The High Flying World of Kites


Since their invention in ancient China, kites have originally been used for measuring distances, testing the wind, lifting people, signaling, and communication for military operations. The earliest Chinese kites were often rectangular and flat as well as decorated with mythological motifs and legendary figures like dragons. Some were fitted with strings and whistles to make music while flying. But it was from China, kites were introduced to Cambodia, Japan, Thailand, India, Korea, the western world, and possibly Oceania. Though originally seen as a mere curiosity in Europe, kites would be used in the western world for scientific discovery and invention. Every American child learns about Ben Franklin and his famous kite experiment leading to the discovery of lightning as electricity and his invention of the lightning rod. Yet, the Wright brothers also used kites when developing the first airplane in the late 1800s. And they were used in for scientific purposes in meteorology, aeronautics, wireless communications, and even photography. But since the Wright brothers made their first flight and WWII, kites have mainly been used in recreation. However, all over the world you’ll find all kinds of kite festivals and competitions, especially in Asia. Nevertheless, despite living in the country, I wouldn’t be able to fly a kite in my back yard. Mostly because of safety issues with power lines. I mean the fact my back yard has a slew of power lines over it led to a bunch of trees being cut down for God’s sake, Anyway, kites come in all types, shapes, and sizes. You’ll find sport kites, power kites, weather kites, man-lifitng kites, fishing kites, underwater kites, and even fighting kites that could kill people. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a glimpse into the high flying world of kites.

  1. Sometimes a kite looks more magnificent on the inside.

Reminds me of one of those paper fortune teller contraptions. But I do love the colors.

2. On this kite, 6 hearts make a rainbow.

Then again, they’re not in rainbow order. But none of that matters to me.

3. Nothing dazzles in the sky like a rainbow 8 pointed star.

Yes, you can even have a kite star like this. Yes, I know the kites I showed so far have similar color schemes.

4. And you thought you’d never see a dragon fly.

Well, a different kind of dragon fly, anyway. But yes, they have kites of dragons. And this one is sensational.

5. Seems like this kite is made from hexagonal proportions.

Seems to be anything barely on this kite. But you have to admire looking at it in the sky.

6. At some festivals, it pays to go big and spectacular.

This kite is from a festival in Guatemala featuring these. Though you’d almost think it’s a parachute.

7. A large star should always get a decent lift.

Yes, these kites can get quite large as you can see. But I really love the colors which I think are perfect for Easter.

8. With a kite, you can send a rainbow soaring.

Yes, rainbows are a common theme in these. But I really like how this dances in the sky.

9. A butterfly kite should always spread its wings.

Because there’s no better spring kite than that of a butterfly. You also have to love the colors and tails.

10. A kite should always fly like a bird.

And there you have a bird kite. But there’s a bird following it. Wonder if it thinks it’s another bird or a decoy.

11. A beautiful kite comes with many layers of color.

Not sure what this kite is supposed to be. But maybe it’s built for function, not aesthetic effect.

12. This rainbow plane always flies high in the sky.

Once again, you see rainbows. This time on a plane kite which is somewhat charming.

13. This large star kite has all kinds of colors and tails.

This one goes by a 2 color diamond pattern as you can see. Some might find it tacky. But I find it wondrous.

14. A colorful ship looks even more magnificent in the air.

Yes, a rainbow ship always ventures seas of skies. Love it.

15. A large kite should be light enough to fly.

I guess this is a kite from the island nations. Looks quite pretty.

16. A rainbow bird is always a colorful sight.

As you might read in my mythical creature series, you might find a rainbow chicken from the Philippines. Though this dazzles wonderfully.

17. You can put in a lot of different pictures in a kite.

You can find everything on here from mythical creatures to pop culture icons. You can even find Jimi Hendrix so excuse him while he kisses the sky.

18. You can fit a lot of triangles in a pyramid kite.

Yes, these kites do exist. Though I kind of wish this one had more color like the others.

19. Swirls always look better when up in the air.

I’ll probably feature many geometrically designed kites on this post. Though I really like the pentagon shape and tail on this.

20. Is that supposed to be a deity or a mythical creature.

Well, the art is squarely from Asia. But it’s also quite dazzling in the sky.

21. Some of these kites in the sky can have very long tails.

As you can see it’s an Asian design. Nevertheless, kite flying is very big in many Asian countries, especially in China and India.

22. Nothing says you can’t have a bunch of sharks on the line.

Well, as long as they’re flown from the air and are of different colors. Because shark hunting shouldn’t be encouraged.

23. A colorful kite should at least have wings and a tail.

Now this is a rather strange design. But I really like the tails and colors. Lovely.

24. With this kite, we can test whether a cow can actually jump over the moon.

Okay, it’s probably not possible. But fly this one in the sky, you might have people questioning their mental state.

25. There’s something strange about this kite.

This may be a traditional kite shape. The crayon face on this is creepy.

26. A blue owl kite is always a hoot.

Of course, owls have to serve as motifs as well. Since they’re birds of prey after all.

27. A Chinese dragon in the sky is a magnificent sight.

By the way, these Chinese dragon kites can be more than 100 feet long. Definitely not something I can fly where I live.

28. Sometimes kites are flown to denote special occasions.

You can easily tell what this kite’s celebrating. Give you a hint, it was held in Rio last summer.

29. Two cranes are sometimes better than one.

One has pink wings while the other has bluish green. But together they fit on a kite banner quite nicely.

30. And I thought I had to worry about sharks on the water.

Best you don’t fly this kite during your trip to Amity Island beach. This is especially when there’s a man eating shark at the shallows.

31. I’m sure nobody could resist a high flying rainbow fish.

Doesn’t hurt if it’s flown in the snow. Though I’d proceed with caution in winter weather.

32. Sometimes a Chinese dragon has to have a rainbow tail.

Yes, these Chinese dragons can be quite elaborate as you can see. Though I really love this one.

33. A kite like this looks quite foxy in the sky.

Guess this is what you’d call a fox kite. Has a nice cute little face to it.

34. A hexagonal design always impresses.

This one has 2 pegasus unicorns with rainbow wings. Love how its rods stick out.

35. Looks like the eyes have it from above.

Sure seeing these eyes might make you feel like you’re being watched. But I’m sure they don’t see anything.

36. This kite is all string and wings.

Yet, I’m sure it’s able to fly. Though I’m not exactly sure how. Love the rainbow design.

37. This diamond kite comes in a few pieces as I recall.

Like some of the others, this is in an Asian design. But it has a nice, red, white, black, and blue pattern.

38. On some kite chains, you’ll find all kinds of shapes put together.

You have 2 diamonds in the front and a few other weird shapes in the back. And they’re all in different colors just the same.

39. Sometimes the sky is home to a monster kite or two.

And I think this one was conceived during a bad acid trip. How else could I explain the eye and fangs?

40. Now that is an interesting box kite.

Normally box kites usually have rectangles on each side. But this one takes the box kite to an artistic dimension.

41. Is this a fancy hypodermic needle or a fishing lure?

Maybe it’s a shape from Asian art or mythology. That can explain a lot.

42. Even a small kite can sport some long tails.

Once again, you see a rainbow pattern on the kite. Guess rainbows on kites are quite popular.

43. Even the sky has its share of scary clowns.

Sure it might look funny now. But as Lon Chaney said, a clown is never funny in the moonlight.

44. 3-D hexagon patterns can always dazzle in the sky.

Each of these consist of different colors and patterns. Still, wonder how someone could fly this.

45. A white bird always makes a graceful presence in flight.

You can see the white bird in a kite like this. Not sure if it’s supposed to be a seagull or a dove.

46. Hexagons can have all kinds of patterns.

You can see this from this hexagon kite chain. Each one features a different color.

47. Almost any work of art can be shown on a kite in the air.

And this kite of a woman is no exception. Of course, on rectangular kites, you can have any image you want.

48. With this kite, you can color your own world.

Helps if the tails resemble pencils. Though I’d guess this design is quite delicate.

49. You’d almost swear this was a rainbow parachute.

Yes, this is a kite. I know people may not agree with me. But it is a kite. Love it.

50. You’d almost swear this kite was a large fancy dart board.

Yes, this is another large Guatemalan kite. I don’t think you can fly it. But it’s quite nice to look at.

51. In Malaysia, you’ll find a very special kind of kite reflecting their national pride.

This is called a wau bulan or Malaysian moon kite. And they can come in all kinds of designs.

52. String diamond kites together and you’ll have high flying spectacle.

By themselves, they wouldn’t amount to much. But together, they’re a worthy sight to see.

53. A rainbow tube can always fly swept by the wind.

You can see these on a beach. Each has their unique pattern blowing in the wind.

54. Nobody could resist an enormous flower in the sky.

Particularly if it’s a colorful one made with turned squares. Love it.

55. Even an octopus can take to the skies.

Saw a lot of these on Pinterest. And yes, they’re widely available. Though an octopus in the air is strange for me.

56. You can never miss a colorful bird in flight.

There are quite a few kits like this. Yet, I chose to post the one I liked best.

57. You can even see fish take to the skies.

These fish kites are all on a line as the wind blows through them. And all of these probably come from Asia.

58. This diamond kite is a perfect prism, indeed.

Well, at least this one has a rainbow on all sides. And it’s in a simple shape.

59. With this kite, you’d find a rainbow in a weave.

Yes, it’s another rainbow kite with an unremarkable shape. But at least its pattern is quite interesting.

60. A flamingo kite can always remain up in the air.

Yes, they have flamingo kites, too. And I’m sure they’re popular in Florida just the same.

61. Is that a kite or a spiked parachute?

It’s actually a kite. Because that’s not an appropriate parachute design. Still, it’s quite stunning.

62. A bird of many colors should always soar.

Apparently, you can’t help but look at this colorful bird. Though it’s actually a kite held by a line.

63. Bet you’d never see a kite of a black puffer fish.

Yes, it might look cute when all puffed up. But remember, puffer fish are poisonous and can kill you.

64. A rainbow kite can always show off its colors.

This one even has clouds and is tied with a string at the center. Lovely.

65. Sometimes a kite can be designed so intricately, you can’t tell what the shape is.

There’s a blue version of this, too, by the way. But as far as I know, I don’t have the slightest idea what it’s supposed to resemble.

66. With this kite, you can color the skies.

Like how the kite is decked with crayons and its tails are squiggles. Wouldn’t mind seeing this in my neighborhood.

67. Never thought I’d ever see a colorful tulip fly.

At first, I didn’t exactly think it was a tulip. And then I saw the stem and leaves.

68. Now this kite is quite an angler.

Well, that’s just the kite shape for a fish design. Helps if the fish has rainbow colors, too.

69. Hope you enjoy some bears from the sky.

No, they’re not the Care Bears. But they’re just as cute and cuddly.

70. Some kites take to the wind better than others.

Guess this is one of those sport kites. Still, when the wind blows, it probably moves in a wondrous way with the air.

71. This blue kite almost blends in with the sky.

That is, unless it’s being flown in a Chinese city. Nevertheless, I think it will fly quite nicely.

72. An 8-pointed star can have its own colorful ring.

Well, it’s a lovely design. Still, it probably makes an impression in the skies just the same.

73. 4th of July kites should be in stars and stripes.

However, it’s best you keep them from fireworks. Or power lines for that matter.

74. This centipede really loves to show off its legs.

Yes, they have insect kites, too. But this centipede’s legs surely stun.

75. You’d almost think this kite is from another world.

If it glows in the dark, you can use it to prank your neighbors. Then again, maybe not.

76. A kite can never have too many propellers.

Then again, it probably can. Nevertheless, since it’s a very unique design, it goes on the post.

77. With all these planes, you’d think there was a whole squadron.

Relax, these are simple made planes all strung together. And they’re all in light blue and lavender.

78. For some reason, seems like I’ve seen a ghost.

Then again, it might be a ghost. Or it might be some other mythical Asian creature. Not sure which.

79. Wonder what this large insect is supposed to be.

Then again, it certainly has very colorful wings. And the bug has a whimsical grin.

80. Stick limbs don’t keep these triangle folks from flying.

Well, these do seem rather aerodynamic. Also, like their outfits.

81. You never know what you’d find on a kite line.

Though these people seem to have a more conceptual design. Nevertheless, each has a unique charm.

82. With this kite, you can spread the love.

Perhaps we should a heart kite in every place. Sure it might seem mushy, but we all need some love in our lives.

83. Intricate designs can go together like birds of a feather.

Each of these is made in a ring with a square center. All in all, they’re lovely.

84. Now this is a whale of a kite you’d find in the air.

Wouldn’t want your kite swallowed in that. Still, it’s kind of a sight to see.

85. Nothing amazes you like a kite ring in the sky.

Yes, it’s certainly spectacular. Like how it’s near other kites as well. Love it.

86. This kite will surely light the way for you.

Yes, I know a lighthouse kite is strange. But so are fish, whale, and shark kites, too.

87. Say hello to a spiked ball in the sky.

Never imagined seeing a kite like this. Though I’m not sure about the rainbow spikes on it.

88. A dragon kite should fly in a fiery blaze.

No wonder people love dragons. Still, looks amazing in the sky.

89. A peacock kite always has a fine feather display.

After all, peacocks are beautiful birds. Though I’d prefer to use a fancier peacock kite for this post.

90. Nobody could resist this little bug.

This one is really cute. Love the beady little eyes and fancy body.

91. A hexagon box kite is as good as any other.

Most box kites are square. But this one is a hexagon since it has all rainbow colors.

92. A rectangular kite can sometimes serve as an artistic canvas.

This one depicts Japanese art as you can see. Nevertheless, it looks amazing in the sky.

93. Butterflies always grace the sky with their presence.

This one has the rainbow colors melting in with it. So beautiful. Love it.

94. A dragonfly kite always delights.

It’s not as glamorous as a butterfly. But you can always do worse.

95. A ghostly Flying Dutchman always haunts the sky.

A Flying Dutchman is a ghost ship that’s doomed to sail the ocean forever and can never make port. Seeing one is an omen of doom.

96. Always helps if a rainbow kite comes with a tail.

I call this design, the sting ray. Mostly because it resembles a ray. And a mere ray doesn’t capture the image for me.

97. Seems like we find ourselves a rather happy manta ray.

Now a manta ray is a larger ray which isn’t poisonous. And they don’t usually come in rainbow colors either.

98. Check out this fancy bird in the skies.

This is a traditional Chinese style kite of a bird of prey. And it’s one of the fanciest bird kites I’ve ever seen.

99. Hope you don’t fly this kite too close to the sun.

This is an Icarus kite based on Greek mythology. Of course, he probably didn’t wear a shirt and a pair of pants.

100. With this kite, you’ll always have lift off.

This kite is of the space shuttle which NASA no longer uses. However, it’s still pretty cool.

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