls with rhinestone pins. And the pearls seem bigger than what you’d normally find.

76. There’s nothing more resplendent than a jeweled bouquet in purple.

Ah, my favorite color. Like how it shimmers with the rhinestones in gold. Simply beautiful.

77. This jeweled flamingo will have you tickled pink.

Great gift for someone in Florida. Then again, not sure why Florida hasn’t made the flamingo their state bird. Because it’s the first bird you think about as far as the state’s concerned.

78. This cross comes with plenty of cameos.

No, I don’t mean a celebrity slot either. Still, like the pearls on this.

79. This mirror has as side that simply glimmers.

This one has rhinestones on most of its back. Though you might see a pearl or two.

80. This little jeweled dog wants to meet you.

Well, this looks pretty adorable. However, you won’t find a dog like that around every day.

81. With a rhinestone vase, you can have all kinds of flowers.

Yes, it’s a rather large vase. But sometimes you have to admire the roses and all the other flowering beauties.

82. This shimmering cross sure has a sacred shine to it.

You can even hang this one up. Nevertheless, it’s certainly worth taking a look at.

83. Spring flowers can always entice this time of year.

Now this is a more colorful bouquet than some I’ve posted already. So lovely.

84. This jeweled swan is of many colored stones.

Well, this is a lovely picture. Love the purple. Yet, real swans are usually white. At least mute swans are.

85. A pearl butterfly is a heavenly sight.

Well, this isn’t all covered in pearls. But it’s surely magnificent to look at. Besides, who doesn’t love butterflies?

86. Pearls and rhinestones really bring out the bridal glamor.

Yes, bridal bouquets seem to have a lot of both for some reason. But I think it’s simply sensational.

87. With rhinestones, you can create a shining Eiffel Tower.

Well, the Eiffel Tower is a huge symbol of Paris. And I’m sure the City of Lovers is proud of that distinction.

88. A bouquet can also shimmer behind glass.

This one was made on a window panel. Most of these collages have dark backgrounds as you can see. Still, this is quite lovely.

89. Hope you can raise a toast to this fancy glass.

Even more fancy that it’s made with pearls. Quite elegant to say the least.

90. Even a small box has to sparkle sometime.

This one is even topped with a jeweled crown. Wouldn’t mind having this.

91. A circle frame should give you a shining impression.

Though I’d think of a better photo choice. Nevertheless, you can’t help but love it.

92. Bet you’ve never saw a fish like this in the sea.

And it’s quite a colorful one, too. Doesn’t hurt if it has flowers on it.

93. A heart of pearls will always have a key.

Nice how it’s encased in gold and has a golden key. Simply lovely for Valentine’s Day.

94. This glimmering butterfly just has to spread its wings.

You’ll find a lot of rhinestones in this. Some are even pink and black.

95. A rhinestone bouquet is best for walking down the aisle.

Doesn’t hurt if it has some dripping necklaces. All in all, I love it.

96. A bright bouquet can make anyone’s day.

Well, this one certainly uses big bright flowers. Certainly great for a spring day.

97. A swan in purple is a wondrous sight.

Yes, it’s my third swan for this post. And yes, it looks a bit different from the other. But it’s majestic just the same.

98. A rhinestone bottle always glimmers in the snow.

Now unlike the last bottle, this one is fully covered in rhinestones. Best to use for a church Christmas pageant.

99. How about use your old pins to make flowers?

They certainly dazzle, don’t they? Wouldn’t mind having these. So lovely.

100. Nothing can shimmer in your home than a bejeweled wreath.

This one has as many pins and earrings you can think of. Love the flowers and colors. So beautiful.